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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    In case you didn't know, Stephen Colbert stans for Neutral Milk Hotel. Uproxx dug up this story from the Village Voice in 2009:

    As the taping rolls and the commercial breaks interrupt, Colbert keeps his energy level up by listening to, among other things, Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Holland, 1945″ — we know this because it plays loudly, throughout the studio. Two girls in the seats in front of me start singing along and — as they start sort of swaying — Colbert spots them and starts pointing rhythmically in their direction, all the while faithfully mouthing the lyrics.

    Earlier this year, Maureen Dowd revealed the sad truth behind Colbert's attachment to the song:

    He had 10 older siblings. But after his father and the two brothers closest to him in age died in a plane crash when he was 10 and the older kids went off to college, he said, he was “pretty much left to himself, with a lot of books.”

    He said he loved the “strange, sad poetry” of a song called “Holland, 1945” by an indie band from Athens, Ga., called Neutral Milk Hotel and sent me the lyrics, which included this heartbreaking bit:

    “But now we must pick up every piece

    Of the life we used to love

    Just to keep ourselves

    At least enough to carry on…

    And here is the room where your brothers were born

    Indentions in the sheets

    Where their bodies once moved but don’t move anymore.

    Let's listen and cry.

    crying bald eagle photo cryingbaldeagle.gif


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    USA Network’s “White Collar” series finale Thursday finally answered the long-standing question of the buddy cop drama: Does Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) earn his freedom?

    Yes, he does.

    Caffrey pulled off his biggest con yet, faking his own death, unbeknownst to his fellow partner Mozzie (Willie Garson) and FBI handler-turned-friend Peter Burke (Tim DeKay).

    The final scene shows a carefree Caffrey strolling through Paris, the destination he longed to see again. Seeing Caffrey take in the cobbled streets, while “La Mer” plays, prompts a sigh of relief for the fedora-toting conman. He has lost loves, dodged danger and forged artwork all in an effort to reclaim the freedom he has chased since creator Jeff Eastin’s show debuted in 2009.



    Thoughts on the series finale, ONTD?

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    - HK film star Daniel Wu has been cast as lead in AMC's martial arts series "Badlands"
    - based on Chinese tale "Journey of the West", which follows a ruthless warrior (Wu) and a young boy who take a dangerous journey together to find enlightenment
    - Emily Beecham ("28 Weeks Later"), Sarah Bolger ("The Tudors"), Oliver Stark ("My Hero") round out the main cast
    - Beecham will play the Widow, a cunning strategist who killed to gain power. Bolger will play Jade, "a porcelain beauty who masks her ambition with fragile innocence". Stark will play the warrior's son Ryer, who cannot live up to his father's expectations

    - Wu is also serving as executive producer
    - unsure if "Badlands" will premiere in late 2015 or 2016
    - ordered straight to series with six one-hour episodes

    source: variety
    sorry i forgot to add the source! 

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    Joe Anderson's Instagram

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    Eion Bailey will initially return in 4.14 and appear in multiple episodes.

    And Ernie's been cast as Ursula's father, Poseidon.

    1, 2

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    This takes into account the entire season thus far (September 15-December 14, 2014)
    Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.02.05 PM

    • The CW aired only four nights of scripted shows; all veteran shows except for The Flash + Jane the Virgin

    • Held off on Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast + two new shows (iZombie, The Messengers) until spring

    • Fall's lowest rated shows right now (Reign, JtV, The 100) might not be lowest rated in the spring



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    They might've just co-headlined a U.S. tour and sang each other's songs in Tulsa, but Jenny Lewis and Ryan Adams are nowhere near finished enjoying each other's company. Performing together last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the duo ran through a two-song set featuring the "She's Not Me" and "Just One of the Guys" from Lewis' latest album, The Voyager.

    her album is one of my faves this year but I still miss rilo kiley


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    - Kate Winslet is in negotiations to sign on for Universal's "Jobs"
    - Michael Fassbender is playing Jobs, Seth Rogen is playing Steve Wozniak, Danny Boyle is directing
    - Jeff Daniels might be playing former Apple president John Scully
    - Aaron Sorkin penned the script

    source: variety
    mods pls ignore my last post lol, thank u! 

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    This is in response to Azealia's interview that discussed the erasure of black artists in hip hop and R&B and Iggy's subsequent rant about Azealia being a miserable creature.

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    Sources: 12345678910

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    Screencapped for when they delete.


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    - after four wonderful seasons, "The Legend of Korra" has finally come to an end
    - "The Legend of Korra" ended with a wonderful Korra and Asami couple
    - the reaction from twitter was overwhelmingly positive, with many fans stating that they did not want the avatar universe to end
    - IGN gave a pretty positive review of the finale, however said that the Kuvira defeat was somewhat underwhelming
    - no cameos from Zuko or Toph or Katara
    - mako did not die, bolin saved him

    source: ign,hollywoodlife
    what did you think of the finale, ONTD? did you cry? 

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    Kelly Clarkson hasn't released an album of all-new, non-holiday material since 2011's Stronger, but she'll have a brand-new record coming out in 2015. What will it sound like? Well, she describes it as "uplifting" and "empowering" and says that, music-wise, it's got "a little bit of everything."

    - "You're gonna be like, 'This is right on up there with John Lennon, Imagine. [I] guaran-damn-tee it!"
    - "It's not Imagine. Sarcasm!" she laughed. "But we can aim!"
    - Its uplifting and empowering but not in the same sense as her past records.
    - Really positive.
    - Nashville inspires Kelly to dabble in a lot of genres.
    At a Nashville press conference on Thursday to talk about the benefit concert she's holding on Saturday, Kelly was asked to describe the album, and at first, she decided to make a joke. "It's amazing. And you're going to love it," she cracked.
    Then, she backtracked, just in case anyone thought she was serious.

    paraphrased by me

    What albums in 2015 are you looking forward to, ONTD?

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    Check out these fan pics of Britney's mysterious, random Professional Hair Care line merchandise officially on store shelves.

    The line can be found in select European countries like the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other territories. It is reportedly being sold at some type of low budget affordable chain store called Lidl?

    No word if this line will be heading to the US anytime soon and Spears has not promoted or said a word about this line at all on any of her social media accounts.

    Here's the commercial finally in English just released on Lidl's official youtube account

    Britney does charity work, kindly tweets out itunes link to Nicki Minaj's album

    Britney Spears promoted her former touring partner's album The Pink Print continuing her streak of generosity of promoting other artists' work but not her own. Nicki's highly promoted album is reportedly on course to sell an underwhelming 150k copies in the US (her strongest market) which is a bit of a drop from her last major album release,Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which scanned 253k a mere two years ago. You'll recall Spears last tweeted and promoted Lady Gaga's jazz album Cheek to Cheek.

    Think Nicki will return the favor and promote Britney's next first single or B9? Doubt it.

    And lastly TV producer and writer tweeted out a throwback picture on the set of the underrated teen flick Crossroads.

    Shonda of course is the writer of the 2002 teen masterpiece and has since gone on to form a tv empire producing and creating very successful tv shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder.

    hair care line story source
    nicki minaj story source
    shonda rhymes story source

    video source

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