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    Jessica Chastain smiles for the cameras while walking around the set of her new movie A Most Violent Year on Wednesday afternoon (July 9) in New York City.
    The Oscar-nominated actress got into character with her short blonde bob wig.
    During a break on set, Jes took the time to walk her three-legged dog Chaplin around.


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    Michael Kors thinks fast fashion will die out.

    The popular designer predicts that quality is going to become increasingly important to customers in future and has no doubt that technology will change the industry forever.

    He wrote in an essay for the Wall Street Journal's 125th anniversary: "I love fashion because it's plugged into the zeitgeist, so it's always changing. Thirty years ago, I could never have predicted I'd be where I am today, so I know I don't know what's going to happen in the next five years or the next 20 years.

    "I have my predictions - I'm sure technology will continue to have an impact on fashion, particularly the way people shop. I think quality will be increasingly important - we're moving away from a time of fast fashion.

    "But really, the only constant in fashion is that you must keep moving forward, otherwise you'll be left behind."

    Michael made his Forbes rich list debut earlier this year when his fortune hit the $1 billion mark and has credited his brush with bankruptcy in 1993 for his current dominance in the global accessories market.

    He explained: "Sometimes things are not in your control. You can control what you design ... If there's a question and the ground is moving, more than ever you have to stand your ground and be who you are.
    "Within eight months [of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection] we were back full steam."

    His statement comes not long after fast fashion super chain Penneys where slammed when ‘cry for help’ labels were found sewn into a dress.


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    Paris Hilton has always had a love for cheeseburgers and french fries. But six months ago the 33-year-old former reality star decided to give up fast food to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    'I lost about five pounds just from staying away from the Drive-Thrus,' the blonde, whose new single Come Alive debuted on Tuesday, told MailOnline exclusively. 'I can feel the difference especially when I'm in a bathing suit.'

    Paris told MailOnline she had been eating fast food since she was very young.

    'I used to eat that way, but I decided to change things this year,' she said. 'Now I don't do that. There are times when I will stop at a Carl's Jr, but I will maybe get a turkey burger or something healthier instead of a cheeseburger and fries. I am more careful now.'

    The former Simple Life star added she has new habits.

    'I like green smoothies, they taste good and they make me feel more energetic,' she said.

    'I also like regular juices. I get a lot more vitamins these days, more fruits too, more vegetables, more protein, more salads.'

    But one thing she is not doing is hitting the gym.

    'I have never been a gym person, it's not me,' Hilton told MailOnline.

    'I don't think people expect to hear this, but I grew up a tomboy. I would always play ice hockey, go skiing when I could. I would surf, ride bikes, swim. I love to work out outside. I have always been very active.'
    But she does admit a new love for Pilates.

    'It's a great way to exercise because you use so many muscles and get a really good workout,' the Stars Are Blind singer told MailOnline.

    'I use the machines, not mat Pilates, and it just works for me.'


    Do you eat fast food? What are your cravings ontd?

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    Bill Condon’s next project, which will feature Ian McKellen playing the 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes dealing with the slow deterioration of his superior mental faculties, was once called A Slight Trick Of The Mind. Thanks to the actor’s Twitter feed, we now know the title has been changed to Mr. Holmes, and we have our first look at the venerable detective.

    Condon has collaborated on the screenplay with The Duchess’ Jeffrey Hatcher and they’ve worked from Mitch Cullin's novel, itself called A Slight Trick Of The Mind. The book takes place in 1947 when Holmes is 93, long retired to his Sussex beekeeping and frustrated by his diminishing power of recollection. He believes his bees' royal jelly is part of the secret of his longevity, and his further researches into the subject have recently taken him to post-war Japan. There he encounters the son of a former British diplomat who knew Holmes and disappeared at the start of the war. Holmes doesn't remember, but feels the familiar pull of an unfinished case…

    The novel weaves together three narratives: Sussex, Japan, and The (also still unsolved) Case Of The Glass Armonicist: a London tale from 1902 when Holmes was still active as a consulting detective. Laura Linney is aboard to play Mrs. Munro, and the film itself should be out next year. There has also been a casting update, with Deadline reporting that The Wolverine's Hiroyuki Sanada is now aboard as Umezaki, a plant expert whom Holmes consults.

    For more on the project from McKellen himself, have a listen to what he said when he stopped by the Empire Podcast booth recently (the Sherlock Holmes segment of the interview starts roughly at 30.28).


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    Up To Her Old Antics! Lindsay Lohan Showing Up To London Play Rehearsals Late And Unprepared

    Lindsay Lohan is back to her old tricks!

    As exclusively reported last month, the troubled actress is attempting to re-launch her stifled career across the pond, but according to the new issue of Star, the 28-year-old is already behaving badly on the set of her new theater gig, David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow.

    Sources tell the magazine that an off-the-wagon Lohan has been clubbing all night, then arriving to rehearsals late and unprepared, and sometimes not showing up at all.

    “The cast is already really annoyed,” an insider says. “The director told her that, basically, it’s a one-strike deal; if she misses one more practice or comes in late again, she’s done.”

    The star has been spotted partying until the wee hours at London hot spots Whiskey Mist and Chiltern Firehouse.

    Lohan was publicly chastised by the CEO of production for her unprofessional behavior on the 2006 set of film Georgia Rule. In 2013, The Canyons screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis said his star was often “mixed up,” “scattered” and “bossy.”


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    Marvel is well-known for sprinkling Easter Eggs throughout their movies, with their most recent offering, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, briefly referencing the upcoming Doctor Strange. When Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters next month, fans should prepare themselves for an Easter Egg overload, according to director James Gunn.

    During a recent interview with Moviefone, the filmmaker revealed that there are "tons" of Marvel Easter Eggs throughout the movie, with a character count that is "four times" greater than any previous Marvel movie.
    However, he did have to clear everything with Marvel's legal department.

    "I actually have to clear everything with legal. We put in little things like graffiti on the walls and stuff like that. There's a ton of characters from the comics in this movie, in little tiny roles. But we have to clear everything with legal because once I use their name then I'm screwed in that scene or whatever. We have just tons of reference to Marvel Cosmic throughout the movie. And I'm certain probably the most Marvel comics characters ever in one movie."

    The director also touched on keeping a balance between the outrageous moments and the drama between the characters.

    "A big part of making this film is, we're making something that is so outlandish and out there with so many crazy situations, and characters and settings, that to keep it anchored in the drama and the reality of these characters' emotional lives is the most important thing in the film. It's been a balance but it feels pretty comfortable. That said, it's still a pretty different movie. And think it's a really different movie for a huge film to have as much comedy and drama as it has. It's very unusual."

    James Gunn also talked about how Marvel's The Avengers director Joss Whedon helped land him the job.

    "I'd already talked to Joss a lot about what it was like going through The Avengers -- what his experience was like. I wrote him an e-mail and said, 'Hey, I'm trying to get this job. Can you help me?' And he said, 'You're f*cking late. I already talked to all of those guys all about you.' So, yeah I did do that. And I don't do that stuff normally. That's like the most embarrassing thing."

    However, once James Gunn got the job, the director revealed that Joss Whedon wasn't exactly pleased with the story he came up with.

    "Joss came in and Joss was happy, but he wasn't as happy as everybody else and I was like, 'Whoa, man!' And he's like, 'Well, I really loved this and this is great, and the story's been cracked. But you know, I just really want there to be more James Gunn in the script. There's things that are too conventional and I want more James Gunn in it,' I was sitting there and then [Marvel bigwigs] Kevin and Lou were like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.' And I was like, 'All right, your funeral.' Then I went home and I swear to God, wrote a 7-page scene where the guys are in the spaceship arguing about something and it's all dialogue, and we're about to shoot it on Friday. And they were really happy. That was a cool thing and I think it's been a unique situation where Marvel -- this group of characters is ready for somebody who sees things in the way I see things. And frankly, I think people are ready to see the movie like that. So, it feels good."

    When asked about the expectations fans have for Guardians of the Galaxy, the filmmaker had this to say.

    "I guess I just don't think of it so much as expectations. I'm definitely trying to make a huge commercial, fun, awesome movie that moves people. I don't know that's an expectation so much as just something I'm trying to achieve. I think in terms of the expectations from the fans... one of the great things about Guardians of the Galaxy is there aren't as many expectations on what to expect when you have The Avengers. There are a lot fewer titles to choose from. And there are a lot fewer fans in general of Guardians of the Galaxy. Those types of expectations I think are easier with a movie like this. For me, I'm always hard on myself no matter what, so that's always a thing I have to deal with on a daily basis. And that's whether I'm doing this movie or in a relationship with a girl or whatever. It's like I just beat the sh*t out of myself constantly. So, same old, same old."

    Guardians of the Galaxy is a big leap forward for James Gunn, in terms of the budget he's been given to work with. The filmmaker talks about the differences in shooting this massive Marvel Phase Two movie, compared to his first directorial two offerings, Slither and Super.

    "I mean, I'd say radically different yes and no. For me it all comes back to just my own experience. For me, just because of the length of it, it makes it a much different experience from doing something like Super, which we shot in 24 days for $3 million. We had to do like 50 set-ups a day so it was just a harrowing, tough experience. And this is difficult but it's because it's over such a long period of time. But on a day-to-day basis it's actually a lot more-using the word easy is not the greatest thing but yeah, it's easier, because you do have more time for the set up, you have more time for planning. We had more time for planning, period."

    Guardians of the Galaxy is also the director's first PG-13 movie, although he revealed there were no big challenges in crafting a PG-13 story. Let's not forget that he did write both Scooby Doo movies...

    "I haven't found any difficulty in myself going from R-rated to PG-13. Occasionally, I get a little too violent but for the most part I haven't been, and the person who censored me has been myself. It is a real delicate balance. First and foremost, we're making an action adventure film-that's what this is. At its core it's an action adventure film. But there's also a lot of comedic elements and there's a lot of dramatic elements, which I think people are gonna be surprised to see, because it really is dramatic."

    James Gunn has revealed that he doesn't want 'Guardians Of The Galaxy's' characters to make cameos in other Marvel movies.

    Rather than having selfish reasons for his stance, the filmmaker is actually just looking out for the characters, as he is wary that they could be badly mishandled if they starred in the wrong sort of film.

    "I'm not sure about Rocket and Groot doing cameos in other Marvel movies," Gunn explained to Total Film. "You don't want your kid to date someone who's going to treat them poorly and you don't want your kid to go and show up in a movie that doesn't really get who they are as a person."
    "Even if your kid is dating a totally nice person, they have to get your child," he continued. "It's the same with cameos, you have to make sure whoever is writing and directing those movies really understands Rocket and Groot and aren't just using them as a cheap ploy for people to show up at the theater."

    While Gunn's analogy might be a little over the top, his heart is clearly in the right place. And it's no surprise that he's a tad concerned because Marvel Studios do quite enjoy a cameo. Iron Man appeared in 'The Incredible Hulk', Benecio del Toro was apart of a 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' teaser at the culmination of 'Thor: The Dark World', which Gunn directed himself, while Thanos, Dr. Erik Selvig and Stan Lee have popped up unexpectedly in other adventures too.

    On another note, it's interesting to note just how confident Gunn is that 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' will blossom into a franchise that's so popular audiences will pine for its posse to turn up in every Marvel Studios film imaginable. While it's almost a formality that the sci-fi blockbuster will impress at the box office when it's released next month, directors usually try not to jinx its success by discussing potential spin-offs and sequels before it's actually hit cinemas.

    Can you really blame Gunn for his exuberance though? Early reviews for 'GOTG' have been stellar, Marvel Studios' output has never been more popular and the ensemble's camaraderie appears to be so compelling you can imagine that Thanos would probably have second thoughts about destroying the blighters if he spent five minutes with them. He might as well flaunt it. Do you think Rocket and Groot will make a cameo in other Marvel films?


    What Marvel references are you hoping to see in Guardians of the Galaxy? And would you like to see the characters show up in other MCU movies in the future?

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    Baywatch which is getting the unofficial big screen treatment, with original cast members David Hasselhoff, Alexandra Paul and Pamela Anderson all on board – and John Cleese joining them as the villainous Victor Van Vaught.

    Due to legal issues the movie will not actually be allowed to mention the name Baywatch. Even though the finished product may look like Baywatch – and sound like Baywatch – it will be titled The B-Team, with no references to the show whatsoever.

    To complicate matters further, the main trio won’t be playing their Baywatch alter egos but will actually star as themselves – with the plot apparently revolving around the fact that they were secretly working as CIA spies while travelling the world promoting Baywatch.

    ‘We play ourselves so there are going to be assumptions the television show in question is the one we actually all were on. But no, it most definitely is not. It is not. Not. Shall I say that again?’ Paul explained.

    Meanwhile director Chris Cottam added that they have some tricks up their sleeve to avoid the mention of the B-word – including staging an explosion or other sound effect whenever it sounds as though it may rear its head. ‘It becomes a running joke,’ he said.


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  • 07/10/14--16:31: Guess who I met!
  • image


    Its Joe Manganiello! I met him at a bar in the strip district of Pittsburgh!

    Forgive my starstruck smile and #BuyBossOniTunes!

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     photo jimmy-kimmel-240_zps695d140b.jpg

    It's a girl!

    Jimmy Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney, gave birth to the couple's first child together, a daughter, on Thursday, July 10, he announced via Twitter. A rep for Kimmel also confirms the birth, and tells Us Weekly the baby's name is Jane, and mom is "doing great."

    "Congratulations to my beautiful and very tough wife @mollymcnearney on delivering our baby girl this morning," the late-night comedian tweeted at around 10:30 a.m. PT. In a second tweet a few minutes later, he added, "Thanks for all your kind baby wishes—turns out, not ALL tweets are mean!"

    McNearney, for her part, wrote, "Kids, don't do drugs. Until you have a baby. Then do ALL OF THEM."

    This is Kimmel's first child with McNearney, and his third overall. He's also dad to son Kevin and daughter Katherine—both in their twenties—from his first marriage to Gina Maddy.

    The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host initially revealed McNearney's pregnancy during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in February. "It's funny, because I was just with some friends who had a baby. I was like, 'Oh, yeah.' There's new ways to do things," he said at the time.

    Then, joking about his baby name picks, he quipped, "Karate or The Riddler are the names we're thinking of right now...And I would like the baby's middle name to be Effin. And not the curse version of it, like e-f-f-i-n. Like Ellen Effin DeGeneres. I mean, what a great name, right?"


    Congrats to the family, and I'm glad they decided to wait to find out the gender!

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    After dropping upwards of 40 pounds for his role in "The Normal Heart," it's all about love and family right now for Matt Bomer.

    Bomer, 36, was "blown away and just so grateful" when his name was announced today as an Emmy Award nominee for best supporting actor for his portrayal of Felix in the HBO adaptation of Larry Kramer's 1985 play about the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis among the gay population in New York City.

    After the "White Collar" star dropped to an astonishing 130 pounds for the role to show how the disease can ravage the human body -- which meant shedding the chiseled features he usually shows off in his hit TV show or movies like "Magic Mike."

    Even though it was a long, difficult road to this apex point -- Bomer said all the hard work culminated in one call this morning from his husband Simon Halls.

    "I'm in New York and was getting ready to go to work on 'White Collar.' I got a phone call from my husband and he shared the news with me," Bomer said. "It was so great to get to share that moment with him, because I had to separate myself from my family for a while to play this role. I'm sure when I was 130 pounds, I wasn't always in the best mood, so it was nice to get to share a happy moment with him."

    At first, Bomer admitted he couldn't even grasp the gravity of an Emmy nomination.

    "I couldn't even speak for the first minute," he said. "I was overcome with gratitude, just the moment was so profound for me. I've been working in TV for 13 years and to have this moment, I was completely overwhelmed and had to collect myself for a bit. Simon knew firsthand how hard I worked on this role, how much we put into it, myself as an actor, and us collectively as a family. it was just really great to get to share that moment with him."

    Bomer said he read "The Normal Heart" for the first time at age 14.

    "It completely changed my life," he added. "It educated and informed me, angered me and frustrated me, so getting to be a part of it with this group of people for HBO was the great creative experience of my life. The news today just put everything over the top. It's beyond a dream come true."

    He said that living in suburban Texas in the 1990's, he "was struck by the social injustice and the fact no one was doing anything to help. But more than anything and what I wanted to bring to the film, was the level of unconditional love between Felix and all the characters."

    The actor, who came out himself in 2012, has no doubt "The Normal Heart" was the catalyst for the gay rights movements we have today.

    The three children Bomer shares with Halls aren't old enough to understand what their father is doing and the walls he's breaking down, but that doesn't mean they can't share in a joyous moment like this.

    "I do want to share with them a moment like this because all they see is me getting skinny and having to go away [to film]," he said. "I want to make sure they know there are great moments to be shared as well. That is something I think they can understand."

    As for his husband, Bomer added, "I'm sure we'll find a proper time to celebrate," even though he's in Los Angeles right now.

    Adding to this accomplishment and his popularity on "White Collar," Bomer also touched on all the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie rumors from last year and earlier this year (lol, can we not.), and added that even though he never auditioned, he "was aware of it only because we were filming in New York and people would approach us on the set and say their piece."

    But Bomer is grateful that fans all across the globe were pulling for him to be cast, simply because they thought he was right for the project and that they ignored that the leading man was gay or straight, black or white.

    "I hope it's a sign for more opportunities to come for actors regardless of their race or sexuality to be cast in whatever roles people feel they would be right in," he said.

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    When JustJared found out that Scott Michael Foster was going to be Kristoff in the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time, we had two reactions.

    The first was “Why didn’t we think of him for our dream casting?” (we promptly knocked our heads after that) and the second reaction was completely joy. We had a mini-dance party in our offices about the news.

    Scott, 29, was kind enough to let us ask a few questions about his upcoming role on the ABC show and even a few about his recurring status as Leo on Chasing Life. Check out what he dished below! Congrats on getting the role of Kristoff! Tell us how you prepared for your audition and how you celebrated after.
    Scott Michael Foster: Well, I watched the movie with my nieces and nephews about a dozen times so I REALLY got to know who Kristoff was before the audition. I celebrated with my family, who happened to be in town when I found out I got the role, at a wonderful restaurant in beautiful downtown Studio City.

    JJJ: Everyone is a closet Frozen fan. (lol no How many times did you watch it?
    SMF: Dozens…

    JJJ: Kristoff is an extremely likable character. Where are you excited to take him on the show?
    SMF: Absolutely! Not only is this a great opportunity for me as an actor but it’s going to score me cool uncle points as well. As far as taking him somewhere… I’m not sure. I’ll have to see what the writers want and hopefully we’ll get to do some cool things. Maybe a buddy comedy with Sven?

    JJJ: Once is all about fairytales and the true nature and reality of them. Do you have a favorite tale yourself?
    SMF: I’d like to think I’m writing my own “tale” so to speak. As far as other fairytales? I like Aladdin.

    JJJ: Now onto Chasing Life, one of our fave new shows. Your character is one we love to hate and hate to love. What drew you to him?
    SMF: Exactly that. You love to hate and hate to love him. He’s complex in that you think you know who he is but in reality there is so much more to him – That’s what drew me to the role.

    JJJ: We’re only four episodes in to the show and we’re not sure how to take Leo and April’s relationship right now. Can you tease on where it will go?
    SMF: You’ll take it and you’ll like it! But seriously, You’ll just have to watch and find out. (Spoiler…I think you’ll enjoy it!)

    JJJ: Leo is just recurring right now. Do you think this could turn into a more permanent regular role? (Side note: we hope so!)
    SMF: Who knows? Maybe if they’re still fond of me next year.

    JJJ: What do you chase in life?
    SMF: I chase this career of mine…all over the place. I just want to entertain people and I’ll always chase my dream of doing just that.


    oh @ the creators giving in to the Frozen hype. I still want to see Aladdin & Jasmine first though

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    Lord Jamar questions Iggy Azalea's use of a Southern accent while rapping, suggests that she "rhyme like a fuckin Aussie."

    Prior to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea’s recent, mainstream success, Lord Jamar says he predicted that those behind Iggy’s career were going to keep pushing until the Aussie musician was “the shit.” Speaking on what’s likely the music industry, he added that Iggy Azalea is their “wet dream” because of her looks, the fact that she’s over-sexualized, and most importantly, because she’s white.

    Queens rapper Nicki Minaj was also brought into the conversation as the Brand Nubian lyricist stated that Iggy Azalea’s the preferred artist. He then informed those watching that Iggy is where those in the industry “want rap to go.”

    Didn’t I already tell you, Iggy Azalea, they’re not gonna stop until she’s the shit,” Lord Jamar said during an interview with Vlad TV. “Iggy Azalea is who they want—She’s part of where they want rap to go. They’d much rather an Iggy Azalea than a Nicki Minaj. But the only reason that Iggy Azalea hasn’t blown up the way they want her to yet is cause she ain’t got no hits. But once they start getting her some fuckin hits, you watch. I been called this Iggy Azalea shit [a] couple of years ago. When I first saw her. Cause she’s everything they want. You know what I mean? Pretty, fat ass, over-sexualized, and she’s white. Most of all she’s white. But what’s funny about her is like ‘Okay, she’s from Australia, but the way she rhyme it’s almost like a caricature.’ It’s almost like you making fun. Cause you don’t talk like that…You from down South alright. Down under. Rap like that. Rhyme like a fuckin Aussie. But no, you gonna fuckin rhyme like you black or some shit.”

    Lord Jamar later shared a brief hierarchy of artists. He says that Nicki Minaj would be preferred over an artist like Lauryn Hill while Iggy Azalea would be preferred over Minaj. Additionally, Jamar revealed that if a white female rapper came along that looked better than Iggy then she too would lose priority.

    “They’ll take a Nicki Minaj over a Lauryn Hill,” he said. “Because she’s lighter and not talking no positive shit. And she’s over-sexualized. But if we can get the same type of Nicki Minaj in a white girl. Well, shit that’s their wet dream…This is a concentrated push. This is a concentrated campaign. They have already decided a long time ago that this girl’s gonna blow up. They’re just gonna keep chipping away until it happens. Now she just better hope that another white girl don’t come along that looks better than her. That has some real hits. Cause then they’ll fuckin throw her to the side and go with that girl. You know what I mean? But until that girl comes she’s the one they’re putting their money on. Trust me.”

    Iggy Azalea serves as one of a handful of white artists Lord Jamar has critiqued over the past year. Other artists include Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Macklemore who seemingly inspired Jamar’s now notorious “white rappers are guests in Hip Hop” comments.

    There's a video at the source.

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    1D’s Zayn Malik shows he’s head over heels for Perrie Edwards — by throwing her a £50,000 funfair-themed 21st birthday party.

    Zayn, 22, and his Little Mix fiancée held hands as they whizzed about on the rides for an hour before guests arrived.

    The loved-up couple also enjoyed a tender kiss and leisurely stroll in the grounds of a country estate.

    A source said: “It was incredibly romantic. Zayn and Perrie were really enjoying each other’s company. It shows how in love they still are.”

    They were later joined by Perrie’s bandmates Jesy Nelson, 23, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 22, and Jade Thirlwall, 21, plus family and friends.

    The Hertfordshire bash, mostly organised by Zayn, featured a Ferris wheel, twisters and trampolines.

    Perrie dressed up in a dazzling headdress and nose ring — and pals tucked into a carousel-themed cake.


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  • 07/10/14--17:35: Lea Michele's Eyebrows
  • When it comes to Lea Michele, we know two things to be absolute fact. First: The girl is Hollywood's ultimate triple threat. Second: She's got killer eyebrows.

    For all things brow-related, the Glee star only trusts celebrity eyebrow expert Stevi Christine. "Honestly I try to never touch my brows and only leave them for Stevi to fix," Lea—who's celeb eyebrow crush is Lily Collins— tells E! News exclusively. And she's not the only one who feels that way—Christine works her magic on many an A-lister including Katy Perry.

    Should readers switch brow products (creams, gels, pencil) depending on event, season and brow type?
    Especially during summer you should try to stick with waterproof and water-resistant products.

    What's the best advice you'd give someone doing their eyebrows themselves?
    Less is more…don't overdo it. I feel at some time in our lives we all have over-tweezed.

    What are your go-to brow products?
    Laura Mercier's duo eyebrow powders are a staple in my kit. I have been using these products for years, along with a diagonal brow brush and of course the wand always comes in handy. After applying powder or pen to fill the brow, I like to brush through with a wand—this assists in creating a more natural appearance. I'm currently in love with clear eyebrow gel it creates a wispy brow, plus helps control the uncontrollable eyebrows. Another must-have is Stila's Waterproof Brow; it's a very light application [product] that provides a wispy brow look. If you are new at filling in your brows, I suggest starting at the arch of the brow (the "highest" most elevated part of your brow) and then fill the rest with a lighter shade. I also suggest taking a few steps away from the mirror to ensure proper fill—you don't want to overdo by looking too close and not seeing the overall effect before walking out your door.

    What new brow product are you obsessing over?
    My current makeup trend: I'm obviously into a strong brow that enhances the overall appearance of the face and, of course, most of us know the importance our brows hold as they assist in [protecting] the eyes. I think of Madonna in the '80s, Brooke Shields, Cindy Crawford to Cara Delevingne. There's this natural sex appeal and confidence especially because the eyes are the window to the soul, right? Not only do great eyebrows shape your face, they can enhance the color of your eyes and/or lift the brows. I still love a dark brow with lighter hair, but this rule doesn't always apply.

    What's the No. 1 no-no when it comes to filling in brows?
    I'm not into tattoo brows unless you can find a real artist who understands the natural look of filling brows, [then] I say go for it. But usually the color tends to change over time, which can be rather difficult in camouflaging. I'm usually not a fan of eyebrow pencils either—they tend to be come off a bit "drawn in" and some pencils can actually pull your eyebrow hairs out. I've noticed you'll see some eyebrow hairs that stick to the actual pencil.

    what eyebrow trend do you like ontd?
    shaved and sprinkled back on? thick paint? triangles? rectangles? i like looking like a human being myself but that's just me

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    “Hail, Caesar!” is shaping up as one of the Coen brothers’s finest ensembles. A few weeks after securing Ralph Fiennes, Channing Tatum, and Tilda Swinton— who are joining already-cast alumni George Clooney and Josh Brolin— the production has, according to Variety, two promising additions.

    Following a brief collaboration with the Coens on 2001’s “The Man Who Wasn’t There,Scarlett Johansson is negotiating toclimb on board "Hail Caesar!" along with Jonah Hill, who would return to orbit with his “Jump Street” co-star Tatum. True to some rumored behind-the-scenes shifts made on “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Johansson — here said to have a small part — would portray “an actress who suddenly becomes pregnant as her film is about to go into production.”

    Details on Hill’s potential involvement are sketchy. 

A story of classic Hollywood that we can only expect will have plenty of the siblings’ bite, “Hail, Caesar!” puts Clooney in the role of Eddie Mannix, a ‘50s Hollywood fixer who keeps stars in line and sweeps aside salacious details of their personal lives in order to preserve their public image. His "Burn after Reading" costar Swinton will take the role of a powerful gossip columnist. Tatum is a Gene Kelly musical performer, and Fiennes will play Laurence Lorenz, a studio director.

    With the support of Universal and Working Title, “Hail, Caesar!” will shoot this fall for a likely 2015 debut.

    source: indiewire

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    ONTD: Why do you try so hard?

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    Teen mom, Farrah Abraham is making the logical next step after her porn career; she’s going from getting yogurt sprayed on her face to serving it to the general public, by opening up a frozen yogurt chain called Froco. She recently announced this new venture in a video that went wayyyyy less than viral. Today, her Froco website has apparently been hacked, with the homepage now featuring a gif of her getting fucked in the shitter…hard.

    Given the fact that practically no one cared that she was opening a frozen yogurt business, I’m beginning to wonder if the site was really hacked or if Abraham is an evil viral marketing genius. I really hope it’s the latter.

    Here’s what the homepage for Froco Fresh Frozen looked like at the time of publishing:

    And then below the lyrics was this video:

    And this is Froco’s “About” page:

    Source 1 and 2
    Everything has been taken off the site since then but it looks like they didn't back anything up since it's mostly gibberish text templates and just in general a really awful website.

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    First-Half MVP
    1. Beyonce (17%)
    2. Iggy Azalea (16%)
    3. Ariana Grande (11%)
    Favorite No. 1 Hot 100 Song
    1. Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX, "Fancy" (19%)
    2. Katy Perry feat. Juicy J, "Dark Horse" (12%)
    3. Pharrell, "Happy" (11%)
    Favorite No. 1 Billboard 200 Album
    1. Beyonce, "Beyonce" (18%)
    2. Soundtrack, "Frozen" (14%)
    3. Coldplay, "Ghost Stories" (9%)
    Breakout Star
    1. Iggy Azalea (34%)
    2. Sam Smith (13%)
    3. 5 Seconds of Summer (11%)
    Best Music Video
    1. Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX, "Fancy" (28%)
    2. Katy Perry, "Dark Horse" (19%)
    3. Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea, "Problem" (18%)
    Best Comeback
    1. Jason Derulo (15%)
    2. Jennifer Lopez (13%)
    3. Lily Allen (10%)
    Most Memorable Feud
    1. Drake vs. Jay Z (26%)
    2. Justin Bieber vs. Seth Rogen (17%)
    3. Azealia Banks vs. T.I. (12%)
    Most Buzzed-About Moment
    1. Lady Gaga's paint-vomiting SXSW performance (26%)
    2. Jay Z and Solange fight in an elevator (20%)
    3. Michael Jackson's "Xscape" album release (12%)
    Best Festival Performance
    1. Lana Del Rey at Coachella (23%)
    2. Pharrell at Coachella (16%)
    3. Outkast at Governors Ball (13%)
    Best Style
    1. Miley Cyrus (21%)
    2. Rihanna (17%)
    3. Beyonce (16%)
    Best Tour
    1. Lady Gaga's ARTPOP tour (18%)
    2. Demi Lovato's Neon Lights tour (12%)
    3. Beyonce's Mrs. Carter tour (11%)
    Best Televised Performance
    1. Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande and Charli XCX at Billboard Music Awards (21%)
    2. Michael Jackson hologram at Billboard Music Awards (20%)
    3. Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl (14%)
    Most Disappointing of 2014
    1. U.S. "X Factor" cancelled (24%)
    2. Justin Bieber's racist video leaks (23%)
    3. Mariah Carey's "Elusive" sales (13%)
    Most Anticipated Music Event of 2014's Second Half
    1. Beyonce & Jay Z's 'On The Run' Tour (16%)
    2. Ariana Grande's Next Album (14%)
    3. "Glee's" final season (11%)
    Song That Will Dominate 2014's Second Half
    1. Nicki Minaj, "Pills N Potions" (18%)
    2. Sam Smith, "Stay With Me (12%)
    3. Fifth Harmony, "Bo$$" (11%)

    Gosh, the first half of the year has been a boring one for pop music...

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    Actress Nicola Peltz attends the 'Affluenza' premiere at SVA Theater on July 9, 2014 in New York City.

    with co-stars gregg sulkin and ben rosenfield


    An aspiring young photographer finds himself caught up in a heady world of money, sex, and privilege when he moves to wealthy Long Island in the summer of 2008.


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