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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 01/03/16--17:44: #CFV5 is coming

  • Cheryl posted a pic on instagram with the caption of "think its time for the.. Studio!!! It is 2016"


    ontd, will chairoll deliver before AUNTIE does? will she be able to top A Million Lights?

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    Hey-oh! Relive all the lunacy from last season before Sunny returns this Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. ET on FXX.

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    -Meghan Trainor and L.A. Clippers center DeAndre Jordan were seen leaving together last night.

    -They were both at The Nice Guy, a bar/lounge in West Hollywood, before getting into the same car.

    Source: Twitter + YouTube

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    - "Ultron has been the most complicated response I've gotten, and the way I deal with it is becoming fetal for about eight months [audience laughter]. I fucking have no spine or self-identity or anything, and it's horrifying. It sucks... But I'll be okay... Later..."
    - He adds that he's made a clean break from Marvel and has had no input in Phase 3.


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  • 01/03/16--21:23: Psychic predictions for 2016
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Psychic Nikki, a ~psychic to the stars~ claims to have predicted:

    -2015's terrorist attacks in Paris
    -California wildfires
    -Halle Berry's divorce
    -Jimmy Fallon getting injured etc, etc.

    These are her predicitions for 2016!

    World Predictions

    1. Terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, Brazil, Amsterdam, Belgium and Italy.

    2. A huge crash at a Formula One race, killing many.

    3. Earthquake in Egypt, damaging or destroying the pyramids + Nile River overflows into Egypt.

    4. A city will turn sideways after earthquake activity.

    5. A lot of UFO sightings in Hawaii.

    6. A disease around domestic cats.

    7. A bomb at a soccer match in a large stadium.

    8. A huge earthquake in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

    9. Part of India will split in half by a giant earthquake.

    10. Scientists will find an ocean plant that fights cancer.

    11. People will use jet packs for transportation.

    12. Two world leaders will be assasinated.

    13. A new breed mixture of dog and cat.

    14. An arrest in the Madeleine McCann case.

    15. A plane goes into Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    16. A huge heist at the Louvre in Paris; Monets, Van Goghs, etc., are stolen.

    17. Breakthrough in a cure for lung cancer, melanoma, Alzheimer's Disease.

    18. Spaceship landing.

    19. A hurricane hitting the Louisiana Coast, similar to Katrina.

    20. Earthquakes in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec.

    21. The United States will take over Cuba when Fidel Castro passes.

    22. Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election.

    23. Treasure will be found in a castle wall in England, going back to King Henry VIII.

    24. Drone strike at Buckingham Palace.

    25. Prince Charles will become King for a short time; he could abdicate due to illness.

    Star Predictions

    • Sex scandal around a gameshow host

    • An actor that does his own stunts will die from a fall

    • There will be a female James Bond in the future.

    • Justin Bieber will father a child.

    • Leo DiCaprio will be nominated for an Oscar for "The Revenant" and probably take home the Oscar.

    • The movie, "The Martian", could win lots of awards

    • Matt Damon could receive many nominations this awards season. (BOOO BITCH)

    • A pet parrot will kill a movie star.

    • Scandal around Oprah Winfrey.

    • Another Hollywood star will admit they have AIDS.

    • Two movie stars will marry on a late-night talk show.

    • Jimmy Kimmel will hire a dog or cat to become a regular guest on his show.

    Celebrity marriages ~in danger~

    • Jimmy Fallon rehab and divorce

    • A possible split for Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

    • The "World's Sexiest Man", David Beckham, will split from his wife, Victoria.

    • Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello will eventually split, because of his roving eye.

    • Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling will split.

    • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could split; they have to watch their marriage.

    • Beyonce has to watch marriage, although there may be more children.

    • Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will split.

    • Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman possible split.

    • Tim McGraw and Faith Hill split.

    • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel split.


    Mods, there are over 200 predictions at the source but
    i'm only posting like, 45 ^_^ i hope that's ok. Thx.

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    1. Taylor Swift bans Adele posts on Tumblr Adele's '25' Album Breaks *NSYNC's Single Week Sales Record
    2. Terrorists Attack Eagles of Death Metal Concert at the Bataclan in Paris
    3. Britney throws shade at Wiggy Australia after "Pretty Girls"
    4. Meek Mill v Drake
    5. Carly Rae Jepsen's E•MO•TION sells 1M copies
    18. Lady Gaga Performs a 'Sound of Music' Medley at the Oscars


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    Listen here.

    The song didn't make the cut to her upcoming album, "Joyride".

    Tinashe started off 2016 getting her first top 10 hit

    "All My Friends", her collab with duo Snakehips and Chance The Rapper, went #9 and #8 in New Zealand and Australia, respectively.





    source 1
    , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    ONTD, have you ever had your art disrespected by someone leaking it online?

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    Happy 2016 to my beautiful Instafriends!
    So, posting a bikini pic is a little out of character for me, but just now while I was at the beach I noticed I was being photographed. I figure if this kind of photo is going to be out in the world it should at least be an image that makes me happy (and be one that was taken with my consent. And with a filter :)
    Wishing you love, light and blessings for the year ahead!


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    Background Information:
    - Armed Oregon group lead by Ammon Bundy seized control of a federal building on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (a wildlife preserve)

    - Bundy is allegedly protesting the imprisonment of Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steven Hammond, who were found guilty of arson intended to cover up mass poaching according to witnesses


    op note: i'm sorry for all the submissions mods, i promise this is my last attempt - have a good night

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    -The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has 5x as many GOTY wins as Fallout 4
    -It has 119 GOTY wins from critics & 42 from prominent readers so 161 total vs Fallout 4's 36 total.
    -Witcher 3 is in first place, followed by Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V, and Bloodborne.


    ONTD, what's your best game of 2015? What game are you most looking forward to in 2016?

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    Will this loaf of white bread find true love?


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I will be watching this season under protest, since I wasn't chosen as a contestant.

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    The X-tended family, from left to right: T.J. Miller (Weasel in Deadpool); James McAvoy (Prof. Charles Xavier in X-Men: Apocalypse); Michael Fassbender (Magneto in Apocalypse); Channing Tatum (Gambit in Gambit); Ed Skrein (Ajax in Deadpool); Gina Carano (Angel Dust in Deadpool); Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique in Apocalypse); Hugh Jackman (Wolverine in Untitled Wolverine Sequel); Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool in Deadpool); Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool); Oscar Isaac (Apocalypse in Apocalypse); Evan Peters (Quicksilver in Apocalypse); Nicholas Hoult (Beast in Apocalypse); Olivia Munn (Psylocke in Apocalypse).

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    The Gilmore Girls revival has yet to be officially announced, but by the looks of the WB backlot, its a go! Stars Hollow is coming back to life as crews repaint the iconic sets. With these pics comes some frightening potential spoilers. Luke and lorelai aint living together.


    EDIT: The "Luke and Lizzie" set may be actually from the show One Big Happy. Since it doesn't have the Gilmore Girls logo like all the other pics, I'd say its probably fraudulent.

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    • MRAs attempted to organize a boycott of The Force Awakens, claiming that a film that acknowledges that women and people of color exist and can act in movies amounts to “SJW Propaganda.”

    • According to them, is estimating that The Force Awakenslost $4.2 million because of our reporting.

    • The "science" behind this number? They extrapolated the results of a 565-person informal poll by their site’s roughly estimated monthly users, multiplied by average ticket price.

    Of course Forbes has the facts that this is obviously bullshit, showing how bad these fuckers are at everything but specially at math.

    Ah, by the way, A YOUNG WOMAN and a BLACK YOUNG MAN, the main leads of SW:VII are in Forbes' 30 Under 30:


    I never seen someone or a group getting told so hard like this before
    It's glorious

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    A new video of showing news bloopers up! YAY!

    ONTD, have you been pubically victimized by someone twerking?


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    "I see you jigglin. That booty jigglin."

    Kim's reaction is the best!

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3

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    2016 was to mark the return of Hollywood's iconic monsters, but with the cancellation of the latest Halloween installment it seems the hopes of horror fans have been... SLASHED!

    Since the announcement of the now-cancelled Halloween Returns, fans have been posting their excitement via social media. However, last week, news began circulating that Dimension Films of Miramax/Weinstein Co. lost the rights to the Halloween franchise. The studio owned the franchise for over 20 years, developing 5 films, including a remake.

    Since the badly received Halloween II (2009), the Weinsteins have been toying with fans of the Halloween series by greenlighting several films, but ultimately fulfilling the production.

    The latest scrapped entry was to be helmed by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan and titled Halloween Returns (or Halloween: Returns). The film was planned to be a stand-alone film and a direct sequel after Halloween II (1981) ignoring all events after the original sequel, including the ghastly Rob Zombie films.

    The studio and producer Malek Akkad are shopping the rights to the franchise to other studios, which presents the possibility of crossover films, like Freddy vs Jason.

    Fangoria Magazine reports that there are delays with the other horror films, including the sequel to Friday the 13th and the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, Leatherface, is still set to be released in 2016.

    A teaser for Rings, the sequel to The Ring, is currently being made and the film to be released April 1 2016. No word on a sequel to Hellraiser or Scream, both series that are under the Weinstein/Dimension roof.

    Read article regarding the Halloween films at the SOURCE: FANGORIA

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  • 01/04/16--20:05: Coachella LineUp announced.

  • Headliners are LCD Soundsystem, Guns N' Roses, and Calvin Harris. (Hopefully this means Taylor appears in a headdress that day).


    Is this the year you will finally go? Or the year that you'll finally stop?

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    therock:"A pleasure welcoming @kellyrohrbach to our #BAYWATCH family for the iconic role of "CJ Parker". Yes, she's a walking smoke stack but more importantly... she's smart, tough and funny. Just the way we like 'em. Get ready world, we can't wait to bring you our generation's #BAYWATCH! You'll have fun... 👊🏾🔥💯👙🍆 (last emoji somewhat inappropriate)."

    therock:"For our #BAYWATCH and the iconic role of "CJ Parker" I had to make sure @kellyrohrbach was... tough."

    therock:"For our #BAYWATCH and the iconic role of "CJ Parker" I had to make sure @kellyrohrbach was ridiculously sexy running in SLO-MO...."

    Source: therockonInstagram

    The rest of the #BAYWATCH family so far includes Alexandra Daddario as Summer and Zefron.

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