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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Earlier this month, T-Pain did an interview with Vibe for his new mixtape. In the interview he said he has a new song called "Girlfriends," and will feature unreleased Aaliyah vocals.

    “I actually have Aaliyah on a song,” T-Pain told VIBE. “These are vocals people never heard before. They were actually doing an Aaliyah album a few years ago. They told me do two songs and I could pick one to keep.”

    But after his release of the mixtape, the song was not featured on the track list.

    During a listening event for iboTV, T-Pain justifies his use of auto-tune after he recieved backlash by saying, "auto-tune is more popular than ever now." Then he goes on to say the backlash is a result of Aaliyah's lasting legacy being compared to an "asshole who died and you go to his funeral and say he was the greatest man..."

    This video has some of the song he did with posthumous Aaliyah vocals. At the end of the video he is greeted with a room full of WTFs when he talks about the critism surrounding the song and his use of Aaliyah.


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    You write a book and you think the work is over. But what about the cover? If you're going to sell your book on Kindle or iTunes you need an eye-catching cover that shows the world how awesome your book is, right? Like:

    So let's check out some of the most... bizarre ebook covers so you can get inspired to make your book cover. MS Paint and Photoshop are not sponsors of this post!

    A good gift for your parents!


    And my fave

    More at SRC
    Source for the books AMZ

    Book post!
    What are your favorite book covers?
    You think a good/bad cover is important in order to buy a book?

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    On March 27th, Ariana Grande and her team took it on the Fahlo app and announced more tour dates for the Honeymoon Tour. These tour dates are only for North America and the international dates will be coming out “soon”. The tickets go on sale March 30th!

    July 16 – Tampa
    July 18 – Fort Lauderdale
    July 21 – Charlotte
    July 23 – Louisville
    July 26 – Washington DC
    July 27 – Hershey Park
    July 29 – Philadelphia
    July 31 – Albany
    August 2 – Uncasville
    August 4 – Manchester
    August 6 – Montreal
    August 7 – Ottawa
    August 9 – Toronto
    August 29 – Las Vegas
    August 31 – Fresno
    September 2 – Boise
    September 4 – Portland
    September 6 – Sacramento
    September 8 – Mountain View
    September 9 – Chula Vista
    September 11 – Los Angeles
    September 18 – Houston
    September 20 – Birmingham
    September 22 – Nashville
    September 24 – Raleigh
    September 26 – Brooklyn
    September 29 – Grand Rapids
    October 2 – Chicago
    October 4 – St. Louis
    October 6 – Wichita
    October 7 – Tulsa
    October 9 – New Orleans
    October 11 – Dallas
    October 13 – Austin
    October 15 – El Paso

    Will you be going to see Ari, ONTD?

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    -Will be at Drai's Nightclub at the Cromwell
    -Kicks off May 2nd same weekend as Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight
    -Next set of dates not until July 4th with more dates to be added in the coming weeks

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    have you bought your ticket yet, ontd?

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    You gays better stan for this show the way you did for OITNB and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    SOURCE 12

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  • 03/28/15--12:20: Oops turns 15 y'all!

  • -The song was a worldwide smash hit topping 16 different national charts and was also nominated for a Grammy.
    -The video storyline about dancing on Mars was Britney's idea.
    -The iconic red catsuit was made by designer Michael Bush during an all-nighter the day before the shooting begun. Britney ordered the catsuit herself as she thought it was "necessary" to the video.
    -The hairstyle was inspired by Elizabeth Hurley's in Austin Powers.
    -A camera fell on Britney's head during the videoshoot and she had to be taken to the hospital.

    And talking about Britney, Ms. Spears didn't forget about the special day either!

    The music video

    Directed by Nigel Dick and nominated for 4 VMA awards.

    The VMA performance

    Britney gave one of the most iconic performances in the history of the show with this famous Oops striptease.

    The best tour performance

    Britney brought fire, pyro and an upside down entrance to her performance of the song for her 2001 Dream Within A Dream Tour.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    on filming love scenes with 'The Longest Ride' co-star Britt Robertson:
    “Britt is a beautiful woman and she’s really professional and awesome. I’m pretty comfortable with myself in that sort of scenario.”

    on becoming an actor:
    “I grew up watching my dad be a movie star. I also just really enjoyed movies and storytelling, which is what my dad is all about. That made me want to do what he did.”

    on his previous jobs:
    “I was pretty headstrong, and I just wanted to make sure I could go out there and do it for myself. I parked cars, did construction—anything on the side to make extra money. My dad wasn’t a guy who gave handouts, so I had to go work for it.”

    on having success after his supporting role in 'Fury':
    “It caught me by surprise, but you just keep going. I think it’s funny every time I hear someone who’s like, ‘You’re an overnight success.’ It’s the furthest thing from the truth. There is no overnight in the industry; it takes a long time to find your way.”

    on Los Angeles lifestyle:
    “I did the L.A. thing for a while, moved down to San Diego about seven or eight years ago, and never looked back. There’s no bullshit here, no pretentiousness, no one trying to climb a social ladder. It’s just people living their lives, and I’m very happy here. You only get one life; why not live a great one?”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    damn he's hot


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    The biggest difference between a 40-year-old and a 26-year-old isn’t looks — it’s language!

    The new TV Land comedy Younger stars Sutton Foster as a 40-year-old single mom named Liza, who decides to go back to work after being a housewife. But she finds that nobody wants to hire her as an assistant — until she decides to pass as a twentysomething.

    Highlights: Cast discusses what they think these words mean Bae, Basic, Thirsty, Turnt, On Fleek, Basic


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    Sam Worthington and his wife Lara Bingle have welcomed their first child.

    "The baby was coming any day for the last week. Their families came in and they've been staying at his place…" a source tells Us. "Sam couldn't be happier."


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    VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show," hosted by NYC DJ Eddie Trunk and two of the unfunniest comedians I've ever seen, is usually oriented toward ageing has-beens and a few successful older musicians. That's kind of the point; it's on VH1 Classic and took its name from "That 70s Show," so it's pretty retro in content.

    After 14 seasons, they are finally starting to have musicians on who are younger than the hosts. This week is a good example: Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge/Creed will talk about his second solo album, and Taylor Momsen will be on to discuss The Pretty Reckless. Taylor will be the youngest guest the show ever had by a long shot, plus a rare female guest. Other than Lita Ford and the Wilson sisters, I can't remember the last female guest.

    The show airs at 9 pm your local time.

    I know Creed is a joke around here but Tremonti's solo material is killer stuff. Wolfgang Van Halen is his bassist but Wolf will not be touring with Tremonti's solo band this summer. He's going on tour with his dad and uncle instead.

    (I only watch the show for Jennifer)

    Source: 1, 2

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    Shape USA April 2015
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    - The adorable and hot correspondent started last year.
    - Jon Stewart is expected to leave by year end.
    - CC's selection process has become intensified.
    - Trevor Noah looks like a legit contender.
    - Also, go watch Larry Wolmore's show (I think its on right after The Daily Show on CC).
    - And Samantha Bee has inked a deal on her own show plus producing something with husband Jason Jones (who got a nice farewell last week).


    Support him ONTD! Make this happen!

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    On the latest episode of MTV's webseries "Braless," host Laci Green discusses slut-shaming, and the Amber Rose/Khloe Kardashian feud.

    Cliff notes:

    • Slut-shame is mostly hurled at women BY women. She uses the Amber vs Khloe twitter battle as an example.

    • Slut is defined as "an immorable destitute woman" or a "dirty, slovenly woman." The term represents something much broader than a woman who likes to have sex. And because it describes an "other," meaning something you don't want to identify with, it is easier for women to throw the word around.

    • According to Dr. Kathryn Stamoulis in a Psychology Today article, "One of the easiest ways a girl can represent herself as a 'good girl' is by labeling someone else's sexuality as 'bad'"

    • Amber Rose's instagram is proof of her fight against slut-shaming

    • Many of the people who slut shame are a lot like the girls they're trying to slut shame

    • Studies have shown that promiscious women do not trust or even accept other promiscious women

    • She quotes Tina Fey's character in Mean Girls saying that women should stop calling each other sluts if they want men to stop.

    Amber needs a tag. Idk what I'm supposed to tag this with tbh

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    • An individual familiar with the situation told [source] he is referring to a planned sequel of the 2013 standalone hit “The Wolverine.”

    Source: IMDB

    Who would you cast for the *new wolverine*?

    This is also the last time i try to post this lol. The Instagram embed code is SHIT.

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    Sony Pictures has announced the acquisition of the big screen rights to Robotech
    with "the intention of moving quickly toward production of a future global franchise."

    Immortals and 300 franchise producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are developing the property with
    300 and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra scribe Michael Gordon taking a crack at the screenplay.

    The goal is forthis group to

    "bring their modern sensibility to the tentpole,
    reintroducing today’s audiences to the Robotech universe.".

    Sony's new head honcho Michael De Luca says,

    "With a history that offers an epic love triangle, a renegade hero, and a world on the brink of extinction, Robotech offers a wide scope and a rich and impressive universe where the story possibilities are endless."

    Robotech is set at a time when Earth has developed giant robots based
    on the technology of an alien spacecraft that crashed on a South Pacific isle.
    Using this new technology, mankind must fight off three waves of alien invasions,
    including giant warriors looking to get their ship's energy source back.
    Two young pilots end up leading the battle and hold the fate of mankind in their hands.

     Who the hell wants a love triangle when you can have a MECHA KICKING ASS?

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    Actual Queen Angelina Jolie took home the award for Favorite Villain for her performance in Maleficent at the Kids Choice Awards. She was there with her kids Zahara and John (aka Shiloh), who were the most excited to see her win!
    Watch the adorable video: (also i suggest you watch this in mute)

    Her acceptance speech:
    “I want to say when I was little, like Maleficent, I was told I was different. And I felt out of place, too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in and then one day I realized something. Something I hope you all realize. Different is good. So, don’t fit in. Don’t sit still. Don’t ever try to do less than you are, when somebody tells you you’re different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud. And as you’re villain, I would also say — cause a little trouble. It’s good for you.”

    Some pics:

    JustJared | DailyMail

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    -Matt Weiner wrote the script in 2001. Wanted HBO to buy the pilot. Also met with FX who wanted it 30 mins long
    -January Jones read for Peggy
    -Jon Hamm was at the bottom of the list to be considered for Don
    -Danny Masterson auditioned for the series
    -John Slattery read for Don
    -AMC struggled financially with the show
    -Network didn't want any kind of focus on Betty
    -During negotiations, AMC wanted to cut show time and get rid of 30% of the cast
    -AMC also wanted Sally and Peggy spin-offs
    -Matt took home $30 million after almost walking. Thinks being off the air so long damaged the show
    -Cast TPd Matt's car on the final day of shooting

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    The full article is a really great read. Second half of the final season premieres April 5th.

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  • 03/28/15--23:13: Lucy Liu for Audrey Magazine

  • - Lucy is actually not Taiwanese, her parents are from China
    - she grew up in Queens, New York
    - she says that acting doesn't give a full display of all her interests which is why she also is interested in visual art
    - just released her book Lucy Liu: Seventy Two, which is abstract ink and acrylic paintings
    - is also interested in directing, she previously directed a 2011 PBS short film "Meena" and the Elementary episode "Paint It Black"
    source: audreymagazine

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    Whisper the massive growing anonymous website and app where more you can see more than 100,000 new posts are created daily.

    "I go on it to view every night," says Karissa Ortiz of Los Angeles, a regular Whisper reader.


    Video At Source


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