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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Fox has officially announced that Prison Break would be returning to Fox for a special event series. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will be reprising their roles as Michael and Lincoln Burrows and Sarah Wayne Callies and Robert Knepper are in talks to return as Sara Tancredi and T-Bag respectively.

    Said Fox CEO Gary Newman, “I don’t want to spool too much of it, but obviously, one of the things we all wondered about... We all, who watched the show and loved it, thought that Michael had died. Paul Scheuring came in with a great twist, that explains that he didn’t die and what he’s been doing in the interim."


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    You probably know Poland for our embarrassing yet iconic Eurovision performances, our delicious food or maybe our crazy leader that is breaching our country's democracy. Putting all of that aside, we all like a bit of pop music and have pop faves to some degree so I wanted to show what Poland has to offer (good or bad, thats for you to decide!). These women had some of the biggest hits in Poland in 2015 and I'm here to deliver these certified bops (or maybe flops) to you!


    Sarsa auditioned for various music programmes and she made it to the quarter finals of The Voice Poland but unfortunately she withdrew for health reasons. She signed a record deal and Naucz Mnie(Teach Me) was her debut song. The single blew up, scoring nearly 40mil views on youtube and it stayed on top of the charts for several weeks. When you opened your fridge, Sarsa was playing (that's how much the song was played on the radio). Her next singles did ok but it's pretty hard to beat her debut achievements. Her stans are called Tygrysy (Tigers) because of her use of "RAH"/fighting spirit. Her hair is also quite famous and her trade mark, often referred to as "sarso-rogi" (sarsa horns).

    Natalia Nykiel

    Similarly to Sarsa, Natalia rose to fame on The Voice of Poland. Her debut single Wilk (Wolf #getthatpromoEXO) had little chart success however her next single Badz Duzy (Be Big) was a massive hit. It again stayed at the top of the charts for a few weeks and remained in the top10 for a couple of weeks. Be Big won the award for Best Video at Eska Music Awards which are kind of like the VMA's except not just for videos. She also earned a few more nominations for other awards. Her video is very #aesthetics and her look is what distinguishes her from the other pop girls. She often has neon makeup, face paint and quirky arty outfits (often questionable). Definitely one of my personal favourites this year (the lyrics speak to me and ofc polish men were outraged lmao). Here is the chorus translated by me:

    Be a big boy and stop sending me questions
    Your words are like a number sequence, I can't make an equation out of them
    I can't be a bitch and you're throwing sand/dust in my eyes
    I've had enough of boys who can't surprise me


    Margaret appeared on the scene in 2013 with her controversial debut music video called "Thank You Very Much". It featured Margaret and lots of nude extras, causing the video to be banned from Youtube/TV. One of Poland's main TV stations, Polsat, picked up the song for their promo adverts making Maragaret one of the biggest young stars in Poland. Her singles since then have been charting really well, snatching number 1s left, right and center. Margaret is so popular that her songs even charted in Germany, Austria and Italy. All her singles blow up on radio and many people compare her to Rihanna. She often makes renditions of songs created by Polish icons. She recently released a Jazz album with some Candian dude.

    Ewelina Lisowska

    Ewelina started out in a post-hardcore band but decided to try her luck in Poland's Got Talent. She blew everyone away with her E.T and Hurt covers but didn't make it very far. She then auditioned for the X Factor and finished 4th. She was known as the star girl (her draw on symbol) with powerful "growling" vocals. She surprised everyone with her debut single as it was very pop-y and didn't have any rock influences which angered some fans but it brought Ewelina massive success as the single reached number 1 for weeks and 23 million views on youtube. Her next single did even better. She satisfied not just the public but also her fans as it was more rock influenced and had stronger vocals. It became an instant hit in Poland with the lyrics video scoring 24 million views and the video 6 million. All her singles have done really well since however her second single was resurrected by MEDIAEXPERT in 2015 for a Christmas shopping advert. Ewelina repeats the phrase "MEDIAEXPERT We're switching on small prices" (it's very catchy in polish). The advert was played at least 5 times in each ad break causing the public to go insane, creating memes, jokes etc. and they still haunt Ewelina. She went on Dancing with the Stars and was eliminated but was brought back next week. It was masked as another contestant withdrawing but in reality the public was outraged and demanded her back. In the end she won the whole show. Her fanbase is no joke and one of the strongest in Poland.

    Honorata "HONEY" Skarbek

    Honey - the polish blogging queen. She started as a fashion blogger, posting her outfits nearly everyday. Her blog had millions of views each month and the internet loved to hate her (in Poland these types of comments are very much because of jealousy). Throughout her career as a blogger, she uploaded some original songs on Youtube which created some buzz  (they were actually really good tbh some of her best). She signed a record deal and debuted with No One in 2011 (SUCH A BOP OMGGGGGG). She was one of the few singers at the time to release music in English and many people critcised her for it so she then decided to release two versions of each song. Her single La La Love has also made waves in other countries such as Romania under the title "Don't Love Me". Her singles and first two albums did really well but her most recent not as much. She has improved a lot vocally and therefore took a bit of a different direction with her music, making more of ballad-y type music which doesn't seem to do well on radio. She cut off most of her hair, started to create music inspired by chemical elements and sort of lost herself as an artist but she has a HUGE following on social media so she will probably go back to her older music and top the charts again. She is known as one of the most eloquent stars (some people love her for that, some people hate her). She has won a lot of awards, was an opening act for ONTD's fave Justin Bieber, participated in Dancing with the Stars and has lots of endorsements #getmoney. Most of her performances don't seem to be online so here are some bops

    Ewa Farna

    Ewa has been the longest on the scene. She was born into a Polish family living in Czech Republic. She was discovered as a young teen and released her first album in Czech. She won various national prizes and kept releasing albums in Czech Republic and Poland simultanously however most of her accolades were in Czech Republic (best selling music DVD, awards). She then released her sophmore album at the age of 16 and finally rose to stardom in Poland. Her music was pop-rock and people were very impressed with her because of her strong vocals and mainly because she was a breath of fresh air. Similarly to Margaret, Ewa released a cover of another song and once again had a hit in her hands. At 17, she released her third album and she certified herself as the queen in Poland. It was even more fire than her previous record and Ewa swept every.single.award possible. The slayage was real. She then had a car accidental because she was driving under the influence because she celebrated her passing secondary education. She was everyone's darling but the scandal tarnished her image. She came back with another album which was more radio friendly but apart from her lead single, it didn't do that well. She titled it "W(Inna)?" which is a play on words "guilty" and "different" (lmao). Despite this slump, she has proved herself as a singer and was a judge on a few shows in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia (X Factor, SuperStar, Battle of the voices where she trained a choir and won 2nd place).

    sources: my pop knowledge, translation by me and for the videos: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22

    i kind of got carried away with the info lol apologies if there are english mistakes
    which ones do you like? #beabigboy and let me know!

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    These posters for all of the 2016 nominated films are realistic versions, if their titles were replaced by the bald-faced truth about their content.

    Check out the rest of the posters at The Shiznit

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    Adele's Carpool Karaoke featuring James Corden has just surpassed 25 million views on Youtube.

    ETA: "Pull thru, QUEEN!!!!! 😜🙈🏆👑👑👑 #Adele #Monster the attitude & fingers to match. #Oh #Ok #IcoNIC ❤ I cried when she waved bye to the careers 😩 #Hello #BuhBye 😩🙋🏽"

    Last but not least...

    Source 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5

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    - Fey will star and produce, Roussey will co-star.
    - Sisters screenwriter Paula Pell will write to script.
    - the 'female empowerment comedy' will be inspired by Roussey's infamous "Do Nothing Bitches" manifesto, which has been watched over 3 millions times on YouTube, was featured during a Beyoncé show, and has led to the sell of 57,000 t-shirts.

    Read more about this upcoming feminist opus at the wrap.

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    Sources: 1, 2, 3

    her last one has me scratching my head, but she's only 14.

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    - Said that "scantily clad" daughters photoshoots were cringeworthy
    - "Sometimes I don't even know that they're coming out. Like Kim did the picture with the [champagne coupe] on the booty, and I was like, 'Where did this come from?' I thought it was Photoshopped for a second."
    - Says that for Kendall & Kylie someone is always with them at the photoshoot (her or some other coordinator I am assuming)
    - Kris said that she has put her foot down on a couple photoshoots before


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    A Hundred Streets


    Director: Jim O'Hanlon
    Writer: Leon Butler
    Starring: Idris Elba, Gemma Arterton, Emma Rigby
    Status: Post-production

    A Hundred Streets is a London-based drama weaving together a quartet of stories all set within the same square mile of the capital. It’s based on Square Mile: London, a 2012 short co-written by first-time feature writer Leon Butler, and is being sold as a slice-of-life UK picture.

    Idris Elba takes the role of a former rugby player estranged from his wife, played by Gemma Arterton, alongside Samantha Barks, Charlie Creed-Miles, Ken Stott and Jamie Foreman. The film marks the feature directorial debut of In The Flesh and A Touch Of Cloth’s Jim O’Hanlon.

    Note: This teaser was directed by the official film's music supervisor, James Radford.

    American Honey


    Director/Writer: Andrea Arnold
    Starring: Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, McCaul Lombardi
    Status: Post-Production

    OP Note: This is the movie Shia was filming when he put his head through a window and had to get stitches.

    Writer-director Andrea Arnold won twenty-two awards, including an Oscar, for her socially realist short Wasp in 2003. Her three follow-up features, Red Road, Fish Tank and a naturalistic adaptation of Wuthering Heights, cemented her deservedly celebrated position in British film.
    Arnold is currently working in the US, having directed an episode of Amazon’s acclaimed Transparent and following that up with UK/US co-production American Honey. The film, also written by Arnold, is listed as a comedy drama about a teenage girl who winds up on a chaotic road trip across the Midwest of America. True to form, Arnold has cast a group of young actors largely new to cinema in the film, always an exciting prospect.

    No teaser available, sorry!



    Director/Writer: Noel Clark
    Starring: Noel Clark, Steven Cree, Tonia Sotiropoulou
    Status: Filming

    In 2006, Noel Clarke and Menhaj Huda’s Kidulthood was praised for delivering an unflinching slice of west London life. That film was followed up two years later by Adulthood, a similarly frank account of the so-called “grime generation”, and now, a decade on, the trilogy will be completed with Brotherhood.
    Noel Clarke is back directing and writing the third part in his series, which is currently filming and scheduled for release in the autumn. Once again, Clarke will take on the role of Sam Peel, whose release from prison was chronicled in the second film. Co-star Adam Deacon's well-publicised fall-out with Clarke and personal troubles regrettably mean he won't be back to complete the trilogy.



    Director: Ben Wheatley
    Writers: J.G. Ballard (novel), Amy Jump
    Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller
    Release Date: March 18th

    Another from Ben Wheatley, who made his impressive Doctor Who debut last year with Deep Breath and Into The Dalek and now returns to the big screen for this J.G Ballard adaptation. Ballard’s 1975 novel takes place in an affluent modern tower block whose wealthy tenants descend into a primal orgy of violence and destruction.
    With a screenplay adapted by Amy Jump - Wheatley’s long-time collaborator and wife - High-Rise features a raft of top UK talent, from Tom Hiddleston to Jeremy Irons, James Purefoy, Keeley Hawes, Sienna Miller and Mad Men and Top Of The Lake’s Elisabeth Moss. Out for general release in March.

    Eye in the Sky


    Director: Gavin Hood
    Writers: Guy Hibbert
    Starring: Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman
    Release Date: March 11th April?

    Alan Rickman alert: the Rickman makes a rare appearance in UK-funded military thriller Eye In The Sky, in which he appears alongside Helen Mirren and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.
    The film, about a military drone mission to capture a terrorist group in Kenya that enters morally dubious territory when a nine year old civilian enters the target zone, comes directed by Ender’s Game and X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s Gavin Hood. The thriller was filmed in South Africa and release has now been scheduled for April 2016.

    Movie Post! What movies are you watching ONTD? Tell me what films you're looking forward to this year, Oscar predictions, etc. etc

    22 More Films at the Source

    IMDB Info:
    A Hundred Streets
    American Honey
    Eye in the Sky

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    She talks about Young and the Restless and how the men were divas there, and everything was always a woman's fault
    Also she mentioned that Gabriela Spanic was being poisoned by her assistant during filming


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    Rachel Bloom was an SNL intern while Seth was working there, and she's got some dirt on him.
    This screengrab is his revenge.


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    You all remember this fake trailer right? Well these days, it became a thing to trick girlfriends into watching this movie, it became a new meme.

    Also, here are some examples of 'Deadpool' marketing.

    source1source 23

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    At the Oscars...people of color are always welcomed to give out awards...even entertain, but we are rarely recognized for our artistic accomplishments. Should people of color refrain from participating all together? People can only treat us in the way in which we allow.
    With much respect in the midst of deep disappointment,


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    -Takes himself out of consideration for the men's basketball team
    -Kobe says he's had his moment
    -Wants to "walk off the court that last time as a Laker"


    amazed he's still upright at the tender age of 85. he's made of glass at this point. #legend tho

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    First Online #Ham4Ham Show featuring Alan Fucking Menken

    twitter source one I and two
    youtube source

    ONTD, are shouldering every burden, every disadvantage you have learned to manage without a gun to brandish and walking these streets famished?

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  • 01/16/16--17:50: Gigi to attend MasterChef

  • Gigi will be on MasterChef Celebrity Showdown (which is apparently a thing ?) on January 18.

    It'll be a two hour battle against another model, Devon Windsor.

    Some other celebrities to star in the episode are: Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews and his wife; The Last Man on Earth actor Boris Kodjoe and his wife; and Empire actresses Kaitlin Doubleday and Ta’Rhonda Jones.


    Will you tune in ONTD ?

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    Impression master Ross Marquand nails the tiny moments of A-list actors, including Antonio Banderas forgetting his password, Harrison Ford losing a sneeze, and Brad Pitt forgetting what he was about to say.


    hey, that was impressive!
    do you have a useless talent, ONTD?

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    Though he claimed to have won Mr. Ireland, event organizers had this to say, "He was a finalist in late 2012 which saw Mr Limerick Leo Delaney win the title and represent Ireland at Mr World 2013. Leo placed a very impressive 1st runner up at the event."


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    AKA: Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez apparently has no chill


    shoulda listened to Babe Ruth kid

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