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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    With Dalshabet's comeback single "Someone Like U" quickly gaining popularity in both the East and West, the stunning quartet decided to reward their growing fanbase by releasing a video of them running through the song's intricate choreography in one single take. Showcasing their lithe dance moves, you can't help but want to learn the choreo yourself! Watch below.

    ONTD, what dance moves from a music video did you just HAVE to learn?


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    -She told the Times, "we're not representing our lives truthfully.""Like when you're yelling at your child, you're not taking a selfie of you being a horrible parent. No, you're waiting for the perfect selfie. 'Do I look thinner now?''Do I look great?' It's this false projection of one's life. Hollywood has now gone global. Everyone's Hollywood now."
    -Says she believes (based on articles she's read) that social media has contributed to a rise in depression, and that it's "frightening" for young people to have that "false sense of acceptance based on a picture"


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    This is her second book. Her first, The Body Book, was a manual on health and self-care & was published in 2013.


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    Justin posted a photo of himself in his Calvins on Instagram with the caption "Sweet Dreams." A quick check of his IG feed shows that the Love Yourself singer clearly loves himself.

    Would you hit it, ONTD?

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  • 01/16/16--20:07: iZombie Post
  • Promo for 2x11.

    Things become interesting for Liv when she and Clive investigate the murder of a young librarian, who was also secretly an erotic fiction writer. Meanwhile, things heat up between Blaine and someone quite unexpected. Lastly, Major is hit with an unforeseen snag in his plan. The show will return Feb 2.

    Boo no new eps for two weeks.

    iZombie to stage #VeronicaMars reunion with Kristen Bell

    • Kristen will not be in the ep. Instead she will have a voice-over role.

    • Keith Mars Enrico Colantoni will have a recurring role in 2x14 and 2x17.

    • He will play Lou Benedetto, a vice detective whose cases overlap with Liv’s (Rose McIver) personal and professional life.

    • Rob had emailed Jason Dohring about guesting on the show but he booked The Originals. They casted someone else for that role instead.

    Sources - 1,2,3,4

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    -16 year-old Cambodian Leida Shoun told the Daily Mail that Zahara, 11, and Shiloh, 9, have been sponsoring her and her 12 siblings after Shoun approached the kids while they were getting ice cream in Siem Reap, Cambodia
    -The Jolie-Pitt family treated the Shoun kids to $200 worth of new clothes & bicycles for the family, as well as inviting them to a local arcade
    -Shoun says "Shiloh and Zahara and their family are very good people"
    -The Jolie-Pitt family is in Cambodia while Angelina directs a Netflix adaptation of First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers with the help of eldest child Maddox, who was born in Cambodia


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    - Airs 11:30est at midnight. There's a football game on until then.
    - Chris Stapleton is the musical guest (idk)


    I forgot about the football game and submitted this way early. Sorry guys.

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    -TMZ reports that Rob, 28, is "unfazed" by his type 2 diabete diagnosis which left him in hospital in December and that he's still snacking on junk food and avoiding exercise
    -The Kardashians are worried his condition will worsen so they hired a nutritionist, trainer and full-time chef who specializes in diabetes diets
    -Khloe told Extra that he's "focusing on his health and getting better" and the diagnosis made him "take things a little more seriously."


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    Former One Direction member Zayn Malik tweeted the following earlier, and theories to whom he was throwing shade started.


    Zayn's ex-bandmate and ex-friend Liam Payne posted a video this moring showing off his rapping skills, and people thought that Malik was throwing shade to him with his tweet, reminding everyone once again that they're not friends anymore.


    Jade Thirlwall, bandmate/friend/sister from another mistress of Zayn's ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards, debuted her new grey hair today, so she's option number two because Malik could have been talking about his hair instead of his music.


    Another person that debuted a new hair color today was Justin Bieber. Even though the Canadian singer didn't dye his hair grey like Malik's, people still think that his shade could have been thrown to him.

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 + my words

    ONTD, who do you think he's shading?

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    A new children's book, authored by Ramin Ganeshram and published by Scholastic, depicts George Washington's slaves as happy and joyful as they go on a fun-filled adventure to prepare a beautiful birthday cake for their master. The book ends on a happy note, with the slaves wishing Washington a happy birthday.

    Fusion points out that A Birthday Cake for George Washington uses the names of actual people owned by George Washington, but fails to describe how the president schemed to keep Hercules, Delia, and her siblings enslaved by breaking the Pennsylvania Gradual Abolition Act and regularly shipping his slaves back to Virginia so they would never be freed in his lifetime. Washington also endorsed brutal corporal punishment for the slaves he found to be "lacking". Hercules himself ran away to freedom from the White House on February 22, 1797, the day of Washington’s 65th birthday - without his daughter, from whom he had been separated.

    Librarian Eli Campbell says: "Fully developed humans no doubt have the capacity to grin, smile, giggle and laugh but when this image of happy enslaved people is repeatedly portrayed in children’s literature it substantiates slavery as acceptable for black people by indicating their acceptance of this situation and it thus continues to dehumanize".

    Here's how Scholastic described the book:

    Everyone is buzzing about the president’s birthday! Especially George Washington’s servants, who scurry around the kitchen preparing to make this the best celebration ever. Oh, how George Washington loves his cake! And, oh, how he depends on Hercules, his head chef, to make it for him.Hercules, a slave, takes great pride in baking the president’s cake. But this year there is one problem — they are out of sugar. This story, told in the voice of Delia, Hercules’s young daughter, is based on real events, and underscores the loving exchange between a very determined father and his eager daughter, who are faced with an unspoken, bittersweet reality. No matter how delicious the president’s cake turns out to be, Delia and Papa will not taste the sweetness of freedom.

    Andrea Davis Pinkney, VP of Scholastic, said that "Even though he was a slave, everyone knew and admired Hercules ― especially the president!".

    The author herself, Ganeshram, decided to dig in her heels and defend the book, saying she did a lot of "research" and knows for a "fact" that Hercules was "admired and in-charge, despite his bondage". She also feels people need a more "nuanced" understanding of slavery.

    In our modern society, we abhor holding two competing truths in our minds. It is simply too hard. How could one person enslave another and at the same time respect him? It's difficult to fathom, but the fact remains it was true. We owe it to ourselves — and those who went before — to try and understand this confusing and uncomfortable truth. To refuse to do so diminishes their history to one-dimensional histories that may give comfort to some but ultimately rob us all of the potential for real understanding.

    After getting enormous backlash, she deleted her twitter.

    UPDATE! After initially standing by the author and this book, the backlash became too big to ignore, and Scholastic just announced they are stopping the distribution of A Birthday Cake for George Washington. thank you __planitbremix for the update!

    Source 123

    hope this is alright mods

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    They described their collection as "primitive" and "wild.

    do u find this offensive ontd? or fashionable?

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    Netflix has acquired the rights for Ellen Page's new movie 'Tallulah' which co-stars Allison Janney. The film is written by Sian Heder who also writes for 'Orange is the New Black'.

    "Page plays a rootless young woman who takes a toddler from a wealthy, negligent mother and passes the baby off as her own in an effort to protect her. Her decision connects and transforms the lives of three very different women, including Janney’s character, who mistakenly believes she’s the child’s grandmother."



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    The tweets that were deleted later on read:

    After receiving fan concern, he later on deleted the tweets and reassured the fans that they were indeed on speaking terms.

    He also left these gems:

    src 1

    He sounds a bit unstable tbh

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    -Flint, Michigan currently has a water crisis: the city's tap water is contaminated with lead
    -Apparently the Michigan governor and other state health officials have ignored/covered up the contamination levels for at least the last year
    -Last week Obama declared a federal state of emergency for Flint, Michigan
    -Cher has attacked the Michigan governor on Twitter, and yesterday announced that she is teaming up with Icelandic Glacial to donate 181,440 bottles of water to Flint

    SOURCE 2

    The situation in Flint is so fucked up and Cher is an amazing person

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    According to Rihanna, she's "worth the wait"we'll see. Check the new commercial for Rihanna's performances:

    Worth the wait.

    Posted by Rihanna on Saturday, January 16, 2016


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    A new teaser has been released today:

    Pushing America forward. #FU2016

    Posted by House of Cards on Sunday, January 17, 2016

    and people are wondering if it means someone or at least some secrets will come out

    Zombie Zoe!

    Could Kate Mara return to House of Cards?

    Posted by indieWIRE on Sunday, January 17, 2016

    Season 4 premieres on March 4th


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    A hunter (Renner) for the Fish & Game Department mourning the loss of his teen daughter discovers the body of teenage girl.  An FBI agent charged with the case (Olsen) requests his help in order capture the perpetrator(s).

    • Filming begins in Park City, Utah this March.

    • Apart from writing Taylor Sheridan will make his directorial debut.

    • This will be the third time Olsen & Renner work together.

    I hope Olsen is paid the same as Renner!

    Are you tired of stories in which female characters can't accomplice their mission without a man’s help ONTD?


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    Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman—the stars of High School Musical—reunite to celebrate the global sensation’s 10-year anniversary during a special telecast of the movie Wednesday, January 20 (8:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel. The group taped the nostalgic interstitial segments today at a high school gymnasium in suburban Los Angeles. Their fellow star Zac Efron will join the telecast in a pre-taped message to High School Musical fans.

    A trailer for the special event airing Wednesday on Disney:

    High School Musical first aired on Disney on January 20, 2006! Can you believe it's been 10 years?!


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    Nyle DiMarco, winner of America's Next Top Model's alleged (!) final cycle and the pretty face of #DeafTalent, stars in this just released ad for GripBell, the "swiss knife of workout equipment."You can begin contributing to making this revolutionary technology an actual product starting Groundhog Day on Kickstarter.


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