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    Here are some photos of Rooney Mara leaving ballet dance aerobics class with her dog in Los Angeles on March 5, 2012.


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  • 03/05/12--20:04: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!

  • Hope and Liam finally make love!!!

    The Bold & the Beautiful

    There is a rough rode ahead for Brooke who will start slipping into a depression because of the all the heartache she caused for over two decades of chasing men. Brooke will feel that she let her children down, ruined their lives, and Ridge will have to try to build up her ego. It's going to take a huge toll on the couple, one I'm not sure they're going to survive.

    Marcus and Dayze get engaged as the young man decides its time to put some feet down on solid soil. Wanting in on the bandwagon, yet another couple is going to make it official, one expected and one non-expected. What about Nick Marone? With Jackie and Owen back together, Bridget being put on the back burner and the fact that Jack Wagner has been let go, I hear Nick's exit will be to go back to the one thing he loves the most "the sea". "If" Wagner should come back, (unless GH snatches him up first) it will be along while down the road, if at all.

    Don't expect the Hope/Steffy debacle, to end anytime soon. The fantasizing scenes Bill had for Brooke are not going any further insiders say. Bell and the writers were trying to see if there was an interest, but it didn't even get a blip on the radar. Seems the former sex kitten just doesn't cut it for viewers anymore.

    The Young & the Restless

    A business situation brings Sharon and Nick closer, I am hearing that Sharon and Nick will get back together. Sharon Case tweeted that it "could" be in the works. Diana DeGarmo (Angelina) was asked if or when her real life boyfriend, singer Ace Young might be heading for GC to be Angelina's boyfriend. She hinted that it might be in the works at the moment and that given Young's rock star kind of look, she suspects that Angelo would not approve of his daughter's choice.

    A casting call went out for a Caucasian male in his early 20's. He is to be an All American boy, who is fit and it is a character returning to GC. It is for a contract role. My thoughts are it's Lauren's son Scotty, or Kyle. "Max", as he is being called on the scripts is just a fake name on the casting call. Max will be returning to GC after graduating from college. Max seems to have everything but has a big chip on his shoulder for people from his past. Time will tell on this casting.

    Victor has an agenda so what else is new?. He gave info to Genevieve, for a reason. Did he do this so she would hire Victoria so she would keep busy so he can really mess with Billy?. Adam apologizes to Victor about selling BON and offers to help him get it back so what does Victor do? Welcomes Adam back into the family, watch your back kiddo because someone else has it out for you!

    Patty tells Paul that Adam was the one who helped her escape the institution. And then heartache begins when Sharon dumps Adam. Adam's role in helping Patti escape from the mental hospital results in legal problems for him. Phyllis pushes Daisy to far in her bid for custody for Lucy.

    Days of our Lives

    Right after Nicole learns of Sami and EJ's fling, Nicole discovers she is pregnant. Daniel agrees to help her keep it a secret for the time being, since she is still reeling from EJ's betrayal. Ian tells Kate that Sami is working for the enemy and spying on her. Sami is surprised by a visit from Lucas. Bo is attacked.

    General Hospital

    If you have not noticed by now especially if you are a long time GH fan TPTB are making a huge effort to make today's GH look jarringly like GH from the 80's. Stories of days gone by will mirror stories of today. Pay attention. If you are a OLTLer then you know RC loves whodunits or presumed dead mysteries.

    The so-called death of Robin is one example. Remember when Lucky was dead and Helena had him? The similarities between Robin and Lucky's "death" are important.

    Prepare to watch Starr become the catalyst for Michael. She will guide him to eventually flex Q money and power, just like daddy dearest taught her to do. Look for many changes in Michael in the coming months.

    Kate's psychotic break and the ultimate tragedy is that she becomes everything she hates/fears. It's your classic Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. There is true darkness and evil living inside this woman.

    Lots of scenes coming between Luke and Robert. Robert joins forces with Holly and Luke, before they end up leaving.

    Jasam fans take note, nothing is as it appears. Are they safe as many fans hope, maybe and maybe not. Sam has secrets and Jason's surgery may have lasting and devastating repercussions. And what about that mysterious visitor Jason is supposed to get? Who is that baby in the video? It is Jake, Jason or Franco?

    Look for a confrontation between the Corinthos and Manning families?. Sonny will confront his past when John McBain comes to Port Charles. What if Johnny nudges Delores in a strategic move?

    Twitter Spoilers From Vaida!/TvSpoilerGirl/

    #GH John Mcbain comes to Port Charles and he has a dark past between him and Sonny
    #GH I cant believe that its Robins funeral already, and Jason doesnt even know that she is dead!!!! Sam seriously! Its time to spill!!!!
    #GH Determined to keep Jason in the dark about Robin and her funeral, Sam gets Alexis and Molly in on the ruse and Carly has other plans
    #GH Sam searches for Carly, inadvertently catching full sight of Ewen
    #GH Johnny gets deeper into Kate… or is it Connie?
    #GH Jason is determined to see Robin after Spinelli slips up that something is wrong.
    #GH Maxie melts down at Robin’s funeral in more than one way
    #GH Many pay loving tribute to Robin, including some surprises
    #GH A set back for Edward when Tracy and Monica bicker over the death of Robin and the funeral service
    #GH Despite Matt’s concern and Ewen’s counsel, Maxie remains guilt-ridden
    #GH A shot rings out, effectively getting everyone’s attention
    #GH Dante and Lulu are puzzled by Delores’ behavior
    #GH Sonny and Todd get into heated argument

    #GH Carly lashes out at Alexis
    #GH Anna turns to Elizabeth for help
    #GH Lulu demands answers from Delores about the missing pictures
    #GH Lulu is concerned when she realizes that some photo evidence has mysteriously disappeared
    #GH Starr takes her anger out on Michael
    #GH Jason has a request
    #GH Anthony wants Johnny to accept an offer from Kate
    #GH Kate's alter wants to use Johnny to break up Kate and Sonny
    #GH Johnny realizes Kate has multiple personalities
    #GH Anna and Patrick plan Robin's funeral
    #GH Todd holds a gun on Sonny

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Dwayne Johnson is set to headline the Russo Brother's film adaptation of their own upcoming graphic novel, Ciudad.

    First announced some years ago, the still-unpublished graphic novel (written with Ande Parks) is set in one of the most dangerous and corrupt cities in the world. Johnson plays a black market mercenary who's hired by a Brazilian drug lord to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

    The film is being produced by Eric Gitter and Peter Schwerin of Closed on Mondays Entertainment (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), as well as Randal Emmett & George Furla (Broken City). Emmett/Furla Films will finance the movie. Envision Entertainment’s Stepan Martirosyan and Remington Chase, who maintain a film fund with Emmett/Furla Films, will executive produce. Joe Russo adapted the screenplay and he and Anthony will co-direct.

    "Exploring genre has always been a driving motivation for us as filmmakers," said the Russos, "This movie is the culmination of a long time ambition to bring our sensibilities to an action thriller."

    Anthony and Joe Russo's last featured was 2006's You, Me and Dupree. Since then, they've been very involved in television, directing episodes of "Community", "Happy Endings" and "Up All Night".

    Johnson, meanwhile, has already appeared this year in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and has a diverse upcoming slate that includes G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Snitch, Fast Six, Michael Bay's Pain and Gain and, just announced, Hercules.


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    the song still sux, but they both look gorgeous. it's so cute seeing them together again.


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    Well, "Terra Nova" fans, it seems the inevitable has happened... FOX has axed the time-travel drama from its schedule. FOX has confirmed TV Guide's tweet that the producers of "Terra Nova" have been notified that the network has no plans to pick up Season 2 of the show.

    Don't despair too much, though. If you loved the first season, you may still have a chance to see more of the Shannon family and their prehistoric comrades. Word is that Twentieth Century Fox, the studio that produces the series, intends to seek out another network -- possibly on cable -- on which to continue the series.

    The method has worked for shows like "SouthLAnd," which was axed by NBC but later found great success on TNT. "Terra Nova," however, is one of the more expensive shows on television right now, so it may be a difficult sell. Fans... time to start those letter-writing campaigns!


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  • 03/05/12--21:17: Smash 1x06 Chemistry Promo


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  • 03/05/12--21:44: 'In Our Nature' Trailer

  • Starring: Zach Gilford, Jena Malone, John Slattery and Gabrielle Union

    Two young lovers head out for a romantic getaway, but their retreat morphs into an uncomfortable confrontation when the young man’s estranged father shows up with his own girlfriend. Collisions ensue and the weekend transforms into a major turning point for each of them.


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    “Awe! Look @ddlovato 's sweet face she just got jelly belly tricked, she thought she was chocolate pudding, but it was canned dog food. ;(”

    In Texas last night

    source 2
    source 3

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    No, he hasn’t gotten to watch much of his star-turning role on Showtime’s smash Shameless, and there are reasons for that: he’s been busy blood-lusting as Romanian vampire Vladimir in the fall blockbuster Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and getting hanged as an accused murderer in the upcoming docu-series The Hatfields & McCoys. Terron R. Moore talked with Mickey just before he decked a cop in the face to avoid the revelation of his illicit gay romance. There’s bad boys, and then there’s Noel Fisher

    OLOGY: You probably know that this season of Shameless has gotten absolutely insane.

    NOEL: [Laughs] I’ve heard! For most of the first season and second season, I haven't actually been home so I don't get a chance to watch. I [ask about the show] on Twitter and Facebook because I always want to see what people's reactions are. 

    What made you want to play Mickey?

    NOEL: In choosing parts, I gravitate towards writing that really captures me. I have kind of a dark sense of humor: I grew up watching South Park, Family Guy, that kind of stuff. So it's like this steady progression of getting more and more wrong, and what happens in Shameless often is just flat-out wrong. So it’s a chance to be a part of something that hasn't been done before. And one of the great things about Mickey is just that he is so un-stereotypical. He is the polar opposite of anything that you’ve ever seen, and I really enjoy playing that.

    Mickey is a tough guy, but Shameless’ second season has dived a bit more into defining Mickey and Ian together, specifically with the scene in the baseball field.

    NOEL: It's interesting, because in terms of being out and being in himself, I think Ian's character is miles ahead of Mickey. And then in another way, Mickey is so much in himself and who he is and okay with that rough, not needing to impress anybody [persona], that he’s miles ahead of Ian in that regard. So a really wonderful thing about that particular scene—which was one of my favorite scenes that we've ever done, the writing is beautiful in it—it’s a scene where you get to see how those two opposite characters compliment each other in a lot of ways.

    Right- but as of last night, Mickey goes and gets himself arrested in order to avoid coming out, and it ends their relationship.

    NOEL: The funny thing about Mickey is—and I think that a lot of the Shameless world takes place in this kind of mindset, and it's especially true with the Milkovichs—jail is just kind of an accepted part of life. In the first season there's a scene after I go to jail with my dad where he basically says “hey, he lasted longer than I thought he was going to.” So I think that's kind of an accepted reality for Mickey, that he's going to spend a significant portion of his life in jail and that's just how it is. But this episode is particularly important for Mickey because it's the first time where there's serious consideration of doing something that would land him in jail forever. It's a different level of danger there.

    Do you think Mickey has a heart, way deep down?

    NOEL: I think Mickey has a really big heart. My experience in life and also in parts is that the harder people are on the outside, the more they're just trying to protect something on the inside. I mean, if you look at Mickey, he's the kind of guy that would go to jail for you if you needed him. He would do anything for you if you're in that inner circle of his family. And it's interesting to watch someone struggle with someone that he would want to have in his inner circle but because of his own personal demons there's no way that he can be that person yet. I think he definitely has a heart, but it's just a matter if his heart is going to grow to a place where it can be available. I guess we'll have to see. I don't know if that's possible for him. 

    So now that we’ve just learned of your promotion to series regular (!!!), what can we expect from Mickey in Season 3?

    NOEL: I put a lot of effort, my whole heart into getting the part because I'm so passionate about the part and I'm passionate about the project. So, obviously, when you hear that you get to be a regular on something like that, I was through the roof. I was jumping up and down. I hope he gets out of jail- or there's gonna be a lot of jail scenes! But I’d like to see Mickey have the chance to use his roughness in some positive ways. I think that would be an interesting thing.

    What else is up this year?

    NOEL: Well, I have Hatfields& McCoys coming up for the History Channel. It's a miniseries with Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, and other really lovely actors and I think that's going to be a lot of fun. I got to go to Romania and I got to act with these guys who’ve been doing it for so long and it's like watching somebody conduct an orchestra or something. They're just people that are very in-tune with their craft, they're in-tune with doing this and they know how to do it very well. It was very nice to watch and experience and have the opportunity to learn from that kind of thing. I'm also in the last Twilight movie that's coming out in November.

    Oh, boy…

    NOEL: Yeah, that’s the other thing I have this year. Breaking Dawn Part 2. I play Vladamir, and he's a 3000 year old Romanian vampire. He's one of the very few Romanian vampires that are left. We were the guys that were in power before the Volturi and they came and kind of killed everybody that we knew… so we're taking revenge! [Laughs]

    What was it like shooting that?

    NOEL: Twilight was so much fun, and it's a really cool character to get to play. He's very much kind of a badass and he's a very dangerous vampire. Getting to be part of something that's that huge is obviously really amazing. After I heard that I got it I couldn't really believe it. But it was a blast!

    That’ll be huge. You're gonna get so many Twitter followers.

    NOEL: [Laughs] Sweet!


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  • 03/05/12--23:27: Ken Watanabe to take a break
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    "Inception" star Ken Watanabe said that he is taking a break from Hollywood to help his country. In a statement to THR, the actor announced that he is coming back to Japan this year to focus on the recovery of the Asian country from the tsunami that devastated the northeast coast region in 2011.

    "I was in LA a week ago and I told my agent that I have to be in Japan this year, maybe next year I'll think again about projects in Hollywood," said Watanabe. He was filming an hour-long documentary on the disaster recovery in the port of Kesennuma. The not-yet-titled project is to air at the end of March on Japanese public broadcaster NHK to mark the one-year anniversary of the disaster.

    Watanabe said he owed it to the northeast Tohoku region because he played a 17th century warlord from Sendai, the biggest city hit by tsunami in Japanese drama series "Dokuganryu Masamune". "We spent a long time shooting on location around the region and got a lot of help from local people, I feel like it's my second hometown," said Watanabe.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Dispatch released an article earlier today titled, “JYJ, Acquisition of Fan-Violence audio recordings… ‘Kim Jaejoong – Park Yoochun, Cussing and Hitting”, accounting the acts of violence and the cussing by the JYJ members against saseng fans (fans that invade the privacy of celebrities). The article has become the hottest topic of the day with the comments section blowing up into a battleground of differing opinions on the issue.

    The article states that the rumors that have been circulating about the violence against fans by the JYJ members are indeed true, for Dispatch has been tracking the issue for a long time, and have finally acquired the audio files as evidence.

    The three audio files that Dispatch has acquired contain the voices of the JYJ members who seem to find their privacy invaded by saseng fans. Jaejoong’s file is the longest totaling around 10 minutes, while Yoochun’s 10 second clip is short but filled with swearing and violence. Junsu’s file does not contain any cussing, but instead he is heard pleading with these saseng fans.

    ‘Dispatch’ states that they first started investigating upon this issue back in February with the surfacing of the video clip of Yoochun supposedly hitting a fan. However, at the time, JYJ’s agency denied accusations, stating, “It was not Park Yoochun who committed the act of violence.” According to Dispatch, they have found their investigations state otherwise, and after having met with ten fans, they have discovered that Jaejoong and Yoochun have repeatedly cussed and hit fans in the past.


    In the first audio clip, Yoochun is heard swearing into the phone after a fan calls his cell phone and asks if it is him. The clip switches to Jaejoong swearing at a group of fans following him around. He states, “You guys follow me around…. This is fun isn’t it, it’s probablly really fun for you.. Because of you.. Because of you… You are saseng, you dog like bitches.” At this point in the clip (starting around 0:40 mark), smacking sounds are heard along with the saseng fans “Ahck”.

    As he continues to rant, the fans seem to try to run away, but Jaejoong is heard saying, “Come back here, come back here before I catch you… Go, you bitch.” He also describes something that happened in the past with other saseng fans stating, “F*ck, I hit you once… so you complain that your face is swollen and can’t go home, asking me to compensate for damages, calling the police… you bitches. Is that a fan? You’re kidding yourselves. F*ck.”

    Junsu’s voice comes on next as he is half pleads and half scolds the fans. “Hey! You guys are even filming this? Huh? Fine, do whatever you want then.. Live the way you want to..”

    In the second audio clip, we hear Jaejoong expressing his frustation even more as he states, “I would rather live a normal life so that my privacy won’t be invaded like this… Wherever I go, someone follows me around.. and wherever I go, someone calls me and asks ‘where are you?’ I always have to live with this fear… and having to try to run away as I live… Am I a criminal?” He continues on talking about the various scenarios he has faced such as one where these fans would even resort to trailing him in a taxi, as he swears at the saseng fans.

    part 1.

    part 2.

    part 3.

    part 4.


    this is the same group where a member did this.

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    Angelina Jolie has reportedly rejected a script for ‘Salt 2’, a sequel to her 2010 hit. In the original film, Jolie played a CIA operative on the run after she is accused of being a Russian double agent. ‘Salt’ was an international hit, and made Jolie one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

    Moviehole reports that Jolie has turned down a script for the sequel penned by Kurt Wimmer, who wrote the first film. Wimmer is currently working on a revision of the script that will make the actress happy.

    There is little known about the project, although Sony confirmed that the sequel was in the early stages of pre-production last year. Original director Phillip Noyce also stepped away from the sequel in 2010, saying he had offered all he had to the Evelyn Salt character.


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    12 & 3

    Hit Me Like A Man EP available on iTunes now

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    You know what a dream it is for us when the hot celebrities start taking skin-filled photos of themselves to send around the world-wide digisphere, it's like half of our naughty-filled jobs being done for us. And who doesn't love when the likes of Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian give you half a job? Just kidding, the latter at least would charge you a fortune.

    But Kate, and Kim, and Aubrey O'Day, Nina Agdal, Arianny Celeste, Georgia Salpa, Jessica Alba, Courtney Stodden, and the other Kardashians and Jenner girls all obliged us with hot Twitpics this week. And, for this, we give thanks. Check them out, and, enjoy.

    Courtney Stodden Twitpic Collection

    Kate Upton Twitpic on the Makeup Chair

    Kim Kardashian Sports Bra Twitpic

    Jessica Alba Name Tag Twitpic

    Nina Agdal Black Lingerie Twitpic

    Nina Agdal Bikini and Robe Twitpic

    The Kardashian Sisters Twitpic

    Aubrey O’Day Pink Bikini Twitpic

    Arianny Celeste Gym Twitpic

    Polly Parsons Black Lingerie 'Nuts' Photoshoot


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  • 03/06/12--05:32: Blessed One Direction news

  • this is what the regular white teenage girl looks like, im not even kidding lol!

    THERE were tears and tantrums throughout Australia as debut tour by British boy band heroes One Direction sold out in just three minutes.

    The What Makes You Beautiful singers are likely to inspire scenes to rival Bieber fever when they rock up to the Hordern Pavilion for two concerts on April 13.

    Since forming backstage at auditions for the UK X Factor, 1D as the kids call them have stormed the charts and social media throughout Europe, Australia and America.

    Their success has ushered in another golden age of tween acts as other record labels scramble to offer up copycat boy bands and girl groups to the masses of young pop fans.

    With a sold-out tour, a "special souvenir edition'' of their debut record Up All Night can't be far away.

    A repackaged version featuring five additional exclusive tracks, a 32 page fan booklet and five photocards with a special message for "Directioners'' from each of the boys is released on March 16.

    Meanwhile it was back to the future for one group of teenage girls waiting for tickets today.

    A group of "Directioners" massed at the Theatre Royal on Sydney's King Street to take technology out of the equation and buy tickets the old fashioned way.

    Francesca Pesce, 18, and her friends took their sleeping bags and pillows to the theatre's doorstep on Wednesday at 8.30pm and started counting down until 9am this morning when the show's tickets went on sale.

    One Direction finished third on the UK's seventh version of The X Factor and gained worldwide stardom with their first single, What Makes You Beautiful released in September, 2011.

    "(The songs are) just catchy and they're not all about grose stuff,'' Ms Pesce said. "They don't have to talk about sex and all that.''

    Ms Pesce and her friends received puzzled looks from locals after two nights of camping in the heart of Sydney.

    "We had a woman think that we were homeless and offer us food and we just got given some bread rolls,'' she said.

    "All these business people are walking by looking at us.

    "A lady took a photo of us from across the street.''

    One Direction's Sydney and Melbourne concerts sold out in less than three minutes, according to an official statement released today.

    Tickets for the three concerts went on sale at 9am this morning, with more than 10,000 tickets for the two Sydney and one Melbourne shows selling out within minutes.

    Brisbane's concert also sold out in three minutes.

    Unfortunately at this stage it looks like no further Australian shows for this tour will be announced.

    One Direction will hopefully come back soon -- until then, you can register your interest in a future tour at

    ZAYN Malik has pulled out of One Direction's North America tour following the sudden death of his aunt.

    The teen heartthrob immediately travelled back to the UK to be with his family after hearing the news and he will miss some dates on the tour - where One Direction are supporting boyband Big Time Rush - in order to attend her funeral.

    Zayn's bandmate Harry Styles wrote on twitter: "Zayn has suffered a loss in his family & has had to go home for a few days so won't be at our next shows in the US...

    "Our thoughts are with him and his family at this sad time."

    The three other band members Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne all retweeted the message.

    Fans quickly started tweeting about the singer with the trending topic #StayStrongZayn created in his honour.

    Although he didn't reference the death directly on his twitter page, Zayn did retweet a message from a fan which read: "God has no Phone, but I talk to him. He has no Facebook, but he is still my friend. He does not have a twitter, but I still follow him. (sic)"

    Sony Music announced on Facebook today that One Direction will be performing a matinee concert at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion on Friday April 13th, before their evening show that night.

    The show will take place at 2.30pm.

    Source: (what a clever name for a news site) daily telegragh

    meaning of Zayn from urban dictionary: Its meaning takes on several forms but most often linked to beauty, grace or some fu*king G who jacks loads of gash because he is superiorly buff and makes all the girls collapse because of his huge trouser snake

    Also: Zayn is also a masculine Arabic name which means "Beauty and Grace." Zayn refers to inner beauty not external beauty. It can be the first name for a boy or a surname. It is a very common name among people of Middle Eastern and North African descent.

    Just wikied them and im one year older than 3 of my 4 bias T_T its good to be born in '92 2 eras of boybands

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 Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonaise – “Doug” 
    Doug and Patty’s love clearly doesn’t extend towards their future children, who, one way or the other, are screwed in the last-name department.

    (My favorite moment on Parks. Ever. They belong in the Top5, imo...)

 Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope – “Parks and Recreation” 
It’s not every day a guy who isn’t Bill Clinton can survive a political blow like sleeping with someone you shouldn’t. Ben’s love for Leslie prevented a scandal, and also his goals for the future, minus the one about being in love. So it’s all fine.

 Frank and Marie Barone – “Everybody Loves Raymond” 

    Frank and Marie’s undying devotion can probably be entirely attributed to the fact they can spy on their son 24/7. Nothing unites two people quite like meddling in their immediate family’s affairs.

Al and Peg Bundy – “Married with Children”

Sometimes the secret to a good marriage is simply not murdering the other person in the marriage, which was quite an achievement for Al and Peggy. Despite pretty much hating each other, they somehow worked.

Jesse and Rebecca Katsopolis – “Full House”
    Jesse and Becky are from two different worlds, which is why it’s even weirder that, given the choice between the two worlds, they chose the one where the are married adults who have to live in an attic.

 Cosmo and Wanda – “The Fairly Odd Parents”
It must put a strain on a relationship when, at any moment, either person can magic themselves up a hotter, younger, more willing partner. Luckily, Cosmo and Wanda make their own magic. Ew, no, not like that. NOT LIKE THAT.

 Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate – “Parks and Recreation”

    April and Andy surprised everyone by getting married only shortly after getting together, then surprised everyone again by making it work brilliantly. Then they surprised everyone AGAIN by getting a one-legged dog! They’re the best!

 Cliff and Clair Huxtable – “The Cosby Show"
    Look, there’s no one secret to a successful marriage, but the fact that Clair stands by and supports Cliff through eight season of horrendous sweaters is proof of something deeper than mortal love.

 Fred and Wilma Flintstone – “The Flintstones”

    Who says love didn’t exist in the time of the dinosaurs? Scientists, for one, but what do they know? Apart from science. Fred and Wilma are irrefutable proof that two people could co-exist millions of years ago. And that science is dumb.

 Tim “The Tool Man” and Jill Taylor – “Home Improvement”

    Over the years, Tim and Jill tried to find common interests. Surprisingly, ladies don’t like tools or sports, and guys don’t like ballet or emotional honesty. At least they love the hell out of each other regardless.

 Tobias and Lindsay Funke – “Arrested Development”

    It’s fair to say Lindsay and Tobias are failures in just about every aspect of their lives except their marriage. That two people can withstand bankruptcy, homelessness, probable homosexuality, and remain faithful, is probably a good thing, right?

Phil and Claire Dunphy – “Modern Family”

    Phil and Claire deserve plenty of recognition for keeping the spark alive while surrounded by their unstable lineage. Still, partial credit should also go to Clive Bixby.

 Hal and Lois – “Malcolm in the Middle”

    Hal and Lois‘ offspring were the main focus on the show, but that didn’t make their marriage any less important or functional, which, considering Lois‘ uncontrollable rage and Hal’s twice-daily mental breakdowns, is a feat.

Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett – “Modern Family”

    Cam and Mitch are not only an inspirational same-sex couple, but also an inspiration to those couples who can’t help but fight all the time as well. Bickering unites us all.

Leonard and Penny – “The Big Bang Theory”

    If anything, being a “nerd” seems to increase your chances of romantic bliss in a sitcom nowadays, which is weird, because Penny seems pretty happy and she’s not a nerd at all.

Peter and Lois Griffin – “Family Guy”

    In a show where anything (seriously, ANYTHING) can happen, the central couple has stayed strong throughout. Peter and Lois have stuck by each other through think, thin, and “Oh dear God, what?!” 

 Chandler and Monica Bing – “Friends”

    With all the pairing up, the show could just have been called “Uhh… who knows?!” and been just as accurate. Unlike “that other” couple on the show, Monica and Chandler actually started off as friends, which is what made their drunken, messy get-together all the sweeter. In the least creepy way possible.

 Cory and Topanga Matthews – “Boy Meets World”

    Corey and Topanga not only grew together throughout the show until its end in 2000 (Boo! Too soon!) But they also grew up, making it through middle school, high school, and college, and still wanting to see each other naked. Kudos!

Ross Geller and Rachel Green – “Friends”
    Everything you need to know about what makes this couple wonderful is covered in the phrase “Ross and Rachel”. It no longer means just Ross and Rachel, but is the set standard for any successful sitcom relationship


 Turk and Carla Turk – “Scrubs” 

    They say opposites attract, is why the overgrown man-child Turk and the super-sensible Carla pairing makes sense. How two people can be opposites and yet equally awesome, however, remains a mystery.

Eric Foreman and Donna Pinciotti – “That 70’s Show”

    The 70s were a time of bright colors, abstract music, and, probably more importantly, sexual freedom. Why did these two young, attractive 70s teens get together? It is a mystery that will plague us until the end of time.

 J.D. and Elliot – “Scrubs”

    When you put smart, sexy, stressed people in a room together, you know they’re going to do it. It was inevitable that J.D. and Elliot were going to fall for each other, because nothing spells inevitable love like sharing the threat of seeing death every day and a workplace seemingly comprised 100% of psychotic colleagues.

Homer and Marge Simpson – “The Simpsons”

    It’s getting harder to accept that Homer and Marge aren’t in a real, loving marriage. Perhaps some of the success of their marriage can be put down to physical attraction: 25 years later and neither looks to have aged a day. You can try your best to have a marriage as good as these two, but you’ll fail miserably. The lesson is, never try.

Jim and Pam Halpert – “The Office”

    The ultimate “will they/won’t they?” story of the 21st century was so good it’s now been done in 8 different versions of the same show. Jim and Pam danced around each other for three years before realizing, duh, they were meant to be from the get-go.

 Marshall and Lily Eriksen – “How I Met Your Mother”

It’s impossible to imagine that, without the consistently happy and adorable Eriksens, How I Met Your Mother would be anywhere near as enjoyable as it is now. Since season 2’s tiny fight, the pair have remained steadfast, their love for each other match only by their mutual love for the film Tommy Boy. While Ted, Robin, and Barney cycle endlessly through disastrously mismatched partners, it’s wonderful to have these two characters always reminding us that love is out there in a world where a grown man can hold his children hostage in a room for SEVEN YEARS and tell them a story which still doesn’t look like ending any time soon.

    Did your faves make the list? Anyone left of?

    (Lawd, this was time consuming....)

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It’s all hands on deck as General Hospital plays out the storyline of Robin’s tragic death — and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the latest vet of the ABC soap to join in the mourning.

    Prior to Robin’s death in a hospital explosion, Finola Hughes has reprised her role of the young doc’s mother, Anna Devane. And then after Robin perished, Tristan Rogers resurfaced as Robert Scorpio, the plucky lass’ father.

    Up next, during the week of March 19, is GH vet Rick Springfield, who created the role of Noah Drake in 1981 and last played the doc in summer 2008. He’ll be back for multiple episodes, arriving at son Patrick’s side during this time of obvious need.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Bobbi Kristina isn't doing her first post-Whitney interview with Oprah Winfrey because of the money -- she's doing it because the big O's a close family friend ... and Bobbi trusts her to be fair and respectful.

    Bobbi is telling friends -- Oprah "was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom."

    As a result, we're told Bobbi feels Oprah would show her the same respect -- not bringing up issues that could potentially show Bobbi in a negative light ... i.e. substance abuse.

    According to sources close to Bobbi, Oprah was one of the first people who reached out to her after Whitney passed.

    So far, it's unclear if Bobbi is getting paid for the interview -- which airs this Sunday.

    My DV-R is set & my box of kleenex is ready...


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    Once in a while a television show comes along  with a character that just connects.  These days they’re rarely found on network television programs.

    The networks realize they can’t compete with the pay-cable channels anymore so most of the time it doesn’t feel as if they’re trying.  In recent months, think of all the memorable characters to grace TV such as Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) in House of Lies or Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) in Boardwalk Empire and Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) in Game of Thrones, which arrives on disc and for download Tuesday.  They share a number of things including charm, charisma along with moral ambiguity and complexity.

    It’s Dinklage’s presence that first caught my eye when flicking through my 500-channel TV universe one night.  A dwarf in stature, but not in talent, Dinklage’s performance was enough to draw my interest to HBO’s adaptation of the George R.R. Martin’s novel, Game of Thrones (Rated TV-MA, HBO Home Entertainment, $29.99 on DVD or $34.99 on blu-ray, 4-of-5 stars) and it was also good enough to win him and Emmy and Golden Globe.

    He’s the abused and occasionally downtrodden member of the Lannister clan, one of the central families in Thrones that battles for supremacy in Martin’s fully drawn fantasy world of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.  He is a womanizer, who is hurt by his father’s lack of faith and approval, and an underdog that you cannot help but cheer for although it’s easily to despise his siblings Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and sister Casei (Lena Hedley), who are power hungry, ruthless and just happen to be locked in an incestuous affair that has produced one of the most unlikeable adolescents to ever grace any screen.(I agree sfm HAHA)

    Tyrion proves so easy to like because he realizes his status which in turn enables him to empathize with others who share his status in life.  When he empathizes with the illegitimate son of an adversary in one of the early episodes of Thrones’ first season, the moment possesses sincerity.  When he pours out his heart to a concubine, he shows his vulnerability.

    But he can be just as ruthless and manipulative if the moment suits his needs.   Therein lies the difference in the character, however. We’ve seen those other sides making the audience willing to chalk them up to being a product of his environment and not a defect in his character.

    Dinklage’s portrayal of Tyrion is just one reason that makes Thrones a must have for fans of good television.

    Martin’s world is complicated, filled with characters that command attention and the stories of power hungry families, political manipulation and heaping doses of sex and violence make this one of few must-see TV shows on television.

    The writing is crisp, the stories unfold in realistic ways  and there isn’t a single bad performance in the entire series – less-than-thrilling ones?  Sure.  But you can’t have everything.  Although, Game of Thrones makes a hell of an effort at providing perfect entertainment and comes damn close in the process.

    Extras:  The DVD producers have loaded the five-disc with a host of extras.  The first one I went to was the character profile of Tyrion (OBVIOUSLY!), but the producers took an interesting path with them overall.  It’s a complete introduction the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros for the uninitiated. The 30-minute making-of documentary provides the perfect primer for that as do the rest of the character profiles

    I agree with this... given that i watched the show before reading the book Tyrion is one of the characters that really draws you in... So.. Tyrion haters


    Note to mods: Put the gif inside the cut as it was asked <3

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    Jason Segel has confirmed rumors that Disney is moving ahead with a Muppets sequel without him.

    The reports surfaced a few days ago, and many were surprised to hear that the star who so passionately championed Kermit, Miss Piggy and their friends was unattached to future films. Segel co-wrote the screenplay for The Muppets and of course starred in last year's film.

    Segel says his "How I Met Your Mother" schedule and a desire to work on other projects is to blame, but he tells Collider he's not upset that Disney decided to move forward with production. “It’s true but it’s totally amicable. My goal was to bring The Muppets back," Segel said. "And I did that leaving them in very good hands, my writing partner and James Bobin the director. I did what I set out to do, and now I wanna pursue more human-related projects."

    The news shouldn't be that surprising, however, as Segel used very similar language when asked last year if he was on board for a sequel. "It's not something I'm even thinking about right now," Segel told The Associated Press. "I'm still focused on this movie. My big goal was just to re-establish The Muppets where they belonged. From there, everything else is gravy. I just wanted to see The Muppets again the way I remembered them."


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