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    Haven't watched tonight's yet.  Just tell me if I've got some Sean Pierce goodness to look forward to.

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  • 11/02/12--20:25: FRINGE 5X06 PROMO

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    What the fuck, Peter, just what the fuck.........

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    In hits as varied as Ally McBeal, Charlie’s Angels, and Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume 1, Lucy Liu has made a career out of playing beautiful women who also happen to be tough as nails. And though she was born and raised in Queens, the Emmy-nominated actress spent her college years at the University of Michigan, where she first explored her passion for performance.

    That passion is still paying off, as Liu is currently starring in CBS’s new Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller and with Russell Crowe in this month’s film release of The Man with the Iron Fists. Now, in an exclusive interview for Michigan Avenue, the actress shows her softer side to close friend and 2012 Golden Globe winner Idris Elba (Luther); she opens up about career choices, relationship foibles, and how her years spent in the Midwest helped her become the fierce performer, artist, and woman she is today.

    IDRIS ELBA: Lucy, you have such an amazing career. What would you say has made it so long and successful?
    LUCY LIU: Number one, you really have to risk everything—you have to take chances and take on projects that are pretty diverse. Just because you do film, don’t limit yourself. You should also do theater because it puts you out there in a terrifying way in front of a live audience and it really tests your skills. The more flexible you are, the more the longevity of your career is going to sustain itself. That’s what actors want. We don’t want to blow up for two years or five years and then be done.

    IE: You graduated from the University of Michigan. What did you like about it?
    LL: I liked how green it was; I had never been exposed to anything like that before. I thought Flushing Meadows in Queens was green, but this just went on! I learned a lot about nature, and through that I learned a lot about myself. I like the different kinds of people I met in Michigan. When I lived in New York, everyone was wearing black, and [in Michigan] they were wearing different colors, which I had never really quite experienced. It was the first time I was away from home, and I was able to choose for myself what I wanted to study, what different classes I wanted to take, and what I wanted to eat.... It was the beginning of adulthood for me, and that transition was so pivotal and incredibly challenging.

    IE: You’ve worked with amazing directors, most notably Quentin Tarantino. What was one nugget of wisdom that Tarantino taught you?
    LL: To really be able to listen. When I first met him, we went to Toi, this rock ’n’ roll Thai restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. We sat down at the table, and he started describing the character of O-Ren Ishii [from Kill Bill], acting out all the parts, the fake laughs, the sound effects... and I’m there eating my pad thai, trying to eat casually, but I feel like I’m a stunned audience member. If somebody is that excited to tell you something, it really is incredible how much you can learn from him or her. You can’t replicate that kind of passion.

    IE: I love that. So, you are beautiful. Do you have any insecurities about yourself, where you look in the mirror and go, “I wish I had two less freckles?”
    LL: I grew up as a tomboy, and if you’ve seen photographs of me as a child, you see my mother cut all of my hair off. I had no hair: Picture Sinéad O’Connor with a two-week grow-out. I was not considered feminine at all, and boys did not look at me. I was a toothpick.

    IE: What age are you talking about?
    LL: Up until junior high school, when I really started developing.

    IE: What?
    LL: I’ll show you pictures, and you’ll see I’m not lying. I never looked at myself as a feminine person. My thing was, “I’m going to be casual and be able to talk to people because I’m hanging out with the guys.” In college, I suddenly felt like I understood more about myself and started making choices on my own. I started doing things that I wanted to do and understanding what my place was in the world, and I think part of that was also embracing myself as a woman. I was smart, I could hang with the guys—I could fall into my own niche category.... But I find that if somebody finds me beautiful, it melts my heart because it’s not something I heard most of the time growing up ever.

    IE: Really?
    LL: I can easily be enticed into some terrible relationship because I’m like, “Oh, my God, you think I’m beautiful?” [Idris laughs] You know what I mean? And my friends are like, “Why did you date that ******* for so long?” I’m like, “Oh, God.” [Laughs]

    IE: Okay, I won’t give you any more compliments.
    LL: No! It’s good when somebody gives you a compliment. Now I can discern, but before I’d get swept up because I thought, Oh, my God, this person sees me for who I am.

    IE: So, I don’t know him personally, but I first saw Jonny Lee Miller in Trainspotting, and he was and is a phenomenal actor.
    LL: I love working with Jonny. He’s incredibly talented and very professional. He comes in every day—no matter how long the day before has been— and he’s prepared. If we start another episode with all new dialogue, all new characters, a whole new director, a whole new set, he still has it, and he never keeps anyone waiting. I know that sounds basic, but on a 15 to 20 hour day, if you’re working in television and somebody doesn’t know his lines, you could be there until the next day.

    IE: Well, you’re never going to like me. I never know my lines.
    LL: Improv actor—I’m just going to put you in that category!

    IE: I know that you’re an amazing artist. You paint, and you create some really fascinating pieces that are new, not only from a canvas and painting point of view, but from a spiritual point of view as well. I’d like to know, as a friend, why you don’t push the idea that you’re an artist. That annoys me.
    LL: I think if I can parallel your relationship with music and how you write and direct and constantly create; it’s almost like it’s part of us. People say, “What do you choose, Idris? Do you choose acting, or do you prefer directing and writing, or deejaying, or music?” It’s like saying, “Do you want to keep your right or your left arm?” It’s about having a circle and continuing that circle of energy. I’ve always been doing art, and I don’t highlight it a lot because I think sometimes people don’t take you seriously if you wear more than one hat.

    IE: Your art is so beautiful; if it were shared, it would have such an interesting influence.
    LL: It’s more difficult to share because it’s sacred to you—you’re more afraid that someone’s going to judge it. If people really know me, then they know that I’ve had art shows and that I have a book out, but I don’t try to put myself out there completely because I feel a bit exposed. But you’re right: I’m going to start to slowly incorporate it more into my dialogue. Bottom line is probably just fear and vulnerability more than anything. If somebody pans your movie in The New York Times or nobody goes to see it, that hurts, but what are you going to do? I think that if it’s something more personal like this, it’s more like a dagger in your heart.

    IE: There are more than 7 billion people on the planet, and you have—as someone who is an extraordinarily different person among the billions of different people—the opportunity to inspire more of yourself, and that is our revolution and something we should encourage.
    LL: I really appreciate you taking the time to do this interview because you’re so special, and nobody’s ever asked me to choose my interviewer before. I said, “My wish is Idris Elba, but I really don’t know what’s going to happen because he’s shooting a bazillion movies in London and Africa.”

    IE: You’re right. Why me, though?
    LL: I think that you are a pioneer similar to me in that way, in ethnicity and in scope and in range. You’re also a Renaissance man and understand the different venues we travel just to understand who we are. We do music, we do art, we act, we write, we direct because we are trying to discover who we are. It’s a journey—a lifelong journey.

    IE: I was very nervous about doing this, but this actually has been so therapeutic to actually talk to you, have these questions answered, and genuinely know you as a friend.
    LL: We’re going to both be applying for jobs as writers for Michigan Avenue if that’s okay. [Laughs] We will not dock anyone’s pay if we come on board!


    Not from this interview, but have some other pictures of this dynamic duo:


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    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on Friday that 21 films have been submitted for possible Oscar nominations in the Best Animated Feature Film category of the 85th Academy Awards. Pixar and Disney's Brave, Goro Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's From Up On Poppy Hill and Isamu Imakake's The Mystical Laws are among the submitted films:

    Adventures in Zambezia
    Delhi Safari
    Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
    From Up On Poppy Hill
    Hey Krishna
    Hotel Transylvania
    Ice Age Continental Drift
    A Liar's Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman
    Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
    The Mystical Laws
    The Painting
    The Pirates! Band of Misfits
    The Rabbi's Cat
    Rise of the Guardians
    Secret of the Wings
    Walter & Tandoori's Christmas
    Wreck-It Ralph

    The academy will announce its official slate of nominees on January 10. The academy allows up to five nominations in this category if 16 or more films are submitted and accepted; if only 13 to 15 films are accepted, the academy will allow only a maximum of four nominations; if only eight to 12 films are accepted, the academy will allow only a maximum of two to three nominations.

    Some of the submitted films, including From Up On Poppy Hill, still need to run in Los Angeles County for at least one week this year to qualify for acceptance in the category. The distributor GKids aims to give From Up On Poppy Hill a qualifying run in the "November time frame." All of the films still need to be examined by the academy's Animated Feature Film Award Screening Committee to determine if they meet other qualifications.

    No anime was submitted for consideration for the 84th Academy Awards last year. (Gore Verbinski's Rango eventually won from a field of five nominees.) Mamoru Hosoda and MADHOUSE's Summer Wars anime film was submitted for the 83rd Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

    Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's Ponyo also qualified for a nomination in the 82nd Academy Awards, but did not receive one. Similarly, Mamoru Oshii and Production I.G's The Sky Crawlers and Masahiro Ando and BONES' Sword of the Stranger were among the 14 films submitted for the same category for the 81st Academy Awards; both were eventually accepted in the category but were not nominated.

    The first time that five animated features were nominated in the category was in 2002, when Miyazaki's Spirited Away was submitted among 17 candidates. Spirited Away eventually became the only Japanese animated feature to win an Oscar. Kunio Katō's "La Maison en Petits Cubes" won in the Best Animated Short Film category at the 81st Annual Academy Awards in 2009.

    Brave should win...and they should give it to Brenda Chapman, so she can have justice for her and her daughter's creation, and so that she can totally shade the bitches that took her story away from her.

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    From truffle goat cheese, coconut & peanut spread to Josh Groban CDs.

    Since 1996, Oprah has tasted, touched, sniffed and snuggled her way through hundreds of items to determine her favorite things to give every holiday in her annual "Favorite Things" show.

    Even in the face of tragedy, the buying of expensive crap must go on. At least, if you’re Oprah. And so, while entire towns are still closed off in New Jersey and children in Staten Island don’t have shoes, Oprah released a resurrected version of her famed Favorite Things list filled with even higher frivolity-level tchotchkes than usual. WORST TIMING EVER, OPRAH. Couldn’t you at least wait for the smoke over Breezy Point to clear?

    From a $2,700 mattress to a $500 fan, Oprah’s list showcased items far beyond the reach of most consumers.

    If you want to buy any of these online, Oprah's official website has many highly discounted limited-time online coupons.

    Jetson E-Bike

    "One charge of this sleek-looking electric bike's "green" battery provides 40 miles of easy riding, but you can also pedal—which recharges the battery, gets you some exercise, and keeps you away from the gas pump."—Oprah

    Originally $1,800

    Reverb Helmet

    "Don't even think about cycling without a good helmet. The customizable fit and nine cooling vents make this one great."—Oprah

    Originally $60

    Marine Spa Gift Set

    "I first discovered these products at David Copperfield's house. I liked them so much I wanted to take them with me."—Oprah

    Originally $122

    Cable V-Neck Sweater

    I have these supersoft cotton cable sweaters in every color, and I wear them all year round."—Oprah

    $198 each

    Coach Puffers

    "The thing I love about Coach is its attention to detail. This perfect down puffer trimmed in leather manages to be nice and warm without making you look like the Incredible Hulk. Amen!"—Oprah

    $458 each

    Bougainvillea Bangles

    "These beautiful bangles take me right back to my trip to India."—Oprah

    Originally $39 each

    Tory Burch Michelle Tote

    "I was strolling down Madison Avenue, minding my own business, when this metallic pebbled leather bag started calling to me from the Tory Burch store. Guess it was meant to be."—Oprah


    Nail Polish Set

    "This limited edition white lacquer box includes 12 gorgeous, toxin-free nail polishes. I picked the colors myself—there's one for your every mood."—Oprah

    Originally $168

    Capri Double Zip Checkbook Clutch

    "Tired of fishing through your bag for your checkbook and phone? Here's a holds-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink wallet, and it's made of Italian kidskin leather."—Oprah

    Originally $138

    India Hicks Diamond Necklace

    "Pavé diamonds set in sterling silver letters make this necklace—available in every initial except Q and X—a timeless piece of bling."—Oprah

    Originally $370

    R. Nichols Candles

    "Illustrator R. Nichols says his mission is 'to create joy—if only in small ways.' Mission accomplished. How charming are his candles? Scented like a Christmas tree, a crackling fire, and seven other cozy fragrances, they put everyone in the holiday spirit."—Oprah

    Originally $45 each

    Pet Canister and Bowl

    "What do you get for the dog that reads Architectural Digest? This recycled-steel canister and stoneware bowl in a traditional toile pattern."—Oprah

    Medium Canister; Originally $56

    Bose VideoWave II

    "The Bose VideoWave ll is a 46-inch high-definition television, home theater, and music system in one revolutionary product. The speakers are built in, so no need for extra sound components; the picture is crystal clear; and the remote is operated with an easy touch control. I want one!"—Oprah

    Hotel Collection Bedding

    "I'm a sucker for freshly pressed white sheets and cozy down, and this 600-thread-count Egyptian-cotton sheet set is sensational for anyone who loves to hang out in bed."—Oprah

    From $80 to $700

    Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress

    "Talk about favorite things! This Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress conforms to the body like it was custom-made especially for you. I now have one in every bedroom. I sleep on it, my guests sleep on it, and then we all spend breakfast raving about it. This is like giving the gift of cloud nine."—Oprah

    Queen mattress, $2,699

    Pedestal Fan

    "Safe, adjustable, easy to clean, and remote-controlled, the Pedestal Fan was on at the Jenners' place when I interviewed the Kardashians, and it was love at first breeze."—Oprah


    Tom Ford Beauty Lipstick

    "Because I have never met a Tom Ford lipstick I didn't want to take home, I've handpicked these four colors—Deep Mink, Casablanca, Sable Smoke, and Scarlet Rouge—to create a universally flattering palette; or you can choose from 18 shades to customize your own."—Oprah


    Glam Studded High Tops

    "Heels are not my friend. So imagine my delight when I came across these ultracomfortable, metallic high-tops while shopping at Michael Kors's flagship store in Manhattan."—Oprah



    "Don't you just love a good gadget? No need for an ice bucket when you pull the 'corkcicle' out of the freezer and insert it into any bottle of wine that needs to stay cool. Talk about chilling!"—Oprah

    Microsoft Surface Tablet

    "The Surface, Microsoft's first tablet, feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me, people! The full-size keyboard built right into the cover makes work easy, the very smart kickstand makes watching a movie or Skyping a friend a delight, the less than a pound-and-a-half weight makes a great alternative to a laptop, and the many other features make it fun for work and play. Now, that's a wowser!"—Oprah

    From $499

    Wagging Tail Custom Portrait Cards

    "Sending in a picture of a beloved pet, which is then computer-illustrated and made into custom greeting cards, is a heck of a lot easier than convincing a friend's gerbil to pose while someone carves his likeness in marble."—Oprah

    Originally $229

    Q37ci Elliptical Trainer

    "Bob Greene got me into this elliptical cross-trainer, and I'm forever grateful. It provides such a variety of total body workouts, including goal programs, like a 10K and half marathon—along with digital heart rate monitoring—that you're more exhilarated than exhausted afterward. Why not give the gift of good health?"—Oprah

    Originally $3,099

    Noel by Josh Groban

    "It's just not the holidays until Josh Groban sings "Ave Maria." Because I've yet to find anything better, this CD makes my Favorite Things list yet again!"—Oprah


    Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats

    "These Dr. Dre–designed earbuds—made exclusively for O readers in my favorite, apple green—are extra comfortable for anybody trying to log some treadmill time."—Oprah


    Rowallan of Scotland Jewelry Box

    "What do you get the woman who has everything? Storage! This leather-covered jewelry holder with 12 drawers, smart locks, and a lift-out takeaway box for travel is worthy of holding the crown jewels."—Oprah

    Originally $525

    Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions Oil Can

    "So there I was, telling Curtis Stone how chic this stainless steel oilcan is, not realizing that it's from his very own line! The elongated spout helps control the amount you pour so salads don't get soggy."—Oprah

    Originally $60

    Classic Coffee & Tea by Yedi

    "Four porcelain bowls on a matching tray—that's a lot of gift for $20."—Oprah


    Edward Bess Perfume

    "I'm not a perfume wearer, but makeup maker extraordinaire Edward Bess made a believer out of me. He blended the essence of Hawaiian gardenia with accents of vanilla musk and Italian bergamot just for me. Now he's doing it for you."—Oprah

    Originally $125

    Back Home Pajama Set

    "I could live in these pajamas! The satiny pima cotton feels like you're wearing nothing, and when was the last time you saw genuine mother-of-pearl buttons?"—Oprah


    Bonded Teak Series Knife Set

    "I don't throw around the word amazing very often, but anybody who's ever tried cooking with dull knives will welcome this amazing set. It looks fabulous on the counter and makes meal prep a pleasure."—Oprah


    Swing Design Tray and Boxes

    "I think it was Paul Simon who said, "Preserve your memories; they're all that's left you." This set of boxes is wonderful for the friend who can never manage to keep her keepsakes—from old love letters to fading ticket stubs to seashells from a Sunday at the beach—all in one safe place."—Oprah

    Originally $70 to $120

    Lancer Skincare Luxury Collection

    "My dermatologist recommended this skincare line. Not only does it do wonders for my complexion, but the elegant jars are making my bathroom counter look pretty fantastic, too."—Oprah


    Earth Balance Coconut and Peanut Spread

    "I am passionate about this coconut and peanut spread. Vegan, gluten-free, beyond delicious—it's virtuous and sinful all at the same time."—Oprah


    Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder

    "It adds zest to a stir-fry and kick to a cocktail, but I mix it in hot water for a cup of instantly soothing ginger tea."—Oprah

    Originally $24

    Gourmet Pigs in Blankets

    "Whether you chose spicy, chicken, or original, keep these artisanal pigs in a crispy puff pastry blanket in your freezer, and you've got a holiday platter waiting to happen."—Oprah

    56-count box plus dips

    Pipcorn Holiday Crate

    "Pipcorn is a hulless variety of popcorn, which means it's crunchy yet tender. It's also naturally grown, popped in small batches using extra-virgin olive oil, and extremely tasty. Brother-sister team Jeff and Jen Martin took me up on my suggestion to add flavors like lemon truffle along with their signature rosemary, resulting in one of my very favorite things."—Oprah

    $88 for set of four flavors

    Moscow Mule Kit

    "Everything you need to make a brilliant Moscow Mule, including my personal recipe. I suggest drinking at least two when you're at Yosemite trying to pitch a tent in the rain with Gayle King."—Oprah

    Originally $145

    Blue Velvet Cake

    "Gayle fell hard for this blue velvet cake with cream cheese icing and sugar snowflakes. Just add coffee, milk, or a flute of Champagne."—Oprah

    Originally $42

    Bellocq Tea Atelier Chai Gift Set

    "Andre, my friend/hair guru for the past 200 years, turned me on to these two luscious organic chai masalas, and now I drink them every day. I add a little steamed almond milk for a lot of extra tranquility."—Oprah

    Originally $85

    Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila

    "I truly appreciate people who are excellent at what they do, and the folks who handcraft this incredibly smooth tequila are masters. Forget the lime, skip the ice, and just savor it like fine wine."—Oprah


    Trio Jam Pack

    "I love a good scone with jam, but thanks to savory herbs, these spreads are wonderful in a panini, with goat cheese, even as a glaze on ham or Cornish hens. The peach, pepper, and ginger is my favorite."—Oprah

    Originally $36

    Dark Secret Chocolates

    "I challenged O's creative director, Adam Glassman, to find me a bite-size, 100-calorie piece of dark chocolate made with 67 percent cocoa, and he did it, with 10 calories to spare! It's a gift for every day of the week."—Oprah

    Originally $68

    Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver Tequila

    "Mellowed in French oak barrels, this traditional tequila makes for a lovely drink and an even lovelier gift."—Oprah


    Trufa Seca Black Truffle Sausage

    "Proof that minimal ingredients—pasture-raised heritage pork, sea salt, and black truffle—can create spectacular complexity."—Oprah


    Truffle Butter

    "How do I love truffle butter? Let me count the ways. On a baked potato, on grilled steak, on a sourdough baguette. The truffle salt turns scrambled eggs, popcorn, even plain old cottage cheese into a major thrill."—Oprah

    Originally $21 to $39

    Truffle Oils

    "A little goes a long way, so drizzle carefully. Or give these intense truffle oils to a foodie friend, along with a slicer and a black winter truffle, and hope for a dinner invitation."—Oprah

    Originally $26 to $80

    Truffle Risotto, Pasta and Breadsticks

    "Pure happiness: All this incredible risotto requires is water; I pair the truffle breadsticks with truffle butter; and what can I say about walking into a kitchen with a pot of truffle pasta bubbling on the stove?"—Oprah

    Originally $8 to $27

    Truffle Tremor Goat Cheese

    "Creamy goat cheese with Italian black truffles might be the best combo since Diana Ross & the Supremes."—Oprah

    Originally $19 for 12 ounces

    Lafco Soap Set

    "This luxuriously oversize, deliciously scented soap is my new go-to gift. I even brought a set to Mr. and Mrs. Colbert when I interviewed Stephen for Next Chapter."—Oprah

    $238 for set of 14 soaps

    Source S2 S3

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    title or description

    We’ve already gotten a look of Kate Upton’s first-ever Vogue cover, and now Vogue Italia has released the corresponding editorial and video, shot by Steven Meisel and Gordon Von Steiner, respectively.

    The video is undoubtedly high fashion, but it’s high fashion the Upton way (read: over-the-top sexy). Shots of Upton in a trench coat glancing out over at the Manhattan skyline alternate with shots of her dressed in full dominatrix gear and later, writhing blindfolded on a lounge chair. Vogue Italia said the shoot was inspired by Helmut Newton’s work, but is it just us or could Anna Nicole Smith circa 1993 have also been an influence?

    Either way, Upton masterfully walks the line between fashion, sex, and pure camp–a unique mix that the supermodel has cleverly made her own, and which the fashion world can’t seem to get enough of.

    Watch the full video below.

    title or description
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    Love her!

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  • 11/02/12--21:45: Remember Her? (Jordan Hill)

  • IDK about you, but this was my JAM (and my classes prom song!). Plus I have an unhealthy obsession with Casper.

    I think Jordan Hill (yeah, that's her name!) came out at a bad time between the big divas who were a big older than her (Mariah/Whitney) and before the young pop stars (Britney/Xtina) and despite this relatively big hit, got zero promotion and her album didn't sell great (… at least in the US) and was dropped from her label.

    That was in uh, 1996?

    Now she is apparently working on releasing a new single/album early next year, but in the meatime has put out a Christmas single with proceeds going to childrens charities (aw, yay! the kids!)

    Check out a clip of "Someday At Christmas" (cover of Stevie Wonder, if you didn't know) below:

    You can buy the song and get into the Christmas spirit on iTunes or Amazon.

    Bonus video - "Wasted On You" (a demo version of a song she was working on, idk if it'll be on the new album or not!)


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  • 11/02/12--21:45: SPIN cites ONTD
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Could she know "All Too Well" that the lines aren't hers?

    That Taylor Swift had to shelve her famous "O" face for the Country Music Awards last night wasn't such a big deal — the crossover star became the Queen of the Charts on Wednesday when it was announced that her fourth album Red notched the best debut sales week of any album in over a decade. Of course, as has been noted, bringing home more bacon means suffering more hatin', and now reports are emerging that a relatively obscure singer-songwriter named Matt Nathanson is saying that Tay stole his lyrics.

    On October 24, in a now deleted Tweet, Nathanson wrote, "she's definitely a fan... and now she's a thief." As ONTD points out, his 2003 song "I Saw" and her new one "All Too Well" share a pretty specific lyric: "And I/I'll forget about you long enough to forget why I need(ed) to." So he has a point. And as for her already being a fan, the proof is in the penmanship. See, Swift does this thing where she writes lyrics that she likes on her arm before shows, and on July 20, 2011, she wore one of his "Queen of (K)nots" lines across her left bicep.

    While Nathanson removed his initial comment, he's apparently catching a lot of flack from Swift fans on the Internet, which reminds us of Deadmau5's comment about farting against thunder. No word on whether there will be any legal ramifications for the apparent cribbing, but there's enough hubbub to go around. Apparently the singer-songwriter world isn't as liberal with lyric-lifting as hip-hop is. Otherwise, Vanilla Ice wouldn't be flipping houses, making metal records, and sponsoring roller coasters — or whatever it is he does these days.


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    ...with office supplies.


    Kamal was freaking me out with his scissors...

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    After their last street harassment piece, I'm officially in love with this show. But in all seriousness guys, make sure you vote! Did anyone else vote early?

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    Gaga just updated her Facebook:

    So apparently LIVE NATION gave us a 757 I just cried on the tarmac.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    THERE'S MULTIPLE COURSES and multiple Joanna's ( these girls are serving it)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Her name is Joanna :) maybe another sign from my aunt. look at the cart. there's free prosciutto
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    She's back!!! Ahh dessert!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We tried to take a pic but its too big
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    There's even custom seats!!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Luv that she's sharing pics of it with her fans (since we paid for it) <3

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    Snoop Lion's video for his first reggae single "La, La, La" has debuted on and this one goes out to the kids.

    Not only did the S-N-Double O-P create a visual to compliment the kid-friendly holiday, he hooked up with director Eli Roth to bring it to life. "A lot of kids, a lot of costumes, you know lion in the jungle, just having a good time," Snoop told MTV News about his new clip. "It's one of those records that just celebrates fun, trick or treat in so many words."

    The "Hostile" director and the 213 MC teased the visuals this past weekend on Twitter after Snoop shot out a message to Roth. "ay @eliroth lets finish up that music vid for #lalala," on Friday.

    On Sunday, Snoop, who recently dropped the "Dogg" from his moniker and replaced it with "Lion," posted a photoon the social networking site with him posing with a couple of costumed kids in front of colorful video set. The Cali rap icon wouldn't give away all the details but broke down the basics for us. "A bunch of kids dressed in costume, dancin' shakin' and bakin', makin' it move to the music and the sounds of Snoop Lion," he said.

    "La, La, La" will appear on Snoop Lion's first-ever, upcoming reggae LP Reincarnated.


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    12 youtubers are taken away for 8 hours and taught to dance. Check out the first round of Dance Showdown. Joey Fatone of NSync is a judge so is famous Choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. Dancer Dtrix is the host!
    Lets start with my personal fave, Screen Team:


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    This week’s challenge was to create a 1970’s inspired look, based on a pair of Nine West shoes.

    Wendy Pepper and Suede became bffs, and yes, he still talks about himself in the third person.

    Nobody likes Laura even though she’s pretty sweet and is actually a great designer (ie: her decoy collection at NYFW was the best that year).

    Joshua is not even a little bit bitchy, boring. Ivy thinks she’s the strongest designer there of course. Kayne threw a disco party for everyone. Andrae is embarrassingly strange compared to season 2.

    On to the looks!

    safe designers: Suede | Joshua | Althea | Laura Kathleen | Emilio | Anthony Ryan

    bottom three : Andrae, Wendy, Kayne

    top three : Ivy, Uli, Casanova

    Winner : Uli
    Out : Wendy

    Wendy’s look tbh

    Source :
    1 2 and me!

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    Vampire Weekend performs their song "Unbelievers" on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' during Jimmy's week of shows in Brooklyn. A new album could be released by the end of the year, so keep an eye out.


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    Kpop2109daniel henney
    Actor Daniel Henney is starring in an American drama called "Hawaii Five-O" as a special appearance.

    "Hawaii Five-O" is a blockbuster action drama in which the characters fight against crime and gangsters and Korean-American actors and actresses Daniel Kim, Grace Park and Will Yoon Lee star in it.

    Daniel Henney is going to take on the role of Adam's brother Michael who is released from prison after 15 years. He is a mysterious character who has the key to a case and it's a character that wasn't in Daniel Henney's filmography yet.

    Despite the fact that it was a short appearance, apparently he left a strong impression. It was especially a contrast to his recent movie "Shanghai Calling" in which he was a sentimental gentleman.

    This special appearance in the American drama was adjusted for Daniel Henney and a lot of consideration was shown for him. It seems that the production team offered him another appearance in a future episode and acknowledged his passion for acting a new character despite the time of appearance.

    Meanwhile, Daniel Henney starred in a Hollywood movie called "The Last Stand" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and is going to be released at the start of next year.

    Source: hancinema
    inb4 racism

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    It should be noted that Angela was also listed as a Republican on, which still turns up with a simple Google search,but has obviously now been edited due to this recent declaration. Here she is speaking with James Earl Jones, a Republican:

    On Sunday, Angela Lansbury was the guest of honor at The Players’ Pipe Night honoring Audra McDonald. Of course, the topic of the election came up.

    “There is one thing I would like to say about that,” said the normally even-tempered 87-year-old, becoming indignant. “It has been erroneously reported that I am a Republican! I am not a Republican.”

    While I could findno mainstream outlets calling her a GOPer, this page does come up first when you Google “Angela Lansbury Republican.”

    “It’s all over the Internet and It’s bizarre,” continued Lansbury, best remembered as Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote. “I’m a huge Obama fan. I’ve already voted for him by absentee ballot. I am Democrat from the ground up.”


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    Katy Perry has fallen out with Rihanna over her relationship with Chris Brown according to reports.

    The 'Part of Me' singer is said to disapprove of their recent reconciliation and is barely speaking to her 24-year-old former best pal because she thinks Rihanna is 'making a huge mistake' by hanging around with Chris who is still on probation for violently beating her in 2009.

    A source told the New York Daily News: 'They're barely talking and ever since the couple reunited, there has been tension between them. Katy has been spending a lot of time with pals Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Katy fears Rihanna is making a huge mistake and doesn't want to be part of it.'

    The 'Wide Awake' singer was not present at Rihanna's star-studded Halloween bash in Los Angeles last week and opted to attend the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Halloween Party nearby instead, and the 'Diamonds' singer was also noticeably absent from Katy's 28th birthday party last month despite being in the same city.

    The last time Katy and Rihanna were spotted hanging out together was at the MTV Video Music Awards in September during which Rihanna shared a public peck on the lips with Chris for the first time since their 2009 break-up.

    The on-again/off-again couple are rumoured to have enjoyed a weekend break together after they both tweeted they were jetting off within hours of one another on Saturday

    Or you know, she just decided to go to a different Halloween party

    Src 1 , 2

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    Aurora continues to be flawless. Her bonding scene with Snow White :(
    HURLEY! And Emma no1curr about your 2000 hipster fashion. Plus you fail at being an adult.

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    A brand new teaser for Justin Bieber’s upcoming Girlfriend fragrance commercial has been released. The new fragrance is currently available to buy at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s.

    The fragrance is “Flirty, personal, inviting, Justin’s new fragrance draws you in with an exciting splash of crisp mandarin and juicy blackberry. From there, things heat up with exotic floral notes of pink freesia and star jasmine, before striking a flame in your heart with warm vanilla orchid and sultry musk.”

    What do you think?

    Sources 1 - 2 - 3

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