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  • 02/13/14--17:30: A GOT cast post
  • First look at Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal in Hunger magazine

    Peter Dinklage in Esquire Magazine

    First pic of new Maisie Williams shoot and at the UK DVD launch

    The cast doing interviews from Season 4 promo and Season 3 DVD

    SOURCE the pics of pedro and lena are screencaps from the video

    SOURCE mods this is the tumblr of an ~official~ ncw fansite

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    Hannah is actually an angel

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    For my February Kohl’s collection I went with flirty florals and shorter hemlines, and I couldn’t be more in love with all of the pieces. The collection is filled with pretty floral prints, feminine silhouettes and pieces that will take you from work to date night to girls’ night out.

    Lauren Conrad and her fiancé, William Tell, couldn't contain their love during a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

    Sources: 1 - 2

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    When Liam Payne passed his driving test earlier this year, he left Zayn Malik as the only member of One Direction without a pink driving license - and it would seem he's not chuffed about it. Noel Gaughan, who previously taught Niall Horan, has claimed that Liam and Zayn were in direct competition to be the next one to pass their tests. He told the Sunday Times that he'll make sure it isn't too long before Perrie Edwards' husband-to-be is on the road “Next is Zayn. He will be annoyed to be the last in the band to take his test but I’ll make sure he passes," he said.

    It seems that Liam needed to get used to not being amazing at everything when he first sat behind the wheel, as Noel says that the singer's massive popularity may have given him a massive boost of confidence on the road. Maybe too massive. “I imagine he has been told how great he is all the time so it’s understandable," Noel mused. Noel also joked that he scared the boys by telling them they'd have to work twice as hard in their tests - because their examiners would be The Wanted fans. Ouch.


    apparently this pic is from today and Zayn is in LA seeing LM perform.  He looks hot af

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  • 02/13/14--17:42: Ralph Waite dies at 85
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The Waltons star Ralph Waite, who more recently recurred on Bones and NCIS, has died at the age of 85, our sister site Deadline reports.

    Waite portrayed John Walton Sr. for nine seasons on the CBS Depression-era drama and in three NBC telefilms. After the series wrapped, he appeared on Murder One, Carnivàle and the miniseries Roots among others.

    Bones fans will recognize Waite as Booth’s grandfather and caretaker Hank. He also played dad to Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS.


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    Cleveland will host a premiere of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” on Tuesday, April 1.

    "It has been a big priority of ours obviously to be able to have a premiere there and thank the people of Cleveland,” said co-director Joe Russo Thursday on the phone from Los Angeles.“We want to have a premiere that includes the local cast and crew and make some tickets available to the general public. It’s a way to say thanks and pay back the city for being such a great host.”

    Cleveland is not normally a movie premiere city. But when Marvel and Disney roll the action thriller out across the country and the world, the list of premiere cities will be limited: London, Paris, Beijing, Los Angeles and Cleveland.

    "It was a massive priority for us to do this in Cleveland, and the Marvel and Disney people agreed,” said Joe Russo.

    Brothers Joe and Anthony spent about six weeks in Cleveland last summer with two large crews shooting huge chunks of the film that stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Redford. The Russos are busy putting the final post-production touches on the film, including touching up the visual effects, working on the 3-D transformation, sound mixing and color-timing. It should wrap in about two weeks.

    "The city looks great on screen,” said Anthony Russo on the same phone call. In terms of having a screening here, he said, “thanks to the things that Ivan Schwarz has done in Cleveland, the industry is taking notice, and this is a way for the industry to support that.”

    Schwarz, executive director of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, has worked to bring several movie productions here in the past few years, including “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “Alex Cross” and “Draft Day.”

    Details on the premiere are still being worked out. (I will circle back with more information as the time, location and other plans are finalized.) “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” opens nationwide on Friday, April 4.

    The film has enjoyed perpetual buzz over the past few weeks, especially following a new trailer shown during the Super Bowl extravaganza.

    The brothers said they were not allowed to comment on the rumors that they have been signed to also direct the follow-up “Captain America 3” (or whatever it will be called).

    Recalling the ire over the closing of the West Shoreway for two weeks last summer, Joe Russo said, “We messed up a lot of morning commutes. This is one way of saying, ‘The Russo brothers apologize for the traffic.’”


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    Video footage of Shia LaBeouf getting unmasked in his #IAMSORRY exhibit has surfaced and the result is a little awkward and creepy!

    The folks at Screen Junkies went into the exhibit with their video camera rolling and asked the 27-year-old actor if they could take off his mask.

    When Shia did not respond, they went for it and took the paper bag off the actor’s head to reveal his face. The host seemed surprised that it was really Shia under the bag and continued to ask him questions for the next few minutes, but didn’t get any response out of him.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK of Shia LaBeouf’s performance art piece?


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    For all the efforts of Mike Read and JimNick, NickDavidson, the Conservative Party could do with some cool celebrity supporters to trounce Labour’s Richard Wilson and Prunella Scales. It may not, however, be a good idea to suggest to Tom Hiddleston that now is the moment for him to come to the aid of David Cameron’s party.

    I’m not in the Conservative Party,” harrumphs the 32-year-old actor, who is currently appearing in Coriolanus at the Donmar.

    But, Tom, you went to Eton and you are posh. “It’s just an accident of birth,” he ripostes in Time Out London. “And I’m sorry if you are offended by that. I’m not a big fan of the class system, to be honest. It feels ugly to me. If the work is good, it doesn’t matter where you come from.”

    ( SOURCE )

    Which political party do you support, ONTD? Are you a Conservative or are you a Liberal?

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    Nicki Minaj has come under fire not for her new video — in which she fires a pair AK-47s akimbo — but for the art used to promote that song, "Lookin Ass N****." Found on her site (still, as of 6:15 p.m. EST) and on her Instagram (no longer), the grainy image repurposes a famous photo of Malcolm X holding a large gun while he peers out a window, seemingly concerned for his safety. Considering her use of weaponry, and that titular oft-weaponized word, people are pissed.

    So far, Minaj has inspired two petitions — one from former Green Party vice presidential candidate Rosa Clemente, and one from community activist and poet Kevin Powell. The former wrote, "You come from a rich legacy. Without the work and life of Malcolm X, you would not be able to do what you do. Unfortunately you have chosen to disrespect and dishonor the legacy that he left us ... We demand that you remove the picture."

    Meanwhile, Powell addressed the history of the image Minaj adopted to promote the song: "Malcolm X carried a gun as he feared for the safety of his family and himself, and was aware he would some day be killed by political opponents. The image of Malcolm X looking out the window highlighted that fear. Nicki Minaj’s use of guns in her new music video speaks to the gun culture in our society today where gun violence is an acceptable norm."

    But the artist addressed the controversy in a new Instagram post, apologizing while explaining:

    What seems to be the issue now? Do you have a problem with me referring to the people Malcolm X was ready to pull his gun out on as Lookin Ass N****z? Well, I apologize. That was never the official artwork nor is this an official single. This is a conversation. Not a single. I am in the video shooting at Lookin Ass N****z and there happened to be an iconic photo of Malcolm X ready to do the same thing for what he believed in!!!! It is in no way to undermine his efforts and legacy. I apologize to the Malcolm X estate if the meaning of the photo was misconstrued. The word "n****" causes so much debate in our community while the "n****" behavior gets praised and worship. Let's not. Apologies again to his family. I have nothing but respect an adoration for u. The photo was removed hours ago. Thank you.

    Sources: 12

    jsyk spin/nicki didn't censor the n-word, i did

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    We feel like we're back in Sunnydale!

    Grab your sharpest stakes and pack a vial of holy water, because we've got a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion on our hands! Sarah Michelle Gellar caused an epic fan frenzy on Twitter, Thursday afternoon when she revealed an adorable picture with her former supernatural co-stars Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green.

    In addition to the Instagrammed pic, The Crazy Ones star also posted a super sweet caption. "I get the best visitors," our former vampire ass-kicker wrote. (Side-Note: How is it that even with the harsh Kelvin Instagram filter, SMG still looks undeniably flawless? Teach us your ways, gorgeous slayer!)

    We're currently practicing our Willow (Alyson Hannigan) witchcraft charms in hopes that his photo could mean a small screen Sunnydale reunion on Gellar's hit CBS comedy. Could you imagine Robin Williams and Seth Green in a scene together? It'd be absolutely hilarious!

    We're most excited at the prospect of Sarah and Michelle back together for a little Summers' family fun. If you didn't already know, (and a big shame on you!) Trachtenberg played Dawn Summers, Buffy's younger sister who also happened to be a mystical power of living energy, known as The Key.

    After a ritual, The Key was transformed into a teenage girl and Czech monks from the Order of Dagon altered reality, as well as the memories of Buffy and her friends and family, making everyone believe that Dawn had always been present in the Summers' household. Damn, they just don't make television shows like they used to!

    Green, on the other hand, roamed the dark streets of Sunnydale as Daniel Osbourne, primarily known as Oz, Willow's guitar-playing boyfriend. Oh, did we mention that Oz was also a werewolf? That show seriously had everything!

    Now please excuse us while we re-binge Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix in lieu of celebrating Valentine's Day...

    Reps for The Crazy Ones have yet to respond to our Buffy reunion inquires, but we're keeping our fingers crossed!


    E! is so embarrassing....jfc.

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    One of the strippers who posed with Katy Perry inside a Santa Barbara strip club has been FIRED for violating the Cardinal rule ... taking pics of their encounter and making them public.

    Sources tell TMZ ... honchos from Spearmint Rhino's corporate offices marched over to the Santa Barbara location earlier this week and promptly fired Cassidy (her stripper name) in front of all the other girls.

    23-year-old Cassidy -- pictured above on the right -- was one of the girls working Super Bowl night, when Katy rolled in with boyfriend John Mayer and dropped stacks all over the place.

    Cassidy, Katy, and other dancers posed for several photos ... TMZ obtained the pics and posted them a couple days later -- and management was pissed.

    We're told Cassidy -- who has a child -- violated her club's "no cameras" rule by taking the photos and making them public and that's why she got canned.

    We're told Cassidy was fired in front of all the other girls to send a clear message ... don't mess with client privacy, or else.

    poor dat..she knew what she was doing. Have you ever been fired in front of co workers?

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    Michael Lohan's girlfriend claims he's threatening her with a knife and threatening to take their infant son -- and now police are on scene ... TMZ has learned.

    Kate Major blasted Lohan on Twitter Monday evening ... claiming she had to lock herself and their one-year-old son Landon in a bedroom while a knife-wielding Lohan tried to break down the door.

    Threatening to take our son. What judge would rule for. him??? Stuck inside a house with this guy? He has a knife
    — Kate Major (@k8major) February 18, 2014

    Cops in Boca Raton, FL tell us officers have responded to their house ... and are talking to Michael and Kate right now.

    Sources close to the couple tell us Michael is the one who called 911 when Kate started acting erratically ... and locked herself in the room.

    We're told officers want one of them to leave the house immediately -- but Michael isn't budging because he thinks Kate is drunk ... and doesn't want to leave her with the baby.

    We just spoke to Michael who claims Kate's been drinking again ... and it got so bad she tried to kill herself over the weekend. Lohan tells us he's worried about the welfare of their child and says he'll attempt to get custody of their son if she doesn't get help.

    During Kate's twitter rant ... she addressed the suicide saying, "Someone trying to kill u is worse than trying to kill yourself ! #udontscareme."

    Kate also vowed to never let Michael take their son away from her.

    Update 7:25 PM PT -- Police have left the house. No arrests were made ... so, should be a fun night at the Lohan corral.


    Michael Lohan's Baby Mama -- He Threatened to Stab Me ... 'I'm Gonna Kill You Bitch'

    Update 11:20 A.M. PT -- Kate just told TMZ she lied about the threats, saying "I regretfully tweeted while my emotions were high that I was being threatened by Michael with a knife, this was not the case." Major tells us she made it up because she feared Michael would take her son away.

    Michael Lohan went ballistic and brandished a knife last night during his fight with baby mama Kate Major saying, "I'm going to kill you, bitch!" -- at least that's what Kate told cops -- but Michael's 911 call tells a different story.

    TMZ has obtained the police report regarding the altercation last night at Michael's Florida house ... after Michael called 911, claiming Kate was drunk and acting erratically around their one-year-old son.

    According to the report, when police arrived, Kate told them Michael had falsely accused her of drinking around their baby and a fight broke out. That's when Kate claims Michael grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her with it.

    Kate told police she locked herself in a bedroom to get away from him ... and he tried to kick the door down. When he failed, Kate claims Michael went outside to the bedroom's sliding glass doors and made stabbing gestures at her.

    Kate claims she tried to call police ... but her phone was broken ... even though she still managed to send out a bunch of tweets.

    Police spoke to Michael too -- he denied threatening Kate in any way -- and his 911 call paints a very calm and calculating picture ... almost like he and Kate have lots and lots of experience calling 911 on each other.

    Audio at TMZ

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    Robert Pattinson stars as Magnum photographer Dennis Stock and Dane DeHaan will play James Dean.

    Stock was a young photographer working for the Magnum agency when he received an assignment that changed his life: to shoot a free-spirited actor named James Dean. The gig became a personal journey for both as they traveled from L.A. to New York to Indiana. During the trip, Stock captured now-iconic images of the actor before he was launched to stardom with East of Eden (1955).

    Some of Dennis Stock's most famous pictures of James Dean:

    more here


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    Lady in NYC earlier today

    Arriving at 30 Rock for the second episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, airing tonight at midnight EST post-Olympics coverage!

    (plz note the bodyguard's fashion forward scarf-over-tie look!)


    Gaga needs to let another taylor into her life before she trips on all these outfits that are too long for her in the leg.

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    Charlie Sheen -- who is paying $110,000 a month in child support for his 4 minor children, may have been twice bitten but he's game to have more kids with his new fiancee.

    Sheen tells TMZ ... he's absolutely open to having children with Brett Rossi. At 24 she's not experienced the joy of childbirth, and she wants a family. Charlie will accommodate her, but he says not right away. As Charlie put it, "I'm having way too much fun with her right now. So much fun it should be illegal."

    Charlie says Brett has spent time with twins Bob and Max. He says she loves them and vice versa.

    Charlie -- who's been married 3 times -- also tells us he WON'T demand a formal prenup from Brett. Charlie says, "Prenups poison marriages." According to Charlie, his form of prenup will be short and sweet ... one line: "You keep your s**t and I'll keep mine."


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    ku-xlarge (1)

    This is a perfect moment of television: Kathie Lee Gifford provided the set and then Elaine Stritch spiked an F-bomb right in her face earlier on the Today show.

    "Elaine, you are so beloved," gushed Katie Lee to the showbiz legend/celebrity most likely to hit you over the head with her umbrella. "As much for your work, but for your mouth. You know, you say whatever you want to say! Whenever did that all happen?"

    Stritch responded by rambling about "it" not having been "passed on television." "If you just say things naturally, it's fine!" Stritch exclaimed. "You know, they just think in fuck."

    Whatever that means. Not that it matters. Elaine Stritch said "fuck" on live TV. That's what it means.

    In response, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee assured everyone that Stritch's F-bomb had been bleeped (it hadn't). Additionally, Kotb held her nose, while Gifford held onto Stritch's feet, which had been in her lap for the entire interview.

    This is excellent promo for Stritch's documentary, Shoot Me, which opens this week.

    The end of their interview was just as entertaining, if less scandalous. Stritch started wrapping up with a promise to deliver a line that somehow went unsaid in Shoot Me, though she ended up running out the clock by going on and on in her setup of the line. When rushed by Katie Lee, Stritch barked jokingly (except totally not), "You are not getting the last line in this morning's show!"

    And then she kept talking until she was cut off by the commercial break, mid-sentence. It was broken, but she got the last line (at least of the segment).

    One of a kind, this woman. They don't make 'em like Stritch anymore.

    Vulture has a Vine of Stritch's fuck bomb if you want to hear it on an infinite loop (you do)


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    Katy Perry has been named ELLE Woman Of The Year at the ELLE Style Awards.

    The award tops off a spectacular 12 months for the singer, whose third album Prism topped charts worldwide, and saw its lead single, Roar, sell over eight million copies globally (earworm rating: 10 out of 10).

    Katy proves that smart women can make it: earlier this month, she was named the 5th Top Global Recording Artist of 2013 by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, making her the highest-ranking woman on the list.

    She also shows that you don’t have to conform, that a sense of humour is sexy (as her Roar video proves), and that you can support, rather than compete, with your contemporaries – she loves, and supports, women.

    Last year also saw Katy, who starred on our September 2013 cover, become the most-followed artist on Twitter. The reason? Her down-to-earth attitude, determination and talent: she is the everywoman, hear her roar.


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    Think CBS is done dreaming up CSI spinoffs? Think again.

    The net is looking to extend the brand by airing a backdoor pilot that was inspired by Producer Mary Aiken, who previously worked as a cyber-psychologist. Set to bow as a CSI episode in the spring, the action will revolve around a special agent named Avery Ryan and will be set in Quantico, VA. Here’s the logline: “Technology, as we know it, has amplified human behavior to the point where faceless criminals are committing crimes at global proportions with a touch of a button.”

    CSI honchos Carol Mendelsohn, Anthony E. Zuiker and Ann Donahue will executive produce the latest iteration, along with Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman.

    CBS is down to just one CSI after cancelling CSI: NY last season and CSI: Miami in 2012. Given its success with newcomers Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue, CSI will likely see another season on CBS.

    CBS also has an NCIS spinoff in the works that will star Scott Bakula. That one will take place in New Orleans.


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    Liam Hemsworth drops off his car with the valet as he arrives at a business meeting on Saturday afternoon (February 15) in Santa Monica, Calif.
    Earlier this week, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay set was shut down by a major ice storm.
    According to THR, the storm, “was expected to create ‘extremely hazardous’ driving conditions and led to more than 400,000 homes and businesses losing electricity in Georgia at some point during the storm.”
    The storm also shut down production on The CW’s Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva and Devious Maids, which all film in Atlanta.


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