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    "Community"star Danny Pudi and his wife, Bridget, welcomed twins James Timothy and Fiona Leigh on Jan. 12.

    "The 1/4 Indian, 1/4 Polish, 1/2 Irish twins are keeping us busy and we're loving every minute of it," Pudi said through his publicist. Pudi's Abed Nadir famously delivered a baby in the subliminal storyline in "The Psychology of Letting Go" episode in 2010.

    That doesn't mean the Chicago native was confident about becoming a father of twins.During a December interview, Pudi said that his co-star in the NBC sitcom, Ken Jeong, was a good role model because he and his wife also have twins. "When I watch him I'm like, 'OK, I should be able to handle this,'" Pudi said. "But I don't know, we'll see. I mean he and his wife are doctors; we're not. So we're going to be in for definitely some surprises.

    "But I'm looking forward to it. It should be fun."

    We’ll see how fun it is to be up all night with the kids.
    Gratulacj& i dobre szczescie to the parents!

    My gif folder thanks you in advance.

    Source in Alex Cranz anti-plagiarism citation: Wagner, Kurt. (2012). "Community" star Danny Pudi, wife have twins. Redeye. Retrieved from,0,7621259.story

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    qt ep tonight, y/y?

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    Pastor Troy, a beloved rapper known for having an authentic WWE replica belt and screaming a lot, has finally made it big time. Now he’s on Judge Alex, who is kind of the Pastor Troy of television judges because you forget he exists until people mention his name and you say “who”?

    Apparently, a former friend and club promoter found some change in his couch and wanted to book Pastor Troy for his club in Augusta. Well, Troy didn’t know it was in Augusta at first and backed out because he has beef with people there. Well, the promoter couldn’t live with the disappointment of a canceled Pastor Troy show would cause dozens of fans, so he sent him to Judge Alex.

    All kidding aside (okay, just some kidding aside), I was a Pastor Troy fan in high school. During the crunk/screaming era, he was one of the great high-octane musicians and I’m sure anybody my age that played an organized sport probably had some Troy song blaring in the locker room to get hype for a game.

    But in 2011, all of that is a thing of the past. Now, Pastor Troy is in front of Judge Alex looking like a suited up Afro Samurai. I hope he at least has that belt.


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  • 01/23/12--20:26: Khloe's bio dad?

  • Well, if Khloe is mad at someone, she should be mad at her mother, Kris, who profited off disclosing her affair during the time she conceived Khloe.

    Kris is taking this another step forward. She wants to introduce Khloe’s real biological father as a plot point on a “very special episode” of one of the Kardashian shows. We’re going to spoil her surprise by introducing him here first. (FYI, Kris did tell Khloe who the man is already, so this is not coming a surprise for anyone in their family. Plus it’s all leaking out this week, despite Kris’ desire to keep it a secret until showtime to make the ratings as high as possible.)

    No, it’s not Todd Waterman. And, no, it’s not OJ Simpson!

    Meet Alex Roldan, Kris Jenner’s hairdresser. This is Khloe Kardashian’s biological father. He worked on a music video that Kris Kardashian did for her 30th birthday called “I Love My Friends”. Alex is now a hairdresser in West Hollywood. While Robert Kardashian was only 5’7″ tall, Alex is a much larger man, standing approximately six feet tall. BTW, Khloe’s middle name is Alexandra.

    Here is Khloe next to an old photo of Alex Roldan. This photo is courtesy of, which was one of the first sites to do an in-depth examination of the Khloe Kardashian paternity mystery.

    And here is Khloe next to more recent photos of Alex Roldan. These photos are also courtesy of

    Do you see the resemblence?


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    This morning Lana Del Rey performed her first ever live session for BBC 6 Music. Wearing an impressive pair of trainers, she spoke to presenter Huey Morgan about the genesis of Video Games (“when I first started playing it for people it didn’t get much of a reaction at first, people said ‘that’s a nice song but move on, try to write something upbeat’”) and referred to Born to Die as “another song to kill yourself to”. In between tracks Lana also discussed her musical heroes, including Frank Sinatra, Elvis’, Kurt Cobain (she was under his fucking grunge spell) and Bob Dylan. Listen to two session tracks – a gorgeous version of Video Games and Born to Die – below. Yet more proof that she’s a proper pop star now.

    For those who are in the UK you can listen to the full interview + performance of BORN TO DIE + VIDEO GAMES HERE

      And for the rest of us, listen to her performance of VIDEO GAMES + BORN TO DIE after the cut  
    She sounded amazing. My favorite performance of Born To Die.. by far!

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    Taking their highly-anticipated film to Russia’s capital city, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield most recently paid a promotional visit to Moscow.

    The on/off-screen couple made their way through an excited crowd while hitting up a press function for their upcoming comic book based picture "The Amazing Spider-Man".

    Meanwhile, late last year, Stone was tapped as the new face for Revlon makeup and now her new commercial has made its way to the airwaves.


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    OK, he doesn't exactly get down on the floor and spin around (as the pageant princess has been known to do). But having had a small sip of the "energy drink and caffeine drink" combo Alana's mom put together, he starts immediately stumbling over his words.

    "I'm kind of starting to sweat a little bit ... I can't speak, my tongue is getting thick ... I can't talk because I've got this Go-Go juice making my mouth thick," he said.

    "I'm having trouble, I'm starting to lose it," he added, spitting a little out.

    Talk about a life-changer!

    Honey Boo Boo Child, her mother and the Go-Go Juice make an appearance on "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers" on Feb. 2 on The CW.

    Note: Extra seems to have removed their article about this appearance from their website, however, you can still find this snippet on the IMDB news page from when the article was up -

    "Lifechangers" host Dr. Drew Pinsky expressed his concern, saying, "To give a child anything that can alter their mood is egregious, and their behavior is unconscionable."

    Source 1, 2 and 3
    Wow. So I guess it wasn't Mountain Dew with the label removed like everyone thought it was which was bad enough on its own. Way to parent lady.

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  • 01/23/12--21:20: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!

  • Bill gives Steffy a shoulder to lean on!

    Wedding bells are ringing, and the single most boring couple on daytime, Hope and Liam are getting married. After Bill's secret comes out, Liam and Hope set the date. Brooke's house is transformed into a wedding chapel. Brooke will be beaming, because her daughter finally beat Steffy, (which was what it was all about anyway); Ridge will be steaming that his daughter's heart is broken and his wife doesn't give a damn.

    Steffy will be heartbroken until Bill gives her a shoulder to lean on. Heating up Forrester Creations is Amber and Rick who decide not to let Ridge stop them with Eric taking a surprise stand. Will the newlywed Hope and Liam live happily ever after? What do you think? NOT!

    Things are going to get off to a shaky start and there's going to be a surprise nobody saw coming that's going to test the new couple, in a most 'intimate' way. An older couple is also going to have some of the same difficulties and both couples will be looking for outside help.

    Taylor will be back for a little while as Ridge needs a friend to turn since his wife is over the moon about the newlyweds which takes a toll on Bridge. Could this be a huge crowbar that will split up the duo AGAIN? Sources are saying the writers are hashing out something for Brooke that's going to make all the other sexual 'mistakes' she's made in the past look like a kiss by a teenager behind the bleachers after a fight with Ridge, one that ends up possibly tearing apart Bold's signature couple.

    The Young & the Restless

    As Jack and Genevieve's wedding begins the bride comes walking down the aisle to her betrothed, but holy crap when Jack unveils his bride he sees Looney Patty who decides if she can't have Jack no one else will. Patty shoots Jack right there on the alter in front of God and everyone. After Jack is shot Patty grabs Abby and holds her at gun point making more threats. Myrna attempts to talk Patty down while Billy tries to stop the bleeding until the paramedics arrive. Will Jack survive and where the hell did Patty put Genevieve? Is this Genie Francis's swan song?.

    While many think we know who killed Diane don't be so sure when Diane's murder mystery continues for two more weeks. Look for Victor and Nikki to reunite sooner then expected as Sharon and Victor dissolve their convenient marriage. I can't believe TBTB are actually redoing this story with Nikki and Victor AGAIN!!!! Nikki is still Victor's lapdog and now a 3 time murderer. Where is the stories that were promised? Did MTS lie to her fans so they would watch this crap.

    2 time Emmy award winner, Ken Howard, comes to Genoa City as George Summers, father of Avery and Phyllis. Howard is on for 4 episodes for now and will begin taping on January 19 and appear beginning February 23. Signey Coleman returns as Hope to have a sit down with her son, Adam. Coleman's appearance will begin on February 17. Ronan finally gets the answers he has been seeking. Sharon stands by Adam when his worse fears are realized. Ricky betrays his family to get a scoop.

    Days of our Lives

    The role of Celeste is being recast, while some say schedule conflict, others say illness. Rafe finds himself being drawn to Carrie after frustratingly learning that Sami is actually working as a mole in Kate's company - he is put off by her willingness to be so deceitful.

    Jennifer and Daniel part ways and he waves goodbye to Salem, but returns later on. Daniel will only be missing onscreen for a few weeks. Abby fantasizes about sharing a passionate kiss with Austin.

    General Hospital

    Now that Ron and Frank have taken over many are wondering what will happen to General Hospital. I can say that the actors are very happy with the new writers. Maurice is very excited about where they are taking his character and he even tweeted that "Frank Valentini is the Jim Harbaugh of daytime. He is kicking ass" and yes it will do with the coming of the OLTLer's but after they leave it will go in a direction you won't see coming.

    Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva taped 2 days which will stretch out for a weeks worth of story to usher Starr into Port Charles who is "staying". This will happen mid February. Then John McBain will come along no word on contracts but McBain is here to stay so I am being told.

    A fire will break out at the hospital which is where I hear we will see the Mannings. Get ready for some Carly and Johnny who RC wants to put together and really likes the chemistry between these two. Many are fearful that we will lose the GH we love but what you may not know is that Ron grew up watching GH back in the day. So his tactic is to bring back the Q's, and not just those who are there presently but blasts from the past, as well as the Spencers and Webbers and old school vets bringing families front and center where they belong. But sadly we will see many depart also.

    Making Nathan Parsons a Scorpio is a method of reconstructing Luke and Laura's legacy and RC wants that very badly and it may happen due to availability of Parsons and the return of Emma Samms may make it favorable. Still no definite word on a Genie Francis return but Ron is giving it his all. Michael is not being recast as some may believe.

    Sonny Kate scenes were tweaked by RC as a way to begin the end. What if Sam and Johnny had the same father that came as a complete surprise to both? What if Jason finally learns why Franco came into his life and Helena played a huge part in all of it? What if the Nurse's Ball was resurrected and Lynn Herring returned? What if Ric Lansing returned to help Sonny out of a bind because Alexis is unable to do so.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Lastnight, as you can see, LA REID via his Twitter account confirmed that Fiona Apple is coming back with new music! Hopefully this will bring more Fiona to the spotlight and hopefully better promotion than her last album Extraordinary Machine (2005).

    It's time to get that lazy ass back to life!


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    We’re still quite a ways off from the release of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and the Superman reboot is still in the midst of filming. While we’ve already been privy to quite a few photos from the set, we’ve gotten very few good looks at star Henry Cavill in the Superman suit. Those angling for some suit images should be happy today, as a behind the scenes image from the set has arrived highlighting the superhero getup. Cavill is seen posing for a photo with a young boy, giving us a nice close-up look at his Superman garb. It’s not anything mind-blowing, but with no trailer and only one official image released thus far, we’ll take what we can get.

    Hit the jump to check out the image. The film also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Harry Lennix, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, Richard Schiff, and Russell CroweMan of Steel is slated for June 14th, 2013.


    Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has added another famous character from the Superman mythos to the production, albeit in a younger form than fans might have been expecting. Superman Super Site confirms today that 13-year-old Jadin Gould will play a young Lana Lang in a flashback scene to Clark Kent's Smallville childhood.

    First appearing in 1950's Superboy #50, Lana is the teenage girlfriend of young Clark. She was a central character in the television series, "Smallville" (played by Kristin Kreuk) and has also appeared as a teenager on the big screen in 1978's Superman: The Movie (played by Diane Sherry) and later as an adult, re-entering Clark's life in Superman III (Played by Annette O'Toole, who would later play Martha Kent on "Smallville").

    At her young age, Gould already boasts an impressive resume, having appeared on television shows like "Chuck", "Rizzoli & Isles", "The Mentalist" and on the big screen in Battle Los Angeles.

    Now filming, Man of Steel's cast also includes Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Christopher Meloni, Harry Lennix and Laurence Fishburne. It is targeting a June 14, 2013 release.


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    Just hours after it was determined that the New York Giants would be facing off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, Animal Planet announced their lineup for Puppy Bowl VIII. Among the unbearably cute pooches competing in the wildly popular televised event (last year saw a staggering 9.2 million people tuning in for Puppy Bowl programming) are a 10-month-old Dachshund named Shiloh (“Fun Fact: Has read all the Harry Potter books”), a floppy-eared 13-week-old Terrier named Marbles (!), and a 14-week-old Miniature Aussie Mix named Tattoo who is so fluffy I’m going to die!

    Name: Aberdeen
    Breed(s): Australian Shepherd Mix
    Fun Fact: Saving to buy a sailboat

    Name: Abilene
    Breed(s): Australian Shepherd Mix
    Fun Fact: Expert scuba diver

    Name: Anthony
    Breed(s): Pit Bull Mix
    Fun Fact: Plans to major in art history

    Name: Augusta
    Breed(s): Lab/Plott Mix
    Fun Fact: Wants to be a veterinarian

    Breed(s): Jack Russell/Pug Mix
    Fun Fact: Wishes he could play Frisbee every day

    Name: Brandy
    Breed(s): Pit Bull/Collie Mix
    Fun Fact: Favorite comedian is Canine O'Brien

    Name: Calvin
    Breed(s): Dachshund
    Fun Fact:Restores classic cars

    Name: Eurika
    Breed(s): Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
    Fun Fact: Never misses an episode of Bones

    Name: Fonzi
    Breed(s): Rat Terrier
    Fun Fact: Constantly confused with Joni, Pinky and Richie

    Name: Hunter
    Breed(s): Boxer
    Fun Fact: Plans to go into politics

    Name: Fumble
    Breed(s): Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
    Fun Fact: Has every Bow Wow song on his iPawd

    Name: Friday
    Breed(s): Maltese/Poodle Mix
    Fun Fact: Favorite cartoon is Mr. Magoo

    Name: Leroy Brown
    Breed(s): Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
    Fun Fact: Best sport is really baseball

    Name: Oscar
    Breed(s): Dachshund
    Fun Fact: Favorite dish is wiener schnitzel

    Name: Penelope
    Breed(s): Lhasa Apso Mix
    Fun Fact: Has a crush on Tom Cruise

    Name: Salem
    Breed(s): Boxer/Lab Mix
    Fun Fact: Loves to dress up on Halloween

    Name: Tattoo
    Breed(s): Miniature Aussie Mix
    Fun Fact: Sings in a Barbershop quartet

    Name: Puddin
    Breed(s): Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
    Fun Fact: Dream vacation is two weeks in London

    source & full list of contestants

    obviously i am on team brandy

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    'Ghost Rider' Photocall

    'Detachment' Paris Premiere - Photocall

    Amanda Seyfried braves the rain

    Bow Wow Out in NYC

    Cameron Diaz at the George V Hotel in Paris

    Cameron Diaz Hits The Town In Paris

    Cameron Diaz Returns To Her Paris Hotel

    Cameron Diaz Shows Off Her Legs In Paris

    Cast Members Of "Dancing With The Stars" Visit Elvis Duran

    Daisy Lowe Takes Her Dog Shopping

    Diane Kruger at the Versace Show in Paris

    Duane "The Rock" Johnson Takes A Stroll

    Ella Rae Peck on the Set of 'Gossip Girl'

    Emma Bunton Out in London

    Hugh Jackman and Wife on a Scooter

    James McAvoy And Jamie Bell On Set Of Filth

    Jake Gyllenhaal At A Medical Building In Beverly Hills

    Jennifer Garner Shops in LA

    Jessica Chastain Arrives In Paris

    Katharine McPhee and Uma Thurman Film 'Smash'

    Katherine Heigl Returns Home With Mom

    Katy Perry Rushes Through LAX

    Keith Urban travelling with nanny

    Kevin McHale poses for photographs

    Kim Kardashian Arrives Back at Her Hotel

    Kim Kardashian Cohosts Live With Kelly

    Kim Kardashian Keeps Warm In Her Fur Coat

    Kimberly Wyatt in Pink

    Kris Jenner Arrives In Miami

    Kris Jenner Arriving At Her Hotel In Miami

    Le Huffington Post Launches

    Lenny Kravitz Has Lunch and Signs Autographs

    Lucy Lawless Leaves 'Live! with Kelly'

    Luis Guzman Strolls Hawaii

    Marg Helgenberger on the Walk of Fame

    Sarah Jessica Parker Walks to School With James

    Shannon Tweed Arriving At A Gym In West Hollywood

    Stefanie Powers Heads To BBC Radio

    Taylor Swift Gets Coffee in London

    The Hoff is a human billboard

    Jenny McCarthy and Date Out in Hollywood

    Kevin Federline Leaving His Doctors Appointment

    Celebs at the Sundance Film Fest

    The Variety Studio at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival - Day 3 - 2012 Park City

    Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15

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    McAvoy takes the lead in the crime/drama a bipolar bigoted junkie cop who manipulates and hallucinates his way through the festive season in a bid to secure promotion and win back his wife and daughter.

    In this film, based on a novel by Irvine Welsh, Bell plays the role of a crooked cop named Ray Lennox. Bell spoke to recently about his role and whether or not he had to do any research.
    No because the policeman part doesn’t actually matter. We could be builders or plumbers. That’s not the point. It’s actually McAvoy’s movie. He’s the one that has the really dark transformation.

    I’ve never seen him play that kind of f**ked up character before. He’s all on drugs and all that and a bit crazy so I’m really excited to work with McAvoy. It’s going to be a real transformation for him.

    The Jon S. Baird directed film also stars Imogen Poots.


    Source - 1, 2
    Not the most exciting photos, but idgaf. I can't wait to see this <3

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    Chef and television personality Paula Deen was blindsided by the public backlash following the announcement that she has type 2 diabetes. But what has the butter-loving star shocked more than anything? None of her famous foodie friends have shown her one ounce of support.

    Yet some believe that other chefs have remained silent because Deen kept quiet about her illness for years.

    "The amount of chefs that would have come forward with public statements of support and sympathy would have been overwhelming if it wasn't for the fact that Paula hid her diagnosis for three years," a top food publicist tells me. "To only tell the truth when you have locked in a paid spokesperson deal for a non-insulin medication is just too toxic for anyone to want to be involved with."

    The news not only surprised Deen's fans and colleagues, it also surprised her own network, which had no knowledge of her disease prior to the public announcement.

    "You have heard correctly, Food Network learned last week about Paula's diagnosis," the network's Vice President of Communications, Irika Slavin, tells me in an email. She also adds that it was surprising that none of the network's stars had commented: "Each has their own team's reps, who I imagine would be advising their clients.”

    After reaching out to PR agencies that represent Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay, asking why their clients were so silent, only one responded off the record telling me, "So here's the deal, none of our chefs want to go on the record saying anything about her. However, I heard someone say it would be news if she didn't get diabetes. So I guess friend, butter is bad for you. Who knew?"


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Uggie, the virtuoso Jack Russell Terrier from The Artist, has been getting most of the animal awards season attention this year, but dog enthusiasts (and readers of Vulture's highly scientific dog actor study) will remember that another member of that illustrious breed had a major movie role in 2011. So does Christopher Plummer! It helps, probably, that Plummer shared the screen with a dog in question, but the likely Oscar nominee has started a guerrilla campaign in support of Cosmo, his wise and adorable Beginners co-star. Plummer refused to be photographed with Uggie at Newsweek's Oscar roundtable, and he informed the magazine that "[Beginners] had the better dog." (He also took some time to throw shade at Terrence Malick: "The problem with Terry is he desperately needs a writer.") Anyway, Christopher Plummer is probably the only person on earth who can get away with hating a cute dog, so keep on doing you, Captain Von Trapp. (The same does not apply to the cast and crew of The Artist. Stop being so French and support your dog!)


    Behind the scenes shoot for The Hollywood Reporter featuring Uggie & his lesser Cosmo

    Extract from the original Newsweek article:

    There’s a stir in the room when the surprise seventh star arrives—Uggie, the scene-stealing 9-year-old Jack Russell from The Artist. Should one address him in English or French? Swinton, not one to be starstruck, falls to her knees before the canine. “Hi, Uggie, you are such an amazing dog!” she says, insisting on a photo of the two of them together. Not everyone is so happy to see the pooch. Plummer expresses frustration that Cosmo, Beginners’ remarkable Jack Russell, isn’t getting the same awards-season attention. “We had the better dog,” he declares, with his best silken patrician diction. He doesn’t seem to want to pose in the group photo with Uggie—the competition!—and no one is quite sure whether his reluctance is serious or sly.


    me rn:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Seems like someone needs to shut their von Trapp and stop hating. As for Cosmo, maybe if he spent more time on his PR and less time partying he wouldn't have to send his co-stars to do his dirty work.
    SMH at this whole situation. Awards seasons brings out people's ugly sides.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  • 01/24/12--00:20: Dakota + Elizabeth + Anton

  • I suppose it’s not really correct to call Anton Yelchin and Dakota Fanning up-and-comers, seeing as each of them has been in the industry for over a decade. But as they transition into increasingly grown-up roles, it still feels like we’re seeing the emergence of pair of promising young actors. Elizabeth Olsen, on the other hand, is about as fresh-faced as they come. Last year’s Sundance hits Silent House and Martha Marcy May Marlene were her first real roles, aside from a tiny part in her sisters’ How the West Was Fun way back in 1994.

    The three are now in final talks to star in Very Good Girls, from another not-quite newcomer, Naomi Foner. Though Foner’s been working as a writer and producer since the ’70s, the upcoming project will mark her directorial debut. More details after the jump.

    Fanning and Olsen will play a pair of newly minted high school graduates and longtime best friends who decide to lose their virginity as a way of gaining passage into the adult world. When they fall for the same guy (Yelchin), however, “their quest becomes much more complicated and emotionally dangerous than they ever imagined.” (blah) The premise sounds like typical teen romcom fare, but the talent involved both behind and in front of the camera suggests we’ll be getting something a bit richer and more nuanced.

    “The film deals with female sexuality and friendship in a way we haven’t seen before,” says Foner, whose previous credits include the dramas Running on EmptyLosing Isaiah, andBee Season. “These girls will be stunning young women in a couple of years, but they’ve struggled through high school with only each other. Most of us have been there. This is the summer where they finally get to touch real life.”

    Olsen most recently starred in Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts, which hit the Sundance Film Festival just this past weekend. She’s next slated for Therese Raquin and Kill Your Darlings. Fanning has several films lined up for 2012, including Now is GoodThe Motel LifeEffie, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Yelchin is currently shooting J.J. Abrams’Star Trek sequel and will star in this year’s Odd ThomasVery Good Girls will shoot this June in New York City.


    0 0

    Source: One, Two.

    Ugh, I wish they'd just tell Caleb. What do you think new guy is doing? I hope the cut works.

    0 0


    What are your thoughts on last night's episode? If you're still watching after that horrid 11th episode.   

    0 0

    Zac Efron wheels his cart full of supplies back to his car after shopping at his local Home Depot on Saturday (January 21) in Los Angeles.

    The 24-year-old actor stocked up on fire logs, a portable heater, a lamp, some pots, and various other gardening items for his nighttime visit to the home improvement superstore.

    Source: Just Jared

    Source: Vanessa World

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