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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    When Disney announced its first black princess, Tiana, inThe Princess and the Frog, commenters were worried that the role would be stereotypical and flat. Yet, even though the movie has gone on to earn some $104,400,899, Disney is still receiving criticism for their representation of Tiana.

    This time, however, it's not about the movie, but about Tiana's image.

    Their Disney Princess Dig 'n Dips Valentine card packets, which have a candy stick and dip à la Fun Dip, showed Sleeping Beauty on the vanilla candy side and Tiana on the watermelon candy side.

    Social commenters have pointed out this insensitive placement, given the stereotype of black people liking watermelon.

    Sociological Images, who first broke the story, wrote, "In light of [the] history, as well as the ongoing racism, the product below — a Valentine’s Day candy that pairs two Disney princesses — is rather, let’s say, insensitive. The White Cinderella character decorates the vanilla flavored side; the Black Tiana character decorates the watermelon flavored side. Just… wow."

    Clutch magazine has called this packaging "sloppy," saying, "As usual, it’s hard to believe that anyone would intentionally make this kind of insensitive mistake, but pairing the white girl with vanilla and the black girl with watermelon should have set off an alarm in someone’s mind."

    And Jezebel has chimed in, noting the insensitivity and snarking that, "On the plus side, it appears that the candy flavors are meant to be integrated in order to create a new magical dreamland of tastesplosion, so even though Dig N' Dips are appealing to stereotypes, maybe the whole thing is a metaphor for how the world is more delicious if we simply listen to each other."


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    At least one member of the Growing Pains cast let it be known she doesn’t agree with Kirk Cameron’s claim that homosexuality is “unnatural,” “detrimental” and “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

    On Twitter, Tracey Gold posted “I am a strong supporter of the #LGBT Community, and I believe in equal rights for all. #NOH8 #LOVE” and changed her profile picture to a shot of her participating in the “NO H8” campaign. (Tracey, you are awesome)

    On his Twitter page, Alan Thicke—a.k.a. flaky shrink Jason Seaver—said “I’ll deal with Kirk’s comments as soon as I recover from Rush Limbaugh’s.”

    And though he never appeared on Growing Pains, actor Josh Charles tweeted “I know Growing Pains was only a tv show, but I have to think both Alan Thicke & Joanna Kerns must feel they failed as parents tonight.”

    No word yet from Mrs Seaver herself, Joanna Kerns or Pains‘ resident Cousin Oliver, Leonardo DiCaprio.


    Four for you Growing Pains costars you go Growing Pains costars!

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    EN Movies - Elizabeth Olsen was a bundle of nerves when she watched herself in a movie for the first time.

    The 23-year-old actress never saw herself on screen until she watched horror release Silent House at the Sundance Film Festival last year.

    She cringed as she watched the picture with the press who were unaware she was sitting in the audience.

    “I sat so low in my chair praying, ‘Please, please don’t look at me. I hope no one notices I’m here!’” she told the Chicago Sun-Times.

    “I was dealing with a lot of firsts hunkered down in my chair. First time seeing myself. First time seeing me in a horror film. And I’m in virtually every frame of the movie.”

    Elizabeth plays the role of Sarah, who is a young woman trapped inside her family’s lakeside retreat.

    “I’m a big horror movie fan. I love things that get your heart racing,” she said.

    The actress studied trauma victims to prepare for the role and spent 12 hours a day over several weeks in a house pretending to be scared. Following Sundance the film was changed slightly.

    “It’s better now with a new ending,” Elizabeth said. “But going back to do reshoots was a difficult idea. It was a case of, ‘Oh no, please don’t put me back in that house of doom.’”


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  • 03/05/12--12:12: Long Hair Dudes ?
  • Remember how much fun we had last time?

    9 Guys Who Look Hotter With Long Hair

    Last night was the premiere of “Friday Night Lights” star Taylor Kitsch’s new movie, “John Carter.” Whatever, who cares about the movie, can we talk about the hair? We have a problem — Riggins’ magic hair is gone! Gone! I’m shedding a tear(s) for it right now. But Kitsch is sadly not the only guy who sacrificed his pretty long hair for an ugly short hairstyle. Click through to see several other sexy celebs who seriously depleted their hotness by cutting their long locks.

    Josh Holloway
    I've never watched "Lost" because I don't have 50 zillion free hours. Maybe the next time I get mono or am quarantined, I will. But even I know that Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer on the show, looked so much better with long hair.

    Eddie Vedder
    Clearly, a grungeman's power lies in his long, gorgeous locks, Eddie Vedder. What were you thinking?

    Johnny Depp

    Short-haired Johnny Depp looks a little bit like your "Jersey Shore" cousin. Long-haired Johnny Depp, on the other hand, is a hunkasaurus rex.

    Gavin Rossdale

    Gwen, and the world, loved Gavin Rossdale for his long hair.

    Jared Leto

    We've previously elucidated the problems with Jared Leto 2.0 (that would be post Jordan Catalano Leto), but had failed to mention his douche-y haircut. Well now you know.

    Heath Ledger

    Heath Ledger was adorably sexy no matter what, but his golden curls certainly helped things, didn't they?

    Justin Bobby

    Remember "The Hills"' bad-boy dude Justin Bobby? How could you forget this bastion of hot dude assholish-ness? It seems that his hold on Audrina (like his hold on all of us) slipped when he cut his luxurious long locks. C'est la vie, Justin Bobby, c'est la vie.

    Orlando Bloom

    Short-haired Orlando Bloom is a boring accountant. Long-haired Bloom? An adorably sexy elf.


    I hate when lists are not even so I added this piece of yum yum ( We need some color imho rude list is r00d )

    Keith Hamilton Cobb will always be a stunner imo but when was Noah with dem dreads....hammercy!!!

    Do you like men with long hair?
    It Depends


    Do you guys agree? do you guise like long hair ?
    I dedicate this post to the lovely [info]fashi0nbaby for obvious reasons ;)
    I added a poll guys I can't get the poll option to work -__- I dunno waut is going on

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    Cher Lloyd is gearing up to take the US by storm, transporting her credible, yet fearless approach to pop music to the stages of Austin, TX, performing at Perez Hilton's annual SXSW showcase, Nylon Magazine/Dub Frequency event as well as Idolator's party.

    Now she is hitting the shores of the US with her new single "Want U Back" set to reach the US airwaves in April following her live performance debut of the song at SXSW.

    "I am so excited about coming over to the states and working with L.A Reid,"
    said Cher. "L.A is a musical genius and has been such a great supporter of me. Now I just cannot wait to get on that stage and for everyone to hear my music."

    "I had the pleasure of meeting Cher Lloyd backstage at The X Factor USA,"
    commented L.A. Reid. "The moment she walked in the room I could just feel the presence of someone truly special. I believe in her extraordinary talent and will stand by her as we climb to the top of the US music charts."

    Last year, Perez Hilton proclaimed, "Cher Lloyd is on the fast track for SUPERSTARDOM!" and now he has announced Cher as part of his annual SXSW event line-up at the Austin Music Hall on Saturday, March 17th. Fans can also catch her at Idolator's event on Thursday, March 15th and the Nylon magazine/DFM at the W Hotel party Friday, March 16th.


    YES!! SHE'S COMMMINGGG, i do wish it was with a new single tho

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    Patricia Heaton 
    is back on Twitter, tail firmly between her legs.

    After sparking outrage for Rush Limbaugh-esque tweets insulting Sandra Fluke, and deleting her entire Twitter account in the ensuing backlash, the actress has returned.

    "I apologized to Ms Fluke last week. I may not agree with her views but I didn't treat her with respect and I'm sorry. I was wrong. Mea Culpa," Heaton tweeted moments ago.

    No response so far from Fluke.

    Last week, Heaton joined Limbaugh and other right-wingers in denouncing Fluke, a Georgetown University law student and reproductive rights advocate who testified before Democratic members of Congress on why contraception should be covered by insurance companies.

    Heaton began the bullying treatment in a post calling out her Twitter followers, aka "Tweatons."

    "If every Tweaton sent Georgetown Gal one condom, her parents wouldn't have to cancel basic cable, & she would never reproduce -- sound good?" Heaton posted.

    Even though Limbaugh wound up backtracking from his his loud-mouthed insults (albeit after massive advertiser withdraw from his syndicated radio show), the erstwhile Everybody Loves Raymond star initially refused to back down.

    Instead she simply pulled the plug on the offending tweets, but not before several sites got screen grabs to document the ugliness for all time. Here's a small sampling of Heaton's handiwork:

    "Hey GTown Gal: How about only having sex on Wednesday? (Hump day!)," Heaton wrote in a tweet last Thursday.

    The 54-year-old thesp later added this gem: "Hey G-Town Gal: turn your underwear inside out! Then u only have to do laundry every 2 weeks—saves on detergent & trips to Laundromat!"

    And this: "If your parents have to pay for your birth control, maybe they should get a say in who u sleep with. Instant birth control."

    Left-leaning website Crooks and Liars subsequently labeled Heaton a "Dittohead Slut Shamer" for the kindergartenesque behavior while another blogger, Angry Black Lady, called her a "coward" for failing to own up to her offensiveness.

    A rep for Heaton could not be reached for comment.

    I feel really bad for this girl. All she did was speak her mind and she has people treating her like dirt left and right. 


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    For years we've heard how bad Charlie Sheen's teeth really are, and now we're finally getting a close-up look!

    In the past, women who have slept with Charlie have reported that he has very bad, rotting teeth. Typically he never steps out without his fake teeth - so I'm wondering what's up with these new pictures!? NASTY!

    Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards put on a show of solidarity as the two attended Sam's soccer game over the weekend in Los Angeles. They seemed to be one happy family with Lola and Eloise by their sides as their cheered on Sam in her game. Charlie and Denise even hugged a couple times before heading their separate ways.


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    A 23-year-old obese man's video plea for help is going viral. Robert Gibbs of Livermore, California, recorded a video of himself asking the world to help him lose weight. In the video, Gibbs says he weighs between 600 to 700 or more pounds. He has tried everything on his own to lose weight, from going on diets to being hospitalized, but has been unsuccessful at keeping off the weight.

    Gibbs says he's "making this video, because he doesn't know what else to do." He asks viewers to "please post and share this video as much as possible," because he is hoping that it will go viral and he will get the help he needs from a nutritionist, a personal trainer, or maybe even Dr. Phil McGraw or "The Biggest Loser."

    Gibbs anticipates that some people may make fun of him, and to them he tearfully says that he does not care because this is his last chance and his last hope. Gibbs, who has diabetes, also expresses that he's really scared that he will not be able to watch his niece and nephew grow up or ever have a family of his own.

    The video was originally posted on March 1, just one day before his 23rd birthday, and it has received almost 875,000 views in just over four days. A local CBS affiliate in San Francisco covered his story, and Gibbs has since been contacted by celebrity personal trainer Chris Powell with an offer to help him lose weight.

    Dozens of response videos have also now popped up on YouTube, with many people offering encouraging words for Gibbs and wishing him success on his weight-loss journey. However, not everyone is being supportive, with some people being downright cruel or questioning who is covering his fast food habits, medical bills, and rent.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Paris Hilton is a painter? Hilton wants an art gallery to headline her career in 2013, she tells news today. Paris Hilton admits she is a painter and loves to do sculptures. But now with a new album in development, Hilton also tells news that she has another artistic goal on the horizon: an art gallery showing.

    Paris Hilton attended the Maybach and MOCA celebration of Art Basel this month. In a news interview, Hilton said she has hopes for her art to debut next year. While attending the gala with Pharrell Williams, Hilton said “I get inspired by the art here. I paint, I sculpt, I do collages. I haven’t released anything yet, but maybe I’ll have a gallery show at Basel next year”.

    So what is next on Hilton’s horizon? The sky is the limit, says Hilton. “As I grew up, I realized that if you work hard, you can do what[ever] you wish.” source

    What a smart and talented business womyn!!!
    Will you purchase a painting by Paris?!

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    Hayden Panettiere is set to show off her singing skills playing a country superstar in new TV soap Nashville.

    The actress, who played a cheerleader in sci-fi show Heroes, will swap her pom-poms for a microphone for her lead role in the upcoming drama set in the Nashville, Tennessee music scene.

    Panettiere's character Juliette Barnes will be forced to tour with a fading veteran singer in order to revive her flagging career.

    Confirming the news in a post, Panettiere writes, "I'm thrilled to announce I'm doing the new Abc show Nashville! I can't express how humbled and thrilled I am to be a part of this!"

    Jonathan Jackson has also been cast in Nashville, written by Thelma & Louise screenwriter Callie Khouri.

    I'm excited to see her on tv again! Heroes was my favorite show ever and shes so pretty

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    Depending on where you live, you've either got a few hours, or a few days to wait until the arrival of Mass Effect 3, and as you can clearly see from the deluge of trailers, Bioware isn't showing any signs of slowing the hype machine down.

    This is the big one. The last episode of the initial trilogy, and, as you can see from this latest video, there's going to be more than fireworks at the end of this finale. Shepard's battle against the Reapers comes to a head in a galactic-sized way, and we'll soon get to see how our blue-green marble fares in the war. Bring it on!



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    Music icons must be sick to death of sex. At some point I assume every rock star, every hip-hop mogul, every first chair flutist has to reach a tipping point where the joy of riding people silly stops feeling like a perk and starts to feel like a chore. Sex, after all, is as intrinsic to their job as angst, drugs and eyeliner. I can certainly sympathize. I worked in a restaurant for a year where I could have all the free pizza I wanted, and sure enough, within four months I was sickened just by the thought of having to nail any of my co-workers again.

    The point being that swapping forensics loses its luster when it's thrusting at you from all directions. It's the reason that every music video featuring writhing, half-naked models will also show a famous musician just wandering through the mess, looking listless and bored. Here, we'll let this Nelly album cover illustrate:

    But I'm always amazed by the young artists who have gained no purchase in fame, yet insist on being just as careless with sexuality as real celebrities. YouTube is filled with music videos from nobodies who sing about sex as though it's something they have to tolerate. They sing about sex because they think they have to, but they are mean to it, they are dismissive of it and they do their best to just suck the magic out of it for anyone watching.

    I for one don't believe these people. I don't think they have a surplus of sex stored away somewhere, and I'm calling their bluff. The following five are the worst offenders, and if you happen to know one of these artists personally, please sit down and ask him or her to try to be a little nicer, a little gentler with my favorite pastime.

    #5. "Pound on My Muffin" -- Shira

    Prepare yourself as this music video whisks you away on an adventure in logic jumps. If you forgot to pack a suitcase, no problem -- Shira is carrying plenty of baggage in her face. In fact, for the sake of clarity, before watching this video you should know that the "muffin" being pounded is apparently a metaphor for "vagina" in the world she's created, and not "face and head," as you might have assumed. Also, muffins and cupcakes are synonymous here. I'm telling you this now because Shira doesn't give you any time to stop and marvel at these glaring holes in common sense, not when there's all that muffin pounding to get to.

    The music video opens with Shira singing "I know you miss this muffin" while carrying a cupcake into a bakery. The proprietor looks at the cupcake, smells it, decides he likes the scent of heavy-handed symbolism and makes a shockingly bad business decision by paying money to someone else for a product he exclusively sells. Only 20 seconds in and already I'm nauseous with confusion.

    In the rest of the song, Shira rides around on top of a Camaro rapping through the thinly veiled analogy of desserts about how much guys like physically abusing her genitals. As a guy, I'm pretty confident that neither one of us would actually enjoy that. Shira really has to hate sex to think this adequately describes intercourse. It's the most halfhearted and depressing offer of sexuality to an audience since the ass-to-ass scene in Requiem for a Dream.

    Crowning Moment in Sexual Misery:

    As Shira furiously grinds and sweats through the chorus, insisting that guys want nothing more than to pound on her muffin, the shots are interspersed with a man, fully clothed, dead asleep.

    The face of o'erflowing lust.

    #4. "Diggin It" -- Hayla

    With choreographed dancing, costume changes and fire handlers, "Diggin It" could easily be mistaken for a real music video, at least in the brief moments where the camera is too far away to see Hayla's face. Now, your first thought as you watch this may be (as mine was), "Oh hey, my mom's friend made a music video." That's not the case. Hayla just has a look to her that's common among older women, due almost exclusively to the fact that she is really really old.

    Sadly, all the location changes, the elaborate set design and the young backup dancers can't mask the fact that this music video is unquestionably one last, desperate grasp of an aging woman at sexual relevance. Her face is so bloated with collagen that it looks like she's allergic to rapping.

    "Do either of you have some Benadryl in your purse?"

    Incidentally, Hayla tries to squeeze every genre of music into one song, and she even throws in an air siren, just in case that's what kids are into these days. But the most uncomfortable aspect of this video is, hands down, the aggressive sexuality. She slips around on a leather couch that's roughly the same texture as her skin, rubbing her legs together and singing about how she wants to own tonight. Then she strips down to a midriff top and hot pants to dance and stare you down, just like your mom's friend Cheryl did when you were back at home during that summer break from college. She said no one would have to know, but you would know. You would always know.

    "Oh, also. Will you tell your mom I won't be at the book club this week?"

    Crowning Moment in Sexual Misery:

    One of the pivotal lines in the song is "The bigger the dick-ah, the quick-ah." It's never really clear what exactly is getting proportionally quicker with the size of a dick-ah, so we're left to terrify ourselves with the possibilities. I'm going to assume she means stem-cell research for geriatric immortality.

    #3. "Jingle Bells Swag" -- Money Boy

    If you've found yourself thinking "Christmas is a great holiday and all, but it would be 10 times better if it just had more insinuations of hardcore sex," then Money Boy made this song for you. His verses are all in German, but he has tapped into the universal language of Christmas humping, so nothing is lost on the viewer.

    While I admire the ambitiousness of trying to squeeze sex and holiday spirit into such tiny Santa outfits, "Jingle Bells Swag" is a nice reminder that just because something is ambitious doesn't mean it's a good idea. Even if your impetus for celebrating Christmas isn't structured around religion, it's a holiday that's synonymous with families coming together, and trying to hogtie sex to that tradition feels gross. Granted, it has its touching moments. Money Boy notices at 1:57 that his friend doesn't have a bra on, so, being thoughtful, he gives her one for Christmas at 2:17. But any semblance of real-life relationships devolves pretty quickly when he gives the other girl a bra, too, just 15 seconds later, and no one is upset about that fact. Instead, the girls strip for him and they all share some seasonal drink in plastic cups. Jingle Bells Swag, indeed.
    Crowning Moment in Sexual Misery:

    While singing "Merry Merry Christmas," Money Boy stuffs bills into the underwear of a stripper. It's particularly sad because until this point I had assumed they were at least acquaintances, but in a single act it's clear that Money Boy is spending Christmas with strippers and paying them to be there. Suddenly it's the saddest Christmas song I've ever heard.

    #2. "If Its True" -- R..A..E..D

    At first blush, "If Its True" seems like it's deliberately insulting every one of your senses at once. This video goes wrong in every direction right from the start; production value, premise, editing and lyrics all fight over which one gets to be the shittiest part. Still, I'm asking you to look past all of that for now and really concentrate on R..A..E..D's ham-fisted mishandling of sex, because it's really spectacular.

    Now, if you managed to get through more than three minutes of R..A..E..D's panicked mumbling, then congratulations, you got to see a healthy dose of real women stripping in what they probably hoped would be a legitimate music video. Even all of our collective sympathy could never outweigh the embarrassment these girls surely felt when the camera started rolling and a sweaty R..A..E..D turned his hat sideways before launching into his five-and-a-half-minute asthma attack. You can even see the humiliation plastered on their faces as they crawl around and swing on poles. They are doing everything within their power to somehow strip this mess into a better song, and it's just not working. In a single music video, R..A..E..D inadvertently attaches more shame to sex than any religion ever could. He steamrolls over any subtlety, any playful eroticism, and ends up sounding like a flustered kid talking to himself while working up the courage to ask a girl to literally spread her legs.
    Crowning Moment in Sexual Misery:

    At 2:18, the camera angle shifts between the stripper's legs, and it's the first time the woman and R..A..E..D are in the same shot. Before this moment, we could have assumed that these poor strippers didn't know they were part of a train wreck, but at this moment it had to be crystal clear for them. She had to see him sing. A grown woman had to stand there with a camera between her legs as this nightmare unfolded right in front of her. A nightmare with which she would forever be affiliated and which she was helpless to stop.

    #1. "Grippin That Daddy" -- BrookerT

    "Grippin That Daddy," from start to finish, feels like a reading comprehension test for robots on human sexuality. All the right elements are present -- temptation, passion, jealousy, pregnancy, lust -- but they're all thrown together like a meal in a blender. It is the clumsiest and most confused approach to seduction I've ever seen in a music video. Speaking of which, fair warning, if the prospect of penis mutilation by way of fabric scissors sounds unappealing to you, don't watch the very end.

    While sex as a concept is certainly present, everything feels slightly off about it: The man gets pregnant, he's assaulted by his girlfriend/wife when he tells her and BrookerT grows increasingly more jealous and insecure throughout the song, all while rapping about what a sensational lay she is. Every aspect of the plot contradicts the lyrics of the song, plus BrookerT's relentless insistence that she's "tight" starts to feel suspiciously like a trap by the third verse. I wouldn't be surprised if in the last scene of the video, her wig fell slightly askew, revealing that she's actually some kind of male milking contraption designed to gather human sperm for fuel on behalf of the machines.

    Crowning Moment in Sexual Misery:

    After running out of similes for her snare-like vagina (vaginoose -- you're welcome, BrookerT), she spends the last few seconds of the video chasing her pregnant boyfriend around with scissors, then knocks him down and cuts off his genitals. BrookerT earned the No. 1 spot on this list because I don't feel any shame in saying that she terrifies me. I'm not even sure it's possible to intentionally misrepresent human sexuality as thoroughly as she has here.


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    Whoa, dude! It was threatened a while back, and now it seems the script for another sequel to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is ready to bring the series back to the big screen.

    Speaking with The Independent recently, Keanu Reeves touched on the long-in-development Bill & Ted 3 and said the second sequel to the 1989 cult classic is about to get off the ground.

    "Yeah, we have a script," he said. "We're trying to put it together. It's a good script too."

    The story will reportedly focus on the righteous duo as they try to write the infamous song that will save the world, and both Reeves and Alex Winter are slated to reprise their roles.

    "Script done? Check. -We love it? Check. -Green light? Working on it!," Winter posted on his Twitter account.

    The original Bill & Ted was followed up with the slightly-less-awesome Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey in 1991, and apart from some short-lived animated series (and a very short-lived live action show), the franchise has remained dormant the past few decades.

    What do you think? Is the world ready for Wyld Stallyns to finally become a reality?


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    Saturday Night Live regular Taran Killam has come to the defence of Lindsay Lohan after critics slammed her latest hosting gig on the hit U.S. comedy show at the weekend. Critics pounced on her mediocre performance, but Taran Killam insists Lohan handled the hosting stint well.

    He tells, "She was fantastic and really a good sport. She let us go there, and we tried to handle it as gently as possible. She was the one who was, like, 'Go to town!' She really wants to turn it around, and she was great. I was surprised. She was a real trooper."

    Fellow SNL regular Bobby Moynihan was also impressed with Lohan's comedy turn and improvisational skills.

    He says, "She started throwing stuff in. It was a hip-hop morning-show sketch, and at one point, she just took the microphone and said, 'Preach!' I was, like, 'What? Go Lindsay!' She really wanted to do a good job, and I think she did it... She was super nice, very calm and normal."

    and Killam is confident she will be able to revive her career. He adds, "I think enough people want her to. I think there's an energy that's pushing for that."

    Lohan's Saturday Night Live episode has already been deemed a big ratings hit - it was the second-highest rated episode of the season. (fun fact emma stone's episodes were the lowest rated of each season)


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    Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to finally meet stripper Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

    While Bridget's less-than-ideal past as an exotic dancer is often talked about on Ringer, we've never actually seen "the good twin" in action at her former day job...until now! Yes, we got our hands on an exclusive clip from tomorrow night's episode of the CW drama, which shows Bridget in all her stripper glory...propositioning, wait for it, Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell)!

    So how does Machado respond to Bridget's very, um, direct advances? And how awkward can one mere 40-second clip make you feel? Let's find out!

    Flashback time! Wearing a pretty classy little number for a stripper, we see old-school Bridget, with purple streaks in her hair (!!!), workin' it at her day job when she runs into Agent Machado and offers up a classically cheesy line: "You want me to rock your world?" She also compliments him on those stunning eyes!

    Unfortunately, Machado isn't interested in picking up what Bridget's putting down and politely refuses her offer. What a guy! Ain't no thang to Bridget though, who says, "Whatever," before sauntering off to find her next client. Girl's gotta make her paper!

    In the episode, titled "You're Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail," viewers will finally get to learn more about the ever-so-mysterious Machado and his past with stripper-informant Shaylene (Nikki DeLoach) will be revealed! So yeah, we're guessing his visit to the strip club wasn't for pleasure or a way to get rid of all the singles in his wallet, but for work.

    Ringer airs tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on the CW.

    Are you excited to see more of Bridget pretwin hijinks tomorrow night? Sound off in the comments!

    the show is already dead so im just gunna enjoy the rest of the season :/ anyways, the clip, she's a little to covered up for a stripper.

    Source: &

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    In this clip from "Demi Lovato: Stay Strong," Demi gets down to Rick Ross.


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    When you're the child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, your every move is watched every second of the day. So it's no surprise that the Saturday afternoon outing Vivienne, 3, and Shiloh, 5, made to see "The Secret World of Arrietty" with their mom at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood was headline-worthy. This time it was because (gasp!) little Viv appeared to be wearing red lipstick for the matinee. Vivienne, Angie's biological daughter and twin sister of brother Knox, was also decked out in gold lame pants, a black-and-white dress, black coat, and red shoes.

    While we don't know for sure if the tot had been playing in her mommy's makeup, Us Weekly, Radar Online, and others have reported that she was in fact wearing lipstick. "With her famous mom in a trench coat, aviator shades, and bold red lipstick and Shiloh in a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers, little Viv stood out in [her outfit] -- plus, just like her glamorous mom, bright red lipstick!" Us wrote. Radar Online commented that the cutie "emulated her mother" with the look.

    It really wouldn't be a shock if Vivienne was wearing a little gloss on her lips as Angelina recently revealed in the January issue of Marie Claire that Vivienne is a "girly girl" -- much more so than she ever was. The "Salt" star also noted that her youngest daughter is "elegant and delicate … Vivi will pick flowers from the garden and put them in her hair. She likes to get her nails done and collects stuffed animals. It's very funny for me to have to buy all things pink and watch princess movies!"

    Comments around the web regarding the issue of Vivienne possibly wearing lipstick suggest people are OK with it. "My six year old is all girl and loves wearing lipstick, nothing wrong with it outside of school," one woman posted on the Us story. Unfortunately, many others were busy being cruel about Shiloh's outfit in comparison to her sister's, and some questioned the age when makeup should be allowed. "Why would her parents worry about an appropriate age for make-up when they have a truck load of kids out of wedlock??," one tweet asked.

    The last time a tot caused such a stir in Hollywood was when 5-year-old Suri Cruise sported lipstick herself, or heels, or well, anything! Perhaps the two tots should hang out? We can think of a few things they have in common...


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    First event photos of Megan Fox in year 2012! Megan Fox attends the Cinema Society & People StyleWatch with Grey Goose screening of 'Friends With Kids' at the SVA Theater on March 5, 2012 in New York City.


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