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  • 04/29/12--13:31: Guess Who My Friend Met
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    IT"S RIHANNA! (duh)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    My friend tagged along on an interview for "Battleship" and at the end he revealed he was wearing a Rihanna t-shirt. She gave him a big hug and he said "I was hoping you could come and put your name on it." Rihanna replied "I thought you'd never ask!"

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    Rumor has it that Star Wars Land is coming to Disneyland Paris (and I will likely never get a chance to see it.) I had an incident there once involving beating a mime with a baguette. Don’t ask. The Paris version of Disneyland sounds awesome. Did you know they have an Indiana Jones ride? A Finding Nemo rollercoaster? And now a Star Wars themed section is said to be coming soon.

    A Star Wars theme park in Paris would be pretty amazing. It is rumored to be coming to Disneyland Paris in 2015, so the Imagineers are probably working hard on all of the details right now. I imagine there will be an Ewok Village, a Millenium Falcon ride and hopefully a game where you can beat Jar Jar repeatedly.

    I would settle for nothing less than beating Jar Jar myself. It should be a fun place. Hopefully we will get more details soon. (Note: the concept sketch above is just that, and not representative of the actual park.)


    I think the idea sounds good in retrospect...but idk if it will work. Star Tours is amazing btw.

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    Zooey Deschanel has been unveiled as Pantene‘s newest celebrity ambassador!

    “I am so excited to be a part of the Pantene family. Anyone who knows me knows that I am really into hair. I’m a real girly girl and love doing my hair and experimenting with different styles,” the 32-year-old New Girl star shared.

    “Being a ‘Pantene girl’ has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. It is really amazing to be representing the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Collection, the products are fantastic and Pantene also supports the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program which is a wonderful cause,” Zooey added. “Pantene is helping to provide confidence and beautiful real-hair wigs to women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment; you can’t put a price on that.”

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    Trailer for the upcoming third episode of Grandma's House S2, written by and starring the wonderful Simon Amstell.


    Is Iwan Rheon coming back? I need more awkward interaction between them.

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  • 04/29/12--14:00: Britmas Leak: "This Kiss"!
  • Yet another Britney unreleased track manages to find its way onto the internet and into the hands of us greedy fans.

    Take a listen to "This Kiss"!


    All this proves is that Britney can sing underwater! Bow down! and tyfyt

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  • 04/29/12--14:05: BREAKING BACKSTREET NEWS!


    The Backstreet Boys just announced in their livestreaming PPV concert from London's O2 Arena that Kevin Richardson will be permanently rejoining the group. They are already in talks of doing another NKOTBSB show with all ten members.

    AJ McLean also announced his wife's pregnancy live on stage. He says that he has a feeling the baby will be a girl.

    Source: My livestream


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  • 04/29/12--14:39: Hilary Mega Picture Post!

  • Hilary leaving a Dentist Office in Tolua, Lake - April 25th

    Hilary Duff seen heading to her pilates class Toluca Lake, Los Angeles - April 26th

    Hilary leaving a lunch business meeting in Studio City, Los Angeles - April 26th

    Hilary Duff seen leaving her Pilates class Toluca Lake, Los Angeles - April 26th

    Hilary seen leaving the-papersource & Pilates in Los Angeles, California - April 27th

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    Lana Del Rey performs Blue Jeans on The Voice UK.

    It was so perfect, it brought tears to my eyes.


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    In the distant future, two superpowers control Earth and fight each other for all the solar system's natural resources. When one side dispatches a team to a distant planet to terraform it for human colonization, the team discovers an indigenous race of bio-mechanoid killers.

    Ridley Scott, director of 'Alien' and 'Blade Runner,' returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.


    Dedicated to [info]morrbido <3

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  • 04/29/12--15:16: New Sky Ferreira leak

  • yt

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    "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood has been ordered by a judge to pony up some cash to the rental home company who was suing to evict her ... after the reality star was caught free-loading off government housing.

    As TMZ first reported, while Portwood was still rotting in jail, a rental company sued her for eviction after they discovered she lied about her "low-income" (she made $280K in 2010) ... which disqualified her from their subsidized government housing.

    An Indiana judge ruled this month in the rental company's favor after Amber never even bothered to respond to the suit. Portwood must pay the company $673 within 30 days or risk further legal action.

    Of course if she can't find the cash ... jail is free.


    lawd, she is such a trainwreck, and how on earth did she make that much money in 2010?!

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    Hip-Hop Rumors: Rita Ora Is Following Rihanna’s Blueprint Faithfully! Rita Now Linked To Drake!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    This post is dedicated to [info]rockpaperspray .

    Although Roc Nation artist Rita Ora says that Beyonce is her idol, it seems as if she is really following in the footsteps of Rihanna. First Rita took Rihanna’s style, then she stole her song, and now her sloppy seconds?

    According to The Sun Rita was seen making out with rapper Wheelchair Jimmy aka Canada Dry aka The Human Glee Episode aka Jennifer Aniston's favorite emcee aka Mr. Aaliyah Haughton aka Drake after his show in Newcastle, UK.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

    The pair were spotted kissing backstage at his Newcastle gig this week, where Rita was the warm-up act. Rita’s new single, “R.I.P”, is written by Canadian hip-hop star Drake – and they have known each other for ages.

    A source says: “Rita and Drake have been good friends for a while now but things seemed more serious this week.

    “They were all over each other backstage at the gig on Monday and weren’t trying to hide it.”

    I’m not sure following Rihanna's blueprint is going to work for Rita Ora.

    Just be yourself, sweetheart!


    WE'VE ALL SEEN SINGLE WHITE FEMALE (yes Rita Ora is white, yes I'm sure) YOU IN DANGER RIHANNA!
    In all seriousness tho, the original source is The Sun so I very much doubt it's true.

    Drake names courtesy of Big Ghost



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  • 04/29/12--15:18: ONE DIRECTION MEGAPOST!

  • Content:

    -One Direction 2013 Australian Tour Sold Out
    -Is Harry Styles dating his ex?
    -Liam Payne and Zayn Malik reveal the questions they can't stand being asked
    -What should 1D answer when people ask them boring questions again
    -1D rap + Video Diary


    One Direction 2013 Australian Tour Sold Out

    Tickets for 16 of the scheduled 20 shows for One Direction's 2013 Australian tour have already sold out within hours of becoming available.
    The British boy band announced their return next year on April 18, on the eve of their departure from Australia after their recent tour.
    One Direction - comprising Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne - will perform at concerts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth from September 11 to October 13, 2013.
    When Ticketek announced extra Sydney and Melbourne shows for their second tour on Tuesday, fans took to the site and to Twitter with some saying they'd had success and others saying the site had frozen.
    More desperate fans appealed to people not buying tickets to get off the website.
    Tickets went on sale again on Saturday from 10am (AEST), and in the first hour of online sales punters once more had trouble accessing the site to purchase tickets.
    'You are currently queued and will be automatically redirected to as customers ahead of you have left the website. Do not refresh this page,' says the Ticketek site, only to then be advised 'Server is busy'.
    Ticketek, who could not be contacted because their phone number was continuously engaged, limited ticket sales to a maximum four per person.
    Pandemonium hit fever pitch on April 10 when the group landed in Sydney to the delight of screaming fans for their first-ever live shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, which started on April 13.
    Bandmember Styles recently told BBC Radio of his warm feelings for Sydney.
    'My favourite places were New York and Sydney - I'd never been to Australia or New Zealand before, so that was sick.'
    Their album, Up All Night, sold four times platinum in Australia.
    Drawn from the UK's version of The X factor, One Direction made history as the first British group to debut at number one in the US with their first album.
    Limited tickets are still available for Melbourne and Sydney shows in October 2013. Perth shows will go on sale in late May or early June.


    Harry Styles Dating his Ex Felicity Skinner?

    Harry Styles is back with one of his ex-girlfriends, and she's not Caroline Flack. Instead Harry has reportedly rekindled his relationship with his childhood sweetheart Felicity Skinner.

    The guys in One Direction just can't seem to stay away from the girls of their pasts - Harry broke a lot of Directioners' hearts when he was spotted kissing his "Gotta be You" music video costar Emma Ostilly in New Zealand just a few days ago, and Zayn Malik seems to be dating his ex Perrie Edwards again (or at least he's hanging out with her).
    Harry might not ever go back to Caroline Flack after all the negative attention that relationship got, but he certainly seems to enjoy the company of girls that he already knows well. According to The Sun, he left his flat in London to visit Felicity in Cheshire on Thursday. The two reportedly went out to dinner at Gusto in Alderley Edge, but there aren't any juicy details about their date just yet (maybe Harry took his ex for a ride in his new Audi R8).

    So why did Harry Styles decide to reconnect with Felicity Skinner? He dated the blonde beauty back before One Direction got big, so perhaps he sees being with her as a sort of vacation from the crazy life he leads now. She might remind him of simpler times when he didn't have to do ten interviews a day, fly around the world, and try to avoid getting trampled by mobs of teen girls. Sure Harry loves his new lifestyle, but it's probably nice to get a break from it every once and a while. And who better to reminisce with than someone like Felicity who he spent a lot of time with?

    Harry might also be trying to re-connect with his ex-girlfriend because he knows that she fell for who he really is, not his fame. Harry always has to worry about girls using him for fame or attention, which seemed to be what singer Lily Halpern was doing when she kept talking about hanging out with him. Even someone like Taylor Swift probably wouldn't have fallen for Harry without his connection to One Direction.

    So will Harry Styles and Felicity Skinner get serious again? Things have changed a lot since they first started dating, and it's really tough to be the girlfriend of a guy in 1D - the position seems to come with lots of hateful messages from jealous Directioners. So until there are further developments, it's best for fans just to assume that Harry and Felicity just met up as old friends - there's no need for everyone to freak out like they did with Lily Halpern and Emma Ostilly.
    You can see a few photos of Felicity in the video below, as well as some other One Direction exes (for some reason some Directioners think that Felicity turned into a lesbian after she and Harry broke up).


    Liam Payne and Zayn Malik reveal the questions they can't stand being asked

    We’re not the only ones getting a bit fed up with it, the boys are too and in a recent interview with Classic Hits NZ, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik revealed which ones bore them the most.
    “[Mine is] ‘If you were invisible for a day what would you do?’” said Zayn.
    This surprises us. We would’ve thought that Z Dog would have enjoyed coming up with a philosophical, deep answer such as “Aren’t we all just floating invisibly though this crazy world?” but apparently not.

    “Mine’s actually favourite things about a girl,” added Liam.
    “Obviously our fan base is hugely internet based so when you get asked a question like this you know that people have heard it before because it’s all over the internet. I like to tell people new things so they can learn more things about you, rather than the basic, skin level things.”
    Like how when you play Super Mario you do Daisy Hill in “two minutes dead”? Yeah, thought so.


    What should 1D answer when people ask them boring questions again

    Q 1: How did you guys form?

    Louis: It was quite strange actually; we met on a forum for young men with pigeon fetishes. Niall began writing self help songs on his guitar and we’d all Skype each other and sing them. Next thing we knew we were in a band.

    Q 2: So you entered X Factor as solo artists?

    Liam: X Factor? No, we don’t know where this rumour has come from. There was a talent contest for all the Pigeon Loving is Erotic Boys (PLEBs) and we entered that as a five-piece and came sixth out of eight. We were over the moon.

    Q 3: Did you know each other before?

    Harry: Yes we used to meet up every Wednesday evening and look at pictures of a pigeon named Kevin.

    Q 4: What advice did Simon Cowell give you?

    Zayn: He told us to never be ourselves, to hide all aspects of our personalities, be violent and to stop all relations with pigeons. We’re gutted.

    Q 5: What are your roles within the band?
    Harry: I’m the ugly one.
    Niall: I’m the English one.
    Zayn: I like to punch things.
    Liam: I also like to provoke mindless violence. So what? It's not like I'm Jesus or anything... 
    Louis: I’m the manly one.

    Q 6: What’s it like having all the crowds and screaming girls?

    Niall: We get a little arsy about it actually; we find they scare off the pigeons.

    Q 7: Do you have Simon Cowell’s phone number?

    Louis: Simon doesn’t use phones. He communicates through messages delivered by masked horsemen.

    Q 8: Would you date a fan?

    Liam: Yes. I’d date all the fans, all together at the same time. I’d video everything I did with them and then post it on the internet straight away. That’s the kinda guy I am.

    Q 9: Do you have girlfriends?

    Harry: We can’t answer that, last time we did Kevin the Pigeon was put on suicide watch.

    Q 10: What makes you so huge?

    Niall: I dunno really, (pulls down trousers) is it really that huge?


    Harry Styles' 'Baby Bottom' Didn't Impress Fellow 'X Factor' Contestant
    Harry Styles seems to have a problem keeping his pants on—his band mates have already dished that he loves running around naked so much that he once got fined for it, and now one of The X Factor contestants he competed against has revealed that Harry used to greet her by flashing his butt.

    Many Directioners probably think that they'd be able to die happy if Harry mooned them, but his former fellow competitor Mary Byrne was less than impressed when Harry pulled the prank on her. She told OK! Magazine that Harry used to greet her at morning rehearsals by mooning her, while the rest of One Direction always gave her a kiss. So if Directioners weren't jealous before, they've got to be envying Mary now. However, this is what Mary said about Harry Styles' cheeky behavior:

    "It wasn't as if I wanted to see his bottom; it's just like a baby's."
    So Mary Byrne is the latest cougar who hasn't been impressed with Harry—he also got turned down when he asked The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris on a date, and Madonna doesn't even know who One Direction is. So maybe he needs to focus on impressing girls his own age by showing off his butt to them (Directioners can dream).

    But unfortunately for Harry Styles and the guys, girls' tastes change as they get older—one day 1D fans will be all grown up and crushing on the next Michael Fassbender or some other guy who likes showing off his bum in the name of art instead of mooning people for a laugh. But for now they'll just all think Mary is crazy for not calling the time Harry flashed his behind one of the best moments of her life.


    1D being cute + Video Diary! 



    Vintage One Direction


    aw lol his feet :')



    The Thinker




    + Twitter posts:

    TYFYT <3

       also you can post your favorite 1D gifs if you want!    

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  • 04/29/12--15:27: Verallah Wang Post
  • Check out what superstar designer & athlete Vera Wang has been up to lately!!

    Vera Attends 6th Annual DKMS Gala

    simply modeling

    simply lit

    simply uninterested

    simply eating

    Vera in Paris

    simply supporting ralph lauren at his restaurant

    simply a photo of fashion icon in awe of being placed next to vera

    simply eating a bird's nest(?)

    source source

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    Before we all jumped on the Brangelina bandwagon, there was this scene in which Pitt and Jolie's husband-and-wife spies dismantle their house as they work through their marital (and espionage-related) disputes. I don't envy the cop that had to take this domestic disturbance call.

    This scene of two beautiful people beating the ever-loving crap out of each other is somehow sexier than all of the 243 coital scenes in Shame combined.

    That costume...even cows don't wear leather that tight. When these two quasi-psychotic costumed Gothamites fight, it's hard to tell if they're getting into it or getting it on. Now that's real animal magnetism.

    Rarely are relationship troubles solved by a wedding ring, and even more rarely by a boxing ring. But that didn't stop Apollo and Starbuck from working out some unresolved issues with the help of the sweet science.

    Zhang Ziyi's Jen fights the bandit Lo in the desert and it's pretty hot. Also, it's sexy.

    Women in Bond movies tend to have names with innuendos so obvious they would make a Mad Magazine writer blush, and Xenia Onatopp is no exception. When the Russian villainess wraps her legs around Bond's head in a death squeeze, I'm sure the dapper agent is thinking both ''I can’t breathe!'' and ''Boy, am I glad this isn't Rosa Klebb.''

    When X-Men came out, ''Rebecca Romijn-Stamos paint applicator'' was probably one of the best gigs in Hollywood, right after ''John Stamos.'' Watching the lithe, cerulean Mystique fight Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is an almost sensual experience.

    The sexual tension between Buffy and Spike had long been bubbling like blood from a pierced jugular, and at the end of season 6's ''Smashed'' episode it finally all came out. Of course, the two busted through both taboos and several walls in the process.

    I feel like the phrase ''tough as nails'' has been used to describe every character Rodriguez has ever played, and Lost's Ana Lucia is no exception. When she and Sawyer tussled (in more ways than one) it seemed like a battle of equals. Plus, what else are you going to do when you're stuck on an island? If Wilson the volleyball could only talk...

    Sure, Daredevil (a.k.a. Scent of a Woman 2: Blind Justice) wasn't a great movie, but you could see the real-life chemistry between costars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner when the two did battle with weapons courtesy of Michelangelo and Raphael respectively. And, hey, it's better than Gigli.

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    Two days after calling "Voice" judge Christina Aguilera "a bitch" on the radio in New York, one of the guys from The Wanted seemingly apologized in one breath ... and then took another shot at her in the next.

    After a guest appearance on the show, the band went on 92.3 NOW in NYC and said, "She's a total bitch. She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us she was a bitch."

    Talking outside the Mondrian Hotel today in Hollywood, the one who calls himself Tom was asked about his Xtina comments ... and in back-to-back sentences he said, "We shouldn't have said it, to be honest with you. We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?"

    Neither does humility.


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    Harry Shum Jr. becomes a violent gunslinger in the short film “Already Gone”. The intense 3 minute short take place in a warehouse where criminals steal from other criminals. Here’s more about the short”

    Already Gone is a feature-length thriller about a young criminal, Jude Mulvey played by Shawn Ashmore (X-Men), who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis —A terminal condition he’s been afflicted with since birth. His criminal lifestyle is an expression of rage and an attempt to take control of his mortality. Wanting to die anywhere other than a hospital bed has made him a truly fearless (and effective) criminal. Jude and his partner Scott Lee played by Harry Shum (Glee) lead their small crew into drug dens and mob hangouts, successfully robbing other criminals as a staple to his survival. It’s a pretty effective use of Jude’s talents, until he crosses the wrong mobster

    The goal of this short was to drop the viewer into the world of the feature film and tell an incomplete story in order to make the viewer want to see more. Time is ticking. There is no time for standoffs.

    Source 1 & 2
    This released a few days ago but I didn't see it posted here. Watching this just really makes me hope that Shawn's pilot gets picked up. Also fun fact, this short was made for under $1,000.

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    NY Giants' Eli Manning, two-time Super Bowl champion, prepares to host Saturday Night Live
    Big Blue QB is funnier than you would think

    The memory of Eli Manning dressed as a 1970s cop, wearing a fake moustache and leaning against a police car, still makes Peyton Manning laugh. He can’t believe the world still sees his little brother as shy, reserved and lacking in personality.

    Peyton says the world should’ve seen Eli back then.

    “He was really into the character,” Peyton says, reminiscing about the brothers’ famous Football Cops commercial for DirecTV last summer. “I never knew he always wanted to be a cop.”

    “I didn’t,” adds Eli, sitting next to his brother. “I just wanted to have a moustache. A moustache does not grow well with me.”

    Maybe Eli can convince the producers of “Saturday Night Live” to let him wear some more fake facial hair when he reports for work on Monday for what he calls his next “challenge.”

    Following in the footsteps of his more gregarious brother, Eli will be rehearsing at Studio 8H in Manhattan all this week preparing for his turn as host of NBC’s long-running comedy sketch show on Saturday night.

    At first glance, Eli doesn’t appear to be the natural fit for that role like Peyton was when he hosted “SNL” in 2007. But during an interview with the Daily News last week while taking a break from filming another series of DirecTV commercials at the Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, Peyton insisted Eli isn’t an unnatural fit at all. In fact, he believes Eli will be a surprising success on the show because he has one key quality:

    An ability and willingness to make fun of himself on national TV.

    “The main thing I tried to do there, I told them I don’t take myself very seriously and I’m not afraid to make fun of myself,” Peyton says. “I think that’s kind of important on that show. You have to just kind of let them have at it with you.”

    Eli seems willing to do that. Despite his controlled and sometimes boring public persona, his teammates have always said he’s a funny man behind the scenes. Even Hall of Famer Deion Sanders says he saw signs of Eli’s comedic genius during the four days they worked on their commercial together last week.

    “He really is hilarious, man,” Sanders says. “I can see what they’re saying now. His timing is impeccable. He’s hilarious. He’s a professional. He threw some one-liners out there that are really going to take this commercial to another level.”

    Eli points out that he’s no stranger to comedy, thanks to a long list of commercials during his eight-year NFL career. The two-time Super Bowl MVP says he feels more comfortable in front of a camera than ever before. He’s also learned things from watching his brother, such as the importance of reading a script before shooting starts and knowing when it’s OK to make up your own lines.

    Eli says he hasn’t seen the “SNL” script yet, but he’s gotten plenty of ideas for skits from friends and teammates. Victor Cruz, for example, would love to see Eli do a salsa. His old friends keep calling with suggestions, too.

    “My college buddies keep saying ‘This is something that’s funny that happened to us. You should bring that in,’” Eli says. “Some of them might be good suggestions. A lot are not.”

    Peyton, who won’t be in attendance on Saturday night because of a previous commitment, says he hasn’t given Eli any ideas yet and really hasn’t spent much time helping Eli prepare for the show at all. Most of their discussions, Peyton says, have been about how “it’s easier to get tickets for a Super Bowl than it is for this.” An”SNL” host only gets 10 to distribute to family and friends.

    “I don’t think we’ve had any film study, if that’s what you’re asking,” Peyton adds. “When I was there I just kind of said ‘Just tell me where to line up.’ It’s the same strategy (for Eli). You want to kind of get to know what they’re trying to do, and be yourself as much as you can be.

    “I will say it is very much like a football week. You get there on a Monday and, not to use too many analogies, but you put in the game plan, the plays you’re going to run, then you do double practices.”

    It was the same, sometimes tedious process during their commercial shoot last week, but it all paid off when they shot their final commercial together in just three takes. “It would’ve been even quicker if you could memorize your lines,” Eli tells Peyton.

    In the commercial, scheduled to air this summer, Peyton is wearing his brand new Denver Broncos uniform, while Eli is dressed in Giants blue. Both are clean shaven, much to Eli’s dismay.

    “Anytime I can put a mustache on, I’m all for it,” he says.

    “He means that,” Peyton adds.

    Maybe he’ll get one to wear on Saturday night.


    I love Eli, but I'm already prepared for experiencing secondhand embarrassment. Hopefully we'll get something similar to this classic from his brother:

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  • 04/29/12--16:47: New M.I.A. song preview

  • src
    M.I.A.'s new album, Matangi, is due summer 2012

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