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    Before the 86th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, March 2 --when Mexican 'Gravity' director Alfonso Cuarón's made history as the first Latino to win an Oscar for Best Director-- there was reportedly some criticism coming from Mexico, saying that fellow Mexicans aren't too pleased that Mexican talent leaves their homeland to thrive in the U.S.
    Yet, Cuarón and others have gone about their talents in creative and non-stereotypical ways in the U.S. by showing other sides of themselves and not solely depicting story lines of violence or drug trafficking. But you you can't win 'em all!
    With or without representation, you can't please everyone, despite the fact that there were three Mexicans nominated for directing, cinematography and acting,

    According to Fox News Latino, many Mexicans see "Gravity as a non-Mexican movie made by a man swallowed by Hollywood long ago - not as a product of Mexico's own proud but struggling film industry."
    "To say that 'Gravity' is a Mexican achievement is like saying that 'Rosemary's Baby' was a Polish one,"
    said Mexican filmmaker Arturo Ripstein, referring to director Roman Polanski's masterpiece.
    In Cuarón's defense, shortly after his victory, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto tweeted: "Extraordinary work. Congratulations!" according to Reuters.
    After Cuarón received the Oscar and headed backstage, he said "he hoped his win would help shine a light on the work of other Mexican film makers, and Mexican culture."
    "I don't think there is enough attention paid to Mexican culture and what is happening in Mexico," he acknowledged.

    Earlier this week, Ripstein publicly urged "moviegoers to defend Mexican films that portray the country's culture and realities, rather than feeling proud of those who succeed by leaving the country and working in another language."

    Other talents who are in the creatively critical line of fire include: cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who was nominated for six Academy Awards, and won for Best Cinematography for Gravity, and has been criticized for his non-Mexican-themed movies. And 12 Years a Slave Best Supporting Actress, Lupita Nyong'o was born in Mexico City, but lived there less than a year and grew up in her native Kenya.
    "But the Mexican soul-searching centers mainly on Cuarón, who made the lost-in-space odyssey that has been applauded as a sci-fi breakthrough because of its extraordinary special effects. Before that, he had directed many international films, including The Little Princess, Children of Men and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."
    The criticism doesn't stop at the border, but also for crossing language barriers. The last Spanish-language film Cuarón directed was Y Tu Mama, Tambien, in 2001, which launched the Hollywood careers of Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, Fox News Latino adds.

    Reportedly, several Mexican newspapers have claimed that Cuarón "alienated a professor at the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico for making an English-language film in college, and left shortly after without finishing."
    "We have to be very proud that this is a man who came out of the Mexican education system with Mexican film professors. He is the son of Mexican cinema. But he has become universal," said Leon Krauze, a cultural commentator and news anchor for the Univision network.

    Krauze also commented on what the powerful turn of events it would be if Cuarón was the first Mexican, but also the first Latin American director to win an Oscar for best director -- well and he did, and he changed the history of the Academy Awards.

    Lame attempt to be relevant through Alfonso's success, how petty

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    Today we are particularly thrilled to present a wide-ranging conversation with one of the most attention-grabbing and notable Broadway/Hollywood crossover stars of the new millennium talking all about her theatre past, Glee present and potentially quite spectacular future - the charismatic and committed Lea Michele. Sparing some precious moments while promoting her new solo album release, LOUDER, Michele comments on not only her studio work and the current season of her FOX hit musical dramedy series Glee but also sheds some light on much more, including sharing first news of the new stage revival of FUNNY GIRL currently in planning stages following the rights being purchased by Glee creator and mastermind Ryan Murphy, set to mirror the Season Five storyline of Glee itself as it presents the thrilling theatrics, unforgettable songs and backstage backstabbing involved with the FUNNY GIRL revival starring Rachel Berry (aka Michele).

    Additionally, Michele analyzes some of her favorite tracks on LOUDER and offers a glimpse into the creative process in creating some of the album's standout tracks such as "Cue The Rain" and "The Bells". Plus, Michele opens up about her role alongside fellow Broadway heavyweights Megan Hilty and Bernadette Peters in the hotly anticipated new animated movie musical LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY'S RETURN and clues us in on what we can expect from the 3D multimedia extravaganza. Furthermore, Michele previews some upcoming Glee showstoppers-to-be including two songs penned by Stephen Sondheim - "No One Is Alone" from INTO THE WOODS and "Not While I'm Around" from SWEENEY TODD - as well as teases the appearance of her former SPRING AWAKENING co-star and subsequent PITCH PERFECT breakout performer Skylar Astin, while also offering the 411 on the show's big new move to a primary NYC focus. All of that, thoughts on Glee co-star Idina Menzel's FROZEN performance on this week's Academy Awards telecast, opinions on a new LES MISERABLES revival, a look ahead to her upcoming autobiography BRUNETTE AMBITION and much, much more!

    PC: Do you find it to be thrilling or somewhat daunting to represent the modern Broadway superstar to an international audience as you do? Glee is a cultural lynch pin, after all.
    LM: [Laughs.] Aww, well... I owe so much to my Broadway background and the Broadway community really structured me and gave me such an incredible education and support system growing up, you know?

    PC: It helped make you the star - and actor - you are.
    LM: Yeah - I don't think I could do what I am doing now without coming from where I come from. I mean, especially working on a television show like GLEE, it can be quite demanding!

    PC: You can say that again!
    LM: And, just the stresses in this business in general! So, I think coming from the background that I come from is just the best preparation... I think if anything could have prepared me for this, I think that my Broadway background was the best way.

    PC: Are you going to be checking out the new LES MISERABLES revival, having been a star of the show yourself on Broadway once or twice upon a time?
    LM: Well, I mean, isn't this like the 9th revival?! [Laughs.]

    PC: You famously performed "I Dreamed A Dream" with Idina Menzel on the series before even the movie became a hit, of course.
    LM: Well, I think that Glee has done such a great job in general of opening up people to Broadway music. You know, it's funny you mention this, because something so hilarious happened on the set the other day when we were singing "No One Is Alone"...

    LM: Of course. And, yeah: so, me, Chris [Colfer] and Darren [Criss] obviously knew every word, and, Chord [Overstreet], who was with us, was just like, "What is this song?!" [Laughs.]

    PC: It may seem a bit strange to the non-indoctrinated.
    LM: Yeah, I mean - "Witches can be good?" "Giants can be right?" What the f*ck is going on?! [Laughs.] But, to answer your question, I think that Gleehas done such a great job of opening up Broadway music to people who may not have ever heard these songs before. So, that's one of the reasons why I am so proud to be on GLEE.

    PC: Introducing Stephen Sondheim to a new generation in doing so, no less.
    LM: Absolutely! Absolutely. Speaking of Sondheim, besides "No One Is Alone" from INTO THE WOODS coming up, we also have "Not While I'm Around" [from SWEENEY TODD]. Chris is going to be singing some great Broadway stuff, too. [Sighs.] There is such great music coming up on Glee - especially the Broadway stuff.

    PC: You will be reprising "Defying Gravity" from WICKED for the 100th episode, as well, will you not?
    LM: Yes, I am doing "Defying Gravity" again. And, we also will be doing another Barbra classic coming up, as well! I can't tell you what, though. I'm sorry!

    PC: You just paid tribute to Ms. Streisand this week with the incredibly glamorous wink to her iconic Oscar acceptance outfit - you looked so gorgeous.
    LM: Aww, thank you, Pat! That was actually my idea...

    PC: No way! How did it come about?
    LM: Well, they had a lot of really great dress options - as they usually do - and I was like, "We need to create that Barbra look!" And, after that, everyone was a little hesitant, but I really thought we needed to do it in that scene. And, I have to say, I thought it looked really cute - I thought it came out so great!

    PC: Is starring in FUNNY GIRL onstage something you actually want to do now that Ryan Murphy has obtained the stage rights?
    LM: Yeah, it is. We are definitely talking about it now. We have the rights. And, right now, we are talking to some potential directors - we have someone really amazing in mind. We probably won't have the opportunity to do it for a while, though, because we still have a long time left on GLEE. But, yes, you are right - Ryan does have the rights. And, when the time is right and I have had the chance to get some good rest for a while after Glee
    and I feel ready to do it then definitely we will do it.

    PC: Do you have a specific Nicky Arnstein in mind yet?
    LM: [Laughs.] Well, I have a couple of guys...

    PC: Hugh Jackman, perhaps?
    LM: [Laughs.] Ryan and I have been talking about a couple of people that we think would be good, but, of course, we can't say yet.

    PC: Another career goal just achieved was your new solo album finally coming to fruition - and currently #1 on iTunes! Are you overjoyed?!
    LM: I know! I know. I can't believe it.

    PC: The deluxe edition is even better - both additional songs are so strong, so if you don't mind I was curious if we could talk about those since everyone else will be asking about the others.
    LM: [Big Laugh.] Of course! Of course.

    PC: Can you tell me about the impetus behind "The Bells"?
    LM: Well, "The Bells" was actually the very first song I recorded for the album - back in 2012. It's really funny because we had really been wanting to make this album for a very long time - since like 2009; but I have been so busy with Gleeand everything else - and my record label heard "The Bells" years ago and they just held it for me all this time.

    PC: No way! That is highly unusual.
    LM: I know! But, they did - Sony/Columbia held it for me; "The Bells". They held it for me for three or four years until I was ready to make the album and actually record it. So, once we decided to make LOUDER, it was the first song that I went to the studio and sang.

    PC: An album track I particularly loved was "Cue The Rain".So theatrical, right?
    LM: Oh, thank you. Yes, it is.

    PC: Is that being eyed as a single?
    LM: Well, right now we are debating what the next single should be, actually. I love "Cue The Rain", too, though - I actually co-wrote that song, so it's very special to me.

    PC: Was there a particular moment that inspired it for you?
    LM: Yeah, there was. The song is a story of something that happened to me in my life and while I was driving home one night this certain thing happened and it started raining right then and that is how I got the inspiration to write "Cue The Rain".

    PC: Would you like to continue songwriting in the future, perhaps even for other artists?
    LM: Definitely! As you probably know, I have a book coming out in May [BRUNETTE AMBITION], so writing has definitely been something that I have been feeling very strong and passionate about. And, I just hope that for my next record I can contribute to writing even more of the songs.

    PC: And a Broadway album would be adored by your fans, too!
    LM: [Big Laugh.]

    PC: LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY'S RETURN looks so visually stunning - plus, it's a musical with not only you, but Megan Hilty and Bernadette Peters! Did you record your material a while ago given the demands of such a hi-tech film like it is?
    LM: Yeah, I did. The animation process is so crazy! You know, you go and record your voice work and then the movie doesn't come out until years later because it takes such a long time to basically draw and create all the animation and everything. So, we did it such a long time ago but it is finally coming out now, in May.

    PC: Have you seen the film yet, in any form?
    LM: Yes, I did. I actually saw it for the first time the other night - I had seen it along the way, but not in its completed form. You know, all the colors and effects and everything are finally done now, so that's what I got to see.

    PC: Were you pleased with it?
    LM: Oh, my God! It's so great! Megan is so, so good - her voice is incredible! And, of course, Bernadette Peters... [Sighs.]... as always, is amazing! Just amazing. But, I got to sing with Megan in it and that was so awesome - she is so incredibly talented.

    PC: SMASH meets Glee at last!
    LM: [Laughs.] Hugh Dancy and Oliver Platt and Martin Short are in it, too - the cast is so, so great. I am really, really proud of it and how it all turned out. I think that it is such a good movie, especially for the younger audience who it was sort of designed for. I think that bringing a new WIZARD OF OZ to kids is so nice and it makes me so happy to be doing it.

    PC: Another two worlds will be merging when your SPRING AWAKENING co-star Skylar Astin - of PITCH PERFECT fame - shows up on Glee later this year.
    LM: Yeah, you're right! He's coming on the show this season. Unfortunately, I don't have any scenes with him, though - which made me so sad! But, I mean, he was really made for Glee - literally. And, he's been so busy working on so many different projects, but we finally got lucky and got him to come on for a couple of episodes later this season. It's something to watch out for.

    PC: Is a Jesse St. James reunion ever going to occur - particularly given he is played by your real-life BFF, Jonathan Groff?
    LM: Well, as you know, he is quite busy right now...

    PC: Of course - to say the very least!
    LM: His movie just won the Oscar last night [FROZEN] and his TV show [LOOKING] just got renewed for a second season, so...

    PC: He's spread a little thin already!
    LM: [Laughs.] He is! So, I think that maybe I will go make an appearance on LOOKING before he comes back onGlee at this rate.

    PC: Ryan Murphy also has a new HBO series, OPEN, so it seems you will be ending up on HBO sometime soon one way or another, doesn't it?
    LM: [Big Laugh.] And that's great! Definitely.

    PC: Speaking of FROZEN and your many noted co-stars, did you cheer on Idina Menzel last night on the Academy Awards?
    LM: Umm, yes! Oh, my gosh, I was so proud of her! And, I am so happy that the song won. She is so talented and I just think that she deserves all of this success.

    PC: You two workshopped a Duncan Sheik/Steven Sater musical long before even GLEE, did you not?
    LM: Yes, that's right! You really know your stuff. But, yeah - I've known Idina for a really, really long time and she is such a good friend of mine. It's just been so nice to be there for each other over all these years. Kristin [Chenoweth] is also the same way - as you know, she is going to be on our 100th episode of GLEE, as well, and she is just one of my dearest, dearest friends, too. I am so lucky to have such generous support from the ladies of the Broadway community.

    PC: And someday you perhaps will play Elphaba in WICKED onscreen. Is that a dream of yours?
    LM: I will gladly - gladly - paint my body green, Pat! [Laughs.]

    PC: Were your hilarious reaction shots during Santana's FUNNY GIRL audition on Glee at all inspired by VALLEY OF THE DOLLS? You were conjuring Neely O'Hara before our very eyes!
    LM: [Laughs.] Well, I am ashamed to admit that I have never actually seen the movie, so I can't say that I specifically was, but I can say that that scene was so fun to shoot. And, what I can also tell you is that there will be some more great stuff coming up on Glee that I think everyone will really love.

    PC: Lastly, let's hope we hear you say "BroadwayWorld" on Glee a few more times coming up, too!
    LM: I know! I know! Isn't that hilarious?!

    PC: Thank you so much for this today, Lea - you are divine.
    LM: Of course! Thank you so much, Pat! This was so much fun. Bye bye.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    An auction in which a sex tape said to feature Marilyn Monroe having sex with both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy has been axed.

    Former Hollywood bodyguard William Castleberry claimed to be the owner of the incendiary home video, with the film set to be offered for sale in a public auction.

    It was among a number of possessions of Castleberry's which were seized from his home by the Tulane County Sheriff's Office to cover a court judgement debt against him to the tune of $200,000 (£120,000).

    Castleberry had previously said that he would keep the film a secret out of respect for Monroe's ex-husband, the baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, who is a friend of his.

    The items, including the 8mm tape, were then to be auctioned to the public to settle the debt.

    “It’s real. I had it for years and I never released it out of respect for Joe DiMaggio… I’m just sick about it and I’m desperately trying to raise money to get it back,” he told RadarOnline.

    “They demanded a $90,000 payment I couldn’t afford and that is when the sheriff came in and seized the sex tape and all of my other memorabilia I have been collecting my entire life.”

    A lawyer working for those seeking payment of the debt confirmed that there was an 8mm film among the items seized, adding at least some credence to Castleberry's story.

    “I was able to locate a 8mm film in a canister at the house, which was turned over to [authorities],” said Ryan Sullivan.

    “I have no idea what is on the tape, it could be what Mr. Castleberry says, or it could be a Disney cartoon. The only way anyone will ever know is if they buy it and view it.”

    However, according to TMZ the debt has now been paid, and the auction has been cancelled.

    And in a mysterious twist which might excite those of a conspiratorial bent, TMZ claims 'Castleberry's attorneys tell us they have no idea who made the payment'.

    Rumours of impropriety between the late film starlet and the Kennedy brothers have been circulating for decades now, and this particular piece of the puzzle looks like it may not see the light of day after all.


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    The 2014 MTV Movie Awards has a host: Conan O'Brien.
    The late-night host will lead the annual awards ceremony on Sunday, April 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV, broadcast live from L.A. Live's Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. O'Brien made the announcement on Tuesday's episode of his TBS talk show, Conan.
    “After eight years of intense negations, I am honored to announce I am hosting MTV’s second most prestigious awards show," joked O'Brien, who hosted the Emmys in 2002 and 2006 (he was a co-host in 2003).

    The MTV Movie Awards traditionally kicks off the summer movie season, with the Viacom-owned network promising "another epically funny, explosive, over-the-top show." The awards show will recognize best movies and performances from the past year and will also debut exclusive footage from anticipated summer blockbuster releases.
    Nominees will be revealed Thursday, March 6 at 4 a.m. PT/7 a.m. ET at


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    You’ll probably forget who won Oscars last night in roughly 3-4 days, but some of the hottest guys in Hollywood definitely turned up the heat with some bold looks.
    There were some hits and some misses, but we compiled a few of the hits for you. You know, for reference. And drooling. Definitely drooling.

    Michael B. Jordan has more of a “hipster/adorkable” vibe than some of the other guys on the list, but we’ve had our eye on him since his breakout in Fruitvale Station. The future Johnny Storm made a pretty classic tuxedo choice with the exception of whatever the hell is going on in the collar region, and it fits his lean frame quite nicely. The rest of our group ranges from superstuds to the almost annoyingly beautiful, so there’s gotta be room for the guy next door you can take home to mom, right?

    Jared Leto picked up an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, and strutted down the red carpet with a bold red/white tux combination and flowing locks that honestly made him prettier than most of the women walking the carpet beside him. We’d add a best dressed award to go with said Oscar, and though we’re not fans of long hair on guys, it somehow works on Leto. While the comparison of his hotness either on the red carpet or soaking wet isn’t even a competition, he did the carpet proud last night. We just hope it doesn’t take him six years to make another movie.

    A classic look never goes out of style, and in this case that goes for both supermodel Tyson Beckford and his tuxedo. At just 43, we wouldn’t call Tyson Beckford a daddy or even a big bro, but he’s been in the game for so long that to not acknowledge his longevity would be crazy. Whether it was the makeup, the lighting, or some combination of both, Beckford was rocking that red carpet looking at least 15 years younger. After over 20 years he is still rocking runways and red carpets with the best of them, and Oscar night was no exception. Though we’re still waiting on that rumored solo sex tape, if he keeps this up we’ll be satisfied…for now.


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    Eleven months after Roberto Luongo unscrewed the cap from a bottle of water, took a sip and declared, “my contract sucks, that’s what the problem is,” the 34-year-old was finally offered a solution. He has been traded away from the Vancouver Canucks, and away from one of the longest-running melodramas in Canadian sports.

    The move was finally made on Tuesday, one day before the NHL’s trade deadline, and it sends Luongo and his hefty contract to the Florida Panthers. Luongo, who spent parts of five seasons with the Panthers before joining the Canucks, said the move caught him by surprise — though it was clearly a pleasant surprise.

    “Was not expecting it,” he told reporters in Phoenix, in audio posted online by the Team 1040 radio station. “Go figure, right? I mean, I don’t have many words right now. You caught me off guard. Just happy for myself and my family, and obviously a little bit sad to be leaving Vancouver.”

    Florida sent 24-year-old goaltender Jacob Markstrom and 26-year-old forward Shawn Matthias to Vancouver for Luongo and Steven Anthony, a 22-year-old forward who has never appeared in an NHL game. Panthers general manager Dale Tallon said the move was “great for our franchise.”

    Tallon said trade talks began with a casual conversation on Monday afternoon, “kicking tires,” and grew quickly. Luongo is in the fourth season of a 12-year deal worth US$60-million, and Tallon confirmed reports the Canucks would retain 15% of the salary.

    “We needed to make a statement,” Tallon said in a conference call on Tuesday. “I just like what he brings to the table, giving us stability, and his experience, and a chance for us to win … you have to pay a price to get guys like this. You don’t get Roberto Luongo for nothing.”

    Tallon said he spoke with Luongo, but only briefly.

    “He’s excited,” he said. “He’s just over the moon about coming back to Florida.”

    Luongo has been the subject of trade rumours for the better part of two years. Debate and controversy have become his orbit. He lost his job to understudy Cory Schneider two seasons ago, only to have Schneider — instead of Luongo — traded away. And over the weekend, Canucks coach John Tortorella reignited flames by starting Eddie Lack ahead of Luongo in the Heritage Classic at B.C. Place.

    The Canucks lost on Sunday, falling 4-2 with Lack on the bench for an extra attacker as the Ottawa Senators scored the final goal at B.C. Place. The crowd was chanting for Luongo, who had been subjected to one final indignity before being moved away.

    “[Luongo] wasn’t benched — I decided to play Eddie Lack over him,” Tortorella told reporters. “Before this game the way Eddie was playing, I thought it was our best chance to get two points.”

    Did the snub in the Heritage Classic play a role in the move?

    “Obviously, it hurt that I didn’t play that game, but at the same time, I was ready to play tonight,” Luongo told reporters in Phoenix, where the Canucks were preparing to play the Coyotes.

    Moving to Florida would put Luongo on the same roster as Tim Thomas, the 39-year-old goaltender with whom he shared a spotlight in the 2011 Stanley Cup final. It was a tense encounter — won by Thomas and the Boston Bruins, sparking a riot in Vancouver — and it was only one page in a binder filled with dramatic moments of Luongo’s time in British Columbia.

    Tallon said he was planning to speak with Thomas on Wednesday to find a way to “make this work,” but did not offer any contingencies. He said backup Scott Clemmensen would likely be moving down to the American Hockey League.

    Luongo, a week removed from winning a gold medal as a member of the Canadian team at the Sochi Olympics, was traded to Vancouver from Florida in 2006.

    “All in all, it was a great run,” he told reporters, of his time in Vancouver. “It was a lot of stuff that happened in between, but nothing but good things to say about the fans who were really supportive, especially toward the end.”

    It almost looked like the Canucks had traded him last spring. The team pulled him from the ice before the trade deadline, stoking speculation, only to end the day with him still on the roster. Luongo held a memorable press conference, blaming his contract for the team’s inability to move him: “Unfortunately, it’s a big factor in trading me, and it’s probably why I’m still here.”

    He posted farewell messages to his Twitter account on Tuesday.

    ~NEVER 4GET~


    Goodbye my Italian Prince <3

    WORST GM IN CANUCKS HISTORY GOES TO MIKE GILLIS... However my brother has a good conspiracy theory. He thinks since one of the Aquilini brothers (The Owners) is getting divorced he is trying to cheapen the team... I'm so upset, I literally feel like my dog got run over. I know its for the best cause he has been jerked around so much but I am so so sad.

    And LOL Gillis' Wikipedia temporarily

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Back in January, we learned that King Kong and Stalingrad star Thomas Kretschmann had signed on for a villain role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Nazi officer who becomes one of the heads of HYDRA, the terrorist group from Captain America: The First Avenger. Now it sounds like Kretschmann will be sticking around the Marvel universe for more than one film as an interview with THR has the actor revealing "I have a multi-picture deal which means I will not only appear in [Age of Ultron], but they’re planning with me for a longer period of time.” Sounds like set up for Captain America 3.

    Kretschmann says, "I don’t know details yet, they’re keeping their cards close to their chest — top secret!” However, Badass Digest says, "Von Strucker appears in the opening scene of The Avengers: Age of Ultron and is quickly apprehended by our heroes, but he does not die. He doesn't wear that tacky green HYDRA uniform in the movie, but he does sport a trademark monocle..." That certainly sounds like a set-up for an appearance in a later film. Strucker is more of a Captain America villain than anything, so it would make sense for him to pop up in the next installment of that particular franchise.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    At the same time, Marvel makes multi-film deals just in case they end up wanting to use certain talents again later down the line. If anything, it's more of a safeguard so they don't have to renegotiate when the time comes to bring a character back into the Marvel universe. While there's always a grand plan at Marvel Studios, there are certain details they don't mind playing with and changing around. Will Kretschmann end up playing a bigger role later in the Marvel universe? We'll be waiting to find out in 2015.


    Where can i get my copy of Badass Digest ? LOL

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    Mila Kunis will appear opposite Ashton Kutcher as a guest star in an upcoming episode of Two and a Half Men, CBS announced Tuesday. This marks the duo's first appearance together on a scripted program since Fox's That '70s Show.

    Kunis will play Vivian, a young, beautiful and free-spirited world traveler who shows up on Walden's doorstep. Walden feels an instant connection with her, convinced she's "the one." The problem is, Walden was about to propose to someone else.

    Late last week, it was reported that Kunis and Kutcher -- who met in 1998 on the set of Fox comedy That '70s Show -- got engaged. The real-life couple has been dating for nearly two years.


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    Liza Minnelli didn't like the joke Ellen DeGeneres cracked about her at the Oscars ... suggesting she was actually a drag queen.

    Liza and a male companion hit up Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood Monday night ... and Liza made it clear -- Ellen's joke backfired big time.

    Liza's note to Ellen: She should have stopped and acknowledged they were friends, but instead Ellen blew through to the next joke, so it sounded mean.

    But Liza says she's sure Ellen was filled with the best of intentions.


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    It's no secret that many of the actors at the Oscars were wearing borrowed clothes and jewellery after being feted by designers keen for a priceless plug. But not many would have been lent a suit because they couldn't afford one.

    Barkhad Abdi narrowly missed out on the Oscar for best supporting actor, but it seems he's also lost out on cashing in on the box-office bounty of Captain Phillips.

    And, despite racking up a string of nominations for the role, his clothes are borrowed and he survives on a daily allowance paid by the studio.

    The movie, which stars Abdi as the pirate group's leader Abduwali Muse, has drawn $US218 million worldwide on a budget of $55 million.

    But The New Yorker has reported that Abdi, 28, was paid just $US65,000 by the studio two years ago, and, while in Los Angeles to promote the film, he survives on a per diem, the studio pays for his accommodation and his clothes are loaned.

    Abdi lived in Somalia and Yemen before immigrating to the US in 1999, when he was 14.

    He was working as a limo driver for his brother's company in Minneapolis when he saw an ad for an open casting call for Somalis for the Paul Greengrass film, which also stars Tom Hanks.

    He tried out with three men from his apartment complex, Faysal Ahmed, Mahat M. Ali and Barkhad Abdirahman, all of whom were later flown to Los Angeles to meet Greengrass who delivered the news that they had been cast.

    At the time, Abdi did not even have an agent. Following the nine-week shoot, he returned to Minneapolis, working for his brother in a mobile phone shop, although he quit on the day of the film's premiere.

    Abdi's debut role scored him the BAFTA for best supporting actor, and the Oscar nomination alongside Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill and the category's winner Jared Leto (for Dallas Buyers Club). He was also nominated in the category for the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild.

    He is yet to star in any productions following Captain Phillips, based on the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama in 2009, but said he plans to move to LA following the Oscars.

    He has reportedly been in talks over starring in The Place That Hits the Sun, a drama about South African marathon runner Willie Mtolo, who won the New York marathon in 1992 once sanctions against South African athletes competing internationally were lifted.


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    Katie Holmes has broken her silence about her and longtime stylist Jeanne Yang‘s fashion line Holmes & Yang.

    The pair shared in a joint statement given exclusively to on Monday:“After five years, both Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang have decided to close their clothing line, Holmes & Yang.”

    The statement continued, “Katie and Jeanne remain close friends.”

    Katie and Jeanne dressed many top celebrities together in Holmes & Yang including Rihanna, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Olivia Wilde.

    Although Jeanne, one of Hollywood’s top male stylists for the past decade, is notorious for never confirming her client roster, sources tell us that she dressed top talent for last night’s Academy Awards including Oscar winners Christian Bale and Alfonso Cuarón, who just took home Best Director for Gravity.


    They call her Holmes... Katie Holmes (no shit, Sherlock).


    Katie Holmes is bringing a touch of Hollywood to ELLE’s April issue.

    The actress, photographed by Thomas Whiteside, wears a striking new-season Prada coat on the cover of our new issue, out Thursday. And it doesn’t stop there, with new-season pieces by Dior, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci showcased across her eight-page feature.

    Holmes has long been a fashion icon for many of us, who grew up knowing her as Joey Potter, her on-screen alter ego in cult 90s drama series Dawson’s Creek.

    It’s a period of her life she discusses nostalgically in our exclusive interview with Emma Brockes: ‘The world has changed so much since then. Social media, and what people are watching. But I think innocence was one of the draws of the show. It was these kids going through first love and heartbreak and growing up and friendships changing. So I’m glad that the innocence still holds up.’

    The issue of childhood experience is especially pertinent to Holmes now that she’s a mother herself; daughter Suri, whose father is Katie’s ex-husband Tom Cruise (), turns eight this year.

    ‘I think all of our experiences bring us to a greater understanding of ourselves and help us realise what is most important,’ she says.

    ‘That being said, I have three older sisters and one older brother and I went to an all-girls school, and have always been a fan of women. I support women and all experiences give you more insight into others, as well as yourself.’

    Read the interview in full in the April issue of ELLE, on newsstands from 6 March.


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    It’s only Tuesday (I know, I know, sorry for reminding you) but the ladies at Cosmopolitan — who seem to be on a permanent mission to break the Interwebs — have just gifted the world with a little something that might make your weekend feel just that much closer.

    Enter “Cats + Abs,” which is exactly what it sounds like: Two minutes and 30 glorious seconds of hot shirtless guys playing with kittens while rapping a Grammy Award-worthy ditty about Fancy Feast, chests, abs and obliques. The best part? All three kitties are currently adoptable through the Humane Society — as in, you can totally stop by and take one home with you tonight! The men, on the other hand…

    (P.S. Hi, American flag bandana guy! Call me.)


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    Spoiler alert: If you have not watched the March 4 episode of Pretty Little Liars, stop reading now!

    For a while now, I’ve been sitting on the theory that “Uber A” is one of the mothers on the show. My top theory was (and maybe still is?) that it was Mrs. Fitzgerald, though Mrs. DiLaurentis was always suspicious. I’ve even considered all of the individual Liars’ moms, keeping a close eye on Ashley and Veronica. But after that episode, could we have found our “Uber A”? Nothing’s ever for certain in Rosewood, but I think it’s a good possibility that dear old Mrs. D isn’t what she seems — except for the creepy part; she is definitely that.

    This week, things kicked off with Spencer back from three days in rehab — stints are getting shorter and shorter, aren’t they? — with a hot new drug and alcohol abuse counselor by her side. His name is Dean, and sadly, the show didn’t let Nathaniel Buzolic use his natural Australian accent. Regardless, Spencer was basically put on house arrest: No friends, no school, no technology. Instead, her life was all about health shakes, working out, and jogging that memory of hers until she was ready to talk. Dean was going to be staying in the barn to keep an eye on her. Look, I know she loves Toby, but don’t tell me she shouldn’t be tempted. Yum.

    Currently enjoying the opposite of house arrest, Aria was off at Syracuse for some sort of prospective student orientation week. But the only thing she was getting oriented with was Riley, the leather jacket-wearing musician who knew the solution to all Aria’s problems: A frat party-approved red solo cup and some pineapple rum. Surprisingly, the two of them were actually quite cute. Riley was the adorable teen who just wanted to play music, even if his parents didn’t approve, and Aria was the girl who needed a break from her regular life to figure out how to start living it again. They both did the other some good. After their week together was up, Riley went to talk to his parents about his dreams, and Aria went to talk to Ezra.

    Yep, Ezra was back from New York and still seemed to be pulling Mona’s strings when she called it quits with Mike. But Emily wanted to find out why. According to Mona, she still didn’t know who took over the “A” game when she was in Radley, but she had made a deal with Ezra. If his book were published, she could still get arrested for some of the things she did, so in exchange for information, Ezra would edit parts of his book. And yes, he’d asked Mona to date Mike to spy on Aria, but after Mona really fell for him, she let him go so as to not drag him through her mess. Mona, who didn’t seem to know that Ali was alive, told Em that she thought Ezra knew the identity of “A.”

    Meanwhile, Hanna was juggling all of her men. After she apologized to Holbrook for accidentally running into his mouth, he showed her the anonymous tip he’d received unknowingly from Paige. Hanna, of course, didn’t know who it was from, but she did gather that Holbrook was a little jealous of Travis. And he probably should be, considering Travis got a (crappy) date and a kiss from the blond Liar before the night was over.

    Still working her way through withdrawal symptoms, Spencer was running her fourth mile with “mean Dean” when she started to have more hallucinations. She saw herself chasing Ali through the woods with a shovel on the night of the disappearance. And when Ali tripped, Spencer slammed the shovel down. Blood splattered on her face. Combine that with the dirt in Spencer’s bed containing a note that read:  “I know you dug her grave. Now I’m digging yours,” and the comment Mrs. D dropped to Spencer saying, “No mother should have to watch her child die,” and Mrs. D is definitely looking guilty. Although, so is Spencer. But what exactly could Spencer be guilty of is Ali’s still alive? My head hurts.

    Back in Rosewood, Aria headed straight for Ezra’s apartment. She told him that he needed to leave town for good. He tried to tell her that they could work through this, but she wasn’t interested in seeing him or hearing from him ever again. He agreed, but not until he gave her a copy of his manuscript (which he had gone to New York to pull the plug on). And that’s how the Liars discovered his theory about Mrs. D. But before we get to that, was that really Ezra’s goodbye? It can’t be. Why am I still so attached to this man? It’s okay to be, right? He’s not as bad as we once thought he was, at least (and still just as cute).

    At Emily’s, the girls discussed Ezra’s theory. Why would Mrs. D want to stop them from getting Ali home? Don’t they all want the same thing? As Spencer put it, not if she thinks Spencer tried to kill Ali. Could “A” have been targeting Spencer this whole time? Well, it certainly seems she is now: The episode ended with Mrs. D showing up in Spencer’s room only to have to sneak out when Veronica showed up.

    And in our “A” clip of the week, the black hoodie was sewing a wedding dress (one that we know will be worn by Spencer next week). So, are all signs pointing to Mrs. D? Is she in on this alone? And does she know Travis — I found their interaction very intriguing. (Also, I love Travis.) What did Toby’s letter to Spencer say, and why was it from London? And what is going to happen now that Hanna’s about to tell Emily about Paige’s letter?

    TORONTO — A group of doctors, lawyers and researchers have targeted the ABC family show Pretty Little Liars, saying it violates Canadian law by portraying the misuse of a prescription drug in several episodes.

    Adrienne Shnier, a PhD candidate at York University, said the group has filed a complaint about the popular show — now in its fourth season on Bell Media’s M3TV — with the CRTC, Canada’s regulatory agency for broadcasting.

    The show incorporates a subplot that has a main character abusing ADHD medication — identifiable as Adderall, a drug that has been widely misused by teens and college students.

    It has been coined the “study drug” because it’s falsely believed to enhance students’ cognitive functioning. However, abuse of the drug can lead to addiction, insomnia, paranoia and anorexia.

    “Not only do they show the medication in scenes where it isn’t necessary to do so, but for the first three episodes of the storyline, there are no indications of any harms or negative side effects,” said Shnier. “Showing the pills clearly on television (in one scene the pill is even in her mouth) is unnecessary as it does not contribute to the plot in any way, but instead shows them what it is and how to illegally get it.”

    The CRTC has given broadcasters until March 21 to respond to the allegations. An M3TV spokesman said station representatives would respond to the CRTC and not provide any comment until that time.

    The complaint alleged that the portrayal of the use of the drug breaks direct-to-consumer advertising laws by promoting “off-label” use of a prescription medication and might be as serious an offense as deliberate product placement.

    Complaints were also registered with Health Canada and the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.

    A CAMH study found that in 2009, more than 16,000 Ontario students had already tried an ADHD medication for off-label use.

    uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque

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    • Arnold Schwarzenegger is the star of the terminator franchise and other 90's classic like that one with Danny Devito

    • He is also a powerlifter which happened before his acting career (apparently did some gay stuff or something idk)

    • Epic Meal Time are youtube celebs that make gigantic meals and eat them, they're usually disgustingly big meals loaded with calories and fat.

    • Source: Epic Meal Time@youtube

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    LONDON — “Boardwalk Empire” and “American Hustle” thesp Jack Huston is to star as English monarch Charles II in Ecosse Films’ 17th-century period drama “The Great Fire of London,” which has been greenlit by U.K. free-to-air channel ITV.

    The four-parter, which will unfold over four consecutive days, centers on Thomas Farriner, played by Andrew Buchan (“Broadchurch”), whose bakery in London’s Pudding Lane was at the heart of the catastrophic fire in 1666.

    “Game of Thrones” and “Downton Abbey” thesp Rose Leslie will play Farriner’s sister in law, Sarah, with whom Farriner has a complex relationship.

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen (“Dracula,” “Mr Selfridge”) plays Charles’ brother, James Duke of York, while Daniel Mays (“Mrs Biggs,” “Treasure Island,” “Public Enemies”) appears as diarist Samuel Pepys, a close confidante of the King. Perdita Weeks (“The Invisible Woman”) will play Pepys’ wife Elizabeth.

    The cast also includes Andrew Tiernan (“Ripper Street”) and Charles Dance (“Game of Thrones”).

    The miniseries, which is based on a story by novelist and political journalist Tom Bradby, lenses this month for nine weeks on location in Kent, Surrey, Oxfordshire and central London. Pyrotechnics and special effects, as opposed to CGI, will create the fire sequences as London burns.

    Douglas Rae and Lucy Bedford will executive produce for Ecosse with Gina Cronk (“The White Queen”) producing. Jon Jones (“Lawless,” “Mr Selfridge”) is directing.

    “In 1666 London was the greatest city in the world with a population of 300,000. In just four days The Great Fire destroyed nearly half the city and threatened the monarchy,” said Rae. “It’s a fascinating premise for a drama and creates the perfect backdrop for Tom Bradby to be at his most creative.”

    Bradby (“Shadow Dancer”) has penned the first three episodes, and writing duo Chris Hurford and Tom Butterworth, who worked together on “Doc Martin” and “Ashes to Ashes,” have written episode four.


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    Oprah Winfrey delves into the deep impact of drug addiction with an intimate one-on-one conversation with Russell Brand who describes his experience as a recovering addict, in an all new episode airing on “Oprah Prime” this Sunday, March 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. This episode marks the series name change for “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

    “When ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ launched two years ago, it gave Oprah the platform to explore the world in a fresh and meaningful way,” said Sheri Salata, president, OWN. "As the show has evolved into more topical conversations with newsmakers and celebrities, ‘Oprah Prime’ provides a wider lens for Oprah to intimately explore topics that matter and the public figures who are making a difference, as only she can.”

    This Sunday, during Oprah’s exclusive television interview with Russell Brand, he shares his personal thoughts on addiction, his hope for a more compassionate perception of those struggling with drug addiction, and how the recent passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman has caused him to reflect on his own sobriety.Oprah also uncovers the startling personal stories of a mom of two and a former college athlete who both say they began using heroin following an addiction to prescription pills. They each share the devastating effects of drugs on themselves as well as their family and friends.

    Oprah Prime” will take an in-depth look at some of the most important issues facing us today, as well as headline-making current events through compelling interviews and thoughtful discussions with newsmakers, celebrities, luminaries, and real-life families. The series is produced by Harpo Studios. Executive produced by Andrea Wishom and Tara Montgomery. Viewers can join the conversation on Twitter using #OprahPrime.

    Source me The Oprah Show feels....

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    In producing the Oscars selfie-that-broke-Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres also produced one of the funniest minutes of television we've seen in a long time. But if you only watched it once, you probably missed most of the hilarity.

    Between Bradley Cooper's fixation on taking the photo (and obvious joy once he finally gets to), Jennifer Lawrence's advice that someone needs to "drop a boob," and Channing Tatum enthusiastically seconding that advice, it's the stuff of comedy gold.

    With so much going on and so many stars talking over one another, it's easy to miss all the ridiculous banter going back and forth. So we painstakingly transcribed it, word for word (or at least the words that we're properly mic'd). But oh was it worth it!

    DeGeneres: "Um Meryl ..."

    Meryl Streep: "Yes."

    DeGeneres: "Here's my idea: okay, so you were nominated... it's a record breaking 18 times, right? So I thought we would try to break another record right now with the most retweets of a photo."


    DeGeneres:"So right now, I am going to take a picture of us."


    DeGeneres:"And then we'll see if we can break the record for the most retweets."

    Streep: (pointing to Julia Roberts) "Okay. She's... get her in here."

    DeGeneres:"Yeah, you should get in here too Julia."

    Julia Roberts: (holding up bunny ears) "I can just do this."

    DeGeneres:"No lean in. Lean in. Channing, if you can get in also."

    Bradley Cooper: "Do you want me to take it?"

    DeGeneres:"Bradley, will you come in, no I want you in it."

    Cooper: (pointing at the phone) "I can take it."

    DeGeneres:"Jennifer, come in also."

    Cooper:"I'll take it."

    DeGeneres:"Brad, get in here."

    Cooper: (reaching for the phone) "I'll take it."

    DeGeneres:"No, I'm doing it.

    Cooper:"You'll take it?"

    DeGeneres:"Angie. Lupita. Alright. Okay, wait."

    Jared Leto:"Hold on, I'm getting in on this too!"

    Cooper: (moving Ellen's arm) "Maybe this way. This way."

    Lawrence:"Somebody should drop a boob if we want this retweeted this many times."


    Channing Tatum:"Drop a boob. Somebody drop a boob."

    DeGeneres:"Meryl. Meryl..."

    Streep:"Want me to do it?"

    Cooper: "Here, I'll do it."

    DeGeneres: "No Meryl. Can you take it Meryl?"

    Tatum: "I'll drop a boob. It's fine, I swear."

    Roberts: "What does that mean, drop a boob?"

    DeGeneres:"Meryl, can you take it? I can't get everyone in here."

    Tatum:"Alright, I got a boob. I got a boob."

    Lawrence:"Is my arm further?"

    Cooper: (finally securing the phone) "My arm goes way further."

    Lawrence:"My arm's probably better."

    DeGeneres:"Hey, that's good. Look at us."


    Pitt:"Not bad."

    DeGeneres:"Oh yes! We did it!"

    Streep:"Oh, I've never tweeted before!"


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    The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in cooperation with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, today announced the Drama Performer Pre-Nominations for the 41st Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards.

    An online judging ballot containing all entrants in each of six performer categories was sent to registered, eligible peer judges. The ballot contained a randomized order of performers in each category, regardless of their show.

    Judges were required to view clips online containing the work of each performer entry before selecting their top 10 performer choices in each category.

    The Outstanding Lead Actress category contains 12 prenominated performers and the Supporting Actor category contains 13 pre-nominated performers due to ties. Ballots were submitted directly to Lutz & Carr, an independent accounting firm, who tabulated the results.

    The candidates below who received the highest number of votes now advance to the blue ribbon screening round, scheduled to begin on March 26, which will determine both nominees and recipients. All nominations will be announced May 1st.

    Pre-nominated performers in alphabetical order in six categories follow below:


    SHARON CASE, as Sharon Newman
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    JESSICA COLLINS, as Avery Bailey Clark
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    EILEEN DAVIDSON, as Kristen DiMera
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    FINOLA HUGHES, as Anna Devane
    General Hospital, ABC

    KATHERINE KELLY LANG, as Brooke Logan
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    KELLY MONACO, as Sam McCall
    General Hospital, ABC

    ALISON SWEENEY, as Sami Brady
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    JESS WALTON, as Jill Abbott Fenmore
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    MAURA WEST, as Ava Jerome
    General Hospital, ABC

    LAURA WRIGHT, as Carly Corinthos
    General Hospital, ABC

    ARIANNE ZUCKER, as Nicole Walker
    Days of Our Lives, NBC


    MAURICE BENARD, as Sonny Corinthos, Jr.
    General Hospital, ABC

    PETER BERGMAN, as Jack Abbott
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    DOUG DAVIDSON, as Paul Williams
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    ROGER HOWARTH, as Franco
    General Hospital, ABC

    CHRISTIAN LEBLANC, as Michael Baldwin
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    JOHN MCCOOK, as Eric Forrester
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    JASON THOMPSON, as Patrick Drake
    General Hospital, ABC

    BILLY MILLER, as Billy Abbott
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    JAMES SCOTT, as EJ DiMera
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    Days of Our Lives, NBC


    TRACEY E. BREGMAN, as Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Chelsea Newman
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    JANE ELLIOT, as Tracy Quartermaine
    General Hospital, ABC

    NANCY LEE GRAHN, as Alexis Davis
    General Hospital, ABC

    AMELIA HEINLE, as Victoria Newman
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    LISA LOCICERO, as Olivia Falconeri
    General Hospital, ABC

    KIMBERLY MCCULLOUGH, as Robin Scorpio Drake
    General Hospital, ABC

    KELLY SULLIVAN, as Connie Falconeri
    General Hospital, ABC

    CYNTHIA WATROS, as Kelly Andrews
    The Young and the Restless, CBS


    ROBERT ADAMSON, as Noah Newman
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    BRADFORD ANDERSON, as Damien Spinelli
    General Hospital, ABC

    BLAKE BERRIS, as Nick Fallon
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    SEAN BLAKEMORE, as Shawn Butler
    General Hospital, ABC

    DARIN BROOKS, as Wyatt Fuller Spencer
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    STEVE BURTON, as Dylan McAvoy
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    SCOTT CLIFTON, as Liam Spencer
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    WILLIAM DEVRY. As Julian Jerome
    General Hospital, ABC

    WALLY KURTH, as Justin Kiriakis
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    ERIC MARTSOLF, as Brady Black
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    GREG RIKAART, as Kevin Fisher
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    GREG VAUGHAN, as Eric Brady
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    DOMINIC ZAMPROGNA, as Dante Falconeri
    General Hospital, ABC


    KRISTEN ALDERSON, as Kiki Jerome
    General Hospital, ABC

    CAMILA BANUS, as Gabi Hernandez
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    LINSEY GODFREY, as Caroline Spencer
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    CHRISTEL KHALIL, as Lily Winters Ashby
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    HUNTER KING, as Summer Newman
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    KATE MANSI, as Abby Horton Deveraux
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    KIM MATULA, as Hope Logan
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    KELLEY MISSAL, as Danielle Manning
    One Life to Live,

    ASHLYN PEARCE, as Aly Forrester,
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    DENYSE TONTZ, as Miranda Montgomery
    All My Children,


    CORBIN BLEU, as Jeffery King
    One Life To Live,

    BRYAN CRAIG, as Morgan Corinthos
    General Hospital, ABC

    CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos
    General Hospital, ABC

    MAX EHRICH, as Fenmore Baldwin
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    ADAM GREGORY, as Thomas Forrester
    The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

    CHANDLER MASSEY, as Will Horton
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    CASEY MOSS, as JJ Devereaux
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    ERIC NELSEN, as AJ Chandler
    All My Children,

    DANIEL POLO, as Jamie Vernon
    The Young and the Restless, CBS

    FREDDIE SMITH, as Sonny Kiriakis
    Days of Our Lives, NBC

    source: WeLoveSoaps

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    Jennie Garth has spilled the details on multiple aspects of her life in her book "Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde".

    And, of course, there was some 90210 talk, which brought up her former frenemie Shannen Doherty.
    "One of the great 90210 legends is that Shannen and I actually came to blows one time," Garth writes. "I will tell you that this never happened—although we did come very, very close."

    Jennie went on to illustrate a specific incident when Doherty was trying to throw Garth off her game while shooting, and she just had enough.

    "We were shooting a scene and Shannen kept grabbing at the hem of my skirt, trying to slap me on the leg—anything to get me to react and break character. Finally, when she'd pulled up my skirt, and my bare ass was exposed for everyone on the set to see, I did snap and I yelled at her, something to the effect of, 'Come on, bitch! We're talking this outside!'"

    Dang, Jennie! The two went outside cursing each other out, but "before we could kill each other," Luke Perry and Jason Priestley jumped in and separated the two, who Garth compared to "gasoline and a match," from each other.

    "Brenda and Kelly began as best friends but turned into bitter rivals, and Shannen and I did, too, at least for a time while we were working together." Garth mentioned that one day "without warning," Doherty was gone. With time, she settled her tension with Shannen and "now I count her as one of my dearest, closest friends."


    Are you still bitter rivals with someone from high school, ONTD? How do you handle bullies from back in the day?


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