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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    You might want to watch this ASAP before it gets taken down.

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    Diane Kruger and boyfriend Joshua Jackson hold hands while arriving at the premiere of his new Showtime show The Affair on Monday (October 6) in New York City.

    The 36-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Maura Tierney, Dominic West, and Ruth Wilson.

    DailyMail | JustJared

    The Affair premieres this Sunday Oct. 12th at 10pm on Showtime.

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    The warbler that goes by the name of Adele hasn’t released an album for four years so she must be in need of a bit of cash, right? WRONG! The star is still earning up to a MASSIVE £80,000 [~$128,000] per day despite her last album 21 coming out in 2011.

    The record earned her £54million the 22 months up until December 2013 through her companies Melted Stone and Melted Stone Publishing. Adele paid herself a dividend of £5.2million in the second half of 2013 with a salary of £5.6million in the first half and £2.86million in the latest accounting period.

    And all this without really going to work for the last four years! She needn’t worry about her money running out either – her third studio album is set to be released in 2015. We're definitely in the wrong job.

    Read more at the source

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  • 10/07/14--21:02: Khloe girl......

  • Kim Kardashian's booty has some big competition!

    Khloe Kardashian proved her older sister isn't the only one in the family with some impressive assets -- stepping out in Los Angeles on Monday with her killer curves on display.

    The reality star showed off her rear end -- and incredibly tiny waist -- in a black jumpsuit, cutout stiletto sandals and her signature aviator sunglasses. Wow, right?!?

    More @ TooFab

    So.... padding or ass shots? Survey says.....

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    False Alarm.



    False Alarm (allegedly).

    UPDATE 2

    Fuck you Donna

    UPDATE 3

    God damn it Donna

    UPDATE 4

    God damn it Donna_redux

    Good night ONTD

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    i wouldve thought this one would be last


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    After watching the trailer for upcoming docu-series Euros of Hollywood, I’m 99% certain Bravo has a direct line to my heart. Andy Cohen truly knows how to treat a reality TV-loving lady. Sure, the channel has had its misfires (I still scowl whenever anyone mentions the lukewarm bowl of “meh” that was Game of Crowns), but more often than not, the shows are exactly what the doctor ordered.

    What happens when six outrageous Europeans living in Los Angeles strive to achieve their own version of the American Dream?

    You're about to find out. Bravo is thrilled to announce our new docu-series Euros of Hollywood will premiere on November 3 at 10p ET.

    Over the course of Season 1, we'll meet a pop diva known as the Madonna of Albania, a Prada-wearing Italian Renaissance man whose goal is to win an Oscar, and other ambitious European transplants who will stop at nothing to rise to the top.

    With their hearts on their sleeves and a shared bond as Europeans, they will help each other out in their pursuit of fame, fortune and family.

    source: BravoTV

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    How has nobody spelled "A-s-s-a-s-s-i-n" out loud over a hook before? On his latest lightening storm of a single, Spank Rock is dropping bars and punching air with the same abandon that gained him icon status among alt-rap's early guard: Cause I'm a Mac bitch, these n*ggas IBM, I make ghetto bass rap club and IDM, he spits over electric Baltimore bounce co-crafted by Kid Kamillion and Boys Noize. Amanda Blank dances on a pool table and crowns herself ratchet, but the Jesse Miller-Gordon-directed black & white clip betrays high-mind. Get it for free below, or download an extended mix with instrumental, acapella, and b-side single "Back Up" via iTunes.


    idek how long it's been since Amanda Blank has appeared in a music video, but I'm so stoked.

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    Original Korean Article: 'As cold as the weather' Mariah Carey's Korean concert... what changed?

    Source: TV Report via Naver
    English Translation of Comments in Original Korean Article

    1. [+7,609, -72] The absolute worst... I can't believe I actually paid money and left work early to watch such a horrific concert.

    2. [+6,214, -81] She was bad right from her first track ㅠㅠ I feel bad for anyone who paid to watch this ㅋㅋ I saw an ajumma walk out in the beginning saying, "Wow, this is so trash that I can't even listen to it.." I agreed ㅜ ㅜ

    3. [+5,889, -109] Mariah Carey... it already feels like she's a has been but she's not even professional anymore. Beyonce performed with such passion and effort in Korea.. Why can't Mariah anymore?

    4. [+4,959, -68] Probably a lack of preparation... And she's signifcantly older now too..

    5. [+4,496, -64] She performed poorly again... Please stop coming to Korea

    6. [+1,152, -10] I'm a Carey fan who just got back from the concert.. I thought she'd at least perform her most famous tracks in Korea like Hero or Without You but she didn't!! And the majority of the concert was spent on dancing and instrumental performances instead of her singing. A lot of lip syncing instead of live as well.. Overall, a disappointment.

    7. [+1,089, -35] Even Ailee's better than this

    8. [+1,016, -19] I was so excited to see her after 11 years ㅜㅜ I'm so angry and sad and upset...

    9. [+979, -10] I left the concert because I couldn't bear to listen to anything more ㅜ The concert sounds like it was intentionally trying to garner hateful comments. The audience deserves a refund ㅜ

    10. [+982, -17] Wow.. I just got out of the concert ㅠㅠ I'm such a huge fan that I was going to be satisfied with just seeing her live but she lacks so much basic things as a singer.. Her voice cracked, she forgot the lyrics to 'We Belong Together', everything had an MR, she left before her high note on 'Heartbreaker'ㅠㅠ Is this a joke? Doesn't she want to make money off her tour? I think I'm just going to be a fan of her music videos ㅠㅠ Can't believe I sat an hour in the cold for that ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


    Mariah has nothing to prove at this point. It's a shame people are using this as an excuse to ignore and dismiss her legacy. Can we turn this into a Mariah Appreciation Post?

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    Mark One Wolf was, for a time, a favored native in Dan Snyder's fight to save the "Redskins" nickname. "Native American backing team name is VIP at practice," read a Richmond Times-Dispatch headline. It was accompanied by an Associated Press photo of One Wolf in profile, as if to echo the team's logo. But that was July. Now folks on both sides of the squabble agree on one thing: One Wolf makes poor Liz Warren look like Pocahontas.

    "He is the 21st-century version of William 'Lone Star' Dietz," says Toby Vanlandingham, an anti-name activist from the Yurok Reservation in California. Dietz was the former Redskins coach whose reputed Sioux heritage inspired the team's nickname, according to the save-the-name camp, even though most evidence available today suggests he was neither Indian nor the inspiration.

    "Mark One Wolf is a fucking phony," says ReGina Zuni, an ardent pro-namer living on the Isleta Pueblo reservation in New Mexico. Zuni says she's so convinced that One Wolf's not really an Indian that she emailed the team to warn them to stay away from him, lest they get caught using another—yes, another—poseur.
    Authentic or not, One Wolf's star shone brightest during Washington's training camp in July in Richmond. He showed up at the team's workouts wearing an urban Indian ensemble and an RGIII jersey, his long black ponytail accessorized by a red bandana, a Western-looking necklace, and a cap with turkey feathers. The name controversy was overshadowing every other story, so media flocked to the Indian-looking dude in team colors.

    That's how the Times-Dispatch found him. The story discussed One Wolf's founding of Native American Redskins Fans, a group for name sympathizers, and how he'd been a special guest at RGIII's mom's birthday party because he stood out.

    While in Richmond, One Wolf gave his pro-name spiel to anybody with a media credential. "It's never been an issue for me or my family," One Wolf said as a camera rolled. "The Redskins name, it's always been a term that we felt was a unifying term."

    That soundbite landed him a featured role in the video titled " Redskins Is a Powerful Name," released by Redskins Facts, a new group that lobbied for support for the name. The team initially attempted to disguise Redskins Facts as a grassroots deal, but the operation was quickly unmasked as the work of PR powerhouse Burson-Marsteller.

    He enjoyed that first stint in the spotlight so much he kept going for more. In late August, One Wolf used his position with the native fans group to call for all Indians to boycott the Washington Post because of the paper's coverage of the name debate. In his plea for subscribers to cancel and surfers to avoid the paper's website, he said:

    I see first hand your handling of the Redskins name debate and this leads me to wonder how many other stories over the years have been skewed with bias? What other half truths have you told? Today it is about the Redskins and being that I'm part of the group of human beings that do not matter to your ratings, I have no confidence that this bias doesn't find it's way into other stories of the day. Therefore I see no further point to read your publication
    The Snyder-owned fan board trumpeted One Wolf's pitch for a Post boycott.

    One Wolf quite literally became the face of the save-the-name movement: One supporter was so happy to have a real live Indian on her side that she made a poster in burgundy and gold with his profile replacing the helmet logo.

    "I never asked for that," the guy known as One Wolf now says when asked about the notoriety he's gained from taking the team's side in the name brouhaha. "I just showed up to camp. But it was a privilege and an honor to be in that position."

    Even before he was fêted by Snyder, lots of Native Americans also involved in the name squabble were on One Wolf's trail. And this bunch has no problem believing what he said in Snyder's propaganda film, the part about how the team's name was never a big deal for him or his family.

    "We can't find anything about him that's native, and we've had a lot of people look into this," says Jacqueline Keeler, an Oregon writer and anti-native mascot activist. (Keeler helped assemble the native panel that appeared in the recent name-tackling episode of The Daily Show.)

    It didn't take long for those looking at One Wolf, who has been dubbed "One Puppy" by the anti-name faction, to find he has serious name issues of his own. For all his talk about not wanting the team to change its name, it turns out the guy going by One Wolf sure likes changing his.

    Public records show he was born Mark E. Yancey in 1973 in Washington D.C. He calls himself Mark Suzuki on online résumés. He's passed himself off as Mark Yan here and there and used that handle in comment sections wherever the name was being debated. He had a MySpace page using Kram Yecnay. The Redskins Facts organization ID'd him as Mark One Wolf, while he often contracts the surname by one character to OneWolf. And he touted the team's name on Facebook pages, including the Redskins Facts site, as "Mark Yazzie." At least two of his Facebook pages— "Mark Yazzie" and "Mark OneWolf"— have been terminated for using pseudonyms. Of late, he has been going by Dalaa Ba'Cho.

    His alleged tribal affiliations appear to be extremely malleable, too. Yancey watchers say that earlier this year One Wolf was calling himself a Cherokee while backing Snyder's naming rights on the message boards at, a clearinghouse for Native issues. "He changed that when I called him out on it," says Vanlandingham. On that same site, Yancey/One Wolf now ID's himself as DaLaa Ba'Cho and lists his affiliation as "Chiricahua Apache/Mexica." North Carolina court records from 2007 (dug up by my colleague Diana Moskovitz) list him as "Native American/Alaskan." His recent use of "Mark Yazzie" as his internet handle suggested to those familiar with native ways that he was trying to pass as Navajo. Turns out "Yazzie" is the "Smith" or "Jones" of that tribe; 18 of the approximately 300 Navajo Code Talkers recognized by Congress in 2011—including William Yazzie, a member of the original 29 Code Talkers and a Congressional Gold Medal recipient—had that surname. (The Redskins trotted out a quartet of Navajo Code Talkers in team gear during a Monday Night Football broadcast in November 2013 while the name debate was at a slower boil.)

    "When he was calling himself 'Mark Yazzie,' and saying he's Apache, that showed he doesn't do his research very well," says Keeler, who adds that she is enrolled in the Navajo tribe. "If you're going to fake it, make it believable."

    And "Mexica"?

    "'Mexica' is not a tribe," says Ray Ramirez of the Native American Rights Fund, a Colorado group that began fighting against Indian-themed team mascots soon after its 1970 founding. "It's a word that's used to refer to mixed breeds between Spanish and Indian blood. You see that word used when people don't have a tribe." (Ramirez's organization sent Yancey's Native American Redskins Fans a cease-and-desist letter for using the acronym they'd established and thereby causing confusion in the marketplace. Yancey had to watch another Facebook page go away. His clique returned to Facebook as Native American Redskins Nation.)

    ugene Herrod of the Southern California Indian Center (SCIC), who admits he has been monitoring Yancey's pro-name campaigning since last year, says there are two criteria generally used to identify natives: enrollment in a federally recognized tribe or "some sort of cultural relevance, such as being brought up in a native environment such as a reservation."

    So his claim of being Chiricahua Apache wouldn't fly with the SCIC, either. The greatest and most mythologized Indian warrior of them all, Geronimo, also identified himself as a Chiricahua Apache. But the U.S. government, which captured Geronimo in the late 19th century on the way to committing genocide against his people, no longer recognizes such a tribe. There is now only a website at for a 501(c)(3) organization that offers membership to folks who fill out a form and pay $5 membership fee.

    Herrod says that he's traced the Yancey family back a few generations and finds lots of African-American blood and some Asian, but no native blood and no branch on the family tree that ever got anywhere near any Indian reservation. Yancey's parents are both listed as alumni of Spingarn High School in Washington D.C., located right across Benning Road NE from the local NFL team's former home, RFK Stadium.

    "For all that he says he is, there is not one single tribe that claims him," Herrod says. "Nobody knows who he is. Everything we've found about him and his parents indicates that they identify as African American. As far as I can tell, I think he's read a lot about Indians, but that doesn't make him an Indian."

    Zuni is among those who find Yancey's sidling up to the Chiricahua Apache very suspect.

    "So now he's claiming to belong not to a tribe, but a 503(c) corporation?" Zuni says. "He's claiming a fucking non-profit? He's making a mockery of us all. How dare he? How fucking dare he?"

    If Yancey is, as alleged, indeed a fraud, he wouldn't be the first non-native to get propped up by the team in the mascot fight.

    "There's always another one," says Keeler, adding that her parents both protested against Chief Wahoo, the anachronistic and overwhelmingly reviled native caricature somehow still employed by the Cleveland Indians.

    In the early days of the name squabble, Washington's former owner, Jack Kent Cooke, would invite the performer known as Princess Pale Moon to sing the national anthem on nationally televised broadcasts.

    She variously claimed Choctaw, Ojibwa, Blackfoot, and Cherokee affiliations. Her tribal ties were always suspect. But she was head of a Falls Church, Va.-based group called the American Indian Heritage Foundation. That 501(c)(3) group gets credit for lobbying the White House in 1990 to initiate American Indian Heritage Month each November. Her façade was ripped away when she was booted out of the U.S. exhibit at the 1992 World's Fair in Spain because her Indian heritage had been declared bogus. The Associated Press account reported that she wasn't registered with any tribe recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the story had the head of the National Congress of American Indians railing that the Princess couldn't "verify that she's descended from any tribe she claims." He continued, "She could just as well claim to be Queen of England."

    One of the best and funniest phonies was Chief Stephen Dodson, who appeared on a Snyder-funded infomercial called Redskins Nation back in May 2013 to vouch for all the love the name "Redskins" gets from those on the reservation. At the time, Snyder's main line of offense was promoting the crap out of every high school with a measurable native population that used the same nickname as his team. Dodson was identified on the program as "a full-blooded American Inuit chief originally from the Aleutian Tribes of Alaska." Turns out he wasn't full-blooded anything and had no traceable amount of Inuit or Aleutian in his background. Besides, the Inuit and Aleut don't have reservations in Alaska.

    rest of the article @ source

    of course i decided to check reddit and see what they think and i found the most delusional and embarrassing comment

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    Idris Elba is lookin’ totally buff, sweaty, and hot while going shirtless at the gym to show off his workout for Bastille Day in this new video posted to Instagram.

    “Training for my next Film. Bastille Day. Grinding.” the 42-year-old actor captioned the video, which showed him doing a tough sort of sit-up with a rolling device on the ground.

    Bastille Day, which co-stars Richard Madden, is about a young artist and former CIA agent who embark on an anti-terrorist mission in France, and is set to debut in 2016.

    We hope Idris posts more videos of his buff body in action!

    just jared

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    Chevy Chase is more than just a comedic actor, he’s a misery wizard whose brand of scathing and caustic quips and actions have become the stuff of legend. Once considered to be a personality on the cusp of greatness — on TV and in film — Chase has essentially blackballed himself from the spotlight through continually setting fire to every relationship he has come across in the world of entertainment.

    For those who wish to learn a thing or two from the master of self-destructive social skills, please allow Professor Chevy Chase to be your guide to the unemployment line with this blueprint for becoming the most hated person in your workplace.

    1.) Alienate Your Peers

    You may look at this step and immediately think that a properly executed, off-color hazing will do the trick. The lady a few cubicles down from you, for instance, may have a steady routine of going to the bathroom more often than your other co-workers. Eschewing the fact that she has IBS and is embarrassed about her frequent trips to the crapper, you might create a cardboard timeline of every time she drops a load, complete with fecal shaped embellishments, and pictures to provide evidence. Now, place that piece of brilliance in the break room and relish in her red-faced shame. Not bad, friend, but you can do better.

    Chase 101 suggests that you go for the “long-con” approach, not just a “one off.” Let these instances of f*ckery accumulate and intensify with each event of a**holishness.

    Some jerk named Bill Murray takes over your position in the company after you quit solely for the intentions of getting laid? Fist fight him. A nice lady named Jane Curtin thinks she can fill your gigantic shoes in your former news assignment? Remind her she’s a woman— A WOMAN! — and that her gender has no place making others laugh. Oh, since we’re talking about women, don’t forget to insinuate that all they’re good for is hand reliefs when you visit your former workplace a few years later.

    Finally, you’d be remiss to not skewer the gay guy in your office; he’s an easy target, so just let a few homophobic comments fly in his direction and try to avoid slipping in a puddle of tears when he’s sobbing in the breakroom.

    2.) Physically Assault Your Co-workers

    Sometimes, sticks and stones are much more effective than verbal barbs, so make sure to allow your hands to become callused, dry and unpleasant to the touch just in case you have to throttle, poke or judo chop one of your co-workers in the event they say something you don’t appreciate or if you just generally don’t like their face.

    Professor Chase illustrated this perfectly in 1997, when he hosted an episode of SNL, an episode that would lead to his ban from the sketch comedy mainstay. Why did he get kicked off the show? Because no one can take a joke!

    The joke, in this case, was Chevy slapping Cheri Oteri in the back of the head, which seems as effective a punchline as any. One caveat to this step is to not let Will Ferrell see you slap said co-worker, as that leads to excommunication. If you’re not in the game, how are you supposed to provide everyone with your particular brand of misery?

    Also, be sure to b*tch slap the new guy in the office for, you know, fun.

    Rest at source.

    I knew he was "difficult" to work with but not like this, omfg...

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    s JBAs UD
    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will launch in Europe (Australia as well) on 5th December, Nintendo has announced.

    North America will get the game almost two weeks earlier, meanwhile - on 21st November.

    The first wave of Amiibo, the company's new Skylanders-style toy range, will arrive here a week earlier on 28th November. 12 figurines will be initially available: Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Fox, Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, Pikachu, Kirby and Marth.

    A second wave of Amiibo will follow shortly after - on 19th December. Included in this latter line-up will be six more characters: Zelda, Diddy Kong, Luigi, Little Mac, Pit and Captain Falcon.

    Nintendo has also revealed a couple of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U bundles - one which will feature a copy of the game and a Mario Amiibo toy, and another which will include the game and a new Wii U GameCube controller adaptor.

    The GameCube pad, a favourite of hardcore Smash Bros. fans, will be compatible with the game via Nintendo's new adaptor. You will be able to buy the controller adaptor separately and pick up a new Smash Bros-branded GameCube pad - all from 5th December.

    Nintendo's new Amiibo range uses NFC technology to let you train up your figurines for use within Smash Bros. They'll also be compatible with a number of upcoming games (Yoshi's Woolly World, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10) and will at some point become compatible with the already-released Mario Kart 7.

    An adaptor to make them compatible with the 3DS (and specifically the new 3DS version of Smash Bros.) will be released next year. Alternatively, the upcoming New 3DS and New 3DS XL models will include NFC compatibility built in.

    Speaking of the 3DS version of Smash Bros., Nintendo has now revealed that the handheld version has quickly sold an impressive 2.8m copies worldwide. The game has been out in Japan for around a month, but only launched last weekend in Europe, North America and Australia.

    Source: eurogamer
    Smash is so fun im tryna break my c stick so i can get a refund and get the New 3ds

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    Wes won reward sending his dad, Keith, to Exile Island along with his own tribemate, Josh.

    The Hunahpu (blue) tribe won immunity for the third week in a row, sending Coyopa (orange) to Tribal Council.

    John Rocker was voted out 5-2 over Baylor. Good riddance.

    Source: TV/CBS

    Please use the LJ spoiler tags if you are going to discuss any future episode spoilers. People have requested that we please keep comment threads marked with spoilers so those who want to actively avoid spoilers can participate in discussion as well~

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  • 10/08/14--18:22: Arrow 3x02 promo
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    Freak Show, the fourth iteration of FX’s American Horror Story anthology series, starts off sluggishly, behaving as if it didn’t get a suitable respite between seasons. It shows up to work Wednesday night staggering around without caffeine, half-heartedly plopping its tale this time in the worn-out milieu of the carnival sideshow. They’re all here: the bearded lady; the “Siamese” twins; the Lobster Boy with his strange hands.

    Even the show’s once-eager repertory players go through the motions as if they’re punching a time clock (whether using hands or stumps), chief among them Jessica Lange, who won Emmys for seasons 1 and 3.

    Lange, who has already indicated that this will be her last go-around with American Horror Story, is cast this time as Elsa Mars, the cruel-spirited German proprietress of a circus-tent freak show that has more or less permanently settled on a patch of swampy land outside Jupiter, Florida in 1952. All Lange has left to offer, it seems, is a Marlene Dietrich impression.

    Last season — which became a point of parting between devoted and former American Horror Story fans — was about a coven of witches in modern-day New Orleans. A lighthearted feminist commentary seemed to run parallel to that chapter, as when one young witch caused a bus full of predatory fraternity members to crash, killing them all; which led another witch to go to the morgue to sew various frat-boy body parts back together in order to resurrect the boy she liked most (Evan Peters).

    So now here we are, in Florida (itself a kind of American horror story), where Sarah Paulson, who always seems to draw the short end of the stick in these melodramas, plays conjoined twins Bette and Dot.

    After the twins are suspected in the murder of their mother, Fraulein Elsa moves in and offers them refuge as the stars of her financially troubled freak show. And because this is American Horror Story, she immediately asks Bette and Dot about their shared genitalia and sexual desires. (It should be noted that the show has always been drawn to sexual violence and prurience, often to a perverted degree; it’s difficult to warn viewers of a crossed line when so many fans seem to watch the show in hopes of it.)

    Peters also returns this season as the temperamental but possibly redeemable Jimmy Darling, the Lobster Boy, and he seems to be doing a riff on Johnny Depp’s titular role in John Waters’ Cry-Baby. Bates takes on the role of his mother, Ethel Darling, the Bearded Lady, by mostly over-exaggerating the Maryland o’s in the hirsute woman’s mid-Atlantic dialect. Both roles demonstrate that joining the American Horror Story company is more or less a crapshoot. Peters got a challenging role last season as the Frankenstein monster of the fraternity carnage; Bates got a part that allowed her to run away with several episodes of Coven.

    To combat the creep of boredom, Freak Show has thoughtfully included a wandering, murderous clown guaranteed to give anyone a raging case of coulrophobia. He’s dirty and terrifying, straight out of the John Wayne Gacy paintings. He murders a couple and kidnaps their sleeping son; he approaches teenage lovers necking on a picnic blanket, murders the boy and kidnaps the girl.

    Then, in the second episode, a delusional, wealthy mother (Conroy) hires this nightmare clown to entertain her spoiled-rotten son (Finn Wittrock) and, once more, American Horror Story reminds us that its true talents are mostly visual and suggestive. Good luck getting that clown out of your head as you turn in for the night.

    American Horror Story: Freak Show debuts Wednesday at 7/10 p.m. on FX

    Read the whole article @ the SOURCE

    ~~~VIEWING POST~~~

    STREAM IT HERE (I'll add more if anyone posts them)

    Thanks fenchurchly

    Thanks..... lord lol

    Edit: THANKS peggybundy


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    Everyone knows if you’re going to pull a sickie to go out, a social media blackout is the only way forward.

    Except Sam Smith, it seems.

    After a show in Nashville last night, the 22-year-old singer told fans he was ‘not feeling 100%’ and needed to head to bed instead of coming out to meet fans.

    With a hectic touring schedule well underway, nobody would begrudge the star a bit of shut-eye to recover. But it seems Sam *might* have been bending the truth somewhat.

    A few hours after his message to fans, he boasted of having the ‘best night ever’ and posted a picture from a karaoke bar. Hmm.


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    Actor Tom Welling has landed a lead role in an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novel, “The Choice”. Directed by Ross Katz, the film follows neighbors in a small coastal North Carolina town who end up pursuing a relationship neither expected.

    Welling is set to portray Kevin McCarthy, a doctor at his father’s practice. His girlfriend Gabby is played by Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker portrays her neighbor turned more Travis Parker. Tom Wilkinson is also among the cast. “The Choice” is the first independent venture for Nicholas Sparks.

    Best known for the role of young Clark Kent on “Smallville”, Welling has since been seen in drama “Parkland” alongside Zac Efron and football flick “Draft Day”.

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