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    It’s been 30 years since Henry Thomas, 41, appeared alongside one of the most famous alien’s in movie history: E.T. 

    Thomas, who played E.T.’s friend and emotional companion, Elliott, talked to PARADE about the lasting impact of the 1982 film, shooting that famous flying bicycle scene, and more.

    On the lasting impact of E.T.
    "It’s great to be a part of something that's managed to stick around for 30 years. I certainly didn't expect that when we were making it. It gives you the warm, fuzzy feeling inside that at least some of your work has been appreciated. When I look back on it now, I just remember the camaraderie. I remember the feeling of excitement that we were doing something special.”

    On working with director Steven Spielberg.
    “It’s an experience that is part of my childhood, so I remember it well. It was exciting. I was 10-years-old, and it was the second film that I had ever worked on. I was really, really excited to get the part and be working with Steven Spielberg, who was a hero of mine because of Raiders of the Lost Ark and his affiliation with George Lucas and Star Wars. Even as a kid, I knew enough to know that working with Steven was kind of like winning the lottery.”

    On costar Drew Barrymore.
    “We see each other every once in a while just through E.T.-related things. I'm the worst pen pal in the world, and I'm terrible at staying in touch with people, but Drew is very successful and she has a busy life, and whenever we see each other, it's always nice.”

    On his early reaction to E.T., the alien. 
    “I had seen pictures and drawings of him when it was being developed. Steven [Spielberg] would take us kids to all the different departments on the lot, and he took us to the special effects lab and the art department so we could see how it all came together. He really had a hands-on approach to every aspect of the film. I think if he could've done it all himself, and not involved anyone else, then he probably would have. When I first saw E.T., I remember thinking I’d never seen anything like it before. It's not what I expected an alien to look like, which I think was the point. It was also a little bit reminiscent of some of the creatures from Close Encounters, so it was familiar and accessible. This was the first film ever that I remember as a kid where the alien was actually a good guy. I think that's part of the reason why the film was so successful. People weren't expecting that.”

    On the famous flying bicycle scene.
    “It was nowhere near as exciting to film as it was to watch! We were on the cutting edge of technology in 1982, but that basically consisted of me on a bike that was bolted onto the end of a camera crane and being lifted and dipped in front of a blue screen in a studio. But it was exciting to see, and of course, that's the thing that nine times out of ten, even today, people will still ask me, ‘How did they do that? How did they get the bike to fly?’” 

    On not falling into the typical trapping of childhood stardom.
    “I was raised pretty responsibly. I never really felt famous or had a sense of entitlement. I was just never really interested in robbing liquor stores or becoming a junkie. I think child stars are always stereotyped as being one thing or another because when you're a kid and you're working in an adult world, sometimes you're expected to act like an adult and behave like an adult, and I think a lot of kids just grow up too fast in that regard. For me, I was never really inundated in the industry in my personal life. I come from a pretty humble background. My parents were just working class people and that wasn't my world. My world wasn't Hollywood and it never has been. I never really thought of myself as a child star when I was a kid. I just kind of viewed it almost as a lucky break and treated it almost like what I imagined a summer camp to be like. It was sort of like a working vacation.”


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    The wrath of superstorm Sandy was felt and experienced far beyond New York City and surrounding areas.

    Before, during and after one of the worst storms ever to hit the region -- knocking out power, disabling the transit system, with widespread flooding, downed trees, evacuated homes and at least one hospital -- celebrities both in and out of Sandy's path shared their own storm experiences via Twitter.

    Us Weekly rounded up what some of the stars were saying during the disaster.

    Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8: We are fine... From what I can see, lost one evergreen tree. That's it. I am NOT complaining...we are happy to be safe&warm! #luckyones

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan: Got to hand it to New Yorkers, they're tough as old boots - loads of people out in Manhattan today, carrying on as normal. #Sandy

    Kaley Cuoco ‏@KaleyCuoco: Thoughts and prayers are with the east coast!!!

    Macy Gray ‏@MacyGraysLife: good moanin. album out today. git it git it. leno tomorrow night. GOD BLESS everybody on the east coast. Be safe. Have a dope day.

    Ralph Macchio ‏@ralphmacchio: Hope all r dealing ok in the aftermath. No power and at least seven 20/25+ foot trees down in yard. Bad but coulda been worse.

    Alec Baldwin ‏@ABFalecbaldwin: Possibly leaving our home to check into a hotel. #powerless No lights here, no Internet. My wife @hilariabaldwin and I, sitting in the dark wondering where is the storm? (No jokes please)

    Tommy Lee ‏@MrTommyLand: Hope everyone is doin ok in hurricane Sandy east coast! Damn!!!

    Steven Tyler ‏@IamStevenT: MY THOUGHTS & PRAYERS GO OUT TO THOSE ON THE EAST COAST.... STAY SAFE FROM SUPERSTORM SANDY...... WE'LL SEE U SOON..... NIGHT! XOX The big apple, one of my favorite places is standing strong tonight Sending lots of love and support to the east coast! I hope the sun comes out tomorrow. Hang in there everyone and help if you can #sandy

    Kerry Washington ‏@kerrywashington: Praying for all of you who are seeing/feeling/hearing #sandy right now. The big apple, one of my favorite places is standing strong tonight Sending lots of love and support to the east coast! I hope the sun comes out tomorrow. Hang in there everyone and help if you can #sandy

    Edward Burns ‏@edward_burns: Nothing but the sounds of wind and sirens tonight in lower Manhattan.

    Jason Priestley ‏@Jason_Priestley: Earthquakes in the west... Hurricanes in the East... Maybe the Mayans were right...

    Kris Humphries ‏@KrisHumphries: I had to evacuate bro. In a safer spot. #safety.

    American Apparel's 'Hurricane Sandy Sale' sparks hate-storm

    Several people living in states hard-hit by the post-tropical cyclone were shocked when they opened their email inboxes Monday night to find the above message among safety bulletins and messages from loved ones.

    The sale offered customers living in New York, New Jersey, Conneticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virgina and Maryland 20 per cent off of all American Apparel merchandise for the next 36 hours "in case you're bored during the storm."

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    Hanging out with GG/PLL director Norman Buckley in LA.


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    Justin Timberlake Didn't Invite *NSYNC Members to His Wedding, Says Chris Kirkpatrick

    title or description

    “From what I know it’s because he didn’t want all of us there,” admits the former boybander, who was coincidentally vacationing in Italy at the time of the nuptials.

    When Justin Timberlake said “I Do” to Jessica Biel on Oct. 19 in Puglia, Italy, there were four noticeable absences. Despite early reports that Chris Kirkpatrick was on hand for the nuptials, the former boybander admits that he and the rest of his *NSYNC bandmates weren't even invited.

    “I wasn’t invited to the wedding and from what I know it’s because he didn’t want all of us there,” Kirkpatrick said on the Orlando morning radio show Johnny’s House.

    Kirkpatrick was coincidentally vacationing in Italy at the same time of the wedding (his birthday is on Oct. 17), where he proposed to his girlfriend, marketing rep Karly Skladany. “It’s not like we were right next door to each other,” he says of his proximity to the lavish ceremony. “We were on an island.”

    The singer clarifies that there are “no hard feelings” regarding the snub, since “we were at the engagement party.”

    He suggests that Timberlake opted not to invite his former group to the ceremony out of respect to the bride.

    “It would be a reunion rather than a wedding,” Kirkpatrick said. “It was her day. She’s amazing so he wanted to make sure it was about her.”

    That’s not to say Kirkpatrick wouldn’t still invite Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone to his own forthcoming nuptials. In fact, he “might even ask them to be in it,” he said.

    Meanwhile, in Hollywood, there was an *NSYNC reunion of sorts at Matthew Morrison’s 3rd annual Halloween Bash on Sunday night. Posing for photos with guests Chasez and Bass, Morrison dressed as a vintage Timberlake complete with a sequined bandana and stage mic strapped to his head. His girlfriend, Renee Puente, channeled Britney Spears a la “I’m a Slave 4 U” at the 2001 VMAs.

    title or description
    title or description
    title or description


    I knew we could count on Chris for an *NSYNC reunion at the Kirkpatrick wedding!

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    #1. If I was having a pampering night in, I’d put my ridiculous white headband on that lifts all my hair out of my face. Then, first thing’s first, I shave my legs. That’s a special occasion, I’m not the kind of girl that shaves every morning in the shower – I have a special designated bath time, a date with my razor!

    #2. My mom’s a hairstylist and she’s always told me ‘don’t over-wash your hair – the less you wash it the better’ so I wash my hair maybe once or twice a week, so I use a lot of dry shampoo.

    #3. With skin, I use the Clarisonic (£120) – I do a good scrub first. Then I do a super-hydrating mask, and let that sit for 10 minutes. I also love to put towels in the microwave (am I going to get in trouble for saying that?) for 30 seconds and then I lie with them on my face.

    #4. Because of the make-up I have to wear all the time, it feels like when I wash my face I never get the make-up out of my skin, so when I’m alone and I don’t have to work, it’s my favourite thing to get every ounce of it off.

    #5. To finish, I load on a lot of oils. I literally use olive oil on my face. I take olive oil from my kitchen and put it on my face. I promise you can do that.

    #6. Also, I saw I have some wrinkles coming. I’m going to be 25 soon, I’m like, ‘what’s going on, so this is happening now?’ so I’ve started putting a little eye cream on too.

    #7. I never wear perfume. My mom never wore it when I was growing up; she only wore oils, like patchouli oil or gardenia oil, so I’ve always used oils too.

    #8. I’m really simple when it comes to make-up. I like to look like I’m not wearing any make-up. I don’t like it when girls do a full face when they’re going out to lunch.

    #9. I really just use concealer. I really think it’s important to let young girls know that they do not have to wear a full face of foundation. I love bareMinerals, I love their brushes too.

    #10. I do a lot of oils, argon oil, and then a little concealer around my eyes, nose and chin. The thing I focus on the most is my eyebrows. I’ve never let anyone pluck or wax my eyebrows except myself.

    #11. A strong natural brow is important I think. I use a little clear eyebrow gel. I use a little bit of Shiseido Cream Eye Colour in Brown (£20.50) for the top of my lid, a little mascara and then I call it a day.

    #12. I don’t like sparkles, even though that’s the trend; I haven’t gotten into it yet. I also use Clinique Men’s Tanning Cream (£16.50) for my blush because it stays on all day.

    #13. I don’t like sparkles, even though that’s the trend; I haven’t gotten into it yet. I also use Clinique Men’s Tanning Cream (£16.50) for my blush because it stays on all day.

    What was your favourite scene to film in Breaking Dawn - Part 2?
    Nikki: I loved filming scenes with Renesmee.

    Did you keep any props from filming over the years?
    Nikki: I wanted my baseball shoes but was too shy to ask. Kristen asked for them and surprised me.

    What are you going to dress up as this Halloween?
    Nikki: Paul wants to be Kermit & Miss Piggy - we'll be on a plane!

    What have you learned from your character in this saga?
    Nikki: Rosalie's confidence & ability to stay true to herself.

    What’s your funniest memory from the saga?
    Nikki: Catherine Hardwicke made us do cat classes to get in character for the first film. She thought being a cat was similar to being a vampire.

    Can you give us details about the "dance-off" at the end?
    Nikki: No, because it's the only thing that isn't known and is not in the book.

    What's it like to work with Mackenzie?
    Nikki: She's the most professional, adorable little lady. Her parents are great. We became very close. She emails me still weekly!

    If you were to give your character a piece of advice, what would it be?
    Kellan: Never go against your woman's stand.
    Nikki: To be patient and not affected by the little things.

    Would you work on some other project linked to the saga or this is the end?
    Nikki: I can't see us turning it down.

    How was doing a song for Breaking Dawn 2?
    Nikki: Writing the song for the movie was my way of trying to give back to the fans. It inspired me.

    Coolest fan gifts you've received?
    Nikki: When the fans are creative - bracelets & necklaces they've made.

    If you guys could play another character in the saga, who would it be?
    Nikki: I used to enjoy playing the outcast but maybe someone more likeable.

    What would you miss most from the saga?
    Nikki: Interacting with the fans. I know the cast will still hang out.

    What’s the unique thing you brought to your character?
    Nikki: I loved the character Stephanie created. I tried to show a vulnerable side.

    Which book did you like most?
    Nikki: New Moon - I wanted Edward to come back.

    Who inspires you?
    Nikki: Nia Vardalos, Rita Wilson. Women who set an example for other women beyond this industry. Also my mum.

    What is one thing you will always remember about Twilight?
    Nikki: How grateful I am for the fans and the experience.

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    What are your beauty secrets, ONTD?

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    Supermodel Heidi Klum has been forced to axe her famous New York City Halloween party due to the superstorm that rocked the city on Monday.

    Each year the “Project Runway” star hosts one of the Big Apple’s most popular costume bashes, and she spares no expense with her outrageous disguises, which have previously included everything from a cat to a dead body.

    However, because of Sandy, which has caused flooding and power outages up and down the East Coast after a night of high winds and heavy rain, Klum has cancelled the event, which was scheduled to take place at the Finale nightclub on Wednesday.

    But the beauty, who was planning to dress up as Cleopatra for her first Halloween bash (see pic above) without estranged husband Seal, hasn’t ruled out the idea of pushing forward with her plans at a later date and combining her two favorite holidays into one celebration for a spooky Christmas extravaganza.

    In a post on, she writes, “Hope you & your loved ones are safe after the storm. Canceling my Halloween party… postponing to a haunted Christmas.”

    Source & pic

    ONTD - having/going to a party tomorrow? 

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    Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis says he feels “vindicated” after Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives

    In an exclusive interview with RumorFix, Joe, who confessed to sleeping with Joanna and Marta, says the meeting with the sisters was “totally 100 percent organic,” not a set up. He didn’t know he would be seeing the two sisters again. He was only there because he is friends with Lea.

    Joanna tells Hollyscoop that Joe set her off. “I can be the sweetest person, but if you backstab me or hurt my family I will stand up for them,” she says.

    For his part, Joe says he couldn’t wait “for the whole world to see Joanna get bitch slapped twice, first by her sister, Marta, saying she did indeed sleep with me and second by Adriana slapping her in the face.”

    “I’ve never been physically hit in my life,” Joanna tells HollyScoop.

    “I’m not a bully, that was a first time for me, that is one experience that happened to me that I will never forget,” she says.


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    As was rumored to be the case last week, has now confirmed that X-Men and X2 director Bryan Singer is officially locked in to helm X-Men: Days of Future Past following the departure of X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn.

    Scheduled for release on July 18, 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past boasts a script by Simon Kinberg and is said to be inspired Chris Claremont and John Byrne's comic book storyline that ran in Uncanny X-Men #141 and 142 back in 1981. "Days of Future Past" introduced the idea of an alternate future for Marvel's mutants that grew out of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants killing an important senator, leading to a future where all mutants are hunted by Sentinels.

    Singer produced First Class alongside Vaughn and Vaughn will remain aboard the new film as producer himself.

    In addition to directing the recently-aired "Mockingbird Lane" Halloween special, Singer directed the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer, set for release on March 1, 2013.


    I'm hoping he will fix the Phoenix mess that Ratner destroyed :(

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    Giuliana Rancic's fairy tale life ground to an abrupt halt after enduring two failed IVF cycles and battling breast cancer, and now the reality star and E! host is opening up about her painful struggle and how she manages to remain positive even in the face of adversity.

    Giuliana sat down for a candid tell-all which appears in the November issue of Health magazine, and shares her one regret in life — putting her career before motherhood.

    The now 38-year-old shares that she first started trying for a family with husband Bill Rancic at the age of 35. "I always say how I chased my career instead of chasing guys," she confesses. "No one ever told me, 'Oh, by the way, your eggs change when you reach a certain age,' I didn’t think 35 was old!"

    As previously reported, Giuliana unexpectedly discovered that she had breast cancer while going through IVF treatment, and she says learning of the diagnosis made her dream of having a family seem even more impossible.

    Giuliana admits that she experienced feelings of jealousy towards other moms, thinking: "I’m a good person, and I could give someone the greatest life of all, but yet I can’t get pregnant. And then you watch these TV shows, 16 and Pregnant, and these girls who want nothing to do with their babies and are pregnant. And you're going, what?"

    A once healthy and happy Rancic was heart broken by her diagnosis, but says she found comfort in the people closest to her, especially Bill who was her rock throughout.

    "[After learning of the diagnosis], I ran into my dressing room and started hysterically crying," she said. "Bill was really the one who had to pick me up off the floor and say, 'Hey, we’re making a plan here.' He took over.

    "Whenever I was so sad, when I was on the floor kicking and screaming and crying, the best way I could pull out of it was when I would remind myself, 'Even with this happening, you're still better off than a lot of people.'

    "For me, it was saying 'Yes, I have breast cancer…' But, you know what? Thank god I'm going to a good doctor.

    "I'm so fortunate I found it early. I'm so fortunate to have Bill. I'm so fortunate that I have a boss who understands."

    After beating breast cancer, Giuliana and Bill proved that you really can have it all when they welcomed their son Edward Duke on August 30 via surrogate.


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    Young Adults:

    Over 25s:




    Live shows start tomorrow! Who do you think will be out first? Who are you rooting for?


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    This song will also be on their abum ¡Tre! which comes out December 11th.


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    Team Adam

    Amanda VS Michelle

    Loren VS Nicole

    Joselyn VS Kayla

    Melanie VS Sam

    Joe VS Bryan

    Team CeeLo
    MacKenzie VS Daniel

    Terisa VS Trevin

    Avery VS Cody

    Mycle VS Nicholas

    Caitlin VS Diego


    Live Streams:
    tvpc 1
    tvpc 2

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    After the insane announcement this afternoon, the Official Star Wars site and other sites such as posted a ton of new info about what's going on.

    Most importantly:

    It's not just one new Star Wars movie, we're going to get episodes 7, 8 and 9. This was revealed in a Disney shareholder meeting (source here). 8 will come about 2-3 years after 7 is released in 2015, and 9 a further 2-3 years after that. There will also be more Star Wars on TV (I wonder if Underworld will happen now...)

    The Future of Star Wars

    Lucas sits down with new Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy to discuss the sale.

    Main points:
    + Lucas wanted to retire
    + He liked Disney because it's a huge corporation and could both protect the franchise and give it new opportunities
    + There are already story treatments for movies 7, 8, and 9
    + Lucas will be consulting on new movies (Kathleen Kennedy says he will be her "Yoda")
    + They are already meeting with and talking to writers about the new movie
    + This video is the first in a new series discussing the future of Star Wars and more videos are forthcoming


    Meet Kathleen Kennedy

    "George Lucas has anointed Kathleen Kennedy both as the filmmaker to take Star Wars into its bold new future as well as the person to run Lucasfilm. She is a longtime friend and collaborator with Lucas, and one of the most successful and respected producers and executives in the film industry today.

    Kennedy has produced or executive produced over 60 films, which have collectively garnered 120 Academy Award® nominations, 25 wins, and have grossed over $11 billion worldwide. Among her credits are three of the highest grossing films in motion picture history: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, and The Sixth Sense, as well as such blockbuster entertainment as the Indiana Jones trilogy, the Back to the Future trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Gremlins, The Goonies, Poltergeist, War of the Worlds, Twister, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

    Her diverse filmography also includes acclaimed dramas like this year's Lincoln, as well as War Horse, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Munich, Seabiscuit, Schindler's List, and The Color Purple, and animated motion pictures like The Adventures of Tintin, Persepolis, An American Tail, and The Land Before Time.

    Kennedy has produced the films of such directors as Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Robert Zemeckis, M. Night Shyamalan, Frank Oz, Peter Bogdanovich, and Richard Donner.

    Prior to joining Lucasfilm, Kennedy headed The Kennedy/Marshall Company, which she founded in 1992 with director/producer Frank Marshall, and in 1982 she co-founded the phenomenally successful Amblin Entertainment with Marshall and Steven Spielberg. Nominated for six Academy Awards® as a producer, Kennedy is also currently vice president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), as well as sitting on their Board of Trustees.

    "I'm excited to have the chance to work with such an extraordinary group of talented people," said Kennedy upon becoming co-chair of Lucasfilm Ltd. earlier this year. "As George moves towards retirement I am honored that he trusts me with taking care of the beloved film franchises. I feel fortunate to have George there to advise me as we set out to make the next Star Wars films -- it is nice to have Yoda by your side."

    Following the announcement that the first new Star Wars project under her auspices will be the long-awaited Episode VII, it can be revealed that Kennedy and her team at Lucasfilm is already in early development of this new era of Star Wars movies. "We're in the midst of the really fun part of the process," she says. "We're sitting down with a couple of writers and starting to discuss ideas and starting to talk about what those stories might be."


    Official Blog Posts:

    Pablo Hidalgo (fan, author and LFL employee): "At this point, I don’t know many specifics, but boy can I speculate. It’s what Star Wars fans do best, after all. I’m just thrilled they’re happening, and that Star Wars is returning to the big screen where it belongs." More here.

    Steve Sansweet (Author, huge SW collector, LFL fan ambassador): "When George started talking about retirement several years ago, many of us were concerned. We felt strongly that it would take more Star Wars movies to ensure the survival of the brand; Expanded Universe fiction, merchandise, and even great TV series weren’t enough. In my mind, at least, the best possible endgame for Lucasfilm would be an acquisition by Disney. These are two companies that have family entertainment in their DNA; they complement each other in so many ways. In fact, when Star Wars premiered in 1977, more than a few reviewers said it was the kind of film that Disney should be making...

    Besides Star Wars on the big screen, new television shows and a more active online presence are also great possibilities. Perhaps someday the fan dream of a full-blown Star Wars Land will become a reality. Or even smaller dreams, like Star Wars Weekends at all Disney parks, not just Walt Disney World." More here.

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the insanity of all this. I'm psyched that it seems like this new movie will indeed be live-action, post-Jedi. I wonder if they'll throw out the current EU or try and incorporate it? And tbh, one of the main problems with the prequels, imo, was the writing and directing. It makes me so excited to think about someone else besides George writing and directing a new Star Wars movie, hopefully injecting the life into it that Irvin Kershner did with ESB. So many of the younger filmmakers today in their 30s and 40s were hugely influenced by Star Wars, so I would love to see a filmmaker who is a real fan and loves the source material get the chance to make the movie.

    In short, I'm cautiously excited

    More updates from the conference call:
    (You can hear the recorded call here):

    The deal includes Indiana Jones, ILM, and Skywalker Sound. However, the deal was primarily based on Star Wars. No new Indiana Jones movies planned atm, and ILM will be left alone to continue as is for any film studio that wants to use it.

    Currently, Lucasfilm is very heavily based on toys and North America. Disney wants to broaden the merchandise and go international.

    Fox retains rights to distribute the six older films for now (same as how Universal still has theme park rights to Marvel) and Paramount still has distribution rights to Indiana Jones.

    In addition to movies, Disney wants to expand Star Wars on TV, theme parks, merchandise, games (not console games, however), etc.


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    title or description

    Kate Upton can cross off another much-lauded cover off her list. After gracing the front of Sports Illustrated in February, she's now featured on the cover of November's Vogue Italia.

    Snagging the high fashion cover was no small accomplishment for the 20-year-old bikini babe who was deemed "too commercial" for even Victoria's Secret.

    In the Steven Meisel-lensed cover shot, Upton rocks a Fendi coat, a Patricia Field top and jewelry by Kenneth Jay Lane. Her blonde tresses are teased high and her pout emphasized by a bright red lip.

    Since her splash in Sports Illustrated, Upton and her curvaceous body has been featured on the cover of July's GQ, this month's Cosmopolitan and in editorials, including two for American Vogue.

    Upton told November’s Vogue, “I am confident about my body.”

    The bombshell is dating Detroit Tigers player Justin Verlander.

    title or description
    title or description


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    Nicole Scherzinger: How To Handle a Long-Distance Relationship

    Nicole Scherzinger has been dating F1 driver Lewis Hamilton for four years and recently she has spoken about how difficult it is to conduct a well-working long-distance relationship. In fact, she said to the Sun that she "wouldn't wish it on anyone."

    However, despite the difficulties and hardships that are inevitable in the kind of relationship they have, Scherzinger believes that she and Hamilton have a strong relationship based on trust. This was really put to the test recently when photos of the X-Factor judge getting a little too close for comfort to Rihanna's ex, Chris Brown. She confounded the rumours, "You are always going to have people saying something or having a picture." She said, "But it is complete dross if you and your partner know what the truth is. Chris Brown and I are definitely just mates - I have known him since he was younger than 16." And in the Metro she is reported talking about press in general; 'It's a part of it, you know, and you just got to pay no time to it. The press does not define you, you know who you are deep inside."

    Using words such as 'mate' she seems to have forgotten who she is deep down inside (lol wtf), opting for British terminology rather than American. However this is probably all due to Hamilton's family who have embraced her wholly and integrated her into London life. As reported, "Lewis has helped her settle in London by introducing her to his pals, adding that his family has also been a huge help."

    X Factor 2012: Olly Murs enjoys "banter" with Nicole Scherzinger

    Xtra Factor co-host Olly Murs has said he enjoys banter with Nicole Scherzinger, but insisted he wouldn’t go any further!

    Olly has made no secret of fancying the US singer since first meeting her on last year’s show.

    He said today: “Nicole and I enjoy a bit of friendly flirting during the show. She’s one of the hottest girls on the show.

    “You’d have to be gay not to fancy Nicole! Things won’t go any further than my crush – she has a boyfriend and it’s just a bit of banter for the show.”

    Speaking to the X Factor website at, Olly continued: “I think all four Judges look amazing this series. Tulisa and Nicole dress so differently but both always look very glamorous.

    “Nicole’s catsuit was VERY distracting. Goodness knows how her Boys managed to concentrate that night!”

    Meanwhile, Olly insisted that all four judges were all speaking terms after the weekend’s spats on the live shows.

    He said: “We covered the Tulisa/Gary spat on The Xtra Factor. Gary apologised to Tulisa on our show and you could see he really meant it. I don’t think he meant to say what he did and you could see he was genuinely sorry. Gary’s a great guy. Everything seems cool with the Judges now!”

    Nicole Scherzinger stuns in a sexy sheer catsuit on Halloween X Factor special

    Nicole Scherzinger certainly embraced the Halloween theme on Saturday night's X Factor in a super sexy sheer jumpsuit.

    The singer wore a black lace and embellished all-in-one and topped her crimped hair with a dramatic black headpiece.

    Nicole was overheard saying to host Dermot O'Leary earlier in the day: 'I just want to wear something really simple tonight.'

    Er, Miss Scherzinger must have changed her mind then.

    Shame Nicole's boyfriend Lewis Hamilton was in India for the Grand Prix and missed the spectacle, but designer Julien Macdonald got very excited, Tweeting: 'Did you all see @NicoleScherzy in @JulienMacdonald catsuit last night on @Xfactor! Wow!'

    We can't wait to see what next week brings for the Scherzy style show.

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    any experiences with/thoughts on long-distance relationships, ontd ?

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  • 10/30/12--17:53: New Stoker Poster And Video

  • It's no great surprise that Park Chan-Wook has assembled a quality cast for his first English-language effort. The much-praised director of Oldboy and Sympathy For Mr Vengeance is now set to bring us Stoker, a horror / drama that has some serious buzz around it - and not just because of Park's previous work. Now we have a gorgeous new international teaser poster for the film to show you, as well as a video with music from the film and a few fresh clips.

    The story focuses on a mother and daughter, Evelyn Stoker (Nicole Kidman) and India (Mia Wasikowska). Evelyn's husband has recently died, and his funeral marks the arrival of Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode), a relation that India didn't even know she had. With Evie increasingly unstable, India is suspicious of the mysterious Charlie's motives but finds herself drawn to him at the same time.

    We'll leave it there, but there are more clues to Stoker's plot hidden in this pencil-work poster and in the video here, which shows the creation of the poster and brings a little creepy suspense to brighten up your morning. That music is “Becomes The Color” by Emily Wells, by the way, which plays over the end credits and which we're told is now available in iTunes and all good digital retailers worldwide.

    Video (won't embed here) at the Source

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    On October 30, 2012, "The X Factor" executive producer Simon Cowell did a very revealing telephone-conference call with journalists about "The X Factor" U.S.'s second season. I'll have the entire interview posted here in the next day or two, but here are a few of the things that he talked about during the Q&A session: Cowell thinks that no one over the age 25 has a chance of winning on the show this year. He also said that this year, there won't be a "wild card" contestant who will be brought back on the show.

    Predictably, Cowell said that he thinks judge Britney Spears and co-host Khloe Kardashian were the right hiring decisions for "The X Factor' U.S. (although the show's downward spiral in the Season 2 ratings prove otherwise), but Cowell brushed off any questions about how concerned he might be about the show's ratings. Cowell admitted that he doesn't know yet how Spears and Kardashian will do in the live episodes (which begin on October 31, 2012, at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Time) but he hopes that they will prove the naysayers wrong.

    But you probably don't want to hear about some of the repetitive PR lines that Cowell has been saying in other interviews over the past several months.

    Let's get to to good stuff. I'll include Cowell's full quotes later when I have more time, but for now, I'm reporting a summary of what he said.

    Most-Wanted Category by the Judges

    Cowell said that he thinks the Teens category (mentored by Spears) is the one that all of the judges wanted, and it's the category that all of the judges think is the biggest threat to win over the other categories. Cowell expressed confidence in his Groups category, but he admitted it's been tough for groups to win on "The X Factor." He thinks the finalist groups on the show in 2012 are much better than the finalist groups that were on the show in 2011. As for the Young Adults category (mentored by judge Demi Lovato), Cowell said they have some good candidates (particularly Jennel Garcia), but he doesn't think anyone will win from that category. He was blunt in saying that he thinks the Over 25s category (mentored by judge L.A. Reid) has "no chance" of winning.

    Wild Card, Jillian Jensen and Jeffrey Gutt

    There will be no "wild card" for "The X Factor" U.S. this year because Cowell said there isn't an eliminated contestant he feels strongly about bringing back on the show, like he did with Melanie Amaro in 2011.

    He admitted that he thinks the contestant elimination that was the show's biggest mistake in 2012 was 36-year-old Jeffrey Gutt, because Cowell thinks Gutt is a better singer than a few of the contestants in the Over 25s category. (Cowell didn't say which contestants he thinks are inferior to Gutt.)

    Cowell said that even though he knows that 20-year-old Jillian Jensen's elimination was controversial, he doesn't want her back on the show. He said he respects Lovato's decision to eliminate Jensen, and he thinks Lovato made the decision because things with Jensen were getting too "gloomy" (Cowell's word), and he agrees with Lovato's decision to choose someone she thinks is more entertaining than Jensen is. He emphasized that Lovato genuinely liked Jensen, and that Jensen was a good singer, but there were concerns about Jensen's personality. Although Cowell didn't really come right out and say it, he pretty much implied that Jensen's bullying sob story and her tendency to cry a lot was too much of a downer, and that was one of the reasons why she was cut from the show.

    Girl Group is a Bunch of Difficult Divas

    Cowell said that one of this year's girl groups (which he would not name in the interview) is arrogant, difficult and doesn't want to do interviews, and he's concerned about their "likability." Given that Sister C is the only one of his girl groups who has been described this way by Cowell on the show, and Spears called Sister C "annoying" in one episode, it's a safe bet that Cowell was talking about Sister C.

    The other girl group that he's mentoring this year is Lylas, and Cowell hinted that they are his favorite group in his mentor category because he thinks they have the most potential (compared the other groups he's mentoring this year) of having hits after they're on "The X Factor." No one asked Cowell about the rumor that Lylas will be changing their name because another girl group named Lylas (whose members are sisters of pop star Bruno Mars) claim to have the legal use of the name. We'll have to wait and see if Lylas from "The X Factor" do change their name, because it's looking increasingly likely that they have no other legal option but to change the name.

    Live Episodes

    Cowell said that the judges (not viewer voting) will eliminate several contestants on November 1, 2012. He declined to say how many of the contestants will be eliminated on November 1, but he did say that viewer voting would begin on November 7, 2012.

    He also mentioned that the elimination format leading up to the season finale will be the same as it was in 2011: The contestants in the bottom two will do a "save me" sing-off, and the judges will vote on which contestant to eliminate. If the judges have a deadlocked vote, the contestant eliminated will be the one who got the lowest number of votes from the public.

    As for co-hosts Kardashian and Mario Lopez, Cowell said he initially wants them on stage together as much possible in the live episodes, but he won't rule out the possibility that later in the season, one of the co-hosts (probably Kardashian) will be backstage with the contestants while the other co-host will be in front on stage and will be the main person interacting with the judges.

    He also admitted that Fox was too nervous about his idea to have two co-hosts who had no experience as TV hosts, and that is one of the main reasons why Lopez was hired. (Kardashian has no previous experience as a TV host, while Lopez has years of experience.)

    Toward the end of the interview, Cowell concluded by saying he's expecting for there to be meltdowns during the live episodes.

    Fox has not yet announced when the show's two-part Season 2 finale is, but it's widely assumed to be on December 19 and December 20, 2012.

    Here are some things that Cowell did not discuss in the interview but are worth speculating about nif the show will do the season finale like it was done in 2011:

    Part 1 of the season finale (presumably on December 19) should have the Top 3 contestants performing for the last time for the public's votes. Then in Part 2 of the season finale (presumably on December 20), the third-place contestant is announced, and then the runner-up and winner are announced.

    So if one contestant is eliminated every week and there are supposed to be the Top 3 left on December 19, that means on November 1, there will be nine (or possibly 10) of the 16 contestants left who will advance to the November 7 show. There could be more than one elimination in the same episode in late November, just like there was in 2011. We'll have to wait and see.


    Britney gif post y/y?

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    Benedict visiting with the director of a few BBC Sherlock episodes (and Lucky Number Slevin!), Paul McGuigan!

    Source = Paul's Twitter

    Whatever, haters. I think he looks great in this photo.

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