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    Music video for the official 2014 FIFA World Cup song We Are One (Ole Ola) {Olodum Mix}:


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  • 05/16/14--11:41: Game of Thrones 6x07 stills

  • “Tyrion is going to enlists an unlikely ally. Daario (Michiel Huisman) will entreat Dany to allow him to do what he does best. Jon’s warnings about the Wall’s vulnerability are going to fall on deaf ears. Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) is going to follow a new lead on the road with Pod (Daniel Portman).


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    Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 18.58.31
    Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 18.58.49


    Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 19.02.54
    Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 19.02.00


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    Conchita Wurst appeared on the Graham Norton Show yesterday (16th May). She talks about her beard, fitting in, getting advice from Cher and flowers from Elton.



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    This new TV-spot clip from The Fault in Our Stars is from the love scene! It features the fan-favorite line, “I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once.” Hazel and Gus have a mishap with her T-shirt getting stuck in her canulla in the midst of their undressing – but as this film teaches us, life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. The film hits theaters on June 6th, 2014 and is based on John Green’s bestseller.


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    How did you want this episode to continue the dance Hannibal and Will have been doing in the second half of this season?

    Bryan Fuller: One of the exciting things for us in this episode was to actually see Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham as Leopold and Loeb. They choose a victim, they stalk and toy with the victim, and then they finish the victim off. It really is a tale of murder husbands. [Laughs]

    Meanwhile, Jack doesn't seem very pleased with the games Will is playing with Hannibal.

    Fuller: Jack is getting very nervous because they have been in this entrapment scenario for a while. We have very intentionally held off on Jack's point of view because it helped lull the audience into that seduction. Now that we are seeing where Jack is, we're seeing him at the end of a spectrum. At the beginning of that spectrum it was, "You hook him, I'll catch him." Now it's, "Sh-t or get off the pot." It's a natural reaction for him. He has made huge sacrifices to catch this guy he knows is going to be impossible to catch otherwise.

    Mason certainly seemed to be enjoying himself even though he was cutting off his own face!

    Fuller: [Laughs] Michael Pitt was having the time of his life with this performance. And there's something between Hannibal and Will in that moment that is very playful, which is perhaps a strange word to use in that context. But there's a gamesmanship afoot because Hannibal essentially says, "I got him to cut off his face. Your turn."

    And I assume Mason doesn't tell Jack the truth because he too has some of his own twisted plans for Hannibal.

    Fuller: Mason does not want Jack Crawford to deliver justice to Hannibal. He wants to deliver justice his own way. This is all now a very particular game for Mason, which I am hoping to explore much more of in Season 3. Episode 12 completes the Verger arc for Season 2 and sets up the Verger arc for Season 3.

    Keeping Hannibal alive allows Will and Jack the chance to catch him still. But if Jack is now the bait as you mentioned, Will seems to pretty firmly put Jack on the hook in that final scene. Are Will's loyalties wavering?

    Fuller: That's what we want to be wondering. Will Graham is at a crossroads, and we don't know if he is betraying Jack or if he's betraying Hannibal. He's betraying somebody, but we do not entirely know with absolute clarity who that Judas kiss is meant for.

    Will we know by the end of the finale? 
    Fuller: Maybe not! [Laughs]

    For the longer article, head on down to source.

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    This past weekend, $500,000 worth of moviegoers flocked to see Belle, a well-reviewed costume drama about a biracial woman raised in 18th-century British aristocracy, featuring a standout performance by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Everyone involved in the film should be thrilled, but behind the scenes, outrage is building around whether the director of the movie, Amma Asante, should also be recognized as its screenwriter.

    In January 2013, the Writers Guild of America ruled that sole writing credit on the film would go to Misan Sagay. Publicly, no one with direct knowledge of the ruling has spoken out against that decision, but according to information obtained by EW, Asante wrote 18 script drafts before she started directing the film–this after Sagay wrote several early versions.

    A source says that the production planned to submit both Asante and Sagay as co-writers, but Sagay was only interested in a solo credit. (Sagay and Fox Searchlight both declined to comment on these claims.) Once she declined to share, that source says producer Damian Jones proposed to the WGA that Sagay should receive a “story by” credit while Asante would get a “screenplay by” credit. The WGA ruled solely in favor of Sagay, a decision that vexed Jones (who also wouldn’t comment) and prompted Asante to appeal (she lost again).

    Actor Tom Wilkinson told the U.K.’s Daily Mail last year, “I only saw and worked from a script by Amma. It’s outrageous that her work has not been recognized.”

    When asked about Sagay in a recent chat on EW’s SiriusXM channel, Asante said, “We never met. By the time the project came to me in 2009, Damian was very much looking for a director and a storyteller who could imprint their own vision.”


    This is like 12YAS all over again right down to Foxsearchlight keeping a tight lid on the director + writer so that nothing is public.

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    Game of Thrones is a true spectacle. Boasting the largest ensemble on television, the busy folks in the casting department certainly have their hands full bringing seemingly endless characters to life (and death). So it’s understandable why they turned to unconventional methods to find actresses to fill certain characters. The show, like George R.R. Martin’s books, is filled with lean and taut bodies quivering with arousal.

    Enter the porn stars of Westeros. Sahara Knight, Masie Dee, Jessica Jensen and Samantha Bentley have all played (drumroll please) whores. But worry not, HBO isn’t merely typecasting sex workers. Sibel Kekilli, an ex-porn star and award-winning German actress, brilliantly portrays Tyrion Lannister's long time lover, Shae who—okay, she happens to be a whore as well.

    Must porn stars always be relegated to a portraying a sexual servant on the show? So far, Australian adult actress Aeryn Walker might be the only adult star on the show to not portray a sex worker.

    “I got really anxious,” Walker, a huge fan of the series, tells me of the moment was cast as one of Craster’s wives. “I was like, 'Man I hope I do a good job,’ you know. What if people think I got this because I have nice tits? I can actually act." The audition that won her the role, wasn't what you might expect. "I had to film a clip of my face, me crying,” she says. “They described in graphic detail exactly how I would cry, and I did." It was that audition tape that won her the unusual porn star role of non-whore.

    So why are porn stars such a perfect fit for the Seven Kingdoms? As a former adult actress myself I have a few theories.

    1. A porn star is always willing to take off her clothes and there will never be a nudity clause in her contract.
    2. They’ve put in their 10,000 hours and know how to fake passionate sex with the best of ‘em.

    3. It’s sad but true: porn stars work cheap! Since nude is their norm, they won't ask to be paid extra to be naked.

    4. In a way that mainstream actresses sometimes fail to capture, porn stars always look very comfortable sitting around nude for the duration of a scene.

    5. With all of that skin-on-skin action, things, well, pop up. Porn stars aren’t squeamish about their fellow actors getting aroused. They tend to be very understanding.

    When asked how the filming went, Walker tells me that she was a sexual assault victim—in Game of Thrones, she was filming a rape scene. Before Walker accepted the role she said she had to ask herself these questions: "Should I accept this role? Is this going to trigger me? Is this going to be a really scary thing? And how am I going to do this?" She ultimately decided she was okay with it and didn't want to pass up the opportunity.

    While her non-disclosure agreement kept her from saying too much about the scene itself, Walker said the filming wasn't too hard on her because the producers were so great. "They asked three, four, five times if I was certain I was okay with this at every stage, they were so good about it without even knowing [I was a sexual assault victim]. They did the same thing for the male performer in the scene, clearly they wanted everyone to be comfortable. Which was really reassuring to me."

    HBO knows the value of sex on television and is aware of its reputation for strong sexual content, as made evident by the hilarious HBO GO advertising campaign. “The best of HBO on all of your devices. Far, far away from your parents.” Exactly. Sex sells.

    Some critics argue that Game of Thrones producers should be more sensitive regarding the use of sex, especially rape scenes. But given the way the series was written by George R.R. Martin, I'd argue that they already are. Sexual violence was a part of the world Martin created, and while Game of Thrones doesn't shy away from explicit scenes, they have toned them down. (um, not really?) It’s a meaty series based on a collection of books that are thousands of pages long. That's a lot of material to cover in a finite time, so why not dump information during a visually stimulating sex scene. This “sexposition” is hardly an exploitation of the characters. If anything it's staying true to the spirit of the source material. In Westeros sex is a powerful tool.


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    “Guardians of the Galaxy” is the most anticipated film of the summer, or at least that's what Marvel wants everyone to believe. To help keep that anticipation palpable, the company has released a teaser for the film's upcoming trailer.
    That's right. On Friday, Marvel released a 24-second teaser for the full-length trailer's release on Monday.

    Nevertheless, the teaser was jam-packed with plenty of action sequences, and shirtless Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana. Plus, fans even got to hear Pratt's Star-Lord exchange a couple of lines with Dave Bautista's Drax the Destroyer.
    The science-fiction epic is a bit of a departure for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's stepping far, far away from The Avengers universe established on Earth to find another group of superheroes in deep space. It also looks like the humor quotient has been ratcheted up for “GotG.”

    Hitting theaters on August 1, 2014, “Guardians of the Galaxy” was directed by James Gunn, based on a screenplay by Gunn and Nicole Perlman. The film stars Pratt, Saldana, Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker, Lee Pace, Djimon Hounsou, John C. Reilly, Benicio del Toro, and Glenn Close.


    idg this teasers for trailers thing, they should just release the movie already.

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    By Variety:

    Pearce is fiercely impressive here as a man who gave up on the human race even before the latest round of calamities, and if there are occasional glimpses of the kinder, gentler man he might once have been, we are more frequently privy to his savage survival instincts. But it's Pattinson who turns out to be the film's greatest surprise, sporting a convincing Southern accent and bringing an understated dignity to a role that might easily have been milked for cheap sentimental effects. With his slurry drawl and wide-eyed, lap-dog stare, Rey initially suggests a latter-day Lennie Small, but he isn't so much developmentally disabled as socially regressed — an overprotected mama's boy suddenly cast to the wolves — and Pattinson never forces or overdoes anything, building up an empathy for the character that’s entirely earned. He becomes an oasis of humanity in this stark, forsaken land.

    By The Los Angeles Times:

    Unaccountably slotted for the midnight section of the festival rather than the main competition, "The Rover" is a most impressive piece of filmmaking, tense and unrelenting, that chills the blood as well as the soul.

    It not only features head-turning performances by Pearce as a man ferociously determined to get his stolen car back and Pattinson as someone dragged along in his wake, it is set in a completely terrifying world. It's 10 years after an unnamed global economic collapse, and this part of Australia has become a bleak and hopelessly hollowed-out society that Michod and his team have superbly created.

    Pearce's barely controlled ferocity as Eric is exceptional, but it is not as much of a revelation as Pattinson's unrecognizable work as Rey, a damaged, unfocused individual who is the older man's half-unwilling accomplice.

    By The Hollywood Reporter:

    Pattinson delivers a performance that, despite the character's own limitations, becomes more interesting as the film moves along, suggesting that the young actor might indeed be capable of offbeat character work. But always commanding attention at the film's center is Pearce, who, under a taciturn demeanor, gives Eric all the cold-hearted remorselessness of a classic Western or film noir anti-hero who refuses to die before exacting vengeance for an unpardonable crime.

    By The Playlist:

    Pearce is reliably riveting as the totally stonefaced Man With No Name Except Maybe Eric, and Michod exploits his charisma for all its worth in the many extended takes of his inscrutable, unreadable mien, while Pattinson, who we were initially worried might be too tic-laden to fully convince, actually turns in a performance that manages to be more affecting than affected. It's certainly the best we've seen him deliver, despite the rather standard-issue-halfwit yokel accent and the actor commits to it wholly. The contrast between these men, Pattinson as twitchy as Pearce is impassive is marked and its in the space between the two, punctuated by bursts of gunfire, that the film really lives.

    Accompanied by an eclectic score of drones and electronic pulses interrupted by some incongruous tracks (including a very funny, slightly meta use of "Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful" as hummed-along-to by Pattinson) the story Michod and Joel Edgerton came up with, all the way back before "Animal Kingdom" may not quite reach the heights of that crime saga, but it arguably fulfills another important function: it shows Michod work with other genres and textures, and still make a film that is unmistakably his, and that is how auteurs are made.

    By Little White Lies

    Performances are pitched just right between hard-bitten and mournful. Guy Pierce, as all know, has stoically grizzled down to a fine art, while Pattinson manages his new non-heart-throb ground (the make-up team have wrought merry hell on his teeth) with admirable pathos. His limp, hick accent, facial tics and staccato delivery play second, third, fourth and fifth fiddle to a whole lot of heart, and one that Eric cannot help but fall for. If there’s one thing this violent metaphysical drama emphasises it’s that heart is, when all else fails, a man’s best friend.

    By The Guardian:

    Michôd creates a good deal of ambient menace in The Rover; Pearce has a simmering presence. But I felt there was a bit of muddle, and the clean lines of conflict and tension had been blurred: the dystopian future setting doesn't add much and hasn't been very rigorously imagined. I even had the suspicion that the screenplay should perhaps have gone through one or two more drafts, or perhaps returned to an earlier draft, when casting was clearer. Well, Michôd certainly delivers some brain-frazzling heat and directionless despair.

    By IndieWire:

    Pearce's scowling appearance and relentless ability to force others to meet his demands—particularly in a sudden burst of violence when he seeks out a firearm—marks his strongest role since "Animal Kingdom," while Pattinson finally moves beyond wooden mannerisms to give his awkward character a pathetic, creepy demeanor.

    By HitFix:

    Robert Pattinson's Rey seems like he's barely able to function as a person. He mumbles, he seems like a bit of a dummy, and while he seems capable of violence, he feels like a scared kid who's constantly terrified of everyone else, unsure why people do what they do, unable to communicate on those rare occasions that the synapses all actually do fire. He's very good in the role, and while I'm not crazy about the film as a whole, if Pattinson keeps making choices like this and his ongoing collaboration with David Cronenberg, there may actually be a future for him where people are genuinely shocked to learn that he starred in the "Twilight" movies.

    By VanityFair

    When we first see Pattinson, he is covered in dust (as is just everything else in this film) and clutching a gun wound to his gut. His hair has been chopped down to an unglamorous crew cut, and his teeth are those of a lifelong tobacco-spitter. He speaks in a high-pitched Southern drawl, and he’s as twitchy as Pearce is ice-cold and deliberate. In one endearing sequence, Pattinson even busts out a falsetto to sing along to the chorus of Keri Hilson’s "Pretty Girl Rock."

    By Buzzsugar:

    Pearce is the center of the film and a forceful presence as usual, but Pattinson puts in a formidable and truly transformative performance all his own. Rey is an unattractive character in an unattractive world, with rotten teeth, a bad haircut, and an off-putting, twitchy demeanor, but there's no sense that Pattinson did any of this in a superficial effort to ugly himself up and distance himself from his heartthrob image. If anything, the role should stand as proof to any doubters that with the right director and the freedom to break free of his own public persona, Pattinson has real ability and magnetism on screen.

    By First Showing:

    While the film and its experience is fresh in my mind, the more I begin to think about it and process it even as I begin writing about it, the more I realize how much Michôd has hidden in the silence, in the quietness and dialogue-free moments. In turn, this makes every last word spoken that much more important. Pearce, similar to Ryan Gosling in Drive, carefully chooses every word, every twitch, every muscle in his body to deliver a performance that speaks volumes while actually saying very little. Even Robert Pattinson, giving one of his best fidgety, aloof performances to date, has so much more to say between every word he speaks.

    The reviews for the movie are a mixed bag
    but yay for Rob and Guy getting unanimous praise!


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    NBC News: Kerry Washington Effect: How TV Ditched Stereotypes to Make History By Maria Elena Fernandez

    As Olivia Pope likes to remind us, she has “handled” many high-profile and life-altering situations on “Scandal.” But now, everybody’s favorite fictional fixer, played by Emmy-nominated actress Kerry Washington, has taken care of something else: the lingering void in the TV landscape for more characters like her.

    For the first time in TV history, four African-American actresses have landed dynamic starring roles on broadcast network shows at the same time — all of them either Oscar winners or nominees.

    Some are calling it the Kerry Washington Effect.

    On Fox's “Red Band Society,”Octavia Spencer will play a no-nonsense nurse in charge of a pediatric ward where sick children live, while Taraji P. Henson plays a paroled drug dealer and mother on “Empire.” ABC has cast Viola Davis as a tough, mysterious criminal defense professor in “How to Get Away With Murder.” On NBC’s “State of Affairs,” Alfre Woodard is playing president of the United States, a ground-breaking role that would have seemed unimaginable just a few years ago.

    Halle Berry, an Oscar winner, will beat them all to the small screen in July, starring in CBS’ series “Extant.” Berry plays an astronaut who returns home to her husband and son after a year-long solo mission.

    Academy Award winners and nominees Halle Berry, Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Alfre Woodard will light up your TV’s this summer and fall headlining shows on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

    Washington's intense portrayal of Olivia Pope, a brilliant strategist having an affair with the married president, has propelled ABC's "Scandal" to ratings success and made her one of Hollywood's most sought-after A-list stars. It would be a challenging feat for a television actress in any era, but it's even more noteworthy in light of the fact that Washington is the first African-American actress to lead a network drama series since 1974.

    Washington's popularity has helped drive the point to television executives that audiences will embrace African-Americans as leading ladies, while showing other Hollywood stars where the quality roles are.

    “['Scandal' creator] Shonda Rhimes has written such an amazing character in Olivia Pope,” said Spencer, who won an Oscar for "The Help" in 2012. “She isn’t held in certain constraints by the color of her skin. It’s one of the first times we get to see a woman of color not necessarily reduced to playing a character that is a woman of color, and that’s what we all want. We all want to do roles that aren’t defined by color or religion. So, this is a very, very exciting time.”

    Just this year, a study by UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African-American Studies concluded that minorities and women are still wildly underrepresented on broadcast and cable television. The research, which focused on the 2011-2012 television season, studied 1,061 shows and revealed that only 5.1 percent of the broadcast lead roles belonged to minorities and 24.5 percent to women.

    Rhimes addressed the medium’s dismal record in January when she and executive producer Betsy Beers accepted The Diversity Award from the Director’s Guild of America: “We’re a little pissed off because there still needs to be an award. Like, there’s such a lack of people hiring women and minorities that when someone does it on a regular basis, they are given an award.”

    But just five months later, the TV landscape has shifted even for Rhimes, who now owns Thursday nights on ABC. She produces all three dramas that will air that night -- "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal," and "How to Get Away with Murder."

    “I think when you put Viola Davis into a role, she’s going to add a whole lot and she’s going to bring something different than Taraji,” Spencer said. “She’s going to bring something different than myself, and than Alfre. And that’s what’s exciting. But I want to see this happen for women of color across the board because it’s hard. It’s hard enough to be seen in this town. I think the playing field is starting to feel as if it’s getting a little bit more level. But we’re not there yet.”

    As an actor, Woodard says she follows the material that will challenge her in new ways. Her character, Constance Peyton, is the 45th U.S. president, a former California senator with military experience and business acumen.

    “I don’t think that anybody that hired any one of us said, ‘You know what? I think African-American women need more representation,'” the Oscar nominee said. “If they thought that, if that was the kind of thinking they had, it would have happened long ago. Frankly, you have a pool of African-American women who are celebrated film actors and the film world perhaps isn’t going fast enough in making sure that they have the work that they deserve to have. Of course, we’re going to go where the thinking people are.”

    It is true that ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee wasn’t specifically thinking of adding African-Americans to his line-up. But he did say this week before presenting the most diverse schedule of all to advertisers in New York City that “Scandal” showed him that TV viewers want the world they live in represented on their shows.

    To that end, Lee also picked up two comedies starring Anthony Anderson and comedian Cristela Alonzo and another based on the life of Taiwanese-Chinese-American chef Eddie Huang. ABC will also air Oscar-winning director John Ridley's ("12 Years a Slave") highly anticipated exploration of race, "American Crime."

    “We wanted to reflect the changing face of America,” Lee said during a press call. “We do think America has changed. We saw that in the election cycle, we see it in everything that’s happening.”

    A study about viewing habits released by the Nielsen Company this week shows that African-Americans are 75 percent more likely to be "heavy TV viewers" than other groups and those who are "heavy viewers" watch an average of 917 minutes of TV per day. Additionally, a study released by Nielsen last year predicted that African-American buying power will hit $1.1 trillion this year. Those numbers explain a lot, says media analyst Brad Adgate.

    “This whole thing is predicated on ratings,” Adgate said. “Younger viewers are more likely to be of various ethnic groups and more likely to watch shows that pick up on interracial or inter-faith relationships because they identify with that, and these shows tend to bring in younger viewers. This is the real world and this is the workplace and this is how people live, and one of the staples of a television series is that it’s something viewers can identify and relate with.”

    Just last year, the film industry experienced a so-called“Black Renaissance,” with a record number of films by and about African-Americans, including the one that took home the Best Picture Academy Award, “12 Years a Slave.”

    Lee Daniels, who directed one of those films, “The Butler,” has now co-created “Empire” for Fox. The hip-hop soap opera stars Oscar nominees Terrence Howard and Henson, who also co-starred in "Hustle & Flow."

    “The great films of the ‘70s and ‘80s where people were actually able to talk about a subject matter that was raw and real got pulled back,” Daniels said in an interview with NBC News. “America became very conservative. I think that the African-American experience on TV is just part of the conservatism of where America is at as a whole, even though we have an African-American president. I would love to think that some of the films of last year helped pave the way for this shift but I think it’s just a matter of time. Do we simply want to see tentpole movies? Do we simply want to watch the easy TV shows? No!”

    Daniels, who also directed “Precious,” had not heard that Woodard is playing the president of the United States on NBC. His reaction?

    “I can’t take it! That’s hysterical. I love it!”

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    Sherri Shepherd's estranged husband wanted her to sign a document promising that she would enjoy sex and not get fat ... TMZ has learned.

    Sherri and Lamar Sally signed a prenup before they got hitched in 2011. We're told at some point after the wedding, Lamar wanted an amendment to the prenup, which included the following:

    -- "I respect my husband's opinions and recognize him as the leader of our home. I will always speak well of my husband."

    -- "I enjoy having sex with my husband. I crave intimacy with him and want to be uninhibited and free in our lovemaking."


    -- "It is my joy to submit to my husband as a way to honor God."

    Of course Sherri rejected the amendment.

    Lamar filed for separation earlier this month ... Sherri has since filed for divorce. They're fighting over custody of their unborn baby via surrogate.

    We contacted Lamar's lawyer ... so far no word back.


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    Godzilla earned a surprising $38.5 million on its opening day, including $9.3m in Thursday showings and $6.2m in IMAX alone. How I love it when the tracking is wrong. As a box office pundit, there are few things more enjoyable than a happy box office surprise, when a film vastly over-performs its tracking and expectations.

    Such is the case with Godzilla. It was perhaps reasonable to wonder how front-loaded Godzilla was coming off of its robust Thursday numbers, but last night’s totals solidify that it’s basically playing like a general audiences blockbuster. This one is pulling in moviegoers far outside the “geek crowd”. The film earned about $1m less than Captain America: The Winter Soldier did on Thursday yet earned $2m more on Friday while earning about $3m more than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($35m).

    It is beyond cliche to refer to a Godzilla film as a “box office monster”, but if the shoe fits… The only question now is whether it ends up in the $90m range or whether it ends up over $100m for the weekend.

    More at the SOURCE

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    Pamela Anderson will forever be a Baywatch babe.

    Though she hung up the iconic red bathing suit she sported as lifeguard C.J. Parker in 1997, Anderson is still red hot at 46. Well, make that white hot.

    The actress was snapped on Friday wearing a strapless, white one-piece while vacationing in the south of France, where the Cannes Film Festival is taking place. Anderson accessorized with big, dark sunglasses and a headscarf, which kept her short locks under wraps. Yes, the blond bombshell traded in her long tresses for a pixie cut back in October. While Pamela initially thought she looked like Anderson Cooper, ultimately the new style made her feel "really powerful."

    Anderson might have changed her 'do dramatically, but she continues to sport one of the best beach bods around. Somebody get her a whistle.


    She looks rather fit. Anyone have and want to share plans to get beach ready?

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    SEVERE floods have struck the people in Serbia and Bosnia these days, leaving thousands of children homeless, without food, water, warm and dry clothes. Roads and bridges are flooded and destroyed by the worst flooding in history. Schools and kindergartens have been shut down. 100,000 homes in Serbia and Bosnia respectively are left without power, while rain-swollen rivers and surging water course through towns and villages, overflowing across streets into homes, causing landslides and other disasters.
    The situation is so dramatic, that the entire families have lost their homes in the floods. Finding a shelter is a real adventure for many. The number of victims drowned in these floods is on the rise.
    In the city of Svilajnac more than 1.000 flood victims had to seek refuge on the roof tops, waiting for the rescuers to come and save them. In Veliko Polje near Obrenovac the dam broke, and the river flooded the whole area… Hundreds of cars and buses are stranded along the flooded roads. The situation is the most dramatic in western Serbia, where more than 1000 people were evacuated during the night. People are organising themselves to go and defend what is left of Sabac and Obrenovac and many other affected areas in hope that surging waters can be stopped.
    These are the heaviest rains and floods ever recoded in 120 years. Serbia has declared a nationwide flood emergency on Thursday and requested help from the world.
    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are still struggling with surging waters. Overflowing rivers have burst into towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, while landslides have buried houses.
    The most critical area is near river Sava, so called Posavina. Conditions in Šamac are dire, the Brčko district mound is threatened by deluged water. It is said that the level of River Sava is over nine meters high and almost 1.35m higher than it was in 2010.
    Yesterday because the dam near Batkovci fell, started the evacuation of 10.000 people. Army helicopters have been sent to evacuate stranded residents but bad weather is hampering the rescue efforts.
    Ways You Can Help In Serbia
    Money Donations
    Government of Serbia
    ŽIRO RAČUNI ZA POMOĆ (dinarski i devizni računi Vlade Srbije za pomoć ugroženima):
    Dinarski račun: 840-3546721-89.
    Svrha uplate: Otklanjanje posledica vanrednih okolnosti - poplave.
    Devizni račun: 01-504619-100193230-000000-0000, namenski devizni račun za uplatu sredstava za otklanjanje posledica od poplava
    For donations from abroad: Money transfer instructions can be found here.
    SMS number for help (for all networks, price 100 RSD):1003
    Current account for help (City of Belgrade):
    Special purpose account: 01-504103-100000300-000000-0000 - Grad Beograd - Sekretarijat za finansije.
    IBAN: RS35908504103000030058.
    Payment Instructions are on the website of the City of Belgrade, at
    RED CROSS SERBIA - Payment from abroad: All instructions can be found at this link.
    Red Cross Serbia will announce in the media where they have directed their money.
    Should you wish, you can also choose to donate to NDF via our paypall account. All the money we have received starting from yesterday, will be used for reconstruction of kindergartens and schools ruined in the floods.
    After Monday, we will have a clearer picture where the help is most needed and we will announce it via our channels. Please follow us for more updates.

    Ways You Can Help In Bosnia
    Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has opened following accounts to accept donations for the victims of floods in Bosnia:
    For donations from BiH:
    Account number: 1020500000112809
    For donations from abroad:
    IBAN CODE: BA391020500000106795
    (information on corresponding banks is on the page
    You can find more info on happenings in Bosnia and ways you can help here:


    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Why you should hate her: UGH SHAE. She gets my vote! This dumb lady humped her way up from being a lowborn whore to being Tyrion's bang buddy, but she can't seem to figure out how the politics of King's Landing really work. Even though she was told numerous times that she'd be murdered if she was seen in Tyrion's bedchambers, she continually crawled through the window/slipped through a skylight in the ceiling/slinked out the drain and into the Dwarf's room because she supposedly couldn't stay away from her "little Lion." Oh yeah, and she kept calling Tyrion "little Lion." When Tyrion tried to explain the gravity of the situation, she whined about him not loving her enough. And in case that's not enough reason to hate her, she slapped Bronn when Tyrion sent her away. The nerve!

    Why you should hate him: He killed a deer! And he's the puppet master behind all the Lannister power. Despite his concerns about his family's legacy, he constantly belittles his children by calling them worthless wastes of royalty. Oh, and he openly admitted to almost aborting Tyrion... after Tyrion was born. Also, what's with the constant sourpuss face? It's been five winters since this dude has even understood what "smile" means.

    Why you should hate him: Despicable doesn't even begin to describe this waste of oxygen. First of all, he's Roose Bolton's son. Second of all, he's not just Roose Bolton's son, he's Roose Bolton's bastard. Meaning he's also the product of someone who would sleep with Roose Bolton. BLEH. Ramsay has a case of Joffrey-level sociopathy, and he relished the neutering of Theon Greyjoy during a torture scene that lasted a whole f'ing season. These days, he's hunting down fair maidens in the woods and letting his dogs tear them apart. The man shows no interest in anything other than cruelty, and he does so with a hint of twisted sausage-shaking humor. I love to hate this guy so much.

    Why you should hate him: His face just says smug, doesn't it? And in the first episode of the season, he banged his sister and then pushed a kid out a window. Not the best way to get on our good side! Jaime's rivalry with Ned Stark led to Jaime putting a dagger in Yoren's brain via his eye hole, and for a long while there, he was painted as the least trustworthy Lannister thanks to his "Kingslayer" nickname. He also taunted Brienne so badly it made me cry. In recent seasons he's been slightly redeemed as a misunderstood man of honor, but then he went and raped his sister beneath his own son's corpse and now no one knows what to think of this clown.

    Why you should hate her: The Ice Queen of Westeros is a spiteful woman who's never been happy once in her life. She sleeps with one of her brothers and hates the other one. She had Ros beaten because she thought Ros was Tyrion's whore, and she drank like an Irish sailor pledging a frat when King's Landing was under siege because she simply does not give a fuck. And she has a habit of speaking out of the side of her mouth that rubs everyone the wrong way. She's a mean one, that Cersei Lannister.


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  • 05/17/14--11:00: Charlize Theron cover Vogue

  • The 38 year old actress is wearing Christian Dior Fall Winter 2014 off-shoulder dress on the cover that was snapped by Mario Testino. This is her sixth Vogue US cover.


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    The R&B-pop star revealed a studio version of the track, originally intended for her debut album 'Yours Truly'

    Last night, Ariana Grande uploaded a studio version of "oldie" song "Boyfriend Material" to say "thank you for all of your constant love, support and dedication."

    The doo-wop pop track was recorded for the pint-sized diva's debut album "Yours Truly," but didn't make it on the final tracklist. Grande said she wanted to share the song with fans, saying the track "holds such a special place in my heart as it was one of the first songs I did when I started working on 'Yours Truly' when I was like 17."

    But K-pop fans who heard the track may have realized it sounded familiar. Specifically, it's an English version of the song "No More," recorded by girl group f(x) for their "Pink Tape" album released last summer. Presumably, f(x) snatched the track after Grande passed.

    Listen to both tracks below and note that both chose to keep the structure, melody and sound of the bouncy tracks the same.

    The differences come in the subject material. Ariana's rendition details her excitement about finally finding a guy who fits what she's looking for a mate. Meanwhile, f(x)'s version tells off a boy-obsessed gal pal who's ready to drop a friend when a new boy comes into the picture.

    Despite the differences in subject material, both versions boast a feel-good sound and easy-to-singalong to "shoo-wops" that any pop fan can bob their head and singalong to.

    In other news, Grande is gearing up for her performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards this weekend. f(x) recently said they're hoping to release new music this summer, following up their acclaimed "Pink Tape" album and its K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1 single "Rum Pum Pum Pum"— Billboard's third best K-pop song of 2013.

    Which version do you prefer?

    SOURCE: billboard

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    Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's upcoming open-world game, imagines a world where the phone in your pocket can control everything from cars to street lights, and a video from the developer pranks people into believing that the technology is real.

    Press play below to see how the magic of futuristic technology wows its unwitting participants ... and then does something else to them.

    Watch Dogs is scheduled for a May 27 release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC. A Wii U version will follow at an unannounced date. For more on the game, be sure to read and watch our interview to hear developers explain why a delay was best for the game. You can also check out Polygon's analysis of the game's special editions.

    I've preordered mine long time ago. Can't wait!

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