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  • 10/31/12--17:52: USA cancels Common Law
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    USA Network is dumping Common Law.

    The cable net officially confirms what TVLine strongly hinted at on Monday — the struggling freshman drama will not be returning for a second season.

    The series starred Michael Ealy and Warren Kole as detectives forced into couples’ therapy to save their partnership.

    As TVLine exclusively reported earlier this week, Kole has rebounded with a recurring role on Fox’s upcoming psychological thriller The Following as a devotee of serial killer Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy).

    I was expecting this, but still sad. At least the series finale was perfect. Hope this show comes out on DVD eventually!

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  • 10/31/12--17:54: Wow...
  • Chris Brown's Halloween "costume":

    "Ain't nobody Fucking wit my clique!!!!#ohb"

    he's the one in the middle btw...

    why would

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    It’s Halloween, and some might say: “What an excellent day for an exorcism …”

    It has been almost 40 years since The Exorcist started terrifying moviegoers, and despite countless imitators and special-effects advancements it remains a deeply disturbing cinematic experience.

    Stories from the making of the 1973 film are almost as unsettling.

    Director William Friedkin, who earned an Oscar nomination for the film, sat down with me for a Q&A this week after a screening of the film for the ICM Partners talent agency to discuss some of the most infamous legends surrounding the movie.

    What’s surprising is how much of the story was inspired by true events – as difficult as they are to believe – as well as the sometimes bizarre lengths the cast and crew went through to bring William Peter Blatty’s best-selling novel to the screen.

    Most chilling is the true story Friedkin learned at the start of the production.

    1. Friedkin says Blatty set out to write a non-fiction account of an exorcism that happened to a 13-year-old boy at a psychiatric clinic in 1949, but had to dramatize the story when it became too difficult to get specific details of what happened.

    Those who did speak to Blatty requested that the character be changed to a girl, to help protect the identity of the boy who actually experienced the possession. Friedkin says that child grew up having no memory of the incident, and went on to an otherwise stable life. Friedkin said he recently retired from a long career at, of all places, NASA.

    The filmmaker never met that man, but spoke with family members who described telekinetic activity surrounding the child during his apparent possession.

    “The family was Lutheran and they went through all the stages you see in the film: they went to doctors, clinics, and finally went back to their own pastor in the Lutheran church, who recommended they see a priest,” Friedkin said.

    It’s not that anyone in the medical profession actually believed a demon was the problem, but they thought the power of suggestion might help the boy if he thought it was a true possession. A priest named Father William Bowdern reportedly performed the ceremony, with a younger priest named William Halloran assisting.

    The incident was even mentioned in Halloran’s 2005 obituary in The Washington Post.

    When The Exorcist was in the early stages of production, Friedkin met with the Rev. Robert J. Henle, then president of Georgetown, who secretly passed him an old red folder with Halloran’s diaries and other eyewitness accounts of the true-life exorcism.


    2. You might assume the Roman Catholic Church would be viscerally opposed to seeing one of its more arcane rituals turned into fodder for a horror movie, but Friedkin says many church officials supported The Exorcist at the time.

    Not only did Georgetown’s president, Father Henle, give them documents pertaining to the case, but the role of Father Dyer – the friend and confidante of faith-challenged Damian Karras (Jason Miller) – was played by a real priest, Father William O’Malley, in his one and only screen role.

    “Most of the people at the highest levels of the church accepted it totally because the Roman Ritual of Exorcism is still in the New Testament,” said Friedkin. The director claims church officials later told him they credited the film for inspiring new applicants to be priests and nuns.

    After all, the priests are the heroes of the story. And the message of the film is that there are some matters of the soul that science and medicine can’t fix.

    “The Cardinal in New York preached about it from the pulpit and said great things about it,” Friedkin recalled. “The guy who was the head of the Jesuit order at the time, Father Pedro Arrupe, who was headquartered in Milan, he had his own print of it and would show it to his fellow priests and bishops and cardinals.”

    Of course, not every cleric was a fan. “The cardinal in Boston loathed it and wanted it banned,” Friedkin said. “Billy Graham, who was not Catholic, denounced it from the pulpit and said ‘The Devil is in every frame of this film.’ Now, how he examined every frame, I don’t know.”

    3. There may be truth to demons and possession, according to Friedkin – though he doesn’t pretend to know for sure.

    “I did this film because I believe in the story. This film was made by a believer. The film to me is about the mystery of faith,” Friedkin said. “I know it’s voted this-and-that horror film, but to me it’s about the mystery of faith.”

    Certainly a great many moviegoers believed it. The film caused a spike in people fearing they were possessed, and Friedkin said the movie’s young, doubting priest – actor and playwright Jason Miller (who died in 2001) – would often be accosted by people seeking to have their personal demons cast out.

    “There was a lot of that,” the director says. “I used to walk down the street with Jason in New York and people would come up to him and try to touch his jacket. ‘Father, I have a son, I have a son …!’ And he would say, ‘I’m just an actor!’”

    Stanley Kubrick once told Stephen King that he thought The Shining was an optimistic story – because it suggested there really was life after death. In a similarly twisted way, The Exorcist has the same message about belief in God, of course the devil is part of that package, too.

    “Even if you call yourself an atheist, you have to think about it,” Friedkin says. “None of us has any answers. And as Hamlet said to his friend Horatio, ‘There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’”


    4. The main character is a 12-year-old girl, an innocent corrupted by outside evil. But most 12-year-olds shouldn’t even SEE The Exorcist.

    “I thought for a long time, we could never make this film. We couldn’t cast it,” Friedkin said. “We threw out a net for about 2,000 young girls. And we couldn’t find anybody who could even handle the subject matter.”

    From his office at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York (an ironic address if ever there was one), Friedkin and Blatty had given up and started auditioning actresses who were in their late teens. Then 13-year-old Linda Blair and her mother came in without an appointment, hoping to get a shot at the part.

    At that point, most of Blair’s experience had been modeling clothes for advertisements.

    “She sat down with her mother, and I said, ‘Linda, do you know anything about The Exorcist?’” Friedkin recalled. “She said, ‘Yeah, I read the book. It’s about a little girl who gets possessed by the devil and then does a whole bunch of bad things.’

    “I said, ‘Like what? What kind of things does she do?’” he said, testing her.

    She told him: “‘Well, she hits her mother across her face. And she pushes a man out her bedroom window. And she masturbates with a crucifix.’”

    This was the moment in the story that caused more angst than any other, and remains a deeply controversial part of the movie (even though the scene is shot from behind, so a stand-in could be used.)

    “I look over and her mother is smiling,” Friedkin says. “I asked, ‘Do you know what that means?’ She said, ‘Yes, it’s like jerking off, isn’t it?’”

    When the director took a deep breath and asked if she even knew what that meant, she replied: “’Sure. Don’t you?’”

    “She was the only one of all the young girls I felt would not be destroyed by this experience,” Friedkin says.

    Still, he says, he tried to keep the set light and jokey during her most intense scenes, to alleviate any residual weirdness for her.

    “If she was bothered by it during production, the rest of the cast couldn’t function and nor could the crew,” he said. “In the dailies, you’d see after every take, where she’s saying the most horrific things, I’d say cut, and then one of the prop men would hand her a milkshake and she’d be laughing. The whole thing to her was a game.”

    5. You’ve probably seen that internet prank, where a friend tells you to do a complicated, but seemingly innocuous maze – and just when it demands the most concentration, a shrieking, nightmarish face appears.

    Usually, it’s a smiling shot of Linda Blair in demon make-up from The Exorcist.

    Even four decades later, that look gives new definition to the phrase “hard on the eyes.”

    You can thank Dick Smith, a legendary make-up man who received an honorary Oscar last year, for that contribution to America’s high blood pressure.

    Instead of going for a straight monster look, he and Friedkin decided, “Why don’t we try to do what looks like she scarred herself and these sores will get worse and worse?” the director said. “[Smith] did a lot of research on gangrenous wounds and burn victims. And he brought me a lot of actual photos of people to whom that had happened.”

    It’s ugly work, but someone had to do it.

    6. If you didn’t know about Smith’s expert make-up skills, you’d be forgiven for thinking: Max von Sydow has held up really well over the past 40 years!

    Or, the flip-side: Max von Sydow looks like he has always been in his 80s!

    The truth is, the Swedish actor was only 43 when he made The Exorcist, but was aged to look much older. Friedkin says they chose him for the role not just because he was a great performer, but because “he looked like Father Bowdern,” the real-life priest who performed the 1949 exorcism.

    “His make up took four hours a day,” says Friedkin. For the opening scenes at a desert archaeology dig – which were shot in Mosul, Iraq – the heat soared above 120 degrees, which made the process all the more brutal for the actor.

    “When we finished they would peel it off and the sweat would just pour out of his face,” Friedkin says.

    It’s not quite as bad as the Nazi faces melting at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but it probably made von Sydow’s head feel like one swollen, swimming blister all day long.

    7. Aside from Blair’s sickening make-up, the other key terrifying part of the character is its demon voice.

    Compare the before and after above, as Blair’s voice is replaced by something growling, reedy, and sinister.

    The final demon voice was created without any significant post-production alteration by an Academy Award-winning actress who went to dangerous lengths to create it.

    “I had a lot of trouble devising how the demon would sound,” Friedkin said. “If you read the novel, it says ‘The voice was terrible’ or ‘It was frightening’ … But how do you achieve that?”

    He came up with the notion that the voice should be gender neutral, neither male nor female.

    “I remembered from dramatic radio, this great actress Mercedes McCambridge, who worked a lot with Orson Welles and the great radio performers. I remembered she had a kind of neutral sound,” the director recalled. He tracked her down to a stage production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf in Dallas, and got her to come see a rough cut of the film.

    “Afterward, she said: ‘Do you know anything about me? What do you know about me?’” he recalled. “I said, ‘Only that you’re a really great actress and I remember your voice from 25, 30 years ago.’

    “She said, ‘Well … I’m a practicing Catholic,’ she said, ‘And I am also a drunk. I went through AA, and I’ve had many deep psychological problems, and the church has been like a rock for me.’”

    It seemed like she was getting ready to turn down the project, but instead told him: “’I know what you want me to do for this voice.’”

    Then she added: “’If I do that … I’m going to start drinking again.’”

    8. McCambridge, who died in 2004, told Friedkin she would need to swallow raw eggs to make her voice mucusy, start smoking cigarettes again, and also guzzle booze to get the languid, throaty croak necessary for the demon.

    Since she was falling off the wagon to do the job, she had one other request: “She said, ‘I’m going to want these two priest friends of mine to be with me in the soundstage at all times,’” Friedkin recalls, still with an element of disbelief. “So I agreed to all of that.”

    McCambridge also performed most of the role while strapped to a chair, since that’s how the character was positioned in the movie — even though she later gave interviews saying that didn’t seem necessary to her.

    “I tied her hands behind her back. And she would do the dubbing a line at a time, and often she would ask for more booze and more cigarettes,’” the director said. “What would happen to her voice is you sometimes hear a wheezing sound in addition to the words. That came out of her throat.

    “You’ve experienced that when you’ve had a cold, and you have a sore throat and with the cough medicine, your throat will make several different pitches at the same time. That’s what happened with her.”

    It was a brutal experience for McCambridge, however. “She’d come off a take and then go to a couch in the back where these two priests were and she would collapse in their arms and burst into tears,” Friedkin said.

    Playing the demon pulled up some long-buried ones within herself.

    9. Ellen Burstyn wrenched her back. Max von Sydow’s brother died on the actor’s first day of shooting. And Jason Miller’s young son, Jordan, was struck and nearly killed by a man on a motorbike. (He later recovered fully.) The film was also the last role for actor Jack MacGowran, who played the alcoholic filmmaker who meets a bad end. (He finished the role, but died from the flu before the movie was released.)

    Though it all happened during the making of The Exorcist, Friedkin dismisses any notion the set was actually haunted. Instead, awful things that might have happened during the making of any movie took on a superstitious significance because of the subject matter of this one.
    “There were only a couple strange things, out of the ordinary,” the director claims. “One day at 4 in the morning, I got a call from a production manager and he said ‘Don’t bother coming to work this morning. The set is burning to the ground right now as we speak.’”

    The set, which was the interior of the home where Regan and her mother lived, was located in an old New York soundstage. Though the reason for the fire was never certain, Friedkin believes the cause had claws, wings, and a foul odor…

    “It was an old building. There were pigeons flying around up there, and the theory [the insurance company] paid off on was that one of the pigeons flew into a light box,” Friedkin said.

    Production was shut down for two months. A costly delay, although hardly the worst the devil has ever done.

    10. It’s hardly a secret that Friedkin used subliminal imagery in the film to unsettle viewers, though he likes to say there are a lot of “bulls—t theories” out there.
    The truth is, he used the sound of bees in some early sequences, which triggers an innate fear response in most people. You don’t know why you’re uncomfortable, but fight-or-flight is telling you something dangerous is near.

    The buzzing of bees is a primal fear, but Friedkin said he also layered in “disturbing industrial sounds” in the background of the demon scenes, which also create a subconscious desire to back away from danger.


    The most notable subliminal trick is the “white face” that flashes for just a fraction of a second during Fr. Karras’ dream sequence about his deceased mother. That face, pictured above, was never meant to be fully detected by the audience. “You couldn’t catch it before VHS,” Friedkin laments. “And now you can stop the DVD and stare at it.”

    The face is that of Linda Blair’s stand-in, and the make-up was Dick Smith’s first proposal for the little girl’s demon appearance, before they settled on the mutilation motif. “She had all white face and red lips,” Friedkin said. “I didn’t like the make-up for the demon, but viewed as a quick cut, it’s very frightening.”

    As for other images people purport to see in the film …? Friedkin says that’s just power of imagination.

    Unless, as the Rev. Billy Graham proposed, the devil really did makes its way into some frames of The Exorcist.


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    Jeff Davis is keeping up with his promise to share a Teen Wolf season 3 spoiler with us once a week until the premiere episode next year. This time around, he talks about the different eye colors in werewolves.
    Just like last week, Davis seems to be sharing just about the bare minimum with us in terms of spoilers. But we suspect that they’ll get juicer the closer we get to the start of season 3.
    Today he’s teased us with some information about the different eye colors we’ve seen in our favorite werewolves. Scott’s amber eyes were in contrast to Peter’s Alpha-red eyes, which were different from Derek’s (original) blue eyes.
    At the end of season 2, when Jackson turned from the kanima into a werewolf, everyone pretty much assumed his blue eyes meant that he’d had the werewolf trait in him since he was born. We didn’t know much about his parents, after all, and his whole backstory was shrouded in mystery.
    Well, it turns out we may have been wrong.
    In a flashback episode, presumably the one that will be centering around Derek and possibly a hunter at the same time, we’ll learn more about why different werewolves have different eye colors. But here’s the trick (it is Halloween after all): “it has nothing to do with DNA or being a born werewolf.”
    Um, what?
    At the end of last season, everyone had assumed that because Derek had blue eyes before he turned into an Alpha, it was because he had been born a werewolf, not bitten. And since we didn’t know anything about Jackson’s real parents, fans assumed that he had blue eyes because he had actually been born a werewolf too.
    Now that those theories are out, what guesses do you have as to why Derek and Jackson have blue eyes and Scott and the others have golden eyes?


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    It's Matthew Gray Gubler!

    Source: 1 2 3 4 5

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  • 11/01/12--15:57: DELERIUM's MUSIC BOX OPERA

  • has partnered with Delerium to stream their new album Music Box Opera in full. Where else can you get that kind of service?

    THE ALBUM IS NOW IN STORES!, so we are giving you the chance to listen to and absorb it in full, allowing you the chance to "try before you buy!" Oh, you're welcome.

    So put your feet up, perk up your ears and enjoy.

    About Delerium: With Bill Leeb (creator/brainchild of Delerium, Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy) at the helm, the Vancouver electronic outfit - which includes collaborators Rhys Fulber, Jared Slingerland and Jeremy Inkel - fuses ambient and cinematic production with soaring vocals courtesy of a myriad of guests. It's addictive, with its own unique set of charms.


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    Karma can be a bitch, especially for criminal siblings Olivia Wilde and Eric Bana in the new thriller Deadfall (out on VOD and iTunes today). The sister and brother are escaping from a botched casino heist with plenty of cash in tow ... and then their getaway car gets in a crazy accident, eventually splitting the siblings apart in the middle of an enveloping blizzard (which sends Wilde into the arms of co-star Charlie Hunnam). How bad is that car accident? Well, Vulture's got the exclusive clip of the pivotal scene ... and we're not in Olivia-Land anymore, kids.


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  • 11/01/12--16:16: IT'S CONTEST TIME ONTD!
  • GISHWHES... how do I begin to explain GISHWHES? Aside from all car commercials in Japan, generally being flawless and face punching, GISHWHES is The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. An annual scavenger hunt organized by Supernatural's Misha Collins.

    Last year GISHWHES shattered the Guinness World Record for the world's largest scavenger hunt and this year we are going to attempt to shatter the Guinness World Record for the “Most Pledges to Commit a Random Act of Kindness.” The current record is 74,379 pledges held by Guinness Breweries.

    Don't worry, it won't bite! So please help us and pledge to do a Random Act of Kindness. Pledging is FREE and you're not committing to a newsletter or anything (unless you opt in).

    Any act that's "kind" will qualify. We want to better the world and break a Guiness World Record at the same time for the most pledges of Random Acts of Kindness.

    What's in it for me you ask?
    Well aside from being generally awesome and helping break a world record (and by doing so helping out Random Acts, a great charity organization spreading random acts of kindness throughout the globe), an ONTD pledger will be chosen at random to receive a $25 gift card to

    How? - Click here to pledge.
    - List as your referral
    - Comment with a screencap of your pledge with this email listed (And for fun if you want to punch up your screencap and make it pretty/funny you get a double entry for the gift card). Depending on how interesting these are there might be a second and third prize as well :)

    GISHWHES | Random Acts (and a big thanks to brenden for letting me post this :))

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    'Glee' Covers 'Greased Lightning': Exclusive Song Premiere


    The cast of "Glee" will be throwing on their leather jackets and poodle skirts in a couple of weeks, when the show's "Grease"-themed episode airs Nov. 15. In anticipation of the accompanying "Glease" album, which drops on Nov. 6, Billboard has the exclusive premiere of the cast's "Greased Lightning" cover.

    Joining the cast of Fox's "Glee" in time for the "Grease" episode is "Glee Project" winner Blake Jenner, playing the part of New Directions newbie Ryder Lynn. Rumors and photos from the set suggest that Ryder will be cast as Danny Zuko in McKinley High's performance of "Grease."

    The other voices heard on "Greased Lightning" -- which spoilers suggest will be sung at Burt Hummel's auto mechanic shop -- belong to Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans), Samuel Larsen (Joe Hart), Jacob Artist (Jake Puckerman) and Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang). Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) and Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams) are also featured in the scene.

    Auditions for the play will be held during the Nov. 8 episode of "Glee," "The Role You Were Born to Play," when Ryder and Jake compete to star as Danny, and Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Kitty (Becca Tobin) go head-to-head for the role of Sandy.

    The original version of "Greased Lightning," credited to John Travolta, went to No. 47 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978. The film, based on the 1971 musical of the same name and co-starring Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson, was released in June of the same year.

    In the upcoming "Grease" episode of "Glee," the cast will also cover songs like "Hopelessly Devoted to You," "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee," "You're the One That I Want" and "Summer Lovin." Additional songs can be heard later this week at, and the full album is now available for pre-order on iTunes. See the complete list of songs below.

    "Glease" airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday, Nov. 15, the second week after "Glee" season 4 returns from a month-long break. 

    See the full "Glease" album track list: 
    1. Hopelessly Devoted To You  
    2. Born To Hand Jive 
    3. Greased Lightning 
    4. Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee 
    5. Beauty School Drop Out 
    6. Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise) 
    7. There Are Worse Things I Can Do 
    8. You're The One That I Want 
    9. Summer Lovin'


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    1, 2

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    X Factor’s Lucy Spraggan faces elimination from the show, with her still being too ill to perform on the show.


    The Irish Independent report that Lucy has yet to return to ANY rehearsals this week, with just one full day left before the next performance show.

    If she fails to improve in time for Saturday, the newspaper reports that Lucy will be forced to quit the competition.

    The 21-year-old hasn’t been seen with the finalists all week as they attend glam events including the Cosmo awards, instead she’s stuck in the hotel room trying to get better.

    Speaking at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman Of The Year Awards earlier this week, Lucy’s pal Rylan revealed she was still sick and it could force her out of the show.

    “She’s (Lucy) is my priority at the moment. I’m at home looking after her. She’s a bit under the weather. Her health comes first and the show comes second at the moment so if she’s well enough to perform this weekend, then fantastic,” Rylan said.

    But Rylan explained that if Lucy wasn’t well enough, it could see her leaving the show.

    “If not, it will be the right reason for her to leave but we’re all here for her,” he added.

    He said: “It’s just the medication she’s on and how she’s reacting. As long as she gets through that she’ll be back on that stage fighting fit.”

    But it seems like the damage is already done, with William Hill cutting Lucy’s odds of being eliminated this week to 5/1, behind only Kye Sones and Rylan Clark.

    The X Factor 2012 continues this Saturday night on ITV1 with a Number Ones themed night.

    The latest results show follows on Sunday evening, which will feature performances from Rita Ora and No Doubt, as well as one more act being given the boot.


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    Tonight's 'X Factor' live show is being sabotaged by tuna sub sandwiches that left several contestants vomiting -- and now one's even been rushed to the hospital ... TMZ has learned.


    Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Drew from the group Emblem3 went to the set, but had to be hospitalized within the last hour because he couldn't stop heaving up his guts.  We're told he's currently on an IV drip at an L.A. hospital, and may not be back for the live broadcast.

    We're told the vomit-fest started last night when a bunch of contestants and crew members ordered take out to their Hollywood Hills pad -- and almost everyone who ate the tuna salad subs were up sick all night. We'll spare you the details.

    Total casualties: 6 crew members out sick, Camilla from the group 1432 is on set, but yacking non-stop ... and of course, Drew is down for the count.

    We're told Emblem3 is rehearsing without Drew ... and will perform even if he's a no-show.


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    Once Upon a Time Spoiler: When Will We Travel to Neverland?

    Many Once Upon a Time fans are loving every single scene with the sexy and possibly evil Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) this season. But with the introduction to Hook, viewers have been wondering if Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are next.

    Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here.

    According to a new spoiler from E!, we won’t be meeting Peter or Tinkerbell any time soon. Colin O’Donoghue says that the cast and crew are currently filming Season 2, Episode 11, and that “he has yet to film any Neverland scenes … he hasn’t even been told if they are definitely introducing Peter, though he’s hoping OUAT decides to.”

    The Hook-centric episode (Season 2, Episode 4: “The Crocodile”) was one of our favorites, but it did end with a whopper of a cliffhanger. Hook and his rebellious pirate crew use the magic bean Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) wanted to part the seas and head to Neverland. We were hoping to see a glimpse of the magical world where nobody grows up, but it doesn’t sound like we’re going to for a long time.

    Then again, there are several worlds in the OUAT universe that we have yet to visit, including Oz. We wouldn’t rule out a peek at Neverland this season, not to mention Peter Pan and Tink.

    Plus, we know Ethan Embry was just cast, meaning he could just be playing a grown-up Peter. He certainly has the right twinkle in his eyes!

    Catch the next new episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

    I think that Henry is going to be Peter Pan.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Britney Spears' family just scored a major court victory.
    A judge has dismissed Sam Lutfi's entire lawsuit against the pop star and her parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears, ruling that his allegations of libel, breach of contract and battery just don't hold water.
    Breaking news, more to come...

    "I really thought long and hard," said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Brugera in announcing her decision, "so the motions are to all the defendants and all the causes of action. That is the right thing to do, so I am going to do it."

    Jamie and Lynne filed a motion yesterday to have Lutfi's battery and breach-of-contract claims thrown out, arguing that Britney's self-proclaimed ex-manager never suffered any injury during a purported altercation with Jamie back in 2008, and that no legal contract was in place that had entitled Lutfi to the back salary he claimed Britney owed him.
    "It was not a planned event," attorney Michael Aiken told the judge at today's hearing, referring to Jamie making contact with Lutfi on the morning on Jan. 29, 2008, after Britney had an emotional episode that attracted a bunch of media attention the previous night. "It was purely an incident that occurred on the spur of the moment. Whether we call it a punch or a poke, the fact of the matter is, he wasn't hurt. There was no preplanned event."
    "Lufi said [he] was going to be fine and how can you award damages to someone who said he was fine?" argued Aiken.

    Lutfi's attorney counterargued that, just because someone didn't suffer broken bones or call the police, that doesn't mean he wasn't harmed.
    "I think if there is a touching, that is the tort and the jury could assess damages as they wish," said lawyer Joseph Schleimer, saying the injury comes from the immediate physical pain and the hurt feelings.
    Britney's attorney, Joel Boxer, then launched into the breach-of-contract claim, saying there was no contract and, even if there had been, Britney was feeling pressured and would have been under "undue influence" from Lutfi to agree to something.

    Schleimer countered, stating that Britney still had others in her life, such as business manager Howard Grossman, to advise her on financial matters, and that his client was never properly compensated for the work he did for Britney.
    "Twenty-four hours a day with Britney Spears, I think, is very challenging," Schleimer said. "Twenty-four hours a day is a tough job."
    "Clearly this was a contract by stealth if it was a contract at all," Boxer said.

    As for the libel claim over Lynne Spears' 2008 memoir, Through the Storm, in which she accused Lutfi of manipulating her daughter in a chapter titled "The General," Lynne's attorney argued that there was a complete absence of malice on her part.
    If Lynne believed what she had been told—that Lutfi had ground up pills to medicate Britney without her knowledge, unplugged her phone, hid her dog, etc.—then she was not guilty of having reckless disregard for the truth, argued attorney Stephen Rohde. (Lutfi denied doing these things and telling Lynne he had done them.)
    Lynne "stuck to her guns" and never wavered on the witness stand, Rohde said.

    "I am going to appeal," Lutfi told reporters as he headed for the elevator outside the courtroom.
    All parties are due back in court tomorrow, when the jury will officially be informed that the case has been dismissed.

    The trial lasted for eight days and kicked off with a number of Lutfi-provided bombshells about Britney's troubles during the time in question, following her divorce from Kevin Federline and before her father became a conservator of her estate.

    helll yeah, everyone go watch xfactor to celebrate ;*


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    Lyric 145 find their fate tonight.

    "The eyepatch was actually something I was really ashamed of."

    A little overshare to start things off: we at Wetpaint are obsessed with X Factor Season 2 contestant Lyric Da Queen. We have been since we first heard her name and, after talking with her about her group Lyric 145, we are likely to continue our musical crush on her forever. Here’s why:

    Hey Lyric, how’s it going? Can you tell we’re obsessed with you (laughs)?

    I’m excited. I see the website all the time. Even before the actual auditions, that was one of the sights that I’d seen that had actual positive things to say about what I could possibly bring to the competition and what I could do. I definitely remember that.

    Good. Even the people who cover other shows ask about you, like “What’s the deal with the girl with the eyepatch?” We love the way you’ve made it a brand. Can you tell us the story behind it?

    Yeah, the eyepatch was actually something I was really ashamed of when I found out I had to wear it. Now it’s just become this thing. In 2008 I went completely blind because of a condition called keratoconus. What happened was my eyes both turned gray and the cornea was inflated. So I had a cornea transplant then like three days before my first audition, an incident happened in LA and I ended up going into emergency surgery on my left eye. So now I don’t have my vision again in my left eye, and I don’t have my iris — which is the colored part. It’s black instead of brown — and I don’t have my lens. My cornea did get stitched and I’m going through a healing process right now. I pretty much wear the patch for protection and my eye’s extremely sensitive to light because I don’t have an iris.

    I was actually supposed to be in the hospital for 2 ½ weeks, but I ended up discharging myself like three days after the incident because I had to audition for The X Factor. I was so discouraged, cuz at my first audition I had like a plastic patch over my eye with tape on it.

    It looks baller. It’s a harrowing story, but it’s a good look. I bet there will be a few Lyric Da Queen kids out for Halloween.

    Yeah, I’ve already got a few pictures (laughs). Eyepatches with skull and bones.

    You’re a badass rapper and MC. Where’d that come from?

    It started young. It was one of those things that kind of chose me. I was like eight and I wrote my mother like a book of songs — not just rap songs, but country songs, rock songs, R&B songs, every type of genre. It’s funny because I wrote this book and you can actually tell the difference between them. I think she still has it. So, like, ever since then, music has been my obsession. Whatever I was going through, I was writing music, like in elementary school. And since then, it’s been non-stop.

    Do you play instruments, too, or is it mainly your voice? Do you sing?

    No, I don’t play instruments but I write every single genre of music. I don’t sing it as far as recording it, but I can sing it for the artist so they’d know how it should be sung.

    Rad. Have you sold any of your songs?

    Yeah, I have. Not to anyone you would probably know, but quite a few people I’ve been a ghostwriter for. It’s definitely something I’m looking into for the mainstream.

    That’s good. If you listen to a lot of what’s on the radio, we could use some good songwriters (both laugh).

    Yeah, hopefully I can change that.

    What was the feeling when you didn’t make it through as an individual, but rather as a group with One4Five?

    I mean, initially in the first ten seconds, I was like “I’m being put in a group? Nah, you can’t be serious.” I’ve been a solo artist all my life but I had to really take in what was going on. Ya feel me? I looked at who they were going to put me in a group with, and I thought “Oh, this might actually work.” The chemistry between me and the guys is so real it’s not even funny. Before we were even put in a group, we had mad chemistry. We come from the same background, we like the same music, our views on life are pretty much the same — it’s like pieces of a puzzle.

    Yeah, your Judges’ House performance was incredibly tight. How did you choose the song “Party in the USA” and how did it all come together?

    We wanted to do something unexpected, ya know what I’m sayin? You see three rappers, you pretty much know what to expect. So I wanted to be when that beat dropped in the beginning, I wanted it to be like “are they seriously doing this song?” I wanted to show how diverse we were when it comes to music.

    Can you define your sound or what you want to sound like?

    I think what we’re trying to do is create a hip pop sound, ya know what I’m saying? Cuz it’s always extremely pop or extremely hip hop. I think what we are going to do is get the pop audience, but we’re gonna get the hip hop respect. We’re still going to concentrate on the lyrical side of the music. It’s not just “cat, bat, hat”-type rap. There’ll be messages in what we talk about, but you’ll still be able to dance to it. Ya know what I’m saying? Have fun with it.

    Totally. What kind of artists have influenced you and the guys?

    Well, my favorite rappers are Jadakiss, Andre 3000, and Eminem. I’m influenced by Jadakiss because he created some of the different rhyme schemes some of the greatest artists use today — even though he doesn’t always get credit for it, he created some of those different structures and ways to rap.

    Eminem made it okay to tell the truth. He say things and you know he’s not lying. He tells you the truth, whether you like it or not. Andre 3000 brought the creative side to rap — he made it fun and made it so you have to think about what he’s saying. For me, I’m incorporated with all of them.

    The boys like them as well. And they’re from New York, so they’re big fans of, like, Naughty by Nature. We’re a correlation of all those artists into one.

    What’s the feeling within the group in terms of who’s the main MC, or do you have defined roles?

    Honestly, we try to keep it real. I don’t look at anybody as the main person. I don’t really know how the public views it, but when we do a song, he gets 8 bars, he gets 8 bars, I get 8 bars. It’s not like “you’re doing way more and you’re doing the background.” However the public views it is how they view it. We try to keep it so no one’s getting a shot more than another.

    It’s tough because with X Factor, the editing makes it a little different. Do you think maybe you’ve gotten more screentime?

    I think the eyepatch is making me stand out.

    Do you guys fight?

    No, we really don’t. They brothers, so you know how brothers are. Between us, it’s all vibin’ and chillin’. We it. I think of them like my brothers. Like, if I walk by, I can punch em in the stomach and be like “get outta my face.” We’re like brothers and sisters. You know, maybe we will one day, but right now a couple weeks in, we’re good.

    If you guys don’t make it, will you stay together?

    Actually, I think so. At first I was thinking it was just an X Factor thing. But the more we’ve been together, the more I thought about it, I think so. It has the power to extend our career. We can stay together a couple years as a group — now we have time to evolve and become solo artists if we want to. It just adds a couple years to the game. I definitely wouldn’t mind staying together as a group for a few years after.

    What’s your interaction with Simon been like?

    Oh man, Simon is surprisingly really nice. Like, he is. I just respect him for having the vision that he has. Like, he just put together the biggest group in the world. Cuz it is hard being strangers and getting meshed together and expecting it to work. When you look at somebody with that type of resume, you kind of respect his judgement, and that’s what he stressed to us. That’s what I’m thinking about — I’m gonna respect his judgement and make it in my head that this is gonna work. It’s been cool working with him, cuz I know what he sees.

    They don’t show a lot on the Judges’ Houses of the groups interacting with the judges. How much time had you spent with Simon then, and how much time have you spent since then?
    Well, like on the group, we didn’t spend a whole whole lot of time with him. Cuz really, it’s not Simon that we needed to spend time with. It’s the voice coaches and choreographers and stuff like that, ya feel me? He kinda needs to oversee stuff and give us the wisdom. Simon isn’t a choreographer. He isn’t a voice coach. At this point, we’ll probably spend way more time with him than at Judges’ Houses. Now, it’s like we’re on his team. He’s going to oversee what we do for the world.

    Who do you think is your fiercest competition on the show?

    I don’t know, it’s hard for me to answer questions like that. Everybody’s competition because we’re rappers going against a bunch of singers. That can be an advantage or a disadvantage. We’ll go up there and give it our all for everyone to see, and hope they want to see rappers. Judges’ Houses are such a paeon compared to what we gonna do on live shows.

    Do you have anything planned that you can tell us about?

    I’ll tell you this. We about to hype up to the max. Expect the unexpected -- everything from the eyepatch to the clothes to the energy level. It’s bout to be through the roof. It’s going down.

    One more question. Are you guys dating anyone?

    No, no dating anyone. Just rehearsal. If we wanted to date anyone, I don’t think we could. It’s total focus going on right now.

    Thanks so much for your time, Lyric, we’ll be rooting for you guys.

    Thank you.


    X Factor Live Stream on Fox - Started 8 pm - 10:00 pm EST:

    Synopsis: 4 contestants are eliminated.

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    AFM, which kicked off Thursday, just had a major player walk through its doors in Santa Monica. Glen Basner’s FilmNation Entertainment is handling international sales on “Genius,” which will star Colin Firth and Michael Fassbender in a project with a screenplay by “Skyfall,” “Rango” and “Hugo” writer John Logan.

    Theater director Michael Grandage will direct the film, which is based on the real-life relationship between author Tom Wolfe and literary editor Max Perkins, who also worked with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. The script is based on A. Scott Berg’s National Book Award-winning biography “Max Perkins: Editor of Genius.”

    James Bierman will produce the film for the Michael Grandage Company, with filming to begin in early 2014. Bierman and Grandage worked together at the Donmar Warehouse in London, where in the spring they will produce Logan’s new play “Peter and Alice,” also with Grandage directing.

    “‘Genius’ promises to be a beautifully performed, electrifying and deeply moving film,” said Basner. “With such a strong creative team led by Michael Grandage, John Logan and James Bierman and with Firth and Fassbender on board, who are undoubtedly two of the finest screen actors working today, we can’t wait to introduce the film to buyers at AFM.”

    CAA is arranging financing and will handle the film's North American distribution rights.


    ONTD you might have to catch me when I fall over from fits of glee.

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    Taylor Swift brings a splash of red to the red carpet at the 2012 Country Music Awards held at the Bridgestone Arena on Thursday (November 1) in Nashville, Tenn.

    The 22-year-old country singer is up for Entertainer of the Year for her album “Red”.

    She will be up against Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

    Taylor took the top award last year where she beat out Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, and Blake Shelton. Good luck Taylor!

    source 1 - 2

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  • 11/01/12--17:45: No "Parks and Rec" Tonight
  • Video

    Candids and Event Pictures

    Episode Stills


    Listen to Adam Scott guest DJing
    Aubrey Plaza will be in a holiday Gap ad - nypost
    Don't forget Parks will be moving to the 8:30pm slot next year.

    Source 1 2 3 4 5 6

    Sorry for missing last week. I was out and the World Series was on.

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  • 11/01/12--17:45: Rihanna's Halloween Party

  • Rihanna was last night's queen of the annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. The singer was awarded a crown and a key to the city by the mayor at Greystone Manor nightclub, before heading inside to host an All Hallows' Eve bash with famous friends including Flo Rida and Paris Hilton. Rihanna skipped a costume for the festivities, instead opting for a black dress and heels, but was happy to pose with fellow partyers in their full regalia.

    Actress and socialite Paris Hilton and her male model boyfriend River Viiperi attend popstar Rihanna's Halloween party at Greystones Manor in West Hollywood. While River is wearing a grey and black Batman costume with padded inserts as extra muscle power, Paris looks ultra glam in a sexy Robin outfit complete with a red corset, green mini skirt, stockings and suspenders and a mini yellow cape. Certainly not the Robin costume we remember!

    Paris gladly pauses a little at the sight of photographers and waves while her boyfriend looks a little like he's trying to drag her inside.

    Chris Brown came to Rihanna’s West Hollywood Halloween party Wednesday night dressed as an Arab terrorist. While there were differing opinions on whether he and his friends, who dressed in similar ensembles, were supposed to be members of the Taliban, al-Qaeda or some lesser-known terrorist cell, most seemed to agree that this was yet another terrible choice in a line of often terrible Chris Brown choices.

    Flo Rida arrives in military costume at Rihanna's Halloween party held at Greystones Manor in West Hollywood West Hollywood, California

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