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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    @zedd: “Oh hi derrling…” - The Room
    #TheRoom #theRoom #THEroom #theROOM

    Zedd posted this on Instagram in late last night<3. The two seem to share a love for the masterpiece, The Rooom. Zedd & Selena seem to be keeping in touch despite her filming ATL and him living in LA.

    @selenagomez: missing la and this punk, just a little tonight ☺️ shooting starts soon!! Eeeeekkkk —Fundamentals of Caregiving!!

    @selenagomez: A bestie always makes sure she ain’t hanging out 😂 #kayimdone #homesick #friendsick

    @selenagomez: Me too


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    Holy crap! Such a great episode! Loving where shit is going.


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    Sienna Miller was one of the faces of 2000s gossip, especially when tabloids religiously followed her relationship with actor Jude Law. However, the good sis Sienna realized how unhealthy it is, so she took a long break from Hollywood to rethink her life choices and raise her daughter Marlowe. And this 2015, the it-girl will star in seven films alone including "Black Mass".

    The good sis talks to Variety about her roles in "Foxcatcher" and "American Sniper", why she shied away from the spotlight, and her career renaissance.

    Q: Your career seems to be in a different place now. Are you trying to make different choices?

    I feel like my life is in two chapters. There’s the pre-baby and post-baby. I love my job so much, but I didn’t think very laterally about the implications of working with filmmakers. After having my daughter and re-evaluating my priorities, I realized I really want to work with amazing filmmakers and had a strong sense of the films I want to watch and try to be in. And also, letting go of any attachment to the size of the role. I genuinely don’t need to be the lead. I don’t need to carry something.

    Q: Did you need a break?

    Yes, I did. I’d been, not by choice, dissected by the media and exposed and all the things that really make it hard to be a good actor, or to be seen as characters, to disappear into something. And I always had strong and pure intentions. But it was just being swallowed up by this tabloid animal.

    Q: There seems to be different standards for men and women in Hollywood.
    And in the whole world.

    Q: But in Hollywood, many actress quit in their 20s because of all the added pressures that women must overcome.

    It’s completely sexist. It’s completely imbalanced. It’s insane. I had an experience with the New York Times, where my ex-boyfriend Jude was doing a play on Broadway. They did a profile on him, and during the article referred to the fact that he had a relationship with me. The following week, the same newspaper did an article on me and referred to Jude as “a fling.” As if I was promiscuous, and all the connotations that come with that word. That’s sexism in the upper echelon of journalism. Don’t get me started. Even Channing [Tatum] says with his past of being a dancer, if that was a woman, it would be really hard to come back from that. Dancer? I mean, stripper! [Laughs.]

    full interview @ variety

    Are you ready for the Siennassance, ONTD? Favorite Sienna film?

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    E! Online got the first pictures from Gina Torres's recurring role in Revenge. Gina plays Natalie Waters, a shady Hamptons socialite and sistren who will play some sort of foil for Victoria. Also, Revenge called a Real Housewife to stir some drama! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards will play Stephanie, a socialite and good friend of Victoria.


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    zac efron was spotted around georgia this past week filming his latest project, 'dirty grandpa,' with co-stars robert deniro, aubrey plaza, julianne hough, dermot mulroney, and zoey deutch. the film centers around "an uptight guy who is tricked into driving his grandfather, a perverted former Army general, to Florida for spring break" and is set for a june 2016 release.

    source, source, source

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    that being Momoiro Clover Z

    song is called Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina and parts were animated by the makers of Kill La Kill


    random , lol

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  • 01/19/15--19:41: The Fosters 2x13 promo
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    - Barrowman slipped (as usual) during an arrow press event that they're doing 3 to 4 new Torchwood Radio Plays for BBC.
    - Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardener are writing it.
    - Barrowman and his sister might write one of them.
    - One of the plays will feature the entire Torchwood team, the others will be "character-based".
    - He teased that the radio plays might lead into something on TV.

    ONTD would you want to see more Torchwood? I'm just happy we're getting more Janto tbh.


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    So basically a bunch of people made some predictions about what's gonna happen in 2015 with the MCU.

    AGENT CARTER (January 2015)

    - Agent Carter will flop, it'll have only one season.
    - Marvel won't give up and they'll do another limited series for midseason, probably a 1960's era Ant-Man TV series featuring the exploits of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne.

    AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (March 2015)

    - An Avenger finally guest stars during the Season 3 Premiere. Maybe earlier.
    - Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch might show up as a tie-in to AoU.

    AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (May 1, 2015)

    - Thor dies at the end and he's sent to Hel to tie in with 'Thor: Ragnarok'
    - RIP Col. James Rhodes.
    - RIP Quicksilver.
    - Black Panther might get a cameo.
    - The final scene might be about Ant-man or Bananahammock Cunnilingus as Dr. Strange.
    - Hulk is shot into another planet and runs into Yondu for GOTG 2.


    - Frank Castle/The Punisher joins the Civil War/The Defenders cast.
    - Glenn Howerton will be cast as Purple Man in Jessica Jones because he was almost Starboard.
    - Nick Fury or Coulson will cameo in Daredevil.

    ANT-MAN (July 17, 2015)

    - Ant-Man will be the 4th highest grossing Marvel movie because they'll be riding on AoU's thirst the same way Iron Man 3 rode on The Avengers' success.
    - Evangeline Lilly will become the Wasp.
    - They'll set up an Ant-man sequel before Infinity War 2.


    - Sebastian Stan (Bucky), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Evangeline Lilly (Wasp), Clark Gregg (Coulson), Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury), Adrain Pasdar (Talbot) Adrianne Palicki (Mockingbird) & Chole Bennet (Quake) complete the entire cast of Captain America: Civil War. YASSSS PLEAAASEEEE!
    - GOTG 2 will be called 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Annihilation Conquest' and they'll face Ultron.
    - Kevin Bacon is cast as Star-Lord's Father
    - Marvel gets Spidey back for Infinity War 1 & 2.
    - Fantastic Four flops hardcore, FOX sells the rights back to Marvel (YASSS).

    Mods, i just posted a few and they've all been paraphrased.

    Here for that 'Captain America: Civil War' cast. ONTD, what are your Marvel predictions?

    You can find a lot more predictions @ the source.

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    o lawd

    Jessa Seewald, the Duggar who compared abortion to the Holocaust and married Professor Neckbeard Meninist, attended an anti-choice rally in the heart of Little Rock, Ark., on Sunday.

    "Headed to Little Rock right now for the annual March for Life," said the delusional soul on her Instagram that same day. "Join us at our state Capitol at 2pm, and together let us take a stand for the life of the unborn."

    Jessa and her family's official Facebook page shared a slew of photos at the rally, including one of a banner that said "God Loves Every Life from Beginning to End," one of her father Jimothy Bobert and mother Michelle showing off their anti-choice signs, and one of herself and her husband with a fan.

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  • 01/19/15--20:39: Celebs react to Light Girls

  • source

    I missed the first showing but there's another one coming up in 20 minutes! What'd you think of the doc ONTD?

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    While you were sitting at home and crying because of your huge debt, Kris Jenner found another way to sell her soul for money. This time, the 'momager' is trying to cash in on Kendall's acne problems!

    The fresh, new face for Estee Lauder were caught candidly by paparazzi sporting a make-up-free look, and she doesn't even try to hide her blemishes and acne! Because of that incident, Kris only did what is right: get her a Proactiv deal. She was embarrassed by Kendall's carelessness. An insider tells our source: “Kris immediately told her to approach Proactiv, in hopes of becoming a spokesperson.” However, “it took everything Kendall had not to tell her mom where to go!”

    Kendall is trying to distance herself away from their crazy family, but Kris has no plans of giving up control.


    beauty post (again)! acne remedies, ONTD?

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    this song is a legit BOP! pre-order the album of the year NOW!

    source: youtube

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    Ibeyi is a French/Cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz. They sing in English and the language of Yoruba, a Nigerian language that travelled to Cuba via slavery in the 1700s. Ibeyi is pronounced ee-bey-ee. In Yoruba, Ibeji translates as "twins".[wiki]

    and two of their interviews b/c they're lovely and gorgeous


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    - idfk who the hell this band is, but they were playing in san diego when this happened
    - some couple just hopped on stage, the girl laid down and carpet munching happened
    - the couple got kicked out afterwards, people took pics
    - band kept performing

    not satisfied? uncensored here.

    ONTD: have you had public sex? would you let your partner eat your p/bussy out at a concert?

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  • 01/19/15--22:21: presented without comment

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