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    Paulina Rubio sat down with Mario Lopez for NUVOtv’s One On One. The actor and host spoke to La Chica Dorada about a range of topics, including her mother, Mexican actress Susana Dosamantes, and how her stardom influenced her early on in her childhood.

    They discussed Paulina’s beginnings in Timbiriche, and how things changed when Thalía was brought on board. “I remember too, that Thalía was in the group later on, and they tried to make it seem like there was always a rivalry between you two,” Lopez told Paulina.

    To which she effusively replied, “Always, Always!” When Mario asked what the deal was with that, Rubio said, “When you are in a teen band everything happens. You’re brothers and sisters and you fight, and you make up, you sing together, you travel together, you basically are together all the time.”

    “Thalía and I were very close friends, we fight, and then were again friends…” continued Rubio. “Being part of a teen group that was important to Mexico and Latin America, knowing at that point there was no Spanish music in radio. For some reason all Latinos wanted to sing all songs from Madonna, Boy George, but not in Spanish, and it came a whole new era for Latinos.”


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    Zach Dasher, nephew of Phil and Silas "Uncle Si" Robertson, of the highly politicized Duck Dynasty flock, announced his candidacy today for the Louisiana congressional seat to be vacated by Vance McAlister, who was caught on camera making out with a woman who was not his wife. It's a circling back of sorts: McAlister's other big moment of celebrity was when Duck Dynasty son Willie endorsed him for the same seat.

    Dasher, 36 and a pharmaceutical rep, has never run for office before. To surprise of absolutely no one, he's running on a strict, conservative platform. Also, applying gender pronouns to America at large.

    "I want to help restore America to what she once was—a nation that builds freedom and prosperity on the anchor of God," Dasher told the Shreveport Times.

    His candidacy, blessed by the full, reality television-provided and supported powers of the entire Duck Dynasty family, will be about returning G-O-D to this godforsaken country of ours.

    "I got to looking around at the problems in politics today, and what I see in Washington, D.C., is no God. There is no God. The elite political class thinks they can be running our lives," he told the Associated Press. "I think there's a vacuum in D.C. of people who understand where rights come from. Rights don't come from men. They come from God."


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    It’s the modern-day version of a fan letter — celebrities these days are inundated with “please follow” requests on Twitter, as well as a plea to reply to fans on social media. Sometimes, fans are rewarded for effort: Stars will occasionally retweet or “favorite” a tweet, or even “like” a Facebook photo. But these celebs have millions of followers, so it’s very rare.

    That’s why it’s become such a big deal when, over the last few months, pop superstar Taylor Swift has gone above and beyond: She’s started writing some very personal, inspiring, sometimes hilarious comments in response to fans that tag her in photos on Instagram.

    Almost immediately, people started posting screengrabs across Twitter and Tumblr to prove that Swift wrote back to them.

    We’ll give Swift credit — it’s a smart move to further endear yourself to your fans, and her fanbase is one that we didn’t think could be any more obsessed with their idol. For someone who gets tagged in thousands of random photos, she responds to posts of all types. (Her rep confirmed to us that she does in fact run her own Instagram account.)

    Sometimes her comments are brief; if someone tags her in a photo that explains their level of Swift devotion, she will reply to thank them: “Thank you so much for being at my show! I can’t believe you chose me over senior prom!” Or if the fan posts a photo from your concert: “Thanks for spending so much time making that poster!!! And it was so cool that you just called me your hero.”

    Other times she simply comments on a funny picture, such as when someone Instagrams a paparazzi photo of Swift in a grocery store: “Thanks so much for this note! And for posting a picture that depicts a moment of intense contemplation for me: which kind of lettuce to buy.” Or when a fan blatantly poses with their clearly unimpressed dog named Finnick to get Swift’s attention, knowing Swift loves animals, she’ll take the bait and respond: “HAHA Finnick is all ‘CAN YOU NOT’ right now.”

    Then there are much longer, more emotional posts, usually when a fan describes that Swift’s music is the only thing getting them through the day. Swift offers them big sisterly advice: “You’re sensitive and that’s a good thing, but I hope you will learn to block out the words that just devastate you.”

    She also reflects on her own experiences, hinting at her own feelings of insecurity that comes with the often-negative scrutiny of worldwide fame. If someone says when they listen to her songs they can forget about bullies, she’ll write: “We all go through life with a list of names we’ve been called (I have a feeling mine is a little longer than yours ;)…it doesn’t mean we have to let those terrible names define us in any way, you lovely BEAUTIFUL girl.”

    Celebrities — never underestimate the intense loyalty that comes by putting yourself on a human level. Here are some of Swift’s best comments, including a couple gems in which she offers insight about what was going through her mind during paparazzi photos



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    Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 1.01.12 AM


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    Across three seasons and the better part of the United States, Max Joseph and Nev Schulman have uncovered guiltless schemers, master manipulators and even those looking for their moments in the spotlight on “Catfish.” But the show can only tackle so many stories of deceit…

    There are plenty of Internet evildoers who aren’t showcased on MTV, and their stories are often just as jaw-dropping — sometimes even heinous. Take a look at a few “Catfish”-type tales that got super-dark, and keep watching the show Wednesday nights at 10/9c:

    An unfortunate family affair: Marissa Williams was dangerously irresponsible on the Internet, according to She routinely invited strangers she met there to her home for drinks or sex. When her aunt, who was housing Williams, finally had enough, she decided to teach the girl a lesson. To shake her up, she created a fake suitor named “Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis” — but the surprise was eventually on her.

    As soon as Williams began communicating with Topdog, she allegedly revealed how much she hated her family and then devised a plan: Topdog would come kidnap her — and kill her aunt in the event the woman tried to stop the abduction. Eventually, Williams reportedly even offered “Topdog” a decisive plan of attack that would also leave her cousin, her aunt’s fiance and the family dog dead.

    Williams is now in county jail on $30,000 bond and has officially been charged with the solicitation of murder.

    The (distrustful) hands of the law: Police are meant to protect the public, but former Minneapolis officer Bradley Schnickel was sentenced to 30 months in prison for doing quite the opposite. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Schnickel posed as a young man named Brady Schmidt on social networking sites in an effort to convince young women to have sex with him, even telling girls as young as 12 that they were “hot.”

    Police said there were 18 victims in total — including a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old who Schnickel had successfully coerced into sleeping with him — and most had been understandably scarred by the experience.

    “I’m scared to death that this man will come after me and my family again,” one wrote, while another said she was suicidal after the ordeal.

    Birdman almost caged: Miami Heat star Chris “Birdman” Andersen was flying high two years ago — until the day he came home to find authorities, including the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC), had searched through his possessions for clues that could connect him to an illegal act. According to Newsweek, police wouldn’t tell Birdman what they were seeking, but the news quickly led to him being called a child molester across social media.

    After a massive investigation, Andersen’s innocence was proven. It was discovered that a 29-year-old Canadian woman named Shelly Lynn Chartier had been posing as him — among 10 other celebrities and public figures, including Brody Jenner — on Facebook. The woman — a recluse from a small town in Manitoba — allegedly communicated with their unsuspecting fans, and when the chance came for her to manipulate them, she had the time (and the gall) to do it. While impersonating Birdman, she’d threatened a 17-year-old girl (who’d claimed to be 21 online) with whom the pro had developed a brief relationship, and she had also blackmailed him for $5,000.


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    Like many of his recent films, Woody Allen's latest flick, "Magic in the Moonlight," is filled with familiar faces, and two of them are front and center on the movie's new poster.

    The poster (below), premiering today exclusively on Moviefone, features stars Emma Stone and Colin Firth decked out in 1920s period garb, a nod to the film's Jazz Age setting. In "Moonlight," Firth plays a Brit known for his work debunking fake spiritualists, who travels to the south of France to unmask another assumed fraud, played by Emma Stone.

    Unfortunately for Firth, he ends up falling for Stone instead, an inner struggle that seems to be playing out on the poster. Stone appears kooky, with a far off look in her eyes; Firth looks skeptical, yet can't keep his gaze off of her.

    The period romantic comedy, written and directed by Allen, also stars Marcia Gay Harden, Jacki Weaver, Eileen Atkins, Hamish Linklater, Simon McBurney, Erica Leerhsen, Catherine McCormack, Paul Ritter, and Jeremy Shamos.

    "Magic in the Moonlight" is due in theaters on July 25.


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    There are at least two novels called Joyland. One, by novelist Emily Schultz, was published in 2005 by a small Canadian-based press. Another, by Stephen King, was published last year. Mr. King’s wasn’t available as an e-book at first, so, in one of the more lucrative literary mix-ups in recent memory, Amazon customers—many, many of them—mistakenly bought Ms. Schultz’s book instead.

    Negative reviews ensued. “Not up to Steven King [sic] standards,” wrote one confused reader. “Boring and boring. No suspense. The characters were interesting, but not exciting. Did not like the ending.”

    That was bad news for the lesser-known writer, but, thanks to an unexpected windfall from the mix-up, Ms. Schultz, who is 40, this week received a handsome royalty check for the accidental purchases.

    “Apparently there were a lot of confused readers,” she wrote on her new blog, appropriately titled “Spending the Stephen King Money,” which documents the purchases she’s making with the cash.

    So far, Ms. Schultz, who lives in Brooklyn, has spent about $432, which went toward a haircut for her husband, author Brian Joseph Davis; St. Vincent’s new, self-titled album; a car bumper repair; Patricia Lockwood’s Motherland, Fatherland, Homelandsexuals as well as The Friedkin Connection, by William Friedkin; and a “fancy dinner” at Junoon, an upscale Indian restaurant in the Flatiron District.

    Accompanying each purchase is the question “Would Stephen King like it?” Of the automobile repair, for example, Ms. Schultz wrote: “Cars, mysterious garbagemen, feelings of vengeance—of course he would!”

    So, how much did Ms. Schultz make?

    “The blog is going to reveal that at the end,” she told the Observer in an email. “It’s not a fortune but it is nice surprise money.”

    One big purchase she’s planning, though, points to the size of the royalty. “I tend to go through one laptop per novel while writing,” she said. “My E key is always falling off. So a new laptop is going to be the big one.”

    Ms. Schultz said she isn’t familiar with any other writers who have experienced the strange phenomenon—an “Amazon glitch,” she called it—which led to the check.

    “I’m pretty sure this hasn’t happened to anyone else until now,” she wrote, “because it involves a lot of strange variables: a small press book, a book from one of the biggest authors in the world, e-books, Amazon’s practices.”

    She doesn’t plan to repeat the process, at least not on purpose. “Both King and I stole the title,” she said. “Mine was from a chain of arcades in the 1980s. His was from a chain of amusement parks in the 1970s. As for actively gaming a title I think any writer might think about it for a second, and you could certainly get postmodern about it, but if you take your writing seriously you probably shouldn’t do it.”

    “I haven’t talked to Joyce Carol Oates yet about the possible confusion with her novel Blonde,” added Ms. Schultz, whose latest book, The Blondes, which was published internationally in 2012 and will be released in the United States next year, is her most successful yet, “but I’m sure it might get mentioned now.”

    And she hasn’t met Mr. King, despite that the fate of Joyland, her first novel, has been so thoroughly entwined with his book.

    “I haven’t read his work since being a teenager,” she said, “but—I’ve said this before—he still doesn’t get his due from critics and I’m sure all writers, lit or otherwise, harbor a love for Misery.”

    Here's a link to her blog where she details what she's buying with Stephen King's royalties.


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    In a season of memorable SNL moments, it was surprisingly easy for EW’s staff to agree on a favorite: the ridiculously funny and all-too-real music video “(Do It On My) Twin Bed.” The standout short landed a spot on EW’s list of the 50 Best TV Scenes of the year, earning a prime slot at No. 14.

    The December Digital Short was a season highlight, and not just because it was the first music video featuring all the women of SNL. Maybe it was the fact that we’ve all sort of been there and, well, done that. Or perhaps it’s due to the inclusion of the cast’s embarrassing yearbook photos, or Jimmy Fallon’s glorious rap breakdown. There was so much to love that we went straight to Aidy Bryant to chat about the conception of the song and whether she’s still rocking those seventh-grade overalls.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Are you actually given sheet music for something like this?
    AIDY BRYANT: Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, who were the writers with Kate [McKinnon] and I, we all started working on it, and we had a tune in mind. We knew that we wanted it to have a Britney or Pussycat Dolls kind of vibe. It’s a weird system, but we basically call our amazing music producer Eli [Brueggemann] and sing into his voicemail Tuesday night at five in the morning, and then he comes in on Wednesday morning and puts it to music so that at the Wednesday table read, we can perform a fully produced piece of music so Lorne and the producers can see if it’s something they really want to do for the show.

    From the cast point of view, is there a marked difference in performing a song or making a music video versus just your average sketch?
    What’s crazy about it, I think, is the production value. And any kid dreams of being in a music video, too. Basically, in five days we made a full blown insane music video with multiple setups. When you think about the sheer time of it, it’s unbelievable because of the graphics and the sets. They built it all—we weren’t in real apartments. Then we shot everything on Friday, and by Saturday it was all edited together. All those graphics of the childhood photos were done in a day. That’s what blew our minds.

    What was your reaction to seeing the finished product?
    Part of what we loved about it was all the girls—it was pre-Sasheer—they were all in it and everyone got a moment and a joke, and that’s hard to do.

    Was that why it took off so well with fans?
    I think people liked that it was all the girls. They’ve done a lot of really amazing Lonely Island music videos, but they’ve never really done one with all of the girls.

    Where did the seventh-grade photo element come into play?
    Oh yes, this is my favorite part. So Sarah Schneider, one of the writers, she had an idea where maybe we would just dance in front of framed photos of ourselves. And then we were all texting our parents being like, “Sh-t, I need you to send me a photo.” And basically, as they were coming in, we were just crying laughing while we were looking at them because they are all so cringe-worthy, awkward, and dorky, and we loved the idea of dancing so sexily in front of these dorky photos. I think it was the directors who had the idea to put a gigantic green screen behind us, and make it so that we were little sexy stars.

    Do you still have those overalls?
    I wore so many overalls when I was younger. Or short-alls, I should call them, because I never wore the full pants one. I lived in Arizona so I needed some airflow. I’m obsessed with the fact that I have, like, a velvet T-shirt on.

    Did the ladies get to pick which guys they were paired up with?
    I wish it was that sexy and cool. No, it was more like scheduling.

    How did Jimmy Fallon approach his rap verse? I imagine he was more than eager.
    We wrote that for Jimmy and he nailed it at the table read. We were really lucky. Actually, that part about “just shirt, no pants, like Winnie the Pooh” is something I always say to my boyfriend when he’s dressed like that. So I was so happy when that made it in.

    Do you ever listen to the song nowadays?
    Oh my God, yes. The writer, Chris Kelly, he listens to it every day on his way to work. We love it so much, it’s almost sad. Also, when I’m feeling down, it’s such a great way to be like, “Oh my God, I was in a full music video… and I was shaking it for real.”

    uno& due

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    In the year 2010, the world of post-hardcore/pop-punk was treated with the most heart-warming of news, at long last seminal outfit Taking Back Sunday witnessed the return of lead guitarist John Nolan, confirming the band’s original dream lineup of 1999 once more.

    The prodigal sons return ensured a bag of cracking fresh tunes that feature the game of back and forth that is vocalist Adam Lazzara and Nolan’s seamless partnership, their energy intertwined to form the best Taking Back Sunday.

    The year 2011 saw the quintet produce their self-titled fifth record and embark on a global tour, topping festival bills and performing sold out shows every step along the way. With balance finally restored, things could not get any better for these five pals…or could they?

    Exceeding greatness was waiting for Taking Back Sunday in 2014, as the original cast dropped their sixth studio LP Happiness Is, which was met with universal acclaim.

    Championed by chanting stadium rock anthems such as ‘Flicker, Fade’ the band’s release is unquestionably their strongest, most consistent and entirely Taking Back Sunday-est record since the glory days of Tell All Your Friends (released in 2002, you feel old, now right?)

    In support of this mature, ass-kicking release, the five-piece decided to tour their record a little differently, this time they would take to the road with a bunch of pals called The Used.

    The coming together of the two iconic mainstays of the emo/alt rock world has seen electrified reviews in their native US but what does this matter to us? Well, Taking Back Sunday and The Used are Australia bound this July, promising to pack some heat to otherwise dreary winter.

    In light of all this excitement, we had a chat to the forever humble and all-round nice dude that is the mic-swingin’ frontman, Adam Lazzara.

    Once a renowned party boy of punk, Lazzara now is married man and a father of two, home is most certainly where his heart is. Taking a rest from their current tour, the softly spoken 32-year old appears fresh and appreciative to kick back in his digs of North Carolina, “I’m just trying to soak up as much of this as I can before we gotta go again.”

    But that’s not to say that the national co-tour with The Used is getting the vocalist down, “the tour is going great! We’ve known them for years and we’ve crossed paths so many times but we’ve never really done a full, proper tour with one another.”

    He further commented, “we did one run that was about two-weeks long in the north-west together and that’s it. We were coming up around the same time you would think we would have done more.”

    “Back then we toured with Saves The Day, Jimmy Eat World and we’ve done a bunch of tours with Anberlin too!” his head clearly now deep in the past. “Since then, I feel like it has all kind of been a crazy whirlwind tornado like in The Wizard of Oz or something, you know?”

    Nostalgia theming the moment, the pop-punker shared one of his fondest early touring memories, “Greenday made this documentary called ‘Bullet In A Bible’ which was filmed a show in Milton Keynes in the UK. It was two days and it was 65,000 people, sold-out” taking a deep breath, reliving this moment, he then exhaled in disbelief “yeah!”

    “We opened the show and I can remember walking on stage and looking out at the crowd and it didn’t even look real, it didn’t look like it was people! It looked like someone had hung this giant backdrop that was just painted…it was the most surreal thing. That really sticks out in my mind.” This may have been the first time the band played to such a sea of fans, but it certainly would not be the last.

    A shining example of the band’s universal adoration is through their back-to-back booking of Riot Festival of North America, which if you’re fan of rock, 2014’s lineup will break your heart.

    “We weren’t really sure what the lineup was going to be we just said yes because they’re just really great people to work with, they really have it together and they’re funny. When they asked we just said yes and when the lineup came out we got even more excited, they are going to be great shows.” Said Lazzara.

    Interestingly, Riot Fest is not the only road show the lead vocalist is stoked on, “there is this other festival we’re doing in Arizona and The Replacements are on that bill…I’m very excited for that!” This is of course Arizona’s ‘Summer Ends Music Festival’, which will feature Taking Back Sunday open for these legendary pioneers of alternative rock.

    Speaking of his former self, the now starry-eyed Lazzara praised The Replacements, “I of course was a teenager when I was first introduced to them. I felt at that time Paul Westerberg really got me” he continued, unabashedly laughing, “I was like ‘man if we met, we’d be friends’ you know? Entirely thrilled, he cemented “I’m just really excited to see him play!”

    Following the notion of long-standing influences, the conversation was thrown back to the hilarious film clip of the smash-hit single ‘Timberwolves At New Jersey’ to which lead guitarist John Nolan rocks a Smiths t-shirt. “John is a HUGE Smiths fan and I LOVE the way that Morrissey writes.”

    “It’s actually funny because earlier on we’d be doing interviews and people would ask ‘oh, where did you get the name for the band?’ and our answer would be that it’s a Smiths B-side which isn’t true” laughing uncontrollably for a moment, he then straightened “we thought it was funny because then people would scramble looking for Smiths song called Taking Back Sunday which was maybe a little mean…but we thought it was hilarious.”

    From what we had gathered so far, there are two bold influence that have saturated Taking Back Sunday’s career, but can you guess a third, more current one?

    “That new Kanye West record had come out when we started recording Happiness Is, so John and I were listening to that ALL THE TIME which doesn’t really show on the record. It had just came out it was nice to have a break just totally different kind of music in our ear.” Bet you didn’t think that Yeezus would be the top spinning wax for the Happiness Is production process, did you?

    Despite Lazzara’s statement that West’s presence “doesn’t really show on the record”, one may beg the differ, as Happiness Is sees the leading man pen his most straight-laced, honest lyrics of his career and maybe the arrogance of Yeezy got him there. “My thing for years was that I thought everything needed to be really cryptic so that people could draw their own conclusions from the lyrics, but then I started to realise you can still accomplish that by being very direct because everybody walks their own path.”

    “I feel the more direct I am, the more specific or vulnerable I feel, the more naked I feel. It is a little more difficult to do that for me because I’m literally putting myself out there more, but I also I think that through that it could help somebody along the way.”

    We may have Kanye to thank for this outward step of confidence from Lazzara, but another potential factor for the band’s change of direction may stem from the fact that Happiness Is is the band’s first record since their debut Tell All Your Friends that has not been under the watchful eyes of a major label.

    “When we stated writing pretty much right up until the end of the recording process we didn’t have a label at all” shocked, right? But hey, this may have proved paramount to the record’s sound, “I think that’s something that makes this record really unique especially for us, there is just no outside influence. There’s no one looking over our shoulder, which was really a freeing thing because it was basically like ‘well, we can do whatever want so let’s DO whatever we want!’

    “I think that really makes for the best Taking Back Sunday songs because at the heart of it, it’s just the five of us, there’s nobody else, and I think that’s why these songs came out the way did.”

    Regardless of what one may tout as the major success of Happiness Is, Taking Back Sunday have grown from five goofball punks hailing from New York State into one of alternative rock’s modern day heroes. During their career now spanning over 15-years, neither the collective’s creative output nor relevance has waned and their live show is as raw as it is developed and professional.

    Whether you still dig the band or you’re a closet fan that long chopped off that emo fringe and tossed your black make-up in the bin, this co-headlining tour with The Used is simply not to be missed. Heed the wise words of Adam Lazzara himself, “I think everybody can expect a really awesome show. Every night there has been this energy in the room that I don’t really have the words to describe.”

    Itching to get back down under, he closed “I know that last time I was down there both my legs were broken so they can at least expect an actual Taking Back Sunday show.”


    2000's music post?

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    “If you’ve seen the show, you know we have loose restrictions,” Fuller laughed. “There’s stuff we do on the show I would argue is X-rated. We had a guy who is ripping himself out of a human mural and chunks of his flesh are coming off. I was thinking it would never air, but Standards and Practices never said anything.” Thank heavens it did air, because it was a high point for the series.

    That scene doesn’t even come close to Hannibal‘s most gruesome moments. Fuller’s right: if Hannibal were a movie, it would be R-rated, and because of its dramatic tone and harsh violence, potentially NC-17. He knows how to work the system, though, which he describes as surprisingly easy. “The dynamic between Standards and Practices is actually a very friendly one,” stated Fuller. “I’ll say, ‘We’re going to have a scene where a guy is cutting off his face and feeding it to dogs. How do we do that? How can we show as much as possible?’”

    The resolution: make the blood a little darker, put it all in shadows.

    With those dog treats in mind, it’s funny to see what Hannibal can’t get away with. The ratings systems in place is famous for its acceptance of violence and distaste for sex and language, and it doesn’t break stride here. “There was a quote in the book where a character describes his lesbian sister as a ‘muff diver,’” recalled Fuller. “The Standards and Practices chain of letters was hysterical, because I wrote, ‘I wanna use this quote from the book, which is ‘muff diver.’ We were told we can’t use muff diving or a bunch of other things I had never heard before. Anything that’s aurally implicated we can’t use. I asked, ‘What about button stitching?’”

    When conference attendees were confused as to what button stitching meant, Fuller pantomimed it for those not in the know. Try it yourself at home.
    (Lol, I still don't know what it means.)

    While Fuller has fared well with Standards and Practices, fellow producers are continually baffled by the system. True Detective executive producer Scott Stephens also participated in the panel and expressed his disdain for backward thinking. “We’re hamstrung by a group of people we don’t know,” said Stephens. “What I find most frustrating is that the most basic human act of love and sex is forbidden from television, but we’re having this conversation on these acts of violence. At the very least, I think they should let audience decide what is or isn’t appropriate.”

    Walking Dead producer David Alpert said they’re restricted from shooting a human in the face, despite having shot a six-year-old zombie on the show’s pilot. Fuller then gleefuly pointed out that they’ve shot someone in the face on Hannibal (which, of course, is tame compared to the average death design on the show). Mushrooms growing out of a dead body certainly tops a bullet to the face.

    Then again, as we all know, dismembered bodies could never touch the horror of saying “muff diver.” God forbid if Hannibal Lecter ever said pearl diving, rug munching, diving in the bushes, lickety split, or, my personal favorite, snarling in the busby.

    The hope is for Hannibal to have six seasons, so maybe there’s time for the good doctor to push the envelope and say something mildly sexual. Until that day, at least Hannibal can graphically continue to eat Will Graham's friends.


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    Japan's parliament has passed a law that bans possession of child abuse images, but it excludes sexually explicit depictions of children in comics, animation and computer graphics.

    The upper house voted on Wednesday to approve the law, which was passed by the lower house earlier this month.

    The law provides for prison terms of up to one year and fines of up to 1m yen ($9,800) for having sexually abusive photographs or videos of children. It allows a grace period of one year for people owning such materials to dispose of them.

    The law was first proposed in May 2013 as an amendment to an earlier law that banned production and distribution of child abuse images but not ownership of such materials.

    Child advocates and other critics of the new legislation say it is a long-overdue improvement but are unhappy with the exclusion of depictions of sexual fantasies involving children in manga comic books, anime and video games.Pictures of children as young as toddlers posed in sexually suggestive ways are easily found online in Japan.

    The exclusion was made after publishers' and lawyers' associations contended that a ban on such images would violate the constitutional right of free speech.

    According to, Japan is a hub for the production and distribution of child abuse images, part of a massive sex industry that includes prostitutes dressed in school uniforms and other outfits meant to cater to paedophiles.

    The new law requires internet providers and other such companies to co-operate with police in preventing and investigating distribution of child abuse images, which it defines as photos and videos that expose or focus on children's sexual parts.

    Police say widespread use of smartphones has aided the distribution of child abuse images. They reported 1,644 cases of such images being distributed in 2013.


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    When Sweden lost to Portugal in their UEFA World Cup qualifying playoff, Zlatan Ibrahimovic dismissed the planet's most popular event by saying, "One thing is for sure, a World Cup without me is nothing to watch." Since then, a bunch of famous Brazilians put together a video asking him to come to the World Cup and Zlatan hinted that he might change his summer plans and fulfill their wish.

    While Zlatan visited Al Capone's prison cell at Alcatraz and toyed with the TMZ cameramen in Los Angeles, France fans put up a banner that read "Zlatan we miss you" at their first match in Brazil. And then, by the magic of Zlatan, he appeared.

    With his son, PSG manager Laurent Blanc and chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Zlatan attended Chile's 2-0 win over a Spain team comprised of many of his old teammates at Barcelona. Perhaps this is why all of those ticketless Chilean fans charged into Maracana Stadium.

    Anyway, Zlatan is officially at the World Cup. You have been warned.

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    Disney's presentation then turned to Marvel Studios with president of production Kevin Feige in attendence and "armed with the first footage from Avengers: Age of Ultron." Sadly, The Hollywood Reporter didn't offer a description of footage shown, but did reiterate that writer/director Joss Whedon is "half way through a 100-day shoot" for the Marvel sequel. Despite reportedly skipping Age of Ultron set visits last week possibly to avoid inevitable Edgar Wright questions, "Feige also played sequences and an interview montage from Ant-Man, including contributions from Peyton Reed," who is course taking over directing duties after Wright's upexpected exit last month.

    The Spain-based annual CineEurope convention, which major film studios use as a platform to showcase their upcoming big-screen releases, has been underway since Monday, but Disney's presentation was held today. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm's Star Wars: Episode VII was first showcased with R2D2 strolling out onstage before a video message from director J.J. Abrams on the Abu Dahbi set was shown. "Abrams said he had just finished two weeks of shooting, and described it as a thrill to see the movie’s incoming cast act on set with the members of the original installments," says THR.

    Before wrapping up with visuals from Cinderalla, Into the Woods, and Pixar's Inside Out, Disney also showed the CineEurope audience "extensive" footage from Guardians of the Galaxy that included the James Gunn-directed film's opening sequence. Anyhow, there likely won't be any descriptions of the Avengers: Age of Ultron footage, but San Diego Comic-Con is just a little over a month away (July 24-27), so we can at least expect all the goods and much more then.

    Word has come from the folks over at the Dover Express in England who have learned that the production of the Marvel Studios blockbuster is continuing to do some on-location shooting and is now filming some sequences as Dover Castle. The report says that multiple stars from the movie will be present,but one name stands out in particular: Scarlett Johansson. Because of the young actress' pregnancy, she was forced to film all of her scenes as Black Widow at the front of the shooting, allowing her to take time off to have her baby later this year. It's possible that Whedon is bringing her back for some additional shooting in Dover, but it's also possible that the source has been misinformed.

    While Johansson is a questionable presence in Dover, though, we do know for a fact that Robert Downey Jr. and his Tony Stark persona will definitely be on hand. Twitter user DienPacheco has posted a few images of the Iron Man star exiting a helicopter at the site, which you can see below:

    SOURCE 1& 2

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    "Manslaughter", the new album from BODY COUNT, the metal band fronted by hip-hop legend, actor and director Ice-T, sold around 3,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 102 on The Billboard 200 chart. The record arrived in stores on June 10 via Sumerian.

    In a recent interview with Esquire, Ice-T stated about his decision to bring back BODY COUNT: "The band wanted to get back together. The band lives in L.A., and I live [in New Jersey], so Ernie [guitar] was calling me, saying, 'Ice, let's rock and roll!' I said that I didn't want to do a mixtape. I don't want to do another album unless I write the music, because on the previous album, in 2006, I kinda mailed it in. They wrote the music in L.A. and sent me the tracks, I wrote the lyrics, and I just kinda walked away. I didn't mix it, I didn't do anything to it, and the record suffered. And I didn't want to do another one unless we had a real shot at making a good record together."

    Regarding how the Sumerian deal came together, Ice-T said: "Vince [bassist Vince Dennis, a.k.a. Vincent Price; STEEL PROPHET] was connected to Juan [guitarist Juan Garcia, a.k.a. Juan Of The Dead; AGENT STEEL, EVILDEAD] and Juan had connections to Sumerian Records. The head of the label, Ash Avildsen, is a BODY COUNT fan. He had a little money to throw at the project and he didn't care about previous sales or anything. When you're lucky enough in this business to run into a real fan, they're like, 'Let's just do this!' You need someone in this business who just believes in you, that's not doing that SoundScan and all that other shit. Not doing the numbers, but doing the — [Ice taps his fist into his left hand three times]."

    "Manslaughter" track listing:

    01. Talk Shit, Get Shot
    02. Pray For Death
    03. 99 Problems BC
    04. Back To Rehab
    05. Manslaughter
    06. Get A Job
    07. Institutionalized 2014
    08. Pop Bubble
    09. Enter The Dark Side
    10. Bitch In The Pit
    11. Black Voodoo Sex
    12. Wanna Be A Gangsta
    13. I Will Always Love You

    BODY COUNT's current lineup includes bassist Vince Dennis (a.k.a. Vincent Price; STEEL PROPHET) and guitarist Juan Garcia (a.k.a. Juan Of The Dead; AGENT STEEL, EVILDEAD), the latter of whom made his live debut with the group in November 2013 at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas. The band's set included first-time airings of new songs "Talk Shit, Get Shot" and the "Manslaughter" title track.

    The "Talk Shit, Get Shot" video was filmed on April 6 at The Morgan in Brooklyn, New York with director Frankie Nasso, who has previously worked with EMMURE and ASKING ALEXANDRIA, among others.

    BODY COUNT 2014 is:

    Ice-T - Vocals
    Ernie C - Lead Guitar
    Juan Of The Dead - Rhythm Guitar
    Vincent Price - Bass
    Ill Will - Drums
    Sean E Sean - Backup Vocals/Sampler

    BODY COUNT will take part in this summer's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, which kicks off on July 5 in San Bernardino, California.

    BODY COUNT's last album, "Murder 4 Hire", came out in 2006 via Escapi Music.


    The album may have flopped but it has the funniest cover ever. Ice covered Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized," updating the lyrics with modern frustrations. It's an awesome cover and totally hilarious.

    Yes, this contains lots and lots of bad word.

    Source: 1, 2

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    Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham may be quirky stars with quirkier careers but when it comes to love, the guitarist is pretty traditional. Opening up to New York Magazine, the 30-year-old fun. band member said despite both their fame levels exploding in 2012, the creative couple did not met at some wild Hollywood party - they were set up.

    The musician's friend, comedian Mike Birbiglia, thought the writer and the rocker would make a great pair, and after a bit of internet research by Jack they had a blind date.

    He told the magazine: 'It was a blind date by modern standards - I mean, I used the internet.'

    And they did not start off slow: 'I told Lena everything about my whole life, because when you really like someone, you want them to know everything about you.'

    No wedding bells: The musician, seen here at last year's Golden Globes, says things are too 'crazy' for the pair to get married at the moment.

    This also meant doing the first date no no - talking about his ex-girlfriends, which included his high school sweetheart, Scarlett Johansson, who sung with him in the Children's Professional Choir.

    'As abnormal as it sounds, it was as normal as anyone’s high-school relationship.'

    Not daunted by his stunning former girlfriend, Lena stuck around and before long the pair moved in together - until then the musician had briefly lived with his sister after only just moving out of home aged 28.

    But just because they are living together, Jack says he is not getting down on one knee, even though the couple have spoken about it.

    'I think all people in relationships that last longer than a year start talking about that stuff. It’s hard to imagine when the right time is because things are so crazy at the moment.'

    However, Jack is 'desperate' to have children: 'It just seems like the most fun thing in the world. I’ve never met people who have kids who haven’t looked me in the eye and been like, ''It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened.''

    'I think it’s biological. I’m 30. I’m not that young, right? I’m not, like, 24 or 22. I’m no longer in the phase of my life where I talk about everything as in the future. Like, I’m in the future.'

    For now he will have to settle for being a dad to The Girls' star's rescue dog Lamby, whom he often posts pictures of on Instagram.


    How many kids are you planning on having ontd?
    Any blind date stories will also be accepted in this post

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    The grandson of honky tonk legend Hank Williams says his family's blood runs red, white and blue ... and that's why only a true American should ever play Hank in a movie.

    Hank Williams III tells TMZ ... producers cookin' up a Hank biopic blew it when they cast British actor Tom Hiddleston to play the legendary country crooner. Hiddleston's best known for his role as Loki in "The Avengers."

    Hank Sr. -- known for hits like "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Hey Good Lookin' -- died Jan. 1, 1953 at age 29 ... after years of abusing booze and Rx drugs.

    Hank3 says producers should have cast Matthew McConaughey as Hank because Matt represents the South both in movies and real life. Hank3 singles out 'The Dallas Buyers Club' to prove Matt has the acting chops to get the job done well

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    As Teen Wolf fans wait patiently for next Monday’s Season 4 premiere (MTV, 10/9c), the stars are thanking them for their support – in both the good times and the Allison-getting-impaled times.

    TVLine has an exclusive clip from the Season 3 (Part 2) DVD box set, available for purchase June 17, in which the show’s cast and creator reflect on what the fans mean to them, and how they’ve made every effort to return the love.

    “Whenever we have an event with fans, it’s surreal,” Crystal Reed recalls. “I’m a really emotional person, so when a fan cries, I can’t help but get emotional.”

    Adds Tyler Posey, “We get a lot of fans who have touching stories. You know, they say Teen Wolf has almost saved their life. The fact that we emphasize the gay storyline on the show has made a lot of people come to terms with the fact that, you know, it’s OK to be gay.”

    And while we’re on the subject of fun Teen Wolf videos, MTV also just released the new opening credits for Season 4 – featuring the additions of Shelley Hennig‘s Malia and Arden Cho‘s Kira.


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    ONTD, would you ever go out on a naked date?

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    idk what a regard magazine is but bless them


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