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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Directed by AG Rojas.


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    SOURCE, 2, 3, 4

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    You can’t choose your family…or can you? BBC AMERICA’s original drama Orphan Black, starring Tatiana Maslany in multiple roles, returns April 18. The groundbreaking series’ second season brought new enemies to light, culminating in a shocking finale which revealed a new line of militaristic male clones, played by Ari Millen. Season three plunges the clone sisterhood, Project Leda, into unexpected territory with the realization that they’re not alone. Orphan Black returns Saturday, April 18, 9:00pm ET on BBC AMERICA.

    After neutralizing the threat by the DYAD Institute (the company that monitored them) – Sarah, Helena, Cosima and Alison (Maslany) are finally all united in their journey towards the truth of who and what they are. But new discoveries that include Helena’s kidnapping, a book that could contain the answers to their existence and the most shocking discovery of them all – a set of treacherous male clones with an unknown agenda – will test how tight their new bonds are.

    No sooner has Sarah caught her breath after a stealthy escape from DYAD and the ruthless clone Rachel (Maslany), she is called upon to face the crazed, captive Castor clone, Rudy (Millen). But it is the discovery of Helena’s disappearance that spurs Sarah into action, rallying her sisters in the quest to reunite their clone family, and find peace once and for all.

    Their greatest threat is a band of highly trained soldiers – identical brothers dubbed Project Castor. Unlike the sisterhood, Mark, Rudy, Seth, Miller and others (Millen) grew up together, fully aware of who and what they are. Developed by the military, this wolf pack was raised as regimented clones – singular in thought, movement and allegiance. Hell-bent on kicking up dirt, they’re dispatched to tackle their mission from all sides. But differences in approach betray cracks in their armor, and may be the very thing the sisters need to escape their clutches.

    The sisters will need all the help they can get. With Cosima’s fluctuating health and no known cure for the mystery illness that ails her, she is holding onto life by a thread while nursing a broken heart left by her scientist lover Delphine (Evelyne Brochu). Can she find a cure in time to save herself and her sisters? As the turbulent world of Alison turns, she faces fresh suburban woes and new marital challenges with lovable oaf of a husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun). How far will Alison go to keep up the façade of her cookie cutter life? Sarah’s torn between her desire for a life with daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) and Kira’s father Cal (Michiel Huisman) and the urge to protect her foster family – loyal and feisty brother Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and mother Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy). But Mrs. S’s betrayal may cause her to turn her back on the only mother she’s known.

    The hits keep coming for the girls but their commitment to this new family is as important as ever. No clone can do it alone, and Sarah must align with unlikely bedfellows in order to take on what is yet to come… and hopefully, discover the truth – her truth – along the way. How far are they willing to go to save each other and protect their families?

    Co-created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, with Manson also serving as writer and Fawcett as director, the Peabody Award-winning drama also stars Dylan Bruce as Paul, an army officer working for secret forces in the clone world, Kevin Hanchard as Art, a detective caught in the clone trap and Zoe De Grand’Maison as Gracie, a Prolethean escapee. Guest-starring this season will be Justin Chatwin as Jason Kellerman, a neighborhood dealer, James Frain as Ferdinand, a cleaner sent to Dyad and Ksenia Solo as Shay, a new woman in Cosima’s life.

    Source: YouTube& BBCA Press Release

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    As the debut of HBO's Scientology documentary draws closer (Sunday the 29th, 8pm) more and more scrutiny is being directed towards those celebrities previously involved with the cultPonzi scheme RELIGION!!!! Pictured above is a screenshot of Paul Haggis, who used to be involved with the Co$ but left a few years ago and who appears in the documentary. Tony Ortega's blog reached out to him, asking him if he had anything to say regarding the Co$ and the negative rumours they have been spreading about him. He obliged with a letter of which an excerpt can be found below:

    Despite what is being said in their rather pathetic attack pieces on me, I was very involved in Scientology for most of my adult life. While I thought the OT levels madness, I used many Scientology precepts in my daily life — so much so that it took several years after leaving to actually question the many “self-help” concepts that I had learned and used. The slow indoctrination process is as subtle as it is dangerous — largely because you truly believe that you are thinking for yourself, when in fact you are discouraged to do anything of the sort.

    Paradoxically, there is great pride in belonging to a stigmatized group. It’s like being in love with a narcissist. All your friends will warn you that you are just being used. You understand why they think what they think, but you believe in your heart that they just don’t see what you see. You just tune them out. For that reason, when I did discover what many outside the church knew, I was truly shocked. While some of the information had been out there for many years, like all Scientologists, I refused to look. Yes, I was told not to, but I didn’t have to be. This was my group and I knew there to be many people in the world who were bigoted and close-minded, and when I was told that we were “under attack” in Germany or France or wherever, instead of looking for the reasons, I assumed this to be the case — and donated many thousands of dollars toward our “defense.” Yes, there was considerable duress involved in those “donations,” but if I didn’t honestly believe what I was being told I would not have handed over such large sums.

    You may read the entire letter here.

    expose ha lies

    don't forget the documentary comes out this Sunday ONTD!

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    What happened to Roy after the Arrow/ATOM fight ?! He is unconscious after being electrocuted and Oliver just walked away, leaving him !
    Yeah.  That was our bad.

    Here is the question. When a potential candidate becomes the next Ra's Al Ghul? After his death, or it could be earlier when the old Ra's say "I'm done, I'm retire, I'm going to Fiji"? It's just a theoretical question (not necessarily about I'm talking about Oliver, but rules)
    I think Ra’s is a position you pretty much have until you die.  #nofiji

    Ever since the show returned in January, a growing number of fans are of the opinion that Felicity has been ruined this season (not an opinion I share, but it's grown increasingly prevalent in the comments section of Arrow related articles). The love triangle seems to beget the majority of the blame, with people focusing on Felicity's "disloyalty" to Oliver and Team Arrow. What are your thoughts on this? Will we hear Felicity actually articulate her reasoning / feelings in upcoming episodes?
    I appreciate that a lot of fans want to see Felicity with Oliver, but her not being with Oliver — for reasons articulated in 301, 312 and 316 — has nothing to do with a lack of loyalty on her part.  Just because Felicity isn’t with who the fans want her to be with doesn’t make her unlikable, in my opinion.

    When Ray and Oliver fought Roy got electrocuted and thrown against a fence, Oliver then beat Ray and walked away, What happened to Roy? Is he okay? We don't see him again in the episode.
    Yeah.  We fucked up.

    Earlier you wrote that Felicity could molest a puppy or something like that and she would still be loved. So it bums me out when I see a lot of people say that Felicity is fast becoming a character they dislike. I'm disappointed that Felicity's arc only centers around her love life this season and it feels like the show has limited Felicity's role to love interest and her character is suffering for it. I hope you know Felicity's character isn't bulletproof. And hope you rectify this in season 4
    I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to agree to disagree with you on this.  I think Felicity has been a very strong person this year.  I don’t understand criticisms that her character doesn’t have her own story.  She’s part of an ensemble.
    Sorry this season hasn’t been your cup of tea.

    Soooo I saw a picture of Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, and Robbie Amell on Facebook and Stephen Amell was in the League of Assassin attire! Does this mean he is the next Ras al Ghul?
    I tell you, it means I won’t be commenting.  :)


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    *stars Sir Patrick Stewart as a cable news pundit
    *Created and run by Bored to Death's Jonathan Ames
    *Executive produced by Seth MacFarlane
    *will premiere on Starz this summer


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    - The televised event has been running for 5 years and honours African American women who are pioneers in their field.

    - FLOTUS will be giving a speech on the importance of education which is an part of her “Reach Higher” initiative.

    - The episode takes on 28th of March and will air on BET on the 5th of April.


    I bet the racist trolls are dusting off their twitter accounts.

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    The 40 minute video is at the source but here are the cliffnotes:

    • Taraji's son drove though a lighted crosswalk while someone was crossing

    • A police officer follows and then stops him

    • Marcell then gives the officer his information and namedrops Taraji

    • The officer asks if he has anythign illegal in the car, Marcell admits to having weed and not being able to find his license. He then admits that he has Ritalin w/o a prescription and the cop, joined by two more officers, search his car

    • The officers decide not to cite him for the traffic violation or having Ritalin, but they take his weed and advise him to have his license ready for proof to pay a fine



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    Here’s Kirkman’s confirmation of the show’s title.

    There’s a big gap on The Walking Dead. We never see what happens between Rick’s injury and when he wakes up from his coma. How, specifically, did the world get infested by zombies? That story will be told on a previously announced “companion” series to the show, which just received a two-season commitment from AMC. Set in Los Angeles, this new series will start with six episodes later this summer followed by a second season in 2016.


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    So Hayley Atwell graced the Emerald City Comicon with her presence and spoke about Agent Carter while also answering some fan questions! Here's a summary of that.

    x How Agent Carter (the show) originated- "It was thanks to the fans, really, because I had no expectation that it would go any further than the first 'Captain America' film".

    x Pranking cast members and crew-
    "At any opportunity, we would just jump out at people and scare the hell out of them," she said.

    x How the most capable people on the show are British-
    "The important thing was having that comic relief, that banter, that wit, that warmth, and that kind of psychological warfare going on between them," "They have a love/hate relationship. That wit, that sarcasm, that irony, is very, very British. I'm half-American, but I know I get my humor from my mother's side."

    x How Cap was an important part of the show, even if he wasn't in it- "We didn't want in the first season for her to have a romantic interest too quickly, because we felt it would undermine the grief she was going through," Atwell said.

    x What kind of Stark invention would she want irl?- "A portable bed," she answered, to more easily nap.

    x What she'd like to see in Season 2 (which better happen istg)-
    "I would like one of two things -- I'd really like to explore her background of where she's come from, what her family was like, what created this exceptionally strong and unique woman, and who it was in her life that told her she could be just as good -- or better -- as the guys. Secondly, I'd like to go a few years in the future, to see how she tackles being a mother and a wife, as well as being kick-ass in the office."

    x Would she do an Agent Carter movie?-
    "Yes, 100 percent."

    x What would she like to see in the movie?- "I'd like to see her vulnerability. I think sometimes we can depict woman as strong like it's a new thing -- we've always been strong, that's ridiculous. But I'd like to see her vulnerability. No matter how hard life gets, we can only be strong for so long, before we grab the ice cream and cry into the television. I'd like to see that. The charm of Peggy is that she doesn't have any superpowers. I'd like to see her everyday life back at home, the loneliness, the cost of what it means to be living this life. I think that's real."

    x About Daniel being a possible love interest (yawn)-
    "It'd have to be someone pretty good to live up to Cap."

    x About Peggy being a 'massive feminist icon'-"It gave me a strength to play her,"

    x What Peggy would think of 2015-"I think she'd be relieved that the world had caught up with her," Atwell answered. "She's a woman who was ahead of her time. I think she'd fit now. She'd probably be running the country."

    x Fave costume?-"My favorite was the brown onesie when I was in the tunnel with Jarvis -- you can run with it, you can lunge, you can climb a tree. I love the skirt, but when you wear it for 12 hours a day, you want to just stretch."

    x Advice for young people- "I think it's always helped me to be inquisitive and curious. It's a cliche, but I think that life is a journey, and it's constant exploration," she said. "The exciting thing is, we change. It's just knowing that life changes, and we change with that."

    x Possibility of the Winter Soldier being in Season 2-
    ."That would be great," Atwell said. "The exciting thing is, we can have so many crossovers with different worlds in the Marvel Universe."

    x Peggy in Ant-Man-"She crosses over, but it's more of a cameo," Atwell answered. "It's not a flashback -- well, it is, but not to the point where it's 1946."

    x Kissing Chris Evans-"He's got very soft lips. He smells really good. He's very hygienic."lol

    x What she would tell women who look to Peggy as a symbol- "Know your value."

    x Extra- Her fave colour is green, her go-to karaoke song is Black Velvet by Alannah Myles and she's fond of Peggy and Angie's friendship.


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    * Was there a huge line around the corner for the UK release of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya? Sadly, no.
    * Whilst Studio Ghibli is huge in Japan, It's unlikely to excite kids, however, and I seriously doubt the matinee screenings will be populated by fidgety throngs of birthday-party groups. This is because Studio Ghibli is an odd quantity for much of its audience outside of Japan, where it has a niche but devoted following of mainly adult foreign-film enthusiasts.
    * In TTotPK, Takahata shows us the shortcomings of societal expectations without being didactic.
    * The writer notes TTotPK will barely even compete with numbers of Big Hero 6 or Frozen, and wonders if children and young people have the attention span to appreciate such a film without a pacy soundtrack and roller-coaster plot.

    This masterpiece right here. What a film for Takahata to go out on.

    What say you, ontd, have kids stopped appreciating the work of Studio Ghibli? What's your favourite of theirs?


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    1.  Yuzuru Hanyu 95.20

    2. Javier Fernandez 92.74

    3. Denis Ten 85.89

    6. Jason Brown 84.34

    8. Misha Ge 78.52

    11. Joshua Farris 73.52

    SOURCES 123456

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    i can't @ 1:53

    also "one asian, one redhead, blonde, one of everything!"


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    Simon was understanding about Zayn leaving the band but he made sure he stayed a Syco artist. He will also make sure that Zayn's music isn't released at the same time as One Direction's.
    Zayn will likely release his debut solo album early 2016.


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    Ex-AKB48 manager Nodera Takashi is currently in prison, but it’s what he did while shooting the AKB48 documentary “The Show Must Go On” that’s now drawing attention. Shukan Bunshun reports that while he was a manager of AKB48, he shot hours of hidden camera footage and possessed videos of the members doing everything from undressing to using the bathroom.

    Police found 75 films totaling 15 hours in length of tosatsu footage (peeping videos) on the hard disk of his personal computer. Police also discovered more than 200 still images. The videos of AKB48 members were shot between 2009 and 2010, and mainly consist of the girls changing clothes, taking breaks or using the bathroom. In one 58-minute clip shot in 2010, an AKB48 member is seen lounging fully naked on a bed in a hotel room. Footage taken on New Year’s Eve in 2009 shows members inside a dressing room for NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen” prior to and during the celebratory countdown.

    As for what he did to land in prison, well after he was removed from his position with AKB48, he got 16 months for sexually assaulting an elementary schoolgirl. Nodera (the ex-manager) has a wife and a child.

    AKB48’s agency, AKS, has refrained from commenting.
    “Since we are not able to confirm all the facts at this stage, we will withhold comment.”

    Read the rest of the article at asianjunkie

    Don't forget to cover your webbcam, there are men out there that hacks your computer and spying on you. Also be careful for apps as well!

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    Producer/songwriter/rapper Timbaland, famous for his extensive collaborations with Aaliyah and for vocally defending his right to sole ownership of the late singer's legacy, announced at a SXSW set this week that the singer, who passed away fourteen years ago this August, visited him in a dream and cosigned Chicago rapper Tink.

    During the show Timbaland claimed, "I was riding home one day, asleep. She spoke to me in my sleep, and said, '[Tink] is the one'."

    Timbaland has openly criticised the entertainment industry for disrespecting and attempting to capitalise on Aaliyah's memory, including slamming Lifetime's 2014 biopic and in 2013 claiming that “Aaliyah music only works with its soulmate, which is me.”

    Tink is currently promoting her single "Ratchet Commandments", produced by Timbaland.

    ETA: apparently at the show Tink debuted a new song that samples "One In A Million", so I guess this is how he's justifying that to himself.

    Source:Complex / FADER Instagram / Rewritten by OP

    Tink is legitimately talented but she doesn't need this. This is basically exactly the same thing Barry Hankerson said about JoJo and we all know where that ended up.

    ONTD: have you ever tried to capitalise on the memory of a dead friend?

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    - Rumors are running rampant that there will be a new member added to the group, but...

    “Not that this should be a surprise whatsoever to anyone, but One Direction will never add a new member to the group.” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

    sources: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10

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    + some new interviews with TVInsider:

    Another shocker was that Aethelwulf and his father betrayed Ragnar and killed the Viking settlers in Wessex. Floki says the Norse gods allowed this to happen because the Vikings allied with Christians. It was Ragnar's choice but still Floki blames Athelstan and it drives him to kill. Why?

    Hirst: Floki has a fascination with Athelstan. He hates him but he can't leave him alone. Something about Athelstan fatally attracts Floki. It's not a surpise to Athelstan when it is Floki who kills him. Athelstan probably knew Floki was his fate.

    athelstan @ everyone on this show

    What are the implications for Floki now that he has committed this murder?

    Hirst: Floki's a guy who is always filled with divisions. He argues about not regretting what he has done because he believes in it—yet he does love Ragnar. He knows the effect of it on him. So he's a divided character. It does have huge consequences further down the line. Wait until you see Episode 10.

    Judith loses one ear before shrieking her confession that Athelstan is her son's father. Ecbert halts her punishment saying that the conception must be part of God's plan because Athelstan was such a spiritual man. Is the child as special as Ecbert thinks he is?

    He is a very special child because he will grow up to be one of the most famous kings of English history, Alfred the Great. Historically speaking he ended up fighting against the Vikings, and the Vikings he fought against were Ragnar's sons. So Egbert is quite right in guessing that there is an extraordinary future for this child. The presence of Alfred continues to connect Ecbert to Athelstan. Athelstan is dead but he will continue to live on in several ways, to be present in the drama for quite a long time. He's too important just to vanish from people's lives.

    So he lives on in this child. How else does he live on?

    I can't tell you. Just believe me. [Laughs]

    So can you hint about where Alfred's story goes? For those of us who, ahem, may not be so up on our British history?

    What actually happened, will happen. As a young boy of about four, Alfred, accompanied by a couple of people, was sent off on the pilgrimage route to Rome, which was one of the most dangerous routes in the world. He went to meet the Pope. He was blessed by the Pope, so his sense of him being a very important person at the age of four was recognized in Rome. What a great story that is. I can't wait. We're showing Paris in the later half of Season 3 and at some point we'll be in Rome.

    So we are going to Rome in Season 4?


    After Ragnar buries Athelstan he says, "Forgive me my friend for what I'm about to do." What does he mean?

    He just means, whatever morality, particularly Christian morality, he's learned through his connection with Athelstan, he's probably going to ignore that.

    He still puts Athelstan's cross around his neck, though.

    He does. So it's not entirely true. He's conflicted afterwards because Athelstan's spirit doesn't leave him alone either. I won't say any more than that. [Laughs]

    So there's a chance we may not have seen the last of George?


    Now that Athelstan is gone, who's the sympathetic voice of Christianity on the show now? Is it Judith?

    Well…there's a new character who is going to appear in Season 4 who will do that.

    George Blagden did a Facebook Q&A last night. There's a lot of good answers so check it out.


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    Jeffrey Webb, the head of the CONCACAF, has backed his region to host the event, 32 years after it was staged in the United States back in 1994.

    Webb said,"Thirty-two years is a long time. I believe it is CONCACAF's time. It [football] is booming in North America, in the US. Definitely we’ve had expressions publicly from Mexico, from Canada and of course from the US,” he told BBC Sport. “When you look at the infrastructure that’s in the US, in North America, I believe there’s no infrastructure like this in the world, in any parts of the world. I believe the US could host the World Cup next year."

    The tournament host will be announced in 2017 with all 209 members of FIFA voting, instead of just the executive committee. The Fifa secretary general Jérôme Valcke promised transparency “from the first minute of the process”.

    Webb also said the only confederations with a “legitimate claim” were CONCACAF, which covers North and Central America, and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

    Other countries interested in bidding include Canada. England is also interested but Greg Dyke, the head of the FA has said that a bid will be considered only if Sepp Blatter isn't around.

    SOURCE: #1, #2

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    Oop! Days before pictures of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris surfaced, Calvin Harris revealed he'd swipe left if he saw her Tinder profile. The DJ stated on March 12 during an interview that "she's lovely but the opposite of my type".


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