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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Well we all know its not Jon.

    Looks like Jordan Knight got caught sticking a hand in a honey pot that isnt his wifes ...

    Look for Charlie Smith @funsteph714

    Now notice that she has only 1 following...that would be Jordan.
    He cant really say that he doesnt know her becuase she herself posted this 2 weeks ago.

    The pics that are on that twitter can be found at the source below...
    He went on a twitter tantrum recently and blocked a whole bunch of fans that create "drama" but coincidentally he has failed to block her- The naked picture account, he was the only follower of that account. These pics are recent...March 12th 2012 to be exact. What was said between the 2 in DMS didnt leak yet but these pictures and those at the source have. She's thirsty.

    Source- Twitter, Twitpics * Graphic*

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    Actress Kerry Washington is generating a great deal of excitement with her latest role as the star of ABC's newest show, Scandal. The hour-long drama is a vehicle of producer Shonda Rhimes, of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice fame, and is the first to be centered around a black woman, Washington's crisis manager, Judy Smith.

    With black women filling the roles of executive producer (Rhimes), producer (Smith) and lead actress (Washington), Scandal, even before its premiere last night, has brought a whiff of optimism to African-American women in entertainment.

    It will be easier to have more faith in Hollywood's relationship with black POC in general actresses once Hollywood shows it's committed to that relationship. It will be easier when black POC in general actresses become more visible in roles across the spectrum, (think fantasy hits like Harry Potter, or romantic dramas like The Notebook) and not just ones that call for an African-American female.

    It would be nice, too, to see more unknown black ingenues suddenly become household names thanks to a hit show or film, much like Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone, Kristin Stewart in Twilight or Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Surely there is a young brown face out there who can draw America's fascination in the same way, given the right script and a good PR push. It wouldn't hurt either to see a brown face included in Vanity Fair's annual (and consistently overwhelmingly white) Hollywood cover.

    "I think it's a really special time to be a woman of color in this business. The landscape of who has the power is changing," she told Essence in a recent interview, "We are in more influential positions and are able to have a say in the stories that are told."

    Following an awards season that shone a spotlight on talents like Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer from the hit film, The Help, and with news that Gabrielle Union will be the lead of a Mara Brock Akil show that's set to air on BET, Washington has good reason to be optimistic. Washington herself will be seen alongside Eddie Murphy, Diahann Carroll and Jamie Foxx in three separate movies over the next year. She tells Essence, "I feel very lucky to be in this business now."

    But is one actress' good fortune applicable to the rest of black women working in Hollywood? There's little doubt that Scandal will deliver the drama and draw a fan base, seeing as how its creator, Shonda Rhimes, is the mastermind behind ABC cash cows Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy.

    Call it the "Shonda Effect," if you will -- the almost-solid guarantee that anything Rhimes touches will bring in the viewers and the dollars. Outside of Rhimes, though, it's still difficult to tell whether shows led by black women will draw the support they need to not only survive, but thrive.

    Take the cop drama, Southland, led by Regina King. Though the show has a loyal fan base, it was cancelled after airing just seven episodes of its first season on NBC. TNT eventually picked up the show and just concluded its fourth season. Yet, despite critical acclaim, Southland again may be on the verge of cancellation. And last year, TNT canned Jada Pinkett Smith's HawthoRNe after three seasons.

    While The Help showed that the film industry may be getting better at recognizing great black lead actresses (albeit in controversial roles), the small screen has yet show that it's as friendly.

    So it's hard to jump up and down and celebrate a new dawn for black women on TV just yet, even if Kerry Washington is leading a drama that's expected to be a hit. The final verdict won't be in until the ratings are, or until the show continually draws good reviews and is picked up beyond a first season.

    It may be an exciting time to try new things as a black actress in Hollywood, but it's still Hollywood. And there's still a ways to go. Nothing is more telling than Kerry Washington's recounting of a luncheon where she rubbed elbows with scores of other black actresses, many of whom had auditioned for Scandal. Upon seeing Washington, they told her, "You have to bring it. For all of us."

    you go kerry

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    Clown queen Aubrey & the extras:

    Former American Idol Clay Aiken, The National Inclusion Project
    Singer/actress/twitter icon Aubrey O'Day, Gay, Lesbian & Straight Edu. Network
    Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice, The NephCure Foundation
    Actor/TV personality Arsenio Hall, Magic Johnson Foundation
    Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, Gay Men’s Health Crisis
    Magician/TV personality Penn Jillette, Opportunity Village
    Actor/bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, Muscular Dystrophy Association
    American Chopper’s Paul Teutul Sr., Make-A-Wish Foundation
    Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, Latino Commission on AIDS
    Former Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider, March of Dimes/Bikers for Babies
    Singer Debbie Gibson, Children International
    Model/actress Cheryl Tiegs, The Farrah Fawcett Foundation
    Model/actress Patricia Velasquez, Wayuu Taya Foundation
    Retired race car driver Michael Andretti, Racing for Cancer
    Talk show host Adam Carolla, Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters
    Star Trek’s George Takei, Japanese American National Museum
    Actress Tia Carrere, After-School All-Stars
    Growing Up Gotti’s Victoria Gotti, Association to Benefit Children


    Lou Ferrigno

    Episode Recap

    Before the dust even settles on last week's blowout, and before Arsenio is able to calm down from his meltdown, Lisa’s goes fighting mad and has a mental breakdown.

    The task for tonight will be for the teams to produce a 60-second commercial for The episode is titled “Ad Hawk” and each team has to write, produce and direct the commercial. The project manager of Forte will be Dayana and the project manager of Unanimous will be Teresa.


    The episode starts in the War Room where Lisa is concerned Aubrey being MIA. Lisa calls Arsenio a “Bitch Ass Mother F*cker.” Arsenio continues to rant and calls Aubrey a bitch and a whore. He sure does not mince words, does he? Arsenio justifies his name calling by saying Aubrey disrespected him. Lisa screams at Arsenio to stop “bitching and whoring” cause every woman in America is going to hate him.

    Lisa has a mental break down of her own when she sees Dayana and Lou walk back in, safe from the boardroom, because she thinks they both have five brain cells between them. Lisa calls Lou a "f*cking loser" and storms out of the room.

    Arsenio won $50,000.00 for the Magic Johnson foundation and tells over Skype about his cousin who dies recently. Arsenio later admits he didn’t handle Aubrey correctly, but he is just going to move on and focus on his charity.


    The celebrities meet up with Donald Trump and Aubrey is back all of the sudden. She is now "taking a stand against these bullies." The celebs are standing in the R Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel above Time Square. Their task this week is to create a 60-second commercial promoting Dayana immediately offers to be Project Manager as does Teresa. Winning Project Manager will get $60,000.00 for her charity.

    Aubrey confronts Arsenio and says she didn’t want to come back to the show because of what he said to her and that he really hurt her feelings. Arsenio admits that he was angry but says he did not want to hurt her and apologized.

    On Forte, Dayana starts to share her ideas with her team and Penn likes them for being real. She wants to portray a love story: From first date, to honeymoon to having children. Dayana choses to use two actors but Lou thinks they could have done the scenes themselves and the team could have used his star power. Lisa finds Dayana to be less annoying when she is in charge. And she's surprised. Penn is just happy that the women are getting along. Dayana rejects Lou's ideas on camera angling to expose the branding.Penn leaves due to work commitments. Donald Jr. comes to see them and says Dayana is doing a good job. Lisa says Dayana has contributed more on this task than Lou has. Dayana asks Lou to do the logos on banners on the computer but he says he does not feel comfortable with computers. Dayana and Lisa have to help him and Lisa utters under her breath that Lou is useless. Dayana and Lisa work on editing. Lou tries to make a suggestion about branding again but neither Dayana or Lisa want to hear it. Lisa mutters under her breath that Lou is “Eye Candy" with no valuable contributions.

    On Unanimous, Aubrey is biting her tongue and not happy about it. Arsenio creates the concept which gets Teresa's stamp of approval. Their idea is to have a man listening outside his daughter’s door, thinking she's having sex. Teresa wants a fun commercial but rightfully believes this maybe a bit too racy. Paul gets a makeover to play the dad in the commercial; a Clark Griswold. Aubrey finds it painful to watch Teresa direct the commercial. Clay Aiken is happy that Aubrey and Arsenio had words because she's been knocked into alignment. Ivanka Trump comes for a visit and says seeing Paul dressed like a dweeb has been the highlight of her week. When she asks the team how things are going, they tell her everything is great. Ivanka see that they are lying to her and doesn’t like that Aubrey again stood up to explain the task, taking over. Arsenio and Clay are editing and running out of time.Teresa is set to go after Clay and Arsenio and their editing if her team loses.


    Teresa’s commercial was not very well done. In fact, the ad dissed old-fashioned coupons which is part of’s product line. Dayana’s team had a better commercial from a brand-messaging standpoint.


    Lisa tells Donald Trump that Lou was the weakest link. Lou says Lisa is disrespectful by calling him a loser and that if she were a man, he'd put her through the wall. Lisa says that is a threat and does not remember calling Lou a loser. Lou says Lisa has a filthy mouth and is nasty. Lisa tells Lou to get ready for the elevator ride down.

    Lisa says Dayana was a great PM, shocking Trump.

    Teresa’s team seems to get along in the boardroom. When Trump asked Teresa who was the weak link, Teresa didn’t want to answer. Trump then reminded her that last time this happened, two people were fired, so she better answer.

    Ivanka says Teresa did not control Aubrey and added that Aubrey alienates people because she talks over others.

    Aubrey tells Trump that she is done snivelling. Donald asks Arsenio if he is friends with Aubrey now and he says yes and that there was peace during the task. He said he probably got the right results with the wrong words.

    Donald asks Clay what he thought and Clay agrees the atmosphere is good. Clay liked working with Teresa and that she stepped up to the job.

    When Trump shows the commercials to everyone, shockingly, Lou says he liked the other team’s commercial better. Lisa calls it a Benedict Arnold move, but that he could do that since he had nothing to do with making his own team's commercial.


    Teresa's team wins!
    Dayana sends Penn to safety. It's now between her, Lou, or Lisa who will be fired. Lisa again falsely claims that Lou threatened her.


    Donald asks Dayana why shouldn’t he fire her. She has no answer. Lou uses his usual excuse but says he gave 100%. He adds that Lisa has a negative attitude and uses the F word all day long. Ivanka asks Lou if it is a negative thing to have liked the other team's video better. He blames his deafness on having been quiet. and Lisa says Lou uses his hearing deficiency as an excuse. Donald Jr. says he is torn because Lou said the other team’s video was better but he does like that Lou told the truth.

    Lisa says she would fire Lou because he did nothing on the task. Dayana says she should be spared because the execs liked her video as much as the other one. Donald is bothered by Lou saying he liked the other team's video. So, he fires Lou!

    Source S2 & my TV

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    Rachel & Dave came in first

    Nary & Jamie came in last but were saved by a non-elimination leg!

    This week's rankings
    1. Rachel & Dave
    2. Mark & Bopper
    3. Art & JJ
    4. Brenden & Rachel
    5. Vanessa & Ralph
    6. Nary & Jamie

    I'm not actually cheering for any team right now. I kind of hate them all. I hate Art/JJ the most, especially when they said they were trying to stay out of the drama but clearly tried to stir the pot with Nary/Jamie. I miss Joey/Danny a lot more than I thought I would :(

    Source: CBS/TV

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    My God, Richard Madden (Robb Stark, "Game of Thrones")  was on US shores for a brief press tour, and we hardly knew it! As of Saturday nite, he was still in NYC--there are Twitter sightings at Manhattan bars, and a gal from Tumblr, TheBlueRoseAndTheUnBurnt, posted this image of Madden and gf, Jenna-Louise Coleman(back of her head?), at the Brooklyn "Artists & Fleas" Market on Saturday afternoon:

    The Baltimore Sun interview already posted was just one of the interview rounds he did when in NYC this past week.  According to Twitter, there are still more to come from Metro.Us and HuffPo, and probably other news outlets that participated in round-table interviews and one-on-ones.  Today saw the release of's interview, where he talks about swords, sex, and slapping Joffrey...

    Last season, Game of Thrones embraced the tagline: Winter is Coming. For season two, winter has been replaced by war. And leading the charge is Richard Madden's Robb Stark.

    In the season two premiere, we caught up with Stark as he pontificated about his ruling future, grappled with the fate of a dangerous prisoner and felt the pressure crashing down on him like never before. According to Richard, it's only going to get more intense for Robb as the season wears on.

    In addition to revealing what lies ahead for another one of Thrones' would-be-king's (romance! betrayal! war!), Richard opened up about the overwhelming fan reaction to this show, what excites him about this season two journey and the incredibly important decision he made about Robb's chastity. Do you find that fans recognize you out of the costume?
    Richard Madden: Yes. And much more in NY than in the UK – I don't know why that is. Maybe people are more forward here. "Hey you, King of the North – sup?" [laughs] I quite like it. People are just genuine fans and want to say thanks for making it – that's lovely.

    Insider: On paper, adapting these beloved books seemed rife for failure. But in reality, Game of Thrones has succeeded on every level. Did you expect it to be this big?
    Richard: When I got the scripts, I knew it was great TV, but I thought it would go one of two ways -- utter failure, or something resembling what it's become. Especially when I realized how big the fanbase is. There's expectations right away. You need to not only be faithful for the fans, but figure out a way to capture a new audience. That's really quite difficult to balance. Our writers don't patronize an audience or the actor. So often scripts are overwriten and everything is laid out in the dialogue for a stupid actor. Now, into season two, they're writing for the actors, so we've all gotten to take ownership over our parts a little bit. But I never forget that the readers had ownership over Robb Stark long before I got cast and they had an expectation – hopefully we're doing it right.

    Insider: Did you read all the books when you landed the role, or are you going season by season?
    Richard: Season by season. It's very tempting to start and not stop – a lot of the other actors just tore through the books. But I don't like preempting what's going to come up. I know key points that happen to my character, but if I really read it through, subconsciously there will be parts of me that want to play those moments. Foreshadow them in some way.

    Insider: Season two has already shown us a slightly more mature Robb. What excites you about this season?
    Richard: This whole thing started from this family perspective but he took on these responsibilities and got caught up in the wave of it a little bit. Last week, when he told his mother, "It's more complicated than this," he meant that this has now become bigger than their family. He's got 20,000 men behind him all with mothers, wives, sons and daughters waiting at home for them and Robb is dictating whether they live or die. So he's now thinking about 20,00 families. The changes in Robb this season are dictated by those elements. Robb is changing a lot from season one to season two – he starts making decisions and doing things that will catch you off guard. The situation is bigger than he thought it would be.

    Insider: Should it come to pass, do you think Robb would be a benevolent King?
    Richard: I think Robb would be a great king. It's funny to see him on that path – I don't even think Robb sees himself in that position. There was that moment last week where he drops his guise with Theon and says, "You don’t have to call me that when no one is around." Like everyone else on the show, Robb is acting at being king. He's having to learn by doing, which is difficult. His whole thing comes from honesty and doing the right thing, he's got a great moral compass – it works for him. But also, as the season goes on, that moral compass can destroy him. Following his heart, which has done well by him so far, leads to huge problems down the road.

    Insider: So, Robb would be a better king than Joffrey?
    Richard: [laughs]. Anyone would be a better king than Joffrey. I think Robb would be the best king out of all the contenders. If Robb and Catelyn were running things, I think it would be rather nice in the kingdom. Dire Wolves for everybody [laughs].

    Insider: Is every actor's goal on this show to slap Joffrey at some point?
    Richard: [laughs] I would love to slap Joffrey. I would absolutely love to do that. I want to lock Robb and Joffrey in a room together and see who comes out.

    Insider: I have not read the books, but it's clear to me that Robb's relationship with his Dire Wolf is something greater than casual pet and master, right?
    Richard: Oh, absolutely. And you see that with Bram too. The wolf has given him a lot of respect and power from the start. A lot of gravitas. It's a relationship I don’t think we’re seeing enough of. The connection does go deeper than owner and pet, it's a psychological thing. An intuition thing and hopefully we’ll show more of that in season three.

    Insider: Speaking of connections, doesn't Robb finally meet a woman this season?
    Richard: Yea! And it's something that Robb hasn't experienced yet. And that's quite exciting to me as an actor – making those decisions that aren’t exactly in the book.

    Insider: Like what?
    Richard: Deciding if Robb is a virgin or not. I had to make a lot of choices in my head and figure out what happened when he was younger. I think it's a given that Theon has been up to all sorts of things at Winterfell – so it's just figuring out where Jon's been and where Robb's been when it comes to that. I think Robb is a very good man, with a deep sense of honor. I love Robb a lot because everything is a first for him. And those are the most exciting experiences. That's what makes for good watching. This is the first time he meets a woman – and it happens at a point when he's really feeling distance from everything else. He's out there, alone, doesn't know if his mother has his back. There are disagreements with his men over killing prisoners; he doesn't want to go down that route, but he's being pushed to it. So he finds this escape in this woman who doesn't see him as a king; they immediately connect as people and that's the most realistic thing he's had. And it's important to have this presence in his life that pushes him and challenges him on everything – she makes Robb think about the longterm results of his actions. "If you kill Joffrey, then what?" It makes him realize he hasn’t thought that far ahead. At the same time, there are lots of feelings.

    Insider: So ... was Robb a virgin?
    Richard: [whispers] Yes.

    Insider: And with relations on HBO inevitably come sex scenes. Does being naked and filming those ever get easier?
    Richard: It never gets easier -- but the build-up in your head is always much, much worse. It's funny, I'm used to going into my trailer and seeing leather, leather, leather, armor, fur, leather, boots, armor, fur, swords. That day, you go in and the only thing awaiting you is a small silk pouch [laughs]. That's when you know it wont be a good day. It's good with this show because it happens often, so there's not this massive sense of, "Oh man, he's naked" on set. But that can flip on the other side – I've done TV shows where they're so OK with nudity, everyone will forget you're naked. That's when you’re standing in the middle of a room after they've yelled cut and everyone's moved on to the next thing, but you’re still there – cupping your junk. "Uh … can I have a towel?" [laughs] It doesn't get easier, but there is always a lot of pizza waiting for you afterwards – you spend weeks working out, not eating carbs and generally being terrified of it. The second it's over, you dive right into the pizza, beer and chocolate. It's a good reward.

    Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

    After all that sex talk, I have to post this gif:

    The SOURCE
    Flea Market Candid -

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    Actor Sean Penn pumped gas while holding an unlit cigarette in his mouth in Malibu, California on April 8, 2012


    Ok fine so it's unlit and no one is in danger of blowing up, I just wanted to use this gif

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    'The Borgias' Francois Arnaud on Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia incest and Season 2

    Sitting at an outdoor table at a cafe on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, digging into a salad and carrot juice, French-Canadian actor Francois Arnaud -- who plays Renaissance nobleman, priest and politician Cesare Borgia on Showtime's "The Borgias" -- looks like any other dark-haired, slightly scruffy 26-year-old actor.

    Apparently that confuses some people.

    "I was meeting a girl this morning for a magazine," says Arnaud, "and she's like, 'What?' I don't know if she was expecting me to show up with long hair, in a long, red dress. It's weird. It's just weird. People don't think that I look like a normal 26-year-old."

    "The Borgias" returns for a second season on Sunday, April 8, continuing the saga of the 15th-century family, headed by patriarch Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons) -- aka Pope Alexander VI -- which blended the influence of the Roman Catholic Church with plenty of temporal power and wealth (not to mention heaping helpings of sin and debauchery along the way).

    Along with Cesare, Rodrigo's other children with his longtime mistress, Vanozza (Joanne Whalley), are swashbuckling soldier Juan (David Oakes) and daughter Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger), whose relationship with Cesare borders on being too close for comfort.

    In Season 1, Cesare chafed under the influence of his father, who had forced him into the priesthood against his will and later ascended to the papacy and elevated him to cardinal. Having little interest in the clerical life, Cesare's passions tended more toward intrigue, romance and even murder (even if he didn't always do the bloody deed himself).

    In Season 2, things get more interesting.

    "It's a big year for Cesare," says Arnaud. "He really comes of age. He grows into Cesare Borgia. He's not that angsty teenage boy anymore. He still struggles with his father, and he's involved in all that. He's very much ready to take control of the family now. As his father gets older, he's a little less able to make sound decisions.

    "In Season 2, [Rodrigo] relies on his faith a lot. Cesare's not a very good Christian. Well, the father isn't either, but he thinks he is. He tries to be. He's torn. Cesare's torn between other things. For instance, in Episode 3, we're fighting the Italian army, and they have cannon, and we don't.

    "So, the pope decides to pray for rain to soak the gunpowder. I'm like, 'You can pray if you want, but I'm going to go blow that gunpowder up.' And the rivalry between the brothers gets to another level. It's not childish play anymore."

    While Cesare and Juan contend for a place in the family hierarchy, Cesare and Lucrezia move into another phase in their relationship. Last season, the brother and sister engaged in an apparently innocent flirtation that came to an abrupt end when she was married off to the violent nobleman Giovanni Sforza (Ronan Vibert).

    While it was never shown that the flirtation was more than platonic, according to Arnaud -- and as evidenced by several fan-created YouTube videos inspired by the theme of forbidden love -- many fans were rooting for sibling romance.

    "Me and my sister, yeah," says Arnaud. "We have good chemistry, we do. But it takes a different turn this season. God, I don't know what I can reveal or not. There's definitely more of that. It becomes a bit less childish and more mature -- not what you think, not what you think. Never ... or maybe. Who knows? You'll see. I can't reveal that. People are rooting for that relationship.

    "My God! Crazy. It's what I heard most about the show, that people were crazy about that storyline. They want more. When I meet fans, they say, 'Are we going to see more of Cesare and Lucrezia together this year?' They're crazy about that stuff."

    Asked if the fans are actually aware that this would be incest, Arnaud says, "Yeah, I know, I know. They can't live that in their own life, so they want to see it on TV, I guess. It's a very interesting relationship, because it's not just sexual attraction. You see that they love each other. It's not just about sex.

    "We have a kiss in Season 2. Oh, my God ... I think we got a kiss. We might have a kiss. It's not a big kiss. It's a small kiss."

    Along with more control and a kiss, Cesare also gets an upgraded wardrobe.

    "I have to tell you one thing," says Arnaud. "Season 2 is the last season you're going to see me in that red dress. I did have leather pants in the first season. I get to wear more of them in the second season.

    "I tell you, people keep talking to me about incest and the leather pants. That's all people are interested in. Moral dilemmas? No. Leather pants and incest? OK."

    Source 1, 2

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  • 04/08/12--21:16: Mad Men Trailer 5x05

  • Source

    Theories about Don??

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    What do Drake, Sammy Davis Jr. and Adam Sandler have in common? These three men share more than just fame and good looks, they're also part of God's chosen people.

    In honor of Passover, The Huffington Post Black Voices has compiled a list of 10 black celebrities you may not have known had Jewish lineage or practiced Judaism. From musicians, to actors to NBA ballers..


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  • 04/08/12--21:48: A LOUIS TOMLINSON POST:

  • Louis' mum on the Larry Stylinson Bromance


    When we were having a luverly chat with our new BFF Johanna (Louis Tomlinson’s mum) we couldn’t resist asking her to give us some details on One Direction’s big romance: Larry Stylinson.

    It seems that Johanna loves Harry Styles almost as much as her son does, which is quite an achievement.

    "I really like Harry, I liked him from the first day I met him,” she told us.

    “They definitely do have a really strong bond. It's not a fabricated thing, it's not contrived. It's not something that they thought they'd try and do and see if they could get any mileage out of it. They’re like brothers. They genuinely respect and love each other.”

    And like all true lovers, Larry hate to be apart.

    “At Christmas they had three days off from each other as a band, but Louis was on the phone to H seeing what he was doing. Before then he was even saying, 'Should we all go away at Christmas with H and Anne, as I might miss him?’ So they definitely do have a bromance - you heard it here!”

    Please tell us we’re not the only ones that get a bit excited about finding out that they call Harry ‘H’. We wonder if it’s in tribute to the talents of H from Steps.

    His first word / Other facts you do not know

    As you know we had a chat with the infinitely wonderful Johanna Tomlinson recently to find out as much as we could about her boy, Louis Tomlinson.

    She gave us more Luigi T goss than you could ping a stripey brace at, so here are a few facts that you may not know about the One Direction fitster.

    Louis was born at 13.47 on Christmas Eve, weighed 7lb 3 oz and was 49 cm long. Awww.

    As far as nicknames go it's not just Boo Bear that Johanna likes to call him.

    "Obviously everybody knows about Boo Bear, but I've started calling him in all my texts 'Baby First Born', which is cute as when you've got a lot of children it sets him aside." And again,: Awwww,

    Mummy T also revealed what Louis' first word was. This should put a smile on Harry Styles' face.

    "Cat. My parents had a black cat and I remember him walking through the gate one day and he pointed and said cat. It was a very proud moment!"


    'I'm not sure if there's anything sexy about the way I look'


    Now, this may come as something of a surprise to you, but we fancy Louis Tomlinson.

    Yeah, we know, we could have dropped a few hints to maybe make it a bit more obvious, but we feel this is a pressing time and that just being blatant about it is the right thing to do in a crisis like this.

    Louis, we have feelings for you that are verging on inappropriate. We’d quite like a twang on your braces.

    There. We said it. This ‘pressing time’ that we’re harping on about is triggered by Louis’ admission to We Love Pop magazine that he doesn’t think he’s sexy.

    “I’d like to think I’m sexy, but I don’t really think I am,” he told them.

    “I’m not sure there’s anything sexy about the way I look. Maybe if I’m talking to someone and trying to chat a girl up, then perhaps I can be a little bit sexy then."

    “I’d like to think I’ve got good chat.”

    Louis, we think you’ve got good everything.

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    Accustomed to wearing Vera Wang gowns on red carpets, singing at the Grammys or autographing her weight-loss memoir, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson will take on a new role under a very different spotlight – in Chicago's drab criminal courts building at the trial of the man charged with murdering her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew.

    The Hollywood star's presence, and the accompanying media hubbub, is bound to affect the proceedings, which begin Monday. That's when presiding Judge Charles Burns plans to start questioning would-be jurors one by one, trying to weed out anyone who could be swayed by Hudson's celebrity status.

    Hudson is expected to be at the trial every day once testimony begins, court officials say, and she's on the 300-name list of witnesses who could testify.
    While the judge will warn prospective jurors to avoid watching TV coverage of the trial, they may see Hudson on "American Idol" on Thursday.

    Legal experts widely agree on the No. 1 challenge at trials involving megastars: It's identifying 12 jurors able and willing to assess guilt solely on what they hear in court.

    Hudson will need to refrain from overt displays of emotion as potentially starstruck jurors' eyes dart back at her, said Gerald Uelmen, a defense attorney at O.J. Simpson's murder trial.

    "The risk is that jurors may be watching her rather than testifying witnesses, and they could be influenced by how she reacts," he said. "She would be well advised not to engage in any facial expressions or outbursts. That could be grounds for a mistrial."

    Prosecutors say William Balfour, the 30-year-old estranged husband of Hudson's sister, shot the family in a jealous rage because Julia Hudson was dating another man. Jennifer Hudson, also 30, and Balfour grew up in the same South Side neighborhood.

    The bodies of Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, 57, and brother, Jason Hudson, 29, were found shot to death in the family's home on Oct. 24, 2008. The body of her nephew, Julian King, was found days later in a vehicle several miles away.

    Balfour's attorneys have said the evidence is circumstantial, though prosecutors say proof he committed the crime will include gun residue found on his car's steering wheel.

    Adored by many Chicagoans, Hudson will pose a stark contrast to Balfour, a short man with a long criminal record. He was a one-time Gangster Disciples gang member and known by his street name, "Flex," according to court documents.

    The dilemma posed by Balfour's trial became clear last week, when 150 potential jurors filled out their questionnaires in court. Nine of the 66 questions dealt with Hudson's career: Would-be jurors were asked if they'd ever seen her Academy Award-winning film "Dreamgirls" and if they belong to an organization for which Hudson is a spokesperson, presumably a reference to Weight Watchers.

    It was obvious many potential jurors had heard of the killings, some gasping when the judge first read the name of the case.

    And when Burns asked if anyone felt they couldn't hear the evidence "without sympathy, bias or prejudice" to step up, he looked on with apparent alarm as five, 15, then 20 people rose. He finally told everyone to sit down and disregard the question, for now.

    The history of high-profile trials – from Simpson's to Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray – suggests it's hard to dim the celebrity glow. But Burns, known as a competent but quick-tempered judge, wants to ensure the buzz doesn't undercut Balfour's right to a fair trial. He's made it clear he won't tolerate disruptions. He's barred tweeting from inside court because he fears feverish typing would distract jurors. He's imposed gag orders on attorneys.

    Cameras also won't be allowed in the courtroom, though that won't stop the media circus outside. Chicago isn't a paparazzi hot spot, but cameramen are likely to swoop in from New York or Los Angeles, said Ray Murray, an associate journalism professor at Oklahoma State University who studies paparazzi.

    "Going in and out of the courtroom won't be fun for her," Murray said. "They look like cannons, some of these cameras, and if you're going through what she's about to go through, you can imagine that would rattle her."

    The brush with celebrity may be irresistible for jurors, as there's a tendency to feel a protective bond with movie stars and singers almost as if they're family, said prominent defense lawyer Gerry Spence.

    There could be "a sort of underlying sense, a subconscious sense, that they have attacked somebody in (the juror's) family," said Spence. "And they think, `(He) shot Jennifer's (mother, brother and nephew) and I'm going to get him.' "

    The defense could ask Burns to bar Hudson from court – possibly on grounds she is a potential witness – which would be a rare but not unheard of request. But Uelmen says the judge would be reluctant to tell a daughter she can't attend the trial of the man accused of killing her mother.

    Hudson's publicity firm did not respond to requests for comment.

    Judges don't insist jurors be blank slates, they merely want to know if jurors can set aside their biases and preconceptions, said Laurie Levenson, a law professor at Loyola Law School Los Angeles.

    "You certainly don't want a juror who hasn't heard of Jennifer Hudson, for instance," Levenson said. "That would raise other serious questions, like, where's this person been living – under a rock?"

    Attorneys won't necessarily share the judge's goal of weeding out bias.

    "The fact is," Uelmen said, "neither side is looking for unbiased jurors – they're looking for jurors who lean their way."

    I remember watching this whole situation unfolding on the news and it's still so awful. I hope that justice is served. I know a lot of people here don't like her but no one should have to go through what she went through. Her poor family. :(

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    John Mayer's recent granuloma fiasco hasn't stopped the musician from playing guitar -- and covering artists like Lana Del Rey. On Thursday, Mayer, 34, took to Tumblr to share a cover of "Video Games," and it's all sorts of guitar heavy.

    "Video Games (dub solo electric) w/Binson Echorec," wrote Mayer, along with a link to the SoundCloud audio clip. The guitar cover, which runs for just over 3 minutes, is beautiful and haunting. It serves as a gentle reminder that Mayer is one of the more versatile guitarists in the mainstream music scene today. One thing missing from the "Video Games" cover? Mayer's voice.

    On Mar. 9, the musician announced that he had to cancel all dates for his upcoming US tour because his granuloma throat condition had returned.

    "I have no idea how to introduce this post, so I'm skipping the first paragraph. During rehearsal on Tuesday, it came to mind that I should see my throat doctor because something didn't feel/sound right. I went in for a visit on Wednesday and a scope of my vocal cords revealed that the granuloma has grown back where it had mostly healed," Mayer wrote.

    Mayer was due for a spring tour in support of his upcoming album, "Born and Raised." Since his announcement, Mayer has provided several updates on the music video for "Shadow Days," the first single off the new album. "Monument Valley at dawn . . . Shadow Days video coming soon," he wrote on Apr. 2, along with a music video still of himself playing the guitar in a desert setting. Mayer was first treated for his granuloma in October, when he had throat surgery.

    "Born and Raised" is scheduled for a May 22 release.

    Source1  Source2

    like it?

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    new single, released April 13


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    In this month's edition of the renowned Cosmopolitan column, "Guy Watch: Stud Meter," assorted dudes are ranked on their ability to make Cosmo wet. See here:

    Put aside the fact that Jon Snow ranked so high (sad men and the girls who love them), that Bomer got downgraded because it's just too unfair that he's always been gay, or that Dan Rad got even further demoted for daring to like pubic hair (eta: joke; they're grossed out by Harry Potter talking about sex even though we all know he snitched Ginny's snatch to high heavens).

    Mario Lopez is 2nd to last because (i) he's Mario Lopez, (ii) he made a twitter for his dog in which he calls female dogs bitches, and (iii) he's Mario Lopez. Last place for the month is Sam Worthington. Why? You know why you're here, Sam. Please lose our number.

    Damn. That's pressed and weirdly personal. Through serious investigative research (see: Google news), it has been ascertained that other than releasing a Titans sequel (which was only marginally less well received than its predecessor), he's been... exactly the same sort of pleasantly likable bland creature he's always been. Even more puzzling is that Cosmo just ranked him their Fun Fearless Male of 2012. So basically, this is mildly intriguing cause what did Sam Worthington do to Cosmo? Why you mad? ETC!

    Source for the scan.

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    Raging Bull II punches off in June; Casting underway

    Casting is underway, and production begins in June, on “Raging Bull II”.

    Based on the book “Raging Bull II” by Chris Anderson, Sharon McGehee and Jake LaMotta, the film is said to serve as a companion piece to the Martin Scorsese film and is both a prequel and sequel to the events depicted in the latter.

    Robert De Niro is not reprising the role of LaMotta. William Forsythe, who played opposite De Niro in “Once Upon a Time in America” (and also reprised De Niro’s Al Capone role for a TV spin-off of “The Untouchables” in the early ’90s), has inherited the gloves.

    Director Martin Guigui is currently scouting for :

    To play 14-20 years old, and already a tough bare knuckles fighter. He takes his father’s frequent beatings without a sound and makes money fighting much bigger opponents in back alley fights set up by his drunken, abusive father. Please submit over 18 to play younger OR emancipated

    Portrays 40s-70s, Jake’s father, a tough-looking Italian man, he’s a mean drunk who handcuffs and beats his son. He sets up the back alley fights with Jake and much older, stronger opponents. Later he refuses to help the grown-up Jake when he asks for money. Late in life, a frail old man, he reconciles with Jake just before his death. STAR NAME ONLY

    40s-50s, Jake’s childhood friend “Ricky”, now a tall, glib and charming wise guy type, wearing a very expensive suit. He’s done very well running the factory Jake gave him the money to start when he was champ. Later he produces and directs porn while trying to break into legit movie-making. He’s always got his eye on Jake and manages to find him work, first as a stand-up in seedy clubs, then as a bouncer in a mob-owned strip joint, finally putting him to work with other ex-champs in his legitimate movies. STAR NAME ONLY

    30-40, Jake’s girlfriend and later his wife and Lisa’s mother. After years of dealing with Jake’s drinking and womanizing, she finds Jesus and takes Lisa with her to Florida, leaving Jake alone in New York. STAR NAME ONLY

    60s, Head Master of the reform school, he tries to force young Jake to fellate him and gets punched in the crotch by Jake. Recognizable names: Great Cameo Role

    14, Jake’s best friend, arranges more back alley fights and splits the take with Jake. Please submit over 18 to play younger OR emancipated

    30-40, aging, yet still sexy, Hollywood movie starlet. From Vienna, she still speaks with a slight accent. She’s furious when Jake won’t sleep with her. Recognizable names: Great Cameo Role

    “Raging Bull II” punches off in Los Angeles over June and July.

    Martin Scorsese on Raging Bull II (?!) and Why He Prefers Vampires to Zombies

    GQ: So what do you make of this news that there's going to be a Raging Bull II?
    Martin Scorsese: I have no idea. That's the second time I've heard it. The Argentinian director?

    GQ: Yes, Martin Guigui. He directed National Lampoon's Cattle Call.
    Martin Scorsese: Really?

    GQ: How do you feel about it?
    Martin Scorsese: Oh, nothing I could say about it except I don't think I could revisit the material, as they say. I think we said what we had to say at that time. All of us moved on. Different aspects of the same story basically keep making the rounds. You know?

    GQ: What aspects?
    Martin Scorsese: Rise and fall and self-destruction and the suffering and somehow coming through, in some cases. Coming through the suffering so that you change in a way. I don't know. It's dealing with yourself, really. Ultimately, at the end of Raging Bull, he's looking in a mirror and he's at comfort with himself, to a certain extent. He's not fighting, he's not beating himself up. That's all. So, I don't know where they're going to go.

    GQ: To me that film felt so complete.
    Martin Scorsese: Yeah. I think it is in terms of the time and place that it covered from him on stage, that's entertainment to him at the mirror at the end of the story and telling those aspects of his life. Yes. I really don't know what Raging Bull II would be.

    GQ: I think it's just crazy. I mean you see that happen now with sequels. But it's usually with something like Twilight, where are all kinds of vampire-related spin-offs.
    Martin Scorsese: The vampire thing always works for some reason. Always works.

    GQ: I would love to hear your theory on that. What do you think it is about vampires?
    Martin Scorsese: I happen to like vampires more than zombies.

    GQ: Why?
    Martin Scorsese: Well, a vampire, quite honestly, you could have a conversation with.

    GQ: That's true.
    Martin Scorsese: He has a sexuality.

    GQ: And you don't want to get kissed by zombie.
    Martin Scorsese: Yeah. I mean the undead thing... Zombies, what are you going to do with them? Just keep chopping them up, shooting at them, shooting at them. It's a whole other thing that apparently means a great deal to our culture and our society. There are many, many books written about it and many movies. I saw one in London when I was doing Hugo. I saw one late at night one weekend. It was called Colin, by a young filmmaker [Marc Price]. He shot it, I think, digitally by himself, edited it himself. It was savage. It had an energy that took the zombie idea to another level. Really interesting filmmaking. Disturbing.

    GQ: I'll check it out. Your career has been so unpredictable. I think people would have had a hard time imagining that you would do a kids' film before you did Hugo. Some directors want to check off these genre boxes: a comedy, a horror film, musical, a sci-fi film. Do you think about it like that?
    Martin Scorsese: I thought that in the '70s. I tried. I really tried. I mean, we did an exploitation film right away: Boxcar Bertha, which was in the new genre of Bonnie and Clyde at the time. Now that's gone. Mean Streets was Means Streets. If anything, its lineage was as a film because it was really a story about friends and myself and my father. In any event, it had ties to the early gangster films of Warner Brothers in the 1930s. So, that's about it. But the rest, I tried. New York, New York, I tried something there. But I didn't know. I mean Francis Coppola at the time said you have to stay within the conventions of the genre. I said, "I'd like to change it." He said, "It's not going to work."

    GQ: Ha! And then you went on to make films like The King of Comedy!
    Martin Scorsese: Right. Well, what happened with New York, New York is that the audience didn't accept it because it didn't stay within the conventions of the genre because of what happens with the couple at the end. But it's different. It has its own nature. At that time, the audience didn't want to see it and that was the end of it. I think a week later Stars Wars opened. So, once I did Raging Bull I said, "No more." I said I'd love to do a Western. The closest I got to was Gangs of New York. It's an Eastern. It's like a Western: You've got all the scenes. New kid in town, walks into a bar. It's all the same basically, only it's the Wild East of New York. Crazier than the west.

    GQ: That era is amazing.
    Martin Scorsese:
    I didn't even scrape the surface of it, believe me. All around here. Right in the downtown. That's it. I said, "No. I just want to go with the stories that kind of excite me and can keep me going on the set and going in that trailer, and going out of the trailer." Then I'll deal with the screenings.

    source: 1 / 2

    please let my lj cut work...

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Kristen Stewart turns 22 yo today!!!
    Due to this event i am making this amazing post featuring Queen Kristen <33333

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    So i think we need to recall all the things she's being up to last year: 
    she appeared on her first cover of Vogue US

    and also W, GQ and Glamour UK/US Magazines

    she had a photoshoot for Vogue Italia

    and posed with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner for EW during Breaking Dawn promo

    she visited lots of events during past year:
    from MET Gala

    and Mulberry fashion show

    to Comic Con

    and Breaking Dawn premiere

    in November she left her hand/footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre with Twilight co-stars 

    in May her new movie "On the road" most likely will be presented in Cannes

    and in June you can see her in "Snow white and the huntsman"

    Of course there's lots of pictures and videos with Kristen and her bf Robert <3 for example:
    in April (2011) Kristen attended Water for Elephants premiere and was "caught kissing" Rob in the car

    they were together in Paris (march 2012)

    Also here's congrats from Kristen's SWATH co-stars:

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17
    i am really sorry if there's any grammar mistakes in this post because my english is bad lol
    anyway. i love Kristen and i hope she'll celebrate her bday with her family and friends. i wish her lots of new GOOD roles and to stay the same beautiful and funny person as she is <3

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    Aw, bb Holder. And I guess Yannik will be the next red herring until we're inevitably informed it totally wasn't him after all. Sigh.


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    In an in depth interview the presenter revealed her true feelings about the teenage singer following months of silence about their controversial romance and subsequent split.

    She confessed to a Sunday publication: "Harry is adorable, he is a nice person. He was nice to me - we were nice to each other. He's brilliant, he is so much fun."

    And she added that the pair are still very much on speaking terms adding: "First and foremost we are friends. We got very close for a time but that's between me and Harry.

    "What happened is between me and him and then we decided it was best to just be friends."

    The 32-year-old said that they remain "very fond of each other" after they ended their brief affair as Harry left the UK with his One Direction band-mates to go on tour in America.

    At the time Harry, 18, hit back at rumours that he had dumped her, writing on Twitter how she is ‘one of the sweetest and kindest people I know. Respect that.’

    Caroline also admitted she found reactions to their relationship difficult to handle.

    She said: "‘When you go to a public event you know there are going to be photographers there, it’s their job. But it’s weird when they are outside your house and when they turn up at your mum’s house, and when you are driving down your street and you have to swerve because there are three cars behind you and three motorbikes following you wherever you go.

    "But I put myself in the public eye – I have my dream job, so I can’t complain. If it got too much I would give it up, so obviously it hasn’t got too much."

    She also spoke about her Xtra Factor job and good friend and co-host Olly Murs.

    She said: "I didn’t find out that I had got the job until the day before the auditions – I found out at 3pm and I was on a train at 6pm. I had never met Olly before, which gave us 15 minutes to get to know each other before we went on camera.

    "It was a bit awkward but something clicked and you can’t make that chemistry up – we both felt it straight away. He is a people-person, he can talk to anyone; in fact he can talk for England."

    In the interview with YOU Magazine Caroline was also quick to deny rumours of any romance between her and Rizzle Kicks star Jordan Stephens after they were photographed leaving a Brit Awards party together earlier this year.

    She said: "It’s just silly – I got in a cab with him to go from one party to another and suddenly it’s a relationship. We were in the cab for perhaps 15 minutes, so that’s the shortest relationship of my life."

    Liam's twitcam

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    What do you think about last GOT ep. ?

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    Inside : Bill , Jessica & set pics


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