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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    "Revenge" is back! With six new episodes left in the first season (beginning Wed., Apr. 18, 10 p.m. ET on ABC), there are plenty of loose ends to tie up to set things straight amongst the lives of the Hamptons elite. But remembering all that has happened to them so far will make your head spin.

    Our handy infographic might not help quell the dizziness, but it does document every single relationship on the show so far -- friends and enemies, family members and surprise half-siblings, lawyers, therapists and wardens ... we've charted them all. And the graph wouldn't be complete without keeping track of all the murders, attempted murders, partners in crime and plots for revenge so far, too -- all of which are color-coded for ease.

    To navigate the tangled web they weave, just hover over any face in our wheel of "Revenge" fortune (or misfortune, depending on which side you're on) and you'll see that person's connections and entanglements so far. Then, tell us what you think is next on their revengendas in the comments below.


    Go to the source for the full flash-y interactive graphic experience. Its pretty sick! Who is excited for it to return tomorrow night?! I sure am.

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  • 04/17/12--18:12: Archie becomes Archina

  • After more than 70 years of gender comedy and never-ending love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica, things are going to change in Archie #636, as Sabrina the Teenage Witch takes matters into her own hands and flips everyone into their opposite sex. Girls who like boys who like boys to be girls? Something like that, anyway -- and in an Archie comic, of all places! Concerned Mothers of America, if Kevin Keller made you nervous, this kind of gender swap comedy may drive you to an early grave.

    Of course, just because Archie has become Archina (Thankfully, Betty and Ronnie get better alternative names: Billy and... Ronnie) doesn't mean that everything will be different in this brave new gender-swap world: Archina "still can't choose!" between her beaus, according to the variant cover to the issue, and somehow I doubt even gender reassignment will be able to slow down Jughead's appetite. If this plot seems a little familiar, it's not just because of the long tradition of feminizing male comic characters or that you've been looking at fan art for too long; it's because web cartoonist Jess Fink did it first for CA's Valentine's Day celebrations earlier this year.


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    Apparently, Souja Boy is suffering from a pretty gnarly case of glaucoma these days ...

    The rapper recently posted this pic of himself clutching an ass-load of pot ... while in front of a room filled to the brim with the sticky icky. 

    It's unclear when the photo was shot ... or where the photo was shot ... but DAMN. 

    Snoop Dogg just retweeted the pic moments ago during his weekly Puff Puff Pass Tuesday routine -- it's obvious he approves. 

    Calls to Soulja's rep have not been returned.


    5:32 PM PST -- A rep for Soulja Boy tells TMZ ... the photo was taken inside of amarijuana dispensary in California earlier this month. 

    The rep says the shop is owned by Soulja's friend ... who invited him to come check out the joint. We're told Soulja was amazed by the inventory and HAD to take a pic. 

    Soulja's rep insists the rapper did not purchase any marijuana that day


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    The Wanted Perform Their Next Single "Chasing The Sun" on The Voice

    Tom's sliding was EPIC; SONG OF THE SUMMER TBH

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    It costs nearly a quarter of a million dollars to raise a kid from birth to 18, according to the most recent calculations by the United States Department of Agriculture—and that's before college tuition. Multiply that by 19 children plus mom and dad and it is a little mind bending that the Duggar family, of reality television fame, manage to support themselves without government assistance and, what's more, are completely debt-free.

    These days, the family earns its money from their popular TLC program, 19 Kids and Counting as well as from real estate investments. E!Online estimates each episode makes them a cushy $25,000 to $40,000. However, even before the brood hit the big time on television, they were self-sufficient and lived comfortably. How did they do it?

    Neither dad Jim Bob nor mom Michelle Duggar attended college. They married when he was 19-years-old and she was 17. They got their start as entrepreneurs by selling used cars which Jim Bob repaired himself. Then they launched a towing business. They sold the business in 1994 and went into real estate. One of their first lucrative deals was to convert an old chicken hatchery into 10 commercial rental units. They also leased land to a cell phone company for its transmission tower. While the real estate business grew, the family was scrupulous about living withing their means.

    Duggar Family Home Economics 101

    1. Get out of debt. Jim Bob says the "Financial Freedom Seminar" by Jim Sammons, which preaches independence and thrift, inspired him and wife Michelle to live debt-free. It took years of lean living, but they were able to completely wipe out their debt and start making the investments that led to Jim Bob's success in commercial real estate. The Duggars don't use credit cards.

    2. Buy your home with cash. The Duggars borrowed to purchase their first home—a tiny 900-square foot cottage where they raised five children. It took them seven years of scrimping, but they bought their 2,000-square-foot second house, which they were living in with 17 kids when their reality show began, outright for $65,000. Their current house sits on 20 acres and is 7,000 square feet. The family divides itself over four bedrooms and shares one super-sized family closet.

    3. Buy used-everything. The Duggars have never owned a new car. One of their vehicles is a 21-seat bus that once belonged to a hockey team. It cost just over $2,000 at an auction and is worth about $50,000. Mom Michelle shops at garage sales and thrift shops for the kids' clothing and shoes. Jim Bob told MSNBC the family motto is, "Buy used, and save the rest."

    4. Buy in bulk. With 21 mouths to feed, the family spends a significant portion of its earnings on food. They do a monthly bulk-shopping run for essentials—such as the 48 boxes of cereal they consume a month. Still, the Duggar family grocery bill is a whopping $3,000 per month.

    5. Use energy efficient products. The Duggars outfitted their home with energy efficient light bulbs and appliances.Their monthly bill for water, utilities, and phone is just shy of $700.

    6. Make what you can at home. The Duggars make their own laundry soap costing about $2 for 10 gallons, which is significant given that they wash about 35 loads a week. Although they purchase diapers, they make their own wet wipes. They also bake their own bread from 50-pound bags of wheat.

    7. Scrutinize your bills. Jim Bob and Michelle ask for all of their bills to be itemized. They once noticed that a hospital had erroneously charged them for 86 bars of soap. "For hospital bills, phone bills, anything—ask for everything to be itemized," Michelle told She looks over her cell phone bills particularly closely, "They automatically put stuff on. We call and get them to take it off."

    8. Trim the budget of "extras." The Duggars give each other haircuts and limit their entertainment budget to $100 per month. On weekends they play broomball (a form of hockey) and take the kids to the playground or a park.</b>


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    Rihanna has unveiled a second teaser image for her highly anticipated music video to new single 'Where Have You Been'.

    The 'We Found Love' singer showed off the single's cover artwork last week, and treated fans to a black-and-white still from the video late last night (16th April).

    "And the countdown to "Where Have You Been" continues...," Rihanna posted on Facebook this evening (17th April). "Are you guys ready?"

    The 'You Da One' singer then uploaded a second black-and-white image, which sees Rihanna sporting a beehive style hairdo with her newly dyed dark brown hair.


    Rihanna Rules Out Rehab

    Rihanna says she will never end up in rehab because she thrives on pressure.

    The singing superstar - who shot to fame with Pon De Replay in 2005 after Jay-Z discovered her when she was just 16 - has taken the world by storm, but she admits she won't let the pressure get to her and end up at a treatment facility.

    Speaking about going into rehab she told Mondanite magazine: "That will never happen to me. I refuse to crack under pressure - in fact I thrive on it. So when I read about Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse who have suffered under it, it's sad. It is easy to criticise them but it happens. You just have to stay focused and keep your feet on the ground."

    The 23-year-old star also says she stays grounded by phoning her best friend.

    She said: "Staying down to earth in this industry in general is really not easy, but I am strong and when I feel lost or depressed on the road, I call my best friend Melissa. When I see people turning to drugs and alcohol, then that's when I call Melissa. She helps me get through things."


    Rihanna ready to fight for Adele

    Rihanna would take it "very personally" if someone told her they didn't like Adele.

    The Bajan beauty has previously joked about the "depth of [her] affection" for the talented British songstress, adding she only performed at the BRIT Awards earlier this year to "stalk her".

    Rihanna has now revealed that she doesn't take comments against Adele lightly, and has joked that she'd confront anyone who says a bad word about the star.

    "Well who doesn't like Adele? Honestly, if I find somebody who doesn't like Adele there will be trouble. I'd take that very personally!" she laughed in an interview with the UK edition of OK! magazine.

    Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

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    Logan Lerman and Douglas Smith hang out on the banks of a river in Vancouver, Canada on Monday (April 16). The two actors play half-brothers, Percy and Tyson, in the new movie, set to debut in theaters in 2013.

    Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters follows Percy (Lerman) as he and Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) head to the titular sea to find the mythical Golden Fleece, as well as to free Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) who has been captured there.

    (click to enlarge)

    LOLing already @ douglas but lbr i'm excited to see how they pull off making him a cyclops

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    Gavin DeGraw & Karina Smirnoff

    Source: My TV

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    Ex Warbler/ Dead eyes aka Chris Mann

    QUEEN no. 2 aka Lindsey Pavao

    TEAM BLAKE (slaying the charts)

    Hot Stuff aka Jermaine Paul

    Erin Willet

    Erin is the girl w/o the tats

    Princess Puppy dog eyes aka Ashley De la Rosa

    Ew at Pip. Excuse me glee project reject please stay far away from ashley.

    Taylor Swift aka Raelynn

    Source: Me, ontd and my shot glass

    Just gonna leave this here cause this was me when Jordis was eliminated

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    General Hospital fans have few fond memories from James Franco’s stints as serial killer Franco. However, months after his last scene on the soap aired, viewers and Port Charles residents are still being plagued by the black marks Franco left behind.

    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter profiling Francophrenia, the film star talks about his time on General Hospital and audience’s skepticism.

    "All I said was I wanted to be an artist and I wanted to be crazy."

    "I didn't know what would happen, it was just sort of an experiment, it was a way to just insert myself into this kind of foreign world that was also sort of related to my world," Franco explains.

    He was also interested in exploring the friction between what is perceived as highbrow (film) and lowbrow (soaps) entertainment. The parody in it all, the name Franco and serial killer identity, didn't come from any desire to poke fun at the world -- they came straight from the General Hospital writer's room. If there was any joke, everyone from the show was in on it.

    That sense of fun didn't extend to the audience. At first, the reception for his soap work was less than positive, and he got the creeping sense that he was seen as an impostor in the daytime world.

    The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, which runs April 18-29, will feature the North American premiere of Francophrenia (or, Don't Kill Me, I Know Where The Baby Is).


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    Tonight marks the last episode of Ringer’s first season — and likely of the TV series as well. Despite being The CW’s most anticipated new TV show of 2011-12, the series hasn’t been able to hold onto its audience.

    Ringer revolves around a former exotic dancer named Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who, after being the sole witness to a professional hit, reunites with her wealthy estranged twin, Siobhan. When Siobhan disappears, Bridget assumes her identity and discovers that her sister’s complicated life rivals her own. The show also features the talents of Nestor Carbonell, Mike Colter, Ioan Gruffudd, Zoey Deutch, Tara Summers, and Kristoffer Polaha).

    The series debuted to strong numbers (by CW standards anyway) with a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.84 million total viewers. That was pretty close to being on par with the smallest network’s most popular show, The Vampire Diaries.

    Unfortunately, the second episode of Ringer lost 25% in the demo and by the fourth installment, the series lost another 33%. Not good. It didn’t help that the network put the struggling series on hiatus for two months.

    The ratings have fluctuated somewhat over the course of the season but have been trending downward overall. The most recent episodes of Ringer have been bringing in a 0.4 demo rating and just over a million total viewers. Even by The CW’s standards, those are very bad numbers.

    While The CW gets revenue from other areas besides broadcast advertising — big deals from Netflix and Hulu, for example — the network still has to make choices about what to cancel and what to renew. If viewership of Ringer had been on the rise, it would have a chance at being renewed. As it stands now, it looks certain that tonight’s episode will be the last one.

    But what do you think? Is it time for Ringer to be cancelled or should there be a second season?


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  • 04/17/12--20:14: Paul Wesley

  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Paul Wesley is all smiles at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday (April 14) in Toronto, Canada.

    The 29-year-old Vampire Diaries star had quite the scare on Friday the 13 when his plane got struck by lightning!

    “[My wife and I] were flying to Toronto for a quick 24-hour trip, and we had a really amazing thing happen: Our plane got struck by lightning,” Paul said on Monday’s episode of Live! With Kelly. “There was a huge burst of light and this loud [noise].”

    Paul went on to say that he looked to his fellow passengers for comfort, “Who do I see? Joan Rivers!” he revealed. “She’s just sitting there staring at me. I thought, ‘This is it. I’m going down with Joan Rivers.’”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    lol at the Joan Rivers part.

    Had any scary experiences up in the air, ontd?


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    Female Metal band Kittie is currently on a long tour through North America. Tonight they are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they are playing at The Rave. As per Rave tradition, some concerts are broadcast live on their website. Tonight, Kittie and three of their opening bands (fourth band The Agonist is unable to make the tour until Winnipeg) are live on The Rave's website.

    Watch Here

    Currently, Montreal metal band Blackguard is setting up to hit the stage (around 10:30et). Kittie is planned to hit the stage around 11:45pm et.

    Under the cut, check out the tour dates for Candy Machine Guns, Bonded By Blood, The Agonist, Blackguard, and Kittie.

    4/17/12 Milwaukee, WI Rave
    4/18/12 St Paul, MN Station 4
    4/19/12 Winnipeg, MB Park Theatre
    4/20/12 Regina, SK The Exchange
    4/21/12 Edmonton, AL Pawn Shop
    4/22/12 Prince George, BC The Generator
    4/23/12 Vancouver, BC Red Room
    4/24/12 Seattle WA El Corazon
    4/25/12 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre
    4/26/12 San Francisco, CA The Grand Ballroom
    4/27/12 Anaheim, CA The Grove
    4/28/12 Bakersfield, CA Jerry's
    4/29/12 Las Vegas, NV Cheyenne Saloon
    4/30/12 Salt Lake City, UT Vertigo
    5/1/12 Englewood, CO Moe's
    5/2/12 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater
    5/3/12 Odessa, TX Dos Amigos
    5/4/12 Dallas, TX Trees
    5/5/12 Houston, TX Scout Bar
    5/6/12 Tyler, TX Clicks
    5/7/12 Oklahoma City, OK The Roxy
    5/8/12 Tulsa, OK Marquee
    5/9/12 Kansas City, MO The Beaumont Club
    5/10/12 St Louis, MO The Firebird
    5/11/12 Joliet, Il Mojoes
    5/12/12 Detroit, MI Blondie's
    5/13/12 Cleveland, OH Peabody's
    5/14/12 West Springfield, VA Jaxx
    5/15/12 Baltimore, MD Soundstage
    5/16/12 New York, NY The Gramercy Theatre
    5/17/12 Hampton Beach, NH Wallys Pub
    5/18/12 Worcester, MA Tammany Hall
    5/19/12 Boston, MA Middle East Downstairs
    5/20/12 Auburn, ME Club Texas
    5/21/12 Montreal, QUE FouFounes
    5/22/12 Ottawa, ON Mavericks
    5/23/12 Hartford, CT Webster Theater
    5/24/12 Trenton, NJ Championship Bar and Grill
    5/25/12 Providence, RI The Ruins at Coliseum

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    Azealia Signs With Gaga's Manager!!!

    Troy Carter adds the much-hyped newcomer rapper to his client roster; "Broke With Expensive Taste," her debut album for Interscope, is due out in September.

    Newcomer Azealia Banks, who signed to Universal Music in January, is being represented by Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter.

    The rapper's debut album for Interscope, Broke With Expensive Taste, is slated for release in September. The 20-year-old Harlem native was previously signed to XL Recordings, home to Adele, and famously parted ways with the label citing conflicting creative visions.

    After the split, Banks self-released the highly hyped track "212" in December and momentum has only built since then.

    ♡ maybe her EP will come out now 

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    Haven’t had your fill of Pokémon Black/White 2 information yet? No worries, following on the heels of the recent announcement trailer, have captured the Black/White 2 segment from the latest episode of Pokémon Smash. That’s over 7 minutes of footage from the games:

    Pokémon Black/White 2 are slated for release on June 23rd in Japan. North America and Europe will get the games this fall.


    To buy or not to buy....that is the question...

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    - They are given an option to "buzz" if a question has been asked/or they don't want to answer it (boy do they use it!)
    - Female DJ called Liam, Louis.. lol.
    - When asked about how old is too old, Liam and Louis look at each other and say, "I think it was around the time.." "..yeah it was around the time."
    - When it comes to older women, Louis stops at 23 and Liam says, "Anything below 25"
    - Talked about tantrums and surfing.
    - Louis being the captain of his football (soccer) team.
    - Liam's kidney issue, Louis fractured knee.
    - Farting in front of mums and girlfriends.
    - Are they obliged to pay for everything when their with their friends now?
    - Liam doesn't drink (ok new info for me, no wonder why he has that body--but Hazza too!)


    The interviewer called Liam Louis, lol. BUZZER! How old is too old? They stop at 25. Bless them.

    0 0



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  • 04/17/12--21:59: Guess Who I Met Tonight

  • Alexis from Sleigh Bells!

    She was amazing and it was definitely one of the best shows I've ever been to. It was fucking awesome.

    She drew a bunch of cocks on some kids face and met every single person waiting in line, despite the fact that she had laryngitis. I told her she was radiant!

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    "I don’t get that whole ‘Oh, what would have happened if I hadn’t pursued acting?’ thing,” says Anna Chlumsky, forking her way through a crêpe at Chelsea’s Le Grainne, where I’d found her quietly reading The Importance of Being Earnest. “I don’t get that itch.” Which is probably because she’s been leading a normal life that most former successful child actors can only imagine living. The 31-year-old Fort Greene resident makes her premium-cable debut this week as Amy Brookheimer, the young chief of staff to Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s vice-president, in HBO’s new political sitcom, Veep. It’s her most prominent role since she starred opposite Macaulay Culkin in the 1991 coming-of-age dramedy My Girl, became instantly famous at age 10, then disappeared from Hollywood’s radar almost as quickly. It wasn’t by choice: Parts dried up, she says, “when T&A started to grow,” which casting directors mistook for fat.

    A more traditional post-child-stardom career might have taken her to rehab or through SUV doors sans undergarments, but after attending a Lutheran high school in Melrose Park, Illinois, and majoring in international studies at the University of Chicago, Chlumsky moved to New York and found work as a fact-checker for Zagat. She hated the job and remembers lunch breaks during which she’d “cry and then get chocolate.” Her next gig, as an editorial assistant at a fantasy imprint at HarperCollins, was more her speed. A self-admitted nerd, Chlumsky spent her free time practicing kung fu, managing ­fantasy-football teams, and, occasionally, publicly krumping: “There are songs where no matter how much you know you shouldn’t—like the Ying Yang Twins’ ‘Shake’—I’ll be in a dress, and I’ll krump to it. It’s horrible!”

    Eventually, though, she began to miss acting. Seeing Broadway shows made her nostalgic. There were gentle nudges from friends. Once in a nail salon, Roberta Flack, of all people, told Chlumsky she needed to get back in the business. Chlumsky bristled. “I was like, ‘No, I don’t,’ but then I was like, Why would I be resentful of something Roberta Flack told me? It wasn’t until after a long talk with her husband, Shaun, that she finally realized she wanted back in. “I can’t be the grandma with my grandkid on my knee telling them to follow their dreams and have them say, ‘Did you?’ and go, ‘No, I didn’t, but you should.’ ”

    Not that it was easy. Chlumsky had to trade martial arts for Bikram yoga because she couldn’t afford insurance and was nervous about flying fists. Her new agent bluntly told her she needed training, so she enrolled at Manhattan’s Atlantic Acting School—to relearn, as she sees it, something that had come naturally the first time around. “Kids are truthful by nature,” Chlumsky explains. “When moms and dads put their kids in acting class, good luck. Because you’re just filling them with stuff they don’t need yet.”

    Roles came slowly at first, but Chlumsky eventually landed a 2007 episode of 30 Rock and a part in British director Armando Iannucci’s 2009 black comedy, In the Loop, about the machinations leading up to America’s invasion of Iraq, which is the source material for Veep (Iannucci created the show, too). In Loop, a brunette Chlumsky played a zhlubbily dressed low-level State Department official. In Veep, her character is blonde, wears J.Crew and Theory suits (just one considered, careerist tick below her boss’s level of stylishness), and is higher up on the political food chain. “I kind of feel like I got promoted,” she says.

    Chlumsky was the only member of Loop’s cast rehired for Veep. She’s not sure why, but says her deadpan approach to comedy provides a counterweight for the antics of the series’ wackier characters. “I never want to play for a laugh, because the second you play for a laugh, you’re not in the moment.”

    She may be a subtle presence onscreen, but Chlumsky is hammy off it: She talks with big gestures and slips into a self-mocking falsetto when discussing things like her “craft.” “That’s the vaudevillian [in me],” she says, remembering a childhood audition for a production of Annie when she ended her song on one knee, Jolson style. It also seems like nervousness for someone wise enough not to get too comfortable with success. When she tells me a director she’d worked with before on the shows Cupid and White Collar had suggested her for a guest role on an upcoming episode of Army Wives, she squeals: “Oooh! Sorry, I just had a moment. Holy shit, that’s really neat!”

    The best part about the repeat bookings is that they have nothing to do with My Girl. Still, she says, she understands why she’ll forever be associated with her first, most famous gig. “People look to you to replace a part in their lives that they can’t get back,”
    she says. “You can’t get the past back, you can’t do it. We’ve all tried.” As we pay the check, our waitress tells Chlumsky, “I gotta tell you, you look exactly the same.” She smiles politely and walks outside into a sunny spring afternoon.

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    >From the looks of things, Pokémon has taken another shift in its gameplay. Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS title, Pokémon Conquest, is looking much like a Final Fantasy Tactics rather than the normal Turn-based RPG we have grown rather accustomed to.

    Three-on-three battles in Black and White have really taken Pokémon battling to another level. But what if I told you that in Pokémon Conquest, you’ll be battling with your entire team all at once instead? That’s right! What’s more is that the setting has all but changed from the fantasy lands of Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Hoenn, to a whole new one altogether. This time around, the game will feature an interesting (and never before seen) crossover between Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise and Tecmo Koei’s series of Nobunaga’s Ambition strategy titles, bringing Pokéballs into the hands of a “feudal Japan”.

    Pokémon fans are always interested in playing in new environments and experiencing new adventures,” said Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, Scott Moffitt, “Pokémon Conquest gives them an entirely new way to enjoy this beloved series…

    Turn-based games are any Pokémon game’s specialty, which Conquest has taken to a whole new level of its own because of its “tactics” gameplay. Providing previously unthinkable six-on-six battles to the series, players will use the traditional Pokémon type strengths and weaknesses to implement classic Pokémon strategies. Housing almost 200 Pokémon, the game world will also be split into 17 kingdoms, each unique to a famous Nobunaga's Ambition general and their Pokémon companion (If Mewtwo was a creation from a scientific experiment, what in God’s name is he doing here?).

    No official word on any co-op or multiplayer aspects of this game so far, but as with all Pokémon games, the added bonus of linking up and battling your friends has always been available to us (remember those God awful “Link Cables”?). Of any game series out there, Pokémon has the best connectivity and multiplayer options that most games wish they had. I doubt Nintendo would make this title any less different.

    Again, since we won’t be having a Pokémon title come out this April (has been a common release month for the Pokémon series), we’ll just have to wait until Pokémon Conquest will be hitting the shelves come June 18th.


    Someone said they didn't know about this, and I noticed the video hadn't been posted yet - so here it is~

    I'm gonna buy it release day, probably.

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