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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Rough Night is about five best friends who reunite for a bachelorette party that goes horribly wrong when one of them accidentally kill a stripper and the rest become complicit in trying to cover up the crime.


    These are so cheap and hideous.

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    It's been confirmed that Goldblum's Ian Malcolm will appear in the sequel.


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    EXID's "Boy" for Fifth Harmony
    There's 4 of them now, and EXID had this comeback with 4 members, this song could definitely be played in the US radio

    CLC's "Meow Meow" for Little Mix
    Sounds like something suited for Little Mix's new album "Glory Days"

    AOA's "10 Seconds" for Carly Rae Jepsen
    This already sounds like something that came out from EMOTION, and i think it will suit Carly's voice perfectly

    Brave Girls- "Rolling" for Britney Spears
    Chair included, this could be a continuation of a choreography like the one she did in "Stronger", plus the song is a bop

    IU's "Jam Jam" for Ariana Grande
    This kind of gives me "Be Alright" vibes


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    - Ang Lee will direct action thriller Gemini Man next, produced by Jerry Buckheimer
    - Will Smith is set to star
    - is about an aging assassin who wants to get out of the business but has to fight with a clone of himself who is 25 yrs younger and with his peak abilities

    source: 1

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    The fourth and final season of Turn: Washington’s Spies will return to AMC with a two-hour premiere on June 17.


    I'm not ready

    Please be better than last season omg

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    Feeling frosty, ONTD FlashFam? Stay warm out there!❄️

     photo tumblr_one57aXOir1uqs8ito2_250_zpsvznn0owt.gif

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    -The movie officially turns 20 today!

    -Toni Collette auditioned for the role of Romy but didn't seem comfortable with the characters valley accent and energy that they wanted the character to have.

    -Quentin Taratinto was the one to convince Mira Sorvino to read the script because he loved it so much.

    -Mira's accent for the character was a combination of Valley and Philadelphia which .was all due to Mina.

    -Lisa Kudrow improvised much of the dream sequence all the way down to the rolling "ow ow ow""oh come on" and she did her own stunts for the scene.

    -Will Ferral filmed a cameo but was ultimately cut due to his character being to harsh on Romy after being outed for her famous Post-It Notes flub.

    -Director and both actresses are up for a sequel if it is good enough.

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  • 04/25/17--19:19: iZombie 3x05 Promo

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    The case of the week this time I thought was better than last week's.

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    • Last week a white freelance journalist accused Ebony of not paying her $2000 for work she had done for them (she was paid after she publically complained on twitter)

    • Journalist Jagger Blaec did some digging and found more writers who hadn't been paid for an amount totalling $8000 some of them with unpaid bills dating back to 2013

    • Points out that for black journalists there is intense pressure to stay silent about not getting paid by Ebony because white publications don't/won't publish them and they need the exposure that comes from a big mag like Ebony

    • Contacted Ebony's new owner Willard Jackson about the problem and he accused her of trying to tear a black owned business down


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  • 04/25/17--19:36: Celebs at the Time 100 gala
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    The Top 12 all performed live last night, and live eliminations happened tonight!

    TROY (Team Gwen): "Free Fallin"

    MARK (Team Adam): "One Dance"

    The bottom two battled it out for an Instant Save!

    Troy - Dobie Gray's "Drift Away"

    Mark - Bruno Mars'"When I Was Your Man"

    Mark Isaiah, of Team Adam, is part of Top 11 of next week! (Winner is based on amount of tweets during a 5 minute window)

    Also, Adam and Blake each sang with their teams:

    Adam's Team:
    Jesse Larson, Lilli Passero and Mark Isaiah

    They sang in tribute to Christina Grimmie.

    Blake's Team:
    Aliyah Moulden, Lauren Duski and TSoul

    G-Eazy performed tonight too...

    BONUS SHANIA TWAIN!!! FOR MY SIS affliction!!!

    Sources: YouTube: 12345678// Twitter: 1

    Better I hope, mods?

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    Source: Twitter

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     photo 3oKIPwfUoqUadV1UnC_zpstus8fixs.gif

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    (Lauren is an award winning Teen Vogue writer)

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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  • 04/25/17--20:52: Prison Break 5x05 Promo

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    I just can't with them acting like Michael cares so much about Sara and a kid he's never even known. He hasn't been in their lives, and I feel like they all should have kind of moved on. I also hate that they're making Sara's husband out to be the villain so the season will probably end with Michael/Sara instead.

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    Caitlyn Jenner Dreams of a Political Future

    Would you vote for Caitlyn, ONTD?


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    ONTD's fave beige feminist was interviewed by non-problematic fave/legit queen/angel on earth Jessica Chastain while she (Emma) was in a bathtub in Paris (gotta take those 3 baths a day!). Some highlights:

    - Says she loves fashion because it's so expressive and creative, and talks about how photographers always want to reinvent her because she was a child star and they want to show a new side of her

    - Keeping her life private is one of her ways of trying to do her job well, since the less people know about her the more they'll be able to suspend their disbelief about the character she's playing

    - Got a lot of angry phone calls about taking the time to study. Did the play Three Sisters while she was @ Brown

    - Emma says authenticity is one of her favorite words, Jessica says it's the word that reminds her of Emma

    - Emma says if there's a script she's considering, she gets everyone to read it - from her mom to the woman who does her nails

    - Before the press tour, Emma deleted the e-mail app from her phone in order to creat boundaries, because social media/technology is addictive

    - Loves to dance and needs no excuse for it

    - Loves hip-hop


    What are the things you need alcohol/drugs in your system for, ONTD?

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    Follow up to this post

    Actor Tony Moran, Erin Moran's brother, has fired back at Scott Baio for seeming to condemn Erin over her struggles with addiction and for suggesting that she died of an overdose when she actually died of cancer.

    (Baio was asked on a radio show about Moran's death, and he replied: "For me, you do drugs or drink, you’re gonna die. I’m sorry if that’s cold, but God gave you a brain, gave you the will to live and thrive and you gotta take care of yourself." He has since said that he didn't know at the time of his comment that she had cancer).

    Erin Moran's husband of 25 years, Steven Fleischmann, said on Tuesday that throat cancer left her unable to speak at all for the last two months of her life, and that she had to be fed through a tube. This would appear to contradict Baio's claim in several tweets that his wife spoke to Erin less than a month ago:


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