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    Selena Gomez is a Woman of the Year because… “She’s giving back to people who need help, because of her own life experience…. She’s the exception to so many rules. ” —singer and friend Taylor Swift

    Here are six of our favorite moments from our interview with Selena Gomez. To read the full story, pick up the December issue of Glamour on newsstands November 6, or download the digital issue now.

    On looking back at how her mom raised her and if she feels grateful…
    “[Nods] Uh-huh! I definitely didn’t appreciate it when I was little. I was frustrated that my parents weren’t together, and never saw the light at the end of the tunnel where my mom was working hard to provide a better life for me. I’m terrified of what I would have become if I’d stayed there. I’m sure I’d have two children by now. But I love the people, and I’m glad I grew up there. It’s because of [my mom] that I can do things on my own. I like being professional. I like showing up on time. I like being good to people, and I know that I’m reflecting her at the end of the day.”

    On her most eye-opening moments as UNICEF’s youngest-ever U.S. ambassador…
    “When I went to Ghana with my mom and my stepdad for UNICEF. That entire trip was life changing. There were kids playing with plastic bottles—they got a bunch of rubber bands and put the bottles together and made a soccer ball—and that was their entertainment; they were so happy! If you think how we live our lives here, we need so much to keep us entertained, and we expect so much. And these kids want an education so badly. I mean, I hated homework, and they want it; it’s amazing. I also participated in the Global Poverty Project’s Live Below the Line campaign, where I lived on $1.50 a day for a week—such a cool experience.”

    On if she feels like she is talking to two engaged fan bases at once (her own and boyfriend Justin Bieber’s)…
    “Yeah, and I adore his fans. I would never, ever want to disrespect them. You know, I get it: I was obsessed with Jesse McCartney growing up! He was my world. My high school crush. So I respect it, and if anything, I admire it.”

    On if her 15-year-old self would be surprised at what her life looks like now…
    “Yeah, because I was so scared and so shy back then. I mean, I grew up in one of the biggest high schools in the world, and that’s the Disney Channel. Everybody was falling in love with each other or not liking each other, and it was exhausting…and I was the shy one in the corner. And now I’m so opinionated, and I don’t have time for the cattiness. I have good people around me, and I’m glad I’m at the place I’m in. I wish I was there back then.”

    On not letting negativity affect her…
    “If I had let all of the negative stuff affect me, I don’t think I would be satisfied with the person I am now. That’s what I tell my fans: If you’re miserable with everything going on in school, that is so not going to matter the moment you leave. My mom always told me, “Just turn the other cheek and keep moving forward.” That’s something I’ve always done, and now I look back and I have no regrets.”

    On if she ever has time to see best friend Taylor Swift and boyfriend Justin Bieber and if they text constantly to stay in touch…
    “Basically! I actually did talk to Taylor last week, and we were like, “I don’t even remember the last time I saw you,” which is really unfortunate. But if it gets too dire, I fly to Taylor or I fly home or I fly to Justin.”

    Source 1, 2

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    Aussie Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe hopes his revealing new autobiography will finally set the record straight about his sexuality as well as other personal details which have the subject of rampant media speculation.

    Promoting "This Is Me," Thorpe tells Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter Leigh Sales that his frustration with the persistent gay rumors has noting to do with his thoughts on homosexuality in general.

    "Yeah, look, the thing that I find hurtful about it is that people are questioning kind of my integrity and what I say," Thorpe said. "That's the only part that I find hurtful. Like is that, you know, this is something that I would be embarrassed about, that I would hide or whatever else."

    He also clarified, "I don't want to offend anyone that, you know, whether they're people [who] have friends that are gay or whatever else, I don't want to offend them by...getting angry about it, getting frustrated about it. The only part that I'm frustrated with is that people think that I'm lying."

    In the interview, the 30-year-old athlete also came clean about about battles with depression and alcohol.

    "There was a period where, for me, [alcohol] was my solution...I would drink and then basically wake up the next day and feel even worse for having drunk, done nothing about the depression and still have to go on like everything's normal," he recalled.

    With three gold and two silver medals, Thorpe was the most successful athlete at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, but failed to make the team in 2012 after competing at Australia's Olympic trials. With five Olympic gold medals under his belt, though, the swimmer also known as "The Thorpedo" holds the record for the most won by any Australian.


    I think he is adorable. I loved his Olympic coverage especially when he defended Ye Shiwen.

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    The flawless Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley make fun of Taylor Swift and dance Gangnam Style during the CMA opening.

    Taylor joke starts around 1:25, dancing at 2:50. They're cute hosts!

    source: youtube

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    Aaaaaaaaannd the dagger is back.  Also, Julie Plec is officially writing her scenes based off her sexual fantasies.

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    Drummer Jeremy Gara: "We're in the studio full-time doing what we do."
    By Jenn Pelly on October 25, 2012 at 01:17 p.m.

    Photo by Anton Corbijn

    Today, Arcade Fire's drummer Jeremy Gara gave an interview to Ottawa radio station CKCU 93.1, where he was a DJ in the 1990s, as Arcade Fire Tube notes. Gara said Arcade Fire are currently in the studio working full-time on their follow-up to The Suburbs, which should be out by the end of next year.

    The band had to leave their old studio, a church, because the roof collapsed, but they have a new space that's coming together as they work. Gara said Owen Pallett has already recorded there.

    Gara described their current process:

    We are just working like we always have. We took a couple months off and we've been writing songs. Now we're in the studio pretty much full-time just doing what we do. And we kind of shut the door. We haven't really gone out and done anything in over a year now. We haven't done photos or interviews or anything. We're just working on music and growing beards and living at home a lot and going out to dinner together.

    But he added that they're not working within a timeframe:

    We're not that far into a record, but we've been working for a few months now. We are under no pressure from record labels or management or whatever to do anything on any sort of schedule. We're just working. We have no deadlines. It's kind of coming along.

    Gara also predicted that METZ will win the Polaris Prize next year.

    He also noted that, for some members of the band, the idea of raising a family is becoming a priority. And he said the band has been brainstorming ways of making arena shows more interesting, drawing bits of inspiration from Coldplay and Springsteen. "We don't hand-off that work," he said. "We want to stay engaged."


    Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen to Perform at Obama Rally, Arcade Fire's Win Butler Writes Pro-Obama Essay

    Butler: "I want four more sweet years of Canadians liking Americans"
    By Jenn Pelly on November 1, 2012 at 07:50 p.m.

    With the Presidential election only days away, artists are continuing to voice support for President Barack Obama. On Monday, both Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen will perform at Obama's rally in Columbus, Ohio, as The Washington Post reports. Springsteen will also play at Obama's final rally in Des Moines, Iowa; Michelle Obama will join onstage.

    In related news, Arcade Fire's Win Butler today voiced support for the President in an essay for Dave Eggers and Jordan Kurland's 90 Days, 90 Reasons project. (Ben Gibbard and Superchunk's Mac McCaughan have also contributed.) "I want four more sweet years of Canadians liking Americans," wrote Butler, who lives in Canada but is an American citizen.

    Butler emphasized the value of Obama's ability to communicate effectively with foreign nations:

    The Republicans will try to convince America that President Obama being a good communicator is somehow a bad thing. In fact, this kind of personal charisma is perhaps the most direct way a president can pursue America's interests abroad. The most compelling recent example of President Obama's abilities as a communicator came in his recent address to the United Nations. This speech was broadcast all over Canada and the world, and it detailed America's vision for human rights, democratic change in the Middle East, and its priority to change the global status of women. I felt so proud that our president understands that there are global moral imperatives that unite us all.

    Watch President Barack Obama's message from Jay-Z's recent Made in America festival:

    Yay, I'm excited. Since some members want to have little nuggets this might be the last album for awhile.


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    Christina Aguilera is supposedly “fuming with jealousy over Lady Gaga’s new perfume, Fame,” reports Star magazine.

    According to a so-called “insider” for the magazine, “Christina is threatened by any successful woman, but Gaga really gets under her skin.”

    “Christina’s fragrance line is her baby, and she’s extremely territorial — especially since her album sales have tanked,” explains the Star source.

    The outlet alleges that Aguilera is calling her fellow singer a “beast.”

    “When Gaga first arrived on the scene, Christina predicted she’d be a one-hit wonder,” says the mag’s source. “It drives her crazy that she was so wrong.”

    What’s more, the tabloid says there could be an actual confrontation between the two stars looming.

    “Christina can be really low-class and has been saying she wants to kick Gaga’s ass!” declares the Star insider, adding, “They could easily end up at the same party, especially with the holidays coming up. Things could really get out of hand.”

    Oh, my!

    So are Aguilera and Gaga really close to rumbling at an upcoming Christmas soiree, asStar suggests?


    It turns out the tabloid that’s recently run some ridiculous stories about both singers is flat out WRONG here, too.

    A source close to Aguilera tells Gossip Cop “it’s not true” that she and Gaga have any beef, adding, “they actually really like each other.”


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    Phillip Phillips’s ‘The World From The Side Of The Moon’: Exclusive Album Audio Preview!

    Phillip Phillips became an overnight sensation after winning "American Idol" this year. So perhaps it's fitting that the recording process for his post-"Idol" debut album, The World From The Side Of The Moon--the preview of which is premiering right here, right now--was just as much of a whirlwind. Coming off summer 2012's Idols Live Tour, Phillip had just THREE weeks to record the album, and even now he admits, "I'm still shocked that I did it!"

    Explains Phillip, "At first it was going to be coming out in December, then February, and then [the label] came back and said they wanted to get it out by November. And I was like, 'Aw, crap!' I have no idea how we did it. A lot of hours. We were in the studio for at least 13, 14, 15 hours a day, just getting work done."

    In retrospect, Phillip thinks the crazy deadline was actually a blessing in disguise. "I think it was best to have a really short amount of time, because we didn't overanalyze things.  I didn't want to overproduce anything, anyway. I didn't want to do anything that I couldn't perform live; I really wanted to keep it raw. So it was an awesome experience, having to get everything done that fast and learning so much in such a short amount of time."

    And how did Phillip's health hold up during this grueling experience, considering that he underwent major kidney surgery shortly after his "Idol" victory and shortly before going on tour? "My health is awesome," he insists. "I couldn't ask for anything better. The doctors did an awesome job. I still have to watch what I eat, to help prevent problems from happening again, and I have to take a few medications, but I'm doing really good."

    Aside from all these pressures, Phillip was in fact afforded some luxuries and freedoms in the studio that past Idols haven't enjoyed--which thankfully prevented his album from sounding like a rush job. First of all, he was able to work with only one producer, Greg Wattenberg (Train, Daughtry, Goo Goo Dolls, Five For Fighting), to create a cohesive sound--when other Idols in the past have had so many producers, their CD booklets required multiple extra pages to fit in all the credits. Additionally, Phillip was able to record several of his pre-"Idol" original compositions, and he wrote or co-wrote all but two of the 11 new, non-"Home" tracks recorded for the album. He even got to recruit his brother-in-law, Ben Neil, to play lead guitar on the album and co-write one of the cuts, "Drive Me."

    Interestingly, Phillip credits this to his good working relationship with Jimmy Iovine, the Interscope Records hothead with whom he famously butted heads during his "Idol" stint. "Jimmy has been awesome and really respectful, and it's been amazing to have that, since he's such a huge guy in the industry," Phillip says. "I was definitely a little nervous about working with him, because you can't really tell Jimmy Iovine that he's wrong! He kind of knows best, because he's worked with some of the greatest artists in the world. But he let me do so much on this album."

    Phillip received flak from Jimmy and the "Idol" judges during Season 11 for some of his obscure song choices and arrangements--"arty" was one adjective that was tossed around, disdainfully--but Phillip insists that when he was in the studio, he learned how to balance "American Idol's" commercial pressures with his own artistic tendencies. "I definitely got to be 'arty' a lot! But I also learned to write songs that were more simple. That was a learning experience for me, but I like to have a little bit of a challenge. But they learned from me, too. Sometimes they'd be like, 'That's a little strange...but I like it!' So I fought for it. It was a give and take from everybody. But I think the album is arty.

    "It's an album that really represents me and it really comes from my heart, so I really hope people can connect with it," Phillip states. "Hey, maybe people will like at least just one song!"

    Oh, we think people will like more than one song. Listen to 60-second snippets of all 12 songs above, and check out Phillip's track-by-track commentary below!

    Man On The Moon (written by Phillip Phillips) - "I wrote that song by myself. It's just me, the music and lyrics. It's a song about someone trying to be somebody that they're not, and how you need to be yourself no matter what. But I had that song written right before 'Idol,' so I wasn't really thinking about that. It's something more personal. I don't want to say what it's about right now. Maybe if I get a 'VH1 Storytellers' someday, I will..."

    Home (Greg Holden, Drew Pearson) - "This song [which has sold 2 million downloads] has just been a blessing to me. I couldn't ask for anything better. I've grown more into the song; each time I play it, I make it more of my own and do some fun things to make it more different, to make it more me."

    Gone Gone Gone (Derek Fuhrmann, Todd Clark, Gregg Wattenberg) - "This is just a beautiful love song--but it's not cheesy. I really like how it plays out. It has a serious feel to it, like, 'I'll be at your side, no matter what.' But it doesn't have to be about a girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be about anyone that you love dearly--a family member or something."

    Hold On (Phillip Phillips) - "I wrote this one a while back. It's about how when I was a little younger, after graduating college, people would say, 'You'll find yourself out in this world. You'll find out who you are later in life.' Which is kind of true...but they don't know me at all, so they don't know if I've found myself already or not! So that's what the song means. Have I found myself? I don't know! It's a big world out there."

    Tell Me A Story (Phillip Phillips, David Ryan Harris) - "I had the music mostly written during 'Idol,' but I never wrote any words to it. After I won, I wrote the first verse and half of the second verse, but then I was just stumped. So they brought in David Ryan Harris, an awesome songwriter. It took us maybe an hour or two to come up with a second verse. He wrote it, and I loved it. It's a story about hope, I guess--about not being scared of what's around you, and trying to take it all in. It's a sweet love song, too, saying not to be scared to just go out there."

    Get Up Get Down (Phillip Phillips, Gregg Wattenberg, Derek Fuhrmann) - "This is a funky song, a fun song. It'll be fun to play live. The verse has a nice melody, but when the chorus comes in, it gets a bit aggressive. This one is also about going out there and experiencing the whole world."

    Where We Came From (Phillip Phillips, Jon Green) - "I wrote this with Jon Green, from London. Such a nice, awesome guy. I showed him an idea I had, a funky guitar part, and I was thinking of making it a bigger song--but once we got to the chorus, he kind of brought it down and made it a little more mellow. And I enjoyed that. It's catchy, but lyrics-wise, it's got some good meaning to it. It's got darker lyrics."

    Drive Me (Phillip Phillips, Ben Neil) - "That's a song me and my brother-in-law Ben wrote a while ago. It was a pretty heavy rock song, but we tried to lighten it up to fit the album more. It's basically about going to a bar or club, and trying to look for a good-looking lady! Ben should tell [Phillip's sister, to whom Ben is married] that it's not autobiographical! [laughs]"

    Wanted Is Love (Phillip Phillips) - "I wrote that one two or three years ago, but I changed up the lyrics for this album. It's kind of a deep song, about how everybody wants to be loved in some way, and how it's not wrong to feel that way. Some 'tough guys' might want to sound romantic, but I'm like, there's nothing wrong with being romantic, or with loving someone. It's okay to want to be loved."

    Can't Go Wrong (Phillip Phillips, Greg Holden, Drew Pearson) - "I wrote this with the guys who wrote 'Home.' We got in the studio, met each other, and this 'Idol' thing was all new to them, too. We wrote it in three or four hours, maybe, and I really liked how it turned out. We wanted to keep it similar to 'Home,' but I told them I wanted more of a rockish feel, not too folky. It's just a good song about not losing yourself. For me, it was about my whole experience with 'Idol,' about not losing who I am and sticking to my ground."

    Fool's Dance (Phillip Phillips) - "I wrote this a year or two ago. It's a very personal song, a very dark song, about how you think you know someone, and you've known them a long time--and then something changes in the blink of an eye, and they're not the same person that you thought they were. But everything works out in the end, because I love the song. And I like that it's a little bit darker."

    So Easy (Stephen Wrabel, Peter Amato, Pete Salis) - "This is a just a good little love song that maybe people will like. Who wrote it? Honestly, I have no idea! I was hoping you wouldn't ask. [laughs] I think it'll be a pretty good song after I make it more of my own and play it out live."

    Holy shit! Call me bias, but I'm very impressed with the previews of his debut album, including his own solo compositions.


    Plus Phillip's "debut" single, "Where We Came From", will be released on Nov. 6:

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    On the last episode of the Real Housewives of Miami, Adriana De Moura and Joanna Krupa had a physical altercation at Lisa Hochstein's lavish charity party-turned-pit of reality television drama.

    De Moura laid a slap on Krupa (watch the incident below), but which woman threw the first blow? The cast gives their take on what really happened:

    Alexia: I refuse to continue talking about this crazy party. You the viewer I feel have seen enough to make up your mind about this whole mess and about the characters involved. I feel the point has been made and furthermore actions speak louder than words (and there was definitely lots of action)! You be the judge of it. Who are the bullies now? Who are the mean girls? And why would Joanna even be calling Adriana the devil, perhaps she was referring to someone else.


    Most people who are invited guests at my home understand the correct way to conduct themselves and are simply there to have a good time, not to stir the pot or make it about them.

    So many failed to exercise restraint at my party in one way or another. Shame on all involved! Looking back I should have tossed them all out! They made it about them and not my event.

    I thought the best way to get past this was to invite the girls into the kitchen away from the madness to have a drink together. Apparently this was not a wise decision. Adriana and Joanna seemed to have disregarded my wishes completely.

    Adriana decided that she would confront Karent about the Botox for brains news article and Joanna decided to come to Karent’s rescue. Although this conversation should have been had at another time, it should have been between Karent and Adriana. Things were said that clearly touched nerves and escalated this argument quickly. Joanna should not have chased Adriana as she tried to walk away. And Adriana should have used more self-control and not smacked her. There is never an excuse for physical violence. I really did not see who assaulted whom first. It is possible that Joanna grabbed Adriana from behind.

    Either way, it was wrong and I was unhappy with both of them. Confrontations mixed with alcohol make for very bad hangover.


    Then there is the fight, which was ONE of the most frightening things I have ever seen in my life; everyone was really shaken up. It was a dreadful situation for everyone (those directly involved and the onlookers). I hope I never have to witness anything like that again. But there is a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel and that is that Lisa raised money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a cause that is very close to my heart.


    Being physically attacked by Joanna was one of the most traumatic moments of my life. I had no choice but to act instinctively in self-defense, since I was under physical attack[...]

    First she insulted me, making fun of what I was wearing and said I was "wearing a turd on my head." Like that wasn't enough, she even dissed Elsa, who wasn't even there, by saying: Elsa is a fucking devil, bitch, burn in hell!" I was appalled to see how low she could go, even attacking an older lady, who wasn't even present. At her age she deserves some respect!

    Later she saw the opportunity to gang up on me while I was trying to clear the air with Karent in private. I found myself being cornered by her and her fiancé, who later tried to stop her from going crazy, but she pushed herself past him and went on to curse me out, putting her finger all over my face, told my I was a "nobody," and called me a fucking whore! After all these insults and confrontation, I still manage to disengage and was trying to leave the party when she chased me down the hallway, shouting more insults and trying to stop me. I continue to walk away from her, but when I felt the PAIN of her fingernails in my flesh, my instincts kicked in and I reacted in self-defense[...]

    The whole altercation was very taxing on me emotionally, and I cried a lot when I got home. Never before in my life had I gotten physical with anyone. I had deep scratches in my arms and bruises that lasted for weeks -- that has healed, but the thought of that fight still brings me to a very painful place every time I have to speak about it.


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    Frontman Mitch Lucker of the popular Riverside heavy-metal band Suicide Silence died following a motorcycle crash late Wednesday night in Huntington Beach.

    Lucker, 28, was pronounced dead at 6:17 a.m. Thursday at UCI Medical Center in Orange, according to the Orange County corner's office. The singer was involved in the accident not long after posting a photo to his Twitter feed in which he appeared to be costumed for Halloween.

    "There's no easy way to say this," the band wrote in a statement posted on its Facebook page. "Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely devastating to all of us and we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be forever in our hearts."

    "The world lost an incredible musician today," read a tweet from the band's record label, Hawthorne-based Century Media. "Our hearts are with all friends, family, and fans. RIP Mitch Lucker, you will be missed by many."

    On the band's Twitter feed Thursday it announced: “There will be a candlelight vigil held for Mitch tonight at 8pm in Huntington Beach at Main St. & 12th. This is open to anyone to attend.”

    Suicide Silence released its debut album, "The Cleansing," in 2007 and toured the next year with with Slipknot and Disturbed on the Mayhem Festival. In 2009 Revolver magazine named the band best new talent at its annual Golden Gods Awards. Last year the group put out its latest album, "The Black Crown," and took part in Mayhem for a second time.

    Above is his final tweet.

    Holding you down by your throat
    Just enough to keep your fucking mouth shut
    Can’t stand to hear you scream god
    Because he's not fucking here bitch

    And how does it feel now?

    Don't worry you’re not another rape victim
    It’s just me destroying your beauty

    He leaves behind a daughter; poor thing.


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    The kind folks over at WaterTower Music have given us the exclusive soundtrack album art and track listings for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The first of a trilogy of films from Oscar-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), will be released in the U.S. on December 14, 2012. The soundtrack will be released on December 11th. The soundtrack will be available both digitally and as a 2 CD set.



    Featuring Original Music by Academy Award™ Winner Howard Shore

    With An Original Song Performed by Neil Finn

    2 CD Special Edition Soundtrack Also Available

    (November 1, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA) – WaterTower Music has announced the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack at all retailers on December 11th. The soundtrack will be available both digitally and as a 2 CD set. A Special Edition of the soundtrack featuring six exclusive bonus tracks, seven extended score cues, and deluxe liner notes will also be available December 11. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey features original score by Academy Award® winner Howard Shore recorded at famed Abbey Road studios by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Additionally it includes an original song entitled “Song of the Lonely Mountain,” written and performed by Neil Finn (Crowded House). The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first of a trilogy of films from Oscar-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), will be released in the U.S. on December 14, 2012.

    Shore’s music for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy has been performed in concerts throughout the world. In 2003, Shore conducted the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in the world premiere of The Lord of the Rings Symphony in Wellington, New Zealand. Since then, the work has had over 140 performances by the world’s most prestigious orchestras, and has even been the subject of a book, Music of The Lord of the Rings Films.

    “I have looked forward to returning to the imaginative world of Middle-earth for quite a while,” says Shore. “I read all of the books by Tolkien, including The Hobbit, when I was in my twenties, and his deep love of nature and all things green resonates deeply with me.”

    “It’s a thrill for us to work with Howard Shore on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey soundtrack” stated WaterTower Music head Jason Linn, “His reputation and body of work have long inspired us, and we look forward to another successful partnership as we embark on the next chapter of our journey together.”

    One of today’s most respected, honored, and active composers and music conductors, Howard Shore previously worked with director Peter Jackson on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which stands as his most towering achievement to date. He won three Academy Awards for his music for those films, two for Best Original Score, and one for Best Original Song. Shore has also won numerous other honors for his film work, including four Grammys and three Golden Globe Awards.

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on WaterTower Music in the United States and Decca Records outside the United States. It will be available on December 11, 2012. The track listings for the 2 CD Standard and 2CD Deluxe versions are as follows:


    DISC 1:

    My Dear Frodo
    Old Friends (Extended Version)
    An Unexpected Party (Extended Version)
    Blunt the Knives performed by The Dwarf Cast yesssssss
    Axe or Sword?
    Misty Mountains performed by Richard Armitage and The Dwarf Cast So glorious
    The Adventure Begins
    The World is Ahead
    An Ancient Enemy
    Radagast the Brown (Extended Version)
    The Trollshaws
    Roast Mutton (Extended Version)
    A Troll-hoard
    The Hill of Sorcery
    DISC 2:

    The Hidden Valley
    Moon Runes (Extended Version)
    The Defiler
    The White Council (Extended Version)
    Over Hill
    A Thunder Battle
    Under Hill
    Riddles in the Dark
    Brass Buttons
    Out of the Frying-Pan
    A Good Omen
    Song of the Lonely Mountain (Extended Version) performed by Neil Finn
    Dreaming of Bag End

    A Very Respectable Hobbit
    The Dwarf Lords
    The Edge of the Wild


    Disc 1:
    My Dear Frodo
    Old Friends
    An Unexpected Party
    Axe or Sword?
    Misty Mountains performed by Richard Armitage and The Dwarf Cast
    The Adventure Begins
    The World is Ahead
    An Ancient Enemy
    Radagast the Brown
    Roast Mutton
    A Troll-hoard
    The Hill of Sorcery

    Disc 2:
    The Hidden Valley
    Moon Runes
    The Defiler
    The White Council
    Over Hill
    A Thunder Battle
    Under Hill
    Riddles in the Dark
    Brass Buttons
    Out of the Frying-Pan
    A Good Omen
    Song of the Lonely Mountain performed by Neil Finn
    Dreaming of Bag End
    From Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson comes The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first of a trilogy of films adapting the enduringly popular masterpiece The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

    The three films tell a continuous story set in Middle-earth 60 years before The Lord of the Rings, which Jackson and his filmmaking team brought to the big screen in the blockbuster trilogy that culminated with the Oscar®-winning The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.


    Why would anybody get the standard edition when the extended edition has more songs from Richard Armitage? I need this in my life right now

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    Amanda Bynes can do what she wants.

    The former Nickelodeon star -- whose recent erratic behavior and multiple, driving-related arrests have friends and family fearing that she's headed down a dangerous path -- was the subject of a less-than-flattering In Touch magazine story this week.

    The tabloid claimed the actress, 26, paraded around a NYC tanning salon recently -- wearing nothing but her goggles.

    A witness told the mag Bynes looked "painfully thin" and that "she seemed totally out of it."
    "[She] didn't seem to care that everyone saw her naked," the witness shared. (A store employee countered that Bynes comes in frequently but "is always polite" and "usually just in and out.")

    Needless to say, Bynes isn't pleased with the publication's report on her visit to the salon.
    "I'm suing In Touch for printing a fake story," the furious star told Us Weekly Thursday. "I'm not 'troubled.' I don't get naked in public. I'm 26, a multi-millionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy."

    Bynes herself may not be troubled, but she's got legal troubles a-plenty -- the former What I Like About You star is currently facing a DUI, two hit-and-run charges, as well as two separate charges for driving with a suspended license.

    Following her spring DUI arrest, Bynes took to Twitter to plead her case to a higher power: President Barack Obama.

    "Hey Barack Obama . . . I don't drink," she wrote in June. "Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end."

    In September, TMZ reported that Bynes was dropped by her agent, publicist and lawyer, all within the span of a few weeks.


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    The world has met Cory Matthews — is it time now to meet his daughter?

    The Disney Channel is in the early stages of developing a Boy Meets World sequel series called Girl Meets World, TVLine has learned exclusively.

    Sources say that the cable network is trying to land original series stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel to revisit their roles of sweethearts Cory and Topanga, who married before their ABC sitcom ended its seven-season run. The new series would center on their preteen daughter.


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    If for some reason you think the sparks were flying between Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis when they were on That '70s Show, think again. "Of course they played boyfriend and girlfriend, but they had completely separate lives," Kurtwood Smith, who played Red on the show, told me at last night's premiere of his new movie Hitchcock at the AFI Fest presented by Audi.

    "You have to remember Mila was a kid," he said. "That was awkward for Ashton at the beginning. He was like 19 and she was like 14 or 15." Fast forward to today—Kutcher is 34 and Kunis is 29. They were first linked in April, about five months after Kutcher and Demi Moore ended their marriage. "It's amazing," Smith said of the blossoming relationship. "They're both great people, so I'm happy for them." Perhaps the romance will spark at reunion show of the hit Fox series, which ended in 2006. "Maybe they should get married," Smith laughed. "We'll all go to the wedding and that could be the reunion. It'll be a reality show."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    tbh I always thought Red was a jerk but the episode where he let Jackie help him fix the car was pretty nice.

    1 2 3

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis continued their romantic tour Down Under on Friday.
    The 34-year-old actor - who has been dating his former That 70s Show co-star for six months - opted to mix business with pleasure by taking his 29-year-old girlfriend along on a work related trip to Australia. They pair were spotted in the seaside suburb of Bondi and later walked along the scenic coastline to the neighbouring Bronte beach.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Edit: sorry about the size/orientation of some pics, I'm currently on a farm in the middle of nowhere dying of boredom and working on a computer that's about as fast as dial up circa 1997 so I got frustrated and gave up. Hope everyone is has a great weekend!

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    Azealia talks about
    - getting older
    - attending LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts
    - growing up in NY and cursing a lot
    - classism
    - what cunt means
    - growing up with a single mother
    - taking care of herself

    Azealia talks about
    - being an independent artist on a major label
    - urban slang & Harlem culture
    - what music she's listening to
    - working with producers & the making of Jumanji
    - making new music but not dance music
    - not doing unnecessary promotion

    Azealia talks about
    - not being able to sing in front of her family
    - friends influencing her and introducing her to weed
    - being a good kid
    - what she hungers for

    Sources: 1 l 2 l 3

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    they finished filming this season about half an hour ago. :((
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    Thesp joins Fiennes, Law, Murray, Schwartzman in Anderson pic

    Having established herself as one of the leading dramatic actresses of her generation with turns in "Atonement" and "The Lovely Bones," Saoirse Ronan is looking to try her hand at lighter fare, as she's set to play the female lead in Wes Anderson's next movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

    As Variety first reported, Ralph Fiennes will star in the period pic alongside Jude Law and Anderson regulars Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, among others. While Anderson is fond of working with the same troupe of actors, he has actively recruited international thesps he's never worked with before such as Fiennes, Law and now Irish thesp Ronan.

    The director has said that the story, set 85 years ago in a Hungarian hotel, is partly inspired by the witty films of Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch ("The Shop Around the Corner").

    Anderson is producing the Euro-set pic with his "Moonrise Kingdom" collaborators Scott Rudin and Steven Rales of Indian Paintbrush. Production is skedded to start early next year in Germany.

    Ronan, who was nominated for an Oscar at the age of 13 for her supporting perf in "Atonement," will next be seen in Andrew Niccol's adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novel "The Host," which Open Road Films will release March 29. Thesp is attached to star in Working Title's drama "Mary Queen of Scots" and most recently wrapped Kevin Macdonald's "How I Live Now," while Neil Jordan's "Byzantium" and Geoffrey Fletcher's "Violet & Daisy" are awaiting release.

    Ronan is repped by CAA and Macfarlane Chard.


    irish queen continues to slay ♥

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    NEW YORK -- As New York slowly recovers from Hurricane Sandy, some feel that allowing the Knicks' season opener against the Miami Heat to be played Friday night will help lift the spirits of citizens, but Heat guard Dwyane Wade says it's not appropriate for the game to go on.

    "I just felt that (there were) bigger things to be concerned about than us being here to play a basketball game," Wade said after the Heat's shootaround Friday at Madison Square Garden. "Obviously, sports ... takes people's minds away from things, but I think there are bigger things that need to be done here in this city."

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in conjunction with the NBA, decided to postpone the Knicks' season opener against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday at the Barclays Center in the wake of the storm. But the league and the mayor have decided to proceed with Heat-Knicks at the Garden on Friday night.

    Bloomberg did decide late Friday afternoon to cancel the New York City Marathon, which was scheduled for Sunday.

    The Knicks said Friday that they will have a special pregame ceremony to pay respects to the victims of Sandy but would not provide details.

    Wade plans to make a donation to Sandy's relief efforts, according to ESPN's Rachel Nichols. USA Today reported that Wade will donate his check from Friday's game. Wade makes $156,200 per game before taxes.

    Some Heat and Knicks players have mixed emotions about playing Friday.

    "I think we're all in agreeance when we say getting everything situated and getting everything back up running from the hurricane is more important than the basketball game," LeBron James said. "But there's also people that believe that we need this basketball game for a lot of spirits and a lot of families.

    "So I'm kind of 50-50 with it as well. I'm happy to be here to play a basketball game, but if the people that (are) here at the basketball game or the people that (are) helping out with this game could give their efforts to make the city run and make these families come out of the situation, then I think that's more important."

    Knicks guard Ronnie Brewer also isn't sure about the merits of playing basketball in the aftermath of the storm.

    "I mean, it's hard to say. It's just a game," Brewer said. "... There's people without electricity, people without homes, people who lost loved ones. So I still think our heart goes out to them. We've got to focus on the task at hand. Hopefully this game can uplift some people and give some people in New York something to cheer about.

    "You know, after that game it goes back to real life. There's still people in New York struggling and still need some relief. I think that's important."

    The Heat flew into Newark Airport on Thursday night and traveled to their hotel in New York shortly after landing. The bus ride from the airport to the hotel -- normally a 20- to- 30-minute ride without traffic -- took approximately three hours because of the bottleneck at entry points into Manhattan.

    Wade on Thursday sent a tweet from his verified account that read, "3 hour traffic just to get into the NY city... #C'monMan." He was criticized by some who perceived the tweet to be insensitive. He later clarified his remarks by saying that he thought the game should not be played.

    "We deal with traffic all the time," Wade said. "It was more so that this city is dealing with so much. If we're in the car and we're in traffic for three hours ... what are the other people that are really affected by this, what are they doing? How are they getting around? How are they moving?

    "It was just like, 'C'mon man. We shouldn't be here to play a basketball game. If anything, we should be here to do something to help the city.'"

    source: 1

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    I am both happy about this, and sad. I mean Duke is going to get hurt, theres no way he won’t be.

    Image Hosted by

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    I feel a shit-storm is awaiting my OT3!Both Nathan and Duke are going to get hurt one way or another.


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    source: youtube

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    We've shared some fan-taken on-set photos from the production; now we have our first OFFICIAL set of photos released today - one above, the other below.

    Recapping... British actor/writer/director/producer Amma Asante's period drama, titled Belle, about the trials and tribulations of a mixed-race girl, in the 1700s, stars: Gugu Mbatha-RawMiranda RichardsonTom Wilkinson, Sarah GadonSam Claflin, and Matthew Goode.

    Mbatha-Raw is of course playing the lead role, Belle.

    The project, which was developed and supported by the British Film Institute, with Bankside Films, the UK-based international film sales company repping the £6.5 million ($10.1 million) film, which also co-stars Tom Felton (from the Harry Potter movies), Sam Reid (playing Belle's love interest), James Norton and Penelope Wilton (Downton Abbey).

    Damian Jones (The Iron Lady) is producing, while executive producers are Steve ChristianJulie Goldstein, Ivan DunleavySteve NorrisPhil Hunt and Compton Ross.

    The story takes place in the 1780s, is based on a true story - specifically, the true story of Dido Belle, a mixed-race woman raised as an aristocrat in 18th-century England; it follows Belle, adopted into an aristocratic family, who faces class and color prejudices. As she blossoms into a young woman, she develops a relationship with a vicar's son who is an advocate for slave emancipation.

    Her full name was Dido Elizabeth Belle, born 1761, died 1804; she was the illegitimate daughter of John Lindsay (a white British Naval officer) and an African slave woman known only as Belle.

    We'll continue to watch Belle, so any developments will be reported here.

    It's expected to be delivered in spring 2013.

    Here's the second photo:



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