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    Angelina Jolie showed up at the Academy Awards on Sunday night on the arm of partner Brad Pitt, who ended up winning an Oscar as one of the producers of "12 Years a Slave."
    Don't be surprised if you see Jolie at the Dolby again next year, this time with Pitt applauding from the audience as Jolie wins the Oscar for directing "Unbroken," a survival tale depicting the life of World War II hero and former Olympic distance runner Louis Zamperini.
    Too soon? Definitely. But after spending the past six months writing about "12 Years a Slave" and "Gravity," can you blame us for wanting to take just a peek at the movies that will likely by vying for next year's awards?

    Here's how the lineup may shake out:
    "Unbroken" (Dec. 25): Jolie has already been on the trail, talking to Tom Brokaw on the "Today" show about adapting Laura Hillenbrand's best-seller.
    "I imagine that for the last 10-something years, [Zamperini has] been sitting there having a coffee in the morning and wondering who's going to make this movie," Jolie told Brokaw. "And I've been sitting in my room thinking, 'What am I supposed to be doing with my life? I wanna do something important ... I need some help. I need some guidance. Where is it?' And it was right outside my window," noting the Zamperini lives in her Los Angeles neighborhood.
    Zamperini, now 97, ran in the 1936 Olympics, wowed (and met) Hitler, flew a B-24 bomber during World War II, survived 47 days in shark-infested Pacific Ocean waters after a crash landing and then endured brutal treatment as a prisoner of war.
    So, yeah, just a little drama. Get to know the name Jack O'Connell. Playing Zamperini, the young British actor will be the season's newcomer to know.

    "Interstellar" (Nov. 7): Can Christopher Nolan's latest sci-fi brain-bender find the wormhole into voters' hearts? Details about the time travel epic are scarce, but given the filmmaker and the cast -- Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon and Casey Affleck -- expectations are understandably sky-high.

    "Gone Girl" (Oct. 3): Gillian Flynn's popular mystery-thriller has Ben Affleck playing a husband suspected of killing his wife (Rosamund Pike) after she goes missing. Director David Fincher's last three movies -- "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Social Network" and "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" -- have all been in the best picture conversation, though this one feels a bit more like the one preceding those, "Zodiac." And that's OK, because, for our money, that's the best of the lot.
    "Foxcatcher" (unscheduled 2014): Bennett Miller follows his Oscar-nominated "Moneyball" with an altogether different true story -- the relationship between paranoid chemical fortune heir John du Pont and an Olympic gold-medal wrestler who was his longtime friend.
    The film was slated to open the American Film Institute's AFI Fest in November last year but, at the last moment, was pushed to this year. We were told at the time that perfectionistic Miller just needed a bit more time to massage the final cut. Particularly for Steve Carell, who plays Du Pont,  this has the potential to be a career-changer.

    "Inherent Vice" (Dec. 12): While we're on the subject of filmmakers long overdue for an Oscar, Paul Thomas Anderson's latest is an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's comic detective novel. Set in Los Angeles as the '60s bleed into the '70s, the film stars Joaquin Phoenix as a pothead private eye investigating the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. Phoenix, so good (and so different) in Anderson's "The Master" and Spike Jonze's "Her," might be the most interesting actor working today. And we shouldn't have to sell you on PTA.

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    If you didn't have tears streaming down your face at the end of Monday (March 3) night's "The Following," then you pretty much have no heart.

    The final moments of "Sacrifice" were some of the most gut-wrenching, emotionally devastating minutes of the entire series so far, as agent Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) watched a video clip that Lily Grey (Connie Nielsen) sent to the FBI of her and her son Mark (Sam Underwood) slicing open Mike's father's throat. The video was taken hours before, so Mike could do nothing except stare wide-eyed, helplessly, at the screen as his father was murdered. The already emotionally fragile Mike completely lost it, running out of FBI headquarters to have a breakdown on the steps outside as Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) held the weeping, broken man in his arms. Fade to black. Chills. Immediately after screening the episode early, Zap2it went straight to Ashmore to dissect that powerful final scene and find out how Mike's breakdown will drive him in the future. Warning to all Westoners: It's going to get worse before it gets better. Plus, find out what he had to say about Mike's chemistry with Max Hardy (Jessica Stroup) here.

    Zap2it: That final scene of the episode. Whoa. Honestly, that's some of your best work yet.
    Shawn Ashmore: Aw, thank you! Wow.

    What was it like filming that scene with Kevin?
    It was really intense filming that final sequence, starting in the FBI where I see the video of my father leading to the complete breakdown with Ryan. It was very emotional. It's definitely the most emotional and raw that my character has ever been on the show. It was great, to be honest. It was challenging, but that's what I love about this show. I think the show really hits its stride when the characters are pushed to the limit, whether it's Joe or Ryan or Emma or Max or whoever. We shot it pretty quickly and we didn't talk about it too much. It was just a chance to show Mike completely vulnerable. One thing we did talk about was how Ryan would interact with Mike at the end, whether it was just his arm around him or if he would even touch him at all, until finally [executive producer] Kevin Williamson gave the note that he wanted Ryan to fully crumble and fold into Mike like a child. I think that helps represent how Mike has lost his father and for a moment, Ryan is his father figure.

    So does that mean the relationship between Mike and Ryan has been fixed? It's been really strained this season, and that was one of my favorite relationships from Season 1.
    There's a lot going on in that scene, and the relationship between these two guys takes a big step in that moment. I think that Ryan and Mike have become the same person emotionally in that moment, because Ryan had to watch his love Claire get killed in front of him, and now Mike has seen his father killed in front of him. So emotionally these guys couldn't be more similar at this point. It's a very powerful scene and moment for these two characters together and it leads to a lot more coming up.

    Obviously, watching his father get murdered right in front of his eyes is going to affect the already extremely fragile Mike. How is this going to drive him going forward, both personally and professionally?
    Yeah [laughs]. Now that his father's dead, it's reached a whole other level. It's going to be a constant battle for Mike, whether he's going to give into his PTSD and become a rogue, crazy person or whether he can take responsibility for it and do the right thing as an agent. He doesn't want to become the people he's chasing but at a certain point, when they've inflicted that much pain on you, you start to morph and your base senses start to take over and you just want revenge. You want satisfaction. That's the struggle that Mike faces both professionally and personally, really for the rest of the season. Mike and Ryan have that similarity but they're also trying to balance each other. When Mike goes too far, Ryan tries to pull him back, and when Ryan goes too far, Mike's there to pull him back, even though they both understand the drive to want to just kill these people. They're still going to balance each other and remind them what the repercussions would be.

    Season 2 has really ramped up the action and intensity and drama, and I can only assume it's going to get crazier and crazier now that we're in the back half of the season. What can you tease about any big shocking twists coming up?
    Honestly, there's a twist, a reveal somewhere in the next four episodes that Mike is right in the middle of. It's this huge reveal. It sort of distracts Mike from his revenge on Lily, that's how big it is. That's how dramatic it is in his life. I'm really excited for the audience to see that. I don't think anybody's going to see it coming.

    You probably can't say too much about it, but what can you reveal about this huge twist?
    Well ... [laughs] I will say this. It really changes everything for all of the characters -- it affects Mike, it affects Max, everybody. It's honestly so huge. I can't wait, I want to see everyone's reactions to it. And then not to mention things that are happening with Joe and Mandy. They are on the run, essentially, and that's when people will perceive Joe to be at his most vulnerable. I think it's so interesting that he has to execute this plan that he's been creating and it puts all of these characters in danger. There are a lot of big things happening in the next couple of weeks.

    Promo for episode 2x08 - The Messenger

    interview source&video source

    This is getting messier by the minute, oh man.

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    Here comes Ty to ruin the day. 

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    I WON!!! It still has not registered that I am the proud recipient of the #AcademyAward for Best Actress in A Supporting Role. What a magnificent day. Thank you again to the Academy and to all who put their time and good energy into rooting for me. #Oscars #latergram #nofilter @lovegoldlive academyawards

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    Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar on Sunday (2 March) for playing a man with AIDS in a movie all about AIDS. But the actor is being criticized today for not once uttering the word AIDS during a lengthy acceptance speech that lasted more than three minutes.

    What made the omission all the more glaring was that during an earlier acceptance speech, McConaughey's co-star Jared Leto had spoken of‘the 36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS and those of you out there who have ever felt injustice for who you are and who you love, tonight I stand here with you and for you.'

    McConaughey was also not taking note when supporting actress winner Lupita Nyong'o said in her speech: 'It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s.'

    So in the end, the reviews for McConaughey's speech were not as good as they were for his acting - particularly a tangent about how his hero is himself - or rather himself in 10 years.

    Wrote Salon: The star had just won an award for playing an AIDS patient who fights for a cure and eventually dies, and he mentioned AIDS not once, though he described how his present-day self was the role model for his past self. The people whose real-life lives and deaths McConaughey plumbs for art are less important, here, than McConaughey himself.

    Time called it 'confounding' and a 'semi-bizarre tale about his inner life' while while Vogue wrote that 'Magic Matt was as upbeat as a man would have to be when his self-absorption isn’t just actorly but cosmic.'

    McConaughey did remember to thank God right at the start and he also paid moving tribute to his late father saying: 'I know he’s up there right now, with a big pot of gumbo…he’s probably in his underwear, and he’s got a cold can of Miller Lite, and he’s dancin."' While AIDS was never mentioned, McConaughey was sure to wrap things up with his signature line: 'All right all right all right.'


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    Jared won and Jen lost! What do the stars see in common between these Acamdemy Award Winners?

    So, the main reason I chose Jared & Jen out of the other contenders was because they share complex aspect patterns which was a huge factor. Jared, particularly, has an INSANE chart with more to cover than ONTD would ever read; and for the record, Queen Lupita was my main choice, but her complete chart is not available, and since she's going to be incredibly famous, I'm gonna wait it out and see if her time of birth surfaces.


    Jared is the reason I hate when people write off Solar Capricorns. With his moon and rising in fiery Aries, the Sun in Capricorn is given a boost of ego, spontaneity, and of course, selfishness. Both Aries and Capricorn are cardinal signs, which are all about creating their own initiatives, so there is plenty of forward momentum and drive in his personality with the planet of expression (the sun), the planet of personal needs (the moon), and his rising, all in cardinal positions. However, his Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Aries are in a square. Squares create tension between two planets, because while they're both go-getters and want to create their own agendas, it's the topic in the agenda that is very different. The sun in earthy Capricorn wants to have a respectable image, wants to earn its place in society, and believes in fairness through rules and regulations that everyone has to follow. Aries is a self-centered sign; not in the sense that it doesn't have the capacity to love and appreciate others; but in the sense that it's very focused on the fulfillment of its own needs and doesn't really want to get boggled down trying to reach them. So the moon; which is in charge of our deepest personal needs, our instincts, our emotions, and keeps the memories of our soul safe; is very responsive in the sign of Aries, and wants to take action immediately, and is noted for overreacting and then immediately moving on to its next agenda. The Sun in Capricorn is good at keeping the moons impulse control issues under wraps- although, as with all aspects, it's not really a matter of what planet wins, as much as when it wins. Ultimately, this combo is one of the most productive squares a person can have once you find balance between the two planets, because both planets can force productivity out of the other one; the problem being most of the time that it leads to frustration if success is not gained quickly enough and success can be thwarted by obnoxious egomania.

    Another quick note before I move on, is that, INTERESTINGLY enough, considering the role he won for, his moon is in his first house of self. The moon rules over all things feminine, from women to motherhood, to our experiences with our own mothers. So, to have the moon in his first house, where we keep all the things that define us, what we want, how we achieve it, and how we handle what we get; makes him very "in touch with his feminine side;" as well as very close to his own mother and probably has a strong history of growing up and being influenced by women. I haven't seen "Dallas Buyer’s Club" but from what I have heard about his performance, he really takes charge and enjoys showing his female side- and I think that's very reflective of his moon in Aries in the first house.

    In his personal planets, we have Mercury in Sagittarius, which sextiles Venus in Aquarius, which sextiles Mars on the Pisces/Aries cusp (and therefore, sits trine to Mercury in Sagittarius). Mercury is our messenger- it is only concerned with information- where we get it, why we get it, how we interpret it, and how we give it to others and does not sit well in Sagittarius. Mercury is so busy trying to decipher all the little day-to-day things that are happening, it cannot see what Sagittarius wants it to see: The BIG Picture, and will get very self-important about its own thought processes and ideas and feels that every great thought should be revelation. However, worldly Sagittarius gives Mercury a kind of laissez-faire attitude that makes it very easy to communicate with all types of people from every spectrum of life and understand their lessons to understand oneself better.

    And to everyone in the "ONTD Boyfriend Club,"sorry to say that I don't see much of a Prince Charming here- Venus, the planet that runs our love life, from who we choose to love, to how we choose to love, and includes everyone from our romantic interests to our friends- and even which family members we prefer over others. With his Venus in Aquarius, the sign of friendship and humanitarianism, he definitely loves people- all people, Aquarius isn't discriminatory at all (unless you're just really fucking stupid), but, it's also not emotional at all. Often times, Aquarius loves of being part of a social group and having meaningful relationships but they fall flat when it comes to intimacy- it's a purely conceptual and visionary sign, so intimacy, which is a raw emotion and cannot be rationally thought out, really freaks Aquarius out, so clearly, Venus, who thrives on romance and love, has a hard time here. For men, you look at their Venus to see what type of women they're attracted to, and with Venus in Aquarius, he's looking for someone intellectual, low-key, who loves to "hang out," but no pressure to be something or someone else. As the matter of fact, the more one pushes expectations on Venus in Aquarius, the more it will rebel against conformity. What makes Venus even more elusive for romance in his chart is that it lands in his 11th house (the "ruling house" of Aquarius), which is the house that rules over not only our friendships, but our hopes, dreams, and wishes. The means that Venus main objective is to use its charm, grace, and style to find success with not only friends, but also because it's in Aquarius, it will seek out a certain unconventionality in friendships- and it's mostly likely that any long term lover will be someone who he has had a long term friendship with.

    Mars, which rules over our motivation, our physical and sexual energy, and defends what we truly want as individuals, closes out his personal planets on the Pisces/Aries cusp in the 12th house of secrets, self-undoing, and karmic retribution. Mars seems to fall exactly on the Pisces/Aries cusp and is entirely uncomfortable there. Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, so I would feel that Mars will gravitate more towards that energy, but it still finds itself in between Pisces- the end of the cycle, and Aries- the beginning of the cycle. Pisces is a passive yet dark energy while Aries is an aggressive and motivated. It leaves Mars fighting for both itself from the Aries energy, but also seeking to bring healing and compassion to others lives from the Piscean energy. Sexually, this is also a very confusing energy- with Mars in Pisces, you can't be sure what you will get- as Pisces is symbolized by the two fish and is sometimes looked at as "good versus evil." Pisces is a passive energy that submits to its feelings, so it will either be a sinner or a saint depending on the situation and atmosphere. With Aries influence, it will definitely become a little more forceful, direct, and arrogant. The real key here is that it lands in his 12th house which shows us a few things; his truest ambitions are largely hidden, even from himself, and can very well lead to a personal downfall (Think Britney, she has this position also) because he will either be unable to speak up for what he wants, or rebel too much when not getting his way and ruin everything (without really seeing how it unraveled at his own hands).

    Overall, I'd interpret him as someone who is deceivingly charming, keeping his selfish and driven ambitions tucked away under the cool exterior of the Sun in Capricorn, while letting his Venusian charm in the sign and house of friendship worm its way in and make valuable connections with a large variety of people, while Mercury in Sagittarius makes him sound enlightened and progressive. Ultimately, the Capricorn Sun will want to have solid grounding, secure allies, and a logical plan before it will allow the Arian ambitions to be seen by everyone else, which gives him a real "dark horse" feel. The best analogy I am having right now is to associate this with that pothead kid in high school you never saw do anything, and then on graduation day, they're valedictorian and you're just like "WHAT?! That guy?!"

    J Law

    It should surprise no one that J. Law is a Solar Leo; and yes, yes, while we typically joke that Leos are the zodiacs little attention whores, it's typically not the case. Leo is ruled by the sun, which, if you’ve been paying attention (which you’re not, lol), you know that the sun is solely concerned with expressing itself to the world. When it lands in it’s home sign of Leo, putting itself on display comes naturally- it’s really everyone else’s fault for being pulled into the cheerful and magnetic Lion energy, because I promise you, there isn’t a Leo in the world who feels like they go looking for attention as much as the attention comes to them. Her “try-hard, attention whore” persona is not helped by her Moon in Gemini or Rising in Aquarius- which are both social air signs. As the matter of fact; Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius are the most socially ept signs in the zodiac. Her moon is very uncomfortable in the jittery sign of Gemini though, because it’s sole purpose is to be the keep of our emotional side- and Gemini is not an emotional energy. Dramatic- sure, but mostly to put an emphasis on their conceptual point, not because they’re committed to the feelings. As the matter of fact, Moon in Gemini might be what you call “thinking feelers.” They feel the feeling their brain tells them they should for the circumstances they’re in, after all, Gemini is all about relating itself to it’s immediate environment, and as an air sign, it exists in the intellectual plane- therefore, it takes it’s surroundings and conceptualizes how it should feel without having to actually feel. This is great for Leo sun, because it is theatrical and loves the Moon in Gemini’s ability to materialize emotions without too much cause, but also the variety and range that Gemini can process at once. Many see this sign as “two-faced” but I often tell them that it’s actually “a face for every occasion.” As a mutable sign, Gemini is constantly adapting itself, and is never committed to one thing, so it’s not really trying to bring about any betrayals, it’s just really the one sign that can understand (not agree, but understand) any and all sides of most situations.

    So now we have Leo, who wants to express itself socially as an individual, backed up by restless Gemini instincts that want to understand and fit-in with it’s environment, working with an Aquarius rising. This rising position is actually fairly common in the public eye because it’s the “collective social energy” that wants to be able to find a way to connect with all people (and connect those people together) while remaining and being appreciated for individuality (think of it in context: Of the “collective” signs- Capricorn wants to regulate everyone by making them follow the same rules & Pisces wants to unite everyone through shared emotions and experiences. In the middle of that is Aquarius who wants to unite everyone through understanding of individuality and trusting others to be personally accountable). Most people are attracted to Aquarius rising because they seem so relaxed and chill about everything, which is true, but often times, until you REALLY get to know an Aquarius rising, you don’t see how righteous they can be- while not offering up a lot of opinions (because they don’t want to isolate themselves from anyone), they still remain very set in their own principles and beliefs and can usually express them with such visionary intent and conviction for the community at large that you don’t realize how polarizing they can be… Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams, so there is a hopeful outlook to Aquarius rising that draws people in and through their Aquarian vision, people are inspired to believe more in their own ideals.

    What really pulls her together is her planets in Earth signs. Mars in Taurus is a little frustrated because Mars wants to get up and go-go-go right now-now-now, but Taurus is a slow mover. Taurus wants to have it’s routine, wants to have its plan decided before taking action, and for good reason, because once Taurus sets out on its mission, it’s as hard to stop as it was to get going. Mercury also lands in its home sign of Virgo- as I said with Jared, Mercury is caught up in the details of day to day life, and in Virgo, it can really shine because Virgo is totally detail oriented and also very critical- so all the information Mercury receives gets picked apart with the fine tooth comb of Virgo’s analytical outlook. This helps to even out the effervescence of her sun/moon/rising combo, because Mercury in Virgo allows her to express herself and communicate with a sense of groundedness and logical understanding of what’s happening around her. Virgo, you’ll recall, is also the sign of productivity, so it really helps to direct all that restless Mercurian energy. And, it’s probably what directors seem to love about her, because, the more detail a Mercury in Virgo gets about how to do something, the harder they can nail it; mix that with a moon that can make you think you feel any emotion, a sun that that can express itself with shining glory, and a rising that calls society to it, and you basically have the recipe for this golden girl.

    Venus in Leo which is conjunct Jupiter in her 6th house is also a huge helpful factor, but may also lead to a few problems. Venus loves Leo- it’s fun, it’s charming, it loves people, it’s creative and expressive- all the things that Venus wants in a home, and its sitting next to Jupiter who serves to heighten the Venusian charm and expand its thoughts and views to being even more gracious, more idealistic, and more truthful. The problem is, that neither planet is very objective, and this combo will be VERY trusting, believing of course, that those we care for MUST care for us back, and therefore have our best interests at heart- and will combine Jupiter’s blind faith, and Venus’ addiction to being adored and become far too trusting and will get taken advantage of. This lands in her 6th house of work and health, so while it gives her great fortune and congeniality, not only in her work, but also with those she works with, it also opens her up to trusting the wrong people and having them betray her (she’ll bounce back, don’t worry).

    As far as love, with her sun in the 7th house of partnerships, she is a very devoted partner and finds the most happiness with others and in a relationship. However, she gets a little weird when we take her Venus and Mars into romantic consideration. Venus in Leo, undoubtedly, will need a lover who is absolutely devoted to them, wants to have fun, and doesn’t mind standing down to let her shine. Yet, Mars in Taurus gives off a much different sexual energy. Even though Taurus is seen as exerting a slow-and-steady physical energy, it’s sexual energy is very different because Taurus is a slave to sensual satisfaction (great food, beautiful surroundings, melodic sounds, soft to the touch fabrics and textures, and of course, amazing orgasms), so, it wants to take it’s time getting down to business, every touch should be an experience. Taurus is also a more traditional sign, so, even though she is really bubbly and extroverted, she will probably look for a man who is more of a strong, silent type who will satisfy her Leo planets by letting her shine, while also providing unwavering support and loyalty behind the scenes.

    Source for celeb birth charts
    For those of you interested in getting your own chart, I recommend this site.

    If you're an intermediate/advanced student, this book about aspects is amazing. I highly recommend it
    I love this book, and I recommend it to all beginners. Beware though: People will steal it/borrow it and not return it. I've had to buy it like 4 times because all the non-believers want to know but can't be bothered to spend $13.

    I made this tumblr because in every post, people will ask questions, and instead of repeating the same thing over and over when I answer them, you will get a link from right here.

    I wrote like, so much more about the T-Square, Grand Trine, and Kite aspects both of them have in their charts- but I took it out because it was getting way too crazy for non-obsessed to understand, and these posts are already tl;dr for 90% of us. If you're interested, I'll talk about it in the comments. Start praying that a talk show host asks Lupita what time she was born.

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    Lupita Nyong'o has been wowing us all award season long. But it wasn't her breathtaking red carpet looks or darling selfies that had us gasping the first time we saw her—it was her killer arms. They are strong, toned, and more than capable of carrying all the awards she's racking up this season. So we turned to Meka Gibson, personal training manager at David Barton Gym, to find out how we can chisel our own upper bodies into something even slightly close to resembling Lupita. "The way to toned arms like Lupita's is making sure to work the major upper body muscles to create symmetry and definition," says Meka.

    How it works: Meka gave us three exercises that can be done at home or in the gym and perfectly complement a cardio workout. For all of these exercises, Meka recommends choosing weights that will allow you to do 10 to 11 reps with good form. "It should be slightly challenging to get those last two to four reps," she says. If you find you can easily swing the weights, or can't finish the movement from beginning to end, choose a more appropriate weight or stop and rest before starting the next set.

    You will need: Free weights, Resistance band

    Triceps Pressdown

    With the V-handle attachment positioned at the high setting, face the adjustable cable machine and grab the handle with a shoulder-width, overhand grip. Bring your elbows to your sides so your forearms are parallel to the floor.

    Extend your forearms straight down by contracting the triceps, rotating the attachment slightly so that your knuckles face the floor at the bottom. When your arms are fully extended, pause and then reverse to return to the start position.

    Dumbell Lateral Raise

    Standing in a shoulder-width stance, grab a pair of dumbbells with palms facing inward and let them hang at your sides.

    Raise your arms out to the sides until they're at shoulder level. Pause, then lower the weights back to the starting position.

    Alternating Dumbell Bicep Curl

    Hold a dumbbell in each hand with an overhand grip and arms fully extended with palms facing your sides. Feet should be shoulder-width apart and dumbbells should be resting at thigh level.

    Curl one dumbbell toward the same shoulder, keeping the opposite arm extended. As you curl the weight up, slightly rotate the wrist so your palm is facing you. Pause, and then return to the starting position. Alternate sides on the next repetition.


    Fitness post! How is your routine going, ontd?

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    E! News exclusively revealed that Scarlett Johansson is expecting her first child with fiancé Romain Dauriac, and while we're ecstatic for the actress and her soon-to-be hubby, we couldn't help but wonder what this means for her future projects. The pregnant star, who E! News has learned is due in August, is currently gearing up for her promotional tour for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and once that's done, Scarlett is scheduled to begin shooting Avengers 2.

    And, well, it'll be pretty hard to hide a growing baby bump under that tight, black catsuit. So what's going to happen? A source tells E! News that shooting for the superhero sequel will need a bit of rearranging. "They're going to fast-track her scenes," the insider tells us.

    Johansson is scheduled to begin shooting Avengers 2 overseas on April 5, after her promotional tour for Captain America is complete.
    The studio wouldn't comment about her having to reschedule filming.

    The pregnancy news comes just six months after it was announced that the Oscar-nominated actress is planning to tie the knot with her French journalist beau. E! News confirmed the couple was engaged in September after ScarJo flashed her vintage Art Deco ring on that finger at the Venice Film Festival, with her rep adding that the lovebirds are "very happy." The expectant couple went public with their relationship in November 2012, not long after Johansson ended a roughly year-long romance with Nate Naylor.


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    Rowling recently made waves when she confessed last month that she regretted pairing up Harry's best friends at the end of her beloved series. In an interview in Wonderland magazine (conducted by Watson herself!), Rowling shared, "I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment."

    She continued, "If I'm absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that. It was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. Am I breaking people's hearts by saying this? I hope not."

    Watson also seemed somewhat pessimistic about the longevity of the popular pairing, sharing at the time, "I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy."

    But Watson's tune may have changed just a bit, as the starlet took to the red carpet at tonight's Oscars (her first time attending the big show, if you can believe it) and told MTV's own Josh Horowitz,

    "It was a real shame, because the quote that she gave was completely taken out of context. If you read the whole interview it's completely not how it was framed. It was actually kind of a joke."

    Watson implored fans to read the interview a bit more closely to more keenly understand what Rowling was saying about the cherished romance, and perhaps reduce their outrage just a bit. Ron and Hermione forever? It's still magic to us.

    Video won't embed; watch at the source

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    Tonight on MTV, the popular show TEEN WOLF returns with a new episode called“The Fox and the Wolf.” On tonight’s episode, Kira discovers new and unusual abilities. Did you watch the last episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

    On the last episode, Stiles checked himself into a mental hospital. Shortly after his arrival another patient committed suicide and he met his roommate, Oliver. It was revealed that Chris Argent and Deaton were working together. Deaton needed a hidden scroll in his quest to cure Stiles. In the mental hospital, Stiles encounters Malia Tate. After group therapy with Ms. Morrell – the school guidance counselor and aid to Deaton – Stiles was told that he must stay awake if he wanted to prevent the nogitsune from taking over again. Malia left the mental hospital in search of Scott.

    On tonight’s episode, an important clue is revealed in the story of a World War II internment camp; Kira’s role is more crucial and she discovers unusual abilities. The chaos around Stiles continues with full force, Isaac gets better but has his own issues, and the tension between Chris and Derek finally boils over after Derek confronts Chris about burning his family.

    Tonight’s season 3 episode 20 is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of MTV’s Teen Wolf at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Teen Wolf season 3b. Check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s show below while you wait for the recap!


    The show opens with a flashback to 1943. A soldier asks his friend: What gets broken without being held. The answer? A promise.

    What has teeth but doesn’t bite? The answer? A comb.

    What has a neck but no head? A bottle.

    The soldiers are unloading bodies, throwing them into graves. The bandaged man, the Nogitsune, rises out from the pile of bodies and proceeds to kill the two soldiers.

    Mr. Yukimura is in his classroom. He hears the buzzing of a fly. He smashes it with a book. Stiles comes in and asks him, “Where’s she hiding them?” He asks for the little knives — the physical representation of Mrs. Yukimura’s nine tails. Stiles says, “The older the tail, the stronger the oni. Am I right?” Stiles orders the fly that was smashed under the book to invade Mr. Yukimura. It flies down his throat. “They talk. They always talk,” the nogitsune says.

    Scott shows Kira the picture of a woman that looks just like her.

    Scott and Kira arrive at the school after getting a distress call from Mr. Yukimura. Mrs. Yukimura is also there. Kira hands her father some “magic mushrooms” that causes him to throw up the cursed fly. Next, Kira orders Mrs. Yukimura to tell them everything — what is going on with the nogitsune? Scott shows the picture, containing the girl that looks like Kira, to Kira’s mother.

    Kira’s mother reveals that she’s actually 900 years old. She tells them about the internment camp at Oak Creek. She says that the past is repeating itself. Kira asks, “Where did the nogitsune come from?” Mrs. Yukimura says that the nogitsune came “from her.”

    Kira also presents her mother with a sword, which is broken. She says that the last time this sword was used was in 1943 — the time when the nogitsune was last defeated.

    We enter a flashback. There’s a small boy running through the camp. He enters a boarding room where Mrs. Yukimura, as her younger self, is currently living. She gets in an argument with an older woman about stealing and following the rules. A baseball is thrown out the window and soldiers come in to harass the residents.

    Meanwhile, in present day, Mrs. Yukimura and Kira try to put together the samurai sword. But Kira won’t help until she knows her mother’s full story.

    At the station, Sheriff Stilinski thinks the nogitsune is using his dead wife’s illness as a way to trick and weaken Stiles’s mind. He wants Chris and Derek to trap Stiles — but not hurt him.

    Back in 2943, young Yukimura is having a fling with a young medic. He tries to convince her to stop stealing from the convoys.

    We jump back to the present day. Kira tells her mother to stop telling her about her Casablanca love story. Scott interjects, “You’re just stalling. When the sun sets, the oni will come for Stiles.” Scott wants Mrs. Yukimura to call off the oni, but she’s hesitant. She wants Stiles destroyed. She tells him that Stiles is not Stiles any longer. “He’s nogitsune now. He’s void,” she says. “He’s gone.”

    Allison, Chris, Derek, and Sheriff Stilinski gather all their nonlethal trapping gear. They split up. They’re worried about their plan — and they think that the nogitsune is just anticipating their next moves. “We’re trying to outfox the fox,” Chris adds.

    Mrs. Yukimura continues to talk about her love, who was about to be relocated to South Africa in a few weeks. We return to the flashback . . . . young Yukimura and the medic kiss. Someone pulls up in a car. They eavesdrop on soldiers and the doctor, who’s being paid off.

    In present day, Mrs. Yukimura cuts herself on one of the samurai sword shards. She heals instantly — one of the kitsune’s talents.

    Back in the flashback . . . . everyone is dying of a pneumonia, except for young Yukimura because a kitsune never gets sick, never gets ill. The young medic says that there’s not enough medicine to help everyone in the camp, but young Yukimura is certain that she saw more medicine on the trucks when she stole the goods at a previous time.

    In present day . . . . Mrs. Yukimura tells Scott and Kira that the doctor at the camp was selling the rest of the medicine on the Black Market.

    Back in the flashback . . . . young Yukimura and her friends begin to incite a riot. They want medicine. They want the doctor dead.

    In present day, Mrs. Yukimura confesses that she tried to get the riot to stop, but nothing she did helped the matter. She’d never seen anger and hate this intense before. The old woman with whom young Yukimura chatted with earlier turns out to be a werewolf, and she throws a molotov cocktail on young Yukimura’s love. Turns out that this old woman was trying hard, very hard, to suppress her werewolf side — but, when provoked, anger can take over. She went into a fitted rage.

    Meanwhile, Sheriff S and Allison are in the elevator at the hospital. She breaks down and says how terrified she is — how she’s always terrified and never fearless, despite the facade she’s constantly wearing. She’s worried for Isaac’s health. She’s not sure if they can trust Derek. She’s not sure what her father’s thinking. She worries about everything. She breaks down and buries herself in Sheriff Stilinski’s shoulder. The Sheriff gets an alert that someone has broken into his house. The security camera appears on his phone. Stiles is sitting in his room. He waves at the camera creepily.

    1943 . . . . The riot continues. Young Yukimura is shot. She falls to the ground, alongside everyone else.

    Present day . . . . Mrs. Yukimura, as she works to restore the blade, says that she was shot many times. She says she fought every bullet but her healing power was working slowly. She says that the soldiers were covering up the murders, the slaughter. She was thought to be dead and put in the truck beside all the bodies. Her love, named Rhys, died. All bandaged up and burned, he was thrown in the car alongside her.

    Mrs. Yukimura says that she wanted the prisoners of the camp and the soldiers to pay for what they’d done. Next, she reveals what she did. Being too weak to in her current state, she called upon her ancestors for a dark spirit, a nogitsune, to inhabit her body and fill her with strength. So she could exact revenge on the evil people controlling the camp. But, as she says, the nogitsune inhabited the body of Rhys instead. The fox, a trickster spirit, has a cruel sense of humor. As the dark spirit escaped, her body began to heal, so she got away.

    She said that the dark spirit brought more strife and chaos than one could’ve ever imagined.

    1943 . . . . Young Yukimura shows up at Eichen House, only to find the aftermath of the nogitsune. Countless bodies litter the grounds of the asylum. She battles the nogitsune, ultimately destroying him with the blade that they’re currently trying to reassemble in the present day.

    Present day . . . . Mrs. Yukimura says that, in order to restore the blade — which was shattered after stabbing the nogitsune — they need a strong bolt of lightning. She says that she can’t do it because she’s not a Thunder Kitsune. Kira goes to work and manages to repair the blade with her blue lightning. Mrs. Yukimura presents her daughter with the sword. Her power is now her daughter’s power.

    When Kira and Scott leave the classroom, Mrs. Yukimura reveals that she buried the nogitsune’s spirit, in the form of a fly, beneath the Nematon. She also reveals that it was the children’s sacrifice (the ritual they did last season) that freed the demon spirit.

    Before the episode ends, we see Sheriff Stilinski arrive at Derek’s loft, where Stiles is currently waiting for him. “Hi, Dad,” he says.


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    Leonardo DiCaprio poses with his mom Irmelin Indenbirken while attending the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held during the 2014 Oscars on Sunday night (March 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

    While they did not pose for photos together, the 39-year-old actor was also joined at the event by his girlfriend Toni Garrn.

    Leo was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street, but he lost to Dallas Buyers Club‘s Matthew McConaughey. We’re glad he had his ladies with him to help keep his spirits up!



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    What better way to celebrate Alfonso Cuarón's big win than with a sneak peek at his new project?! The Gravity director, who took home the statue for Best Director at the Oscars on Sunday night, has teamed up with J.J. Abrams for one of the most highly anticipated new series of the year, Believe, which premieres Monday, March 10 and we've got your first look at the ambitious new drama that's sure to be your new obsession.

    "The thing that got me the most excited about Believe is that Alfonso Cuarón created it and directed the show" Abrams gushes in our exclusive first look above, star Jake McLaughlin adds "Nobody does it like Alfonso does it!".But Cuarón was quick to repay the compliment, saying that when you work with Abrams and a cast like Believe's, "the rest is just a Sunday drive. It's really beautiful."

    Believe centers on the odd pairing of Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), a young girl with incredible powers that is being targeted by various groups, and Tate (Jake McLaughlin), the death row inmate "who has lost belief in himself" that's been tasked with protecting her.

    Source 12

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    While the stereotypical face of eating disorders in our cultural consciousness is almost uniformly female, that certainly doesn’t mean that these diseases don’t also affect men. Of the estimated 30 million people in the United States who have eating disorders, about 10 million of them are men. Yet, men’s experiences with eating disorders are often under-diagnosed, overlooked, or purposely kept hush-hush.

    Here are seven famous men who have bravely spoken out about their struggles with anorexia, bulimia and other disorders. Read about their stories and maybe you’ll think twice next time you’re tempted to use the word manorexic.


    Billy Bob has said he struggled with anorexia, at one point losing 59 pounds and living off of Twizzlers and tuna.


    Musician Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon struggled with anorexia and compulsive exercise as a teen, he revealed in 2008.


    In 2006, Dennis Quaid revealed to People magazine that he had anorexia in the mid-1990s after losing a lot of weight for a film role.


    Ashley Hamilton, an actor most recently known for Iron Man 3, opened up about his eating disorder and addiction last spring. He says he had both anorexia and bulimia and used drugs and alcohol to cope with them.


    In recent years, Elton John has talked about his experience with bulimia. He says being able to talk about it with fellow bulimic Princess Diana helped in his recovery.


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    Michelle Dockery cried when she met Taylor Swift.

    The 'Non Stop' actress took her godchildren to see the 'Love Story' singer and couldn't help but to get emotional at how excited they were when they got to meet singer afterward.

    She said: ''The last time I cried? My Godchildren went to see Taylor Swift in concert and got to meet her. They literally ran toward her and hugged her, and it was amazing. I got big bonus points for it. I'll remind them when they're teenagers.''

    Besides weeping with joy, the 32-year-old actress - best known for her role as Lady Mary Crawley in 'Downton Abbey' - was left with tears of pain when she recently dropped a knife on her foot.

    She added in an interview with People magazine: ''I'm not accident prone really, but I was cutting something and sort of lost control, and it went through my big toe. There was a lot of blood and I nearly fainted, but its totally fine now.''


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    Challenge Winner

    Bianca Del Rio

    Bottom Two

    Darienne Lake

    Magnolia Crawford

    Eliminated Contestant

    Magnolia Crawford

    bye girl. no filler queens this season

    source: tv

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    Shit is going down! The next episode is in 2 weeks.

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    /PR Newswire/ - Hilary Duff, new mother to 22-month-old son Luca, is volunteering her time to help the March of Dimes raise funds to help give more babies a healthy start in life.

    ”As a mom, I'm proud to support the March of Dimes helping more women have full term pregnancies and healthy babies. That’s why I walk in March for Babies,” she says in a new public service advertisement. “The money we raise funds research and local programs that help babies overcome the challenges of premature birth and birth defects. Together we can help make healthier babies possible for thousands of families.”

    Ms. Duff plans to participate in the Los Angeles March for Babies Saturday, April 26. March for Babies will take place in nearly 700 communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico the last weekend in April. In the PSAs, Ms. Duff invites people to join her in supporting March for Babies by visiting and signing up to march for babies.

    Ms. Duff is best known for her role in Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire and its motion picture The Lizzie McGuire Movie. She also appeared in feature films including Agent Cody Banks,Cheaper by the Dozen, A Cinderella Story and Cheaper by the Dozen 2and she has three platinum-selling albums.

    ONTD, do you do any charity work?

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