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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    they finally put up a HQ version

    i hope katie tears maya a knew one tbh

    Doll Parts part 2 (This Friday's episode)

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    lol how predictable. you knew something was bound to happen to adam after forging his mom's signature on the permission forms

    I Want It That Way parts 1 & 2 (very spoiler-y considering we don't even know the episode descriptions for these. don't say you weren't warned! :))


    Part 1
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    fiona and imogen's mom???

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Part 2
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    omfg what

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    milligan brothers yess

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    not too bad

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    i hardly think this is going to keep her from going to MIT

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    bhandallas yes pls

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    Tonight, Tonight parts 1 &2


    PART 2
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    whisper hug!! wtf is imogen wearing

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    Kelly Osbourne revealed a lot more to Digital Spy than we expected when we asked her about womanhood.

    The presenter joked as she spoke to us at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards last night, and said: "The best thing about being a woman is having a vagina." She continued: "I don't mean it! Women are so much more powerful than men. They may be stronger and faster than us, but a woman's intuition is something men wish they could have."

    On her infamous weight loss, she said: "I worked hard for this [body]. There's a lot of bloody sweat gone into it. Unfortunately there's no secret. I work out and eat right. I wish I could tell you something else. A lot of people think I've had stomach surgery - I haven't. It's taken me three years."

    Asked whether she ever lost her willpower and binged, she admitted: "Hell, yeah! I had a photoshoot in a bikini a while ago and I didn't want to do it, but I was really healthy and doing my yoga before it.

    "As soon as it was over, I was eating everything I could get my hands on - pizza, anything... I'm pretty much off the booze, but I can't lie and say I never have a drink. I do occasionally. It's a calorie killer - f**k yeah. I'd rather have a piece of cake!"

    Kelly, who has recently spoken out about being suicidal a few years ago, said she felt a lot of pressure to maintain being a good role model. She revealed: "It's weird, I get a lot of messages from young girls on Twitter, and it's really inspiring but incredibly scary because that puts you on a pedestal, and I'm not perfect."

    On having babies and getting married to her chef boyfriend Matthew Mosshart, she said with a smile: "He's amazing. I don't know."


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    After being the face of H&M, Mulberry and Jaguar, Lana Del Rey will now become the first lady of Italian fashion company Versace.

    The first official promotional photos have just been released online: 

    Lana has also announced today the first dates of her upcoming 2013 world tour.
    More will be announced soon:


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    Michelle Duggar has never had time for a makeover. Of course, with 19 kids, that's no surprise. But on Tuesday night's episode of "19 Kids and Counting," Michelle and husband Jim Bob finally got new 'dos.

    Michelle's childhood friend Cindy visited and gave Michelle her first makeover in 39 years. Michelle's reaction to the new cut: Polite apprehension. Upon seeing her new self gazing back in the mirror, she said, “Wow, it’s definitely different .” When asked if she loved it (talk about a leading question), Duggar said she'd "learn to love it."

    Jim Bob got a haircut as well, his first new style in about three decades. "Michelle met me 30 years ago, and this is how I looked," he said, pre-cut. Jim Bob's 'do wasn't as drastic as Michelle's (we couldn't really spot a difference, truth be told). Maybe in another 30 years he'll opt for a Mohawk.

    (Oh sweet Jesus, what in the fresh hell am I looking at?)


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    Ashlee Simpson is back! Her official website has just announced a new single entitled "Bat For A Heart" to be released along with the music video on November 21, 2012!
    You can already watch a preview below:


    This sounds so good!!
    Btw mods please update her tag/remove 'wentz' D:

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    Hot Topics:
    Hurricane Sandy

    Sherri in Timescare Funhouse
    Halloween Costumes for Kids and Pets

    source source source source source

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    Synopsis: Jax gets closer to the truth but there are still obstacles in his way.

    Another great ratings ride for 'Sons of Anarchy'
    The ride’s still great for the Sons of Anarchy. Episode 8 of the FX drama on Tueaday gained 11% more persons between the ages of 18-49 versus last week (3.12 million vs. 2.8), and was the drama’s third-most watched episode ever.

    The motorcycle drama also saw a 17% boost in men 18-49, a 5% lift in women 18-34 and a 7% increase in total viewers (4.6 million).

    Source 1 2 3

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  • 10/31/12--15:51: Witchney
  • Is Britney Spears casting a spell on Simon Cowell? Here's a special Halloween treat ahead of tonight's first live show!

    The Live two-hour X Factor show premieres TODAY at 8pm on FOX.
    The judges have made their decisions and a fortunate 16 acts will hit the stage in Hollywood to sing or rap their way into voters’ hearts and a shot at the $5 million prize.


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    Borgore gets quite messy in his new video for "Decisions," taking on his collaborator Miley Cyrus in a cake-filled food fight. Filmed at Beacher's Madhouse in Los Angeles, "Decisions" is about, according to Borgore, "How much bitches love cake." But it's also about interpreting "becoming successful, or... the way you look, or because you've got money" as having "cake."
    "During the cake fight, Miley asked me to cake her anywhere but her face," Borgore tells Rolling Stone. "It's clearly not part of my agenda but she's pretty, so I cut her some slack."
    Borgore's Decisions EP is out now.

    i had mileys halloween costume/party stuff in this post too but it got rejected saying the costume pics were already posted? but i can't find that post in the tag anywhere? help? nevermind! cant wait for unicorn hemsworth, also, haha


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    Here's "Affection", the latest track from Crystal Castles' forthcoming LP, (III). It's the third song to be let go from the new record, following "Plague" and "Wrath of God". (III) is out November 12 via Casablanca/Fiction/Universal Republic. (Pre-order the album here.) Watch the video for "Plague" below.


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    britney-spears-2-300   It's a big night for Brit!

    Wednesday is the long-awaited first live show of Fox's The X Factor (8 p.m. ET), and Britney Spears, 30, has mixed emotions about the experience.

    "I am a little nervous," the pop star told Extra's Terri Seymour. "But I'm excited. I'm really, really excited. I can't wait."

    Spears will be joined by fellow judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid.

    According to Cowell, the pop star may dress as a witch for the occasion – and for Halloween – though Spears says viewers will have to wait and see to find out what her costume will be. But Spears does expect some special guests to forgo trick-or-treating to be in the audience for the big night.

    Of sons Sean, 7, and Jayden, 6, Spears says, "I think they'll probably come to the show, yeah."


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    Justin Bieber is showing off his guns.

    No, not the shootin' kind.

    The 18-year-old pop star took to Instagram last night to post of a photo himself posing a lá Mr. Olympia in a white tank-top undershirt.

    Both arms are up, his fists are clenched and his biceps are flexed. Biebs gives some serious face as he stares into the camera.

    And, of course, there's bling. There's a gold bracelet on his right wrist and a matching watch on the left. A gold and diamond whistle dangles from a chain around his neck.

    Bieber's message accompanying the photo reads, "Jb you think you jacked or sum???"


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    Hands down, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" has got to be one of the best videos that has ever been produced. It's a cult classic that completely revolutionized how music videos were created and consumed.

    Below are thirteen things that might surprise you about this spooky, 1980s Halloween fave. Think you know it all... ?


    Michael Jackson Was Almost Excommunicated For Making The Video

    Jackson and associates when he was a Jehovah’s Witness, 1984

    Throughout the 1980s, Michael Jackson was a practicing Jehovah's Witness who obeyed his religion's mandate to spread the faith by knocking on doors in his neighborhood, wearing a crude disguise of mustache and glasses. He attended services at the local Kingdom Hall with his mother and siblings, and abstained from drinking, swearing, and supposedly, R rated movies.

    However, a pop star's life is often at odds with the Witnesses' strict teachings; Jackson and his assigned "minders" butted heads over numerous issues, including song lyrics ("Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" was too sexually suggestive) and dance moves (Jackson's iconic Motown 25 performance was deemed "dirty, burlesque dancing," despite the singer's protestation that "90.9% of dancing is moving the waist").

    The "Thriller" star and the Jehovah's Witnesses butted heads again in 1983 when they found out he was making a werewolf music video.

    "They told [Michael] that it promoted demonology and they were going to excommunicate him," said Jackson's then-attorney John Branca.

    Jackson was devastated.

    ... And He Almost Had The Footage Destroyed

    About two weeks before the premiere of "Thriller," Michael Jackson called his attorney, John Branca, and tearfully ordered him to destroy the negative of the controversial music video.

    After much cajoling, the singer revealed that the Jehovah's Witnesses were threatening to excommunicate him if he didn't.

    Branca conferred with "Thriller" director John Landis, and both agreed that the video's negative had to be safeguarded. Landis immediately removed the film canisters from the lab and delivered them to Branca's office, where they were locked up.

    To appease Jackson's conscious, Branca fabricated a tale that actor Bela Lugosi, one of the singer's idols, had been a deeply religious man who didn't approve of vampires and put a disclaimer to that effect at the beginning of his "Dracula" film.

    Jackson bought the story, placing a similar disclaimer at the beginning of "Thriller" -- and the Jehovah's Witnesses never excommunicated him (Jackson officially left the religion of his own accord in 1987, though he often still referred to himself as a Witness).

    The rest is music-video history.

    Ola Ray Was A "Playboy" Model

    After Jennifer Beals turned down an offer to co-star in "Thriller," director John Landis cast an unknown 23-year-old former Playboy Playmate named Ola Ray. (She appeared in the June 1980 issue of Playboy magazine.)

    "I auditioned a lot of girls," Landis said. "[Ola] had such a great smile. I didn’t know she was a Playmate. ... I thought, 'Oh, Jesus Christ!' I went to Michael and told him and said, 'Can I hire her?' He said, 'Sure.'"

    Though Landis seemed to think Ray's previous gigs would shock and disgust the religious Jackson... Ray said the singer had seen her center-fold spread and "seemed taken by the fact I was a Playboy model."

    ... And Michael Jackson Made Out With Her

    Former Playboy model Ola Ray, who co-starred with Jackson in his 1983 "Thriller" music video, rarely speaks about the singer at length; but in an exclusive 2010 interview with Vanity Fair, Ray revealed that she had "shared some intimate moments with [Michael] in his trailer" on the video's set.

    "I won't say that I have seen him in his birthday suit, but close enough," she said, laughing. "What we had was such like a little kindergarden thing going on. ... Kissing and puppy-love make-out sessions, and a little more than that."

    Journalist and Vanity Fair contributor Nancy Griffin, who was on set during the filming of "Thriller," similarly told ABC News that she witnessed "some very sweet kind of physical interaction going on between [Michael and Ola]." When asked how far she thought the pair got in their relationship, Griffin speculated, "second base, maybe third."

    Since Jackson's death in 2009, Ray said she thinks about the singer every day, with considerable regret: "I just wish I would have had the opportunity to be a little bit more in his life. ... I didn’t tell him [I was in love with him at the time]. And that’s one thing I hate, the fact that I didn’t really get a chance to tell him how I really felt about him."

    Joe Jackson Had To Be Escorted Off The Set By Police

    During the shooting of "Thriller," Michael Jackson was emotionally stressed by long-simmering family and business pressures. As the singer grew to trust some of his "Thriller" collaborators -- including director John Landis, make-up artist Rick Baker, and Epic official Larry Stessel -- he opened up about his loneliness, his perception that he had been robbed his childhood, and his troubled relationship with his father.

    More than once, Landis found himself caught up in the twisted dynamics of the Jackson family.

    One night when Joseph and Katherine Jackson visited the set, the director recalled, "Michael asked me to have Joe removed. He said, 'Would you please ask my father to leave?' So I go over to Mr. Jackson. 'Mr. Jackson, I'm sorry, but can you please...?' 'Who are you?' 'I'm John Landis, I'm directing this.' 'Well, I'm Joe Jackson. I do what I please!'"

    After an increasingly hostile argument, Joe Jackson had to be escorted off set by a policeman.

    The Zombie Costumes Were Made From Clothes Picked Up At A Salvation Army

    Well, they had to cut corners on the budget somewhere!

    As co-designer Kelly Kimball explained in the The Making of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' documentary: "They told us we had to have a lot of dead people, so we went down to the Salvation Army and bought a lot of old suits and things, as-is -- they had holes in them. We took [the clothes] home and wrecked them! We dunked them in water, we rubbed them on the ground, we slashed them up with razor blades. Then we laid them out to dry, and bugs crawled in them, and I don't know . . . maybe some bugs are still in them! [laughs]"

    Jackson himself with a big fan of the Salvation Army. The singer loved rummaging through the store for "things I haven't seen since I was little," and often made sure to visit various second-hand, thrift shops wherever he traveled.

    Michael Jackson's Red Jacket Sold For $1.8 Million

    The iconic jacket, designed by Deborah Nadoolman-Landis (director John Landis' wife), sold for an absurd amount of money at an auction in 2011.

    Nadoolman-Landis -- who had also designed Indiana Jones's jacket in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" -- elaborated on her iconic "Thriller" design in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

    "When it came to Michael’s jacket, there was a tremendous amount of thought that went into it," she said. "I had sketched different looks, but I found ultimately once I came across the jacket with the V with the extended shoulders -- that was it. It’s graphic and structural, and I wanted a good silhouette. The V in the jacket really echoes the pyramidal shape of the choreography."

    As for the jacket's color, Nadoolman-Landis said she picked a bright red to stand out against all the fog and the "black, white, beige, gray, brown" zombie costumes on set.

    "His pants were just white jeans that I dyed red to match the jacket. The socks and the shoes were his own."

    The designer added: "Michael was elegant. I worked with David Bowie, who was also that same body frame, again very, very slim. Fred Astaire was a 36 regular; Michael was a 36 regular. David and Michael and Fred Astaire -- you could literally put them in anything, and they would carry themselves with a distinction and with confidence and with sexuality."

    MTV And Showtime Helped Pay For The Video

    With "Thriller," both Michael Jackson and director John Landis wanted to reinvent the "theatrical short" by creating a 14-minute, two-reeler musical with a big budget and a Hollywood director. However, such an ambitious idea did not go down well at Jackson's record label, CBS, who refused to pay for it.

    "Music videos were new in 1983 [and] were used to sell records," Landis explained. "When Michael decided to do the 'Thriller' video, the album had already become the biggest-selling album of all time. So nobody would give us the money, because the 'Thriller' album had already been so successful! Michael said he would pay for it, but I wouldn't let him." (Jackson previously paid $150,000 out of his pocket for his iconic "Beat It" music video.)

    "['Thriller'] ended up costing $500,000 -- still enormous money at that time for that kind of thing."

    George Folsey, Landis' partner in the venture, suggested they make a documentary, to be called The Making of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.'

    "We sold that hour to a brand-new thing called cable television and the Showtime Network, which at that time had only three million homes as subscribers," said Landis. "They paid a quarter of a million dollars for the rights to show it exclusively for, I think, ten days."

    When bosses at MTV saw it, they were furious and immediately called the "Thriller" director.

    "'How can you do that?!' they asked. We said, 'OK, you give us the money.' And they gave us another quarter of a million to show it for two weeks, and that [covered] our costs!"

    "Thriller" Pioneered The "Making-Of" Genre

    In 1983, Jackson's record label, CBS, refused to pay the "Thriller" music video's $500,000 budget. To make ends me, director John Landis did a deal with the new cable network Showtime, who handed over $300,000 for the video and a proposed documentary that Landis would oversee, too. (The rest of the budget came from MTV.)

    The subsequent 45-minute Making of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' doc established the genre, anticipating the "extras" that now accompany almost every DVD release.

    However, at the time, said Landis, "we used to call it 'The Making of Filler'. It turned out very well, but the truth is that it's filled with scenes from 'American Werewolf' because I owned them, and anything else we could find to fill up the time.

    "When we found we were still six minutes short, we decided to put in pieces of the video itself. In fact, it's very effective, but at the time I thought, 'This is shameless!'"

    ... It Also Basically Created The Home Video Market

    After director John Landis and co. sold "Thriller" and its making-of documentary to cable TV... a company called Vestron arrived on the scene.

    Vestron offered to distribute The Making of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' as a $29.99 "sell-through" video on VHS and Betamax, a pioneering deal of its kind. (Most videos were then sold for far higher prices -- anywhere from $80 to $100 -- to rental stores, rather than directly to consumers.)

    "You have to remember, back in those days none of us realized quite was home video was going to become," said Landis' then business partner George Folsey. "The studios treated it pretty much the way they treated television in the '50s and '60s, with total disdain. They had no idea that the home video business was going to save Hollywood -- it never crossed their minds."

    The Making of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' went on to become the best-selling musical on VHS ever, worldwide.

    "Thriller" Was Screened In Theaters So It Would Be Eligible For An Oscar

    "Thriller" never received an Academy Award nomination, but the video was screened before Disney's re-release of "Fantasia" for a week in Westwood, California just so it could be eligible for a short film nod.

    Many A-list celebrities turned out for the premiere at the 500-seat historic Crest Theatre: Diana Ross, Warren Beatty, Prince, Eddie Murphy.

    "I’ve been to the Oscars, the BAFTAs, the Emmys, and the Golden Globes, and I had never seen anything like this," remembered director John Landis.

    Ola Ray looked for Jackson before the lights went down and found him in the projection booth. He told her that she looked beautiful, but refused her entreaty to come sit in the audience. "This is your night," he told her. "You go enjoy yourself."

    Landis warmed up the audience with a new print of the Mickey Mouse cartoon "The Band Concert.' Then came "Thriller," with its sound mix cranked up to top volume. Fourteen minutes later the crowd was on its feet, applauding and crying, "Encore! Encore!"

    Eddie Murphy shouted, "Show the goddamn thing again!" And they did.

    It Lost The Top Prize At The MTV Video Music Awards

    "Thriller" was nominated for Video of the Year at the first-ever VMAs in 1984, but it lost to The Cars' surreal clip for "You Might Think."

    MTV later declared "Thriller" the Greatest Music Video Ever Made.

    ... But It Became The First Music Video Ever Inducted Into The Library of Congress' Film Registry

    Under the terms of the National Film Preservation Act, each year, the librarian of Congress names 25 films to the registry that are "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant," to be preserved. The library then works to make sure that a copy of the film is at least preserved by a film, television or recording company, and then tries to obtain a copy to keep in the Library of Congress, where it is available for research purposes.

    In 2009, Jackson's "Thriller" became the first music video to enter the archives.

    "I think it is a recognition of how much they changed the music industry in the '80s, and we thought it was important to represent that," said Stephen Leggett, the coordinator of the National Film Preservation Board. "We picked ['Thriller'] because it was most iconic from the era."

    Noting the "lavish" production values of the "Thriller" video, librarian of Congress James H. Billington added, "Music videos up to that time had been basically people singing a song to a camera. ... Anybody who saw this film at the time had it become part of their DNA."


    This seemed like an appropriate post for today, haha. Happy Halloween, ONTD! :)

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    The female One Direction debut tonight.

    "It's nice to be compared to the Spice Girls, it's a great feeling."

    Dinah Jane Hansen burst onto "The X Factor" with such a strong audience and sweet personality that the 15-year-old from Santa Ana seemed to many – including the judges on the show – a certainty to advance into the later rounds of the Fox singing competition.

    So imagine our surprise – and hers – when she was told that she would not be moving forward as a solo singer on the show.

    But this is reality TV where there's always a twist or two in the wings. And moments after Hansen got the bad news, she got a bit of good news, too: She and four other singers would advance to the Top 24 as part of a new girl group called LYLAS (although they now have to change their name due to legal issues).

    "When I first found out I wasn't advancing as a solo artist I felt like I had let my family down," she says. "I knew that I was not just representing my family, I was representing Polynesia, too.

    Hi, how are you? We’ve had you on our radar since before day 1. It seems like we’re not the only ones. Where did your hundreds of thousands of fans come from?

    Well, because I’m Polynesian, there’s not a lot of Polynesians in the mainstream music world. Basically they rallied around me and supported me, and I would do a lot of concerts and shows — a lot of charity things so I could get my name out there.

    Yeah, you have tons of Tongan support and for the show too. We follow you on Facebook and Twitter and saw you on the X Factor promos. You seem to carry yourself really well on the show. Can you tell us how you felt when you were not chosen as a solo singer and were put in a group instead?

    To be honest, at first I felt like ‘maybe I’m in the group because they don’t think I’m good enough to be a soloist. I had my doubts about myself. Not about the girls, but I thought maybe... and I decided to trust Simon and go with the flow. So far, the girls have been nothing but great. They’re really sweet and easy to work with, and they’re all so talented in their own ways. We seem to gel very well.

    How much time did you guys have to practice before your first Judges’ House performance?

    I think like three or four days. Our moms helped out a lot. They sat and listened to us. They were almost like our judges before judgment day. They critiqued us to the point where it was like ‘Oh my gosh, really?’

    Did you guys practice at the Judges’ Houses, or was it elsewhere too?

    It was in studios, at the hotel... everywhere. At breakfast. Any time we had the chance, because we knew that a lot was on the line so we knew we wanted to try our best and give it our all.

    How did you decide who would play what role within the group — in terms of both singing and leadership? Was it obvious because of your voices which parts you’d be singing?

    We kind of just picked out which parts we wanted to sing and then made those parts our own. It didn’t take long because we all liked the song beforehand. It wasn’t hard to find the parts that defined us individually and as a group.

    Everyone leads in their own way. We’ve already established that nobody is the lead singer. We all have our own styles of singing. I think I’m the one who cares for the group. I like to clean. When I clean, I clean around and pick up things without being asked to. And they’re like “Dinah, put that down.” I think it’s because I’m the oldest in my family, so I’m used to that.

    And who picked the song, Impossible?

    We all did.

    Cool. What has your time been like with Simon?

    Oh, he’s great. He’s really, really sweet. What I like about him is that he’s very honest (laughs). If he doesn’t like something, he’ll tell you. But so far it’s been great.

    Has there been anyone else that you’ve gotten along with really well so far, in terms of groups or other people you met at boot camp or in auditions?

    We’ve gotten along very well with pretty much everyone at the Judges’ House. Playback was so sweet and they’re so talented. It was nice making friends with everyone.

    Who do you see as your main competition on the show?

    The pool of talent is so amazing this year, that everyone is competitive. But really, in all honesty, we’re just competing against ourselves. We want to be better than yesterday, than an hour ago. Just trying to perfect the harmonies and bringing our own parts, and define ourselves.

    So, you guys were called LYLAS at Judges’ Houses. Are you going to have to change your name because of the Bruno Mars issue?

    Um... I’m not sure.

    Okay. Can we do a lightning round for the word you’d use to describe the girls in the group?

    Lauren? Fierce.
    Camila? Goofy... in a good way. She’d tell you herself. She’s a goofball... really funny.
    Ally? A blessing.
    Normani? Poised.
    How about you, Dinah Jane? Happy.

    Your chemistry was awesome at the Judges’ Houses, even though you hadn’t known each other for long. Had any of you ever met each other at competitions or anything?

    You know what the crazy thing is that before we became a group, we were already hanging out as friends. You know, when we got to Boot Camp. We were already drawn to each other and then we became a group... it was really easy.

    Do you guys have other music groups you hope to emulate?

    Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, Dreamgirls, The Supremes... There’s a long list.

    How would you describe your sound?

    Our sound? Honestly, I really can’t answer that right now. Something new.

    Is anyone dating someone right now? Any celebrity crushes?

    Nope. We’re dating our music right now. You know, we have our crushes here and there. Nothing serious. As for celebrity crushes? Yep, lots. Chris Brown, Justin Bieber... Camila has a huge crush on One Direction.

    Were you jealous that Justin Bieber was with L.A. Reid and not with Simon?

    Oh my gosh, when I saw that, I was like oh my gosh. I would have died.

    Do you think that if it doesn’t work out with X Factor, you guys will stay together as a group? Have you talked about that?

    Yeah, definitely. Definitely. We’ve already talked about that.

    Do you feel like you have a disadvantage against the other group because you’ve been together the least amount of time?

    Yeah, that would be a concern.


    X Factor Live Stream on Fox - Started 8 pm - 10:07 pm EST:

    Synopsis: The finalists are debuted on the first live show.

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    You say you want a revolution? Good news! Christina Aguilera has already armed the battle-clones for war on ''Army of Me,'' one of many thundering self-empowerment anthems on her fifth studio album, Lotus. ''There's a thousand faces of me,'' she hollers. ''And we're gonna rise up.../For every time you wronged me/Well, you're gonna face an army, army of me.'' Which begs the question: Rise up against whom? Is the whole world really out to get her, or is this just an excuse to wear camouflage hot pants?

    If it sounds like Aguilera is in self-defense mode, that's not a surprise. Since she released her 2010 clunker, Bionic, she's gotten divorced, dodged tomatoes for her big-screen performance in Burlesque, and rebounded as a coach on NBC's The Voice. But her mixed messages are too often unintentionally funny. After inviting America to ''turn down the hate'' on ''Make the World Move,'' an electro-soul duet with Voicecostar Cee Lo Green, she spends the sassy kiss-off ''Circles' telling her enemies to ''spin around in circles on my middle, middle finger.'' And getting behind the bouncy peace-flag-waver ''Let There Be Love'' is difficult when there's a bonus track called ''Shut Up'' that invites the haters to ''suck my d---.''

    Backed by megaproducers Max Martin, Shellback, and Lucas Secon, and boosted by The Voice, Lotusshould have been Aguilera's mainstream pop comeback. Occasionally she can still power through a chorus like a Russian weight lifter (see: ''Sing for Me''). Too bad most of these tracks digitally smother her voice, draining all the emotion until she just sounds bitter. It's unclear whom she's mad at here. But somehow Lotus makes you want to root for the other guy. C-


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    Yesterday’s news that George Lucas is giving the keys to the Star Wars universe to The Walt Disney Company in a $4.05 billion mega-deal surprised fans around the world, includingsome famous filmmakers who grew up on the franchise. It even caught a key figure in that universe—Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill—by surprise. Reached by EW, Hamill—who currently does voice work on no fewer than four animated series and will co-star in the upcoming crime thriller Sushi Girl—shared a few thoughts on where Star Wars and its fabled creator go from here now that Lucas is handing over the reins (and the light sabers and blasters and all the rest) to new custodians and the next generation of filmmakers.

    Entertainment Weekly: What did you make of the big news yesterday?
    Mark Hamill: Oh my gosh, what a shock that was! I had no idea that George was going to sell to Disney until I read it online like everybody else. He did tell us last summer about wanting to go on and do [EpisodesVII, VIII, and IX, and that [newly appointed Lucasfilm president] Kathleen Kennedy would be doing them. He seems to be in a really good place. He’s really happy. And that’s nice because I know that when we were making the movies, he was not a jolly guy on set. [laughs]  I always felt badly for him because he agonizes over details, and I’m sure after imagining it in his head for so many years, to see it realized—he’d look up and just hang his head and groan. Harrison [Ford], Carrie [Fisher], and I were always trying to cheer him up and joke him out of his doom and gloom. I missed his call yesterday, but I spoke to him maybe three weeks ago. But until we know more, it’s hard to make any comment other than congratulations to George.

    EW: So you met with George this past summer and he told you about his plans to make another trilogy?
    Hamill: Yeah, last August, he asked Carrie and I to have lunch with him and we did. I thought he was going to talk about either his retirement or the Star Wars TV series that I’ve heard about—which I don’t think we were going to be involved in anyway, because that takes place between the prequels and the ones we were in and, if Luke were in them, he’d be anywhere from a toddler to a teenager so they’d get an age-appropriate actor—or the 3-D releases. So when he said, “We decided we’re going to do Episodes VIIVIII, and IX,” I was just gobsmacked. “What? Are you nuts?!” [laughs] I can see both sides of it. Because in a way, there was a beginning, a middle, and an end and we all lived happily ever after and that’s the way it should be—and it’s great that people have fond memories, if they do have fond memories. But on the other hand, there’s this ravenous desire on the part of the true believers to have more and more and more material. It’s one of those things: people either just don’t care for it or are passionate about it. I guess that defines what cult movies are all about. We’ll see. I’m anxious to know what’s going on, but the main story [yesterday] was the sale to Disney. I have mixed feelings about that, but they haven’t done badly by Marvel and the Muppets and Pixar. It’s one of those big decisions that at first seems unusual but then the more you look at it, the more it makes sense.

    EW: When you had lunch with George, did he get into any details with you about where the story would go in the next three films, or whether you would have a part in them?
    Hamill: Well, no, he was just talking about writers and the fact that he wouldn’t be directing. I guess he wanted us to know before everybody else knew. He said, “Now you can’t tell anybody!” [laughs] Even now I’m nervous about saying anything. I just don’t know!


    Sorry mods, i might have sent it twice. This is the right one now.

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  • 10/31/12--16:53: FFAH

    I just had my FIRST trick-or-treater at my new house!! ^____^

    Have a safe Halloween everyone!!


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    Chris Colfer Returns to High School in New Trailer for Struck By Lightning


    A new trailer has arrived online for Struck By Lightning, otherwise known as "the movie Glee's Chris Colfer wrote and stars in." Clearly, Colfer is trying to forge his own path from TV to movies, and his big screen debut could find success due to an appealing cast (Bridesmaids' Rebel Wilson, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks to name a few) and its familiarity to Colfer's hit TV show.

    New Trailer

    Essentially this is a new trailer for Chris Colfer's vanity project which he has used his status as Hollywood token gay twink to rope in every current TV star of the moment. Side eye to Christina Hendricks, Rebel Wilson and Queen Janney for slumming it in this movie but I appreciate their charitable nature. 


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    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might be back to making gooey eyes at each other across the red carpet, but it sounds like their slow motion run back into each other's arms may have been a bit more complicated than you'd imagine.
    In fact, R-Patz apparently only gave in after K-stew sent him a home movie she'd crafted with her own fair hands.

    While you might assume there was some sort of hanky panky involved in all this, you can put your pervy minds right away as it's apparently more of a cyber love note, made to remind Rob of all the good times they had together before Rupert Sanders ever came on the scene.
    “She sent Robert the film after bombarding him with hundreds of texts, emails and answerphone messages," a friend of K-Stews supposedly told The Sun.
    “It was a last-ditch attempt at getting him back and she spent ages making the video montage using hundreds of photos and hours of home film footage of nights out and holidays.
    “It was just like the Google ad as she cut-and-pasted lines from love poems to connect it all together.”
    If the rumours about this are true, we'd really like to think she used several shots of herself modelling their shared collection of baseballs caps and maybe a nice close up of his beard for old times sake too.
    Who knew Kristen was such an avid video blogger? Next thing you know she'll be apologising to her fans over Chat Roulette.
    What do you think about all this?


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