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    Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis star in "Hellion". This was filmed nearby my hometown in Southeast Texas.


    Thirteen-year-old Jacob is spiraling out of control. The motocross-obsessed teenager’s delinquent behavior pushes his family to the brink of collapse. All hell breaks loose when Jacob enlists his younger brother, Wes, as a partner in crime. Still reeling from his wife’s death, Jacob’s dad, Hollis, has all but abandoned his sons. When Child Protective Services removes Wes to live with his Aunt Pam, Hollis and Jacob are forced to face their culpability as they strive to bring Wes home. Hellion is set in southeastern Texas where the flames and lights of refineries frame the skyline and create a haunting backdrop for this fractured family of motherless men.

    Hellion is an exceptionally authentic feature from writer/director Kat Candler, based on her lauded short film that screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Fueled by a commanding performance from Aaron Paul as Hollis, robust support from Juliette Lewis and Deke Garner, and a star-making turn by Josh Wiggins as Jacob, Hellion is as disturbing as it is powerful.
    - D.C

    Star Tribune--
    Named for a motherless teen whose seething rage threatens to turn lethal, the new indie film “Hellion” hardly lacks for topicality. When his dad’s drunken buddies give the kid a .45 caliber pistol to wave around, it’s impossible not to think of the latest rash of school shootings.

    Still, unlike other mean-teen dramas of the past decade, “Hellion” (available on demand starting Friday) maintains a sense of hope despite doom-laden circumstances. According to the movie’s writer/director Kat Candler, her goal as a filmmaker was to figure out what had brought her characters — 13-year-old Jacob (Josh Wiggins) and his widowed father, Hollis (Aaron Paul) — to the brink of catastrophe, and how they might heal.

    “Everyone responds to grief in different ways, sometimes destructive,” said Candler by phone from Seattle, where she introduced a film festival screening of “Hellion” last month. “I was interested in capturing the ripple effects of pain, particularly among kids who don’t know how to process difficult emotions yet. Somehow they have to take responsibility for their choices.”

    Encouraged by the film’s producer to shoot the movie in southeast Texas, Candler found her hellion in the form of a “polite and normal” young Texan who had never acted before.

    “I’d seen hundreds of kids for the part, and the process had become a little numbing,” Candler recalls. Then she met Wiggins. “He wasn’t trying to act or pretend in any way,” said the director. “He was just being himself. Then, as soon as we started shooting, he was completely professional — more so than some adults I’ve worked with.”

    For the part of Hollis, an alcoholic father fighting the urge to disappear on another binge, Candler landed Paul, who had just finished his Emmy-winning stint as Jesse on “Breaking Bad.” The actor had seen Candler’s short version of “Hellion” from 2012, responded to the material and trusted the first-time feature director, who was amazed at his decision to “put everything in my hands.”

    The star placed his faith in young Wiggins, as well. “Aaron took Josh under his wing during the shoot, and the two of them became very close,” Candler said. “To this day, Aaron has stayed in touch with Josh, giving him advice on the movies he’s shooting now.”

    Although the kids of “Hellion” are more interested in motocross racing and speed metal than texting, Candler, who has said the “youth of America are getting angrier,” cited the Internet as a primary cause of kids “having to grow up quicker and harder-edged.”

    “It’s easy now for kids to have a voice, and easy for them to hide behind a computer. There’s so much cruel, hurtful communication out there. I can’t imagine being a teenager now.”

    In addition to its contemporary influences, “Hellion” was inspired in part by 1979’s “Over the Edge” (available for rent via iTunes, Google Play and Vudu), in which Matt Dillon plays a Texas teen who, along with his pals, gets involved in sex, drugs and gunplay.

    “Man, I was blown away by that movie,” said Candler. “The realism of it is amazing. It totally captures not just the wildness of youth, but the boredom, too. Can you believe it was Matt Dillon’s first movie? Already at that age, he had such confidence and charisma.

    “You can tell it’s a ’70s movie because it’s so gritty, so un-Hollywood. There’s something really magical about the films of that time.”


    Aaron Paul

    Juliette Lewis

    Aaron Paul

    Juliette Lewis









    The Director, Kat Chandler, from Port Neches, Texas

    Release Dates

    Here's a clip:

    This looks like it could be a good movie. It will be nice to see some familiar places on the big screen since I'm from a small town and all. I was there for a scene filmed at Larry's French Market.

    Refer to this post where I was an extra. My friend, Michelle, got picked to stand behind Aaron Paul. She should be in the scene where he is drinking at the bar.

    I captured this pic of AP and Kat Chandler after filming for six hours. (snore)

    My Post:

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    Netflix is acquiring for worldwide streaming 26 half-hour episodes of the new program, “The Magic School Bus 360°,” which will use computer-generated animation. The show will start appearing in 2016, the companies plans to announce on Wednesday.

    The new version will include a modernized teacher, Ms. Frizzle (voiced by Lily Tomlin in the original), who will take her class on flying trips on an updated bus. The young scientists will use newer scientific tools, such as robots or a smart suit worn by the character Carlos that determines his body’s vital signs instantly.

    The companies declined to discuss terms of the deal, which follows Netflix’s acquisition in the last year of rights to a number of Scholastic series, including the original “Magic School Bus,” “Clifford the Big Red Dog” and “Goosebumps.”

    “ 'Magic School Bus,’ the old version, is remarkably popular on Netflix,” said Ted Sarandos, the company’s chief content officer, calling it the streaming service’s top educational show. “It teaches science in a way that transcends generations.”

    First broadcast on PBS in 1994, and most recently seen in reruns as part of the children’s programming on Qubo, “The Magic School Bus” was the longest-running children’s science program, Scholastic said, and was shown in approximately 39 countries. While the television show left Qubo in 2012, the company continues to publish books under the brand.

    “Parents trust it and kids love it,” Mr. Sarandos said, adding that the new version will be “even more relevant and entertaining for today’s kids.”


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    The Shining

    Let's start with the obvious one. Now, before you speed down to the comments section to remind me, yes, I know Stephen King's book, The Shining, was remade as a TV mini-series in 1997. However, this series drew no inspiration from Stanley Kubrick's cinematic classic. I also know the 1980 Shining movie bears only a slight resemblance to King's book, something which disappoints some fans. However, despite this, you have to accept The Shining is still a pivotal horror movie in its own right.

    Kubrick is famous for his incredible dense cinematic masterpieces. Every scene in The Shining contains hidden meanings and allusions, while his long tracking shots and use of music helps to turn the monotonous Overlook Hotel into a foreboding and sinister location. Throw in a great performance by Jack Nicholson and you get a horrific classic that just cannot be remade. Interestingly, a prequel to The Shining, named The Overlook Hotel, is in production. We'll have to wait and see how that turns out.

    The Blair Witch Project

    When The Blair Witch Project released in 1999, found footage horror was still a term which elicited confusion and curiosity. Nowadays, the horror sub-genre is responsible for a huge proportion of horror movies being released. This explosion is due, in no small part, to the surprise success of The Blair Witch Project, a low-budget independent horror movie that blasted even the huge studio releases out of the water.

    The Blair Witch Project is a unique item. Not only was it partly responsible for introducing found footage, but the story of its creation is a special one. The characters in Blair Witch appear so terrified because they actually are. Blair Witch was filmed in an informal, improvised method, in which the actors were only given daily notes informing them of their character developments. They had no idea what would happen to them at night, and over time the crew reduced their food rations to increase their frustration and fatigue. This means when the characters are traipsing through the woods at night, they really were tired, confused and scared. It's for this reason, some people believed The Blair Witch Project was genuine.

    Although Alien has now become a sprawling franchise covering sequels, spin-offs, crossovers and video games, the original Alien is still a masterpiece of sci-fi terror. The conceit is simple - a commercial space vessel receives a distress call and soon discovers an insidious interloper has arrived on their craft. The inability to combat the alien as well as the frustrations of the quickly diminishing crew turns Alien into a kind of space cabin fever flick. However, what really makes Alien stand out, is it's treatment of the ferocious space creature and the film's art direction.

    Alien rarely actually shows the titular antagonist. Apparently, this was a fortunate side-effect of Ridley Scott not wanting to reveal that the alien was actually a 7-foot dude in a rubber suit. By only filming it close-up or in profile, Scott managed to keep the alien as a sinister force to be reckoned with. With the modern day obsession with CGI and 3D special effects, a modern Alien reboot would have to resist the urge to show the alien in its fully glory - ruining what made the original so scary.


    Jaws, like Alien, is a classic almost by accident. Although nowadays, Stephen Spielberg's breakout movie is known as the birth of the blockbuster, at the time Spielberg did not have the budget to actually deliver the movie as he had originally intended. With special effects in their infancy, Spielberg would have to rely on prohibitive expensive practical effects to show the shark attacks. With this ruled out as a method, Spielberg fell back on another solution - not actually showing the shark.

    Spielberg reportedly went to composer John Williams and asked him instead to suggest the shark's ominous presence with a terrifying theme. The result is, of course, one of cinema's most famous soundtracks. Once again, in the modern age, the pressure to show the shark with incredible CGI might be hard to ignore. Furthermore, if a remake did keep true to Spielberg's original minimalist approach to Jaws, it would simply be a rehash of a near perfect film, and therefore completely redundant as anything other than a cash-in job. Jaws did spawn quickly forgotten sequels, however the original is now preserved in the National Film Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". For this reason it should never be remade.

    So there you have it. Five Four horror movies which simply cannot be improved upon by being remade in the modern age.

    Video and more at the source

    What is your favorite horror film, ONTD?

    Creepy post y/n?

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    At Phoenix Comicon, Star Trek author and producer Larry Nemecek has announced that CBS is in talks with Netflix to produce a new series that would air on the streaming service.

    Update: Nemecek has posted a rebuttal of the original report, saying he never stated there were ongoing talks about a new Trek series on Netflix. Apparently there have been “overtures” in the past, but as far as he knows nothing is happening right now.

    According to Nemecek, Netflix approached CBS about hosting a new Trek series, then followed up with a proposal to create and produce the show completely in-house. If this deal goes through, the series would be a Netflix exclusive in the vein of House of Cards or Orange is the New Black.

    Interestingly, CBS is supposedly being offered a royalty deal that would pay it for each stream of the new series. No word on whether the series would be set in the new Abrams alternate timeline or the original one.

    Netflix doesn’t release streaming numbers, but market research firms frequently list Star Trek in its various forms as the most streamed content on Netflix.


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    "I Want The Love" (Explicit) feat. Meek Mill


    Huh, okay.

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    Two days ago, Australian model Robyn Lawley posted a fitspo selfie (above, right) to Instagram, showing her bare torso along with the caption: "The best kind of exercise? The one when you jump and dance around like there's no tomorrow to awesome music!!"

    Lawley is one of today's top plus size models, with credits in Vogue Italia, Vogue Australia and a number of campaigns for brands like Ralph Lauren and H&M. The 24-year-old has also made headlines for her views on the thigh gap phenomenon ("dangerous") and the lack of body diversity in the fashion industry. Earlier this year, she gave an interview in which she expressed frustration with the "plus-size" size moniker: "People say, 'How is she a plus-size model?' and I'm like, 'Exactly, this is the point, how am I a plus-size model?'"

    Lawley might be seething right now. On Instagram, commenters have lashed out at the model for posting the selfie above. A selection of the responses:

    "Yeah, how are you plus size?? Uhhhh…!"
    "Still don't get how they call this plus size?!"
    "If this is called 'plus size' then i am gonna go jump off a building."
    "This is NOT plus size!"

    "Stop the world I want to get off if this is considered plus size."
    "It's not that this is a plus size, but obviously she has lost weight since she first started modelling plus size swimwear. And you know what, that's up to her if she wants to become more trim and slim, good on her. But yes this is not plus size 'anymore', so she probably wont be modelling plus sizes anymore."

    Although the shot does show a more conventionally-toned physique than what we typically see in Lawley's photos (the lingerie photo above was posted to her account in April), the difference might be a matter of angles and lighting.

    However, the fitspo-style caption does make it seem that Robyn was acknowledging and showing off the changes to her shape, which plenty of young women do every day, without facing the nearly same level of scrutiny.

    Lawley looks great, but the response she got from commenters illustrates her point about 'plus-size' being a pernicious term — it's just another way for people to police models whose bodies don't fit into the fashion mold.


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    This is in response to some comments that have been made online

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  • 06/10/14--22:15: "Dumb and Dumber To" Trailer
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  • 06/11/14--18:28: Real People, Fake Arms

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    In 1999, Shania Twain was at the peak of her commercial success. Two years prior, she had released the blockbuster country album Come on Over, a record that would sell a staggering 40 million copies worldwide (by comparison, Taylor Swift's best-selling release so far, Fearless, has tallied a little less than 9 million). Featuring hits like "Man! I Feel Like a Woman,""You're Still the One" and "That Don't Impress Me Much," Come on Over became a genre-busting sensation, due in part to a re-released pop mix of the album. An accompanying tour further solidified her as country's most recognizable female superstar.

    Still, Twain didn't garner her first — and only — Entertainer of the Year nomination until 1999, competing against Tim McGraw, George Strait, the Dixie Chicks and Garth Brooks, who was angling to three-peat in the category. But when Reba McEntire, the last woman to win the CMA's top award in 1986, was chosen to present, Twain had to feel the odds were on her side.

    Which, of course, they were. McEntire, visibly emotional over Twain having ended the 13-year drought of female Entertainer winners, pointed in her direction and informally beckoned the Canadian native to the stage. "Come on up, Shania Twain," she said.

    "I'm embarrassed that I'm crying," Twain said during her speech, wiping away tears. She also offered a good-natured directive to Dolly Parton, who was inducted that evening into the Country Music Hall of Fame. "I have to meet Dolly Parton tonight after the show. She is my biggest inspiration of all time and she can't leave the building until I at least meet her!"

    Twain went on to follow up Come on Over with 2002's Up! and a greatest hits compilation in 2004, before slowly dropping out of the public eye. She endured a divorce from her producer husband Robert "Mutt" Lange and subsequent vocal issues, before making a high-profile — and triumphant — return to the stage in 2012, headlining her own Las Vegas spectacle, Shania: Still the One. A regular showroom draw at Caesars Palace's Colosseum, the show is currently scheduled to run through summer 2014.

    Remarkably, despite all her success, sales and stardom, Twain's 1999 Entertainer victory stands as her sole CMA Awards win.


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    How do you defend someone who never defended you? That’s the heart of this thriller/family drama (out Oct. 10) starring Robert Downey Jr. as a Chicago defense attorney who returns to his small town to represent his hostile father (Robert Duvall) in a murder case.

    Duvall plays the imperious title character: a living symbol of justice in their community and a tyrant in his own household — factors that compelled his son to flee years before. A family funeral brings Downey’s character home, but it’s another death that keeps him there.

    “Against his own instincts and desire, he ends up staying to defend his dad from what may or may not be an intentional vehicular manslaughter case,” Downey says, flashing his eyebrows on those last few words.

    “His father is a pillar of the community. Everybody knows a dad like the judge,” the actor adds. “Every community has one, and every family has either heard of or been under that kind of patriarchy. It’s this very American story. But it’s also a story about family, and reconciliation, and law, and justice.”

    Downey’s character doesn’t just clash with his father, but also his brutish older brother, played by Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Men In Black) — who stands by the old man’s side in all matters. Less confident, but no less devoted to the pater familias, is the Fredo-esque youngest brother (Jeremy Strong, Zero Dark Thirty). “He, uh … he still lives at home,” Downey explains. “Slow learner.”

    The film has flashes of humor, but it’s definitely more of a dramatic turn for director David Dobkin, best known for Wedding Crashers. And it’s the first project from Team Downey, the new production company founded by the actor and his wife, longtime Silver Pictures producer Susan Downey (the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).

    Team Downey had several films inching forward in development, including a big screen version of Perry Mason, and a drama about the aftermath of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis during World War II. The Judge, with its genre-mixing script by first-time screenwriter Bill Dubuque and Nick Schenk (Gran Torino) was “the greyhound that got its eye on the rabbit first,” as the actor puts it.

    In her previous role at Silver Pictures, the dedication was to amped-up action pictures. So what kind of brand does Team Downey hope to establish? “If the type is good, that’s the brand I’d go for,” she says, saying they’re looking for the offbeat and heartfelt — though not the ultra-niche or esoteric.

    “Our storytelling is character-driven but on a commercial level,” Susan says. “We wanted to do something outside the big movie tentpole projects.”

    So no Iron Man suit — just emotional armor this time.


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    With a sharp sense of humor and serious smarts, Anna Kendrick has turned herself into the savviest social-media star of her generation and makes her ELLE cover debut for the magazine's first-ever Social Issue.

    Now, with seven projects on the horizon (Happy Christmas is out this month), the acting, singing, joking sensation is about to go supernova. Kendrick garnered an Oscar nomination at 24 with Up in the Air. Her hit song "Cups," recorded for the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, spent 44 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100. Her Saturday Night Live debut this April—a barrage of musical skits—unleashed skill after seemingly limitless skill. But Kendrick also has found a way to meld the famous-person world with the one the rest of us live in, taking every opportunity to remind us—largely via social media—that she's still an occasionally weird and sometimes flawed human, not just a body hosting an increasingly desirable brand.

    Tweet by tweet, joke by joke, Kendrick, now 28, has carved out a space in which to define herself. And the result is that despite living a life most of us can't relate to, she herself seems entirely relatable.

    Whether Kendrick is talking about her childhood and teen years, or commenting on her so called ‘approachable hotness,’ she offers an interesting look at the woman who describes herself to her 2.5 million Twitter followers as “Pale, awkward and very very small.” Check out the following excerpts for a sneak preview, and read the full interview exclusively in ELLE’s July issue, available digitally and at newsstands in select cities starting June 17th, and nationwide on June 24th.

    On family and divorce:

    Kendrick grew up in Portland, Maine, in a house sandwiched between the pond where she and her older brother, Michael, ice-skated in the winter and the baseball diamond where they watched Little League games in the summer. Their parents—Janice, an accountant, and William, a teacher—divorced when she was 15 but stayed on good terms. "I hate when people think you're broken because your parents are divorced," Kendrick says. "And I really reject the idea of staying together for the kids. If they're growing up in a house that's not healthy, it's better to know that's not the model of what marriage should be."

    – Excerpted from ELLE, July 2014

    On her sex appeal:

    This lack of ego, coupled with the stealth hourglass shape, the porcelain skin, and the smart mouth, add up to a very specific kind of sex appeal. Kendrick, who hasn't publicly dated since she and Edgar Wright broke up last year, says she hasn't been hit on since Up in the Air, "honest to God." For the 5 million-plus people who have YouTubed her Newcastle Brown Ale Super Bowl ad, this will be hard to buy. In it, the actress is simultaneously sexy and hilarious, twirling her movie-star hair and deadpanning that she's "approachable hot, like the-hottest-girl-in-your-improv-class-hot." [@RyBrockington: "Breaking News: I can indeed confirm that @AnnaKendrick47 was the hottest girl in my improv class."] "I’ve never felt like I’ve exactly traded on my looks," the actress says matter-of-factly. "When I was a teenager, I was an ultralate bloomer, and my mom would say it was a blessing, because it means you never have to wonder if guys are only interested in you because you’ve got boobs. I would have been thrilled if guys were interested in me because of my boobs!" But maybe it's for the best. "Similarly, I think I’m lucky that I’ve never had a crisis about whether the only reason I’m successful is because I’m crazy hot. It’s not something that crosses my mind.”

    – Excerpted from ELLE, July 2014

    Look out for Anna's Twitter and Instagram takeover of ELLE's handles today, and watch and share our exclusive behind-the-scenes cover shoot video starring Anna and her social media obsession here.


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    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are always doing this. No, really—always.

    The up and down relationship status between these two pop stars is always changing, but they also always seem to give fans a hint as to where they stand through Instagram. So, it's no surprise that Bieber's latest post caused a frenzy with Jelena lovers.

    Biebs reportedly posted (then deleted, of course) a black-and-white photo of his head being snuggled into Selena's arms. Although J.B.'s face is absent in the picture, it's clear that it's him because of his latest ink on his neck.

    So are they back together? Have they rekindled their romance yet again? Is Bieber just going down memory lane? One source tells E! News that they aren't aware of Justin and Selena being back together, while Bieber's rep declined to comment on his client's personal life.

    Or perhaps Justin is just drawing inspiration from his relationship experiences for a new track? Cody Simpson is currently collaborating with J.B. and tweeted, "chill studio session last night with @justinbieber. wrote a beautiful guitar track. able to relate when it comes to love & women. good sht!"

    It seemed like Selena and Justin were donezo for good, especially since Biebs was spotted hanging out (and hooking up) with a lot of other females recently. Meanwhile, Gomez recently returned from a trip to Nepal, where she traveled to raise awareness for children in need, on behalf of UNICEF.


    I don't even know what to say, tbh...

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    Source 1 , 2 , 3

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    Are you guys ready for tommorrow ?

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    “[Colin] will bring wonderful charisma and sense of mystery to the role,” say show's executive producers Adrian Hodges and Jessica Pope.

    James Bond actor Colin Salmon has signed up for the new series of hit BBC drama The Musketeers.

    The star, who appeared in three 007 films playing Charles Robinson, will guest star as a character called Tariq described by show bosses as "a mysterious interloper on the run from Spain" and Misfits actress Antonia Thomas will play his daughter, Samara.

    Colin Salmon's character is called Tariq

    The show's executive producers Adrian Hodges and Jessica Pope said: "We're excited to welcome an actor of Colin's reputation to The Musketeers. He will bring wonderful charisma and sense of mystery to the role.

    "We've also been aware for some time of Antonia's wonderful work in films and TV series such as Sunshine On Leith and Misfits among numerous others. She brings such intelligence and vibrancy to every role she plays and we are thrilled to have her as Samara."

    The show, based on the stories by Alexandre Dumas, pulled in around six million viewers for each episode in the first series and has been sold to 78 countries around the world - including France.

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    Landon Donovan will participate in the World Cup after all — just not as a player, and not from Brazil.

    The all-time U.S. leader in both goals and assists will preview and analyze the tournament, focusing on the U.S. team's three opening round matches: June 16 vs. Ghana; June 22 vs. Portugal; and June 26 vs. Germany. Donovan will contribute to pre-game, halftime and post-match coverage, editions of SportsCenter, World Cup Tonight and other shows.

    “Adding Landon to our ESPN roster just before the World Cup is a coup because he knows the United States team better than anyone having played such a huge role in its success, especially at this event,” said Jed Drake, ESPN senior vice president and executive producer.

    “Landon is also one of this country's biggest sports stars and we believe that he will help attract even more fans to our month-long coverage.”

    Added Donovan: “I am excited to be joining ESPN's coverage of the 2014 World Cup from Los Angeles, and I look forward to working with the talented ESPN broadcasters to provide unique insights for our amazing US Soccer fans.”

    Donovan was cut from the U.S. team in May.


    who from here is going to be at the world cup in person?

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    The New York Times’ Upshot blog polled the fan bases of different countries to see who everyone thought was most likely to win the World Cup.

    The results are totally unsurprising.

    Every country polled, except for two, were totally realistic and said host nation Brazil was the most likely to win the tournament. One of those who said they’d win instead of Brazil was Argentina. The only other country whose fans thought they’d win the World Cup — you guessed it, the good old U.S.A.

    Now, Argentina picking themselves is totally reasonable. They have plenty of weapons, like Angel di Maria, who won Man of the Match in the Champions League final and, lest we forget, the four-time World Player of the Year, Lionel Messi.

    But the United States hoisting the World Cup in July? USMNT Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann doesn’t even think so. But that’s America. Say what you will about our country, but we BELIEVE IN OURSELVES.


    But before I whip myself into a patriotic frenzy, it is worth noting that the poll found the country the U.S. is going to root hardest against is… the United States.

    We love ourselves and we hate ourselves. We’re all over the place.

    The second team that America plans on rooting against: Russia. Glad to see some things never change.

    Source 1, 2

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    If Cameron Monaghan isn't already on your radar, we've gotta warn you: It's going to be a serious challenge to go anywhere without seeing him pretty soon. The 20-year-old, redheaded cutie is already known for playing Ian Gallagher on the TV series Shameless, and it won't be long until he's rocking an even bigger screen with his starring role in The Giver when it hits theaters this August. If you can't tell, we're basically counting down the days.

    In the Lois Lowry classic we all came to know and love from our middle school reading lists, Cameron plays Asher, who's Brenton Thwaites's character Jonas's funny and super relatable best friend. "Asher is a little bit of an odd man out in his society," Cameron says of his role. "He's this kid who's a little bit of a jokester—he doesn't fit in with the rigid, strict constraints of the society around him." Even though his character isn't necessarily one who abides by the rules 24/7, things start to change once Jonas starts rebelling against the system they've lived their entire lives obeying. "He becomes at odds with what's morally right. He doesn't know whether he should be part of his society or go along with what Jonas is saying."


    Filming such a highly-anticipated movie has its perks, like forming strong relationships with some of Hollywood's biggest names. Both Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges have lead roles, which was huge for Cameron since he's admired their work for as long as he can remember. "I've grown up watching and admiring Meryl and Jeff. Some of their movies are my favorites of all time. I can quote every single line in The Big Lebowski from start to finish. That's what happens when you see a movie two dozen times."

    Even Taylor Swift became part of their family while she was on set filming for a week and a half. He didn't have much time with the Grammy-winning superstar, but they took full advantage of having such a musical cast, basically starting their own band. "We would have jam sessions in Jeff's hotel room. Brenton would play guitar, and I would play the harmonica or ukulele, and we would all sing and have these really great bonding experiences," he says of one of his favorite memories. "I remember we were in the lobby of Taylor's hotel, and we had a whole night of just gathering around the piano with everyone playing together."

    One amazing thing about this movie is the fact that it was filmed in South Africa. But this wasn't Cameron's first time on the other side of the world. He spent around six months there when he was younger, but going back years later was a completely different experience. "It was really amazing. The people there are great and there's so much interesting stuff to do," he says. "I sandboarded on their dunes, I rode ATVs around some of their wooded areas—I had a blast." Cameron admits the insurance company wouldn't be too happy to hear about his sometimes dangerous endeavors, but what he says was "like having a paid vacation" is something he'll never forget.

    So, onto the part about Cameron being in his underwear. As if his time filming the role of James in the ridiculously scary upcoming horror movie Amityville wasn't already exciting enough, he took full advantage of his newfound monster status on set, even scaring his co-star Bella Thorne his first couple days in costume. "I've played monsterous characters before, but I've never had the chance to look like a monster," he says of his role. "I had to wear all of these prosthetics for pretty much the entire movie. The result was I looked really different and really horrifying." But with all of the monster make up, there unfortunately (or fortunately?!) wasn't any room for pants. "I couldn't really wear any clothing or anything, so I think I spent pretty much the entire movie in my boxers. It was so weird to spend a month lounging around a crew of people in scary makeup and basically nothing else. It was one of those odd, surreal things that could only happen on a movie set." Remind us why weren't we there again?

    Next up for Cameron: Filming for Shameless starts up again soonYESSSSSSSS. and he has a potential new movie project in the works, but what he really needs after working non-stop for the past year is a little break, even though he always hates it once he gets one. "I say I want a break, but every time I have some down time I don't know what to do with myself. I need to be doing something." If he does get a breather from his crazy-exciting life, we know where he'll be—playing music, spending time with his friends, and probably chillin' in his boxers.


    Flawless Shameless cast continues to be better than everyone. Bless.

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    omg i'm so excited

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