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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    It's all gone a bit Back to the Future.

    Leaks of the plot have come courtesy of Moviehole, and paint a distinctly 'Back to the Future'-esque picture for the sequel/reboot, set for a 2015 release.

    It's set to star Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke as John Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the original Terminator.

    Directing is Alan Taylor, of 'Thor: The Dark World' and 'Game of Thrones' fame.

    Says Moviehole: “The Terminator from the future will arrive on earth, attack some punks (keen to see who they get to play Bill Paxton), and then slaughter his way through a bunch of Sarah Connors’ – until he finds the correct target.

    “And, of course, Kyle Reese (Courtney) volunteers to go back to 1984 and save Sarah – just as he did first time around. But don’t expect everything to work out like it did in the original... something is going to play out different.

    “And then, we’ll also be taken back to the events of the sequel. The scene where the T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick in “Terminator 2 : Judgement Day”), posing as a cop, visiting John Connor’s home, where he meets – and consequently kills – foster parents Todd (Xander Berkeley) and Janelle (Jenette Goldstein), is in there. As are several other key moments.

    “And then we’ll be going back to moments we haven’t seen on film before – such as scenes with young Sarah and her parents.”

    Such talk is perhaps to be taken with a pinch of salt, however, there has already been mention of time travel being key to the plot.

    Arnold himself revealed that shooting begins next month, so clearly the script is ready to go.

    “We start filming in the middle or in the end of April and it will be a four or four-and-a-half month long shoot,”
    he told fansite The Arnold Fans.

    “We will be filming it in New Orleans with some of it in San Francisco and maybe a little of it in LA but most of it will be done in New Orleans."

    “I’m really looking forward to that because as you know, the last time when they did the Terminator, it was when I was Governor and so I couldn’t be in that movie but now I’m back again and they are very excited about having me in the film … The script is fantastic so I’m really looking forward to this film.”


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    Cameron Diaz has been talking about her vagina again – and has gone into rather explicit detail.

    The Hollywood starlet, 41, was appearing on America’s Chelsea Lately to promote her self-help book, The Body Book, when show host, Chelsea Handler, asked her about the chapters regarding female genitalia.

    ‘For me, the vagina is such an integral part of the body,’ Diaz explained, adding: ‘We think the vagina is on the outside. I say grab a mirror and play along. Get in there.’

    The What to Expect When You’re Expecting star said the downstairs area requires special attention.

    ‘You’re supposed to treat it like the beautiful flower that is, the delicate flower that it is. And you’re supposed to nurture it in all the ways that it needs nurturing,’ she enthused.

    ‘[You should be] watering it. Fertilizing it. It needs nourishment. It’s hungry,’ she stated.


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    I almost forgot this show split a year into 2 seasons. Linda Schuyler's impact!!! Also, Ryan Murphy et al. are really committed to ruining Tina.

    R.I.P. non-insufferable Tina (?-2011)

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    What’s with all the water? And, does this mean they’re giving up on "Bridges"?

    New Zealand duo Broods (made of siblings Caleb and Georgia Nott) have premiered on VEVO the official music video for their new single “Never Gonna Change”. “Bridges” is Brood’s very first official single, it got to the Top 10 in New Zealand, and it was climbing positions in Australia, and everybody was thinking Broods, having now signed deals with UK and US labels, would go to these markets to promote this song which is also produced by the producer behind Lorde's debut album, Joel Little.

    "Never Gonna Change" is pretty decent but i thought "Bridges" would be a better song to represent them (and personally i prefer "Pretty Thing" to be a second single or third single, maybe?)

    Source 1,2,3,4,5

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    They may have been sporting contrasting dresses, but Lena Headey and Eva Green both grabbed their fair share of the spotlight at the 300: Rise Of An Empire première on Tuesday night.

    Lena showed off her extension collection of tattoos in a strapless black embroidered midi-dress and gold heels while Eva shimmered in a biscuit-coloured gown with glittering detail which featured a plunging back.
    The Casino Royale star wore her long dark hair loose over one shoulder, teaming her look with a slim belt and crimson lipstick.

    And although Game Of Thrones fans are used to seeing Lena in a blonde wig for her role as the scheming Cersei Lannister, the 40-year-old star showed off her natural short brunette locks for the evening out at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

    Lena reprises her role as the Spartan Queen Gorgo from the original 2007 film 300, which starred Gerard Butler and Dominic West.
    And Eva stars as the sadistic Artemisia who leads the Persian army to invade Greece in the movie.

    Eva, 33, was clearly thrilled to be playing an action heroine rather than a love interest, telling The Boston Herald: 'It’s rare to see strong women in action films kicking some (butt).'
    And the star had to work to maintain her physique for the tough filming schedule. 'I am not physical, so all the squats and lunges were very scary in the beginning.'But it helps for the fights and when you’ve done them, you can feel proud of yourself.

    'Learning the sword work was like a dance,' she added. 'I have always been an enormous fan of Chinese films like Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and doing this, I felt like a little girl with great masters.'You just have to do it and let it all out — you can’t think too much. It requires a lot of work and takes a while to digest it.'

    Lena added: 'In these movies it's kind of nice to see the girls get the chance to beat the boys.'

    Lena and Eva were joined at the event by Callan Mulvey who plays Scyllias and Jack O'Connell who stars as Calisto in the movie.
    The new film takes place before during and after the events of the first 300 film, and has been described as a 'follow up' rather than a sequel.
    300: Rise Of An Empire is released in the U.S. on March 7.


    iamlenaheadey Moi et the tres tres Jolie Eva Green .. She is SO great in Rise of an empire #evilgenius

    I am not a fan of these two dresses, but I am always happy to see those two amazing women in public (and without blond wigs on). Speaking of which, still praying for Eva's career.

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    Singing K. Michelle’s “Where they do that at…”Chile, the streets are talking. Word on the curb is Tamar & Vince have developed a pretty solid reputation for NOT paying folks. So much so, that Tamar’s stylist asked her for a contract in an effort to keep the business clean, and Tamar got all in her feelings and blasted the stylist on Instagram:

    Seems to me that Tamar is the one acting Grand, feeling entitled to free services because she’s “Tamar Braxton”.  Don’t help someone and then throw it in their face later. Furthermore, it is so UGLY to boast as if you “made” someone. We all needed help getting “put on” at one time or another. Tamar needs not forget that very first dustpan CD of hers that did everything but sell. Would anyone like an original Tamar Braxton dust pan? OKAY, Someone helped her a$$ too…

    Chile the stylist isn’t the only one not getting paid. Catch these T’s

    Gurl, in addition to the stylist the word is several band members have not been paid either. That’s not even the worst part. The REAL GAG is, folks are saying Tamar can’t record in nan studio in LA because She & Vince owe all of them money for unpaid studio time. Now quiet as its kept, lets not act like Vince has a solid reputation for paying his bills. Remember Towanda sprayed his a$$ on Twitter about that 3 million dollar tax debt.



    1. Must be willing to work for free with no contract

    2. Must have minimal styling experience

    3. Must have the ability to Make Tamar look like a clown at award shows


    I hope Tamar paid K. Michelle for singing her song on that raggedy christmas album of hers.

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    Josh Homme has discussed his band Queen Of The Stone Age's forthcoming joint tour with Nine Inch Nails.

    The two bands are about to embark on an eight-date tour of Australia and New Zealand, with the headliner for each night being determined by the toss of a coin.

    When asked if the two groups would consider performing their medley of Nine Inch Nails' 'Copy Of A' and Queens of the Stone Age's 'My God Is the Sun', which was cut short at the Grammy Awards, Homme told Triple J that he wouldn't rule it out, but said that "the initial plan is for everyone to do their thing."

    He added: "So much of the time it sounds lovely to smash it all together. Let’s just start by everyone kicking their ass and doing their thing."

    The eight-date run is set to begin at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 6 March, 2014 and continue on visiting Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch.

    The bands will be supported on the tour by Homme's wife and former Distillers frontwoman Brody Dalle. Watch footage of Dalle talking about the tour below.


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  • 03/05/14--20:02: MTV is running out of ideas
  • MTV's First Reality Food Show Is 'Top Chef' Meets 'Real World'

    We're surprised MTV waited until now to jump on the cooking bandwagon for reality TV. The network is premiering its first food-themed reality show, House of Food, on March 31.

    Think food competition shows like Top Chef and MasterChef in a Real World setting. And get this: it all takes place in L.A.

    It's everything you could expect from a show created from the reality TV-centric channel, including the dramatic voiceover tagline in the show's trailer: "Eight untrained cooks will live together, learn together, and compete to win their dream job."

    These home cooks will be crashing with each other in a sweet L.A. pad and get trained by three L.A. chefs: The Tasting Kitchen's Casey Lane, Waterloo & City's Brendan Collins, and Hudson's House's Brooke Williamson, according to The Wrap.

    The trailer, which the Hollywood Reporter first reported, promises lots of drama—including heated screaming from chefs (just like Gordon Ramsay!), pots being slammed, and chairs being pushed over.

    And what does the winner get? An apprenticeship with a to-be-announced L.A. chef. That's it.

    Check out the trailer below at the source
    let's talk about tonight's shit show imo

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    John Ridley's Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side stars André 3000, and as MTV reports, the first footage from the film has finally surfaced online. a scene between Hendrix (Andrè) and model/muse Linda Keith (Imogen Poots).

    The film won't feature any of Hendrix's original songs—the late rock'n'roll icon's estate objected to the film and refused to grant rights to his music. Instead, the film features scenes where Hendrix covers songs by the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, and Elmore James.

    All Is By My Side will screen at SXSW.

    source(s)pitchfork | youtube

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    Apple appears to have taken to Tumblr to start up a new advertising campaign for the iPhone 5c. The campaign is called “Every color has a story,” and the webpage called “ISee5c” appeared within the past couple of days.

    The advertisements are videos portraying different iPhone 5c phone colors and case colors. Each roughly 15 second video plays a different song and showcases the dots featured on the rear of the iPhone 5c official cases and on the iOS 7 dynamic wallpapers…

    Each ad ends with a statement. For instance, the green iPhone 5c video proclaims “Viva o Carnaval” at the end. That particular video plays fun, carnival-themed Brazilian music. The red/pink iPhone 5c video declares “Porte de Lilas” (the gates of Paris), and it plays French music with the words ‘little dots’.

    The white iPhone 5c popcorn-themed ad ends with “Enjoy the show” and the yellow phone’s video ends with “Showtime.” The blue iPhone 5c video is a simple array of animated white dots on a blue background, and no music or tagline is shown. There is a “Coming Soon” box as well, but it is unclear what this references.

    The source code of the webpage, shown above, shares some of the names for the videos (click for larger).

    While there is no absolute proof that Apple is behind these iPhone 5c videos, there is evidence that points to Apple likely being behind the new advertising campaign. First, some Tumblr users are reporting that the iPhone 5c colors Tumblr page is showing up as a Sponsored Post in their Dashboards. This means that the page’s creator is paying Tumblr/Yahoo for the iPhone 5c page to show up as an advertisement. It is unlikely that a casual user would create such a paid campaign in the Apple style.

    Connecting even more strongly to Apple is additional information from the webpage’s source code. While the videos are completely hidden from being embedded by others, the source code informs us that the advertisements are actually being hosted on video-sharing network Vimeo.

    These videos are hosted on a paid/pro account by the name of “MAL.” The completely hidden MAL Vimeo account was created 5 days ago, and it lacks any additional information. The videos from the Tumblr do not even show up publicly on the channel page.

    MAL is the name of Apple’s advertising agency based in Los Angeles, California which works with Apple on most of its print, online, and television advertising strategies. The Acronym MAL is short for Media Arts Lab, and the group is a division of advertising behemoth TBWA.

    Besides the sponsored posts and a connection to a secretive Vimeo account with the name “MAL,” there is not much else that connects these videos to Apple. It is unclear if Apple will announce that it is behind this new campaign if it is, in fact, the website’s creator. However, the company has previously noted that iPhone 5c sales have come in below expectations (even with the phone’s other viral advertising), so perhaps Apple is trying something new with its partners at Tumblr/Yahoo.


    what phone do you have/what is your tumblr?

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    Lupita Nyong’o flies out of LAX in a chic travelling ensemble - a light grey tailored jacket over a white T-shirt, black skinny jeans and black boots. She added a splash of colour with a large red Miu Miu handbag, which she slung over one shoulder.

    Ellen Page suits up to hit the carpet at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held after the 2014 Oscars on Sunday night (March 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

    Naomie Harris is in good spirits with no make-up on while touching at Heathrow Aiport on Tuesday (March 4) in London, England.

    Source 123

    By popular demand.

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    She has been linked to her The Spectacular Now co-star Miles Teller in the past but Shailene Woodley says she hasn't ruled out falling for another woman.
    The 22-year-old actress is open about her sexuality, explaining that doesn't put restrictions on herself when it comes to love.
    Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Divergent actress said: 'I fall in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what sex they are.'

    Woodley is gearing up for the release of her eagerly awaited movie Divergent, the first in a series of teen movies set in a Dystopian future but she is also happy to work on more grown up fare and spoke about the sex scenes in her latest film White Bird.

    In the flick, she portrays a 17-year-old who seduces a 40-year-old and she had no problem with the graphic scenes.

    Shailene explained: 'When somebody's doing a sex scene and they're wearing a bra and underwear, that's not how it happens in real life.
    'If I'm going to say yes to a movie where this is necessary, then I'm going to bring truth to that situation.'

    Meanwhile, Shailene also admitted she turned to Jennifer Lawrence for advice when deciding
    whether or not to take on the lead role in Divergent.
    She stars as Beatrice 'Tris' Pryor in the eagerly anticipated Divergent and only agreed to be in the movie after Lawrence encouraged her.
    Shailene said: '[I talked with Jennifer. She] said: "You must do it. You will not regret it for a second. Yes, there are some hard things, but there are so many beautiful things that will come from an opportunity like this."'
    Shailene revealed she was wary of signing on for a franchise because she had spent five seasons working on TV show, The Secret Life Of An American Teenager.


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    article 0 1 C0 C43 C000000578 138 634x632

    She has sold her fair share of albums over the years and can surely afford a chaffeur-driven car.

    But Lily Allen chose a more down-to-earth mode of transport as she headed to the Beyoncé gig at London's O2 Arena - choosing to travel by tube to the venue.

    Lily posted a series of pictures on her Instagram page of herself on the train, clearly thoroughly enjoying the novelty of travelling via public transport.

    Standing out from the crowds, Lily opted for a green bodycon dress teamed with J Brand’s Aiah Leather Jacket in a bright pink Hibiscus shade.

    article 0 1 C0 D57 E000000578 555 306x694article 0 1 C0 D579 D00000578 702 306x694
    Colour clash: Lily certainly courted attention in her ensemble, consisting of a lime green bodycon dress and bright pink leather jacket

    article 0 1 C0 D57 F400000578 386 634x879
    Standing out: Lily completed her look with a clutch bag and metallic white Christian Louboutin heels

    She completed her look with a pink floral headband in her hair, and white metallic heels.

    However, the most successful accessory Lily wore for the night out was the gold belt which read 'Yonce' - which hung low on the mother-of-two's hips.

    Clearly enjoying her time at the show, Lily also posted a shot of herself dancing to Beyoncé's performances as she watched from a box, hosted by Pandora jewellery, inside the venue.

    Following the show, Lily kept the evening going by visiting the Groucho members club alongside friends including designer Henry Holland.

    Lily's outing came after she opened up about the differences between men and women in a new interview with ShortList magazine.

    She said: 'I like that when my husband gets up in the morning he spends about 12 seconds looking in the mirror then leaves.

    'I’m not into men who are vain or even wearing aftershave. It gives me shivers. Men should be men. Go out, earn some money, come back and look after my children.'

    article 0 1 C0 D569 D00000578 25 196x591
    Keeping the evening going: Following the gig, Lily and her friends headed to the Groucho Club

    article 0 1 C0 C43 B700000578 97 634x620
    Dancing queen: Lily also shared a picture of herself dancing to Beyoncé in the Pandora box at the O2
    article 2573797 1 C0 EDC4 A00000578 521 634x554
    Famous friends: Lily also met up with One Direction's Liam Payne at the gig


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    Aaron retweeted this:


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  • 03/05/14--20:46: New poster for 'Hannibal'

  • Wanting to be sure that everyone has embraced the madness of "Hannibal," NBC has released a new promo poster as a reminder that the "next course" (i.e., Episode 2.02, "Sakizuki") is arriving on Friday. Check it out, and let us know what you think of the new season so far.

    "Hannibal" Episode 2.02 - "Sakizuki" (airs 3/7/14; 10-11PM)
    THE BAU TEAM NARROWS IN ON THE ORIGIN OF THE DISCARDED BODIES FROM A SOUPY CRIME SCENE -- The case of the human soup becomes clearer when a victim that has escaped from the killer’s clutches washes downstream after a deadly fall, leaving valuable evidence for the BAU team to uncover.

    Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) assists on the case, sniffing out clues of his own from the victim’s body.

    Meanwhile, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) begins a plan of manipulation from within the asylum, set on proving his own innocence.

    Hannibal is able to put the clues together before the BAU team, arriving at the killer’s silo and helping him to carry out his fascinating, yet deadly tableau... just not in the way the killer intended.

    Jack (Laurence Fishburne) tries to deal with his guilt over not protecting Will and submits to mandated therapy after Alana Bloom’s (Caroline Dhavernas) scathing report. To Jack’s surprise the counseling turns out to be beneficial.

    The BAU team independently arrives at the silo, finding a human tapestry of forty-seven bodies patched together, the killer hidden in plain sight.

    Awaiting his upcoming trial, Will is surprised by an unexpected guest—Bedelia du Maurier (Gillian Anderson)—who gives him a much-needed boost to his psyche.

    Cynthia Nixon also guest stars.


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    It’s lip balm seen round the world.

    When Oscar host Ellen Degeneres walked around with Pharrell’s famous hat to collect money for the pizza delivery man’s tip, big names like Harvey Weinstein, Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey handed over some cash.

    “Lupita’s lip balm! That’s worth something!” Degeneres said.

    The moment sparked #LupitasLipBalm mania on social media. The hashtag trended, the exchange was turned into a gif, and fans were quick to figure out exactly what the 31-year-old actress gave DeGeneres.

    As a result of the buzz, HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm “almost sold out across the country over night,” Clarins said in a release.

    The French cosmetics brand has since restocked its online supply of the lip balm, which retails for $24.

    “We ordered extra stock from Paris,” Clarins tweeted in response to a message that the product was sold out.

    Since the Oscars, the company has updated its U.S. Twitter account bio to include a very important bit of information — it is the “#LupitasLipBalm maker.”

    Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o, on the other hand, reached into her clutch and pulled out something else — a tube of HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm.


    Just exercising the brand spanking new Lupita tag! Also, ha impact etc etc...

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