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    The Wanted To Perform 'Chasing The Sun' Live On The Voice US Next Week

    The 'Warzone' singers will perform the Example-produced track live for the first time.

    The Wanted have announced they will give their first live performance of new UK single 'Chasing The Sun' on The Voice US later this month.

    The 'Glad You Came' singers are currently in America, where they have just wrapped shooting the music video for the Example-penned track, and have now confirmed plans to sing on the NBC talent show next week.

    "We are also excited to announce that we'll be performing #CHASINGtheSUN LIVE for the first time on #TheVoice @NBCtheVoice on 17th of April!" The Wanted tweeted on Saturday (7th April).

    "Can you believe it!!" band member Tom Parker later posted. "It's what I've been dying to tell you all for so long!

    "Can't believe we're doing TheVoiceUSA…mental!!" the 'Lightning' singer added. "And we are performing our new single Chasing The Sun on there for the first time!! Arrrghhh xx."

    The Wanted are set to launch their first US EP on 24th April and will perform live on The Voice US on 17th April.

    I CANT WAIT FOR THEM TO SLAY ON THE VOICE! This performance will be EPIC

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    Omgosh, how cute are they? They'd make an adorable RL couple!

    BTW, for those people waiting on the Jesse (which is about 2 of you), no matter what I do, I keep getting an error message. I've tried everything and it just won't submit :( Sorry!

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  • 04/16/12--19:17: Celebs pose nude for Allure
  • Smash, indeed!

    Debra Messing goes toe-to-toe with Maria Menounos in the May issue of Allure -- posing completely nude for famed celebrity photographer Patrick Demarchelier in a stunning black-and-white pictorial.

    Lounging on a rumpled bed, the Smash actress, 43, wears nothing but a bejeweled ring and bracelet and a seriously seductive stare -- showing off her toned, slim physique and backside. Since separating from husband of ten years Daniel Zelman late last year, Messing has been quietly dating Smash costar Will Chase; she and TV producer Zelman share son Roman, 7.

    Ten years Messing's junior, 33-year-old Menounos also poses in the buff for Allure, similarly showing off her flawless bod as she hangs out on a bed without a stitch of clothing. The single Extra! correspondent and current Dancing with the Stars competitor has stripped down somewhat before -- most famously showing off her bikini bod in Times Square in February following a lost Super Bowl bet -- but the Allure spread is the TV personality's first nude snapshot.

    source 1 // source 2

    Who did it better? Debra (43), Heidi (38) or Maria (33)?

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    Is anyone else totally sick of the Harry Met Sally lameness that rears its ugly head in every single television show where heterosexual characters of the opposite gender hang out together? The New York Times certainly is, judging by their recent op-ed about platonic relationships in pop culture, but that hasn’t stopped the entertainment industry from constantly turning friends into lovers. In fact, they’re so common that they’re starting to make us long for more tension-free guy-on-girl friendships. These relationships are few and far between, but they’re out there, and we’ve got a list of our favorite examples on TV. Tell us yours in the comments. src

    Clarissa and Sam from Clarissa Explains it All

    Usually the thought of your cute neighbor breaking into your bedroom via a ladder and a cool guitar riff would be either incredibly romantic or incredibly creepy, depending on the circumstance. The laid-back, lovable Sam ended up being neither; though he and Clarissa went on exactly one date during the show’s run, they knew that they were much better as best friends. Great for us, because if they broke up, who would they both get to coordinate all those eclectic, mismatching outfits with?

    Jess and Nick in New Girl

    Jess has a great relationship with all three of her male roommates, but it’s her bond with Nick that’s clearly the most intimate; you get the feeling that they would be friends even if they didn’t live under the same roof. We only hope that despite their obvious chemistry (and the fact that they’ve already seen each other naked), the show’s writers will be able to resist the temptation to throw these two into something that’s more than platonic — at least for now. (they won't) Remember how awkward you felt watching the pair’s potential three-way with their landlord? That couldn’t have been entirely his fault.

    Codex and Zaboo from The Guild

    It started out as a one-way infatuation when Zaboo found his gaming buddy IRL and pledged his eternal, stalkerish love to her. Gradually over the course of five seasons of this adorable dorky web series, however, the two have mellowed and settled into a nice, comfortable friendship, with no more disturbing off-the-cuff references to Codex’s apartment floor plans or prescription dosages. Just the way we like our relationships — free from the need for restraining orders!

    Veronica and Wallace in Veronica Mars YES

    Not a whole lot of friendships begin with a dramatic rescue from a drive-by flagpole duct-taping, but then again, not a whole lot of friendships are as strong as the one between Veronica and Wallace. And there is never a hint of romantic tension between the two — they’re practically brother and sister, which is totally fantastic as far as we’re concerned.

    Peggy and Don from Mad Men

    Remember when Peggy used to be Don’s secretary? It’s crazy to think about given how far she’s come since then, and after last season’s magnificent episode “The Suitcase,” it’s clear that they’re pretty much intellectual equals now. We’re curious to see how their relationship will grow this season, especially now that they’ve got this crazy new copywriter, Michael Ginsberg, to shake things up. Will we see another scene like the above, where they go to get a drink together and gossip about the office? We can only hope so.

    The Doctor and Donna from Doctor Who MORE YES

    Ever since the rebooted Doctor Who hit British television in 2003, the older crowd of fans have complained about the romantic angle the show’s taken as all of the Doctor’s companions keep falling for him. Well, no need to worry about that with Donna, as the tenth Doctor is definitely not her type (a “long streak of nothing” is what she calls him). That doesn’t stop the pair from being absolutely riveting to watch together — in fact, it almost seems to enhance their chemistry as bantering, bickering friends.

    Liz and Jack from 30 Rock

    Tina Fey has publicly stated many, many times that Liz and her mentor Jack are never going to get together romantically, citing the pairing as an example of lazy sitcom writing. This is great for us, because their friendship is an unstoppable force of awesome and we’d hate for smooches to get in the way of that.

    Leslie and Ron from Parks and Recreation YES YES YES

    Leslie and Ron vehemently disagree with each other’s politics, but that doesn’t stop them from respecting one another as people, which is something the rest of us could probably stand to learn. And we know they’re definitely not in danger of hooking up, because Ron was so scarred by his first wife that he’s never going to date another blonde. Leslie’s too perky and adorable for him, anyway, so it’s for the best.

    Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld

    Yes, these two did date in the past, but what of it? They’re still hanging out now, so clearly the spark between them had nothing to do with sex or romance. To tell the truth, we like them better as perpetual friends, anyway. Can you imagine the thought of either Jerry or Elaine being married — to anyone?

    Ted and Robin in How I Met Your Mother have they never watched this show?

    Speaking of characters who used to date, Ted and Robin are surprisingly stable friends considering their romantic history. Way to give exes across the country false hope about how most break-ups go, guys! Seriously, though, we’d have been devastated if Robin left the show, so we’re glad they found a way to keep her around.

    source via flavorwire
    did they miss any of your favs?

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    Game of Thrones’ Kid-Actor Problem

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Game of Thrones' third-season renewal came as no surprise, though it did prompt the first wave of "how are they going to do this?" questions, since the third "Song of Ice and Fire" book is pretty darn long. The most pressing question for fans isn't how the show will condense and approach the text, though: It's how they'll account for the kids on the show growing up. (OP NOTE: No, I'm pretty sure it's how they're going to condense and approach the text, but ok.)

    GoT has a lot of young actors. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, is currently 15; Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, is 16; Jack Gleeson, who plays Joffrey, is around 19; and Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plans Bran, is 12. Without spoiling anything, let's at least acknowledge the possibility that not all of these characters live to see the end of the series — but that still leaves some key players who are aging much faster than their characters.

    Let's assume the series splits the third book's contents in half, as the producers have suggested, and also assume that HBO will renew the show for a fourth and fifth season. (Safe bets!) Producer D.B. Weiss has stated that the show runs on a twelve-month production cycle, and that it's "really all we can do to do 10 of them in a year," which means the show won't be doubling up by shooting two seasons at once. Thus, by the time the show starts getting into A Feast of Crows territory, actress Maisie Williams will be 17. Five years will have elapsed in actual time since the show started, but only about a year and change will have transpired in Westeros time. The entire written series so far takes place over roughly three years, but the show will take six years just to catch up to where the books stand now.

    The adaptation has accounted for some of the age gaps already, casting both Daenerys and Robb Stark as older on the show than they are in the books: Ambiguous aging from mid- to late-twenties is of course far less noticeable than going from, oh, 14 to 19. The show has cast young-looking actors in the kid roles, too — particularly Gleeson, who was convincingly playing 12-year-olds at 17. But this season already he looks substantially older than he did in the first, and that affects how Joffrey operates on the show. Petulant, prodigy boy-king is markedly different than petulant, scary grown-up king.

    So what's a show to do? Recast periodically? Ignore normal growth and hope no one cares? Something more like the latter is more appropriate here, not just because the cast is good, but also because strict time markers are not fundamental to the series. Part of the underlying sense of doom in Thrones comes from the warpedness of time. Winter's coming, but not in a predictable, four-seasons way, and it will last such a terrifyingly long time, we're not even sure how to measure or articulate that span. The books tend to use relative time — "three days later" but not "that Thursday" — which gives the TV show even more flexibility. As long as the plot points happen in order, the exact time doesn't seem to be essential.

    This is a really nitpicky article, lol. But I do get where the concern is coming from, particularly in the case of Bran and Rickon since they're the youngest and Isaac has pretty significantly matured since last season. Also, recast? Judging, tbh.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    IT was The Voice Australia's Susan Boyle moment - 90 seconds of sensory overload that almost floored vision-impaired singer Rachael Leahcar

    With a degenerative disorder robbing her of 90 per cent of her sight, the 18-year-old had the nation in tears after being led on stage and then stealing the show.

    The irony of being discovered during the "blind" auditions of the hottest new talent search series in local TV history is not lost on the cheeky teen, who won over the superstar coaches with her voice before they heard her inspiring story.

    The emotion-charged episode touched local diva Delta Goodrem, moving her to share her own against-the-odds victory over cancer.

    Goodrem went on to say: "Rachael is an extraordinary human being who has a very unique talent - her voice. Her voice left me no other choice but to turn my chair.  

    "Rachael has a gift which is truly special and her story is an inspiration. I have no doubt that we will be a great team and I am honoured that she chose me as her coach."

    It was a mentoring match made in TV heaven - with Leahcar's angelic performance of Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose now set to be a guaranteed YouTube and iTunes hit.

    While Boyle struggled with her instant fame at 48, the Adelaide teenager has embraced her reality TV opportunity with humour.

    "I was the first to draw their attention to the irony of (the blind auditions). I think it's hilarious," she said last night.

    But the overwhelming reaction from the live audience was almost the young singer's undoing.

    "When I first heard them cheering I was just overwhelmed with emotion that people would be cheering for me," she said. "It was the best feeling in the world, ever, for anyone to experience."

    Her performance should also cement The Voice as the breakout hit of 2012, setting a ratings record for the biggest audience ever for a talent show on debut.

    *Sorry about the video guys, I will try and find a working link soon :) *

    video might work here
    source 1 & 2

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  • 04/16/12--20:43: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!

  • Amber warns Caroline to stay away from Rick!

    The Bold & the Beautiful

    Well if you haven't heard by now Bold is getting a lesbian relationship, With Karen Spencer, no less! I'm hearing now that it's not going to be a long term storyline, just a few weeks, only to get Caroline and Thomas a grip in their story. I also mentioned weeks ago that Thomas and Caroline were the outcome, not Rick and Caroline. And as usual Brooke is not going to be happy.

    Look for a lavish Forrester-style wedding in the very near future with Marcus and Dayzee, but not before yet another young woman is introduced. Insiders are saying the baby momma drama may be abandoned, because someone close to Brad has voiced some concerns that it may be too stereotyped.

    Missing Thorne and Taylor? Unfortunately, nothing's going to change for the coming weeks, we won't see much in the way of a relationship with Thorne/Taylor even though there will be random scenes with Hunter Tylo during Thomas's play for Caroline.

    Thinking the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle is coming to an end anytime soon? Forget about it! In Aspen, Hope is chased by the paparazzi and she freaks out. Steffy unfortunately gets hurt as does one other person. There of course will be some touching scenes for Liam and Steffy, but it's not Steffy that walks away with the prize.

    The Young & the Restless

    Bad news for Billy Miller, good news for YR fans hopefully, Miller was up for a part in primetime but sadly someone got it. Therefore he may re-sign with Y&R when his contract ends in August. Miller did get a part in a made for TV movie that films in Australia. He will be gone from Y&R for a month. It wasn't clear if Miller's recent absence from the show was due to his filming the movie or he would be taking additional time off in the future for that purpose.

    In a recent radio interview Tristan Rogers mentioned that when we see Colin in a scene next month it's "clear his predicament has changed" (perhaps he's no longer incarcerated?). He did say that when he returns to the show in September Jill will be with him and it will be clear she's been in Australia during her absence from Genoa City. So we can put all those rumors to rest.

    I don't know about you but this Harmony Neil story is way to humdrum for my taste. Harmony has so much potential as a character and the writers are messing it up big-time. She is a determined woman and this story undermines her strength to kick the habit. Her attraction to Neil and inability to control that, knowing that he is a married man, compromises her. Debbie Morgan deserves much better then this.

    Days of our Lives

    Stefano puts some big plans into motion all at the same time. He tells Kate that he knows she slept with Ian, then announces that he has taken Countess Wilhemina away from her and has given it to Sami. Kate comes home to find herself locked out of the Dimera mansion. Meanwhile, Ian agrees to give Madison a divorce, then installs Kate as the CEO of Mad World, insisting they must do what they have to in order to beat Stefano and Sami. Privately, Stefano reveals the contents of Alice's letter to him - EJ is not his biological son.

    Despite reuniting with Austin, Carrie is still daydreaming about Rafe, who tries to tell her the secret regarding Nicole's baby, but Carrie cuts him off...Bo shows promising signs of recovery. EJ bonds with Lexie after being told that she has an inoperable brain tumor....Lucas is stunned to learn that Stefano also sent he and Kate packing regarding Hearth & Home. Marlena is at odds with John over his secret position with the ISA.

    General Hospital

    We will soon find out who the stripper attacker is but it is NOT Delores' husband. Lulu will figure it out first, and sadly I must say it will turn out to be Ronnie. Which tells me if they do not prolong the story which I highly doubt it's bye bye Ronnie Marmo......

    The chemistry between Monaco and Easton are off the charts and the viewers are loving it, but don't get to hung up on these two there are no plans to pair them romantically. It's just to capitalize on their chemistry.....

    With the recent announcement that Florencia Lozano is coming to PC I am also hearing we will see Victor (maybe Tomas/Alcazar, Blair and Vicki) The point is to establish a few longer running OLTLers while having guest appearances from others to support story. The "Two Todds" tale, as mentioned a long time ago, will get resolution (and be tied into the GH canvas in a significant way)......

    Another hostage crisis is coming our way and several people will be involved. They are calling this storyline "crazy bitches with guns".......

    Robin Mattson stated that Heather will be around for awhile. She thought it would be only for a few episodes but TPTB have extended her stay. Heather knows lots of secrets and the writers are going to play off this. Lets just say she is up in everyone's business and she is not alone in her evil ways.......

    Liz starts to grow suspicious of Ewen and asks Sam to check into it. There are rumors that he’s connected to the Cassadines possibly, and maybe even Jerry Jacks, or Heather Webber (possibly all three)…but whatever his past is, it’s not pretty. He’s rumored to not be above using his skills as a psychiatrist to manipulate people, women in particular - specifically ONE woman......

    Get ready for some hot times when Sonny's car goes up in flames as he's leaving the courthouse......

    June is all about bringing back the "dead".....

    What if Anna found a new love?.....

    What if Ewen was related to the Jacks family by marriage (through Miranda, Jax’s former wife?).....

    What if Sam wasn't really Alexis's daughter?.....

    What if there was a human organ ring going on in the hospital?

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    The Coachella festival not only draws in hipsters from all over the continent (and the globe), it’s also a draw for celebrities. Every year in early April, crowds of fans and famous people alike hit the California desert for the Coachella Music Festival. And though it's the headliners who take center stage, the style set seen around the grounds always grab our attention.

    Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine was another head-turner. She arrived Sunday in a sheer flowing hippy gown, carrying a Dolce & Gabbana ‘Dolce’ handbag and Spring 2012 runway sandals.

    Azealia Banks- A little over-the-top for any other occasion sure, but this rap star fits right in at the festival with her pink tunic and knee-high boots.

    Emma Watson and Lily Collins- The adorable duo wore boho-inspired, printed pieces by Mulberry, perfectly fit for listening to music under the sun.

    Emma and Boyfriend Will

    Kate Bosworth- The effortlessly stylish uniform of Coachella: a Mulberry scoop-neck tee, belted short shorts and ankle books, topped off with the perfect pair of shades.

    Katy Perry- Purple-haired Katy Perry made headlines for her Friday night Gothic get up at Detail’s Midnight Coachella bash wearing what she tweeted as an ode to Nev Campbell in The Craft, Garbage, No Doubt, Ty from Clueless and Lori Petty in Tank Girl. And let’s not overlook Perry's House of Holland’s Polly’s limited edition Bones tights, which we are sure Marilyn Manson will want to borrow.

    Fergie- Usually a fan of over-the-top garb, this musician chose a long, loose ensemble that felt like the epitome of festival style

    Leah Michelle/Lauren Conrad- The two bubbly TV stars were pool party ready -- Lea in espadrilles and a long button-down, Lauren in a tank and colorful striped skirt. Lea is in bright Lacoste.

    Paris Hilton- Paris Hilton was spotted at the fest wearing huge dark shades and beaded flowers in her hair with a heavy turquoise necklace, a white bra and a colorful striped skirt.

    Rihanna- Rihanna was spotted in head-to-toe denim, including a denim newsboy cap. But when she performed at British house producer Calvin Harris' set at the Sahara Tent on Sunday night, she wore very short, tight, sharp studded denim cutoffs and a 'Peace' Tshirt


    Lindsay Lohan- Lindsay Lohan showed up at the festival. She wore a wide-brimmed black felt hat, a blue tank top and scarf, skin-tight black leather pants with black platform boots. Yawn.

    Vanessa Hudgens- The former Disney star was spotted out and about during Coachella all weekend, but nailed the peace sign throwing look on day three of Coachella - floral headband and all.
    Building around the Coachella festival staple, the denim cut-off shorts, Vanessa added a bevy of hippie style clothing to balance the Coachella-perfect look.

    Michelle Tratcwatever

    Diane Kruger

    Emma Roberts

    Nina Dobrev- With boyfriend Ian Somerhalder



    Ontd what would you wear to Coachella?

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  • 04/16/12--20:47: Smash 1x12 "Publicity" Promo

  • Karen finds herself seduced by the glamorous life of new BFF Rebecca Duvall (special guest star Uma Thurman) — but can Rebecca be trusted? What will Karen’s ascent mean to her relationship with Dev? And will Rebecca drive Derek nsane? Eileen introduces new beau Nick to ex-husband Jerry, while Julia panics when her son Leo goes missing.


    0 0

    Cedric Bixler-Zavala: "Urban Outfitters is the Costco of the youth culture."

    By Laura Snapes on April 16, 2012 at 09:07 a.m.

    Photo by Chris Tuite

    Following last week's first reunion show in Austin, At the Drive-In played a comeback set at Coachella last night. Cedric Bixler-Zavala criticized the crowd's attire, commenting, "Urban Outfitters is the Costco of the youth culture." They also stayed true to their promise that there will be no new At the Drive-In material. Watch the full set below:

    1:05 Arcarsenal
    04:34 Pattern Against User
    08:09 Chanbara
    11:35 Lopsided
    15:30 Sleepwalk Capsules
    19:17 Napoleon Solo
    24:20 Quarantined
    31:30 Enfilade
    37:36 One Armed Scissor


    Omar's mom died a few weeks ago and he's been really timid during the reunion shows. I feel bad for him and have a lot respect for him for performing even though he's grieving.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Don't yall think she looks fucking good for her age? How do YOU find your way to slim down the healthy and the not so healthy way? On important days like say, an important interview, I eat nothing just to ensure that that little bump doesn't show. What about you?

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  • 04/16/12--22:02: Adventures at C2E2

  • The weekend of April 13 - 15 marked the 2012 edition of Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2. This event, organized by the same individuals that put on New York Comic Con and PAX, is a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games.

    I was lucky enough to go to the event on a press pass and after getting some much needed sleep I've put this post together for you guys to enjoy. :)

    So due to work and horrible Chicago rush hour traffic I didn't get to McCormick Place until after registration had already closed. The only real thing that I missed on Friday was apparently a surprise Shia LaBeouf and I'm more than okay with that.

    Anyway I got to press registration on Saturday morning and made my way to the show floor.

    For those of you that have never been to a convention here's a general breakdown. You have the show room floor which is typically your biggest space.

    Once you're there you can find pretty much anything under the sun to spend money on.

    Check out official booths for some of your favs.

    Wait in line to meet your favs ...and wait ....and wait.

    And of course, panels!

    But we'll get to those in a minute.

    Back to happenings on the floor, quite a few costumes and props from Captain America (and some props from Thor) were prominently displayed. Everything pictured was auctioned off on Saturday Night. I did not attend the auction as it was up against some panels, however I was told that one of the Captain America outfits went for $200,000.

    And of course costumes, costumes, costumes.

    The local news even sent a correspondent out dressed as Batman to cover the event.

    The first panel that I went to was John Barrowman. The room was packed (supposedly people had been lining up outside the theatre from around 6:00 AM when the convention didn't open until 10:00 AM and John's panel wasn't until 11:30 AM). There weren't any seats for press so I wasn't terribly close for this but I tried to make it work.

    John came on stage, carrying a banana, as they played a track of him singing "Springtime for Hitler" from The Producers.

    His panel was overall fantastic and very entertaining. He talked a lot about growing up in Chicagoland as well as his upcoming projects - his book, Hallow Earth will be releasing in the US sometime in the fall and he's currently working on a Torchwood book with his sister that they feel would make a great movie as well and the Gilded Lilys pilot that he shot for ABC.

    He was also incredibly good looking.

    One of the first questions was which Broadway standard best sums up Torchwood and would he sing a few bars.

    His favorite superhero is Captain America.

    Another question asked was, "Do you have any of your action figures and do you ever play with yourself?"

    To wrap things up John answered some rapid fire questions where he was supposed to keep answers brief (he didn't, thankfully). The first question which is cut off was "Winter in Chicago or winter in Cardiff"

    The next panel that I went to was Nikita. Originally, Maggie Q was supposed to be there however due to some last minute changes in the filming schedule she was unable to attend so Shane West and series creator Craig Silverstein were there instead.

    Shane actually had come directly from set having finished shooting at 5:30 AM. From there he hopped on a plane and went to C2E2 and flew back to Toronto that day to do more work on the show.

    One of the first questions asked was about Nikita's current status and if they were going to get a third season. The official word won't happen until May, however, they are very optimistic and have already planned out the third season.

    An upcoming tidbit for the show is that Birkhoff will actually be able to shoot in about two episodes.

    I had to post this one simply because it's so derpy.

    To be perfectly honest, I don't watch Nikita (there wasn't enough Stanford early on and I just abandoned it but I've heard good things so will probably marathon it on Netflix over the summer) and the questions weren't particularly good so I don't have a lot of notes and I secretly wished someone said something about A Walk to Remember. Basically just sit back and enjoy your pretty.

    Next up was Chad Michael Murray who was there talking about his graphic novel Everlast.

    For those of you that don't know what Everlast is the description is as follows - A pre-apocalyptic tale, Everlast follows Derek Everlast, a man whose destiny in life is guiding others to a place of rebirth for mankind called Haven. Following an instinct called the Nudge, bestowed on him by a higher power, Derek is guided to the next chosen human destined to survive, a little girl named Melissa. In a harrowing adventure, he must deliver her safely to Haven before the End of Days. Everlast tells a story of choice, love, friendship, and, most of all, survival. Will you be chosen?

    Originally Chad wanted to do Everlast as a screenplay but a friend told him it would be a good graphic novel. He still would ideally like to bring it to film or television one day and when asked about casting he said he would 100% not want to act in it and his dream cast in his head would be Johnny Depp as Derek Everlast with the supporting cast including Morgan Freeman, an Interview with the Vampire era Brad Pitt, and he didn't have any particular actress in mind for the female lead.

    One Tree Hill of course came up and Chad said he didn't really have any feelings about the show going off the air since he had already said his goodbyes to it but it was nice getting to see everyone and return briefly.

    This was literally his face at the first One Tree Hill question.

    Other upcoming projects includes Scruples, an ABC pilot where he plays a womanizing photographer, and The Haunting in Georgia in which his character is a prison guard and he put on fifteen pounds of muscle for the role.

    The final panel that I attended on Saturday was the one for StarKid. I'll only touch upon it briefly as most of this was covered in a post here yesterday. The highlight of the panel was by far Sean Astin dressed as The Scarecrow pretending to be Dylan Saunders.

    Despite making friends with the StarKids, I'm not entirely sure that Sean grasped that he was Batman Scarecrow and not Wizard of Oz Scarecrow as he randomly started singing "If I Only Had a Brain" and made a few Wizard of Oz references. However, true to Hobbit form, he was completely barefoot the whole panel and even after as he posed for pictures with people in the hall.

    This video is for you [info]superdogbiter

    Some more pictures from the panel.

    Joe mentioned that it was very hard to sing in the Batman mask because of the way that it pressed down on his nose and overall it was difficult to work around. He said he now understands why Christian Bale does the ridiculous voice and mouth movements as Batman.

    Forgive the shaky cam, I wasn't entirely sure I didn't hallucinate this whole panel until I got back in my hotel room and saw that other people were talking about it on Twitter.

    And one more of Sean as a parting gift.

    The John Cusack panel was without a doubt the biggest event that happened on Sunday. The room was packed. The first 1,000 attendees were given a mini poster for The Raven and before the Q&A session started they played the trailer for The Raven as well as a small clip from the movie.

    Someone asked if John would ever be in a superhero movie to which he said it's at the point now where in Hollywood you're asked to do the small indie arthouse movie or to put on the tights and he hasn't gotten the tights offer yet but you never know. He doesn't have a particular superhero that he would like to portray but would be open to anything as long as the character was interesting. Someone suggested an older Peter Parker to which he laughed and said the ship had long since sailed for that one.

    The following person started off his question by saying that all of John's characters were really similar (and depressing). The continuation and answer follow -

    Overall John was really charming, funny and engaging. There were a lot of requests for autographs, pictures, hugs and kisses during the panel and he was friendly and accommodating to pretty much everyone only saying no to a kiss but giving the woman a hug instead. The only question he didn't answer was one about his personal life because he likes to stay private.

    John gets asked a question by Batman.

    It's Kevin Brown a.k.a. Dot Com from 30 Rock!

    He was in character at his booth which was covered in banners saying Dot Com for President. He was conducting interviews mentioning that he was running for President but never mentioned President of what. You could buy buttons, t-shirts, etc. that said Dot Com for President and they said that the money would go towards his campaign or the money for the strip club whichever happens first.

    He was very funny and great in person and more than happy to pose with my ONTD sign. :)

    As a bonus parting gift enjoy some creepy stalker shots of signings.

    Source: Me and my camera

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  • 04/17/12--01:34: New "The Avengers" clip
  • Featuring Iron Man and Thor fighting

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  • 04/17/12--02:36: Miley post

  • Walking with her dog floyd 16/4

    This explains the mystery man

    Leaving Pilates 16/4

    she also met Stalker Sarah again lol

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    'Crash Course' Hits the Mark

    If you watch BBC America, you'll know Richard Hammond. He's the short one from Top Gear, who hangs around with the loud one and the one that gets lost. And he's the one who has his own new TV show, Richard Hammond's Crash Course.

    Actually, Hammond is already an extremely accomplished broadcaster and, unlike fellow Gearhead, professional goon Jeremy Clarkson, Hammond and his fellow amiable goof James May aka Captain Slow are actually extremely accomplished engineering experts and historians (Clarkson just like mouthing off and driving fast cars.) May has been off making several series of his own for the BBC, but Hammond gets the first crack at creating an original series for BBC America. Unsurprising, really: He has a sort of harmless charm combined with that slight cheekiness that has made him (in British broadcasting parlance) the housewife's choice.
    Crash Course takes him out of the Top Gear setting but not too far. Never straying too far from the realm of engine grease and sump oil, each week presents him with a new driving challenge: Three days to master a vehicle he has never seen before. However, the engineering nuances of a Lambretta do not ensure riveting television, so Hammond is unleashed on increasingly vast and ludicrous beasts of engineering, like scrap yard cranes and airport firefighting equipment. The result is sort of a more hands-on version of Mega Movers, with added flop sweat.

    It all hangs on the same persona that Hammond has lovingly crafted. Sometimes it takes advantage of his well-established love of tiny but sporty vehicles (and his equally well-recorded hatred for minivans) and sometimes it emphasizes his blinding engineering wonkiness, but it consistently catches that sort of lightly-stunned, 'Am I doing this?' charm that made him the beloved punching bag of Top Gear.

    The first episode, in which Hammond an M1A2 Abrams tank for a trip around Fort Bliss, screened last night. A little sadly, it never truly finds its gears: Without being overly deferential to the US military, it really feels a little 'boys and their toys' to ever feel truly exciting. Episode two, however, revs the engine perfectly as our hero tries to get to grips with the three machines – the feller buncher, the dangle head processor, and the loader – that are the backbone of logging in Oregon. Maybe the reason it works better is because the machines are a little more alien: Maybe it's that Hammond co-opts them to create the world's biggest darts game (to be seen to be believed); Or maybe it's that he gets across the fact that these really big, really dangerous, really complicated machines are really, really, really hard to control.

    Richard Hammond's Crash Course screens on BBC America, Mondays at 9pm Central.


    This post brought to you by a sweaty hamster:

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    Two Tennessee men who claim they were jilted by "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" shows because of their race will sue the producers for racial discrimination, their lawyers said Tuesday.

    The lawsuit will be filed in a U.S. District Court Wednesday "on behalf of all persons of color who have applied for the role of the bachelor or bachelorette but been denied the equal opportunity for selection on the basis of race," they said in a news release.

    "Over 10 years and a combined total of 23 seasons of 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette,' neither show has ever featured a single person of color in the central role of the 'Bachelor' or 'Bachelorette,'" the release said.

    A spokesman for ABC, which carries the reality TV series and is named as a defendant, said the network would not comment.

    The release said the defendants would also include the shows' executive producer, Michael Fleiss, Next Entertainment, NZK Productions, and Warner Horizon Television.

    Warner Horizon Television, which is one of the production companies involved in making the shows, is part of the Warner Bros. Entertainment, a subsidiary of CNN parent company Time Warner.

    One plaintiff is Nathaniel Claybrooks, a former college football player who most recently played for the minor league Nashville Storm team. The other is Christopher Johnson, described in the news release only as "an aspiring National Football League player."

    Claybrooks and Johnson, both African-Americans, will seek class-action status for the suit, their lawyers said.

    The Nashville residents will talk to reporters Wednesday about their lawsuit, they said.

    Last year, Entertainment Weekly asked Fleiss if The Bachelor would eventually feature someone who isn't white. "We really tried [for a diverse cast], but sometimes we feel guilty of tokenism," he said. "Oh, we have to wedge African-American chicks in there! We always want to cast for ethnic diversity, it's just that for whatever reason, they don't come forward. I wish they would."

    Source & 2 

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    Three months ago, Katy Perry sought revenge on her ex-husband, Russell Brand, when she channeled her anger in a new bitter ditty "Part of Me," but these days, Perry is singing a different tune.

    "Katy's been trying to get him back!" a close Perry pal tells Us Weekly of the eight-time Grammy nominee, 27. "She's a lost soul right now."

    What led to the singer's change of heart? A solo trip to India April 3 -- the same place where she wed Brand, 36, in 2010. "She'd already been missing Russell," an insider explains. "Being back there stirred up even more old feelings."

    Perry may pine for her ex, but a friend of the singer tells Us a reconciliation with the British comic -- who had a series of flings in the wake of filing for divorce December 30 -- is a long shot.

    "Right now, Katy and Russell are trying to get to the point where they can at least be friends," says a Perry pal.

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    Actor John Cho — famous for his role as Harold Lee in the “Harold and Kumar” films — discussed the intersection of acting and Asian-American identity Saturday evening.

    Cho, who has also appeared in “Star Trek” and “American Pie,” said he has always practiced a policy of “not doing stereotypical parts” that typecast Asian-Americans. He told anecdotes from his childhood and talked about his Korean heritage in front of more than 200 students in the Berkeley College dining hall as part of the Asian American Cultural Center’s annual celebration of Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month.

    Recounting his early acting days as a student at the University of California, Berkeley, in the 1990s, Cho said he did not expect to pursue acting, though he “really enjoyed” his time acting in student plays. Cho said those productions introduced him to Asian-American actors in the entertainment industry, which he said became important in shaping his own career.

    “It’s so important to see someone who looks like you doing it,” Cho said. “It’s something our brain needs, to see someone who looks like us doing something to convince us that something is possible.”

    Cho said he thinks he was “kind of preoccupied” with his racial identity in college, an attitude he said is less common among college students today. He said cultural identity has become “much more fluid” in recent years and that students now identify not just by their ethnicity, but also by other factors such as their extracurricular activities and gender. While Cho said his Korean background has given him a sense of resilience, he added that he thinks it is “healthy to jumble your identity.”

    Since he began acting, Cho said the “demand” for Asian-American actors has changed as the entertainment industry has recognized the “purchasing power” of Asian-Americans. He added that he has noticed many more Asian-Americans on television — particularly in commercials — than before.

    Berkeley College Master Marvin Chun said in his introduction that he “jumped” at the opportunity to invite Cho to Yale. Chun said after the talk that he was “impressed” by Cho’s ability to tie together his American and Korean identities.

    Asian American Cultural Center Dean Saveena Dhall said Saturday’s event — the 10th annual dinner it has hosted to celebrate Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month — marked the first time the center has had to limit registration for a dinner to undergraduates. The center has also never had an event reach capacity just one day after registration opened, she added.

    Kevin Chen ’14, who attended the event, said he was encouraged by Cho’s message that Asian-American students do not need to focus their careers on their identity in order to promote their cultural community.

    Karmen Cheung ’13, head coordinator for the Asian American Cultural Center, said she was excited about Cho’s talk because he is a prominent figure in both the acting and Asian-American communities.

    “[Cho] is not an Asian-American actor,” she said. “He’s an actor who’s also Asian-American.”

    The event was organized by the Asian American Cultural Center and the Berkeley College Master’s Office.


    This was the same event from this guess who post.

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