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    Spending a Night Out

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    Leaving/Returning to Her Hotel

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    britney-spears-coming-out-with-fantasy-stage-edition-fragrance-03 (1)


    TanNEY also posted this cute pic on her Twitter

    Also check out this hot He About To Lose Me/Alien mash up


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    KeKe Palmer is standing up for justice and telling her young fans to think before you post!

    When 16 year old Jada went to a house party she had no idea it would change her life. After receiving a drink, which she now believes was spiked, from the young man hosting the party, Jada passed out. It wasn’t until the Texas teen logged onto Twitter did she realize the gravity of what happened to her. Images of Jada’s naked and unconscious body were created into a meme, posted on social media and went viral with the hashtag “JadaPose” — it was then that the high school junior realized she had been sexually assaulted.

    Now, the brave teen is speaking out and many others are rallying in support turning #JadaPose into #JusticeForJada.


    When HipHollywood stopped by the taping of “Just KeKe” we spoke to KeKe Palmer about Jada’s story and what could be done so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. “People gotta think more about the stuff they post,” KeKe stated, “everything your doing can connect to everyone and I don’t think people realize the power in that.”

    As of right now, Jada’s rapist has not been arrested. However, Jada hopes that her story will help bring her attacker and others like him to justice.


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    Cheryl Cole has married her French boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

    The X Factor judge broke the news that she tied the knot with Fernandez-Versini on July 7 by sharing a picture of her wedding ring on Instagram.

    She wrote in a caption on Sunday (July 13): "I usually do not discuss my personal life but to stop the speculation I want to share my happy news.

    "Jean-Bernard and I married on 7/7/14… We are very happy and excited to move forward with our lives together."

    The couple were first reported to be romantically involved three months ago, although Cole had previously refrained from speaking about their relationship publicly.


    Classy as ever. ONTD, would you get married after 3 months?

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    Screenwriter expresses doubt over prospects for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4, Sinister Six, and Venom

    In the lead up to the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony seemed to have a clear plan in place for the future of their Marvel franchise, setting release dates of 2016 and 2018 for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4, as well as announcing spin-offs for Venom and The Sinister Six. However, speaking to IGN, screenwriter Roberto Orci has indicated that Sony’s plans are far from set in stone.

    “I don’t know what their plans are for that franchise,” said Orci, when asked how his recent split from regular writing partner Alex Kurtzman will impact his continued involvement with the series. “I don’t ever want to say never, but we have to figure out what their scheduling is in terms of when they want each movie. I’ve read probably as much as anyone else. There’s a love for the Sinister Six, the idea of Venom — there’s an idea of Spider-Man’s going to be one of these characters that’s part of our business. He’s such a popular character. Spider-Man’s not going to go away any time soon. When it all happens and how and all that has yet to be determined.”

    Orci – who is set to make his directorial debut with Star Trek 3– then went on to reveal that he’s “not officially involved” in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, despite the fact that he, Kurzman and Jeff Pinkner were initially announced as penning the script for the threequel. So, at this point, it seems that the wall-crawler’s next outing is up in the air somewhat, and it remains to be seen whether Sony can get its act together in time for its planned 2016 release date.


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    Ever since NBC announced it was taking on DC Comics’ character of snarky John Constantine, aka Hellblazer, some fans have wondered: Will the broadcast TV version played by Matt Ryan this fall be bisexual like in the comics? When asked about this at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour Sunday, executive producer Daniel Cerone ran down the various editions of the character that have existed since the demon fighter was introduced in 1985 to suggest his sexuality is not a crucial aspect of the character (nearly all of the character’s relationships in the comics have been with women).“In those comic books, John Constantine aged in real time,” he said. “Within this tome of three decades [of comics] there might have been one or two issues where he’s seen getting out of bed with a man. So [maybe] 20 years from now? But there are no immediate plans.”

    The 2005 movie version of Constantine starring Keanu Reeves didn’t go there either. But then there’s the matter of Constantine’s love of tobacco. His heavy smoking is very much a part of the character (both the comics and the film included a storyline where the character gets terminal lung cancer and then tries to cheat death). For the show, producers say Constantine is indeed a smoker … just don’t expect to actually see him smoking. Producers say there’s not much they can do about this due to network content standards.

    “He is a smoker in the show, we’re not shying away from it, but we’re not glorifying it,” executive producer David S. Goyer said.

    When a reporter pressed what that means, exactly — do we see the guy smoking or not? — Cerone added, “That’s a question you probably should ask the network afterward, but they’re beholden to broadcast standards. So we get it. We know the universe that we’re existing within and, trust me, we heard pitches from all different camps — ‘Let’s give him a patch’ or ‘he eats a lot of gum.’”

    “We thought [showing him] having to snub something out is more truthful,” Goyer said.

    So in the often bewildering world of broadcast standards, a man can cut his own face off and feed it to dogs (plus eat his nose) on Friday nights on NBC’s Hannibal … but apparently not puff on a cigarette on Friday nights on NBC’s Constantine.

    “It’s like, look, he’s a smoker,” Cerone said. “We’re on network television, so we’re limited to what we can do and what we can show. But within that framework we’re going to be very honest to the character … I believe Constantine has a very healthy sex life, we’re not going to see that on TV either.”

    The producers noted they did insist to NBC that Constantine should be blond, English and scruffy — so they won those massive creative battles at least!

    Producers also announced telenovela star Angelica Celaya has been cast in the show to play Zed, the show’s female lead, replacing co-lead Lucy Griffiths.


    I get that his bisexuality was a mere throwaway line in the comics...but it would have been cool to have an openly bisexual character headline an NBC show...

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    One little software update later, and Apple TV owners will now get to bask in all of the extra content that, previously, only those purchasing movies via the desktop- or laptop-based iTunes application could enjoy.

    That's right — iTunes Extras are now viewable directly on your Apple TV. This concept of a shared experience across devices is an important part of the entire iTunes ecosystem that Apple has been a smidge slow to improve. Although iTunes Extras debuted in 2009, it's taken just shy of five years for them to make it to the Apple TV; longer still to make to iOS (it's expected that iTunes Extras will hit iOS 8 with the new operating system's release this fall).

    We don't mean to get overexcited. These are just movie extras, typically coming in the form of some kind of director commentary, some extra images, behind-the-scenes tidbits, et cetera. You know, the kind of thing one usually skips over on a Blu-Ray until one has watched one's favorite movie 35 times and finally feels like firing up some of the bonus content (for lack of anything else to do).

    That said, the availability of iTunes Extras does nicely coincide with the extraordinarily fast digital release of Bong Joon-Ho's Snowpiercer movie. The sci-fi-on-a-train film hit theaters as part of a limited release on June 27, and is now already available on iTunes in addition to a wide list of digital competitors: Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and the movie stores on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

    "The launch coincided really well with Snowpiercer because we were launching in their platform at the time when they are really bringing extras to the front," Caroline McKenzie, director of marketing for Radius-TWC, in an interview with USA Today.

    Another part of Apple's push on iTunes Extras is the exclusivity factor: Namely, that Apple is hoping that interested viewers will purchase films via its iTunes platform if they can receive exclusive content when doing so. Enter, Snowpiercer; the exclusive additional bits of content attached to the film might not matter that much to your average movie-watcher (we speculate), but they might very well tip the scales in Apple's favor for those who want to get their hands on as much content about a film they're interested in— especially if the iTunes version cost just as much as the purchasable versions from Apple's rivals.

    To get started with all of these movie extras, you only have to ensure that your Apple TV is fully updated to the latest version. It should do this automatically; if not, you can trigger a manual update by going to Settings > General > Update Software. From there, just fire up a film (with extras) and indicate that you want to watch the special features instead of the main flick.

    ( SOURCE )

    Hate to say it, ONTD, but... I told you that this movie would SLAY.

    The Engine is forever! The Engine is eternal!

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    when will your favs do something this good?

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    Adriana Lima and Rihanna snap a selfie while watching the 2014 World Cup held at the Maracana on Sunday (July 13) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The two ladies have been big fans of the World Cup since it started last month – they both documented the games on their Twitter pages!

    “Congrats to my German boyz! This was the most epic experience of my entire life! You guys made me so proud to be here” Rihanna tweeted from the game. Germany won the game 1-0 against Argentina.

    Also pictured inside: Rihanna all dolled up in a black dress that same day at the Budweiser Hotel in Copacabana Beach in Rio and arriving at the stadium to watch the game.

    25+ pictures at the source of Adriana Lima and Rihanna at the World Cup final…

    Also, yasss @ me for being in ONTD at last...

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    Cheryl Cole has married her boyfriend of three months, Frenchman Jean Bernard.

    The news was first broken by The Sun newspaper. Cole then confirmed the reports on Instagram and Facebook, posting a picture of her wedding ring accompanied by a message, revealing she was married a week ago.

    "I usually do not discuss my personal life but to stop the speculation I want to share my happy news... Jean-Bernard and I married on 7/7/14.. We are very happy and excited to move forward with our lives together.."

    The former Girls Aloud singer is believed to have tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony on the island of Mustique, in Barbados.

    A source told The Sun the couple exchanged vows in front of just four guests, including the 'Fight For This Love' hitmaker's mother Joan Callaghan.

    The singer posted the image of her wedding ring on her Instagram and Facebook pages to confirm the news of her marriage.Cheryl Cole / Facebook
    The 31-year-old began dating the 33-year-old restaurant owner in April and went public with their relationship at the Cannes International Film Festival a month later.

    The relationship progressed rapidly, with Jean Bernard moving into the singer's luxury mansion in the UK last month.

    A source told The Mirror newspaper the restaurateur was eager to make Cole his wife. ''Their relationship has really hotted up, and he's a very impulsive guy. 'He thinks the two of them are perfect together and would love to marry her.

    "To people who don't know him it might seem rushed but he's a passionate Frenchman - he wears his heart on his sleeve.''

    The 'X Factor' judge, split from dancer Tre Holloway seven months ago,

    She was previously married to footballer Ashley Cole for four years from 2006 -2010. The pair divorced amid reports of his infidelities.

    Sources: 1&2

    Sorry mods, added more info in this one

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    Your first American Horror Story: Freak Show teaser is here and… Surprise! It's terrifying. Oh, it's also fake. FX confirmed the teaser is fan-made and no teasers for Freak Show have been released.
    The new fan-made promo, which doesn't feature any main stars, sets up the sideshow feel just right with a "fallen angel." Of course it's not a real angel. We think. But this is American Horror Story, so maybe?!
    The quick spot features an "angel" rising on stage is complete with one scary as $#*! clown and some nasty scars. Yes, it's appropriate to be weirded out and excited at the same time.


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    I will laugh so hard if Sarah's goth sister Amber kills her. they are just bringing EVERYBODY back. Hoyt, Terry, etc

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    A whole year after splitting with rock star royalty Zoë Kravitz (and eight months after possibly getting back together in Italy) it seems that former Gossip Girl star — or, should I say (spoiler alert), former Gossip Girl himself — Penn Badgley is dating again. This, of course, isn’t surprising; seven months is a long time, and Badgley is a young, attractive actor. It’s whom he’s dating, though, that’s the shocker: According to Us Weekly (who offered a set of paparazzi photos to back it up), Penn Badgley is dating Domino Kirke, who, in addition to being the older sister to Girls star Jemima Kirke, is also the daughter of Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke as well as a rather accomplished musician herself. Hey, Badgley’s got a type!

    The two were spotted hanging out in NYC together looking very much the couple recently, fueling rumors that they’re dating. According to a source speaking about the pair to Us: “They’ve been dating for awhile. They have a number of mutual friends. It is a very mature and free relationship…Domino is a great girl for him, being a musician. Their interests align.” Considering Badgley has been more and more actively attempting to pursue a music career of his own (he’s the lead in a new band called Mother, and their songs are actually quite good so far) this makes sense — and it’s nice to see he’s happy after splitting with Kravitz last year.

    According to Domino's website, she is currently part of a band called DOMINO alongside an old friend, and is currently performing in and around NYC. They have toured with the likes of Lily Allen and were featured in Lena Dunham's indie hit, Tiny Furniture.

    Check out photos of the couple’s NYC date below. I’m not the sappy type, but gotta admit, they make a good couple.

    Also, being the type of person I am (which is to say, a Gossip Girl fan turned Girls fan) this basically means that Badgley needs to appear on Girls, right? He’s dating one of the lead stars’ sisters, and he consistently looks like he just stepped off the streets of Williamsburg or Greenpoint in Brooklyn — kind of a no brainer. Maybe he could portray one of the writers at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop that Hannah is apparently going to attend for at least some of the season! After all, he does have experience playing a writer…kind of.


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    Sofia Vergara wraps her arm around new beau Joe Manganiello while celebrating her birthday in this brand new pic posted on Instagram!

    The 42-year-old Colombian actress and the 37-year-old actor celebrated her birthday at celeb hotspot Nobu in Malibu with her niece on Thursday (July 10). Happy Belated Birthday Sofia!

    “Gracias Ale for my bday!” Sofia wrote on WhoSay on the same night.


    not posted. only this was.

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    Bethenny Frankel seems ready to enjoy the benefits of being the mother of a little girl! The 43-year-old former reality star and talk show host posed for a strange Instagram snap, in which she wore her 4-year-old daughter Bryn's Hello Kitty pajamas.

    "This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?" she captioned the picture in the tiny attire.

    While some took the image as a joke, other Instagram commenters were concerned by the message Frankel might be sending to her young daughter.

    "I would just caution doing this as she gets more impressionable," one commenter noted. "She needs to develop a healthy self image because she may not have all of your genes…and it won't be obvious to you, but it will look as though you are competing with her."

    After years of battling a nasty divorce case with husband Jason Hoppy, the pair finally settled the custody portion of the suit in June.

    "My client is delighted that this custody dispute has been resolved; that his co-parenting status has been acknowledged; that the parties' child will have the benefit of being raised by both parents; and most importantly, that his daughter will no longer be at the mercy of a high-profile courtroom battle," Hoppy's attorney Bernard Clair told Us in a statement at the time.


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    She looked very fit while running around Los Angeles on set of Shameless on Friday.
    But Emmy Rossum joked that she had a hard time delivering her lines while out of breath.
    The actress was spotted filming with Cameron Monaghan, while showing off her flat stomach and slender legs in a black sports bra and blue shorts.

    ‘Filming a scene today where Fiona and Ian are jogging and talking,’ she tweeted that morning to update her 418,000 followers.

    ‘I'm sorry. People can actually speak while running?! #shameless’

    To top off her workout wear, Emmy wore a pair of red trainers, and had her brunette locks tied in a ponytail. She appeared to be make-up free, although was likely wearing a little for the cameras. Emmy wisely decided to protect her porcelain skin from the harsh rays of the sun while spending a good deal of time outside, as she strolled under an umbrella.

    Once she had finished shooting, the 27-year-old slipped on a grey T-shirt and headed into a trailer.

    In the scene, Emmy and Cameron, 20, push their on-screen half-brother Liam as well as another child in a stroller.


    Cameron is also dressed in gym gear in the form of a green tank top, grey shorts and matching trainers.

    On Monday, Emmy posted a photo on Instagram of her character Fiona getting hit with a drink as she revealed cameras were rolling on the Shameless set again.


    ‘Season 5 starts filming today. It's a true Gallagher summer. Let's hope it goes better for Fiona than last time we saw her during summer,’ she wrote.

    Aside from Shameless, Emmy has three films out this year.



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    Source 1
    Source 2


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    The young heroes come to the rescue on the big screen Nov. 7.

    When the city of San Fransokyo is in danger, a group of youngsters comes together to take down evil, science-style, in the Disney/Marvel animated film Big Hero 6 (in theaters Nov. 7). Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams give USA TODAY's Brian Truitt the rundown on this new superhero team.

    Hiro Hamada (voiced by Ryan Potter)

    Like the 18-year-old playing him, Hiro is a half-Japanese, half-Caucasian kid with energy to spare. Luckily for his hometown, though, Hiro is also a super-genius who turns his nurse robot, Baymax, into a formidable, action-movie presence when a threat arises. And while he doesn't have any actual superpowers per se, Hiro dons a flight suit with a red circle on the glove that magnetically connects to the back of Baymax, and they can act as a tag team in battle, Hall says. "They're symbiotic in that way."

    Scott Adsit provides the voice of nursing robot Baymax, who's outfitted to be a superhero.(Photo: Disney)
    Baymax (Scott Adsit)

    Because the character was so special to the filmmakers, they cast a wide net to find the right performer. Adsit, a comedian and former star of 30 Rock, brings both comedy and humanity to Baymax, who evolves from a passive robot into a figure ready for a fight. Adsit has such sharp timing, Williams says, that "there are moments when there's real emotion that seems to poke through without breaking the rules of Baymax being a robot."
    Voiced by T.J. Miller, fanboy Fred comes off like a laid-back dude with no direction.(Photo: Disney)
    Fred (T.J. Miller)

    Miller, a scholar of storytelling and comedy, melds humor and nerdiness for Fred, a big sci-fi and comic-book geek, Hall says. Fred's really into monster movies, and he inhabits a huge, tentacled "Fredzilla" creature suit — piloted from one of its three eyes — that's designed to be an homage to Godzilla and other Japanese kaiju movies of old. It can do some amazing things, too, Hall says. "He can jump really high, and he breathes wicked fire out of that mouth."
    Jamie Chung steps up as the voice of GoGo Tomago, who knows what it takes to be fast.(Photo: Disney)
    Go Go Tomago (Jamie Chung)

    Hall wanted a woman of few words for the group, and Go Go is a laconic Clint Eastwood type and industrial-engineering student who's pretty tough from the get-go. "The rest of the team are pretty hapless initially," he says. "She's the only one who can take care of herself." She has also developed a bike with magnetic-levitation technology, which Hiro incorporates into her supersuit. "She can roll around on these mag-lev discs, and they can detach on a whim and become blades she can throw."
    Genesis Rodriguez was called on to help bring Honey Lemon to life.(Photo: Disney)
    Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez)

    A chemistry student, Honey is the glue that holds the group together because of her empathetic, sweet personality and positive attitude. While that — and her girlie duds — doesn't exactly scream superhero material, she goes through one of the sharpest evolutions of the bunch, Williams says. Plus, Rodriguez herself is smart and was into science and robotics in school, Hall adds. "She brings some of that goofy, slightly geeky but joyful thing to the character."

    Damon Wayans Jr. provides the voice of Wasabi, who is committed to precision and has lasers coming out of his arms.(Photo: Disney)
    Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.)

    This poor guy doesn't know what to do when first faced with battling evil, though he does have really cool plasma-induced lasers that come out of his arms. "When those things turn on, they can cut through anything," Hall says. The conservative dude is the most cautious about his do-gooder role. "He's this huge guy, but his whole thing is precision and rules, and by the end of the movie, he moves away from that and embraces the chaos of what being a superhero is all about."


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    Ariana Grande penned an open letter to fans following the official cancellation of Sam & Cat:
    "So the news is out about Sam & Cat. I felt it wasn’t my place to make any sort of announcement so I kept quiet until now. I want to thank Nickelodeon for making a childhood dream of mine come true, for being a family to me, for being so accommodating and supportive of my multitasking with my music career, and for of course introducing me to many of my fans however many years ago. I want to thank Dan Schneider (@DanWarp) for allowing me to play such a special, beautiful character who I hid behind for so long. What I mean by that is when I was younger, people loved Cat so much I used to pretend to be more like her. It took me a long time to be brave enough to separate myself and show people how different we actually are…. I think that’s honestly because I admire her so much. Her appreciation for life and everybody she encounters. Her passion and genuine excitement for the little things that most people dread like school projects and work. She always saw negative obstacles as opportunities to make things good.

    I will always hold Cat near and dear to my heart and appreciate her help in my personal growth from teenager to adult. I know she seems like a simple, daft character (and she is) but she played such a huge part in my life I just wanted to express my appreciation for her and share some of the things I love most about her. I think a lot of people could take a page out of her book…… she wouldn’t judge anybody by their appearance…. she believed the best in people…. she wasn’t afraid of anything or anybody…. she never let people’s judgements hold her back from doing what she wanted, acting how she wanted, dressing how she wanted wanted, dying her hair however she wanted… she never held back her enthusiasm or joy for fear of appearing some sort of way or for fear of jinxing the good that is real (which is something I personally do all the time but I wish I could shake that and celebrate every little thing like she does).

    One of my favorite things about Cat was that she never lost her sense of wonder. As we grow up we become more and more jaded and fearful of how we come across. We hold back a little more, protect ourselves a little more and although Cat goes through the same ridicule as anybody else does growing up, she never changed or lost her childlike wonder. To me that’s the bravest, most special thing about her. She actually reminds me a lot of Frankie in that way.

    So I know a lot of people will think this is a lot for some ‘dumb’ kids show character…. but to me she is actually a lot smarter, stronger and braver than all the rest of us.

    Hopefully we’ll find out one day if Cat & Robbie ever got married. If I had any say in the story from here on out I’d make sure they were happily married with sweet, eccentric, Jewish, artificially red headed babies. Cat would constantly find herself reminding Aunt Sam to leave the butter sock and other dangerous weapons out of the house. They’d live down the street from Jade and Beck, also happily married with purple and black haired, pale, grungy, beautiful, goth babies. :)

    Thank you to the cast and crew who I spent almost every day with for a good 4 or 5 years. Thanks for lighting us beautifully, shooting us beautifully, making the most incredible props, yelling at us when we were running late to set, keeping us on track and most of all for making it such a positive work environment. The guys behind the scenes couldn’t have been more pleasant or hard working and I appreciate them for that so much. I can’t imagine that there is a more pleasant or professional crew in Hollywood.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to a true friend of mine, Dan Schneider. I will never take these memories or lessons learned for granted.

    Lastly, thank you to my fans who have been with me since all of this started… you are the most loyal, dedicated and continuously loving supporters I could ever imagine. We’ve been through so much and you are still here… and we’ve got a long way to go. :)
    Thank you for believing in me, accepting me and loving me. I love you forever."

    this was sweet & yes to the Beck/Jade shout out

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