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    Mila and I would like to welcome to Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher to the world.  May your life be filled with wonder, love, laughter, health, happiness, curiosity, and privacy.

    Can you guess which one is ours, or does it really matter? All babies are cute.


    I don't like it at all tbh. my first post ever ! pls be kind

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    Donald Trump has had another startlingly active week on social media.

    He kicked off by accidently retweeting an ode to "loving parents" Fred and Rosemary West, convicted child killers, on Monday.

    He hit headlines again after he reacted to the prank in the most Donald Trump way possible – threatening to sue the man named "@feckhead" for tricking him into it.

    Now, he’s received criticism for branding the title of new ABC comedy Black-ish racist.

    Rest at the source.

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    This article originally appeared on the Philadelphia Inquirer site.

    Something about the models walking the DKNY catwalk last month in coifs that Lucky magazine called "slicked-down tendrils" - known in my hood as baby hair - tweaked my Queens-reared soul.

    I felt a similar pull in April when Marie Claire called Kendall Jenner's cornrows "epic." Hmmph - no one ever declared mine anything but necessary for swimming in the summertime.

    That tug was followed by a twinge last week when Los Angeles Times reporter Ingrid Schmidt wrote a story about braids, referring to Bo Derek as their matriarch. Hello, what about Cicely Tyson?

    Add Vogue's recent article claiming we're in the era of big booties - because Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian are making round backsides aspirational for the masses - and you might as well render me invisible.

    My issue isn't with borrowing elements of style that started in the heart of black America. Appropriation has been at the center of pop culture since well, the dawn of culture.

    What's difficult to digest is this "praise" of all things black - from cornrows and large booties to acrylic nails, door-knocker earrings, and tribal fabrics - only becomes "chic," "trendy," and "epic" when worn by white women. When these same cultural markers are on black women, they are "ghetto," "urban," and "ratchet" - meaning, unpretty.

    "It's offensive," said Doreen E. Loury, director of Pan-African studies at Arcadia University. "The natural beauty of black women that has been historically demonized and classified as unattractive, is now the runway's hottest new swag. And it's not even being celebrated on black bodies."

    To make matters worse, black women are rarely, if ever, credited as these trends' impetus. That distinction goes to the designers' inspiration boards, so what could have been viewed as a form of flattery is now just an insult.

    "What's problematic to me is how these conversations, whether braids or butts, are happening without the broader social context from where they came," said Tiffany M. Gill, associate professor of black American studies at the University of Delaware. "When braids are on black bodies, they are dangerous or subversive, but celebrated as fashion on white bodies."

    Last week New York Times writer Alessandra Stanley wrote an article calling actress Viola Davis, with her darker skin, "less classically beautiful," and there were a lot of hurt feelings. Who's making these calls? Why is darker skin desirable on white women, but not on black women?

    All these hairdos, body types, and even accessories are pieces of our collective style stories as African American women. Although some are things we neither celebrate nor denigrate - cornrows - others we continue to struggle with, like the texture of our hair. Having now hit the runways, it's only a matter of time before other women start copying these looks - but stripped of their history.

    (For the record, "baby hair" is the hair at your hairline. Through the decades, in an effort to mask their hair's natural texture, black women have used gel, pomade, even Vaseline to slick down the edges. In the '80s, black teens made the gelled hair fashionable, said Ayana Byrd, coauthor of Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America.

    Even I first thought I was being oversensitive, having grown up at the dawn of hip-hop with parents who remember segregation. But it turns out that even millennials - in this "post-racial" society - feel disrespected.

    "To me it's as if the industry is making a mockery out of what we call 'ghetto,' " said Isaiah Wall, a 21-year-old blogger from North Philly, who writes "The Timeless Aesthetic." Wall was referencing an online editorial published last week by Vice magazine with a photo of two white women eating watermelon with obscenely long acrylic nails.

    "Givenchy for men showed guys with do-rags [in August]. The baby hair at DKNY. These little things were once seen in a negative light, and now it's OK because it's been whitewashed," Wall said.

    In this age of quick blog posts and quicker social-media updates, I think the problem is more indifference than insidiousness. The fashion industry is only doing half the work. Yes, designers are inspired by the streets, but which ones? Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, or 52d Street in West Philly?

    "What's so disturbing is that there is just no attribution to the original," said Nakia Thomas, 34, who writes the "Stylechile" blog.

    Coincidentally, in many cases, it's social media - especially sharp-tongued black Twitter - that's correcting the spate of style-based cultural faux pas.

    Numéro magazine bronzed the body of a 16-year-old Caucasian model Ondria Hardin for a spread titled "African Queen" - back in early 2013. But a recent Facebook post about it went viral, bringing renewed attention to the irony: At a time when black models are fighting for jobs on the runway and in editorials, we're putting white models in blackface.

    While Numéro apologized at the time, Vogue has yet to do so. But thanks to the recent #voguearticles hashtag where people suggest the next-in-line appropriation - my personal favorite, "Dreadlocks: Apparently not just for white hippies and backpackers anymore" - perhaps they will do a little more research next time.


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    Watch: First Trailer for Clint Eastwood's 'American Sniper' Starring Bradley Cooper
    By Brad BREVET
    2 OCT 2014

    The most lethal sniper in U.S. history... That's the send off for this first trailer for Clint Eastwood's American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper in the true story of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

    Sent to Iraq with only one mission: to protect his brothers-in-arms, Kyle's pinpoint accuracy saved countless lives on the battlefield and, as stories of his courageous exploits spread, he earns the nickname "Legend." However, his reputation is also growing behind enemy lines, putting a price on his head and making him a prime target of insurgents. He is also facing a different kind of battle on the home front: striving to be a good husband and father from halfway around the world. Sienna Miller, Max Charles, Luke Grimes and Kyle Gallner co-star.

    The film is set to begin hitting theaters on December 25, watch the trailer and check out the first poster below.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sources: Rope of Silicon and YouTube

    So what do you make of the trailer and the film's chances at awards ONTD?

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    Singer Eddie Vedder has released a cover of John Lennon’s peace anthem “Imagine” in a bid to raise funds for a charity supporting unity in the Middle East.

    The Pearl Jam frontman’s version of the iconic 1971 track was recently released on iTunes, and all proceeds will go to Heartbeat, an organization that is attempting to unite the war-torn countries of Israel and Palestine through music.

    Vedder first covered “Imagine” during a performance at a music festival in Portugal earlier this year, when he told the crowd that while he has publicly spoken out against war and alluded to the ongoing Middle East conflict, he wanted to be clear he wasn’t explicitly choosing sides.

    He said, “If you’re anti-war it doesn’t mean you are pro one side or the other in a conflict. So this next song I always thought it was probably the most powerful song ever written… Which is why I have never played it.

    “It seems like maybe there is a reason to play it. If you’d like join me or use your voices or hold a light there might be some people out there that need to know they are not alone.”

    His performance of “Imagine” came days after he lashed out at pro-war advocates in a lengthy rant on stage during a gig in Milton Keynes, England.


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    She has a penchant for getting inked.

    And Lady Gaga even found time in the midst of her busy European tour schedule to lay down on the table and get a new tattoo, which she shared this with her Instagram followers on Thursday.

    The 28-year-old Do What U Want singer must have been in Hamburg, Germany for her session with tattoo artist Eric Gonzales of Deer's Eye Studio, where she flashed her behind in one of the shots of the procedure.

    'It's time!' Lady Gaga posted this photo of herself getting tattooed on Wednesday in what must have been either Sweden or Germany, after tattoo artist Eric Gonzales did his magic on her

    'Monster for life!' The tattoo was of a long nailed paw, throwing a nod to her fans who she calls her monsters, and the star revealed her nude derriere as she had the work done
    Gaga had dressed down for her time with the tattoo artist, who she perhaps flew in specifically for the job seeing as he is based out of the USA.

    She wore a basic grey dress which she hoisted up and down to reveal the majority of her body for the series of revealing Instagram shots.

    Her makeup was still intact from her day out in Stockholm, Sweden earlier, featuring a high 60's hairstyle and elaborately painted cat eyes.

    Ready to roll: The tattoo artist, who must have been flown in to work on Gaga, shared this snap of the star, 28, with the outline of a monster hand on her back ready to be inked
    As Gaga lay down on the table, her existing tattoos were visible as well as the outline the artist had drawn for her latest design.

    It appeared to be a monster hand or 'paw', complete with long nails and a scaly wrist, and it's not impossible that it was a homage to her fans, who she nicknames her 'monsters'.

    'Uh's time monsters,' the Poker Face singer wrote in a caption alongside the first image of her tattoo session, adding: 'Paws Up.'

    Work time: The artist put together what may have been a homage to Gaga's fans, who she called her Monsters

    'Paws up' is a saying the star makes a habit of saying to her fans, reminding them to be proud of who they are and what they do.

    'Getting some very important ink from the the great @Nspired1's time #monster4life,' she wrote in another caption, further indicating that she was doing this for her fans.

    This new ink will add to her already extensive collection, which includes a peace symbol on her left wrist, a G-clef musical note on her back, roses on her left side, and daisies on her left shoulder.

    All black everything: Lady Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, on Thursday as she prepared to head over to Hamburg, Germany where she'll do her next concert on Friday
    She also has plenty of writing on her body, including 'Tokyo Love', 'Little Monsters', 'Dad', and 'ArtPOP'.

    Jumping forward in time, Gaga added a unicorn, an anchor, a cherub, a mouse holding a sewing needle, and a trumpet.

    The talented beauty is currently taking her ArtPOP tour all over Europe, with her next concert taking place in Hamburg, Germany on Friday night.


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    Fox’s “Gotham” has announced that another famous comicbook character is joining the Batman prequel.

    Nicholas D’Agosto (“Masters of Sex”) is joining the cast as Harvey Dent — a character who, during his good days, is known for being an idealistic assistant district attorney who vows to eradicate the crime and corruption that has poisoned Gotham. Although he will one day serve as the white knight Gotham desperately needs, Dent also gives the audience a fleeting glimpse of the villain he will become: Two-Face.

    D’Agosto will only serve as a guest star on the series for now, as “Gotham” is currently spending the first season’s villain storyline on an origin tale surrounding Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin (actor Robin Lord Taylor). But there is a series regular option in the event that the show is renewed for a second season.

    Right now, the chances of that happening look good. The second episode of “Gotham,” which airs Mondays and is produced by Warner Bros. TV and is based on the DC Entertainment characters, delivered solid ratings earlier this week. The premiere episode also topped piracy downloads. In a potentially bold move, Netflix bought worldwide distribution rights to the series’ first season in September — a deal that was announced even before the show had a chance to premiere.

    D’Agosto is repped by UTA, Emerald Talent Group and Mitch Smelkinson.


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    I Changed My Mind About “The Knick”

    What if you change your mind? It’s a problem built into a TV critic’s job, which, unlike most arts criticism, takes place over seasons and years, across hiatuses and summer doldrums and newfangled “mid-season finales.” A pilot is one art form, a finale another. In between, the question comes up over and over: Should I write early in the season? Three-quarters of the way through it? After a particularly provocative episode? Or maybe years after the finale has aired?

    Every critic has his or her own rules, and some of mine are pretty masochistic. If I pan a show, I keep watching: I want the chance to change my mind. This doesn’t apply to mixed reviews, but when there’s a show that I’ve truly thrown down with—this means you, “The Newsroom,” and you too, “True Detective”—a pan demands commitment. So far, this rule hasn’t meant much. I’ve watched a few shows turn into something much better (“Cougar Town,” for one), and others get worse (“Two Broke Girls”), or confirm my opinion in maddening ways (“Smash,” which I first praised, then panned—and which I miss more than any other terrible show). I’ve had fresh insights, and, at times, I’ve gained greater sympathy for what the creators were trying to do. But generally, I haven’t actually started to like a show that I used to seriously dislike.

    Which brings us to “The Knick,” a new series on Starz. In my initial look at “The Knick”—a sensuous, serious-minded period drama, directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Clive Owen—I reviewed the show after watching seven episodes of a ten-episode season. That seemed like a sufficient amount of time to draw conclusions, particularly because the seventh episode included a brilliantly filmed action sequence, which offered closure. I’d always thought that the show was visually gorgeous; the subject matter was great, too. But the dialogue felt hacky, and I was bugged by what seemed like anti-hero clichés. Worse yet, I sensed, beneath the show’s surgical gore, a smug preachiness. The good guys would cure their racism, sexism would be bad, and, in the end, brilliant geniuses would triumph together and create progress. I didn’t love that there was only one African-American character and that, despite the show’s theoretical anti-racism and a strong performance by the actor who played him, that character felt saintly. When I published the review, I felt O.K. about it: it seemed like an authentic response to the show, though I knew that many other critics had enjoyed “The Knick” more.

    Then I watched the final three episodes and … well, I changed my mind.

    I don’t want to spoil the last three episodes, but there were a few things that hit me. Somehow, in the weeks after writing the review, I’d opened my heart to Clive Owen’s manic, brooding, bug-eyed performance as the brilliant and near-total asshole Dr. Thackeray, a.k.a. Thack. I’d initially perceived the character as yet another variation on the cable anti-hero, his “bad” qualities really just sexy scars. But over time, this arrogant junkie struck me as an actual arrogant junkie, whatever his knife skills. Like Showtime’s “Masters of Sex”—which requires a whole separate conversation and just finished up a truly strange season—this show does not pussyfoot around about the prototypical surgeon’s personality. Besides, with his meaty red face and extremely angry hair, Owen owns this role. When the hot nurse played by Bono’s talented daughter (Eve Hewson) slept with Thack, I wasn’t as fully enamored of the “Don’t Look Now” homage as many other viewers were, but I was sure interested in their relationship.

    What’s more, I realized that I’d misjudged the show’s politics: the series is much grimmer than I’d understood, less preachy and more legitimately nihilistic about the circumstances surrounding scientific and social progress. In a few plots, “The Knick” is so spooky that it’s practically a horror show, verging into Ryan Murphy territory. I’m still not thrilled with the Oriental brothel scenes, or with Juliet Rylance’s stagey performance as Cornelia; I’m bored by the mobsters. But the surgical battles scared and excited me, and while I know that the scenes of gore have been off-putting for many viewers, I began to get into their ugly aggression, as well as Soderbergh’s vision of the body itself as a war zone. I fell in love with the season’s final shot. I would never apologize for a negative review, and I can’t go back in time, but I can add an addendum: a few weeks later, I no longer agree with myself. So if you were swayed by my earlier review … well, you might consider reconsidering.

    I can't at the difference between these two images. Lmao.

    I still kinda can't believe she wrote this, but I am so happy more people are seeing the light! <3 Also, sad we don't have more stills tbh.

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    Pluto is a planet again, apparently - stop the solar system we want to get off

    Harvard scientists want Pluto to be a planet again - and if they get their way it could mean new school text books for everyone

    Scientists at Harvard University have argued that Pluto is, in fact, a planet, after being downgraded to the status of 'minor planet' by the IAU in 2006.

    In a move that will have high school science teachers throughout the world worrying if they'll have to order ANOTHER new set of text books, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysicists have argued that the current classification is baffling (and they're an authority on the matter - geddit?!).

    The IAU claims that a planet must:

    Be in orbit around the Sun
    Be massive enough to be a sphere by its own gravitational force. More specifically, its own gravity should pull it into a shape of hydrostatic equilibrium
    Have cleared the neighborhood around its orbit

    Poor old Pluto failed to do the latter, and that's why it isn't (currently) a planet. But some Harvard scientists say it SHOULD be:

    “For one thing, it (the IAU ruling) only applied to planets in our solar system. What about all those exoplanets orbiting other stars? Are they planets?

    "And Pluto was booted from the planet club and called a dwarf planet. Is a dwarf planet a small planet? Not according to the IAU. Even though a dwarf fruit tree is still a small fruit tree, and a dwarf hamster is still a small hamster.”

    As you can probably tell from the above quote, the HSCFA are not, ahem, over the moon about the fact that Pluto is not a planet.

    Dr. Dimitar Sasselov said a planet is "the smallest spherical lump of matter that formed around stars or stellar remnants”... in other words - Pluto.

    But the IAU disagree, they predict a dystopian future of nigh-on impossible GCSE physics exams if the Harvard-Smithsonians get their way:

    “With the possibility of 50 or 100 [new planets] within the next decade (under Dr. Dimitar Sasselov's definition). Do we want schoolchildren to have to remember so many? No, we want to keep the numbers low.”

    MODS i know this is not a celeb post but we've had Pluto posts before plus this is major news cuz maybe we can send Donald Trump, Sam Pepper, Ariana Grande and brother off to explore Pluto etc.Also ONTDrs need to be educated once in a while

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    Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito has joined the burgeoning cast of 20th Century Fox's sequel The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

    Giancarlo Esposito is playing Jorge, the leader of a survivor group known as The Cranks, who comes across Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) and his fellow Gladers, who have escaped the treacherous maze.

    The Maze Runner stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt), Kaya Scodelario (Teresa), Ki Hong Lee (Minho) and Patricia Clarkson (Ava Paige) are reprising their roles in the sequel. New cast members include Aidan Gillen as the villainous Assistant Director Janson, a.k.a. The Rat-Man, Rosa Salazar as Brenda and Jacob Lofland as Aris Jones.

    Wes Ball is directing from an adapted screenplay by T.S. Nowlin, based on the novel of the same name by James Dashner. It isn't known when production will begin.

    Giancarlo Esposito will shoot The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials before moving on to Disney's The Jungle Book with Jon Favreau. The actor is perhaps best known as Gus Fring on Breaking Bad and Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He has also appeared on NBC's Revolution and Community.

    The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials comes to theaters September 18th, 2015 and stars Dylan O'Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, Ki Hong Lee, Patricia Clarkson, Aidan Gillen, Rosa Salazar, Jacob Lofland. The film is directed by Wes Ball.


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    Such a boring episode...except the last 30 seconds

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    The true crime story of Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco is coming to the big screen in a new biopic called The Godmother.

    Blanco earned the nicknames La Madrina, Black Widow, and the Cocaine Godmother because of her violent role in the drug wars of the 1980s. Born in Cartagena, Colombia, Blanco emigrated to New York City, where she began a cocaine business with her husband. She later moved to Miami, where she built a billion-dollar empire before the age of 40. In 1985, her world came crumbling down. Authorities arrested Blanco, and she served 18 years in prison before her release in 2004. In 2012, a gunman shot her down in a motorcycle assassination in Colombia.

    According to The Washington Post, Blanco's fearsome demeanor even inspired the character of Tony Montana from Scarface, and Jada Pinkett-Smith's Gotham character, Fish Mooney.

    You might be wondering who's been cast to play the lead role. Blanco — although a criminal — provides one of the few opportunities for a Latina to take the lead in a powerful, challenging role in a major Hollywood production. Eva Longoria? Maybe Kate del Castillo? How about Morena Baccarin? Or even fellow ColombianaCatalina Sandino Moreno? Word had it that even J.Lo was hungry for the role. Given the amount of talented Latina actresses in the business today, the possibilities are truly endless.

    Unfortunately, none of those women have been cast. Instead, filmmakers chose Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones to play the notorious Colombian kingpin.

    Of course, many non-Latinos have been cast as one in the past. Al Pacino infamously portrayed Tony Montana in Scarface, Meryl Streep played Clara in the movie version of Isabel Allende's celebrated novel The House of the Spirits, and Madonna played Evita in the musical biopic of her life.

    Twitter reactions to the casting proved to be mixed.

    "Catherine Zeta-Jones looks NOTHING like Griselda Blanco," tweeted Twitter user SirCoach. "You mean to tell me we got NO up & coming Colombians to play that role? Smh."

    "Wish there was a Latina in this role, still excited for the story though," wrote Hillary Crosley.

    We leave the question to you: Do you find Catherine Zeta-Jones' casting offensive? Do you wish to see a Latina actress in the role?


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    Chicago PD 2x03 "The Weigh Station" - The bounty on Halstead’s (Jesse Lee Soffer) head becomes a serious reality as an innocent bartender takes a bullet meant for him. Olinsky (Elias Koteas) tries to reason with Bembenek (guest star Jason Singer) to call off the hit, to no avail. Voight (Jason Beghe) and the team keep this investigation in-house to find the hired assassin. Meanwhile, after a tense interaction at district Platt (Amy Morton) and Nadia (guest star Stella Maeve) come to an understanding. Jon Seda, Sophia Bush, Patrick Flueger, LaRoyce Hawkins, Marina Squerciati, and Brian Geraghty also star. Markie Post and Paul Schulze guest star.

    Thoughts on last night's episode. Will Jay and Erin ever play scrabble?

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    Nearly one of every five online searches for "Jimmy Kimmel" can lead Internet surfers to websites where identity thieves and other nefarious types lurk, according to McAfee, a software unit of Intel Security.

    The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! supplanted Mirror, Mirror actress Lily Collins, who was last year's Most Dangerous Celebrity.

    And the entire Kardashian clan, including Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kris Jenner and Kanye West, all of whom were high on the list last year, fell precipitously this time around. McAfee noted that the decline of the Kardashians coincided with the rise of rap mogul Jay Z and Jersey Shore star JWoww.

    Another trend is a rise in the number of country and electronic dance music stars who represent online danger to Internet surfers, including Carrie Underwood and Calvin Harris.

    In its research, McAfee says it conducted searches that simply consisted of a celebrity name, then other searches that paired the name with words like "downloads," "mp4" and "torrentz."

    Experts say consumers ought to be especially careful in light of a scandal involving nude photos of celebrities being leaked online. "When it comes to hackers and identity thieves, we are all celebrities because our precious personal information is a hot commodity on the black market," says Adam Levin, founder of Identity Theft 911 and a security and privacy expert for McAfee's Tweet Chat series #SecChat.

    "With the celebrity nude hack, it was a brute force attack on user names and passwords that was the culprit," he said.

    1. Jimmy Kimmel (2014's Most Dangerous Celebrity™)
    Jimmy Kimmel captured the Internet's—and cybercriminals'—attention with laugh-worthy prank videos from his show Jimmy Kimmel Live! The late night host first debuted as a top 20 Dangerous Celeb in 2012, but the viral popularity his recent clips like "Twerking Fail Girl" and "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" make him the Most Dangerous Celebrity of 2014.

    3. Ciara
    Singer, songwriter, fashion model, actress, and dancer—there's almost no industry Ciara hasn't conquered. High demand for music videos, pictures, and pop songs of the star make her the 3rd Most Dangerous Celebrity of 2014.

    6. Blake Shelton
    It's hard to believe that the country star could be dangerous, but searching for this star online could get you into trouble. So what put Shelton on the list? It could be his popularity on TV's The Voice, and a solid music career, but we can't ignore this year's gossipy tabloid headlines as a main ingredient in his search popularity.

    7. Britney Spears
    Britney Spears may not top Billboard's charts, but she definitely makes a dent in search engine traffic. Making her second consecutive appearance in the top 10, people searching for downloads of the pop star have made her a prime bait for cybercriminals everywhere.

    10. Christina Aguilera
    Joining fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton on the list, pop star Christina Aguilera rounds out our list of the celebrities who are most dangerous to search online at number 10. What put her on the list? Searches for steamy photos, free music downloads, and news of her recent pregnancy are hot topics—for cybercriminals—and her fans.

    THR + Share the list. Win some red carpet swag. (lol)

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    Yes, Lindsay Lohan's acting is that of a not specially gifted schoolgirl... but the director should be ashamed for even putting on this travesty of art: QUENTIN LETTS reviews Speed-the-Plow

    Let's be honest, Lindsay Lohan's stage debut last night was about greed. I do not mean that the play itself is about greed - though it is set in Hollywood, capital of covetousness.

    But the casting of Miss Lohan, a vulnerable woman, a sometime star of advertising commercials and children's films, a lady with personal problems which have been splashed over every internet grot site and yellow-press scandal sheet, was the work of agents and producers and commercial sharks who thought they could turn a few quid.

    Miss Lohan plays a secretary in Los Angeles, apparently an ingenue. Her husky voice does not help her in this endeavour. By any normal measure, what with her lack of fluency, her inexperience on stage, it would have seen her discarded at the first audition.

    But here, in the trashy world we inhabit, is a celebrity. Here is a woman who can command (as this review no doubt shows) column inches.

    More at the SOURCE


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    I’ve never had more friends who I can trust and rely on, but there’s always a bit of your self-perception that’s frozen in junior high, when you trained yourself to not feel cool. You never really feel like you’re a part of the ‘in’ crowd, but growing up means that matters to you less and less every day.

    - Taylor Swift - Fashion Magazine Canada, November 2014

    You have to give emotion in order to evoke emotion in people. What I see cutting through are singers who give details and insights about their lives, because people feel appreciative that you’ve trusted them with that information. Being revealing can present itself in different ways—I’ve chosen to do it emotionally because that feels more natural to me.

    - Taylor Swift - Fashion Magazine Canada, November 2014

    You can read the interview HERE& HERE

    These things that torture and haunt me are usually put to rest when I figure out how to say it in a song, and there’s some strange form of justice that happens when someone treats you terribly and you write a song about it that ends up playing all over the world.

    - Taylor Swift - Fashion Magazine Canada, November 2014

    Celebrities surround themselves with people who don’t know what they want and only have you to validate their lives—that’s not interesting to me. You should not be threatened by women who are pretty and charismatic and good at what they do…my girlfriends have shaped me more in the past year and a half than any other factor.

    - Taylor Swift - Fashion Magazine Canada, November 2014

    Love isn’t everything to me anymore. The last album I made [Red] was a devastated record because [while] I was writing it, I was devastated by a big heartbreak. For this new record, I was in a different place. So it has a new kind of emotional DNA. It’s about exploring the world in your own terms.

    - Taylor Swift - Fashion Magazine Canada, November 2014

    Taylor Swift Behind-the-Scenes of 1989's Packaging

    @mariotestino: I LOVE CHANGING @TAYLORSWIFT13’S LOOK EVERY TIME WE WORK TOGETHER. @BritishVogue #TaylorSwift #Vogue

    abigail_lauren: "We need a prop. I’ll grab a cat." @taylorswift

    abigail_lauren: Because #1989 has us all like @taylorswift (x)

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

    25 days till 1989!!!!!

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    ff to 27:15 to see demi.


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    While everyone goes through their fair share of issues during their teenage years, growing up transgender throws its own unique set of experiences into the mix. That’s why MTV and Logo TV teamed up for “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word,” produced by the “Orange Is The New Black” star herself, and we have your first look at the documentary right here.

    The sneak peek, which premiered Wednesday (October 1) on Logo TV, gives us a fleeting intro to some of the young people we’ll get to meet when the special airs simultaneously on MTV and Logo TV on October 17.

    More at MTV

    third time's a charm, mods?

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