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    THE ABCS OF DEATH 2 hasn’t even hit screens yet and already it’s generating its share of controversy, courtesy of Vancouver’s Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska.

    Over the weekend, the film’s Facebook page posted an image from The Soskas’ segment for the upcoming anthology sequel and if this behind-the-scenes glimpse is any indication, it’s going to be one hell of an uncomfortable ride for certain members of the audience (read: dudes). The picture is the very definition of NSFW and was almost immediately pulled by Facebook for being “too graphic”.To wit, take one very specific part of the male anatomy, truss it up like a Hellraiser-themed Christmas decoration and you’ll be on the right track. (Seriously, we can’t stress this enough – NSFW! You click, then that’s on you.)

    THE ABCS OF DEATH 2 is set for release later this year from Magnet Releasing. Be sure to follow the film’s progress on their Facebook page (or Twitter, where they’re not so fussy about such red-band style shenanigans).

    NSFW pic here



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    1. Dave Franco

    2. Kris Jenner

    3. Michael Cera

    4. Jeremy Renner

    5. Macklemore

    6. Kirsten Stewart

    7. Shailene Woodley

    8. Jason Briggs

    9. Robin Thicke

    10. Anne Hathaway


    1. Josh Hutcherson

    2. Mindy Kaling

    3. Ansel Elgort

    4. Zooey Deschanel

    5. Leonardo DiCaprio

    6. Katie Holmes

    7. Carrie Underwood

    8. Kevin Jonas

    9. Katy Perry

    10. Jimmy Fallon


    1. Lorde

    2. Niall Horan

    3. Robert Downy Jr.

    4. Taylor Swift

    5. Jim Parsons

    6. Tina Fey

    7. Channing Tatum

    8. Natalie Portman

    9. Peter Dinklage

    10. Morgan Freeman


    1. Rachel Bilson

    2. Matt Damon

    3. Elton John

    4. Meryl Streep

    5. Emma Stone

    6. Jennifer Lawrence

    7. Adele

    8. Nick Jonas

    9. Andrew Garfield how qt he and emma obv met while studying

    10. Aaron Paul

    Tilda Swinton as Headmistres


    dunno how I feel abt this tbh. tho r/mylittlepony/ thinks he's wearing it ~ironically~ bc he's young & hip. better rainbowdash than derpy?
    Keeping their love of racing alive and well, Rupert and his father Nigel were today spotted watching the qualifying races (and Hamilton's shock sixth place finish) for this week's Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone, alongside none other than Michael Fassbender.

    rly diggin this hat tho ngl



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    On Monday, the fabric of society was shredded by a solitary photograph. When Zac Efron kissed Michelle Rodriguez on a boat in Italy, "Zachelle" was officially born (I voted for "Michfron"), inciting a frenzy of shocked fans who simply could not believe they were together.

    The world seemed to stop spinning all because High School Musical kissed Blue Crush. Because no one saw it coming. She was supposedly with Cara Delevingne; he was supposedly too busy taking his shirt off to fall in love. Kreskin smoking PCP in a sensory deprivation tank wouldn't have been able to predict those two as a couple.

    But you needn't worry that Zachelle will be the final undoing of western civilization (the Comfort Wipe is still in the lead for that accomplishment). It's not the first time the world has collectively gasped and blurted out "Wait, those two are a couple?" Here is our look at the most bizarre, unholy, world-ending celebrity couples of all time.

    Sandra Bullock and that gross mechanic Nazi guy

    Sometimes your friends (or complete strangers who irrationally obsess about your private life on the Internet) try to tell you that the guy you are hooking up with is wrong for you. But you don't want to listen because Paula Abdul and a dancing fucking cat once said "Opposites Attract," so LALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, HATERS. But Paula Abdul is completely full of shit and so is that cat.

    Sandra Bullock found that out the hard way after she married "outlaw" glorified motorcycle mechanic and all-around shitty person Jesse James. This coupling was equivalent of that time when you were a little kid and wanted to have some Lucky Charms but there was no milk in the fridge. So you decided to use orange juice instead because you were a genius who figured out that juice tastes awesome and Lucky Charms taste awesome so obviously combining them was a no-brainer. ( How come mom never figured this out, you smugly said to yourself.) Everything was fine until the spoon hit your mouth then all your childhood dreams collapsed on your tongue. That "DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF" moment when your taste buds became the Three Mile Island of flavor is exactly what Bullock experienced the second she realized she was married to a philandering asshole who had a thing for Nazis. This isn't a guy who should be marrying one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. This is a guy who should be convincing you to upgrade your motor oil brand at the Walmart Auto Center.

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

    It's easy to look back at all the couch jumping and accusations of brain washing and forget that these were just two crazy kids who spontaneously fell in love and weren't trying bolster their own careers or anything. Watching their "love story" unfold was the equivalent of shotgunning a Four Loko and watching a Maya Deren film in reverse. People were more skeptical of this relationship than climate change deniers are of everything comes out of Bill Nye's mouth.

    Emilia Clarke and Seth MacFarlane

    No, no, no, Khaleesi, no, what are you doing? You must stay away from the Man of a Thousand Boob jokes. You are the Mother of Dragons. He is the guy who made a bulimia joke at the Oscars.

    Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

    True fact: When I saw the first headline about their relationship, I went to Snopes to make sure it wasn't an elaborate Internet hoax. If Michelle Obama held a press conference tomorrow and said she was divorcing the president to marry the resurrected rotting carcass of Mussolini, I would be less horrified than I am by this relationship. The Cornballer seems like a more stable thing to be around than this coupling.

    Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen

    This celebrity hookup was so utterly WTF it ended up being its own crazy reality show. They first met on VHI's Surreal Life 3 and fell madly in love. They genuinely seemed to enjoy doing lots of drugs and being on television spending time together. It was like a relationship created by a six-year-old on an Etch-a-Sketch. It looks like a big, hot mess but when you take a step back, it's actually kind of beautiful. Then you're compelled to shake the shit out of it and pray that your brain will forever unsee what it was just exposed to. Actually, this might be one of the greatest love stories of all time. Fuck The Notebook; I'll take Strange Love as my romance guidebook any day of the week.


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    After making headlines for his now-infamous anti-Semitic rant during his arrest in 2006 and again in 2012 when his horrific fight with then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva leaked, Mel Gibson's name was forever tainted in Hollywood. But he's hoping that it doesn't end up that way for Shia LaBeouf.

    In an interview with Indiewire published July 8, Mel Gibson expressed sympathy for LaBeouf in light of the 28-year-old's recent struggles.

    "When I see someone like Shia LaBeouf with the bag on his head and stuff, my heart goes out to the poor guy. I think he's suffering in some way," Gibson said.

    Gibson was referring to an incident in February when LaBeouf showed up to the "Nymphomaniac" premiere with a bag over his head that read "I am not famous anymore." LaBeouf's more recent troubles include getting kicked out of a Broadway play and subsequently being arrested by New York police.

    "People are in line to sort of point the finger at him and say that he's this, that, or the other. It's easy to judge. But I'm sure he's going through some kind of personal, very painful, cathartic thing that he has to exorcise and get out there," Gibson continued.

    But Gibson is hopeful that LaBeouf will turn his life around.

    "He'll probably play it out and come back ... He'll be all right. I actually like the kid. I think he's good."

    ( SOURCE )

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    Jedi News are reporting that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is being eyed for one of the new Star Wars movies. In exactly what capacity that might be is unclear, as they say he could have been approached to be a writer, producer or director. If it's for one of the new trilogy installments it'd presumably be the final one which doesn't yet have an announced team aboard, but it could also be for one of the spin-offs. The site have been a pretty consistent source of info for these movies, though it remains to be seen if certain things they've posted will pan out -- so we'll have to take it as a rumor for now. But if Moffat was to take the reigns on a future Star Wars movie, we can't see too many fans complaining...right?


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    If reports of Chris Evans turning his shield in is true, then the same can be said of Captain America Anthony Mackie, at least when the third installment to the Avengers film franchise wraps up.

    The Marvel graphic novels are planning to retire Steve Rogers as Captain America, removing the super-soldier serum from his system and finally reducing him to his 90-year old frailty. It's yet to be determined how fans will react to the tragedy, but a new issue (Captain America #25) will hit the stands in October, suggesting a familiar replacement.

    Captain America's boy-scout principles earned him a spot as a favorite in the Marvel universe, and Chris Evan's portrayal in the film franchises fleshes out the character. His story dates back seventy years, and speculation on his replacement peg a co-Avenger Falcon, Sam Wilson in normal life.

    If Marvel Studios follows through with the storyline of the graphic novels, then it's likely Anthony Mackie will inherit the Captain America shield. In an interview with, Mackie admitted he signed up for the role with sequels in tow.

    "Definitely, I signed up for as many movies as I could. I feel like to be in a Marvel franchise can only help me in my career and help me as an actor, so I was willing to go as far as they would let me, in whatever capacity they wanted to retain me. I signed up for, like, 50 movies. [Laughs.]"

    Captain America Anthony Mackie is a perfect fit, and the actor is more than qualified for the role. Mackie has several acclaimed films on his belt, including "Million Dollar Baby" and "8 Mile," both Academy Award recipients.

    35-year old Mackie has earned enough hours in Hollywood as an Avengers hero, and he might well be the one to play the role of the new (or temporary) Captain America hinted in a planned Avengers graphic novel plot "Time Runs Out" (


    What about you, ontd? Do you want to see Mackie!Cap or Stan!Cap?

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    can't wait to see them next month!

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    A lot of people think EW writers spend their days boozing it up with stars. In the case of this week’s cover profile of actor Chris Pratt, that’s 100 percent accurate. The Parks and Recreation star already has one box office hit under his belt this year thanks to The LEGO Movie, and he might well have another when the latest Marvel spectacular,Guardians of the Galaxy, arrives in theaters Aug. 1. On a break from shooting next summer’s dinosaur fourquel Jurassic World, Pratt hoisted some beers with EW’s Clark Collis in New Orleans while recounting his unlikely career trajectory.

    The 35-year-old was discovered by Commando actress Rae Dawn Chong while working at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Hawaii.Since landing various TV gigs, he’s gained and lost a combined 300 pounds for his roles in Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty, and The Five-Year Engagement. And he recounted his awkward meeting with Guardians director James Gunn about playing thief-turned-hero Peter Quill in the wild, space-set adventure whose other lead characters include a raccoon-like creature and a walking tree voiced, respectively, by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel. “James said, ‘Do you have any questions?’” the actor explained. “I said, ‘Do I have any questions? Of course, I have questions! Marvel’s not going to let me read the script, I have no f—ing idea of what I’m doing, I don’t know this character, I don’t have any goddamn sides. Do I have any questions? How long do you have?’ And he was like, ‘That’s what Peter Quill would say.’”

    ''There's definitely similarities in Guardians to James Gunn's other movies. They just happened to give him a couple hundred million dollars versus $2 million, so he gets to make a f---ing killer movie.''

    ''My brother, he's always been my cheering section. After Moneyball, he was like 'Dude, you look f---ing good, don't fuck this up.' So then right after I did Moneyball I got cast in a movie called Ten Years, and I was like, 'I'm gonna get to, like, 285 pounds for this movie. I'm going to eat everything. Eat and drink my f---ing face off.''

    ''I had lost the weight for Moneyball and for Zero Dark Thirty all on my own, without the help of any professional people guiding me through it. And both times, as soon as I got done, I crashed hard and gained a bunch of weight back. But this time I didn't, because I did it right. I worked with a nutritionist who was like, 'Listen, you're eating 2,000, 1500 calories a day. You need to be eating 4,000 calories a day, you need to be eating 5,000 calories a day. You'll burn them all off, but you need to keep your metabolism going.' So now I can actually have a beer if I want to, or I can eat something bad if I want to, and I'm not going to immediately gain fat because I'm not starving myself. I'm just burning the fires really hot.''

    ''There were people I was working with on Everwood who were getting a lot of scripts, auditions, offers for movies. Outside of Everwood, I couldn't get anything. The only roles I could get were kind of the douchebag. You know, the guy in the movie that makes the hero look good—drives an Escalade, has spiky hair, gets kicked in the nuts. The kind of underwritten, douchebag bad guys. That was never something I was very good at.''

    ''Essentially, my role on Parks and Rec was to be written-off. It was like a one-season, one-off to bring Ann Perkins into the Parks department. I remember halfway through those first six episodes they took a break. I think they took a step back, saw what was working and what wasn't, and one the things that was working was Andy Dwyer. They came back and Andy became Andy. It was written a bit differently, there was more of him. I remember five episodes in, I said to [Parks co-creator] Mike Schur, 'I still don't know if I'm coming back.' He was like, ''buddy, we have a five-year plan for you.'''

    ''Playing Andy, I represented a person who sets the bar very low for themselves. But that's not ever who I was. That's who Andy is. There are elements of myself in that character—but that's not who I was.''

    ''Anna [Faris, my wife] gives me great advice on how to treat my leading ladies and just how to navigate all this stuff. It's nice to have a beacon in all this, someone who understands what I'm going through and what it means to have to make out with somebody that is not her. What it means to give up everything for this. She understands A.) what that means and B.) why I would do it because she's doing the same thing.''

    ''It took me 10 years to be ready for this. I've got a pretty good foundation of friends and family that will always keep me grounded no matter what. But I don't think I would have been ready for it 10 years ago. So I'm really happy with the way it worked out. You need to learn how to do this. You need to learn how to keep your cool, learn how to be a leader on set, learn how to act. F---, I still know I've got a ton to learn. It's all a learning experience. I'm going to school every day.''

    mods cover was posted but not the pics+interview


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    Something stinks in the perfume world -- someone is trying to cash in on the huge success of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift's signature fragrances and cosmetics ... allegedly by mimicking products created by Elizabeth Arden.

    Cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden is the licensed manufacturer of the celebrity scents bearing Justin, Taylor and Nicki's names ... and in a new federal lawsuit it claims a company called Preferred Fragrance has been trying to horn in on their massive biz.

    Two Bieber perfumes (Someday and Justin Bieber's Girlfriend) have raked in $87 million in retail sales -- while Taylor's Wonderstruck perfumes and lotions hauled in $60 million ... so, there's a TON of money on the line here.

    In the suit, Elizabeth Arden says Preferred's Bieber knock-offs -- called Today and Be My Girl -- use packaging that almost exactly mirrors the packaging of EA's Bieber perfumes.

    The lawsuit points out a bunch of similar infractions related to the Minaj and Swift products

    Elizabeth Arden claims Preferred has repeatedly infringed on its trademarks ... and now it's demanding a jury trial.

    Hopefully this lawsuit sets a precedence for the rest of the knockoffs in the industry.


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  • 07/09/14--18:34: Justin Bieber Shots post.

  • tubs cure #hangovers

    Shots is a fun place to share what you’re doing through selfies and photos. You can also chat with friends by using our Reply Shot feature to respond to a selfie or by using our Private Message

    justinbieber: chantel – nooooooooooooooo

    justinbieber chantel – well the bed on the jet holds up to 3 people

    keyshiacole: Had a great time listening to @justinbieber album and finishing some stuff up for myself in the studio last night! ❤ his album sounds great.

    haileybaldwin – me burnt ha, you are a confused young one


    justinbieber Bullshittin

    Chillin with the crew

    With the crew what to do??


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    Employees at a Toronto cannabis lounge had to take a few deep breaths when Lady Gaga walked into Vapor Central at Yonge & College on Tuesday.

    The pop superstar was in the area checking out a hemp store when word spread of her appearance.

    “I politely introduced myself and [invited her] to come over and do a dab” said Kayla Baptiste, manager of the popular cannabis-friendly vaporizing lounge.

    A ‘dab’ is a concentrated form of THC which is like “smoking a whole joint in one go”, explained Kayla.

    The Bad Romance singer, accompanied by a small entourage which included her sister and a bodyguard, was given the superstar cannabis treatment.

    “She smoked first, then I smoked after…then we passed it on to some employees and lounge regulars” Kayla said.

    “She got pretty high”.

    Wearing a long, flower-adorned kimono and sunglasses, Gaga complimented the lounge, remarking “we don’t have anything like this in America.”

    Kayla says Gaga was impressed by the quality of the pot, saying it was “lovely” and “tasted good”.

    “She offered to pay but we refused. We were giving her a token of appreciation for taking the time to hang out with us.”

    After spending close to half an hour relaxing in the lounge, Gaga left Kayla a Versace buckle as a token of her appreciation and signed the wall with ‘Mary Jane Holland was here. Love, Gaga’.

    Mary Jane Holland is a song on Gaga’s latest album, ArtPop.


    Source:NewsTalk 1010

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    Tomorrow is a big day for television fans. Carson Daly and Mindy Kaling will announce the primetime Emmy Award nominations at 8:30 a.m. ET (you can view the nominations live on the Emmy Television Academy website). As any devoted viewer knows, this has been a banner year for television with breathtaking performances and groundbreaking episodes.

    But, the Emmy Awards can sometimes be creatures of habit, nominating the same shows and actors year after year. We are hoping a few actors hear their name announced for the first time tomorrow morning. Here are our picks for the first-time nominees we would love to see.

    1. Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal

    With Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter so thoroughly engraved in the public consciousness, the idea of anyone else stepping into the role is as close to pop culture sacrilege as you can get (though Brian Cox did an admirable job as a pre-Hopkins Hannibal in Manhunter). In rebooting the Thomas Harris universe for television, writer Bryan Fuller decided to go in a different direction with actor Mads Mikkelsen, and the gamble paid off handsomely. A national treasure in his native Denmark, the steely-eyed Mikkelsen has proven to be one of the great modern screen presences, with notable roles in the Pusher trilogy, After the Wedding and last year’s The Hunt. As Lecter, the actor oozes equal parts charm, sexuality and menace. Whereas Hopkins played up the character’s more flamboyant, Bond villain-esque aspects, Mikkelsen presents a more cunning, Machiavellian figure. He’s a monster hiding behind an expensive, stylish suit and, try as you might, you just can’t escape his orbit. —Mark Rozeman

    2. Allison Tolman, Fargo

    Part of the fun in watching TV is discovering a new talent that bursts on the scene—that magic moment when you realize an actor you've never seen before is really something special. Such a delightful epiphany occurred every time Tolman, who had primarily done sketch comedy theater before landing her role as Molly Solverson in Fargo, came on the screen. There was something so graceful and confident about her performance. Whether she was shyly flirting with Gus (Colin Hanks) or quietly using her intellect to solve the case, Molly was a fully realized character. I believed her relationships. I believed her conversations. She was the hero on a show that really needed one—but also a realistic hero. Tolman’s performance got a lot of attention, not because it was a showy role and not because it featured a high-profile actor, but because Tolman was really, really good. —Amy Amatangelo

    3. Uzo Aduba, Orange is the New Black

    As “Crazy Eyes” on Orange is the New Black Uzo Aduba is something of a crowd favorite. Her unexpected sincerity and intimidating intelligence give humanity to a character that—in a lesser actor’s hands—could come across as… well… crazy. After being caught in Vee’s web of deception in Season Two, the audience is both worried for Crazy Eyes, and also a little proud that she’s finally standing up for herself. Aduba successfully plays multiple objectives, all seemingly at the same time and is so present in her scenes that it’s difficult to remember that Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren is not actually a real person. —Leland Montgomery

    10. Aden Young, Rectify

    Television is not a great place for subtlety. By nature of the medium, most everything needs to be heightened and fast-paced in order to continually engage the audience’s attention after hours of content. With its deliberate pacing and emphasis on small moments rather than big, melodramatic ones, Sundance’s Rectify is not like most shows. At the center is Aden Young as Daniel Holden, a man who spent close to 15 years in prison only to be abruptly released due to DNA evidence. While the series boasts one of the most phenomenal casts currently on TV, it’s Young’s stoic, yet engaging performance that anchors the show. It’s a master class in economics, with the actor often using his emotive eyes in place of dialogue, making it the kind of role Robert De Niro, Al Pacino or Dustin Hoffman would have fought to play back in their heyday. —Mark Rozeman

    16. Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black

    One need only watch a few minutes of any Orphan Black episode to see why Tatiana Maslany deserves to win every acting award available. In portraying a group of clones with vastly different personalities, Maslany bounces back and forth between different accents, hairstyles and mannerisms. And while the show’s second season proved to be a bit weaker than its first, the actress continues her reign as one of television’s most valuable players. If nothing else, she deserves some kind of comedy award for her off-key rendition of “Sugar, Sugar.” —Mark Rozeman

    Rest at source.

    The same old popular actors/actresses will win. I wish at least a nomination for these 5 actors.

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    Even with blue skin, red contact lenses, intimidating gold teeth and a metal mohawk, Michael Rooker is in out-of-this-world love with being in a cosmic-superhero movie.

    Still, playing the alien Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy (in theaters Aug. 1) is an intense gig, and Rooker's hanging out in a golf cart and taking a break with a reporter on the Shepperton Studios lot. That means a prime time for needling from his friend, director James Gunn, as he races off to film a scene.

    "Be careful. He might try to kiss you by the end of the interview," Gunn jokes.

    The gravelly voiced Rooker, 59, responds with a hearty laugh. "Hey, we can snuggle if we want!"

    Like many other characters in the Alabama-born actor's 30-year career, Yondu is more likely to punch a guy than hug him, but the role Gunn wrote specifically for Rooker is also a complicated one.

    Yondu is connected to the charismatic outlaw at the heart of the movie, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). Years before he would become Star-Lord, Peter was an Earth boy who endured a tragedy and then was taken off his home planet by Yondu, the kid's surrogate father figure.

    "He's feeling lost, vulnerable, defeated, emotionally drained and hurt, and here is Yondu in this light coming down and brings him up into the spacecraft and takes him away," Rooker says. "It might have been pretty horrific, but also a bit cool."

    Yondu raises Peter alongside the Ravagers, an outer-space biker gang of sorts usually up to no good, and as an adult, Peter schemes with Yondu to steal a mystical and powerful orb.

    But Peter grabs it and goes off on his own, which leads to Yondu and the Ravagers chasing him and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy as the misfit heroes also try to keep the orb out of the mitts of space villain Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace).

    Yondu has "some interesting issues — not a good guy, not a bad guy. There's hope and there's a heart inside Yondu," Rooker says.

    "It's not so black and white — I should say blue and white. And I enjoy roles that are like that, even if they're not in some galaxy somewhere other than ours."

    Gunn saw Yondu as a way to give his pal a part that made the most of his liveliness and "that crazy Rooker laugh," he says. "He's very good at playing hard-asses you also feel something for."

    In Marvel Comics lore, Yondu was one of the founding members of the Guardians of the Galaxy in 1969, yet this is definitely Gunn's take, Rooker says. Gone is the loincloth and large head fin of yore — this Yondu sports the smaller mohawk (a prosthetic added to Rooker's shaved head) but does borrow the character trait of using a whistle-controlled arrow from the comics.

    Rooker also grew his nails out a little bit, mainly to help him nail Yondu's personality: "They're not so long and pointy that they're like demon things, and yet they're not so manicured like a regular human guy."

    Even his "regular" dudes sometimes are a little off, such as the semi-psychotic Merle Dixon on AMC's The Walking Dead. Rooker became a fan favorite on the hit show, and when Gunn first approached him about being in Guardians, Rooker didn't know if he could do it.

    Then Rooker got the call that Merle was getting killed off — twice, since he also turned into a zombie — in the show's third season.

    Because it freed him up to do Guardians, Rooker says, he has never been happier to lose a steady gig. "The Walking Dead fans would not like to hear that, but you know what, it was going to happen eventually."

    And Yondu might find his own gang of followers off-screen, too, if Guardians is a hit.

    "The fandom that exists for Marvel Comics and their characters is astronomical. It's worldwide, just like The Walking Dead," Rooker says. "I'm really excited about that. I like comic geeks!"


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    When Willow Smith isn't learning everything she needs to know about life by watching Forrest Gump and/or reading the stories of the universe on snakes' backs, she is tweeting about doing those things. And when the 13-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith isn't tweeting about those things, she's yammering aloud similar riddles that would sound simply precious and a little amazing coming out of the mouth of a toddler or an old tortoise. Recently, Teen Vogue lent her an ear.

    The result is an insane interview wrapped in an innocuous lifestyle piece profiling someone who doesn't have a movie out (on dropping out of the Annie remake: "To be honest, something inside me was just, like, Don't. I'm very connected with my intuition.") or any plans in the near future to release an album ("I have enough songs to make an album, but most of the songs I don't like...It's going to be something outlandish, something that nobody can imagine, something that comes from me and only me. Something we need right now."). Willow Smith just is, and she's fielding questions.

    Or maybe she isn't.

    Who knows. Only Willow Smith knows and Willow Smith is the only thing worth knowing.

    Also worth knowing, though, is that her family, they love Cartier.
    She adds, "My whole family, we love Cartier."

    But don't hold her to that.
    "My style is who I am all the time," she says, "and who I am always changes."

    Willow Smith has political views, and access to government French fries.
    "We all need to learn how to harmoniously live on this planet without frying it like those systematic French fries the government feeds us."

    Willow Smith has better things to do than homework.
    "Teacher: Why don't you have your homework? Me: Too busy learning about life."

    Willow Smith has something to say, man.
    "I just felt like people needed to hear what I had to say, man," Willow reveals. "I feel like I can really give people a different view on things."

    If you haven't noticed so far, her Twitter is a treasure trove of different views on things.

    This has been your periodic reminder that the Smith family is insane.


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    a day agoEntertainment

    This is it, folks. The Season 3 finale of Catfish: The TV Show is nigh, and oh what a season it’s been. We saw a lot of firsts and a few traditional Catfish tales. The season finale starts Tuesday night with a new episode featuring the couple Blake and Kiersten, while Wednesday night’s second finale episode will focus on Bianca and Brogan, which should prove to be a very interesting episode, despite its familiar premise. To set the finale apart from the rest of this season, model Selita Ebanks will join the boys to get in on the Internet sleuthing game.

    According to the first 10 minutes of “Bianca & Brogan” already available online, the story is the same, just with different people. Bianca is a 20-year-old living in Durham, North Carolina who has a thing for body modifications. (She has some seriously impressive gauges.) Bianca has been talking online with Brogan, a woman she met on Facebook who suddenly disappeared from the world about a year ago. Bianca couldn’t get a hold of her, no Facebook messages, no calls, no texts, nothing. Then, Brogan reactivated her Facebook account and re-entered Bianca’s life. Does this sound familiar? Bianca was just so happy to have Brogan back that she didn’t ask for an explanation for her disappearance or ask her to video chat, which (shocker) the two have never done with each other. But now she needs to know the truth.

    Nev and Max have enlisted Ebanks to help them get to the bottom of this, because why not? Ebanks says she is interested in online relationships and has experience with people pretending to be her online. One person in particular had her voicemail set up to say it was Ebanks’ phone. Ebanks was even a catfish once, pretending to be someone else in an online relationship with David Spade in a Funny or Die spoof of the MTV reality show. She seems nervous but eager to talk some sense into whoever is behind Brogan’s profile, so it’ll be interesting to see how she reacts to her first-ever Catfish reveal.

    You’ve got to applaud Catfish for trying to keep the series fresh this season, but Ebanks’ guest spot seems a bit unnecessary to me. Her qualifications and rationale for getting in on the catfish-catching business seem tenuous, and the whole thing just seems like a gimmick. Catfish is already addictive on its own with Nev, Max, and the strange-but-true stories they uncover every week. Let’s just hope it’s not too late to save Catfish from truly jumping the shark.


    Yesterday's Last week's is on right now, but last night's catfish...Lord...

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    The rumors are true: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting a baby!

    The actress is pregnant, PEOPLE confirms. This will be the first child for both actors, who played parents in their 2012 drama The Place Beyond the Pines.

    The stars began dating in 2011, though they haven’t been photographed together since November — and Mendes hasn’t been photographed in public since March.

    A friend of Mendes’s tells PEOPLE that while the actress had said in the past she wasn’t planning to get married or have children, “with Ryan things are different….she’s very independent but she’s content with her partner. She finally found the person she really wants to be with.”

    Both Mendes, 40, and Gosling, 33, prefer to keep their relationship private, playing coy when asked about their love lives. But the expectant mom did gush about her beau’s acting abilities in the March 2012 issue of Marie Claire.

    “He’s your dream costar,” she told the magazine of working with Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines. “I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film. He’s amazing.”

    The couple more recently collaborated on Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River, which premiered at Cannes this year.

    His leading lady has shot down pregnancy rumors in the past, telling Ellen DeGeneres in February, “It all started because I didn’t want to go through the scanners at the airport.”

    source. no mention of her being seven months along and this just confirms it since radaronline reported first. congrats to them tho and oop @ me thinking she wasn't pregs. in b4 mcgosling stans tho.

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    BBC America has renewed its drama hit “Orphan Black” for a third season.

    BBC America general manager Perry Simon confirmed the news — which was hardly a surprise — in his opening remarks Wednesday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour at the Beverly Hilton.

    Lensing on 10 new episodes starring Tatiana Maslany in multiple roles is to begin again in the fall.The third season will bow on the cabler in spring 2015. The second season of “Broadchurch” will also hit the cabler in early 2015, Simon said.

    The original “Broadchurch” mini, a grim mystery revolving around the murder of a boy, has been adapted by Fox as “Gracepoint,” which is expected to air in the fall.

    The second round of “Broadchurch” will feature a new story but the return of actors David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker, Andrew Buchan and Arthur Darvill, who will reprise their roles. Charlotte Rampling, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, James D’Arcy, Eve Myles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are new to the cast.

    BBC America talked up two other new series, “Tatau” and “The Last Kingdom,” coming for 2015.

    is anyone honestly surprised

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    “Summer is my favorite time of year,” says Karlie Kloss, the 21-year-old supermodel whose cropped, tousled hair was the coveted cut of the year in 2013, and is again making headlines this season for its new, summery blond hue. “Because of the nice weather, I can spend my free time outside moving and staying active.” Kloss isn’t shy about her healthy habits: a vocal vegetarian, she designed dairy- and gluten-free cookies with Christina Tosi for Momofuku Milk Bar (a portion of the proceeds are donated to hunger relief). She also Instagrams frequent evidence of balanced eating and hours clocked at the gym, like this morning’s posts of her recent workout in New York City with the Nike Training Club master trainer Traci Copeland, during which she test-drove Nike’s upcoming fall 2014 collection.

    Here, the classically trained ballerina answers T’s questions about how she maintains her physique, what motivates her to stay in shape (aside from, of course, her job) and which fitness goal she has yet to reach.

    How often do you exercise

    I like to work out at least five days a week with a good balance of cardio and weight training.

    Working out: better with friends? Or alone?

    I actually take ballet with friends whenever we can coordinate schedules! Going with a friend makes it more fun. I like to switch it up. I think that’s the best way to really challenge your body and to become stronger in every way. That said, I think it’s so important that your workout routine is not dependent on someone else’s schedule. For me, exercise is an opportunity to get away from everything and focus on myself. It keeps me centered, and it’s the one or so hour in my day when I can clear my mind and just focus on movement.

    As a classically trained ballerina, how do you feel about the ballet-barre fitness craze?

    Ballerinas are incredible athletes. Ballet focuses on strength, length and balance — the perfect combination for a workout. I think it’s great that ballet barre is bringing ballet disciplines to the gym.

    Do you prefer outdoor exercise, or in-gym sessions?

    Both! During the cold, snowy winter months in New York, there’s no other option but to head to the gym. When it starts to get nice out, I love to take advantage of the beautiful weather and exercise outdoors by going on a hike or bike ride.

    What motivates you to stay fit?

    Being strong both physically and mentally. I exercise to challenge my body to reach new goals. Movement feeds my mind and gives me energy throughout the day.

    Have you made any lifestyle changes to help increase your fitness level?

    I’ve learned that there are so many easy ways to incorporate movement into your everyday life. Instead of taking an escalator, I’ll take the stairs. I try to walk instead of taking the subway or a cab. It’s all about staying in motion.

    Do you favor protein shakes? Juice cleanses? Or just maintaining a healthy diet?

    Healthy diet! It’s so important to nurture your body, especially when you’re exercising and moving constantly. Your body needs fuel to stay healthy and strong. Nothing can substitute for a balanced diet.

    Yoga or Pilates?

    I enjoy yoga, but I’m a huge Pilates fan. Pilates relies on isolated, controlled movement and has allowed me to build up my core and strengthen my legs and arms.

    When you’re not feeling your best, physically, what do you do to set yourself right again?

    I’ve recently started meditating. I was a skeptic about the whole process at first but finally decided to try it and found it incredibly relaxing. Being able to center your mind translates to equalizing your body.

    What’s one exercise you can’t live without?

    Ballet! It’s how I grew up, exercising and moving. Though I’m a Pilates and Soul Cycle regular, dance and ballet will always be a huge part of my exercise routine and life.

    Are there any fitness goals you just can’t seem to reach — or do you have a special trick for reaching them?

    One fitness and life goal I’ve yet to accomplish is running a marathon. It’s on my bucket list. It is such an amazing accomplishment for the body and mind. You need incredible determination!

    Beauty-wise, are there any products you keep on hand — or on your body — when you’re being active outdoors?

    I always wash my face before and after a workout. It helps me avoid breakouts and keeps my skin fresh and clean.


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    Bottom 6 (as voted by viewers):
    Brooklyn, Jourdan, Malene

    Casey, Nick, Serge

    SENT HOME (by judges):
    Malene & Nick

    Do you guys have any early favs? ..Is anyone still watching this? Nigel keeps alluding to this being the last season. :(


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    Their kiss had been seen by millions on live television on NFL draft day.

    What viewers didn't know Michael Sam met Vito Cammisano years earlier, Cammisano was dressed as a bunny.

    Sam and Cammisano met at one of the first big parties he attended in his freshman year at the University of Missouri. It was a lingerie party and Cammisano, a star swimmer at the school, was dressed as a rabbit with a bushy white tail.

    'We didn’t start off as huge fans of each other,' Sam says in an article posted online Wednesday (9 July):

    Cammisano was bent over the railing of a second-story garden deck violently puking throwing up. 'I went up to him to ask if he was OK, and he started cursing at me, screaming, "Fuck off - do you know who I am?"' I told him I didn’t care who he was.'

    They didn't speak again for two years but were re-introduced by a mutual friend during Sam’s junior year.

    By that time, Cammisano had come out as gay but Sam had not.

    Recalls Sam: 'I could see he was interested. I bought him a couple of drinks, got us tipsy. Toward the end of the night, I put my arm around him, and it was over.'

    They began to date but the still-closeted Sam fretted, worried that his teammates would find out. 'Everyone knew Vito was gay, so we couldn’t even be seen together. There was a lot of climbing out of windows,' Sam says.

    They broke up eventually but got back together as Sam became more comfortable with being gay and decided to come out to his teammates.

    'Vito was really the person who showed me I had to do it,' Sam says. 'I wanted us to be comfortable.'


    when did everyone here come out? share your story with the group.

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