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    Article in S Moda

    : bear with my GoogleTranslating this..

    Mae Murray was a silent film actress known in the 20's for her 'voluptuous lips as stung by a bee' read the words in English (bee-stung lips). Actress, singer, columnist and producer, in fact she was known more as a social climber. She was married four times, last to David Mdivani, a Georgian who was posing as the prince and ruined. In her later years she dragged nightclubs, hid behind ever thicker layers of makeup, and died in absolute poverty.

    The British photographer Simon Emmett, author of the cover and photos of this article, portrays Murray's life through Lana Del Rey, with  recording colored celluloid in which the actress struts, more lethargic lewd and throws a kiss to the camera. Emmett has been successful. The video can not be Lana. And the singer was excited. "I!, Me!" she exclaimed, with the purring voice that is installed on the head of all who hear the song Video Games for the first time.

    It seems a matter of time that Murray appears on some of the songs or the videos of Lana. For the artist, born as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant 25 years ago, who seems to act 24/7 as creative director herself, CEO of Lana Del Rey Enterprises.

    In less than a year, she has starred in the original claim to fame: a contemporary tale relayed in real time on YouTube, tweets, viral and online comments.
    Hard to believe that this petite and friendly girl, dressed in jeans, tank top sleepers and moccasins, of which her team seemed to adore, has generated so much conversation. Del Rey spent less than two days in Barcelona, ​​where she will return to perform on June 15 at Sonar. She visited the Tibidabo amusement park. Very much a 'Lana', with her figures chipped and vintage gadgets.

    Other things are: the 20s, 40s and 60s, Mulholland Drive, the Stars and Stripes, Elvis Presley, white hip-hop, Mazzy Star, Miami, gold, false eyelashes, Los Angeles pools and extra-long nails. All forms an aesthetic that seems neo-nostálgic passed through an Instagram filter. It is no coincidence that her meteoric access to fame coincided in time with the rise of this social network instantly old photographs, calculatedly cool.

    The pop was and is false by definition, what is up when you want to be the epitome of sincere, as in the case of Adele, Lana is the opposite of such musical phenomenon. (not really sure on the translation of this one..) However, the singer will pursue the discussion of authenticity. Forums questions her videos, if her lips are real, if it's true that she lived in a trailer park (a slum housing-trailer) because her father is a millionaire and her name is not authentic.

    New Yorker critic Sasha Frere-Jones, wrote that the name 'Lana Del Rey' appears from  a Post-It at a meeting of the marketing department. Right. And not just the lyrics, these definitions also she does herself, perfect for a headline: "Nancy Sinatra gangsta ',' Lolita lost in the neighborhood." But it is also possible that the marketing department has only one member: Lana Del Rey. Choosing what clothes to wear ("just skin and bird on the cover," she says, loving the porcelain collar by Spanish designer Andres Garcia) and talks using concepts like advertisers do - "I want to make it very Monaco's-dead-princess-y "- left little doubt. Lana Del Rey maybe a product - so what if it is? - But it is also her own Frankenstein.

    Interview in S Moda


    Do you enjoy fashion?
    Mine is not so much a relationship with fashion as a relation to visual culture. In this photoshoot I thought heels were outside the jewelry that is just me (hm?) and the blue sky behind. Those are the things that inspire me, photographers and film. In my letters and my sound has attracted me more image than music.

    Where do you live now?
    Well look, I thought I would never leave New York, but now every time I return to the U.S., I see that I prefer California. I have a villa in the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles and now a friend will help me to get home in Hollywood.

    And how is the swing?
    Some days are better than others. Before all this, I was very happy. I was very involved in my community, I had people around, I could see my family often ... In the evening I wrote songs and had fun. And now ... There are all those people out there! [He says, referring to photographers, makeup artists, stylists, assistants and staff involved in recording the session]. I do not enjoy much of some things as before.

    Then, when you wrote those songs at night, they're not intended to reach a large audience?
    No, I'm not that kind of person. I was happy writing the lyrics and did not want more. Just have enough money to pay rent and taxes. I had great ambitions.

    Do you have time to see real-life friends?
    I have a small group of friends that have nothing to do with music. My friends are good girls, with their feet on earth. One works in real estate, one at Bloomingdale's, another is head of marketing ... Miss them.

    All letters are written in first person. Do you think this contributes to the confusion or curiosity about you?
    They are all real. I am the star of all my letters. I do not think they are so controversial. Tell me how things went for me. I left home at 14 to go to boarding school because I had gotten into trouble. Then I came to New York ... Look, Video Games is just one day in my life. People say that it's an anti-feminist song and I think, why? I studied and I kept to myself. At day's end I just wanted to stay home with my boyfriend and play video games.

    Do you mind being called anti-feminist?
    It is one of the things that bother me. And perhaps there is indeed some truth to it. I am a tough girl and I like a man who is strong in every way. May incite men to show that I'm powerful. I do many things, work hard and control everything. So in the end, what I want is to have someone to help me feel delicate and sexy again.

    Do you read everything published about you? Because that's almost a full time job.
    At first yes, because no one had written about me and affected me. I had spent the previous 10 years trying to be a good person. I stopped drinking, had a good relationship with my family ... When they started mixing my family in all this, I was outraged. I've learned that everything he says the press can be a lie.


    When you were accused of being a manufactured product..
    That's bad journalism and bad behavior. It should be illegal. All they had to do these journalists was talking to some of my acquaintances. Anyone would say that everything I did, I did it alone. I wrote the songs, I edited the videos. And about my name, I started my real name, but on stage I always acted with a different one. Everyone does it.

    Why do you think that was generated around you that debate about what is authentic and what is not?
    I do not know, there's nothing more authentic than me. It is understandable to question someone who says that he writes his songs but he doesn't, or someone who says his past was a certain way and lies. But not me.

    Do you enjoy when you're on stage?
    Now I begin to enjoy. When I'm in Paris or Italy, I have fun. When I'm in Hollywood, too, because the Los Angeles press understands me, knows I'm not trying to sell a message. Sing. But there are other places that criticism does not understand me. People with normal eyes looks at you and find someone like them and not me. I do what I want.

    You always felt different?
    Yes, always. So I wanted to study philosophy. I was overwhelmed by the world and I hallucinated things of concern to other people: what do we do now, where do we go on vacation?, Do you like my shoes? I, however, was always looking for a guide, a sign, a higher power.

    Hard to find your hometown, Lake Placid. It is very small, just 2,000. No great city. I imagine it kind of like Twin Peaks.
    Yes, exactly like Twin Peaks. I was hoping to get out and get to New York because that felt like heaven. I like going to the corner store and tell you that a man [in Spanish], "Hello beautiful, how are you? '.

    What happened on Saturday Night Live? How did the criticism happen on your performance?
    I expected it. What people do not realize is that before performing, websites already criticized everything I did. When I got to that stage, I knew exactly what they would say about me.

    To be the classic breakup album, your first album, Born to Die, no spite. The intuition is rather wistful
    At that time, talk of love made me feel alive again. I based it on that person to give structure, but actually talk about more things: driving at night for California, the sadness that sometimes gives the summer ...

    Is it true you wrote the simple Video Games in 10 minutes?
    No, no, I came in waves. I had been writing songs for five days with one of my best friends, Justin Parker, who writes the chords. And when he had just said, "I have a progression that reminds me of you." I loved the beginning and the chorus. It is how I imagine a paradise sounds like.

    If you write your second album, are you going to talk about what fame has brought you?
    No, I will take up where I left everything. I'm starting to write new tunes. I have a new song that I love. [Sings a few lines: "In the land of the gods and the angels, I was a monster."] When I thought, 'God, it reminds me of Leonard Cohen! ".

    Cohen is one of your favorite artists?
    I like to imagine Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan together. It makes me happy. On my list of favorites also are Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Nirvana, Lil'Wayne, Eminem and Odd Future. No female... No, but I'm not against it.

    What do you think about the mainstream divas, Beyoncé, Rihanna ...?
    Never commented that subject. It's hard for me, everything I say is taken out of context. Too bad you asked me! The interview had gone so well so far ...


    Loving her answers about anti-feminist and writing new tunes(!)

    Summertime Sadness

    New still from the set of Summertime Sadness video-shooting.
    Have you ever picked up a random stranger in the middle of a creepy, cold night asking for a ride, ontd? Why? Why not? A kind, elderly lady picked me up on my way to work in the morning copla weeks ago, bless her... (got my kung fu ready, just in case she's a vampire)

    Carmen & Josh Rachlin

    Carmen's sweetheart: Josh Rachlin, model. No interview so far, no other deets whatsoever...

    Lana about meth

    Lana's Youtube comment on the meth clip in Carmen video.

    Pin Up Galore

    Non monster-clawed Lana 
    Lizzy performed Pin Up Galore live at National Underground in 2008.
    Interesting old article at the source..

    Songs written by Lana

    Songs written by Elizabeth Grant, listed at ASCAP.


    1. Are You Ready
    2. Day Glo Reflection
    3. Roses
    4. Take Me to Paris

    Other songs listed online (may be listed at 5 Point Records)

    1. Oooh Baby (Lana Del Rey, Eg White)
    2. Velvet Crowbar (Lana Del Rey, Justin Parker)
    3.Wrong (Lana Del Rey, Paul Herman)
    4. Truth In Your Eyes
    5. Ruby Tuesday
    6. Are You Ready (Lana Del Rey, Eg White)
    7. Butterflies Part 2 (Lana Del Rey, James Irvin, Tim Larcombe)

    1.Boarding School (LANA, SEEFRIED CHRIS)
    3.Children of the Bad Revolution (LANA, DRING JAMES VERNON, STREET JODY ALEXANDER)

    Other (non of the above) songs written by Elizabeth Grant, listed at ISWC.


    Lana & Justin Parker

    Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" is one of the biggest hit singles of the last 12 months, selling hundreds of thousands of copies and breaking into the charts across the globe. But the song, now a world-wide phenomenon, started life in a bedroom in Lincoln's Boultham Park.

    Co-written by Del Rey and Lincoln songsmith Justin Parker, 38, it has now been nominated for a prestigious Ivor Novello award, going up against Nero and James Blake in the best contemporary song category. The pair met in February 2010 for their first-ever writing session after Justin's publishers Sony/ATV Music played some of his songs to Del Rey. They wrote 12 songs together in 15 months. Video Games, National Anthem and the critically-acclaimed Born to Die, all made the chart-toping album.

    Justin, who has been writing music since he was 17 and playing guitar since he was five years old, came up with Video Games in his bedroom a couple of months after he started working with Del Rey. "I thought it would be a really good fit for her, so the next time I saw her, I played it and it was just incredible," he said.

    "We wrote the whole thing in three hours and everything just happened naturally. It's almost as if Video Games fell out of the both of us. It was incredibly easy and a lot of fun.
    "Lana is such a great lyricist and, with Video Games, she paints a really great picture of a girl and a guy. It's so well done and she's incredibly talented."

    The glamorous songstress was unsigned at the time but liked Video Games so much that she made her own music video on her laptop and uploaded it to YouTube
    . It received millions of hits but people started to take notice after Fearne Cotton gave its first-ever airing on Radio 1. Justin said: "Lana couldn't get a deal or anything like that, but when Fearne played the song, that was it. Suddenly everyone wanted to sign her.

    "It's incredible to hear your own songs on the radio. It was so emotional and a big sense of relief that finally all your work had come to something. But because it was a song with Lana, it was especially important because we'd worked so hard and it was such a long trek until anyone took notice of who she was.

    "I really found my muse in Lana. She really got me musically and it got to the stage where I knew what she liked and vice versa. "I'm supposed to be writing with her again later this year in New York, where she's based. I'll definitely be one of the writers she'll go to if she decides to make another album, but who knows what will happen next?"

    Since working with Del Rey, Justin has also written songs for former Ivor Novello award winner Bat For Lashes and has also worked with up-and-coming folk artist Lissie. He will also be in attendance at the Ivor Novello awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House, London, on Thursday, May 17. Other artists nominated include Adele, Florence and the Machine and Kate Bush.

    Her other album, Siren has 15 tracks, only one song 'A Star for Nick' available online
    Either it has some of the above songs, only has alternative titles, or (hopefuly) completely different set of tracks... idk. And idk if I want to cry in joy or anguish knowing that makes a total of prob. 30++ other songs I've never heard

    ps: the editorial photoshoot was
    posted here

    Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 </a>

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    Peter Jackson says the negative reaction this week over new technology he’s using to shoot The Hobbit won’t hold him back, and he hopes moviegoers will give it a try and judge for themselves.

    “Nobody is going to stop,” he said. “This technology is going to keep evolving.”

    When Warner Bros. showed off 10 minutes of footage this week at CinemaCon, the annual convention for theater owners, many attendees complained that this version of Middle Earth looked more like a movie set than the atmospheric, textured world seen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    There was a lot of love for Jackson’s storytelling — the scenes of young Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman, from the British version of The Office) battling a trio of goblins, and Ian McKellen’s Gandalf exploring the tombs of the now-reanimated wringwraiths, received universal praise. Complaints only centered on the technology used to capture and project the footage.

    Jackson hopes critics of the format will change their minds when they see the finished film, but notes that it will also be available in traditional formats in many theaters.

    “At first it’s unusual because you’ve never seen a movie like this before. It’s literally a new experience, but you know, that doesn’t last the entire experience of the film–not by any stretch, [just] 10 minutes or so,” Jackson tells EW. “That’s a different experience than if you see a fast-cutting montage at a technical presentation.”

    So what does he say to people who just decide they don’t like the glossy new look of the format he’s using?

    “I can’t say anything,” Jackson acknowledges. “Just like I can’t say anything to someone who doesn’t like fish. You can’t explain why fish tastes great and why they should enjoy it.”

    Right now, every second of a motion picture is made up of 24 images, or “frames,” but Jackson is shooting his two Hobbit films at 48 frames per second, which he says creates a more lifelike picture and will make 3-D less of a strain on the eyes.

    When it debuts Dec. 14., The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be the first major performance for 48-frames, while this week’s showcase was just an audition. Jackson says those who remain unconvinced should wait to see more before closing their minds completely. “There can only ever be a real reaction, a truthful reaction, when people actually have a chance to see a complete narrative on a particular film,” he said.

    Some representatives from smaller theater chains, unwilling to speak on the record, grumbled privately about the cost of upgrading their projection equipment (which could be thousands of dollars per screen) to accommodate something they fear could attract a backlash from customers.

    Jackson, however, says he noticed one thing in the press: Critics seemed to like it more as the show went on.

    “A couple of the more negative commenters from CinemaCon said that in the Gollum and Bilbo scene [which took place later in the presentation] they didn’t mind it and got used to that,” Jackson says. “That was the same 48 frames the rest of the reel was. I just wonder if it they were getting into the dialogue, the characters and the story. That’s what happens in the movie. You settle into it.”

    The Hobbit has become the touchstone in a larger conversation happening within the film industry about how to make movies more immersive and appealing.

    While Jackson and Avatar‘s James Cameron are advocates, not all directors are sold on the 48 frames format. Ang Lee – who was at CinemaCon to show footage from his upcoming 3-D epic Life of Pi – told EW he hadn’t seen The Hobbit presentation but worries that 48-frames may be too much of a good thing. “I have mixed feelings. I don’t think 48-frames solves everything. Each time you solve a problem you can bring in others — because you make the problem look more clear, maybe, ” he said with a laugh. “It takes time. It sounds like a good idea, but I’m a little skeptical.”

    Despite the mixed reaction, Jackson and Warner Bros. did not lose any major support from exhibitors they need to get this format in front of audiences. Large exhibitors remained committed to at least giving 48-frames a try, based on Jackson’s track record as an innovator. Amy Miles, CEO of Regal Entertainment Group, said she hoped to upgrade between 2,500-2,700 of the company’s 3-D projectors to show films at 48 frames per second.

    “At end of the day, we have to do everything we can to widen that experience gap between what you see in the theater and what you see in the home,” Miles told EW. “Bringing the option to our customer is what we’re doing. Ultimately, let’s be clear, that’s who decides what’s going to be successful going forward.”

    Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros., suggested audiences may just need time to get accustomed to the new presentation. “It might not initially be accepted by all, but eventually [Jackson] feels it will be and eventually it can only improve,” he said.

    Fellman also pointed out that some of the Hobbit footage was unfinished. In a pre-taped intro, Jackson warned the audience that many visual effects were not yet in place. Fellman said the rawness of the material may have been at least partly responsible for the negative response. “I think by the time he presents this film finished, the majority of moviegoers will accept it and be pleased,” Fellman said.

    The studio won’t have to bet its entire box office earnings on the foundation of 48 frames per second.  The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey will be available in six different ways: 3-D, 2-D, and IMAX 3-D, each one in both the traditional 24-frames style and the new 48-frames version.

    “There will be plenty of options out there,” Fellman said.

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  • 04/28/12--18:04: Guess who I met last night?

  • Norman Reedus, better known as a Boondock Saint aka Daryl Dixon at the Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey! He's actually in the middle of filming the 3rd season of The Walking Dead. I've gotta tell you & it's no shocking news: he's a total a sweetheart & truly takes the time to talk to everyone. Ended up holding my hand without me even realizing it because I was too busy asking him if he remembers us talking on Twitter about cats (because I'm smooth like that). "Oh, that's you?! "Chit-chatted a little more & that was it since I didn't want to take up a lot of time & I'll be at the Philly convention in June. If you get a chance to go to one of these conventions, I highly recommend it :)

    Source: Me

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    C'mon, Jess!

    It seems like Jessica Simpson has been pregnant for years -- and fellow stars Katy Perry and Chelsea Handler are really, really ready for the 31-year-old Fashion Star mentor to give birth to her daughter already.

    "Has Jessica Simpson had that baby yet?! I'm getting anxious," singer Perry, 27, Tweeted on Thursday.

    Comic Handler, 37, was thinking the same thing. "How has jessica simpson still not given birth to this baby? I'm getting frightened," she wrote.

    Engaged to former NFL pro Eric Johnson since fall 2010, Simpson announced her pregnancy on Halloween 2011 and has famously documented her growing (and growing!) bump each step of the way with one eye-catching look after another -- not to mention a volley of outrageous quotes about her sex drive, body image and more.

    The last time Simpson was photographed in public was last Friday, when she and her mom Tina grabbed takeout at a Chili's in Encino, Calif.

    She Tweeted as recently as Friday afternoon -- cracking up over a store sign selling "Gessica Sinpson" clothing in a pic tweeted by a fan.

    The baby-to-be -- a girl -- will be Simpson's first child.


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    After much speculation that Brandi Glanville would again be relegated to “Friends Of The Housewives” it seems our sassy Xanax loving friend will be officially added to the cast.

    She’s earned her stripes and now she’s a Real Housewife.

    Bad girl Brandi, has been given a promotion by Bravo executives and is now a full time castmember.

    "Producers love Brandi. She's gorgeous, she's funny, outspoken and outrageous, she makes for great TV.

    Filming began recently for season three of the hit franchise and Glanville, who had a minor role previously, is getting more than her fair share of the camera time.

    "They've offered her a full time role and she will be included in the promotional cast photos and will have her own introductory segment at the beginning of the credits.

    "She's been really popular on the show, even though she was just a minor castmember, and producers decided it was definitely worth giving her more air time.

    "You can expect plenty of drama and 'oh no' moments! Brandi really knows how to bring it and she's going to add some real glamour and sparkle to the new season."

    Brandi's promotion isn't the only change viewers can expect. As RadarOnline exclusively revealed, music mogul, David Foster's fourth wife, Yolanda Hadid has signed up for the new season, replacing Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife, Camille.

    Taylor's Face Looks Frozen!

    Taylor Armstrong looks like she has had one injection too many of celebrity favorite Botox.

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was filming scenes for the hit Bravo reality show in West Hollywood yesterday when she showed off the effects of the purified toxin.

    Instead of giving her the desired look of appearing more youthful, it just made her look like so many others that have fallen victim of going overboard with the beauty treatment.

    Her face looked frozen and she looked like she couldn’t change expression because of the “cat” look.

    Taylor admitted to getting Botox and fillers but maintains that she hasn’t had any surgery.

    “This year the Housewives are still fuming about all their old slights, barbs and insults and they’re not about to let anything go in front of the cameras this time around,”.

    Taylor Loses in Court!

    Before he took his life, Russell Armstrong was named in a $1.5 million lawsuit filed by because the company believed that both Russell and Taylor breached the contract they had with the website.

    Well, after Russell committed suicide, the lawsuit fell on Taylor's shoulders and she has to battle it now.

    Well, the first leg of the lawsuit is over and Taylor has lost out.

    According to BH Courier, Taylor was denied a motion, where the judge threw out a part of the settlement agreement where she would have to pay $1.5 million if the contract was broken, also called a liquidated damages clause. The judge didn'tagree that she could just walk away from the lawsuit.

    "There is no evidence of the circumstances existing at the time the contract was made to enable the court to find that the liquidated damage clause is unreasonable".

    Well, it looks like Taylor Armstrong will be fighting for her life in court to prove that she was forced to sign the contract at the hands of her abusive husband. She claims she had no idea that her husband was breaking the contract even though her name was on the papers. And even if that is true, she could be held responsible because she didn't know what was happening with contracts where her name was present.

    Gretchen & Alexis At War Over Fox Five News Job!

    Last week the writing was on the wall for Alexis and former BFFL Gretchen Rossi when Gretch not only insulted one of Lex’s part-time careers – the newscastering one – but she claimed Alexis was the producers second choice. And who was the first choice? Noneother than Gretchen, herself!

    Upon learning that she was Gretch’s sloppy seconds, Alexis was hurt – and offended.

    “The minute Gretchen left my home I called my Fox Five producer to confirm if this was true, and she said it was absolutely not true,” Alexis reports in her Bravo Blog.

    “They were only asking Gretchen to do one segment as a co-host with me, and had no plans ever of giving Gretchen her own correspondent position.”

    “It was like Gretchen had to say that to make herself feel better because she couldn’t be truly happy for my success,” Alexis continues. “The truth is, I have felt a disconnect with Gretchen that started months ago.”

    Gretchen is responding in her own Bravo blog. She claims that of course she would never lie! Like, she’s the most honest person ever and Alexis is full of baloney!

    “It’s true that I got offered the same job and wasn’t able to do it because I had too much going on at the time,” Gretchen protests. “For her to challenge that and say I am lying is ridiculous. What good reason would I have to lie about that? I guess I should have brought the e-mails to prove it to her.”

    “It’s funny to me that she would accuse me of lying about that when after all she is the one that was lying about being a news anchor!”

    Gretchen continues:

    “The harsh truth is that I found myself in an awkward situation because they continued to ask if I still had interest in the job after they had already hired her. They can deny it all they want to Alexis. It makes sense that they would, because why would they burn that bridge in case they couldn’t find anyone else, but unfortunately that is the truth.

    I felt bad I knew this and wanted to find a nice way to let my friend know because I thought it sucked for her. I knew I needed to be honest with her and was looking for the right time to tell her.

    I believed I was being a good friend by not reconsidering taking the job and trying to find a way to kindly tell her what was going on. Unfortunately lesson learned with her and next time I will just blurt it out that they alluded they weren’t happy with her performance at the time, so that way I am not accused of trying to steal her thunder or not being happy for her.”

    Um… wow. So I’m guessing these two have had a major falling out.

    Meet New Beverly Hills Housewife Yolanda Hadid!

    Sources tell E! News that Bravo has yet to confirm Yolanda’s involvement, and they aren’t sure if she’ll be signing on as an official housewife or be relegated to the “Friends Of The Housewives” role. Apparently, while Yolanda was mic’d and filming with the group, she “seemed to fit right in,” — this was a trial run and she has not signed a contract yet, only an appearance release for that particularly day of filming. A video of Yolanda at Wednesday’s event is below!

    Yolanda has not only joined up as a full-on Housewife, but that her husband, music producer David Foster, is more than supportive of his wife’s aspirations to get drunk and act catty on national television.

    “David and Yolanda got married late last year, and he encouraged her to join the show because he thought it would be fun for her to do,” a source close to the couple reveals.

    “Her wedding, which she produced herself was attended by Oprah, Heidi Klum and Barbra Streisand (among others) with performances by Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli and Donna Summer.”

    Interestingly, it seems Yolanda was once involved in a love triangle of sorts between her former hubby and her current one! “About her and Mohamed; he is actually the father of her three children,” our source shares. “She met David through Mohammed. They met at David’s $85 million dollar house, which she fully decorated.”

    David and Yolanda still live there together, and that is where David asked her to marry him! Strangely, the couple also actually held their rehearsal dinner at Mohamed’s house!

    RadarOnline, RealityTea

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  • 04/28/12--19:09: Sad Animal Post
  • Sad news everyone.

    The Radar Horse has died. :(

    The horse that starred in the “Radar” music video by Britney Spears sadly passed away this week after a fatale injury on the set of “LUCK”.

    Countless GIFs and inside jokes were made because of this horse gracing our presence, and for that, Britney fans thank the universe for blessing us with Horseney.

    And now, in memoriam, one more time:


    okay, apparently this was some flop TV show. Wikipedia:
    The series premiered on January 29, 2012. HBO aired the first episode on December 11, 2011 as a preview.[1] It was immediately renewed for a second season of 10 episodes, scheduled to air beginning in January 2013.[2] However, the show was canceled on March 14, 2012, soon after a third horse died during production.

    What a fucking waste. This makes me so angry to hear it wasn't the only senseless death. I'm guessing that this happened a while ago but the world was only just informed that it was this horse that passed. Don't buy the DVDs they're releasing in August. Murderers.

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    Brand new photo shoot of Miranda Cosgrove for Block Magazine (2012)


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    (I'm tagging because it's not a proper guess who anyway; whatever) OK, so, long story short, I went to the Avengers premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival today and I showed up at like 9:30 AM and hung around all day chatting with nerds and then people showed up and it was amazeballs:

    Clark Gregg and gorgeous wife Jennifer Grey.

    MARK! He was SO sweet: I thanked him for his Occupy Wall Street tweets (since I was reading them when I was downtown stirrin' shit) and he was like "oh great!" and patted my arm. D'awww!

    ( friend didn't know how to zoom out on my camera. LOLZ.)

    Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam!

    I LOVE HIM. He's so, SO nice--I told him that we have the same birthday (which is true) and he was joking with me about it and being all friendly. Stanning forever t b q h

    jfc Tom why are you the way that you are

    Haters can feel free to fall into the abyss of space kbye

    HE'S SO TALL. JESUS. He showed up at the same time as Tom and I was like "your brother's trying to upstage you!" and Tom's like "well, he's taller and more handsome!" HEE

    They were so, so cute together. Best bromance ever. I have run completely out of evens to can.

    ...That was the best pic of this troll motherfucker that I could get, because he just legit saw us, nodded approvingly at our fangirlish screams, signed a few autographs and then swaggered off without taking pics with anyone. He's so ridiculous. I love him so much. He was really close to me and I was like "hey, you like my [arc reactor] shirt?" and he just smirked. LAWD.

    And random Michael J. Fox!

    But no Joss, Sam, Evans, Scarlett or Renner. DDDDDDDD;: I was so sad. The security guy said they weren't coming and I howled "BUT I LOVE [RENNER]! Does he know that?!" and he was just like "...I don't think so." Heh.

    (moar pics and my scary uncovered face, plus further stories of how I got sassy with Tom [he knelt down to sign a poster and I was all "I thought we were supposed to be kneeling TROLOLOLOL~"] and gave him M&M's and stuff at my journal, if you care. Also, steal that gif if you want it; I made it for my userinfo)

    source: me & my profound lack of shame

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    also her debut single 'Young' is number one on the itunes album charts with the remix ep.
    go BUY IT now UKers!

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    Jennifer Hudson's former brother-in-law allegedly admitted to killing at least two members of the Oscar winner's family in 2008, the suspect's mistress testified during a Friday hearing.

    William Balfour was married to Hudson's sister, Julia Hudson, when he began seeing Shonta Cathey in 2007, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Julia Hudson had asked for a divorce shortly before the murders occurred, and reportedly began seeing someone else as well.

    Balfour, who has been charged in the slayings of Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, 57, her brother, Jason Hudson, 29, and her 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, allegedly told Cathey to lie to the police about his whereabouts on the day of the killings. At first, she did. But she then changed her tune.

    The Sun-Times has more on Cathey's testimony:

    “He said, ‘They got shot,’ and I said, ‘Who?’ He said, ‘Her mother and her brother,’ and I was looking at him crazy … like bug eyed, and just staring at him,” Shonta Cathey told jurors.

    “He say he went in and the brother rushed him, and he shot him, and the mother was coming down the stairs, calling his name, and he shot her.”

    Cathey's testimony was not the only blow delivered to Balfour's defense team on Friday. A neighbor of the suspect's mistress reportedly told jurors he saw Balfour driving a white SUV on the day of the murders, which may have been stolen from Jason Hudson after he was killed, NBC Chicago reports.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, Cathey told Balfour that police were looking for him in connection with the murders, but allowed him to stay in her house for the day -- until they tracked him down using cell phone signals.

    “I was in love with William,” she told jurors. “And I didn’t want him to get in any trouble.”

    When she asked the suspect about the whereabouts of 7-year-old Julian King, he reportedly told her the boy "was outside" at the time of the slayings. Julian was found dead in an SUV three days after the his uncle and grandmother were discovered dead.

    With no surviving witnesses to the murders, prosecutors must offer overwhelming circumstantial evidence that Balfour committed the crime. One challenge will be tying Balfour to the alleged murder weapon, a silver and black .45-calibre handgun.

    Prosecutors claim Balfour targeted the family in a horrific act of vindictiveness against his ex-wife. They believe he became enraged by balloons he saw at the home that he thought were from her new boyfriend.

    Defense attorneys have said the killing could be connected to alleged drug dealing by Hudson's brother.

    Prosecutors contend Balfour went inside the three-story house around 9 a.m. and shot Hudson's mother and brother. Investigators allege he then drove off in Jason Hudson's sport utility vehicle with 7-year-old Julian inside, and later shot the boy in the head as he lay behind a front seat.

    Jennifer Hudson took the witness stand for about 30 minutes Monday in sometimes tearful testimony. Hudson, who was in Florida at the time of the shootings, testified that she was dismayed when she learned in 2006 that her sister was going to marry Balfour, whom she said she always disliked.

    If convicted of at least two of the murder counts, Balfour would face a mandatory life sentence.

    I found this bit as well in another article that I thought was worth sharing :\ -

    Julia Hudson testified Monday that Balfour was so prone to jealousy that, when he lived in the Hudson family home before moving out in early 2008, he even became angry when Julian kissed her.

    "He'd say, 'Get off my wife,'" she said.

    Edit: Balfour was also previously charged with attempted first degree murder in 1998.

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    MASSAPEQUA, N.Y. — One of the world’s most prolific bootleggers of Hollywood DVDs loves his morning farina.

    He has spent eight years churning out hundreds of thousands of copies of 
    “The Hangover,” “Gran Torino” and other first-run movies from his small Long Island apartment to ship overseas.

    "Big Hy” — his handle among many loyal customers — would almost certainly be cast as Hollywood Enemy No. 1 but for a few details. He is actually Hyman Strachman, a 92-year-old, 5-foot-5 World War IIveteran trying to stay busy after the death of his wife. And he has sent every one of his copied DVDs, almost 4,000 boxes of them to date, free to American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    With the United States military presence in those regionsdwindling, Big Hy Strachman will live on in many soldiers’ hearts as one of the war’s more shadowy heroes.

    “It’s not the right thing to do, but I did it,” Mr. Strachman said, acknowledging that his actions violated copyright law.

    “If I were younger,” he added, “maybe I’d be spending time in the hoosegow.”

    Capt. Bryan Curran, who recently returned from Afghanistan, estimated that from 2008 to 2010, Mr. Strachman sent more than 2,000 DVDs to his outfits there.

    “You’re shocked because your initial image is of some back-alley Eastern European bootlegger — not an old Jewish guy on Long Island,” Captain Curran said. “He would time them with the movie’s release — whenever a new movie was just in theaters, we knew Big Hy would be sending us some. I saw ‘The Transformers’ before it hit the States.”

    Jenna Gordon, a specialist in the Army Reserve, said she had handed out even more of Mr. Strachman’s DVDs last year as a medic with the 883rd Medical Company east of Kandahar City, where soldiers would gather for movie nights around personal computers, with mortar blasting in the background. Some knew only that the discs came from some dude named Big Hy; others knew not even that.

    “It was pretty big stuff — it’s reconnecting you to everything you miss,” she said. “We’d tell people to take a bunch and pass them on.”

    White-haired, slightly hunched and speaking in his Depression-era Brooklyn brogue (think Casey Stengel after six years of Hebrew school), Mr. Strachman explained in a recent interview that his 60-hour-a-week venture was winding down. “It’s all over anyways — they’re all coming home in the near future,” he said of the troops.

    As he spoke, he was busy preparing some packages, filled with 84 discs of “The Artist,” “Moneyball” and other popular films, many of them barely out of theaters, to a platoon in Afghanistan.

    As for his brazen violation of domestic copyright laws, Mr. Strachman nodded guiltily but pointed to his walls, which are strewed with seven huge American flags, dozens of appreciative letters, and snapshots of soldiers holding up their beloved DVDs.

    “Every time I got back an emotional e-mail or letter, I sent them another box,” he said, adding that he had never accepted any money for the movies or been told by any authorities to stop.

    “I thought maybe because I’m an old-timer,” he said.

    In February, Mr. Strachman duplicated and shipped 1,100 movies. (“A slow month,” he said.) He has not kept an official count but estimates that he topped 80,000 discs a year during his heyday in 2007 and 2008, making his total more than 300,000 since he began in 2004. Postage of about $11 a box, and the blank discs themselves, would suggest a personal outlay of over $30,000.

    Born in Brooklyn in 1920 to immigrants from Poland, Mr. Strachman left high school during the Depression to work for his family’s window and shade store in Manhattan. He became a stockbroker on Wall Street — “When there were no computers, you had to use your noodle” — before retiring in the early 1990s.

    After Mr. Strachman’s wife of more than half a century, Harriet, died in 2003, he discovered a Web site that collected soldiers’ requests for care packages. He noted a consistent plea for movie DVDs and wound up passing his sleepless nights replicating not only the films, but also a feeling of military comradeship that he had not experienced since his own service in the Pacific during World War II.

    “I wouldn’t say it kept him alive, but it definitely brought back his joie de vivre,” said Mr. Strachman’s son, Arthur, a tax accountant in New York.

    Mr. Strachman has never ripped a movie from a store-bought DVD and does not even know how; rather, he bought bootlegged discs for $5 in Penn Station before finding a dealer closer to home, at his local barbershop. Those discs were either recordings made illegally in theaters or studio cuts that had been leaked.

    Originally, Mr. Strachman would use his desktop computer to copy the movies one tedious disc at a time. (“It was moyda,” he groaned.) So he got his hands on a $400 professional duplicator that made seven copies at once, grew his fingernails long to better separate the blank discs, and began copying hundreds a day.

    Last month, in black grandpa shoes and blue suspenders that hoisted his trousers up to his sternum, Mr. Strachman and his spindly hands steered a master copy of “The Artist” into the machine, fed the seven other bays with blanks, and pressed “Record.” Six minutes later, in went “The King’s Speech.” Then “Moneyball.”

    He eventually stuffed the maximum of 84 discs (12 titles, 7 each) into a United States Postal Service fixed-rate box, secured it with several yards of packing tape and scrawled out a packing slip for the Massapequa Park post office. The contraband, which he said could take up to three months to arrive, was addressed to an Army chaplain.

    “Chaplains don’t sell them, and they fan out,” Mr. Strachman said. “The distribution is great.”

    The movie studios are less enthusiastic. Although the most costly piracy now takes place online through file-sharing Web sites, the illegal duplication of copyright DVDs — usually by organized crime in Eastern Europe and China, not by retirees in their 90s in the American suburbs — still siphons billions of dollars out of the industry every year. And while Mr. Strachman’s movies were given to soldiers as a form of charity, studios do send military bases reel-to-reel films, which are much harder to copy, and projectors for the troops overseas.

    Howard Gantman, a spokesman for the Motion Picture Association of America, said he did not believe its member studios were aware of Mr. Strachman’s operation. His sole comment dripped with the difficulty of going after a 92-year-old widower supporting the troops.

    “We are grateful that the entertainment we produce can bring some enjoyment to them while they are away from home,” Mr. Gantman said.

    Careful to minimize his malfeasance, Mr. Strachman said he had kept no copies for himself and had destroyed every master disc soon after the new releases came in.

    Before long, the sole evidence of his operation will be on his walls and on a little bookshelf, next to his cholesterol-control pills and a few envelopes of farina, where seven three-ring binders overflow with letters and pictures, most addressed to “Big Hy,” from appreciative soldiers.

    “Our downtime is spent watching movies as we clean our weapons,” one handwritten note said.

    Another accompanied a flag from a combat mission over Afghanistan: “I can think of no one more deserving than you, and no one who understands what this flag stands for and means to our veterans.”

    The fun will stop soon, Mr. Strachman said. “I’m not sure who’s going to be left over there anymore,” he said, happier for the soldiers’ return than for his need to find another hobby.

    And with that the duplicator beeped, spitting out seven more copies of “The Artist.”

    Mr. Strachman scooped them out of their trays, put a rubber band around them and inserted the stack into a box, perhaps his very last.


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    RuPaul gives us comic book realness on the just-teased cover of Bluewater Comic's latest Female Force installment. We've covered Bluewater's celebration of female divas before, but RuPaul's upcoming issue untucks new territory for the comic book brand.

    From a press release:

    Female Force: RuPaul, in stores in July, follows the self-described “Supermodel of the World” from his time as a time as a struggling musician and dancer through his first big break as a gender-bending drag queen in the B52s “Love Shack” music video. The issue will also cover his journey to fame as well as the outreach he does.

    The issue, written by Michael Troy and penciled Nathan Girten, also delves into RuPaul’s personal life as an openly gay performer and his many public trials and tribulations including the 1993 furor in upstaging and insulting legendary comic Milton Berle on live TV and his cult-like following for his reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

    Why, exactly, is the world's most famous drag queen starring in a series about powerful women?

    "He is comfortable in his own skin and is happy to let anyone within earshot know that," says Bluewater president Darren G. Davis. "The fact he chooses his public persona to be female, emphasizes that he stays true to his own concept of self. And that solidifies RuPaul as a female force.”

    RuPaul's Female Force issue from Bluewater Comics hits stores in July.


    I'll definitely be getting my copy as soon as it comes out! I wonder if this means we'll get a comic book inspired challenge next season of Drag Race.

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    Chris Pine was at CinemaCon to promote Rise of the Guardians, and he talked a little bit about the Star Trek sequel.

    Chris Pine is fully aware of the growing phenomenon surrounding the steamy novel “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and if the call came for the big screen star to play the title character, he just might say yes.

    “I do know about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ because Alice Eve, who’s in our film, [the ‘Star Trek’ sequel], has been reading it like crazy, so yeah, I’ve heard about it,” he told Access Hollywood at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas on Monday.

    When asked if he’d play the novel’s Christian Grey, the square-jawed hunk didn’t say no.

    “It’d be a hell of a choice for me, I think,” he smiled. “It sounds like an interesting film.”

    Chris is currently reprising his role as James T. Kirk in the J.J. Abrams helmed “Star Trek” sequel, and he said the film is going to impress.

    “Of course I’m gonna tell you I think it’s gonna be better,” he laughed. “You pick up the characters from where they left off, and the development of the characters — I think — is just as exciting as the first one.

    “And it’s relentless,” he added. “I think that’s the best adjective I can use.”

    Chris said the team is actually close to wrapping up the second installment in the sci-fi reboot.

    “We’re almost done,” he told Access. “It’s wrapping up very soon. It’s just as action-packed as the first one.”

    Beyond talk of “Star Trek” and “The Twilight Saga”-inspired book, Chris was busy at CinemaCon promoting his upcoming movie, “Rise of the Guardians,” an animated feature, where he plays Jack Frost alongside a celebrated cast.

    “It’s a great project,” he said. “I’m really happy to be a part of it… Alec Baldwin plays a crazy Russian Santa; Hugh Jackman is kind of the Australian acerbic bunny… It’s a good story about childhood and it’s a good story about belief and imagination … and what it means to believe.”

    Lending his voice to Jack Frost in the upcoming animated film "Rise of the Guardians" has given Chris Pine a new appreciation of the secrecy surrounding J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek."

    "Rise of the Guardians," is a 3-D DreamWorks Animation movie featuring folklore characters like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny; it's set for release near Thanksgiving. It might not seem to have much in common with "Star Trek," but Pine, 31, says working on "Guardians" has given him a better understanding of why "Star Trek" director Abrams is so adamant about keeping the plot of his films a mystery.

    "J.J. is super-secretive. The scripts are color-coded, and walking to and from set we have to wear coats and everything," the actor said at the CinemaCon convention of theater owners in Las Vegas, where he was on hand to promote "Guardians." "It's such a pain in the [butt], but I think about how awesome it is, because what he's protecting is the magic of the unknown."

    With the advent of the Internet, Pine says it's harder to preserve a sense of wonder among audiences, including children. Can the fantastical "Guardians" work for kids who are jaded at an early age?

    "I think probably there's a certain amount of earlier cynicism because of technology and stuff -- they can look Santa Claus up online, and they'll find a blog post from some hater about he doesn't exist," he said. "I do think there's something genetically programmed in the brain of a child that wants to believe."

    DreamWorks Animation screened roughly 15 minutes of the new movie to theater owners at the Caesars Palace Coliseum on Monday night, and director Peter Ramsey showed illustrations of each character and described them in elaborate detail. Pine gave an earnest speech about how his imagination ran wild as a kid. It seems the actor took his work on "Guardians" quite seriously. While Chris Rock told 24 Frames he finds doing voice work on the "Madagascar" films an easy gig, Pine said he agonizes over his delivery of every line.

    "I do the voice for BMW too, and I'm always thinking, how do you paint a picture with words when the subtle nuances of just you and I sitting here together you can't display?" he said. "I'll go in sometimes and think I did a great job and hear it back and think, 'Well, that's not what I was trying to do.' It's the worst art form for an OCD perfectionist like me."

    Source A
    Source B
    Source C

    I hope his comment on 50 Shades was some generic PR answer. :/

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    The surprise isn’t the vacuous, banal subject matter, the ridiculous, contrived scenes, the nauseating emphasis on wealth, or the catfights.

    Anyone who’s even vaguely aware of The Real Housewives franchise knows what to expect from the first Canadian foray into this shiny, centimetre-deep world.

    No, the surprise surrounding The Real Housewives of Vancouver is the fact that people here actually seem to care about it.

    I have overheard – or been drawn into – countless conversations about this meaningless show in the most unlikely places. Opera gala? Check. Arts reception? Check. Smart, male houseguests (including – gasp – a corporate lawyer) want to discuss the show. So do smart environmentalist/educator lesbians at a neighbour’s party.

    Even Kathleen Edwards was talking about it at her recent Commodore Ballroom concert. (She claimed she watched it only because the remote control at her Victoria hotel happened to be stuck on the channel showing the season premiere. Yeah, right.)

    I will emphasize that none of these people has anything good to say about the show. They are united in their disgust. But that doesn’t affect what is quickly seeming like phenomenon status for the show.

    The other night at a bar, for example, another business-oriented man spent a good 45 minutes talking to the bartender – also male – about whether it was at all possible that Christina is really only 30 years old, along with other points related to the show. Forty-five minutes!

    Meanwhile, the Housewives have become the go-to celebrities about town. When quizzed about what he wanted to see during his stay in Vancouver, a recent visitor confessed: a Housewife. Friends call from Toronto and, after asking whether Vancouver women are “really like that” (no), they gush about how beautiful the city is.

    And we thought the Olympics would put us on the map.

    Sunday night, TV nirvana for many of us, I watched Mad Men and thought about that great female-powered episode a couple of weeks ago. Peggy defied traditional gender and class expectations during a feet-up-on-desk encounter with Roger. Joan was back in take-charge mode heading straight for single motherhood.

    Over on HBO, meanwhile, four smart, quirky women wade through life on the fictional but real-feeling GirlsAnd in Veep, we have a female vice-president. She’s hardly perfect but she’s not Sarah Palin stupid. Even if she has no real power, she’s a woman in charge – and concerned with politics, not pedicures.

    Wednesday night, though, it’s back to women whose only real power is their credit cards, paid for the most part by men (current or past), and, well, the thing that got them those men to begin with. It’s an uncomfortable step backward for women that smart Vancouverites may hate – but can’t help talking about.

    So do I watch? Yes. It’s my job. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it in a sort of horrified, it’s-the end-of-the-world kind of way.

    I asked a few weeks ago, in relation to another topic – the closure of a longstanding theatre company – whether Vancouver is becoming a cultural backwater. I’m afraid the impact of The Real Housewives of Vancouver forces me to ask this question again. Are we really that small that this show is such a big deal?

    Despising it is much more of an endorsement than ignoring it.


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    So, I was headed to help produce our roller derby bout when I looked to my right and saw this fine gentleman about to leave the area. Not one to miss an opportunity, I dashed across the street and received a hug and this picture:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Really nice fella, actually. Asked him for a hug and he gave it. Asked him for a picture and whoever he was with took it. Then I said goodbye and had to run because I was late already and who comes around the corner?

    COCO! (and yes, the dogs too)

    There's a bar on our boardwalk that does something called Yappy Hour where you can drink and bring your dogs so that's where I assume she was coming from. I stopped and said hello, bent down and petted the dogs but didn't get a picture with her. :(

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    "The most magical night at @DiannaAgron's circus themed birthday party!"


    "@taylorswift13 I made salmon. @dakotahrae made a scissor necklace."

    "@taylorswift13 Made buckwheat crepes this morning (and by morning, I mean 1pm when I woke up)"//I see that bottle of wine Taylor

    "@clairewinter Oh's dress up night."//I see that wine taylor 

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    President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, D.C. on April 28, 2012.

    Source: White House YouTube Channel

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    Charlotte Gainsbourg has agreed to star in a third Lars von Trier film, with filming to commence in Germany this summer. In Nymphomaniac, Charlotte will play a woman who recounts her sexual history to an older bachelor played by Stellan Skarsgård (father of Alexander — both starred in Melancholia). The film will trace her erotic life from age zero to 50.

    Von Trier will shoot a hardcore and a less hardcore version and will also reportedly split the narrative over two separate films — with one documenting the character's early life and the other focussing on her adult life.

    We interviewed Charlotte for Oyster #98 and asked her what it was like filming with the neurotic and relentless Danish director:

    "I’m just very proud to be in his work. I’m not trying to be modest about it … Antichrist and Melancholia are films that I'm very proud of because of his vision. I think it’s very rare for an actor to be close to filmmakers that are real artists, that don’t make lots of compromises."



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