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    You may not have seen this coming but early in 2012 the pop star Rihanna passed the pop star Lady Gaga on the all-time YouTube Views list. The numbers are huge for both these singers, though neither is very close to leader Justin Bieber.

    Rihanna now has an astonishing 2,068,076,591 YouTube views. Yes, you read that correctly, two billion, sixty-eight million, seventy-six thousand and five hundred and ninety-one. Lady Gaga, who once lead, is behind her with 2,044,728,691. Rihanna caught up to and passed Lady Gaga because lately she's been getting 3,000,000 Youtube views daily.

    Rihanna and Lady Gaga: Youtube viewsg Rihanna is getting increased views since she released 'Talk That Talk' on November 11, 2011. Naturally when an artist releases new music fans check out the videos online. Lady Gaga had a similar increase of Youtube views in the Spring of 2011 when she released her latest album 'Born This Way'. However in the past few months as her numbers have dropped, Rihanna's have been gaining.

    Justin Bieber: King of Youtube views Rihanna has a rather long ways to go to catch up to the world's all-time Youtube views leader, the 17-year-old singing phenom from Canada, Justin Bieber. Bieber, who over the holidays released a Christmas album, 'Under the Mistletoe' (helping increase his Youtube views) is working in the studio now on 'Believe', his next album. It's not likely Rihanna or Lady Gaga, will pass Bieber anytime soon. As of this writing he's sitting at 2,275,845,406. All this social media information comes courtesy of Famecount, a site that, as they say on their website, "generates statistics across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to help you track the trends and rank the stars."

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    Last month, two mothers launched a campaign for Mattel to create Beautiful and Bald Barbie.

    To show girls that there are different standards of beauty and to raise awareness about diseases that can cause young girls to lose their hair.

    Mattel responded that they “receive hundreds of passionate requests for various dolls to be added to our collection” — essentially dismissing the women.

    “Girls could use another doll that shows them they’re still pretty even if they don’t have a generic Barbie doll’s blue eyes and long blonde hair,” wrote Jezebel’s Margaret Hartmann.

    But as news of Beautiful and Bald Barbie made its way around the Internet, it gained enormous popularity.

    “This online movement is actually meaningful and heartfelt, and it’s about raising awareness of the young girls who suffer from diseases that can lead them to lose their hair,”.

    If their campaign succeeds, Bald and Beautiful Barbie would surely raise awareness about a meaningful cause—unlike some other dolls Mattel has produced over the years.

    From McDonald’s Barbie to Pooper Scooper Barbie to Cat Burglar Barbie, see our list of the most outrageous dolls that have actually hit the shelves.

    Pregnant Barbie

    Complete with a removable child in her stomach, this doll taught young girls about one of the fundamental benefits of being a woman: childbirth. But don’t be alarmed—this doll is all about promoting family values. Look closely and you’ll see a small wedding ring on her left hand. However, this doll did not hit stores in 2002 without controversy. Some parents thought a pregnant doll was too “real” for their children, so the doll was pulled from shelves later that year.

    Pooper-Scooper Barbie

    Barbie has made some interesting career moves over the decades, but her gig as a pooper-scooper preceded her days as a flight attendant and player for the WNBA. Strangely, the dog biscuits Barbie fed Tanner, her golden retriever, came out the other end looking exactly the same. Mattel recalled the product in 2006, just one year after its release date, when magnets from the scooper came loose and became a choking hazard. Overall, a complete failure.

    Growing Up Glam Dolls

    How this doll was approved for production continues to be one of the world’s great mysteries. Its predecessor, pubescent Growing Up Skipper, was released in 1975 and was hit with harsh reviews from audiences. In 2007, Mattel created a figure reminiscent of this Skipper that was built to transform into a woman, just by pulling a switch on her back. Not only does she grow vertically, but the size of her chest doubles.

    McDonald’s Worker Barbie

    Although Big Macs don’t quite mesh with Barbie’s slim physique, Mattel released the McDonald’s worker Barbie in 1982—without paying much attention to the possibility that it promoted childhood obesity. Thankfully, this doll is no longer being mass-produced.

    Sun Gold Malibu Barbie

    With her bleached blonde hair and bright orange skin tone, we can only imagine what this doll, which was produced in 1983, would look like if she were still around today. Forget the sunscreen—Sun Gold Malibu Barbie taught young girls the allure of being the deepest shade of orange. Unfortunately, Mattel didn’t see the danger in glorifying excessive sun exposure to young children.

    Cool Shavin’ Ken

    Barbie’s male companion Ken is far from rugged, but this pretty boy won’t be getting kissed by Barbie without a clean shave. Introduced in 1996 and complete with comb, shaving cream, “Old Spice play bottle,” and an after-shave-scented face, this Ken doll was all about maintenance.

    Camping Barbie

    The first version of Camp Barbie was launched in 1994—and compared to other dolls in Mattel’s collections, it actually sounds like it could have been a good idea. But this doll is dressed in pink platform wedges, Capri pants, and a saucy pink top and comes with a pink plastic chair.

    Teen Talk! Barbie

    Mattel wasn’t looking to bust any stereotypes when it created the Teen Talk! Barbie in July 1992. “Will I ever have enough clothes?” and “Wanna have a pizza party?” are two of the 270 phrases this doll could utter. But evidently “Math is tough!” was too much for some women’s groups, which claimed the statement reinforced negative labels of girls being mathematically challenged. The dolls that could speak this phrase were subsequently pulled from shelves three months after their release.

    Barbie Loves Makeup Doll

    Many children are told that beauty comes from the inside, but according to this Barbie, it might not. The Barbie Loves Makeup doll, which is surprisingly still on the market, boasts an array of gender-specific makeup colors and glittery lip glosses and promises hours of beautifying fun.

    Cat Burglar Barbie

    A Barbie that can steal cats? A Barbie who burglarizes people’s homes in a cat suit? We have no idea. This collector’s edition was created by Christian Louboutin in 1999 and was on sale only for a limited time.


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    Dita Von Teese is coming to Target
    (But only in Australia tho)

    Dita Von Teese is coming to Target with a line of vintage-inspired lingerie pieces. The burlesque dancer's intimates collection won't be available outside of Australia (North American and Eurpoean shoppers will have to contend with eBay), hitting stores and on February 8.

    Von Teese built her celebrity on a foundation of underwear, so her new bodywear line seems like an inevitability. But even though Dita's ultra-feminine, proto-goth aesthetic has plenty of commercial appeal, it doesn't seem like a natural fit for Target's fluorescent stores and happy-go-lucky branding.

    Not to mention: garters and corsets don't translate to lower price points the way cotton briefs and sports bras might. Nipped silhouettes and lacy overlays rely on sound construction and high-quality fabrics—not even sort of Target's strong points. The retailer's boutique fashion lines do a good job of translating the vision and overall sensibility of designer items to mass-produced apparel, but even though the pieces seem pretty in the lookbooks and hanging on the Target racks, each one is a hop, skip, and jump away from becoming just another crumpled rag stuffed in the back of your drawers.

    Dita Von Teese for Target is worth browsing at the store if you're hanging out in Australia, but save your eBaying for another time. La Perla this is not.


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    When you're looking to start an annual fund-raiser, it helps to have a few famous friends to pitch in. It also helps if you're famous yourself.

    Last summer, the comic actor Seth Rogen ("Funny People," "50/50") and his then fiancee, Lauren Miller, decided they might like to try raising awareness (and funds) for Alzheimer's disease among young people, "since Alzheimer's is considered an old person's disease," said Ms. Miller. Miller, an actress, has a film premiering this weekend at Sundance that she co-wrote, called "For a Good Time, Call…." Her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 55.

    "What do young people want to see?" asked Mr. Rogen. "Young people are unfocused. You have to do a lot of things to keep them entertained, so we started brainstorming. There are a lot of benefits in Los Angeles. There's no shortage of rich people looking to get tax rebates. Part of our goal was to set ourselves apart from them."

    They came up with a variety show concept they titled "Hilarity for Charity." "We must have sent three or four dozen emails over just the name of the benefit," said Mr. Rogen. "We wondered, did it sound too Seinfeld-y? But ultimately it was the one we agreed on."

    Mr. Rogen and Ms. Miller started mobilizing their friends and took on jobs of their own. "Our only mandate was we wanted to create the type of event we would want to go to," said Ms. Miller.

    "The food people pursued food that we liked," said Mr. Rogen. "It was my job to get the acts. I tracked down people who were funny and I thought would make interesting performers." Those included frequent collaborators and friends like Aziz Ansari ("Parks and Recreation"), Paul Rudd, the writer-director Judd Apatow, Jack Black and the pop singer Bruno Mars.

    Mr. Rogen insisted it was not difficult to ask his friends to take part in the event. "Not at all," he said. "I wouldn't be where I was today if that was the case. We shamelessly pester each other with everything we do every day. Some people were busy, some people didn't get back to us all. It's going to be awkward the next time we see those people."

    Mr. Rogen and Ms. Miller gave the performers free reign: "We told them you have ten minutes to do anything you want," Mr. Rogen recalled. "I had no idea what kind of stuff people were going to do, we just hoped they wouldn't mess up the night."

    Mr. Mars, for instance, sang a cover of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," and "we probably had more profanity than any charity maybe ever had in history," Mr. Rogen said. Sophia Bush bid on and won a day with Mr. Rudd, as auctioned by Mr. Apatow. (jealous, tbh!)

    To promote the party, Mr. Rogen said he took to the radio (via Howard Stern) and did the "Today" show. He joined Twitter, "which I vowed not to do." "It's hard to say" what was most effective, Mr. Rogen added. "We just threw a lot of s— against the wall."

    "But something worked because we sold out," Ms. Miller said. "All 600 tickets." (The evening raised more than $250,000.) "And they were much more excited than a rich, old Hollywood crowd," Mr. Rogen said.

    The couple added that it was their goal to get young people to think about Alzheimer's, of course, but also just charity in general. Finding a balance between seriousness and comedy was important, too.

    "If you're paying $150 to come to a show, you don't want to be depressed for three hours," Mr. Rogen said. "If anything, we erred on the side of comedy."

    Mr. Rogen and Ms. Miller know that next year's event, and the next year's, will be easier to accomplish. "Honestly, it was a little harder to generate attention than I thought it would be, especially with the group I had," said Mr. Rogen.

    Hosts Paul Rudd, Ty Burrell and David Krumholtz

    Judd Apatow

    Chris Lowell

    Donald Faison

    CSI Miami actress Eva La Rue

    Setting the stage for Hilarity for Charity

    Wavves take center stage to kick off the show

    Ty Burrell, Paul Rudd and David Krumholtz try to out do each other's comedic efforts to secure the role as host for the evening

    Jack Black and Kyle Grass of Tenacious D had the crowd hysterically laughing with their comedic songs

    Stand-up comedian, Hannibal Buress had the crowd laughing out loud

    Kate Flannery, Mrs. Farmer Beth Grant, Lauren Miller and Bryan Cranston enjoying the event

    Pauly D DJ'd all night

    Comedian Ben Gleib, Sophia Bush and friend are all smiles

    Grammy nominated comedian Patton Oswalt gets big laughs from the audience

    Bryan Cranston

    Sophia Bush and Lauren Miller

    Terrell Owens looking sharp in purple in support of the Alzheimer's Association

    Funny man Brian Posehn takes center stage at Hilarity for Charity

    Charlyne Yi rocks out at Hilarity for Charity

    Justin Willman gets the crowd involved in his magic

    Judd Apatow "auctions off" Pauly D...

    It's all laughs for comedian Kumail Nanjiani

    Lauren Miller and other Hilarity for Charity committee members enjoying the show

    The hilarious Aziz Ansari entertains the audience

    Seth Rogen joins Ty, David and Paul to welcome Bruno Mars to the stage

    Bruno Mars has the crowd on their feet as he closes out the night with a medley of hit songs

    Bruno Mars

    Seth takes the stage to thank everyone for coming out to support the first annual Hilarity for Charity event to benefit the Alzheimer's Association!

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    The Disney Princesses are a controversial subject among some parents. Either they're considered iconic reminders of Disney's animated classics, or ubiquitous examples of the studio's marketing genius. Worse still, some cultural critics believe the princesses are dangerous, anti-feminist role models for young girls.

    But not all princesses are alike. Disney's reigning beauties all have something to offer, even the old-school ones who are more damsels-in-distress than their contemporary counterparts. Moviefone has ranked the princesses according to the example they set for the girls who love them and want to be them.

    Virtues: She's the "fairest one of all," but she's quite the humble young princess. She loves forest animals, cleans and tends for the cottage she thinks belongs to children, and then befriends and cares for the misfit dwarves. She's a vision of loveliness inside and out, always trusting and helping others.

    Flaws: There's a line between trusting and gullible, and poor Snow crosses it when she bites into that Old Hag's poisoned apple. She's not the brightest of the Princesses, and her naivete hasn't aged well with time.

    Virtues: Like Snow White, Cinderella is a friend to animals -- even rodents! The mice and birds adore their Cinderelly so much they even make her original, albeit doomed, ball gown. She's gorgeous and self-sacrificing and never complains, even under unthinkable circumstances.

    Flaws: In the face of her step-mother and step-sisters' cruelty, she never once resists -- humbly accepting her lowly place in their lives until she's visited by her Fairy Godmother. If it weren't for Prince Charming's persistence, she'd still be wearing rags and scrubbing floors.

    Virtues: Having been blessed by fairies with beauty and song, Aurora (brought up as Briar Rose) is not only gorgeous but talented as well. Like all of the old-school princesses, she's sweet and gentle. She dreams of falling in love and having a life outside of her humble home with her elderly guardians.

    Flaws: There's not much to Aurora. She's kindhearted and lovely and instantly falls in love with Philip, although at the time neither of them knows she's the hidden princess. And let's face it, she showed no restraint when it came to that spinning wheel!

    Virtues: The flame-haired mermaid is courageous and curious and talented. Her voice is renowned for its beauty, and she's quite the adventurer -- wreaking all sorts of havoc for straying too far from her underwater home to search for treasures from above the sea.

    Flaws: She renders herself literally voiceless and abandons her home for a guy. That's not exactly a good message to send young girls. Of course, everything ends with a happily ever after, but she makes a rather unwise decision to barter with Ursula.

    Virtues: Belle is smart. The "peculiar girl" of her village, she loves books and prizes intelligence and character above popularity and good looks. She turns down a proposal from Gaston, her town's most desirable bachelor who's nonetheless a dim bulb, and winds up falling in love with the Beast despite his frightening appearance ... and the fact he's imprisoned her.

    Flaws: Her only major flaw is believing Gaston and the townsfolk would listen to her when she explains the Beast isn't a threat to them.

    Virtues: Unhappy and bored with her sequestered life in the castle, Jasmine -- the Sultan's daughter -- longs for adventure and flees to visit the marketplace, where she stumbles upon Aladdin. She and Aladdin realize they have a lot in common, even though he's a "street rat" and she's a princess. Jasmine falls in love with Aladdin, even though he's a commoner.

    Flaws: OK, so she's a bit of a diva, but in the context of this humble and sometimes docile lot, that's not a flaw at all!

    Virtues: The 17th Century daughter of the Chief Powhatan is Disney's first historically based Princess. She's brave and adventurous, and despite how corny that 'Colors of the Wind' song is, Pocahontas follows her heart to aid and then love Captain John Smith.

    Flaws: We'd love to rank Pocahontas higher, but the movie is controversial and riddled with inaccuracies, so we suggest supplementing the movie with books about the Native American princess or waiting until the kids are old enough to see Terrence Malick's "The New World."

    Virtues: She fearlessly disguises herself as a boy in order to take her father's place in the army. As a conscript, she trains as fiercely as her male cohorts and proves herself without revealing her true identity. Since at one point she's deemed unfit for marriage, she finds her worth in helping her family and country. Of course, eventually Mulan does find love -- with a commanding officer who understands her abilities as a warrior.

    Flaws: It's a shame Mulan is one of the underrated princesses, because she rocks. Her only flaw is that she had to deceive those around her about who she really was to serve in the Imperial army.

    Virtues: Now here's a princess with ambition. She's hard working and is determined to earn enough money to start her own restaurant -- a dream of hers passed down from her late father. She's intelligent and self-possessed, and even when she agrees to kiss the frog -- and subsequently becomes one -- never loses sight of herself.

    Flaws: She might be the only princess who waits a beat too long to admit that she's fallen in love. But again, it's fine with us, because she gets her man AND her dream restaurant!

    Virtues: She's fiercely protective, powerful and loyal. When Eugene needs to be saved, she doesn't hesitate to rescue him with a toss of her long and magical hair. She's willing to sacrifice her happiness to ensure her dangerous "Mother" doesn't harm Eugene. Rapunzel also falls in love based on character and not status, since Eugene is a reformed thief, not a prince. She sees the best in people, even those who are labeled outcasts or misfits.

    Flaws: Having been imprisoned in a tree for her entire life, Rapunzel is understandably naïve, but that's not her fault.


    The list appears to be missing some people...namely Jane, Meg, Alice, and this flawfree hbic right here....

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    My Prerogative: Britney Spears to regain control of her finances for the first time in four years as wedding gift from father

    She's well and truly back on the straight and narrow, with a stable relationship and her life back on track.

    And now it looks like Britney Spears is to finally regain her life and finances officially. Her father Jamie has been conservator of her affairs for almost four years after her life spiralled out of control in 2007.

    But as a special gift to mark her upcoming wedding to fiance Jason Trawick, Britney's father is asking a judge to halt the conservatorship. A judge handed Jamie Spears control of the singer's fortune and almost every other aspect of her life after she had a public meltdown.

    Now her father is reportedly demanding a judge rescind on the order to mark the pop star's complete turnaround. A source tells the Sunday Express: 'Jamie wants to go to court in early February so Britney will be a free woman in every sense when she marries. And he's hoping the order will be dropped in time for her nuptials, which are reportedly due to take place on Valentine's Day on the Hawaiian island of Maui.'

    DM | MTV | EW | DS | AOL | CM

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  • 01/22/12--20:54: KPOP POST!

  • First off tons of groups performed for a commemoration for the winter olympic games that has not happened yet.
    I only have few under the cut because there are too many here are the most well known




    MISS A


    IU <3

    Speaking of SNSD, they are the top selling Korean Artist according to YesAsia, an Asian entertainment online retail company.
    Here's the best sellers list 
    1. Girls’ Generation
2. Super Junior

    3. JYJ
4. Big Bang 

    5. Big Bang 

    6. BEAST
7. Dong Bang Shin Ki 

    8. JYJ
9. GD & TOP

    10. Super Junio r

    1. Girls’ Generation

    2. 2NE1
3. After School

    4. IU
5. T-ara

    6. f(x)
7. Kara

    8. Wonder Girls

    9. Secret

    10. miss A

    Wondergirls in on that list btw, but they also have that new movie on teen nick.
    here they are in Access Hollywood talking abt it.

    last but not least the show KPOP STAR some consestant updates

    KPOP STAR (Like X Factor, but colorful, no annoying audience & upbeat!)

    So the past two weeks the contestants formed groups
    one group in particular is called "PEARLS" wowed the judges with their performance of "The Boys" from SNSD & their casting performance of "Fame"

    these two are also worth noting, especially the girl in the right.

    Here she is performing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" (listen to it, it's like an angel singing)

    source: youtube, 1 & 2

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    Heidi Klum and Seal: We Are Separating

    Heidi Klum and Seal confirm that they are splitting after almost seven years of marriage.

    In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, the Project Runway host and the singer say:

    "While we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul-searching we have decided to separate.

    "We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart. This is an amicable process and protecting the well-being of our children remains our top priority, especially during this time of transition.

    "We thank our family, friends, and fans for their kind words of support. And for our children's sake, we appreciate you respecting our privacy."

    The couple are parents to Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and Lou, 2.

    The supermodel, 38, and the Grammy winner, 48, began dating in 2003 after Klum had split from Italian racecar team manager Flavio Briatore.

    In December 2004, Seal proposed with a yellow diamond ring of more than 10 carats in a specially-built igloo on a 14,000-ft.-high glacier in Whistler, B.C. Klum described it as "a once-in-a-lifetime event."

    They opted for a warmer destination for their wedding, exchanging vows on the beach in Costa Careyes, Mexico, in May 2005.


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    Suri Cruise has managed to win the much coveted (lol coveted by who) Best Dressed Celebrity Child Award, in a list put together by the website The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has beaten out other celebrity tots including new Beckham kid Harper Seven, Madonna's child Lourdes and kids of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani as well as one of Angelina and Brad Pitt's brood Zahara.

    A spokesperson for the baby gift company said, "Suri Cruise has an amazing wardrobe and for a five year old wears some gorgeous outfits. She certainly has terrific taste for one so young," all that undoubted tactical scheming by her paid off, evidently. Turning attention to second place Harper Seven, the spokesperson continued, "Fellow fashionista Harper Seven has been snapped in designer outfits since she was just weeks old, and with a fashion designer for a mum, I imagine she'll be wearing the very best for years to come. All three of her brothers have very individual taste - the Beckhams are one very fashionable family!"

    Madonna's daughter Lourdes was also worthy of a mention, being praise for "already setting trends," the source continuing "She's certainly one to watch over the coming years. No doubt she has inherited some of her mum's very individual taste." Their mums and dads must be very proud.


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    There are all kinds of rumors floating around that Nicole Scherzinger is going to be replaced as a judge on The X Factor USA. It was said that Simon Cowell was considering replacing Nicole with Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland. Nicole apparently wants to leave the show because she is not comfortable with judging or seeing contestants being eliminated. Must have a whole lot to do with Nicole’s deadlock decision that made Rachel Crow go home the first season.

    It looks like the awesome Mariah Carey heard Nicole may leave as a judge and she told Simon she would be willing to take her place!

    A source told,

    “Mariah dragged her feet for a while about appearing on the show, but now she’s ready for her grand entrance. She wants to be a judge and she is in secret talks with Simon Cowell. The two are good friends and she promised to help pull in monster ratings this coming season”. source

    Be gone, lesser bitch.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Wayne Coyne has asked Henry Rollins to join his Ke$ha collaboration.

    The Flaming Lips frontman has posted a number of short video clips on Twitter showing him working on a track featuring the 'TiK ToK' singer and LA group Hour Of The Time Majesty 12.

    "Workin on a track for @keshasuxx collaboration!!!" Coyne said. "Weirdos from LA calledHOTTM12 workin on the Ke$$a track too!! (sic)

    "Sonic terrorist @HOTT_MT had come to my house all the way from LA.. F**k!!! 20 hours straight!!! Their agenda as they travel around America, is to record with their favorite weirdo artists.

    "But Hour Of The Time Majesty 12 are also, they claim, very connected in with radical occult underground... And if the weirdo artists that they have stalked won't record with them.. the artist run the risk of the curse of Majesty 12."

    He then added: "F**kin with the Ke$ha track!!!!!! Hey @henryrollins I wanna see if you can do an authorative voice on our track we doin with @keshasuxx???

    "Driving to @keshasuxx house in Nashville... listening to The Stooges."

    Rollins first came to prominence after he joined US punk band Black Flag in the 1980s, before going on to record solo albums and several records with the Rollins Band.

    He has also appeared in films including Heat and Lost Highway, and recorded several spoken-word releases.

    Rollins featured on the Flaming Lips 2009 release The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon.

    I don't brain can not process this, and I kind of want it to happen.
    No, this one hasn't been posted yet, about Wayne trying to get Henry onboard. Wayne working with Ke$ha, Yoko Ono, Lykke Li, and others has.


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    'War Horse' actor Tom Hiddleston is desperate for a holiday because he hasn't been on vacation for five years.

    The 30-year-old actor hasn't taken a break for five years and wants to use some down time to go on holiday and learn to surf.

    He said: "I'm going to go on holiday this year. I haven't had a formal holiday in five years. I'd like to try to surf. Possibly Cornwall? Or, if the wind took me there, Bali."

    The 'War Horse' actor also wants to buy a car soon so he can travel to new places after his old vehicle got stolen.

    He told Shortlist magazine: "I don't have a car at the moment and I'd like a slightly nicer one than my old one.

    "Basically, when I got my first pay cheque from an HBO/BBC thing in 2001, it was just enough to afford a Peugeot 106-1.1. I had it for 10 years and I drove it round France and Spain.

    "Then when I went to America to do 'Thor', I left it with my sister and I don't think it lasted very long. So I'm in need of four motorised wheels to take me places I've never been."

    AW poor bby
    Where is your dream vaca? Can anyone actually afford a vacation?

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    Tracy Morgan was rushed to a hospital moments ago at the Sundance Film Festival -- after the actor fell unconscious at an award ceremony ... TMZ has learned.

    Tracy was being honored at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in Park City, Utah -- and sources tell TMZ, he appeared extremely intoxicated during his award acceptance speech

    We're told Tracy was escorted out of the building soon after his speech -- and fell unconscious outside the building

    Law enforcement sources tell us, an ambulance was then dispatched to Tracy's location.

    We're told Tracy was picked up and rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Calls to Tracy's rep were not immediately returned. Story developing ...

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    Cougar Town at Moon Nightclub

    The Cast of "Cougar Town" at Moon Nightclub at the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas.

    Simon Cowell Leaving His Manchester Hotel

    Paul Sorvino's Market Stop At Bristol Farms

    MTV's "Real World Las Vegas" Cast Celebrates Noami Defensor's 24th Birthday

    Michael C. Hall Picks Up El Pollo Loco

    Maria Menounos All Smiles In The Snow

    Marcia Cross Shops Solo In Beverly Hills

    Kristin Cavallari Grocery Shoppin In West Hollywood

    Kirsten Dunst at LAX

    Katherine Heigl Takes Flight With Her Family

    Julianne Hough Exits With A Smile

    Actress Julianne Hough left her acting class in Studio City, California on January 21, 2012 with a smile.

    Celebs leaving NuBar

    JLS at LAX

    Arnold goes shopping

    Connie Britton And Yoby Go For Coffee

    Gavin Takes The Boys Out For Lunch In Los Angeles

    Giovanni Ribisi Gets Techy?

    Gisele Bundchen Goes to the Patriots Game

    Joe Jonas in NYC

    Justin Bieber Hiding His Face In Miami

    Maggie Grace Looking Stylish In Paris

    Naya Rivera Hosting Her Birthday Celebration At The Mirage Hotel And Casino

    Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth in Santa Monica

    Selma Blair And Family Out For A Walk

    Steve Zahn Getting Some Food In New Orleans

    Whitney Port By the Pool in Miami

    Elizabeth Banks And Max Bring Baby Felix Home!

    Alessandra Ambrosio

    "Ethel" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

    "The First Time" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

    "Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

    "Smashed" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

    "Safety Not Guaranteed" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

    Adult Video News Awards At The Hard Rock

    Charlize Theron Stays Fit With Her Mom

    Keibler's secure arrival

    Stacy Keibler arrives at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to be picked up by George Clooney's bodyguards.

    Val Kilmer

    The Variety Studio At The 2012 Sundance Film Festival - Day 2

    "M@TZ" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

    Internet celebrity Chris Crocker poses for a portrait during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival at the Getty Images Portrait Studio at T-Mobile Village at the Lift on January 22, 2012 in Park City, Utah.

    Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15

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    Mob Wives star Renee Graziano is taking a break from all the drama the show brings to reveal her battle with depression.

    In an interview with, Renee talks about her horrific struggles with the disease that affects so many lives. “I’ve been in therapy on-and-off for the last 20 years. It comes from an abusive relationship when I was 14 with my boyfriend, Frank. No one was aware of the fact that he was abusive in every sense of the word, both physical and emotional.”

    Renee’s depression continued to worsen. She states, “It set the ball for me for unhealthy relationships. It got increasingly worse throughout my next two serious relationships and did roll over into my marriage.”

    Renee admits, “I also know that I’ve had entitlement issues from a young age because of my father gave me everything. When my father was incarcerated that had something to do with my expectations of people.”

    She knows her warning triggers as well. “The first sign for me is I don’t go out of the house. I shut down and hibernate.” She continues, “Depression is like cancer. It’s something we need to pay attention to. It can cause suicide if not dealt with. It is a parent’s responsibility to take care of his or her child, so step up and take charge.” (she's 100% right)

    In other Renee news, it seems the reality star is everywhere these days, and well, she should — she’s celebrating life! highlights a recent radio interview Renee did with the Breakfast Club where she dishes on a range of topics including her surgery, her own connection to Drita D’Avanzo’s husband Lee D’Avanzo and for the first time discusses the latest with ex-husband Junior Pagan, who was recently exposed as working undercover for the FBI and helping put her father back in jail.

    Below are some highlights from Renee’s interview via VH1:

    The woman that Lee D’Avanzo cheated on Drita with was none other than Junior’s own girlfriend.
    The hole in her back that resulted after her plastic surgery wasthe size of a lemon" (Yikes.)
    The doctor who performed her plastic surgery had a clean record… until Renee learned that his records had been concealed. Turns out, a woman who underwent the same surgery Renee had died in his care.
    Renee says Carla and her were “on our way to making up,” but Carla made comments about Renee’s son that Renee thinks are unforgivable. Aside from Carla, Renee speaks to everyone else in the cast.
    She confirmed that Junior wore a wire in order to cooperate with the Feds, and as a result, Renee’s own father had to return to prison. She also said that she currently does not know Junior’s whereabouts.
    Before Junior wore the wire and disappeared, they were making plans to get married for a second time. (..hope his ass is in witness protection)


    On twitter, the flawless Queen known as 'Big Ang' posted a picture of herself taken 11 years ago.

    Who watched tonight's episode? I think I speak for everyone when I say Big Ang needs more screen time.

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    BRITNEY Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline has today been rushed to Mt Druitt Hospital after suffering chest pains and a “roaring pulse” during filming of Nine’s weight loss series, Excess Baggage.

    The former dancer was treated by Fremantle Media production company’s on-set paramedics after completing a challenge with the AFL’s new Greater Western Sydney team at Doonside.

    The 33-year-old was reportedly given oxygen and transferred by ambulance to hospital, where he is undergoing further tests.

    Federline has been filming the celebrity reality series for nine weeks, weighing in at 105.4 kilograms.

    It is the second time he has been hospitalised this season, after being treated for heat stress during a stint in the Kimberleys, Northern Territory.

    UPDATE: We’re hearing that Britney has been notified and plans are being made to see if she’s needed to fly to Australia or not.

    UPDATE 2: Doctor have ran tests on K-Fed and are saying that is wasn't a heart attack but most likely due to the physical activity that was being done at the time


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    ZOE HART HAS A SECRET — Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is so uncharacteristically happy as of late that it causes her friends to speculate as to the possible reason behind her new attitude. Turns out that Zoe is hiding her new friendship with AnnaBeth (guest star Kaitlyn Black), who doesn’t want Lemon (Jaime King) to find out since Zoe is Lemon’s sworn enemy. Lemon campaigns to become the Belles’ new Memory Matron, but she has to overcome a few obstacles to secure the honored position. Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel and Cress Williams also star. Jim Haymen directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz (#113).


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    As the 2012 Grammy Awards quickly approach, we’re learning more every week about who’s nominated, who’s hosting, who’s performing and what we can expect from music’s biggest night this year. This weekend, Taylor Swift was busy shooting on-air promos with this year’s host LL Cool J. Pictured here in their black attire standing beside the iconic gramophone, Swift and Cool J seem to have been enjoying the process.

    Swift is up for three Grammys this year, including Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song for ‘Mean,’ as well as Best Country Album for ‘Speak Now.’ These are in addition to the four Grammys she already has sitting on her career shelf.

    And while the Grammys in recent years have eschewed the traditional awards show host for a variety of stars all presenting awards to their contemporaries, this year they have broken that seven-year pattern and invited Cool J to act as the official Master of Ceremonies. This comes after the rapper hosted the Grammy nominations concert four years in a row.

    This year’s star-studded awards ceremony will take place at Los Angeles’ Staples Center and will air live Sunday, Feb. 12 on CBS from 8-11:30 PM ET.

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    I’m definitely one of those people who enjoys the vast majority of movies I see in some way. But I’m rarely blown away by a film to the point where I’ll want to see it twice in a short period of time. One such film that did have that spirit-moving effect on me was “We Need To Talk About Kevin,” based on the book of the same name by Lionel Shriver. The film is told from the perspective of a mother (played by Tilda Swinton) who is looking back on her experience raising a boy named Kevin, who eventually massacres teachers and classmates in a school shooting. Swinton’s character Eva is shown both in the present as she faces what’s left of her life following Kevin’s crime, and in flashbacks to his upbringing. The film is deeply moving and frightening, a truly successful adaptation of a great, complicated book. Swinton, as you can always expect from the great actress, is fantastic, but I was equally as impressed by Ezra Miller, who portrayed Kevin as the teenager who eventually commits these atrocious acts. 

    I was lucky enough to interview Miller, 19, about “We Need To Talk About Kevin” (which is in theaters nationwide now), the ways in which he actually related to the character, how society views motherhood, and acting in general. I was very impressed by his intelligence and found that his thoughts heightened by impressions of the film to the degree that I actually want to see it a third time. Check out our Q&A after the jump!

    One of the most important things to me about playing Kevin is that he can’t simply just be a “monster” — the audience needs to be seduced by Kevin and I found you very seductive in the role.

    Cool, fantastic! Yeah, that was certainly the hope. When I read the script, I immediately understood that the way the film would be most effective was if Kevin’s perspective was compelling and the audience members found themselves in the sort of morally bankrupt situation of momentarily identifying with Kevin. And pulling yourself out of that it almost, like, made them culpable. What I wanted more than anything was to believe his sentiments so strongly, to have his head so certain of itself that an audience member would actually be compelled.

    There were very few moments where I felt Kevin flinching from his purpose. he  has this laser sharp focus on who he is, what he wants to accomplish and what he believes and I thought that you conveyed that really well. With that in mind,  you’ve said in other interviews that you can relate to Kevin — I’m curious what you meant by that?

    To me, while Kevin is fully aware of his intellectual justifications for his actions, there is something occurring on a more profound and more primordial level of his being that’s not really existing within his mind so much as existing within his heart and his body, his emotional body, that is extremely basic. [That is] the longing for the attention of your mother, which is something we can all identify with. We’re all once children and our natural impulses, you know, it’s written into the double helixes of our DNA that we should clamor for the attention of our guardians.

    So, essentially, my identification with Kevin was in imagining what would happen if that attention was denied. I can recall moments when it was even momentarily denied to me by my very attentive, very caring mother and I can recall the internal feelings of just solid rage. Just true anger. And that’s when I was very young, I can recall that. I think I identify with the idea that if a child is denied the one thing that we have an innate right to — the love of a mother — that that will naturally cause dystrophy, distortion, and eventually anger in its most concentrated form, with anger being something written into our survival instincts. You probably become so angry, so aggressive, so hostile because that hostility was once required of us in order to protect ourselves, protect our loved ones, kill other creatures on the planet, hunt for food, things like that. So it’s that I identify with Kevin on a common human level, not necessarily that I identify with Kevin’s thoughts, his objectives, or the actions he takes, because those are actually quite far removed from the essential human motivation. 

    Is it that Kevin is born a sociopath to a certain degree, but that sociopathic behavior then becomes channeled in the direction it does because of the way he was raised?  So his nature is a combination of both him being born a sociopath and also being a product of his environment where he didn’t feel loved by his mother?

    I didn’t see it sociopathy as much as I saw it as hyper-intelligence. So there’s something in the keen intellect naturally dwelling in a child’s brain that then makes him so incredibly aware of the emotional and social situation present between his mother and himself. I think that sociopathy is a very big concept generally just encompassing the lack of human empathy existing within the individual, but I really see Kevin as possessing the capacity for human empathy, but having overridden that capacity with sharp and keen intelligence and an over-awareness from a very young age. 

    One of the most interesting questions the film/movie brings up is how much blame Kevin’s mother Eva (played by Tilda Swinton in the film]either holds or doesn’t hold in the way Kevin turns out. The book/film seems to be a reflection of how society views motherhood and women who become moms, and how women view themselves in that role — that it should be something that you naturally want and if you don’t take naturally to it, will you fuck up your kid?

    My personal opinion, my own emotional perspective, unrelated to the film, is that we hold unrealistic standards for human behavior in this society. That in and of itself is a problem, but there’s a chain reaction that that brings about. If a mother doesn’t feel internally that she is fulfilling an emotional standard of, say, loving the idea of a child growing inside her, already she is at odds with social convention. So even at a very basic, early stage, she lacks a forum to negotiate with and deal with what is happening, which is a rather irreversible process after so many trimesters. And at that point, you have someone who doesn’t have a way to be understood or heard — I feel like that is the most dangerous and most horrific scenario. In these situations in which we hold these unrealistic standards for human behavior, people can’t express when something is going slightly off of that course, when something has derailed from that pre-negotiated track. At that point, you have a wicked, vicious cycle of not being able to discuss [those feelings] openly, bringing it harder upon yourself internally which is just going to further the condition inevitably.

    It’s not actually a sin or a wrongdoing if a mother doesn’t immediately feel love for this organism that she’s never even met, that she doesn’t even know, and that will essentially be depriving her of many of the aspects of her life up until that point, just naturally. That’s not a wrongdoing. If there was a way for her to be supported in [having those feelings] and to discuss that and to move through that, then there’s the possibility that she could find a new way or the alternative route to loving her child. I think, probably in some way or another, it’s always possible for any human being to come to love another; even in the most extreme situations, there’s a natural, empathetic bond between all people on the planet, regardless. I really think that’s true. We’re naturally built to connect, but the fact is, if there’s no forum or understanding of even that initial impulse of not feeling so happy day about a child, then you’re already, in this society, stuck. You’re stuck within a taboo and that taboo only closes you off and puts you in a place where your condition of contempt or dislike towards the child will only further. That’s sort of the quintessential danger of taboos in and of themselves; that’s why we should abolish them, burn them alive.

    And you definitely see Eva try to voice her concerns at times during the movie, specifically with Kevin’s father, only to have them dismissed as irrational. Eva was very alone in dealing with this feeling, or lack of feeling, she had for this child. 

    Which is just a recipe for tragedy. Being isolated in a circumstance is always going to go in a bad direction because we’re social creatures and really the way for us to solve any problem or work through any particular landmark in our struggles is going to be together, through cooperation. I always perceived Franklin [Eva's husband and Kevin's father, played by John C. Reilly in the film] is often allegorically representing societal perspectives. That’s always how I saw it. The movie, because it couldn’t use so many words and didn’t want to use any voiceovers, has one of its great triumphs in that they wrote the script and it captures what, in the book, is a one woman soliloquy, and they do it in images and symbols. In that, I think that the movie takes on a sort of nice allegorical quality. Each character becomes a symbol as well. 

    Did you read the book before you started the film?

    I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth — I skimmed it. I skimmed the book and I intentionally did so because I did not want to have such a complete internal knowledge of Eva’s perspective. So much of the conflict and so much of the tension for Kevin as a character is trying to figure out what his mother is thinking. Trying to figure out what her next move might be and trying to anticipate that in what essentially becomes a battle or a war between them. So, I really read the book sort of sporadically and in very small pieces, pieces that would inform the character without giving me this complete, omnipotent understanding of Eva’s thoughts as they are observed in hindsight in the book.

    Well, that’s the thing — Eva is somewhat of an unreliable narrator. You don’t know how much of this is her looking back in hindsight with a warped perspective after Kevin’s committed these crimes. How much of her perspective is informed by her own paranoia and her own feelings of guilt and blame for what happened.

    It’s true. Pretty much every scene that I was in, besides the last one, was really me playing a figure of dream and memory and not an actual person.

    I’ve joked that seeing the movie is perhaps one of the best birth control methods out there because I think it reinforces a fear that every eventual parent has that their kid will turn out “bad.” Maybe he or she won’t turn out like Kevin, but they’ll maybe not like you or be so likable or you won’t have such strong and loving feelings for them as you imagined you would. I know you’re still quite young and probably not thinking about this too seriously yet, but did making the movie make you think about fatherhood at all? Did it freak you out?

    You know, it took me through a healthy process which was the realization that you really want to be intentional and certain when it comes to the rearing of a child. You want enter that life-long ordeal with a fastened sense of purpose and a complete understanding of what it means and what could potentially happen, which is truly anything. You want to have some sort of degree of preparation.

    But I also don’t think the world needs more people right now. We’ve got seven billion and growing and the worst managed system of resources you could possibly imagine. So more people doesn’t seem like the need, what seems like the need is more people who come from solidified intentional roots, you know what I mean? I would like to think that someday I might be able to form the foundation of whatever the crazed family situation might be that would bring up a child who could feel that they had, as they truly do, all the possibilities of the world at their fingertips. That they could hate me, and they could reject everything I stand for, and be completely unlike me and that I would have a fastened intention to accept that and even support that. “Yes, hate me. Good. That’s a good solid human perspective. Let’s talk about why you hate me,” you know what I mean? That’s the reality of parenting. Every child hates their parent at some point or another, so if a parent is entering pregnancy or birth or whatever just expecting a loving, happy relationship the whole way through, they probably shouldn’t be having a child. And in that regard, I support contraception of every form. [laughs]Especially art contraception.

    The film certainly does a good job warning the audience that, while the chances may be slim that your child will come out like Kevin, he or she certainly won’t always be a delight.

    I feel like all of the hardest situations that a human being can endure begin with that human being having a child. That is something to seriously consider and then be comfortable with before you decide to bear one. 

    So, how was it working with Tilda Swinton, one of the most incredible and unique actors, um, ever?

    [groans with pleasure] (really?)It was amazing. Amazing! In terms of an educational experience, it was like Neo in “The Matrix” closing his eyes and then opening them and being like, “I know kung fu.” Because just … just being around her, you can’t really see what she’s doing, but you can feel what she’s doing. That is, like, the most invaluable lesson I’ve ever been given. Feeling her letting each singular, microscopic beat of a scene necessitate her performance, you know, when done correctly is nothing short of true magic. It was like some street urchin getting to hang out with Merlin. Unfortunately, because it’s the question I’m asked most, there’s very little I can say about it because who she is as an individual, just as a human being, is ineffable and what she does as an artist is also, like, impossible to describe. I’ve found myself in this sort of blubbering situation a number of times because she is beyond words, as all of the great, valuable things in life seem to be. She totally defies linguistics and verbalizations. 

    What scene was the most difficult for you to film?

    You know … different scenes were difficult in different ways. As an actor finding the character of Kevin, that last scene required the most investigation, the most thought and consideration. It took the most focus into how to find that place within a character that he has hardly found.

    But then, from the perspective of just me as a human being, firing arrow after arrow with the chronic thought that I was killing people? And really sort of heightening that condition within myself so that there was a point where I was really almost, like, hallucinating. That scene only appears in tiny cuts, but we filmed it a few times. I fired like 20 arrows into the dry board, but by the end, I could see these kids dying … you know, like, twitching on the ground. That was just difficult on the level of, like, what happens when they call cut? Essentially, I had to run off set and, like, cry for a little while. i felt this very intense thing where reality merged with art and all of the sudden, I’ve killed somebody. I haven’t … but I have. You know? it’s a strange thing. If you can imagine something well enough it is the same thing as perceiving something in reality. 

    How deep do you go…

    That’s the beauty of the art form but it’s also the threat, the danger, of the art form.

    Let’s talk about the next film you have coming out, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

    I think that if the magic of the product is in any way, even marginally, representative of the magic of the experience of creating that story, with that group of kids out there in Pittsburgh, then it’s on. It’ll be fantastic. 

    Your character in the movie is an older kid who introduces a younger, more innocent type to his first experiences with sex and drugs — so, who introduced you to those things?

    It’s funny … I had a group of friends when I first entered high school, who were seniors when I was a freshman, who did. They were my guardian elders who brought me into the fold of all sorts of vice and into the realm of, you know, teenage social existence, which is really the foyer to adult social existence. These kids were all artists in their own right, and they recognized me as being much younger but also being equal on some level, in that I was also pursuing artistry in my life. They gave me some valuable tips. 

    One of them, this girl Maggie Watts, actually introduced me to the book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s like a full circle. Back then, I was in the position of the main protagonist of that book, Charlie, the young kid who’s just entering that realm and trying to figure out how participation could possibly work. Then Maggie, who was much older than me, also my my first girlfriend, Esther, introduced me to that book, which then, like, four years later on the dot, I got sent the script for to fulfill essentially what was their role. If you want to talk about a mind-boggling metaphysical, art/life loop, that’s certainly one of them. 

    Do you keep in touch with those friends? Have you told them you’re in the film adaptation?

    Oh yes, absolutely and they just think it’s hilarious and amazing that I am Patrick in the movie. It’s very mind-blowing for all of us.

    What kind of parts are you hoping to play in the future? Is there any interest in doing bigger budget stuff or are you happy doing indie movies?

    I’m really happy doing films where the content rings in a genuine sense; where I feel the resonation of the truth of the story just, like, in my chest when I read the script and throughout the experience of making it. That’s my interest. That doesn’t exclude any range of budget or type of character or genre of film. For me, I’m very happy to wait, I’m very happy to potentially not work for awhile, or whatever might be the requirement in order to keep doing work that I can, throughout the process — up to this point where I am trying to talk to someone about it — feel that the story has a ring of truth or there’s a ripple effect where it touches true nature somewhere along its path. Because otherwise, it’s not the art form I love, you know what I mean? Bad film isn’t film. It’s Wonderbread. There’s no nutrients so there’s no substance, so it doesn’t exist. It’s iceberg lettuce.

    I still think he likes to get high before interviews. I also think he's rather insightful, or at least good at fully articulating his emotions, but it comes off really pretentious in print.
    The thing that struck me most immediately about the movie is how Kevin wasn't casted to look like the embodiment of evil. Ezra is obviously very attractive and the little boys who played the young Kevins were so precious.

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