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    It's the end of an era for Juicy Couture and its rhinestone-encrusted terry cloth tracksuits. As mentioned previously, the ill-fated Cali brand is shutting down all of its U.S. stores by the end of June. That's not all: despite the news that the label—which was sold by parent company Kate Spade & Co. last fall to American Brands Group—recently inked a deal with trendy shoemaker Steve Madden and a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Kohl's, staff at several LA locations tell us the merch will only be available internationally after the brick-and-mortar shutterings.

    We can confirm that Juicy's Pasadena and Malibu locations are now closed, and their remaining shops (excluding Camarillo Outlets, which is dunzo next Tuesday) are offering deep discounts on remaining inventory. The Americana at Brand store is unloading its merch for 50% off before they shutter this Saturday, as is Westfield Century City (which closes Tuesday, June 24) and Rodeo Drive, which closes at the end of this month. Staff at the Santa Monica Place location tells us they're offering 60% off before their doors close on Saturday, while everything at the Citadel Outlets location is slashed at 70% off (they tell us they're closing "sometime next week").


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    Gaga (and various musicians) get matching tattoos of a Tony Bennett-drawn trumpet.




    What's your favourite food to get after a night out?

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    Since the news surfaced that Disney television star turned recording artist, Zendaya Coleman would play the late and great singer Aaliyah, in a Lifetime biopic, critics haven't been too pleased.

    MadameNoire reports that since hearing the news, Aaliyah fans have gone on Twitter and other social media platforms to berate Lifetime's choice for Zendaya to play the famous R&B singer.

    Some fans commented that Zendaya looks nothing like Aaliyah and other fans explained that they would rather see a bigger celebrity play the larger than life star.

    In addition to the social media backlash, fans have even gone as far as creating a petition to stop the making of the Lifetime biopic.

    The petition reads, "This petition is to stop the biopic. It's wrong that Aaliyah's mother or brother didn't have a say so in this movie that is being made. The fans didn't get a say so and neither did any of Aaliyah's friends. As her fans, we're going to do anything in our power to stop this movie. Little do we know, this is hurting Mrs. Haughton and Rashad. They're about to make something that didn't even get approved from her family. That is beyond disrespectful. If you agree that this movie shouldn't be made, you need to vote. If you really respect Aaliyah, you have to respect her mother and her brothers wishes. It's only right. It was Aaliyah's life. And they're taking it too far now. We need to put a stop to this!"


    Despite the negative response that the Lifetime biopic has gotten, Zendaya still remains positive.

    Even Lifetime's casting director, Twinkie Byrd chimed in on the hate and exclusively told the YBF that critics should "not hate but congratulate" Zendaya.

    "Zendaya embodies everything you want in an actress to play Aaliyah. She is a poised, professional, STRONG actress," Byrd told the YBF.

    "A triple threat actor, singer dancer. She LOVES AALIYAH and will do a wonderful job! She is of mixed ethnicity. Her name is Bantu (Zimbabwe) meaning 'To Give Thanks'. Let's not hate on it but congratulate! She is a GREAT CHOICE!"

    VH1 was also in talks to do an Aaliyah biopic but there is still no word on when that will happen.

    sources: LatinPost

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    It’s less than a month until we return to an Earth that has been dramatically reshaped into a place that could soon be called a planet of the apes, and Fox has released one last big look at its latest chapter in the long-running saga. Half of this final Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer is all about brewing conflict and watching humanity further lose hold on the planet.

    And then things just explode, and that war that Caesar talks about in his steadily-improving speech just explodes. A lot of the footage here is stuff we’ve seen before, but that’s OK; it’s good to save the best stuff for the final film. And Matt Reeves’ sequel to the surprise hit from 2011 looks like it firmly take the reins of the story in a way that could be very satisfying for Apes fans, indeed.


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    Dov Charney, the controversial chairman of American Apparel, was ousted Wednesday by the company's board of directors, which said the action "grew out of an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct."

    The board voted to replace Charney as chairman and "notified him of its intent to terminate his employment as president and CEO for cause," according to a statement.

    The action suspends Charney immediately. Under the terms of his employment, a 30-day period is required before termination, according to the statement. The board acknowledged that the management changes may trigger "an event of default under its credit agreements" and said it will seek a waiver from lenders.

    Allan Mayer and David Danziger were appointed by the board as co-chairmen.

    “We take no joy in this, but the board felt it was the right thing to do,” Mayer said in the statement. “Dov Charney created American Apparel, but the company has grown much larger than any one individual and we are confident that its greatest days are still ahead.”

    When reached by phone by a Times reporter, Charney hung up.

    Charney, 45, was born in Montreal and began making basic T-shirts under the American Apparel name in 1991. His company gained momentum in 1997 with his design of the Classic Girl line, which is when he moved the business to Los Angeles.

    He was the founder and CEO of American Apparel, which began as a wholesale brand and expanded in 2003 into the retail market. He has battled repeated accusations of sexual harassment in recent years and had been publicly backed by the company.

    In 2011, American Apparel lashed out when four female former employees filed a sexual harassment suit. At the time, the company told The Times that the four women were friends who were colluding to "shake down" Charney and the company for money and that it had "voluminous evidence" to prove that the allegations were false.

    In 2012, Charney was accused in a wrongful termination suit of choking and rubbing dirt in the face of a former store manager in Malibu. Charney also was accused of calling the employee "a wannabe Jew" and a "fag" and asked if he was sleeping with a certain girl. The company denied the allegations.

    He has also become a well-known advocate for the Made in the U.S.A. movement and for immigration reform. American Apparel’s clothing is manufactured out of a factory in downtown Los Angeles, and he has emphasized that the company is "sweatshop-free."

    Still, in recent years, the company has had to remove a third of its workforce after employees were found without required documentation.
    And its ads, some shot by Charney, have raised eyebrows or racy themes in public locations.

    This year American Apparel has fought to retain its listing on the New York Stock Exchange while buried in negotiations over financing -- efforts that the retailer said would force it to file its annual report late.

    According to the release regarding Charney's ouster, American Apparel has about 10,000 employees and retail stores in 20 countries.

    Board members said Wednesday that they planned to work with a search firm to identify a permanent chief executive.

    Terry Fahn, a spokesman retained by American Apparel, declined to comment beyond the details in the press release.

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    Joan Rivers takes shots at Lena Dunham, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and other celebrities in her new book “Diary of a Mad Diva.”

    As Gossip Cop previously reported, the sharp-tongued comic disses Kristen Stewart and Angelina Jolie in the book, and new excerpts show that Rivers (not surprisingly) goes after plenty of other famous people, too.

    According to passages quoted in the New York Daily News, Rivers calls Dunham the “first fat girl naked on television” and jokes that she wants HBO charged with crimes against humanity if she has to see the “Girls” star’s “ass, boobs or tattoos” again.

    She wonders if Dunham is free enough to “have her fat ass on display,” why isn’t she “free enough to have a f*cking salad once in a while?”

    It’s not the first time Rivers has targeted Dunham over her weight.

    Elsewhere in “Diary of a Mad Diva,” the comedian writes that Jennifer Aniston has “dated, been cheated on and dumped” by almost every man in Hollywood, and says of Sienna Miller, “What can you buy a woman who has had everyone?”

    Rivers implies that Miley Cyrus engaged in incest and jokes that Halloween is the pop star’s favorite holiday because she can knock on doors “posing and saying, ‘Trick?’”

    The “Fashion Police” host jabs Tyra Banks as a “narcissistic loser” and jokes that Renee Zellweger’s face is so tight the actress “could whisper in her own ear.”

    We’re sure the book contains lots of similar sentiments.


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                                          The '212' singer wants the world to know that she’s just lying low for a while.

    Upon reflecting on the start of Azealia Banks’s career, one of the questions—perhaps the No. 1 question—that come to mind is “How did we get here?” In 2011, when her debut EP, 212, dropped Banks was on top of the world. The industry’s darling, she had Rolling Stone begging “more please,” Pitchfork called her a “boundary-busting symbol of hip-hop's ever-changing mores,” and Spin put her on a cover. The music world was poised to listen to her first LP, Broke With Expensive Taste. Three years, a legion of Twitter feuds, and umpteen delays later, we’re no closer to a release date.

    Azealia says not to worry. She’s got something, but due to circumstances beyond her control, she’s got to keep it under wraps for now. “Right now, I kind of have my head down,” the 1991 MC tells me. “You know, keep my head down and my mouth shut until everything is worked out and then hopefully release some songs that I’ve been holding onto forever.”

    Banks says that before she can put out anything new, she’s got to get off of her current label, Interscope. “I’m waiting for something to happen with my label, but its looking like I’m probably going to be switching labels, which is very exciting. Right now, I kind of have my head down. It’s totally just the logistical things on the end of some of the people that I work with. And it’s really sad and unfortunate just because it doesn’t really make sense from anyone’s point of view. I’ve just been keeping myself creative and inspired.”
    According to her Twitter, Banks says that’s she’s been exploring other artistic mediums, including writing and culinary arts. But when I ask her to elaborate, the Harlem-bred hit-maker gets a little cagey. “I can’t talk about what I’ve been writing about because I’m just keeping stuff until I’m off this label. I can’t really risk them getting excited about me again. I kind of want them to think that I’m dead. I haven’t been leaking any songs that could potentially be hits. I haven’t been releasing anything that could potentially be phenomenal. I haven’t been doing anything good because I don’t want these people to want me. It’s like a relationship with an ex-boyfriend, where you kind of do things to make him go away. Like when you don’t brush your teeth. I’m not going to brush my teeth because I don’t want you to think I’m attractive.”

    All this playing possum has clearly got the young MC frustrated. “It’s really stupid; it’s really fucking dumb. It sucks. It’s more stupid than anything I’ve ever done on twitter. It doesn’t make sense, you know?” However, just because she’s biding her time, doesn’t mean that she’s out of the game; Banks is performing at the Supreme Festival’s inaugural NYC Pride party on June 28 and then embarking on a world tour.

    “I’ve got some stuff lined up for the summer,” says Banks gleefully.“It’s my first time performing at a Pride event. I was born in New York so I was always somewhere in the mix for Pride downtown.” After that she’s taking her show on the road. “I’m definitely excited about going back to Japan and its just my favorite place to shop – I love shopping there. And of course, I’m going to Ibiza this summer, which is really cool. I’ve never been to Bali but I’ve heard really good things about Bali too. Then I come back and I’m back stateside and then I’m heading to my ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ on September 25 in the United Kingdom.” Though her own website says she’ll be in the Netherlands on September 25, Banks is known for having an erratic tour schedule.

    Though she’s trying to keep her new stuff locked away, Banks isn’t sure how long she can keep that up. “This summer it will probably be an Azealia Banks review, but push comes to shove, whatever happens in September in terms of new music, whether I have to leak it or not but I can't, I can't.”


    Oh man, she's talking like some kind of delusional person. It's actually really sad and upsets me. I was hella rooting for her!

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    Bonus promo pictures for episode 1 and 2 here and here

    Source 1/Source 2

    So excited for this to start again!

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    So, most of you are probably familiar with Adam Richman, the dude from Man Vs. Food, a show on the Travel Channel. (the general gist is he goes on ~eating challenges~ across the country and eats vomit-inducing portions at local restaurants. That’s it. There’s no real redeeming factor here.) I’ve never liked Adam, he’s always given off a super entitled vibe and I’ve heard many stories about people going to meet him and him locking himself in his production van or ignoring fans.

    He was a chubby dude the whole time the show was going on, but recently he’s lost a bunch of weight. D-list celebrities losing a lot of weight isn’t really a big story–being famous means there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way. If that’s what he wanted, if it makes him feel better, good for him. I’m all for body autonomy and what another person chooses to do with their body isn’t any of my business. However, it was brought to my attention that he posted this photo:

    Just seems like another boring self-congratulatory weight loss photo. . .until we get to the last tag. Thinspiration? Oh really? Now for those of you not hip to the lingo, thinspiration is very popular in pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia circles, generally consisting of pictures of emaciated bodies, mantras like ‘what’s more important, that slice of pizza or a thigh gap?’ and suggestions, tips, and motivation to either starve or purge. (Regardless of whether or not you agree with dieting, starving or purging are things that should never be encouraged.) Without context, thinspiration may not seem like a bad word, but a simple google search proves that it was created by a community of people with eating disorders to inspire each other to continue and celebrate their illnesses.

    A friend of mine who followed Adam saw his post, and figured that maybe he was not aware of the negative connotations of the word ‘thinspiration.’ So she decided to explain it to him politely (which sadly I don’t have a screenshot of.) This was his response:

    Now look, we’ve all used words by mistake, we’ve all stumbled and said something offensive and didn’t realize it. It happens to the best of us, and it’s totally understandable. But when you’re called out for saying something that does active harm, especially if you’re somewhat of a public figure, you listen, you apologize, and you don’t do it again. A perfect example would be when Jonah Hill was recently demonized for throwing a homophobic slur at a paparazzo. His apology was perfect. As a public figure, even if you have a personal instagram (Adam has 92k followers) you need to understand that the things you say will be scrutinized, and the words you use have meaning. (here’s a great blog post about intent vs. impact.) You need to be extra careful to think about not how what you mean when you say things, but how other peoplewill interpret them. And in a society where eating disorders are at an all time high, thinspiration is a loaded word.

    I also posted a comment on Adam’s instagram about how the term was problematic, but it was ignored, so I made a post about Adam’s ‘DILLIGAF’ comment on my personal instagram, and asked my followers to ‘tell him that eating disorders are not a joke and nothing to take lightly.‘ My followers did just that, but I didn’t for one second predict the vitriol that followed.

    There was apparently a point where he referred to me specifically as a ‘cunt’, but he ended up deleting it before anyone got a screenshot. But yes. He told a friend of mine to kill herself, told another to eat a bag of shit, and completely went on the attack, lacking any modicum of class or decorum. He then blocked anyone who called him out (myself included) regardless of whether their comment was rude or polite.

    You know what? It doesn’t feel good to be called out publicly when you do something wrong, especially by multiple people. It’s uncomfortable. But these responses are completely unacceptable.

    He then went on to ‘apologize.’ But this apology was completely invalidated in the comment section, where he waxed poetic about people being oversensitive and pandered to his fans instead. I for one am extremely disappointed by the fact that he’s obviously not learned anything from this incident.

    I wonder how the Travel Channel, who employs Richman, feels about him going around calling girls cunts and telling them to kill themselves?


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    At the educational institution’s 10th annual benefit, former New York City film commissioner Katherine Oliver was honored, $400,000 was raised and Russell teased two upcoming projects.

    What does it take to impress Olivia Wilde, David O. Russell and Lee Daniels?

    How about a group of high school students who are being trained to be professional filmmakers?

    The trio of stars seemed pretty blown away by the students from New York City’s Ghetto Film School at the 10th annual benefit for the nonprofit educational program Wednesday night in Manhattan.

    At the event, six students were awarded scholarships, $400,000 was raised via a silent auction and on-site donations, and former New York City film commissioner Katherine Oliver was honored for her work with the school, particularly her leadership role in helping establish the nation’s first film high school, The Cinema School, in 2009.

    Ahead of the ceremony, longtime supporter and board member Russell talked about what impressed him the most about the program and its participants.

    “I’m impressed with how rigorous the structure of the program is. It’s not just a formless model,” Russell told THR. “They must [first] learn how to tell stories with animation. Then they must learn how to tell stories without dialogue, just with images and music. Then they can introduce dialogue. That’s by year. Then they also have to choose who’s going to be which person on the crew. So everybody’s not just going to be a director, some are going to be designers, some are going to be cinematographers, some are going to be electricians, some are going to be writers and producers. So I love how rigorous it is…I’m impressed by how serious the kids are and how rigorous they are."

    Wilde, who said that she hoped to be able to someday work for Wednesday night’s scholarship winners, said of the students, "These are real professionals, and I think they're really being trained to be at the top of the industry. This isn't about allowing them to make beginners work or mediocre work. This is about creating really high-level competitors, and I think the concept of combining art, business and education allows them to become professionals…The idea of a liberal arts education, college-preparatory course that allows you to graduate as an expert in your field, I wish that I went to The Cinema School."

    The scholarship winners included two students who would be working on a thesis film project in Stockholm, Sweden, including the director, Eurys Francisco, who’s currently casting the movie.

    Daniels added that teaching the Ghetto Film School students is a moving experience.
    "Nothing has given me a bigger high than watching these kids grow — it’s incredible — several of which are my interns," Daniels said.

    The director, who said he's most inspired by the students'"hunger to learn about cinema," explained that he continues the teaching process on set.

    "I teach them how to interact with people because when you are a specific demographic, you don't know how to interact with people. Give them encouragement to answer the phone, to pick up the phone, to speak intelligently, to articulate. Just the basics. It's great because I didn't have this or anybody to teach me," Daniels said.

    Many of the students have also learned on the set of Russell’s films, with the writer-director allowing them to visit, intern, observe and even act in a few scenes, noting that one of the Ghetto Film School students was in a scene with Jeremy Renner’s family in American Hustle.

    Russell said he’d "keep that door open" on future projects, like his upcoming film about the inventor of the Miracle Mop, starring Jennifer Lawrence.

    Although the film was just given a Dec. 25, 2015, release date, Russell told THR that he’s still rewriting the script, which was originally written by Bridesmaids’ Annie Mumolo and will discuss more of the particulars with Lawrence, including "the how and the when and who else,""when she has a moment to breathe," alluding to Lawrence's hectic work schedule.

    "It’s an inspiring story about a woman who made some things happen, you know, who didn’t have much going on for herself," Russell said of the film.

    He also teased another project that he’s working on, saying, "There's also another story that I'm writing that I'll talk to you more about as the season unfolds."

    Inside the benefit, Oliver was honored with the 2014 champion award for her work with the Ghetto Film School during her time as film commissioner.

    Introducing her, GFS president Joe Hall said that the former film commissioner connected the school with industry partners, provided internships and financial support and took a leadership role in planning for The Cinema School.

    “All along she’s been a terrific sounding board for our ideas and plans,” Hall said. “At the end of the day, the Ghetto Film School is indisputably a Bloomberg-era success story.”

    Ahead of the event, Oliver told THR that partnering with the Ghetto Film School was a natural collaboration.

    “Our mission at the film commission was to create jobs and to make it easy for people to make films in New York and for the industry and people all over the world to see that creativity was happening in New York, so to partner with an organization like this that was helping young filmmakers early on was a dream come true,” Oliver said.

    Oliver, who’s since moved on to a private sector job at Bloomberg Associates, where she’ll work on the Ghetto Film School’s brand new L.A. outpost, hoped that her New York City film czar successor Cynthia Lopez would continue the thriving production back east.

    “I think she’s got a great team that she’s working with. It’s a great city. We created a great base. The film industry is booming in New York. So just keep it going,” Oliver said. “Made in New York: To have that spirit of local pride and to work with a very vibrant community who’s so keen to work with you, I think it’s really a recipe for success.”

    Lopez has indicated that she wants to diversify the filmmakers making movies in New York.
    Ghetto Film School board chairman and Pivot president Evan Shapiro, echoed that sentiment Wednesday night, saying that he hopes that the Ghetto Film School can help diversify the film industry.

    “Why the name Ghetto? There’s a Ghetto. It’s in Los Angeles. It’s in Hollywood and it’s full of mostly people who look like me,” Shapiro said. “America’s last great export is its content, is its intellectual property. Anyone who runs any business will tell you, if you do not diversify the voices and ideas in your industry, you will run out of gas and you will be overtaken by your competitors. We are here tonight to diversify our industry to save our industry from one point of view.”


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    Is Ben Affleck testing his luck?

    Affleck, 41, has been seen spotted at Detroit-area casinos when he's off the clock filming as Batman for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. But though tabloid rumors have buzzed that his gambling hobby is causing strain on his marriage to wife Jennifer Garner, a source close to the family says their relationship is solid.

    "She never understood his gambling obsession and she doesn't want him to be in the news [for it]," says the source in PEOPLE's new issue. "[But] she's the most patient wife ever and is still very much in love with Ben."

    Last weekend, Affleck had the chance to show that love is reciprocated with a little diamond shopping.

    On Saturday, the actor joined forces with Seraphina, 5, the middle child in his brood of three on an excursion to Barneys in Beverly Hills to purchase a gift for his wife, with their ninth anniversary approaching on June 29.

    "Ben was very cute with his daughter and carried her around so she could look at all the jewelry," a store source tells PEOPLE. "She especially liked jewelry with diamonds and wanted her mom to have diamonds. She was definitely in charge of the purchase, and Ben let her take her time. She was very sweet and happy about being out with her dad."

    The star shoppers were successful, leaving with a wrapped gift.

    "She wanted to hold the bag and Ben laughed and said no," the source said of Seraphina. "He carried her out of the store on his shoulders and she kept laughing."


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  • 06/19/14--18:37: o-town x "skydive"
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    January Jones has deleted a photo on Instagram after receiving an online backlash. The 36-year-old actress had posted a Throwback Thursday image of her first modelling gig, featuring her in a tribal-inspired jumper, flanked by two shirtless adolescents of African descent.

    However, the Mad Men star has now replaced it with a picture of her standing by herself in a knit sweater, explaining: 'I had to swap my #tbt pics because I was receiving to (sic) many negative comments and assumptions.'

    She added: 'This forum should be a happy and fun place i have no patience for hate' preceded by a hashtag.

    Jones deleted the first image around two hours after posting it following a rash of comments branding it 'racist'.

    It also appeared some of the comments were removed by Jones before she took the step of posting a replacement photograph.

    One commentator, called khiyarakrige, wrote: 'Why are my comments about your racist ad being racist being deleted?'

    Another Instagram user, named einarragnarjonsson, commented on the picture: 'The representation of naked black women, amidst a white fully-clothed female "model" is problematic.

    ‘It’s not racist in that it’s discriminatory, but it follows a long history of animalizing black people in relation to (chaste, pure) white womanhood.

    'Also the wording of the catalogue is not doing it any favors ("unexpected arrangement of colors" is hopefully not an intentional racial remark.)'

    Jones had captioned the image: ‘I finally found it! #tbt to my first paid "modeling" gig for a knitting magazine in South Dakota. #nailedit’

    The replacement photo appears to be an ad for the same knitting magazine, wearing a different outfit and carrying a tribal basket under her arm.


    january sis...

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    She’s the longest-serving Victoria’s Secret Angel, has the world’s largest social media footprint of any fashion model, and basically brings us out in fit of ‘I wish I looked like t-h-a-a-t!’ every time we see her. So it’s no wonder that Maybelline have signed Adriana Lima to return as spokesperson.

    Having previously represented the brand from 2003-2009, the Brazilian beauty will again be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Christy Turlington and Jourdan Dunn as a Maybelline girl – and she couldn’t be happier. ‘It’s wonderful to be part of the brand again,’ she said. ‘The imagery is always beautiful and positive, which is what I admire most about the brand. To be part of that again is a dream come true!’

    Watch out for her on a billboard or ad break near you this summer. Fits of envy, guaranteed…


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    "Material Girl named the 17-year-old Disney-darling as the new face of the brand's fall campaign today. The hot "Boardwalk Babe" ads will showcase the actress-singer's playful side on the famous Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn.

    "Zendaya exudes a confident, free spirit. We love having her as the new face of Material Girl," Madonna, the material girl and a collaborator behind the brand, shared via a press release."

    "And she's not the only who's gaga for Zendaya: "I love how Zendaya makes her own style rules to fit her personality — that's who Material Girl is all about, being yourself to the fullest," Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon, also a face behind Material Girls, added."

    "Zendaya was thrilled to be chosen by the "dynamic mother/daughter duo," and gave some major props to the Macy's-exclusive brand's leading lady, saying via a press release, "Material Girl embraces having fun with fashion and being confident in your own skin… and who does that better than Madonna?"

    "The Shake It Up star is taking the reins from Rita Ora as the edgy brand's staple face, and also follows in the footsteps of former material gals Taylor Momsen and Georgia May Jagger."

    Source: 1 | 2 | 3

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    Historically, the greatest music-video trope is a choreographed walk. More than a convenient way to get from one end of a sound stage to another while lip-synching, the sashay is a time-honored tradition from the art form’s earliest days.

    10. The Spice Girls in “Say You’ll Be There”

    Ah, the girl-group tandem walk. It’s a thing of beauty, no? And the Girls of Spice perfected it early on. Meanwhile, to this day, Victoria “Don’t Call Me Posh Spice” Beckham’s catsuit is still snatching everything.

    8. Lady Gaga in “Bad Romance”

    Leave it to Gaga to dedicate an entire bridge to walking, which she then gingerly strode across in Alexander McQueen’s infamous armadillo heels.

    7. En Vogue in “My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)”

    With more legs than a KFC franchise, En Vogue sounded the Bad Bitch Alarm and all other girl groups went cowering in fear. And can you blame them? Few can match En Vogue for class, sass and vocal prowess — all while serving a little Fosse realness.

    3. Beyoncé in “Crazy in Love

    If anyone’s built a career on a sickening sashay, it’s Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. And with “Crazy in Love” she walked away with the game in her Daisy Dukes. Gabriel sounded the trumpets, the walls fell and out from the rubble stomped Bey. In a sensible heel.

    1. Michael Jackson in “Billie Jean”

    If Janet’s the queen, Michael’s the king. And that’s why he not only appears twice on this list — with two different faces at that— but also at the top spot. Because we’d have no synchronized walking without MJ initially lighting the way in 1982. It’s called being a pioneer.


    Post your favorite mv walks!

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    This might be the worst week to work with Terry Richardson. But no one told Alan Cumming that.

    On Sunday night, New York published a cover story on the fashion photographer, who for years has been accused of coercing models into performing sexual acts on him, or allowing him to perform sexual acts on them.

    The profile enraged many longtime Richardson critics, who argued the piece downplayed the voices of his alleged victims. Models interviewed in the piece reached out to BuzzFeed and The Guardian, reminding the world of their alleged encounters with Richardson. Another woman made new accusations on Jezebel. On Thursday, TMZ published a clip from a never-released Richardson-directed video for Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want,” which one Page Six source described as “literally an ad for rape.”

    So when Alan Cumming — the beloved Scottish-American star of Broadway’s Cabaret and CBS’ The Good Wife — tweeted an image of himself with Richardson later on Thursday, many expressed disappointment in him and Harper’s Bazaar — which has become a safe haven in the fashion world for Richardson.

    (Note the supportive last tweet — certainly not the only one.)

    UPDATE: Cumming has since deleted both his initial tweet and apology tweet — a response that will seem familiar to anyone following the recent ebb and flow of “Uncle Terry” backlash. In April, Neil Patrick Harris tweeted about a photo shoot he had just finished with Richardson for Rolling Stone, calling it “so fun” and a “bucket list moment.” He deleted the tweet soon after.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Cumming’s representative and will update this post with any response.


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    The 2014 Critics’ Choice Television Awards on June 19 honored the absolute best in television, as voted on by TV critics and journalists in the digital sphere. Among the top contenders were Tatiana Maslany, nominated for Best Actress In A TV Series, Game Of Thrones for Best TV Series, and Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad. Find out below if your faves took home the top prize!

    Best Drama Series - Breaking Bad

    Best Actor in a Drama Series - Matthew McConaughey, True Detective

    Best Actress in a Drama Series - Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black

    Best Comedy Series -
    Orange is the New Black

    Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

    Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series— Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

    Best Movie - The Normal Heart

    Best Mini-SeriesFargo

    Best Actress in a Movie or Mini-Series - Jessica Lange, American Horror Story

    Best Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series— Billy Bob Thornton, Fargo

    Best Animated SeriesArcher

    Best Reality Series: CompetitionShark Tank

    Best Reality SeriesCosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

    Critics’ Choice Louis XIII Genius Award— Ryan Murphy

    Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series— Tie — Allison Janney, Mom & Kate Mulgrew, Orange Is The New Black

    Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series— Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine Nine

    Best Supporting Actress in a Movie or Mini-Series— Allison Tolman, Fargo

    Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series– Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart

    Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series— Allison Janney, Masters Of Sex

    Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series— Uzo Aduba, Orange Is The New Black

    Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series— Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad

    Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series— Bellamy Young, Scandal

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    Before the World Cup began, Italy's Mario Balotelli said that he didn't see England winning the tournament. He helped prove that widely held belief correct by scoring the winning goal in Italy's opening match against them and the Three Lions have now followed that with a loss to Uruguay, leaving them to pull up the rear in Group D with zero points.

    England need to win their final match against Costa Rica, but first they need Costa Rica to lose to Italy. So Balotelli has tweeted a special request related to such an event.Before the World Cup began, Italy's Mario Balotelli said that he didn't see England winning the tournament. He helped prove that widely held belief correct by scoring the winning goal in Italy's opening match against them and the Three Lions have now followed that with a loss to Uruguay, leaving them to pull up the rear in Group D with zero points.

    England need to win their final match against Costa Rica, but first they need Costa Rica to lose to Italy. So Balotelli has tweeted a special request related to such an event.

    Yes, Mario, who played in England with Manchester City for three years (and came away with a list of grievances), wants a kiss from Queen Elizabeth if Italy can beat Costa Rica. On the cheek, obviously — he is engaged now, after all.

    Balotelli's message was retweeted over 100,000 times and "UK Queen" became a trending topic worldwide.

    If all of this plays out to help England advance out of the group, the Queen just might be willing to fulfill her end of this bargain.


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