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    The dead have been reappearing on General Hospital as of late. According to Soaps In Depth Natalia Livingston will be returning to the show as Emily Quartermaine.

    Although it would be nice if the show could somehow revive the character of Emily who was killed off in 2007, she will be reappearing as a spirit once again. Viewers may remember that she visited back as a spirit back in April during the show’s 50th anniversary to help both Tracy and Monica.

    This time it is unclear who she is coming back to help. It could be her brother AJ, but they didn’t really have a close relationship when she was alive. The other possibility is Nikolas who may be in need of support if and when he finds out Britt’s secret.

    This will be another brief stint for Livingston, who has also played Emily’s twin sister Rebecca Shaw on the show. In between her appearances on General Hospital, Livingston has also had a role on Days of our Lives. Fans of Nicholas and Emily are still hopeful that the show can find a way to bring Emily Quartermaine back to live.

    With the Cassadines around, anything is possible.


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  • 02/12/14--17:37: Tammy Teaser Trailer

  • Tammy, who was recently fired from a Toppy Jacks fast food restaurant, returns home only to find her husband enjoying a romantic meal with the neighbor. She quickly packs her necessities, and travels down three houses to her parent's home. Upon denied use of her mom's car to drive to Niagara Falls, she quickly resorts to an "ailing" grandmother, who also lives in the home...Only instead of traveling alone, Grandma Pearl wants in on the road trip. After realizing Grandma Pearl has the funds, they hit the road. Pearl soon proves to be quite the alcoholic despite her diabetes, and Tammy quickly turns into the "baby-sitter." From finding love in a bar to robbing a Toppy Jack's in order to bail Pearl out of jail,the quirky adventure will have you finding yourself riding along for the misadventures of Tammy.


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    ( SOURCE )

    Enough said about Tom's sexy bedroom I'm-gonna-fuck-you-so-good voice...

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    Ashley Wagner and Lolo Jones are both in Sochi, Russia, but one Olympic athlete is far more popular than another. It used to be the top internet searches for athletes was for Lolo Jones before the Winter Olympics, but all that has changed and now people are looking for U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner. According to Yahoo Sports on Tuesday, Wagner is the top searched Olympic athlete.

    Ashley Wagner has the Olympic team figure skating event to thank in part. After making some seriously over the top expressions, people around the world wanted to see what she looked like. Her disappointed reaction to a score became one of the top memes of the Olympics so far.

    As Lolo Jones hasn’t been in the spotlight for the past few days, it’s helped Wagner gain ground. Put in the sick bay after getting some sort of illness, the athlete was out of touch. Add that she isn’t making waves at her competition at the moment as she hasn't tweeted any sexy pictures and it seems like Ashley is the Olympian to look up!

    While the top Olympian search might change, there is no doubt for now Ashley is love the chance to be the top searched athlete at the Olympics. The top three searched athletes are Ashley Wagner, Julia Mancuso and then Gracie Gold. Lolo Jones is currently number nine on most searched athletes.


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    Robin Thicke premiered the remix of his hit song "4 The Rest of My Life" featuring Tamar's amazing vocals on Atlanta's V103 earlier today

    ˓˓(ृ  ु ॑꒳’)ु(ृ’꒳ ॑ ृ )ु˒˒˒

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    On November 12 we brought you advance word on the first wave of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" toys from Diamond Select. And finally, we can pull back the silhouettes and show you the full look at the line, in advance of this weekend's Toy Fair in New York. And while there aren't too many movie spoilers, there are a few fun surprises.


    First up we have the Marvel Select Captain America in seven-inch scale. The figure features Cap in his stealth suit direct from the movie, standing on a helicarrier-inspired display base. It, along with a Falcon figure we'll be showing off at a later date, will be released around when the movie hits on April 4.


    Next is the Minimates line released directly to comic book shops and specialty stores, which are sold in two-packs. You'll be able to snag:

    » Stealth Uniform Captain America with Brock Rumlow ["The Eh Pack"]
    » Classic Captain America with Winter Soldier ["The Slash Pack"]
    » Black Widow with Falcon ["The Token Pack"]
    » Agent Sitwell with Batroc ["The No1curr Pack"]

    Though we've now seen most of these characters and costumes in the trailers, it's interesting that

    Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) is listed, instead of his alias as the villainous Crossbones. Perhaps he doesn't don the costume in the movie? Or his look will be revealed later?

    Also interesting is the confirmation that Cap will sport a stealth shield, in addition to his stealth costume. The disc replaces the typical red and blue rings with more muted colors, because nothing says, "sneaky" like a giant, honking metal shield you throw at people.

    You'll be able to pick up all of these toys in April from Diamond Select Toys. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" hits theaters on April 4.


    does anyone actually like those hideous mini toys? Anyway, here's some Bucky.

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    Did you know that J.R.R. Tolkien almost axed the love story between Aragorn and Arwen in the Lord of the Rings? Why cut the pathos that comes from human/elf romance? Shipping, that's why.

    Back in 1955, poet W.H. Auden tried to persuade Tolkien to drop the love story between Aragorn and Arwen, describing the romance as "unnecessary and perfunctory," an unpublished letter by Tolkien has recently revealed. Why? Because Auden [wait for it] was an unabashed Éowyn/Faramir fanboy!

    In this unpublished letter, Tolkien writes to his publisher about the difficulties in finishing The Return of the King,  the third and final installment of his seminal work. In the end, Aragorn is crowned king of Gondor and marries Lord Elrond’s beloved daughter Arwen and they live happily ever after.

    Here's what Tolkien had to say about Auden's advice:

    "'Auden on the whole approves of Vol III seen in galleys,' wrote Tolkien, revealing that the poet supported what Tolkien called 'the Éowyn-Faramir business,' where Éowyn initially falls for Aragorn, but ends up with Faramir when he does not return her love.'Then the heart of Éowyn changed, or else at last she understood it. And suddenly her winter passed, and the sun shone on her,' runs the story.

    But 'he thinks Aragorn-Arwen unnecessary & perfunctory,' mourns Tolkien in the letter to Rayner Unwin. 'I hope the fragment of the 'saga' will cure him. I still find it poignant: an allegory of naked hope. I hope you do.'"

    Jane Johnson, who is a novelist (she also writes all those Lord of the Rings and Hobbit film visual companions under the pen name Jude Fisher) and a former Tolkien publisher, agreed with Tolkien, saying:

    "[it is] so poignant – the love of a mortal man for an immortal elven maiden who must sacrifice her immortal heritage if she decided to follow her heart, and who will in any case – since elves are so long-lived – have to suffer seeing her beloved die, leaving her alone with many empty years of her life ahead of her".

    "It's a heartbreaking choice: that Arwen chooses to stay in Middle-earth with Aragorn rather than follow the rest of her kind into the Undying Lands demonstrates how fine a man, and king, he is. It also picks up the theme of the story of Beren and Lúthien – again of a man falling in love with an elven woman – from The Silmarillion, a tale acknowledged by JRR Tolkien to refer to his own romance with his wife, Edith, and engraved on their shared grave."

    Despite their difference of opinion, Auden may have been ultimately convinced that the romance between Aragorn and Arwen was right because in a New York Times review of The Lord of the Rings, which was published in 1956, he doesn't have many complaints with how it all turned out:

    "the demands made on the writer's powers in an epic as long as The Lord of the Rings are enormous and increase as the tale proceeds – the battles have to get more spectacular, the situations more critical, the adventures more thrilling – but I can only say that Mr Tolkien has proved equal to them."

    If you want to get your hands on this little baby, the letter is due to be auctioned off by Bonhams in London on March 19. It's expected to fetch between £6,000 and £8,000. A tidy sum.

    What do you guys think? Do you believe Aragorn and Arwen’s romance is essential to the Lord of the Rings saga, or would you have rather Tolkien cut it from the books?

    First the R/Hr backtracking, now this. Is nothing sacred anymore?!


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    Chvrches cover Arctic Monkeys's 'Do I Wanna Know?' for triple j's Like a Version.



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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The Fourcast talked to Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien and Crystal Reed of the Teen Wolf Cast, getting this list of exclusive spoilers and insider info:

    - Very little fighting this season, focusing on the extreme psychological (HR)

    - There’s a push and pull between what is real and not real (HR)

    - Lydia ends up in a lot of weird places, few that any teenager would experience (HR)

    - Mental and Physical Places warp, in a very John Malcovich way (HR)

    - Stiles has an incredibly interesting “arc” this season. There will be expansion on the tether, and on the detective work seen in 3A, with Stiles’ brain a bit out of sorts, with Lydia helping with the research and logic. (Dylan O’Brien)

    - The weird places Lydia ends up has things to do with Stiles (HR)

    - The Twins will be at war with the pack and themselves, trying to work their way back into the pack and learn to be real friends (HR)

    - Aidan isn’t the nicest guy, while Ethan contemplates abandoning his brother, because he’s hurting his chance at succeeding, while he stays with Danny. (HR)

    - The twins will have some “amazing” development this season (HR)

    - Aidan isn’t a good guy, paralleling him and Jackson. (HR)

    - Lydia has a type- bad boys, as much as she tries to break it. In the end of the season though, there will definitely be a change in that. (HR)

    - While Stiles won’t be as much in Detective mode, Lydia will take over as resident “Watson” (HR)

    - Aidan will try to be there but…. ;) (HR)

    - Stiles is a rollercoaster this season, with Lydia along for the ride (DOB)

    - Colton Haynes nor Adelaide Kane will be returning (HR)

    - We have met the prince. (HR)

    - Lydia is extremely integral in Stiles’ arc this season (HR)

    - Season Centric: (HR)

    Season 4- Lydia

    - No, she is not adopted, nor is her banshee traits genetic. (HR)

    - Her mother might be a banshee (HR)

    - There will be more focus on the Martin Family in S4, which is 12 episodes (HR)

    - What the tether is “Like it you tied a rope between two people and one tried to step forward, the other would trip and fall towards their partner” (DOB)

    - Suicide is a recurring theme this season (HR)

    - Derek has it rough this season, but with one break (HR)

    - There’s a lot of ‘deep’ Sterek scenes (DOB)

    - With the new Japanese mythology, there are a lot of individual strings but in the end they all come together in the end (HR)

    - The triangle going on between Scott/Allison/Isaac will come to a conclusion, with big scenes (Crystal Reed)

    - Stiles and Aidan are going to have it out over Lydia. There is something unexpected. They set it up in 3B, but they don’t fully answer it. (HR)

    - Jeff has written a natural progression to Stydia. (HR)

    - The description of their relationship- “Don’t bother me, but I want you to bother me.” (HR)

    - There’s a real relationship forming. 3A set the base, 3B definitely friends. (HR)

    - The ultimate ship on TW you’ll be pleased. They’re (the writer) going to mess with you but in the end, you’ll be pleased. Like in FRIENDS, you just have to wait. (HR)

    - Family Questions will be answered for the McCalls (HR)

    - Beacon Hills history connects made to Stiliniski Family (HR)

    - Lydia will be sort of inducted into the Stilinski Family as her and the Sheriff help Stiles (HR)

    - Chris Argent will get a longer personal history outside of the Argent family. (CR)

    - Lydia fits the least into the new Japanese Mythology, while Stiles will the most. (HR)

    - Will Stiles ever get turned? I don’t know (teasingly) (DOB)

    - Stiles is “questionably human” (DOB)

    - There will be more plot holes filled in. (HR)

    - Jeff has become ‘Lost-level’ mind bending (HR)

    - We will learn Stiles’ real name this season (DOB)

    - You’ll appreciate the ending this season. It’s not exactly scary, it’s just different. (HR)


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    Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD was released nearly two months ago to resounding success in Japan, but that doesn’t mean Square Enix is ready to commit to a remaster of XII just yet.

    Speaking with SG Cafe, series producer Shinji Hashimoto explained, when quizzed about Yoshinori Kitase’s previous desire to work on a potential FFXII remaster, “At this moment, we do not have any plans [to release a HD remastered version of Final Fantasy XII]. But as Kitase-san has mentioned, if there are a lot of requests from the fans for a HD remastered version of Final Fantasy XII, we might consider it.(lol stfu kitase you money hungry mfs will shove this in our faces if there is strong demand)

    “But with that said, at this moment there are no plans to do so.”

    Hashimoto also shot down the idea of a Final Fantasy X-3, saying “Since we’re revisiting Final Fantasy X and X-2, which were released about 10 years ago, the series’ scenario writer Kazushige Nojima and character designer Tetsuya Nomura had a discussion and thought that the HD Remaster release would be a good opportunity for them to include this additional story episode [and expand upon the univese a little further]. But the audio episode’s inclusion wasn’t because we have any plans to develop a Final Fantasy X-3.”

    Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster will release overseas this March for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. To date, the game has sold well over 400K copies in Japan alone.

    so you're tellin me balthier can get even hotter?!?!
    i am here for this bc the characters looked so unfinished omg + revive this fandom, se. you useless bastards.


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    Talks Blink 182, tattoos, working out, high school and his biggest insecurity.

    Tyler Posey from MTV has officially launched his first print called 'Posey's Paradise' today! We are stoked to have him on board and 15% off all purchases will be donated to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a cause close to his heart.


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    Magic Johnson’s son Earvin III is out and proud, and he shared the gospel of telling it like it is on her show. The stylish kid is rolling in dough, and has a spot on #RichKids of Beverly Hills. EJ is an NYU student and has a thing for high-end pricey bags. He also loves his family very much.

    The poor kid was given the most uncomfortable awkward high chair to try and sit in – Wendy! Come on! That was ridiculous.

    Wendy and EJ, doing the best he could with that awful high chair, talked about everything from coming out to his parents, his expensive pocketbooks and how his story and confidence has inspired so many others.

    Wendy: You didn’t just come out of the closet, you kicked the hinges off the door. How did you tell your parents?

    EJ: I came out when I was about 17 and I’m 21 now. It was a good time because I was already comfortable with myself. I had already come out to myself and my friends and so after that, it just seemed like it was time to tell them.

    Watch the whole interview where EJ talks about the comparisons to Andre Leon Talley, and doing some correspondence work with E! News.

    Dorothy Not Embarrassed Over Cabo Trip!

    Dorothy made Sunday night’s episode the most memorable one yet. Cameras caught Wang drinking loads of alcohol throughout the entire Cabo trip, which made for some really incredible television, especially when the reality star got overly emotional during a group dinner to celebrate Morgan and Brendan’s one year anniversary.

    Instead of honoring her best friends’ “major milestone,” a loopy Wang got into a fight with Roxy over a bill from seven years ago. Roxy was poking harmless fun at her, but the sensitive star — after drinking all day long — couldn’t take a joke.

    So, Dorothy sobbed and sobbed and sobbed some more. And then Morgan chastised the group for “ruining her anniversary,” which made Dorothy cry even more uncontrollably.

    But every embarrassing moment must follow with a confession.

    Dorothy took to her Twitter Sunday night, writing, “#confession I’ve watched tonight’s #RKOBH 5 times!! I’ve moved past the initial embarrassment and now love it. Forcing myself to bed!!”

    Roxy Sowlaty: Why Haters Don’t Bother Me!

    Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Roxy opens up how she deals with the haters... and how sweet it is when fans rush to her defense on Instagram.

    Wetpaint Entertainment: What is it like watching yourself on TV?

    Roxy Sowlaty: Watching yourself is the weirdest experience ever. Watching yourself back, you’re like, ‘Why do I look like that? Why did I say that?’ Once you watch it the first time, you get over the initial shock. You watch it again; it’s kind of like a home video. It doesn’t feel that weird.

    We all laugh at ourselves. Like, ‘Oh my god, I look terrible there. I can’t believe I said that.’ We all laugh at each other and we’re like, ‘Okay, I hope people like it.’ We have fun with it.

    How have fans reacted to the show so far?

    People will always say negative things, but the majority has been really positive. People are supportive. Even if somebody says something mean on an Instagram photo, someone else will attack them and say, ‘Don’t say that about Roxy! She’s a really cool person!’ or ‘She’s a designer!’ or whatever it might be.

    How do you deal with haters or criticism? What’s your response to them?

    This is one glimpse of my life. There’s much more to us than just a TV show. When somebody says something nasty, I kind of laugh because I know it’s not true. I have enough confidence in myself to know I’m proud of the person I am, beyond the show.

    [TV shows use] the juiciest bites, the juiciest moments. Obviously we have more sensitive and serious moments. It’s entertainment. And that’s how I look at it. Like, if you know me, I’m the most rational, motherly person.

    On, it says you went to Parsons for a master’s degree in interior design. Now you’ve opened your own interior design firm. How’s that going?

    I have a huge townhouse I’m working in in New York City, that you’ll see on the show later on. I have another beautiful townhouse I’m working on in San Francisco for these amazing high profile clients. So I feel very fortunate to have these amazing opportunities through referrals. I did an amazing home in Aspen. There’s so much going on, with doing these homes and the show. It’s a lot at once.

    monstersandcritics, rumorfix, WetPaint

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  • 02/13/14--16:15: Taylor Swift: Candids!

  • Taylor Swift steps out of her SUV, all ready for her dance class in her ballet slippers on Thursday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

    The 24-year-old entertainer showed off her new short hair as she walked inside with her entourage.

    Taylor Swift rocks a polka dot dress while doing some shopping with her security team in tow on Thursday afternoon (February 13) in Hollywood.

    Sources: 1 - 2

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    Medal Standings Ranked by Gold

    Medal Rankings by overall #

    NBC Stream:
    BBC2 Stream:
    Non-NBC stream (diff events may be going on)
    Past Events Replay Stream:

    Go Jason! Jeremy, you remain a flop

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    You can put this on record: Faye made life very difficult. [Costume designer] Irene Sharaff, who had come out of retirement to do it, said, ‘That woman is on cocaine!’ She walked off the film midway and said, ‘I’m going back to New York and not returning, because of Faye. I have never walked off a movie in my entire career… You can enter Faye Dunaway’s dressing room, but first throw a raw steak in there to distract her.’ I never saw any drug use, but I saw the erratic behavior and mood swings, which happen for a reason.”

    “My first day on the set with her, she did the upstage routine where she made sure that my face was not on camera, an old theater trick. I couldn’t believe it –– she’s the star! I couldn’t complain to our director Frank Perry, a sweet man who’d lost control of his set, so I decided to help her upstage me. I upstaged myself all day long, and then she kind of relaxed. So, after that she was a little more gentle with me, but I also learned to get out of the way and hide a lot [laughs]. I’m sure if I stayed around long enough I’d be under fire, too. She has that tremendous insecurity where everyone’s competition when you’re the star.”


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    Remember the footage that was released last week that showed Justin Bieber getting frisked after his suspicion of DUI arrest in Miami? Well, there's more where that came from!
    And now the singer's legal team is on the case to stop it from ever seeing the light of day — because the rest of the video contains imagery of Bieber's private parts.

    In a preemptive strike Tuesday, Bieber's Florida-based attorney, Roy Black, submitted a motion to prohibit public disclosure of any more video from his client's arrest.
    According to the motion, obtained by "The Insider With Yahoo," "the defendant was captured on videotape in various states of undress, which show intimate personal parts of the defendant's body."
    The motion further points out that there are multiple requests from news media outlets to have the rest of the footage made public. Black says that any such release would cause his client "irreparable harm."
    A source tells TMZ that the 19-year-old's private parts can be seen while Bieber is urinating in his jail cell. "Justin is seen several times stumbling around while he was taking his tests," the source reveals. "As if he had a problem with his balance ... [the video] also shows Justin taking his various tests and eventually taking a piss. … The stumbling and going to the bathroom is obviously reason enough for his attorneys to request it be sealed."
    Darren Kavinoky (@DarrenKavinoky), a criminal defense legal expert in California who's not involved with Bieber's case, says that, generally speaking, it's unusual for lawyers to be filing a motion prior to arraignment or a case really getting off the ground. However, when it comes to Bieber (and his huge place in the public spotlight), nothing is necessarily unusual.  
    "While something that would be an official record — like a booking photo — is frequently released, if there is a video of him peeing, it would likely only be a by-product that exists for the safety of the inmates, or to show that proper procedure was taking place in the jail cell," he says. "It seems like a solid motion."
    Kavinoky adds, "The judge in a case like this has to balance the public's right to know with Justin Bieber's right to privacy and his right to have a fair trial. There can't be anything that's unfairly impacting the defendant's process. We don't have the right to peek into his underwear, and we shouldn't. The public has a legitimate right to know about Bieber's legal briefs, but not his boxer briefs."


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    Nick Jonas is returning to the small screen full time.

    The singer-actor and The Glades alum Kiele Sanchez have nabbed co-starring roles in DirecTV's family MMA drama Navy St., The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    From Endemol Studios, Navy St. is a gritty drama set against the backdrop of a mixed martial arts gym in Venice, Calif., named Navy Street run by Alvey Henderson (Captain America's Frank Grillo), a former fighter whose drug addiction prevented him from making it big.

    Jonas will play Nate Henderson, Alvey's youngest son who is his father's pride and joy. Nate is a shy kid who receives a UFC contract. The character lives with his brother Jay, whose struggle with addiction has an impact on Nate. Parenthood's Jonathan Tucker co-stars as Alvey's oldest son, Jay.

    Sanchez will play Lisa Prince, Alvey's long-time girlfriend. The role marks the actress' first TV gig following her four-season run on the A&E drama. Repped by ICM Partners, Industry Entertainment and Hirsch Wallerstein, her credits also include Samantha Who, Lost and Related.

    For Jonas, the role marks his latest small-screen gig following guest spots on CBS' Hawaii Five-O, NBC's Smash as well as Last Man Standing and The Lying Game. It's his first regular role since Disney Channel's Jonas. His credits include Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, the Camp Rock movies as well as docuseries Married to Jonas.

    The Jonas Brothers recently announced that the band would be breaking up following a "deep, creative rift" among the group after their concert tour was canceled last year.

    Navy St. was created by Detroit 1-8-7's Byron Balasco. DirecTV picked up the drama with a 10-episode straight-to-series commitment last year. The series will be DirecTV's third original drama, joining Rogue and Full Circle. Navy St. will begin production May 5 in Los Angeles and bow on DirecTV's Audience Network in the fall.

    Jonas, who also starred on Broadway's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, is repped by CAA, The Jonas Group and Schreck Rose.


    Good for him! I thought he was going back to music though...

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    Leonardo DiCaprio apologizes as he reaches for an e-cigarette; he’s spent a long day taking photos and doing interviews, and has been longing for a break. As he relaxes in a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel, he stops to admire the setting Los Angeles sun and offers a simple tribute: “Wow, that’s gorgeous.”

    There is something cinematic about the handsome actor against the backdrop of the sunset, and something egalitarian about one of the biggest stars in the world being moved by a simple act of nature. Though he has specialized in larger-than-life characters in recent films like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Great Gatsby,” DiCaprio comes off as remarkably down to earth.

    “When I started acting, I didn’t think of it as a career,” DiCaprio, 39, says of his early start as a pre-teen appearing in commercials. “I always thought Hollywood was this magical world where a fairy came down and said, ‘Come live with the Munchkins; you are now one of us.’ ” He laughs. “I didn’t understand the concept of it as a career. I thought I would save up enough money to go to college.”

    DiCaprio’s parents divorced when he was a year old, and he lived primarily with his mother, Irmelin, in a hardscrabble neighborhood he affectionately refers to as “Prostitution Alley,” near Western Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. “I saw all the moral decay you could, beginning at 2 years old,” he notes. “But I also got to see how the other half lived.” That was thanks to a to scholarship to University Elementary School, a magnet program of UCLA, in the tony Westwood section of Los Angeles. His mother would drive him 45 minutes to school and back every day. “I could see that this other world was out there. And if I could only get my shot, I would never waste the opportunity. That mentality and that gratitude are still in me.”

    Because DiCaprio is a star, it can be easy to forget he’s also an accomplished actor. It’s been 20 years since he landed his first Oscar nomination, at the age of 19, for his stirring performance as an autistic teenager in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Though he became an international superstar with “Titanic” in 1997, he has mostly eschewed heartthrob roles in favor of character parts and the opportunity to work with great directors.

    At the top of that list is Martin Scorsese, who calls DiCaprio one of the hardest working actors he’s ever directed. They’ve made five films together, beginning with 2002’s “Gangs of New York,” and the partnership has paid off for both men. DiCaprio brought his long-gestating Howard Hughes biopic, “The Aviator,” to life with Scorsese at the helm; Scorsese finally landed an Academy Award for directing the 2006 crime drama “The Departed.” Their latest collaboration, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” has earned each of them dual Oscar nominations: Both received bids as producers, plus Scorsese scored a director nom, DiCaprio his fourth acting nom.

    Though DiCaprio faces stiff competition for best actor, the perf might just be the one that finally wins the elusive statue for the thesp, who’s being critically lauded for capturing the pure raging id of real-life stockbroker Jordan Belfort. There is nothing his character won’t snort, and no one he won’t sleep with, and the actor strikes a remarkable balance between high-stakes drama and raucous comedy. It’s a challenging role he spent years attempting to bring to the bigscreen, and then fearlessly threw himself into — quite literally. One infamous scene that finds Belfort in a Quaalude-induced haze sent the actor to a chiropractor after he spent days writhing around on the floor during shooting.

    While many actors half as famous would have hesitated to play a figure as inherently unlikable as Belfort — surely most would have winced at the prospect of the scene in which he sports a lit candle in his rectum — DiCaprio didn’t flinch. The movie has proved controversial, with some arguing it glorifies abhorrent behavior.“We knew we were doing a movie about incredibly distasteful people, and their likability would be questioned,” DiCaprio acknowledges. “But Marty said, ‘I’ve done a lot of movies like this, and I find that if you’re authentic in your portrayal of their nature and don’t try to give them a false sense of motivation, audiences will go along with you on the journey.’ ”

    The hard part for the actor has been promoting the film. Notoriously private, DiCaprio has been opening up lately, relentlessly stumping for “Wolf,” and even going so far as to appear on “Saturday Night Live.” “I really wanted this movie to succeed, because to me, you don’t see R-rated films like this getting made that aren’t on an epic scale,” he says. “So I’m glad this film is now in the green. Studios ultimately look at what works and what doesn’t, and greenlight the things that do.”

    In fact, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” like the majority of Oscar-nominated films this year, was not bankrolled by a studio but rather independent financiers (Red Granite), with Paramount responsible for its distribution and marketing in the U.S. and Japan.

    DiCaprio, who shot “Wolf” after finishing Baz Luhrmann’s “Gatsby” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” hasn’t yet made another film. He’s been focusing on his environmental work, including an auction for the 11th Hour, a wildlife charity tied to the 2007 documentary film he narrated. The event raised more than $38 million. It was just announced he will reteam with “Wolf” co-star Jonah Hill to star in an adaptation of Marie Brenner’s 1997 Vanity Fair article “The Ballad of Richard Jewell.” But for now he’s enjoying something he’s rarely experienced in the past 20 years as an actor: unemployment.

    When DiCaprio began auditioning around the age of 12, the environment was cutthroat, he recalls. “Kids would try to intimidate each other, stare each other down — say, ‘Man, don’t even go in, I already got the job,’ ” he recalls with a laugh. “But through the process, I also met some of my best friends in the world.”

    That includes actor Tobey Maguire, with whom he recently starred in “Gatsby.” Maguire says even at a young age, DiCaprio’s talent was obvious. “I went on one movie audition and I said, ‘I know who you guys are going to end up hiring. This kid named Leonardo DiCaprio,’ ” Maguire recalls. “He hadn’t even read yet, but sure enough, he ended up getting that role.”

    The film, the 1991 sci-fi horror comedy “Critters 3,” marked DiCaprio’s first movie gig. That same year, he landed a part on the TV series “Growing Pains,” which he says was a crash course in being on a set. But it was his next film, 1993’s “This Boy’s Life,” based on Tobias Wolff’s memoir of growing up with an abusive stepfather, that would truly set his career on its course.

    “It was the coveted role for every boy in his teens,” DiCaprio recalls. “You would be starring opposite Robert De Niro.” Even at the age of 14, he knew who De Niro was — his father George had taken him to see “Midnight Run” when Leo was 9. “He said, ‘You want to be an actor; you want to know what a great actor is?’ ” recalls DiCaprio. “He took me to the movie and said, ‘This is a great actor.’ ”

    To prepare for the part of Wolff, DiCaprio immersed himself in cinema history, watching films from the 1950s through the ’70s. “That was when I began to understand that with acting — what’s the quote? ‘We stand on the shoulders of giants?’ I saw what had been accomplished before me and I just went, ‘Holy shit.’ ”

    Director Michael Caton-Jones auditioned more than 400 boys for the role before narrowing it down to a handful, which included DiCaprio and Maguire. And he knew how essential the right actor was. “I knew that the film would either work or fail because of the kid,” Caton-Jones notes. “Once I’d made up my mind on Leonardo, I loaded the dice.”

    Caton-Jones called DiCaprio back in and said his tape had been messed up and needed to be redone. “I worked Leo hard, corrected him, retook duff performances, fine-tuned his body language over and over again until what was on tape was the best reading we could have,” he reveals. “I then got a couple of the crappiest auditions from other boys I could find and put them together on a video for Art Linson, the producer, and said, ‘These are the three best kids we’ve seen. I know who I like, but what do you think?’ ”

    DiCaprio eventually screen-tested with De Niro, performing a scene where the older actor has to shove a mustard jar in his eye. DiCaprio responded by screaming at his hero. “It wasn’t in the script; it was improvised,” he recalls. “I remember people laughing in the room. I didn’t know if I had messed up or if they liked it. But they gave me a shot.”

    Maguire was also cast in the film, and recalls being shocked when they shot their first scene together, in which DiCaprio’s character tells his friends they are going to be stuck in the small town. “I remember watching him in this scene, and it was the first moment I went, ‘Holy shit,’ ” says Maguire. “I mean, he was so connected and rich and full of feeling. It was the first moment I went, ‘There is something serious going on here.’ ”

    DiCaprio calls “This Boy’s Life” a seminal experience — he seemingly remembers everything about making the movie. But it was his next film that really solidified where he wanted to go as an actor. He was offered “more money than I ever dreamed of” to take a role in the Disney family film “Hocus Pocus.” But he decided he wanted to hold out for a small indie for which he hadn’t even auditioned yet, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

    “I don’t know where the hell I got the nerve,” he says now. “You live in an environment where you’re influenced by people telling you to make a lot of money and strike while the iron’s hot. But if there’s one thing I’m very proud of, it’s being a young man who was sticking to my guns.”

    For the audition to play the autistic Arnie, younger brother to Johnny Depp’s title character, DiCaprio was given a tape of a real-life child with a similar disability. “I watched it for three days straight, all day long,” he recalls. After landing the job — despite director Lasse Hallstrom’s initial concerns that he was too attractive — he spent a week at a center for special-needs children in Austin. “There were a hundred things I noticed and picked up on, and came to Lasse with a checklist of attributes for the character,” DiCaprio recalls. One included a habit of gesticulating with his fingers, which Hallstrom incorporated into Arnie. “He just said, ‘Okay, kid, go for it.’ ”

    DiCaprio’s remarkable, sensitive performance made Hollywood take notice. He continued to build credibility with risky ventures, playing gay French poet Arthur Rimbaud in “Total Eclipse” and a drug addict in “The Basketball Diaries,” while his work in Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet” helped his rising stardom. And then, in 1997, “Titanic” sealed it.

    DiCaprio knows that many define his career as pre- and post-“Titanic.” But he says it was long before the megahit that he had formulated his own ideas about fame. “When I was 14, I was on the cover of Bop and Tiger Beat. Every two months, I would see a new kid’s face, and I remember saying, ‘This is not something that lasts very long.’ ”

    He credits his career longevity partially to family and friends, whom he says have kept him grounded. Luhrmann tells of flying DiCaprio to Queensland to workshop “Romeo + Juliet” and adds, “Leonardo, being Leonardo, he cashed in his business class ticket and flew himself and his friends coach to Australia.” He’s intensely loyal to his business partners: He’s had the same manager, Rick Yorn, for more than 20 years.
    DiCaprio also has never given up his commitment to improve. For “The Aviator,” he enlisted acting coach Larry Moss to help him, and still consults with him regularly. “He’s a more than an acting coach,” the thesp says. “He’s somebody who really makes you talk about your life, reflect upon it, and grow.”

    In addition, DiCaprio schooled himself in the classics. He was “blown away” by the vulnerability of James Dean in “East of Eden” and “stunned” by the power of Montgomery Clift. It was that knowledge and respect he credits with guiding him away from traditional leading man roles and to pursue work that has compelled him.

    Sometimes, however, the compelling collides with the traditional; though he was hesitant about signing onto “The Great Gatsby” because of the emphasis on the character’s handsomeness, he ultimately couldn’t get the story out of his mind. “That’s one of the most elusive, existential characters I’ve ever read,” he muses. “The mystery of Gatsby is still something that eludes me, even now.” It eluded critics, too, who were more disparaging of the film than of the performance of DiCaprio, who helped the movie mint $351 million worldwide.

    Scorsese can attest to the actor’s commitment; he had met with DiCaprio after “Gilbert Grape” and they talked about working on something together. “Then, he made ‘Titanic,’ and suddenly he was a superstar,” Scorsese recalls. “In the back of my mind, I thought, Will we have the chance to work together now? Because that kind of massively popular star status changes people, particularly when it happens so suddenly. I’ve seen it happen many times.”

    Then Scorsese had the opportunity to make “Gangs of New York,” a film he’d spent 10 years developing. “And there was Leo,” says the director. “When we met, I realized immediately he’s an actor first and foremost, and when he’s making a movie, he checks the stardom at the door. I was so impressed by his dedication and commitment, his willingness to try anything, and — this is important — to collaborate. Leo will try anything. He’ll do whatever it takes to find a measure of truth in the character.”

    Maguire talks of how DiCaprio would walk around for months with the books “The Great Gatsby” and its precursor “Trimalchio,” comparing scenes in each Fitzgerald book to the film’s script. “He was constantly breaking down the intentions of Fitzgerald in the different versions and asking if we should explore this or that, constantly mining it and seeing if we could make it better somehow,” Maguire says.
    Echoes Luhrmann, “His tenacity in overturning every stone in the pursuit of understanding a character is undiminished. Simply said, prepare yourself for sessions that go to two or three in the morning on a shooting night.”

    Such commitment has inevitably lead DiCaprio to producing as well, though he concedes, “To tell you the truth, my producer cap is a very selfish one. On the road to finding material for myself, we accumulate other things that are interesting.”

    His production company, Appian Way, has been responsible for such DiCaprio vehicles as “The Aviator” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but also films like “Out of the Furnace” and “Red Riding Hood” in which he didn’t appear. He admits he’s involved in every aspect of the pictures he stars in — from convincing Scorsese to direct “Wolf” to working for years on the script with Terence Winter. But on most of the projects in which he doesn’t appear, his involvement is limited mainly to the development process. “I’m very active in putting a team together, deciding what the focus of the story should be. Because if the right people aren’t chosen from the start, a great idea can turn out very different,” he notes. “But once you give it over to a filmmaker, you have to allow them to do their thing.”

    Off all the film and TV projects Appian has in the works, DiCaprio seems most enthusiastic about the adaptation of Erik Larson’s true tale“The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America,” in which the actor would play serial killer H.H. Holmes. “We have a script for that. We’re doing our last couple rewrites, but it’s amazing,” he enthuses. “I want to be in that one. That one is very real.”

    At this point in his career, it’s hard to believe there is any role DiCaprio couldn’t get, but he reveals this isn’t true. Years earlier, he met with Luhrmann about the role in “Moulin Rogue!” that eventually went to Ewan McGregor.“To be honest, I’m not really prepared to do a musical, simply because I think I have a pretty atrocious voice,” he notes. “But we had a friendly thing where it was me and him and a piano player, and we tried to sing a song together. It didn’t go too well. I think it was ‘Lean on Me,’ and when I hit the high note, he just turned to me.” At this point, DiCaprio affects Luhrmann’s Australian accent, “ ‘Yes, D, I don’t know if this conversation should continue.’ ”

    With that, DiCaprio dissolves into laughter. “The truth is,” he says, “I honestly feel just so lucky to make movies.”

    Yooooooo! I would have loved Hocus Pocus even more if Leo was in it.


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    Gabrielle Union couldn't be more excited to marry NBA star Dwyane Wade, but she's being cautious about entering into their marriage.

    Union, who has been married once before, is making Wade sign a prenup.

    "For this marriage, the biggest difference between this and the last marriage will be a prenup. At my insistence. At my insistence," she told Arsenio Hall. "When you have your own stuff, you don't need to worry about anyone else's stuff. So everyone should go into the relationship knowing, 'I'm here for you and you're here for me.' And the reality is I've never seen Dwyane balance a checkbook, so I gotta protect my stuff. It's the wave of the future."

    Gabrielle Union Reveals the Sweet Way Dwyane Wade Proposed

    However, Union and Wade, who is a second-time groom, have already withstood their fair share of controversy. Not long after he proposed with an enormous diamond ring, it was revealed that Wade had fathered a child with another woman during a break the couple took from each other last summer.

    The NBA star called the child "a blessing," and Union said that the brief split helped her see their relationship in a different light.

    "I'd always wanted an awesome career with back-to-back projects, but I realized I wasn't willing to sacrifice my relationship for it. Moving forward, I decided my work schedule has to make sense for our family," she told Glamour magazine earlier this year. "Bottom line: If an issue's a deal breaker, it's a deal breaker. If your relationship isn't something you're willing to give up and you can compromise, do so."

    How Gabrielle Union Stays Sexy

    Now, it is their family (in addition to his new baby, Wade has two sons from his first marriage and is raising his nephew) that's taking center stage in their impending wedding.

    "No bridesmaids, no groomsmen," Union told Hall. "It's just us and the kids. And we're just riding out, just us."

    She also revealed that the guest list will only include the couple's nearest and dearest, calling Wade "the executioner."

    "There's a lot of people that think they're coming, and they are not," she said. "If you're not about us and we don't both have a relationship with you, you're not gonna make it."


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