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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    It looks as though Spider-Man is about to undergo one heck of a cinematic transformation. Yesterday, it was suggested that he will join Marvel’s Cinematic Universe by becoming one of The Avengers, while it’s now been rumored that he will actually stay solely at Sony, and the studio is planning on recasting Andrew Garfield in the role.

    While Sony’s plan to share Spider-Man with Marvel in order to boost their own franchises hasn’t been completely dismissed, BadAss Digest have now reported that it’s actually just one of three options currently being considered, with the other being that Sony might put Spider-Man on the shelf for around half a decade.

    Read more at Inquisitr

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    Full articles with the women talking about the charities they support @ thesource

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    Juliet Rylance
    (Excerpt from the complete interview.)

    And speaking of amazing collaborations, your new Cinemax series THE KNICK, combines a group of some pretty inspiring players. What was the first time all the talent was assembled? Could you feel something palpable?

    Steven invited us all to a meal at the Dutch in Soho. It felt pretty great to be in that room, amongst such talent. It was a great dinner, lots of laughter, and the anticipation for the journey we were about to embark upon was indeed palpable.

    What do you personally find amazing about the show?

    How accurately the writers, Steven and the creative team have portrayed the period without feeling in any way like a "period drama". It's not only that history is brought to life so truthfully (it's as if you've stepped through a veil into the past of New York) it's that Steven manages to juggle all the many story lines so equally without favoring any one character so that you become interested equally in all of them, and in the rich tapestry of their world.

    I can’t wait to watch your character grow. She is so admirable with a quiet yet very powerful stance. Is she based on a real woman? What kind of research did you engage in to learn about this time for women in general and in the world of medicine?

    I read a lot...Luc Santé’s Low Life of the Slums is a brilliant read - a vivid and shocking portrayal of what life was like in 1900’s New York. Most importantly for me are a number of books about pioneering women in the medical field during the turn of the century. To my knowledge Cornelia is not directly based on any one woman, although definitely inspired by a few. Physician and public health advocate Sara Josephine Baker became a medical inspector for the New York Health Department around 1901, and was eventually appointed as the Head of the Department - a huge achievement for a woman of that period. Among many accomplishments she helped discover the identity of Mary Mallon (the infamous Typhoid Mary), which saved thousands of lives. I definitely see some of her fight in Cornelia. Elizabeth Brackwell was the first woman in the states to receive a medical degree in 1870. In 1895 she published a book called Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women. It sold less than 500 copies but I like to think that Cornelia secretly got her hands on one and read it cover to cover.

    This is your first venture into series television. The production looks and feels so filmic - is the work much different then that of your previous endeavors?

    Steven made the economical decision to shoot the series as if we were making a ten-hour film so in that sense it felt much closer to film than the episodic nature of most television series. But I’ve never done anything on this scale before which was exhilarating and a tad terrifying at moments. Holding such large character arc’s in our heads for five months, hoping that a scene shot in September and another in January would feel seamless playing out side by side in one episode was a constant worry. Luckily for us Steven knew what he was that helped; )

    Let’s finish with a few fashion questions. What is your fantasy purchase for the upcoming fall season? What item of clothing would you like to have kept from this Contentmode shoot? And if “Cornelia Robertson” your character on THE KNICK , were alive today, what and who would she wear to work? (I imagine no uniform in this day and age.)

    Dream purchase this fall would be one of Saint Laurent's leather jackets. If Cornelia were alive in today’s world...I think she would wear a Stella McCartney pant suit to work and if she was going out it would probably be McQueen...but you might have to check with the brilliant Ellen Mirojnick who designed Cornelia’s wardrobe to see if I got close on that one ; )

    Per a source we can't post from, Michael Nathanson aka Dr. Levi Zinberg has been upped to regular for Season 2. He next appears in the finale.

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    Chris Evans (Gone Baby Gone)— “I don’t get starstruck. I’m fine. Especially Ben [Affleck]—he’s a Boston guy; I should be fine. I walked in, and I’m walking down the halls looking for this room, and as I passed a room I heard, ‘There he is.’ In my head I was like, ‘That’s Ben.’ I turned around and it was, and for some reason I instantly was nervous. I went in and shook his hand, and the first thing I said was ‘Hey, how ya doing? Am I gonna be okay where I parked?’ And he said, ‘Where’d you park?’ And I said, ‘At one of the meters.’ And he said, ‘Did you put money in it?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he said, ‘I think you’ll be all right.’ From that moment, I just wanted to get the f—k out of the room. I just wanted to be anywhere but there. I sat down with my heart beating out
    of my chest. I was so mortified that I started this meeting off that way. I started giving him one-word answers. They put me in a rocking chair, so I’m just rocking and twisting, just nervous. ‘So, what was your last movie like?’ ‘Good.’ ‘What was it like to work with Danny Boyle?’ ‘Good.’ I just wanted to get out of there. It was horrible, a complete disaster. So, obviously, I did not get that job.”

    Blake Lively (Mrs. Doubfire)— “Mrs. Doubtfire was around when I was five. They couldn’t find anyone for it, and I was always in on these auditions because my mom manages and coaches these kids. One day they said, ‘Oh, could we see you?’ Because I was just tagging along with my mom. So I went in, and I read for it and I got to the final two between me and [Mara Wilson]. So it was between the two of us, and my mom didn’t want me to get nervous. I didn’t care. I was five. We were going to Disneyland after the opening of Toon Town. That’s all I cared about. And the night before, my dad was really stupid. He took me to see a Robin Williams movie, and I was reading with him. So she didn’t want me to freak out at five, get star-struck or whatever. So she’s like, ‘OK, Blake, this isn’t Robin Williams. This is his twin brother. Robin Williams is in Europe right now, so you’re going to meet his
    twin brother.’ So I go in there and I’m sitting there and they’re like, ‘OK, this is Robin.’ And I said, ‘You’re not his twin?’ And then I walked out of the room and she said, ‘So how’d it go?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, he had morning breath.’ That’s how we left it. It was horrible.”

    Daniel Radcliffe (Unknown movie)— I was in an audition and I was, not exactly bitching about somebody, but I was gossiping about somebody, and someone came into the room as I was halfway through the story and I was like, I can’t pull out now, I can’t just stop telling the story that would be a coward’s way out, so I took a chance and I was continuing telling it. I got to the end and I was looking at him [the guy who walked in], and I was like, ‘The person I’m talking about is a very good friend of yours, isn’t he?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’ And then I had to do an audition with him.”

    January Jones (Coyote Ugly)— “One of the worst moments in my entire life. It was an audition for Coyote Ugly, my second audition ever. I’d done the reading for the acting part and then Jerry Bruckheimer wanted me to come in and dance … on top of the table … They said, ‘You’re going to dance to Prince’s ‘Kiss.’ You’re going to pole dance, but there is no pole.’

    Read the rest at the source.

    Lol, Daniel is the new Gossip Girl
    Do you have any failed audition story ONTD?

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    October 8 - At The NBA Game In Berlin (San Antonio Spurs v Alba Berlin)

    Some of you may remember that Gaga was Bo's maid of honour at her wedding last year.

    October 8 - Arriving At Her Hotel In Berlin


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    also on the twitter said to be hers

    Amanda Bynes -- I Wasn't Shoplifting ... I Just Didn't Have My Purse

    Amanda Bynes would have gladly paid Barneys for the hat she wanted to buy ... problem was, she left her purse in the car and her driver was nowhere to be found ... so says Bynes.

    Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Bynes told security at Barneys NYC she found a hat she liked Wednesday afternoon and fully intended to buy it. Problem was ... her purse and her wallet were inside the car, so she walked out to find her driver.

    Amanda didn't get much past the front door, because the hat had a security tag which triggered the sensor when she walked out. And that's when security nabbed her.

    Amanda also says she wasn't thinking clearly because a woman inside the store was harassing her and trying to take pics.

    Security let her go. And we don't know if she ended up buying the hat.


    someone help ha good lord...

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    Long before the Baz Luhrmann-directed The Great Gatsby hit theaters last year (or the 2000 version, with Paul Rudd and Mira Sorvino, hit TV screens), a somewhat dull silver screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic Jazz Age novel, starring Robert Redford, Sam Waterston and Mia Farrow, was released in 1974. Farrow wound up on the very first issue of People at that time in full Daisy Buchanan drag. Now, “Shake It Off” songbird Taylor Swift has recreated that same look for the cover of the publication’s special 40th anniversary issue.

    The accompanying interview is a bunch of ho-hum nonsense about Taylor not wanting a boyfriend right now (“I made the decision to spend time on my own and figure out who I am,” she declares, to the fascination of us all). So if you want to read snippets of that, then go here — or just pick up the mag and check out the full thing at the newsstand.


    Will Taylor sell the Billboard-predicted 750K albums her first week, ONTD???

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    We Barely Recognize Her


    Ariana Grande, 21, has been experimenting with her look lately. She has boldly tried dramatic eye makeup and braided hair, and now she just debuted a dramatic middle part! Ari is straying from her typical half-up half-down pony — and we love it!

    Ariana stepped out in London, England, sporting a fabulous ensemble from head to toe. The pop star strutted her stuff wearing a lacy black bra under a black fur coat. She paired her racy look with high-waisted pants!

    To complete the dramatic look, Ari straightened her long locks and opted for a middle part. She looked very chic and polished, which seems to fit right into the London scene! In pics snapped of the singer across the pond (see them above), she was spotted mingling with her fans — so sweet.

    We’re totally proud of Ariana for switching up her beauty look! We know she’s been brought to tears when haters have made fun of her hair before, so it takes major guts for her to stray from her usual style. We love her signature style AND new look!

    We have come to recognize her with her hair slicked back, so we definitely did a double take at this look. Upon further investigation, however, we must admit her hair looks pretty darn great down.

    So go on, Ariana. Let your hair down. We're ready for it.


    Which hairstyle are you rocking atm ontd?

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    Nickelodeon fans who had been looking forward to 'A Nite of Nickelodeon Nostalgic Nonsense' at NYCC probably should have seen this coming. Author Mathew Klickstein has announced the event has been canceled. The news comes after he gave a racistquestionable interview about Nickelodeon being diverse to promote his book "Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age".

    Slimed Canceled

    Official statement from ReedPOP:

    "Due to unforeseen circumstances, ReedPOP has cancelled Thursday’s New York Super Week SLIMED! Presents a Nite of Nickelodeon Nostalgic Nonsense! event and panel at Hammerstein Ballroom. All ticket sales will be refunded to fans. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience."

    Trevor Eyster (Sponge from Salute Your Shorts): I feel the need to make a public statement about the sudden, jarring cancellation of the Nickelodeon Nostalgia Nite event, that was to take place at New York Comic-Con, organized and to be hosted by Slimed! Author Matthew Klickstein. While we are all understandably upset, for a myriad of completely valid reasons (paid travel, unmet promises, inconvenience) -- I'm upset about something very different.

    A BLIND SPOT: something really significant that's being missed by the large majority of those commenting on the various threads today, after the announcement to of the cancellation.

    Corporate Censorship

    Here is what I know: Matt Klickstein did an interview that went live a couple days ago. When finally assembled and published to the web, it took a tone, that in retrospect I would imagine he regrets. That final tone, is largely curated by the interviewer. While Matt can certainly control what he says — anyone who's ever been really pissed off by a text message, knows there is a huge loss of translation that can occur when words become nothing but 2-dimensional text.

    The decision to cancel the event was made by Comic-Con. And while they haven't released a statement, it would sure seem like this is a case of a corporate entity not wanting to be attached to the opinions of another that would seem controversial, or unclarified.

    But instead of being upset at the big boys at Comic-Con for their selfish interests in making it more important to unnecessarily protect their name and image -- we're demonizing (and viciously attacking) a good man.

    Now, while I wish Matt's announcement of the cancellation would have included an apology for the huge inconvenience and at least a skeleton explanation - I've read and continue to read the comment threads, and I am SICK of seeing my friend absolutely attacked and vilified by Nick fans.

    Matt, is frankly, one of the victims here. He is a victim of corporate interest and censorship.

    Also, I'd like to point out that Matt's a little new to the big-publicity block. I think he got a little naive and a little arrogant. It happens to the best of us when we suddenly come into any modicum of notoriety. The fact that people care so much about what he said, is a testament in itself to his relevance. It is not, however, intended to be anyone's view - but his own. When did he ever represent to anyone that his own thoughts were intended to be anything more than that?

    And what's the point of interviewing somebody if we don't really want to hear what they have to say? Don't we want the real scoop?

    While I may not always share his views - I applaud Matt for being brave enough to push envelopes and start conversations - by being authentic and speaking his truths. (Have his views actually even been fairly represented in the article? It's a rhetorical question, I just don't know the answer. I'm hoping Matt will soon clarify his views.)

    I am standing by my friend, because that's what friends do. I am asking all of you to deepen your understanding of the TRUE narrative here. And the true narrative is: Nickelodeon once represented the spirit of the anti-corporate. Now, while Nickelodeon didn't curate, sponsor or endorse this event --- all of the interested parties, are fans of its 90's "products". In order to hold an event of this size, logistically, there was a need for a Comicon. Comicon yanked its support at the last minute, and that's who you need to be upset with.

    You can be upset with Matt for a badly worded interview all you want - but it's not only unproductive, it's misdirected.

    You oughta be PISSED OFF at the corporate heads of Comic-Con for pulling the plug from an old-paradigm fear-based profit-motive mentality.

    I implore you to give a little more respect to a guy that's gotta be beside himself right now - who was perhaps a bit naive and blindsided by how quickly a corporate entity can shut down a party.

    If I see one more person tell my friend Matt to F-OFF... or suggest that he's an aspiring rapist... I just, it makes me so sad.

    Friends, your words matter. Rise up, be smart, support free speech, not corporate reactivism.

    Matt, I love you my brother from another mother. Call me. Let's go take a hike in the forest again, where no tree will censor us, where no one will jump to remarkably unbalanced conclusions without all the information, or usurp big-brother control. We're overdue.

    Michael Ray Bower (Donkey Lips from Salute Your Shorts): "i apoligize new york fans as i will not be heading to NY since event was cancelled -- i hope to meet all you awesome fans soon again somewhere --love michael ray bower. maybe a 25 years later salute your shorts reunion next year at comic con ill talk to the big wigs and see if we can make that a reality -- but i wont do any diversity issues or give my political views nowhere before -- sad this whole PR Nightmare so many people hurt."

    A new event, "You CAN Do That On Television" has been scrounged up at the last minute. Fans in the area can still see Polaris perform tomorrow in Brooklyn and hang with Phil Moore, The Beets and Klickstein at the Treehouse Theater.

    You Can Do That On Television

    Follow up to this post.
    No apology to the fans or remorse at all.

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    Chapter 2: "Massacres and Matinees" - A citywide curfew threatens to shut down the Freak Show. A strongman from Ethel's troubled past arrives at camp. Gloria arranges a terrifying play date for Dandy. The Tattler Twins reveal a talent that could knock Elsa from the spotlight.


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    They put on a glamorous show at the Showtime premiere of The Affair on Monday night.

    Wearing a black silver sequinned dress, Diane Kruger, 38, turned heads while her partner Joshua Jackson, 36, looked equally fashionable in a shiny grey suit and designer stubble.

    But after the premiere, the couple made a somewhat inelegant departure as they both squeezed into the front seat of their car.

    Sitting on Joshua's lap, Diane slipped onto his lap while simultaneously trying not to rip the sheer hem of her Michael Van Der Ham SS15 dress with the heels of her pink and black stilettos.

    It seems the actors were leaving with designer Jason Wu and there may not have been enough room for them both in the car.


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    Fans remember Teresa’s table flipping scene in Season 1. The women aren’t talking, but Danielle says, “I don’t believe in kicking someone when they’re down — even if they kicked me.”

    Danielle was on Access Hollywood on Wednesday with a message of hope to Teresa, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud.

    “I wanted to be here with a message from my daughters and myself.” Danielle told Access Hollywood. “Your kids are really all that’s important right now. Don’t worry about what everybody else is thinking, don’t worry about social media, don’t worry about the press … Just live your life and know whatever is behind you is done and you only have the future ahead. This is not a lot of time that you’ll be away from them, but it’s going to be painful.”

    Then the former RHONJ star had a message from her daughter to Teresa’s daughter: “My message for Gia from my daughter Christine … she said, ‘You know, I can relate to what she has in front of her. She’s the oldest and she’s going to be responsible for so much more, but just tell her that, you got this Gia and you’re strong and your mom will be back soon enough. And all of you just remember you’re a family. Nobody can break that,’” Danielle said.

    Bravo Rushing RHONJ Back Into Production!

    Bravo is determined to exploit the drama of Teresa and Joe Giudice being sentenced to prison by ramping up production of the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey early, a source exclusively told

    In fact, “Bravo is set to begin filming in approximately three weeks,” the source said. “The producers want to make sure they capture all of the footage with Teresa and her family that they can before Teresa heads off to prison.”And the network also wants all the other ladies back as well!

    “They’ve already made offers to all the housewives to come back asap,” the source noted. “While Teresa is a given, as Bravo wants to film her as long as they can, execs also want all the housewives to get explosively emotional about the Giudice prison time on camera.”

    According to the source, “The network was set to film the girls immediately following the sentencing, as Bravo wanted to get their reactions, however, once the judge announced that Teresa would not have to report to prison until January 5th, Bravo execs changed their tune,” the source claimed. Rather than simply get Giudice daughters’ reactions and waste time while Teresa spends time with her family, Bravo wants to capitalize on the last few months they have left.

    Aviva Drescher’s Dad Says Bravo Made A Big Mistake When They Fired Her!

    Aviva Drescher’s father, George Teichner, feels Bravo made a bad decision when they axed her from the series after just two seasons. Although news of Drescher’s firing has yet to be confirmed by Bravo, Teichner spoke out in a new interview, slamming the network for dumping their star player.

    “They should have never let Aviva go,” Teichner told Radar Online on Oct. 7. “The ratings were at 2 million, then down to 1.3 million. And the only reason the ratings went up recently is because Aviva threw her leg.”

    Teichner continued on, accusing Carole Radziwill of being involved in Drescher’s firing. “The reason Aviva is gone is because of Carole Radziwill’s love affair with Andy Cohen,” he alleged. “He’s doing nothing but making big mistakes. Obviously, Andy Cohen doesn’t know what he’s doing or he’s just played out. He just doesn’t have any balls.”

    Cynthia and Kenya Have Girls Night Out In ATL!

    Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey made it out to the opening night of Amaluna by Cirque du Soleil over the weekend—and each of the Housewives looked chic when they hit the red carpet for the event, which went down at the Atlantic Station on Friday.

    Kenya opted to walk the carpet in a hot pink dress designed by Lisa Cloud, paired with leopard-print heels. While Cynthia looked more boho-chic in her tan, floppy hat and black dress, which she paired with trendy Doc Marten boots.

    They weren't the only A-listers in attendance. Chloe Grace Moretz, former Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr; The Vampire Diaries actor Steven R. McQueen; The Originals actors Danielle Campbell, Charles Michael Davis and Nathaniel Buzolic; IronE Singleton from The Walking Dead, The Red Band Society actor Griffin Gluck were among the folks who showed up for the event.

    Full Stories At: RadarOnline, BravoTV, Inquisitr, RumorFix

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    1:30 and on are the better versions of the trailer

    Click to see Alexandra be cocky:

    My favorite song of Aaliyah's "I can be."

    Source: Youtube:

    This movie looks like a girls rise to fame as an R and B star who happened to be heavily influenced by a watered down Aaliyah. Alexandra Shipp plays her with a cocky confidence. That was NEVER Babygirl. Of course there is an R Kelly kiss...SMH

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    Gwyneth Paltrow's Los Angeles neighborhood is home to some unwelcoming artwork.

    Posters plastered on telephone poles and utility boxes mock the Oscar-winning actress's support for President Obama ahead of his visit to her home for a Democratic fundraiser on Thursday.

    While the posters are up near Paltrow's home, they reportedly aren't the work of disgruntled neighbors, Curbed reports. Rather, they were created by a self-described artist who posts his right-wing views on his Twitter feed.

    The fundraiser is expected to raise big money for the Democratic National Committee, which faces a series of tough midterm elections next month.

    For those attending, the seats won't be cheap. Tickets start at $1,000 per head. Backers willing to drop $15,000 will score a dinner (hopefully a good one) and photo with the president.


    US current events post tbh

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    Olivier Assayas and Viggo Mortensen

    Nicholas Hoult and Andrew Saffir

    Patti Smith and Juliette Binoche

    Lara Tarle, Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart

    Willem Dafoe and Giada Colagrande

    Source oneand two

    Fixed the images mods.

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    Katy Perry will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, insiders exclusively tell Page Six.
    Perry’s been rumored as a contender for the coveted Super Bowl slot, along with Coldplay and Rihanna (whose “Run This Town” was unceremoniously axed by CBS Sports as its Thursday Night Football tune when the season opened). The Super Bowl airs Feb. 1 on NBC.


    Billboard has also confirmed.

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    Groot is the most popular costume for men and Maleficent is the most popular costume for women this Halloween, according to a survey released today by Fandango. The top costumes included five characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and two based on characters played by Jennifer Lawrence.

    The Fandango survey found that the following costumes were the most popular for men: 1) Groot, 2) Captain America, 3) Ninja Turtles, 4) Star-Lord, and 5) Dracula/ Vlad the Impaler. Meanwhile, the most popular movie-related costumes for women were: 1) Maleficent, 2) Katniss, 3) Mystique, 4) Black Widow, and 5) Gamora. Fandango also found that the top costume for kids was Olaf from Frozen, while top picks from upcoming movies include Batman and Wonder Woman.

    via The Wrap

    What are you planning to wear this Halloween, ONTD?

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    "Orange is the New Black" Season 3 is currently filming in New York and reports are that the new season is almost complete and will move on to post-production soon.

    Cast stars Laura Prepon and Uzo Aduba sat down recently for an international interview sharing about their experiences on the show and what fans can expect moving forward. You can check out their interview above at the source.

    When Prepon is asked what it is like to work with such a mixed team, she shares, "It's amazing, because fortunately I have been doing a long time and worked on incredible projects but honestly this show is extremely different. It's really compelling television and (creator) Jenji Kohan pushes the envelope in such a wonderful way. As actresses, when you are working in a prison and stripped of all of your creature comforts (hair, make-up, etc) it's such an incredibly vulnerable and amazing place to be. And the fact of having these incredible co-stars and we support each other so much, it's one of the favorite jobs that I've ever done."

    The hit Netflix show has also announced that they are bringing back Lori Petty (Tank Girl, League of Their Own) for the upcoming third season of the hit Netflix show. She will continue her role as Lolly, who Piper (Taylor Schilling) meets on a transport plane. Also announced guest stars appearing in "Orange is the New Black" Season 3 are Mary Steenburgen, Blair Brown, and Mike Birbiglia.

    "Orange is the New Black" was nominated for 12 Emmy Awards this year and Taylor Schilling was also nominated for 'Best Actress'.

    "Honestly, I would say that the fans are incredible and the fans of the show are some of the best fans I've ever come across and that we will exceed their expectations in Season 3 and I think that they're going to be really pleased," Prepon shared. Read full interview HERE.

    The show is based around Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper Chapman that gets sent to prison 10 years after she got caught up in transporting drug money across international lines. "Orange is the New Black" is made by 'Weeds' creator Jenji Kohan, and is based on the true story of Piper Kerman's year spent in prison that she wrote about in her memoir.

    "Orange is the New Black" became the latest hit series for Netflix after a surprisingly huge reaction to its first season this summer. Netflix has hit the right formula lately with the hugely successful "House of Cards" Season 1 & 2 releasing to great reviews as well. "House of Cards" Season 2 released earlier in 2014. "Orange is the New Black" Season 1 raised eyebrows for it's controversial yet honest portrayal of prison life for women that is not been discussed much in popular culture especially through a series.

    "Orange is the New Black" Season 3 is set to release in June 2015 on Netflix.

    Source has the interview video

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    Adding to his duties as Gucci brand ambassador, actor, artist, director, etc. James Franco stars in a campaign for Coca-Cola Light.

    For the advertising images, Franco was shot by David Fischer in New York City, enjoying a warm summer day overlooking Manhattan’s skyline.


    coke or pepsi or franco??

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    2.05 promo pictures:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    But the biggest news to come out of the question and answer session is that Downey, who has played popular Marvel character Tony Stark since the first Iron Man film in 2008, said he would be willing to guest-star on the Marvel TV series, ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    When asked by another reddit user if there was any chance he'd drop by this season, Downey said, "Nothing is impossible. But there might be a fair amount of red tape involved in something like that." He continued, "I love Clark Gregg, and am pleased the show is doing so well."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit the 43 year old actor after avoiding a question about if Hawkeye and Mockingbird will have a relationship in the show (since they went together in comics), tells that he would love to star on Marvel's Agents Of Shield and he thinks that Marvel may have plans for it.


    This is @nickdiscoblood tweeting live for you guys #agentsofshield

    View on Instagram


    This is how Arthur hangs out when I pee.

    View on Instagram


    Hitting these streets early😎

    View on Instagram

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Actor B.J. Britt attends the Vevo CERTIFIED SuperFanFest bresented by Honda Stage at Barkar Hangar on October 8, 2014 in Santa Monica, California.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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