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    Evgeni Plushenko, the cocky thatch-headed Russian who most in the know about figure skating would agree is currently the best male figure skater in the world, has a history of performing athletic, colorful routines. Turns out, his most notorious silly routine is even better when remixed with Ginuwine's notorious sex jam "Pony."
    This routine, believe it or not, is a real thing that Plushenko first performed during the 2005-2006 season, although due to the fact that the costume involves airbrushed-on fake muscles and removable stripper pants and running into the audience to kiss ladies on the hands, he performed it in exhibitions and not competitions. The soundtrack to the piece, as originally performed, was "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones.
    Obviously, the addition of "Pony" by greasy 90's R&B star Ginuwine makes this a billion times better, as adding "Pony" to anything makes everything — cooking, driving, showering, waiting in line at the DMV — a billion times better (ironically enough, the only thing made worse by the addition of a "Pony" soundtrack is actual sex).
    Plushenko won't be competing for the coveted individual men's gold until this Thursday, February 13th and Friday, February 14th. He's heavily favored to win. But, thanks to the existence of this video, we've all already won. Bless you, Evgeni Plushenko, and bless you, Ginuwine. Wherever you are.


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    Amy Poehler is one of funniest, smartest gals in Hollywood.

    As a girl living in the suburbs of Boston, Amy Poehler was in a big hurry to grow up. "I dressed like a professional businesswoman from Working Girl when I was in seventh grade," she recalls. "I wore shoulder pads and sneakers as if I were commuting to an office. I even did the Jane Fonda workout. I was a woman on the go with ankle weights, even though I probably only weighed 92 pounds."

    Fast-forward a few decades and it's clear that Poehler's youthful determination paid off. After cofounding the Chicago-based comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, in 1990, she went on to become a breakout star on Saturday Night Live, creator and star of the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation and coheadliner with pal Tina Fey in movies (Baby Mama, Mean Girls) and as host of the Golden Globes. When she's not acting, she's producing her web series, Smart Girls at the Party, which helps empower tweens and teens, and she's working on a book of funny essays. She also has two sons, Archie, 5, and Abel, 3, with actor Will Arnett, from whom she split in 2012 after nine years of marriage.
    We caught up with Poehler, 42, when she had a rare moment of downtime and asked her how she juggles it all (even though that's one of her least-favorite questions). "I just did a movie junket and reporters kept asking me, 'Amy, how do you balance everything?' I started saying things like, 'You have to be realistic about how much you can get done in a day,' and all that stuff. But then I was like, 'Why don't you ask the guy actors sitting next to me that same question? They have kids, too!'?"


    Honestly, my dream would be that I wake up every morning and someone gently leads me to my closet and shows me what I'm going to wear that day. I also want to invent a shower bed, which I can't believe hasn't been invented yet. It's a bed where you pull a cord and water pours down on you like you're Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. So I save time wherever I can. I shower while I'm lying in my bed and I have robots pick out my clothes.

    My therapist gave me a good visual metaphor that I use a lot: I picture a refrigerator and on the refrigerator are six magnets. Each magnet says things like: relationship, kids, health, work, money, fun with friends -- whatever. Every day you can really only put three magnets on the refrigerator. You're not going to be able to use all of them. Like today is about my work, my children, and my health. Then the week goes by and you're like, "I haven't used my 'fun with friends' magnet in weeks!" So I try to approach it that way.

    Honestly, I'd like to tell you that Smart Girls was my intent to change minds and move the needle but it wasn't. I just thought it would be fun to do an interview show where we talk to young girls and have a Charlie Rose round table and take everything as seriously as they take it. I connect to that age. I've learned a lot about myself by talking to young girls.

    Young girls feel passionate about things. They remind me that it's okay to really care -- and that cynicism and sarcasm are an easy choice. I also learned that age 12 is a lot different from 13. When kids turn 13, they don't want to dance with their parents as much.

    My parents were public school teachers. We lived in Burlington, Massachusetts, an idyllic, lower-middle-class suburb of Boston. My family [Poehler has a younger brother, Greg] was very witty and quick and you kind of had to keep up. My dad will tell you I got all of my comedy from him.

    When I was young I would go to a party, have a good time and take pictures of my friends and me. A week later I would go to the drugstore and get the pictures that had been developed. Any pictures I didn't like I might rip up and throw away. These days everyone's moments are forever. You're a young girl and you make a shortsighted choice to send someone a naked picture of yourself and now that picture lives forever. We've all made stupid mistakes. The difference is that our mistakes were not for everyone to see.


    I think the hardest thing is to know what you want, ask for it, and then to stop talking. Early on I worked hard to figure out what I wanted to do -- and that I only wanted to do work that I would be proud of. When I was in my 20s I went on an audition for a lottery commercial in Chicago. They said, "Tell us your most embarrassing moment." I said, "What kind of commercial is this?" They were like, "We want to get to know you." I said, "No, I don't want to tell you my most embarrassing moment on camera." They looked at me like, "If you want to be in this f---ing business, you'd better tell us your most embarrassing moment on camera for this lottery commercial!" Sometimes I laugh when I think about how sure of myself I was at 21, 22.

    I will go back to SNL anytime they need me. I've been a fan of the show since I was born. But I would love to see Hillary Clinton run. I would love to watch that campaign.

    I think so. She came on the show once. It's always weird to stand next to someone when you're impersonating them. I honestly didn't do a very good Hillary Clinton. I just did a take on her, because I don't do impressions that well. But I found her to be warm, funny and really smart.

    People always want to know where your children are in relation to you. So if I'm in New York [Poehler has homes in New York City and Los Angeles] people go, "Are they here?" And it's like, "Of course they're with me. They're wherever I am unless I'm working for a couple days and then they're not with me. And no, they're not at this party because I'm an adult. And this party is for adults." But age gives you a couple of things: One, you get better at not taking everything people say personally. Two, you learn those types of questions are more about the person asking them than they are about you. And three, you realize no one can make you feel bad about your choices without your permission.

    Most of the women in your life will outlast the men in your life. The SNL ladies -- Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Tina -- and I text pictures of our kids back and forth all the time. It keeps us connected. As my nanny used to say, the older you get the more important it is to know people that knew you when. I also like hanging out with women who are older than me. I like asking them how they navigate life, what they've learned. I respond to people telling me about their experiences rather than telling me what to do. That's the Boston in me. That's why I'm not very good with personal trainers.

    Personal trainers are people who yell at you to keep pushing. I'm like, "No, you keep pushing!" My idea of the perfect exercise class is this: The teacher gives us all a hug and goes, "You did it! You showed up! Let's lie down." We all lie down and she's like, "How is everybody feeling?" We're like, "Great!" And the teacher's like, "Great!" Then we all get to leave 20 minutes early.




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    Liam Gallagher wants Jared Leto and Ethan Hawke to audition for his upcoming Beatles film 'The Longest Cocktail Party' and is planning castings in Los Angeles for his shortlist of potential stars.

    The former Oasis frontman is keen to impress when his company 1 Productions begins shooting the film-adaptation of the Richard DiLello book, and he is making a special effort to try and win big names for the project.

    A source told The Sun newspaper: "Liam is going to hold castings in the US in April. A lot of the lead roles are American, so he’s keen to find the right names."

    It's thought the 'Wonderwall' hitmaker is passing over A-listers such as Brad Pitt in favour of high-profile actors with a more rock and roll edge to play Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the late John Lennon and George Harrison.

    "He knows he’s not going to manage to entice someone like Brad Pitt but he wants high-calibre people who are more on the indie scene of Hollywood. He thinks actors such as Jared and Ethan would be perfect," the source revealed.

    The film, directed by Michael Winterbottom, details one man's account of the history of the Beatles company Apple Corps, their break up and the beginning of their solo careers.


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    Sorry, guys. Farrah Abraham has given up on the back door… and the front door, for that matter.

    The Teen Mom who took it all off for $10,000 is tired of feeling used by the porn industry who graciously let her extend her 15 minutes with the cinematic masterpiece Farrah 2: Backdoor and More.

    In fact, she’s so disenchanted with movie-making love-making that not only ruined her life, but her sex life as well.

    So she’s taking a vow of celibacy.

    “People use sex for power and manipulation when sex is supposed to be enjoyable and great,” she told Life & Style. “I don’t feel that, I want to be a virgin forever -- or a nun.

    “I don’t feel like sex is what it used to be.”


    Would you consider celibacy?

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    Kicking off the day with some promotional duties, Jennifer Connelly and Cillian Murphy headed over to the Grand Hyatt Hotel for a photocall for their film “Aloft” on Wednesday (February 12).

    Joined by costar Melanie Laurent, the “Labyrinth” lady and the “Red Lights” hunk looked to be in good spirits as they posed for pictures as part of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

    In a recent interview, Ms. Connelly discussed the crazy experiences she had while filming the flick on a farm.

    “I was actually shooting a scene in the other room when the sow was in labor. It’s someone else pulling the piglet but, by the time I got there, they were hoping that there was still another piglet (to be born). I tried for one! I did have my hands in there!”


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    It's known for its bloody violence and risqué sex scenes, so it's no surprise that the stars of Game of Thrones are all in favour of the show's X-rated content – so long as it serves the story.

    Dutch actress Carice van Houten, who plays the enigmatic Red Priestess Melisandre, has defended the amount of bare flesh in the show and called for more male nudity in the HBO series.

    Asked whether there should be more male nudity, she said: "Hell yeah! Of course it has to be functional and it mostly is. But in general that's what I like about the show, not the sex per se but the nudity is part of life."

    She added: "We can see machine guns but we can’t see f**king – sorry – people? I really don’t get, I have to make a point here. Who sleeps with their bra on? I mean, sorry if that’s a Dutch approach but I think we need to get used to it. It’s part of life."

    Van Houten has shed her character’s flowing red robes on more than one occasion, most notably when Melisandre gave birth to a dark spirit in a cave. The actress wore little more than a bulging, prosthetic pregnant belly while going into labour.

    In another scene that played out like a medieval version of 50 Shades of Grey, Melisandre bared all to seduce a young man before chaining him to bed and sticking leeches on him.

    Van Houten has appeared naked in other projects including Dutch film The Happy Housewife, and while she is all for it, she said that the prospect of doing a nude scene makes her "nervous" and she tries to alleviate the tension on set in a novel way.

    "I'd rather just show everyone this is the material, like very plain and clean. This is the body, your mother has them, let’s not make a big fuss out of them and then they get used to it. I don’t do it for them, I do it for me because I pick up on tension in the room and I just want people to be fine with it."

    Co-star Liam Cunningham also defended the sex scenes in the show, arguing they were not demeaning to women because of the strength of the female characters.

    Speaking at a press event in London, he said: "If there wasn't a hugely strong female character in this, like [Melisandre], then it would be sexist. It's just gratuitous. But some of the most dangerous characters in the show are women - there's Cersei. They are extraordinarily well-drawn."

    Cunningham, who stars as Davos Seaworth in the medieval drama, has had dangerous dealings with the priestess and bore witness to the shadow baby. The pair have a tense relationship in the story and it is often a battle of wits with Melisandre usually getting the upper hand.

    "I think there's a level of intelligence required by the viewer or whoever watching this and it doesn't patronise, it shows the dark side and the bright side of humanity in this.

    "It's inclusive and it's not just the strong man and the women as the stay-at-home wife or she’s there to be the hostage. She's not functional. She's f**king dangerous in this show and has to be watched," he added with a laugh.

    Speaking about her story strand in Season 4 van Houten said: "Stannis has a light season this year but we have a few meaty scenes. [...] Our storyline is going to move somewhere else and it's going to be interesting because it's going to collide with a world which we also know, and what's going to happen there."

    Cunningham said: "One of the differences this year from reading the scripts is that, generally speaking, over the three seasons there's been a slow and gradual build up with magnificent stories up to the big episodes which is usually episode 9. It's not like that in this season. It's kicking off very early on, it's really dramatic and as opposed to the one big climax of the other season, there's going to be several. It's bigger, bolder, brassier - and I'm dying to see it as well".

    The new season will be airing in April this year.

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    Former champion skier Lindsey Vonn isn't jealous of size-zero models and movie stars because they're unhealthy and out of shape, E! reported Feb. 10.

    "I've been to a lot of photo shoots and I just see these girls that are really thin," said Vonn, who won the gold medal at the 2010 Olympics. "They're not healthy. They don't work out."

    Vonn said the tiny bodies of super-skinny models and actresses are the result of starvation diets, not healthy eating and exercise. They look great in clothes, said Lindsey, but are "skinny-fat," meaning they're flabby despite being thin.

    Vonn admitted she sometimes feels insecure around super-skinny celebrities because she's a lot bigger than they are, but she wouldn't want to be a size zero if it means constantly starving herself.

    "It was hard to go to the Met Ball [in May 2013] with people who eat lettuce and a Diet Coke for dinner," Lindsey told WWD. "It's difficult to be at events with a room full of women who weigh half as much as you do. I don't envy them because so many of them are skinny-fat. They have more cellulite than most people."

    The 5-foot-10 Vonn mountain-bikes, skis, does cardio exercise at the gym, and strength-trains. She said the media idealization of size-zero celebrities has bred an unhealthy obsession with thinness at the cost of health.

    Lindsey, who's currently dating golf superstar Tiger Woods, said she hopes young girls realize that being skinny isn't everything.

    "It may look good in a magazine, but it's not healthy," said Vonn. "And girls who are that skinny are actually fat. You can see the cellulite on their legs and on their butts. I have cellulite too, but I go to the gym and I try to eat healthy. I think that's a better model for girls to look up to than skinny people who need to eat more."

    Lindsey's speculation about starvation diets isn't off-base: In 2012, supermodel Carre Otis revealed she starved herself, abused laxatives, did cocaine, chain-smoked and exercised nonstop to stay skinny at the height of her modeling career. Otis discussed her harrowing battles with anorexia, bulimia and drug addiction in her memoir Beauty, Disrupted.



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  • 02/12/14--16:10: A GoT cast picture megapost!
  • Emilia Clarke in Vs. Magazine

    Maisie Williams, Joe Dempsie, Liam Cunningham, and Isaac Hempstead-Wright at Esquire's BAFTA Party

    omw <3

    For you Skins fans.

    Emilia Clarke, Rose Leslie, and Kit Harington out and about in LA

    So I flopped, and missed making birthday posts for Rose Leslie and Queen Natalie Dormer. Oop!

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    She may have been hard at work, but Jennifer Lopez was clearly having a great time on set of her latest video shoot.

    The star was in Miami filming the music video for Adrenalina, a song by Wisin which features J.Lo and Ricky Martin.

    Ricky and Jennifer are old friends and this was clear for everyone to see as they giggled and cuddled up in between scenes.

    The start of the shoot came as Jennifer received some good news about her current video Same Girl.

    Released at the end of last month, the video for the single was Vevo certified on Monday, meaning a staggering 100 million people have watched the official version online.

    After hearing the good news JLo tweeted fans saying: 'Officially #VEVOCertified! Couldn't have done it without my #jlovers!'

    Beauty Queen Jennifer Lynn López was just in Miami filming her music video Adrenalina alongside Ricky Martin.

    And with no time to spare, Jennifer Lopez was on to her next shoot for the new World Cup song, We Are One (Ole Ola), in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday.

    But it certainly looked much more like fun that work for the 44-year-old singer, who was seen shaking her behind in tiny shorts and fishnet tights.

    Oozing vibrant colours, the set was meant to mimic the scene of a Brazilian Carnival, with JLo taking on the role of an energetic party-goer.

    Looking fierce, the sexy Latina let her lustrous locks flow in wild waves whilst showing her midriff in a white Sachin + Babi Maria crop top.

    The mother-of-two also stood out with her chunky metallic accessories and a bright pink pout, as she balanced on flashy sky-high stilettos.

    PS- This is Jennifer's real hair:

    Someone tell Britney to hire Jennifer López's hair gays.


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    Part II of his report on Sochi (pronounced Sashay) "From Russia With Love (But No Gay Stuff)"

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    see part I here
    Canadians can watch here...and see part I here

    Sorry bout dat autoplay.

    Anyways, good stuff. If you don't know who Buddy Cole is then I think you'd better learn.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Which Hollywood hunk did Melissa Joan Hart bewitch? Who got hate mail for dating Natalie Portman? See how well you know long-lost romances of the past...

    Get out a piece of paper and list it from 1 - 12. This is a multiple choice quiz if you'd like to play along... Answers have been hidden with spoiler tags as you scroll down.

    Post your score in the comments!  Be prepared for unflattering pics of celebs too!

     photo melissa_zpsa920a3ab.jpg

    1. Melissa Joan Hart was wooed by this future Hollywood hunk as a teen:

    A. Ryan Reynolds
    B. Bradley Cooper
    C. Ryan Phillippe
    D. Jake Gyllenhaal


    A. Ryan Reynolds

     photo ryan-reynolds-1-435_zpsf44e9c1f.jpg

    In her memoir, Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life, Hart revealed she had a teenage make-out session with Reynolds after the pair filmed 1996's Sabrina the Teenage Witch. "I remember that his lips were pretty wonderful," she further dished on Chelsea Lately, "plus he has these big hands and shoulders that completely swallowed my petite frame."

     photo natalie_zpsede31a23.jpg

    2. Which nerdy star won Natalie Portman's heart before Benjamin Millepied?

    A. Adam Brody
    B. Zach Braff
    C. Moby
    D. John Krasinski


    C. Moby

     photo moby-1-435_zps2a7eb8ba.jpg

    During the late 2000s, Portman briefly dated the electronic musician, whose relationship with the star shocked many. "It's made me the target of a lot of nerd wrath," Moby told Spin magazine. "You can't date Luke Skywalker's mom and not have them hate your guts."

     photo cameron_zpse6593303.jpg

    3. In 1999, this breakout TV star romanced big-screen babe Cameron Diaz:

    A. James Franco
    B. David Schwimmer
    C. Jared Leto
    D. John Corbett


    C. Jared Leto

     photo jared-leto-1-660_zps8cd1a12d.jpg

    Before the Dallas Buyers Club actor and his flowing locks became awards season darlings, Leto was romancing Diaz, whom he dated from 1999 to 2003.

     photo liv_zpsfbc71665.jpg

    4. Which former costar did Liv Tyler play house with?

    A. Tom Everett Scott
    B. Joaquin Phoenix
    C. Johnathon Schaech
    D. Ethan Embry


    B. Joaquin Phoenix

     photo joaquin-phoenix-1-435_zps09a4465a.jpg

    After meeting on the set of 1997's Inventing the Abbotts, Tyler and Phoenix dated for three years, eventually moving in together. "I fell in love with Joaquin the second I saw him," the actress told The Morning Call at the time. "It just happened immediately."

     photo kim_zps4e072416.jpg

    5. Before Kanye West, which other rapper romanced Kim Kardashian?

    A. Andre 3000
    B. Kid Cudi
    C. Nick Cannon
    D. Ludacris


    C. Nick Cannon

     photo nick-cannon-1-435_zps9473a7f8.jpg

    In 2012, Cannon came clean about his brief affair in 2006 with Kardashian, which lasted six months. Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, he admitted her lying about the existence of her sex tape was the reason behind their breakup. "If she might have been honest with me, I might have tried to hold her down and be like 'That was before me' because she is a great girl," Cannon said.

     photo anne_zps84f9af96.jpg

    6. Which Valentine's Day costar did Anne Hathaway once cozy up to off-screen?

    A. Bradley Cooper
    B. Ashton Kutcher
    C. Jamie Foxx
    D. Topher Grace


    D. Topher Grace

     photo topher-grace-1-435_zpsf8de9df2.jpg

    While they've never confirmed it, the longtime pals were reportedly romantic between 1999 and 2001. "I had a crush on Topher when I first met him, when I came out to Los Angeles, and I was about 16," Hathaway admitted during a joint interview with the actor, adding, "It's a rare thing to be friends with someone for 11 years."

     photo drew-barrymore-a_zps140ad52f.jpg

    7. Who did Drew Barrymore call her boyfriend before she called him a costar?

    A. Adam Sandler
    B. David Arquette
    C. Luke Wilson


    B. David Arquette

     photo drew-barrymore-b_zpsf074d3c3.jpg

    Before costarring in 1996's Scream and again in 1999's rom-com Never Been Kissed, the young stars (she was 16, he was 20) found love in the early 1990s, cuddling at multiple red carpet events. In 2010 Arquette reminisced to Howard Stern about his former flame, saying, "How cool would an Arquette-Barrymore child be? From a pure breeding standpoint."

     photo matt-mcconaughey-a_zps010b755c.jpg

    8. Which of Matthew McConaughey's costars turned into a real-life romance?

    A. Ashley Judd
    B. Jennifer Lopez
    C. Sarah Jessica Parker
    D. Kate Hudson


    A. Ashley Judd

     photo matt-mcconaughey-b_zps7a63fb57.jpg

    Before settling down with Brazilian beauty Camila Alves, McConaughey briefly dated actress Ashley Judd after working together in the 1996 courtroom drama A Time to Kill.

     photo halle-berry-a_zps8f3f12e3.jpg

    9. Which New Kid won Halle's heart in the '80s?

    A. Donnie Wahlberg
    B. Joey McIntyre
    C. Danny Wood
    D. Jonathan Knight
    E. Jordan Knight


    C. Danny Wood

     photo halle-berry-b_zpsa9878571.jpg

    Looks like he had the right stuff! Berry showed off her love of boy bands in 1989, embarking on a brief romance with the New Kid in her pre-fame days.

     photo jessica-biel-1-435_zps32e33406.jpg

    10. Which famous Chris did Jessica Biel fall for?

    A. Chris Evans
    B. Chris Hemsworth
    C. Chris Pine
    D. Christian Bale


    A. Chris Evans

     photo jessica-biel-2-435_zps141d28f3.jpg

    Biel called Captain America himself her man! The actress dated Evans for more than four years before calling it quits in 2006 – just in time to bring sexy back with now-fiancé Justin Timberlake.

     photo ashton-kutcher-q_zps479616ae.jpg

    11. Ashton Kutcher once found love with which Mad Men actress?

    A. January Jones
    B. Christina Hendricks
    C. Elisabeth Moss
    D. Alison Brie


    A. January Jones

     photo ashton-kutcher-a_zpse96d7561.jpg

    While working as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch in 1998, Kutcher met fellow model January Jones. The two dated for three years.

     photo george-clooney-q_zpsb46db3a9.jpg

    12. In the late '80s George Clooney once dated which now-married actress?

    A. Nicole Kidman
    B. Jennie Garth
    C. Sarah Jessica Parker
    D. Kelly Preston


    D. Kelly Preston

     photo george-clooney-a_zpsce37e4bb.jpg

    From 1987 to 1989, Clooney and Preston were an item, even living together in the Hollywood Hills. One lasting reminder of the romance: a black potbellied pig named Max, which Clooney originally bought as a present for his girlfriend but kept after the split.


    0 0

    TWO familiar brands that have for decades been the targets of complaints about their depictions of women have joined forces for a promotional campaign that tells critics they are proudly “unapologetic” about who they are.

    The brands are Barbie, sold by Mattel, and the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. The campaign is centered on the 50th anniversary edition of the issue, which is to come out next Tuesday, and presents Barbie as a doll-size version of the magazine’s supermodels like Tyra Banks and Christie Brinkley, clad in a new version of the black-and-white swimsuit she wore when introduced in 1959.

    “Unapologetic,” the theme of the campaign, is underlined by its use, with a hashtag in front, in social media like Twitter, as well as on a billboard in Times Square. “As a legend herself, and under constant criticism about her body and how she looks, posing in” the issue “gives Barbie and her fellow legends an opportunity to own who they are, celebrate what they have done and be #unapologetic,” Mattel said in a statement on Tuesday.

    The partnership includes a four-page advertising feature in the magazine, photographed by Walter Iooss Jr., who has been shooting the magazine’s (human) swimsuit models for four decades; video clips; a cover wrap that will appear on 1,000 copies of the issue, declaring Barbie to be “The Doll That Started It All”; a limited-edition Sports Illustrated Barbie, to be sold exclusively on; and a beach-themed party on Monday night in Lower Manhattan.

    The alliance of the two brands ignited an online debate on Tuesday over the images of both Barbie and the swimsuit issue. Mattel has long contended with complaints that Barbie, with her lithesome figure and focus on fashion, is not a positive role model for girls. At the same time, Sports Illustrated is no favorite of some critics who believe that the swimsuit issue objectifies women.

    After articles about the campaign appeared on Tuesday on the websites of the trade publications Advertising Age and Adweek, a post on the Mommyish blog carried the headline “The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Will Feature Barbie, So Your Daughter Can Feel Bad Too.” Comments under the post were mixed, however. One began, “Meh,” and continued, “I never at any point compared myself to her and felt bad.” Another comment began,“It’s easy to be unapologetic about your body when it is considered to be the absolute ideal standard of beauty in the society in which you live.”

    On Twitter, opinions also varied. “Is it just me or is this incredibly creepy?” one woman asked of the article. “Also unsure of whether #Unapologetic is appropriate for a child’s toy.” Another woman put it this way: “Kinda ♥ this #Unapologetic side of @Barbie!”

    A blog post on last Wednesday gave away its viewpoint in its headline, “In Defense of Barbie: Why She Might Be the Most Feminist Doll Around.” The comments there also ranged from outraged to supportive.

    Barbie is, of course, not the only figure in popular culture to present themselves as “unapologetic.” The singer Rihanna, a lightning rod for her “bad girl” persona, titled an album released in November 2012 “Unapologetic” and often uses the hashtag #Unapologetic in social media.

    “While the social campaigns are unrelated,” said a spokeswoman for Mattel, Michelle Chidoni, “they both embody similar messages.”

    Mattel has been reaching out for some time to other brands to help its efforts aimed at redefining Barbie’s image, making the doll more appealing to contemporary consumers and addressing concerns that Barbie promotes unrealistic attitudes about the female body.

    Other examples include a campaign promoting a new Barbie beach house, which included the Bravo series “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles” and the real estate website Trulia, and the introduction of versions of Barbie (and Ken) styled after characters on the AMC series “Mad Men.” “We’re always challenging ourselves to think differently about Barbie and how we can continue to keep her relevant,” said Lisa McKnight, senior vice president of marketing for North America at Mattel in El Segundo, Calif.

    Mattel is trying to do for Barbie what Sports Illustrated has sought to do for years on behalf of the issue: leave behind perceptions of babes in bathing suits and compare Barbie to swimsuit alumna like Ms. Banks, Ms. Brinkley, Kathy Ireland and Heidi Klum, who are celebrated for their accomplishments as entrepreneurs and career women.

    “We’re focusing on the legendary women of Sports Illustrated who, like Barbie, launched their careers in a swimsuit,” Ms. McKnight said.

    A post on the Barbie Twitter feed quotes Ruth Handler, who helped introduce Barbie and was a co-founder of Mattel, as saying, “Barbie has always represented that a woman has choices.” (By Ms. McKnight’s count, Barbie has had 150 careers.)

    “Unapologetic” is a word that Mattel executives use internally, Ms. McKnight said, and “this is the first time we’re engaging in a conversation publicly.”

    The efforts at Mattel to reshape Barbie’s image may be taking on added urgency after sales results during the crucial holiday shopping season, which fell short of expectations among investors and corporate management. “The reality is, we just didn’t sell enough Barbie dolls,” Bryan G. Stockton, chief executive, said in a conference call with analysts on Jan. 31. Sales of Barbie fell 13 percent in the fourth quarter compared with the period the previous year.

    The partnership with Barbie is “a very exciting creative collaboration,” said John Joannides, associate publisher at Sports Illustrated in New York, published by the Time Inc. division of Time Warner, “one icon to another.” There will also be content on a section of the Sports Illustrated website and a blog, Swim Daily.

    Mattel paid for the opportunity to integrate Barbie into the commemoration of the anniversary; Mattel and Sports Illustrated declined to be more specific.


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    Justin Bieber's mom Pattie Mallette is standing by her son amid lots of controversy surrounding the 19-year-old singer and his legal drama, which includes a Miami DUI arrest.
    "As any mom of an adult child, Pattie is holding him close and talking to him about everything, but she can't make his decisions for him," a source close to Mallette tells E! News exclusively.

    "As any caring mother would be, Pattie is genuinely concerned for Justin, and she has said in many interviews before that she doesn't have her head in the clouds and keeps in very close touch with Justin," the source adds. "She talks with him almost every day, which is likely more than any mom and a 19-year-old son...and she is in the public eye dealing with all of this."
    The source says Bieber isn't the only one under a lot of pressure right now.
    "It's so hard to see people's opinions and accusations when they don't know her," the source says of Mallette. "If she is with Justin, she is accused of endorsing or enabling him, yet if they find out she is not with him, they accuse her for not being with her own child in a time like this."
    The insider adds that Mallette would "never do anything to bring harm to Justin."
    "Pattie has a great relationship with Justin," our source adds. "He knows where she stands on the decisions he's making in his life. He knows what she is proud of and what she has serious discussions with him about."
    As for Bieber's questionable decisions as of late, the source goes on, "Pattie never makes excuses for her son, but she is not going to turn on him for the approval or opinion of the world."
    "Those close to her know from Pattie, that it's always challenging as a parent to raise your child in the way you know to be right, letting them grow as they need when they become adults and have strangers share their opinion in unfounded, often hateful ways," the insider told us. "It would be hard to imagine that any parent wouldn't feel the same love, concern and responsibility as Pattie does in regard to her son's well-being. Pattie and [his dad] Jeremy both know that they are responsible before God and are focusing on their son's well-being in private."


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    We’ve only had a few days to drool over hunky, newly out NFL prospect Michael Sam, and he may already be taken.

    MediaTakeOut is reporting that the cute, lean guy in these pics with Michael is his boyfriend.

    They’re also making some pretty obvious jokes about Sam “sacking” the boyfriend, but you know that’s the first thing you thought as well.

    Take this news with a grain of salt, because MTO isn’t exactly the most reliable source in the world. However, since Sam is actually out it’s certainly more plausible than the recent stories surrounding Aaron Rodgers. Because that dude is definitely not gay.

    If it is true, we think the two guys look adorable and can totally see Michael Sam becoming the first out and proud gay NFL-er and this cute, so far nameless guy his First Dude rooting on the sidelines. Perhaps they could double date with 49-er Colin Kaepernick and his rumored boo.


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    (Rankings are in order of gold, not overall accumulation)

    NBC Stream:
    BBC2 Stream:
    Non-NBC stream (diff events may be going on)
    Past Events Replay Stream:

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    Dominique Gisin and Tina Maze made Winter Olympics history in the women's downhill as they shared the gold medal in Sochi.

    Switzerland's Gisin and the Slovenian Maze both recorded a time of 1min 41.57sec at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Centre to become the first athletes to share the top of the podium in the Winter Games.

    Gisin was the first to set the benchmark before Maze matched her, with another Swiss, Lara Gut, earning bronze after finishing 0.10 seconds adrift of the pair.

    Britain's Chemmy Alcott claimed 19th place, 1.86sec off the pace. The 31-year-old competed in the super combined earlier this week, taking part in the downhill event as practice for Wednesday's event before withdrawing from the slalom.

    That was always something she had intended to do as she was wary of taking on too much after the third leg-break of her career in August.

    After managing to make the Winter Games, a top-20 finish has delighted the Londoner. "To come and be 19th, less than two seconds off on the toughest downhill I've ever skied, it's up there," Alcott said. "I know that sounds crazy to some people because we've got a strong Team GB and we're going to win loads of medals here.

    "[But] to come to my fourth Olympics, 19th is a gold for me. Anyone who's followed what I've been through will understand that."

    Maze was one of the pre-race favourites for gold in the absence of the injured Vancouver 2010 champion Lindsey Vonn.

    "I have no words. This doesn't feel real. I will have to see my team to get myself together and realise how much this means to us," said Maze, who claimed silver in the Super-G and giant slalom four years ago. "I have been dreaming about this since I was little. The first ski race I ever won in my life was a downhill, so before I went down the track today I said to myself: 'This has to be it. I can do it,' and I just went for it."

    The soft conditions were just right for 28-year-old Gisin, who competed in the downhill in Vancouver but failed to finish the race. "This is incredible. I am overwhelmed with emotions," she said. "I am so happy – what a day. I don't think I even dreamt about this. Now that I have won, I am living the dream, but this is better than dreaming."

    Maria Höfl-Riesch triumphed in the super combined earlier this week and was another tipped to do well on Wednesday, but the German could finish only 13th, while the 2010 silver medallist Julia Mancuso finished eighth.


    Have you ever had to share your win, ONTD?

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    The ladies of The View today tackled James Taranto’s controversial Wall Street Journal column from Monday, “Drunkenness and Double Standards.”

    The column, which angered so many that it resulted in a petition to fire Taranto, has been described as victim-blaming by comparing rape to a “collision” between two drunk drivers.

    But when it was brought up on The View, Whoopi Goldberg seemed to side with the columnist, and received big applause from the audience.

    “My opinion is, if you don’t want this kind of attention, don’t get poop-faced,” she said. “Do not get poop-faced. Do not become so drunk you don’t know what is happening. When you say ‘x, y, z happened,’ you have no way of proving it. So both parties, if you don’t want the agitation, do not become so drunk you can’t figure out what the hell you’re doing.”

    Jenny McCarthy took mostly an opposite standpoint:

    “I think no means no, period, no matter where you’re at,” she said, though failed to point out “that ‘not yes’ also means no,” as Mediate noted. McCarthy added that “In college, I went to so many after parties, that does not mean I’m giving an okay to have sex.”

    Sherri Shepherd asked, if “two people are so inebriated and neither one of them — both of them are waking up surprised or remorseful, how does the guy get to say she said no, because he’s not even in his right mind as well?”

    In response, Barbara Walters made it awkward for everyone.

    “[T]he point is that he supposedly, because of the different sexes, because he’s the one who is being the perpetrator, or penetrator, okay?,” she said.


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    Say what you want about Valentine’s Day, but at this point it’s become unavoidable. Popular culture, your local drug store and your partner (both sexes are equally guilty) instill the importance of the Hallmark holiday as the end-all be-all of romantic dates on the calendar. For folks who can’t stand all the sappy love games, suck it up. You may feel sheepishly unoriginal or love sick come Valentine’s Day, but we’ve come up with a list of films that transcend the genre and will get even the non-romantics in the mood for February 14.

    Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (2004)
    How do you get the drumming misery of a failed relationship out of your head? Easy. Erase it. The premise of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind asks you to believe that this wonderful science exists to let those who can’t help but fret on a failed romantic endeavor move on. In committing his talent to the Academy Award winning screenplay for Eternal Sunshine, Jim Carey made a successful transition into serious role after earning a boatload of cash per wacky facial expression in the 90s. At times trippy and feverishly discordant, the film is an ode to the places within the mind that store memories both big and small. It’s what you do with those memories that help shape the perception of a relationship but for Carey’s Joel, it seems as though the loss of his darling Clementine (played exceptionally well by Kate Winslet) is too much for his brain to chew on. With an extraordinary supporting cast, Eternal Sunshine examines a fictional realm we can only dream of and has us wishing that we could recount more love stories that were erased.

    Groundhog Day (1993)
    Let’s use our imaginations and pretend you didn’t watch Groundhog Day on cable television on the actual day Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Regardless of what day in February it is, Groundhog Day is an ideal romantic comedy to watch. The film transcended an easily forgettable holiday and found something romantic in being caught in between the seasons. It was also an ingenious marketing move to corner the market on Groundhog Day, considering other holidays like Halloween and Christmas are already locked down. Residual checks for the film’s cast and crew will flow in until the end of time. So what’s all the fuss about? In one of Bill Murray’s many classic roles, he plays Phil Connors, a self-loathing TV reporter trapped in a time loop that forces him to relive Groundhog Day over and over. It’s rumored that the writers of the film intended the time loop to last more than 40 years, giving Connors just enough time to successfully court the lovely Rita (Andie MacDowell). Groundhog Day is charming, thought-provoking and if you’re in the market for a piece of movie history, the cozy bed and breakfast that was used to shoot the film was recently put up for sale.

    Chasing Amy (1997)
    Straight out of the Kevin Smith universe comes a film that pushes the boundaries of sexual exploration and on a deeper level, questions what truly constitutes love. Ben Affleck stars as Holden, a New Jersey comic book artist who falls for a lipstick lesbian from Manhattan named Alyssa (you later find out who the titular Amy is). It’s a love story unlike any other on this list not because of the nature of their forbidden relationship, but Chasing Amy digs into the underlying fears and tensions of jumping into a relationship and slowly unraveling each partner’s past. It’s a necessary game all couples eventually have to play, but Smith cuts into these emotions with care, crafting a dark and humorous take on what it means to learn how to love.

    Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
    Yet, sometimes they do. Finding a high-minded, middle-budgeted romantic comedy (or dramedy), which used to be a staple of the Hollywood dream factory, has become practically impossible over the last 10 or 15 years. The industry fluctuates between micro and mountainous budgeted fare that promises big rewards, with nary a thought for anything in between. Even formulaic, safe, and faceless “rom-coms,” marketed simply on the supposed value of faces, are fading with every passing year. Thus, Silver Linings Playbook is something of a small miracle in all its dysfunctional glory. As affecting as it is inappropriately hysterical, this one came from the heart for writer-director David O. Russell. Meant to be an earnest boost of confidence for his bipolar son, Russell’s film, just like Matthew Quick’s novel, captures a beautiful clarity about understanding mental health and creates an even broader portrait for a whole generation of post-Great Recession millennials coping with diminished expectations. Because even for the wonderfully acted Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), two abrasive individuals who have been dealt a crummy hand by life, a silver lining is only a cha-cha away, making all the loss, mental anguish, and judging eyes in their childhood homes worth it. A celebration about the healing power of family, friends, and football, Silver Linings Playbook is the most feel-good big screen romance in years.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
    In a reality where erasing your ex doesn’t exist, keeping the girl of your dreams out of your head can be depression inducing and seeing her on primetime television has to be down right infuriating. Jason Segal wrote himself into the perfect role as the down-on-his-luck boyfriend who’s ditched for an aging rock star. The film really has it all. Russell Brand sings. Jonah Hill makes a hilarious appearance. There’s a Dracula-based opera. And oh, did we forget to mention that Kristen Bell AND Mila Kunis share screen time? We rest our case.

    Other movies mentioned include: Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), High Fidelity (2000), Intolerable Cruelty (2003), When Harry Met Sally… (1989), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), The Princess Bride (1987), Lars and the Real Girl (2007), Garden State (2004), Say Anything (1989)

    full list at the source

    any other picks?

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    British filmmaker Amma Asante had previously directed one contemporary indie, A Way of Life, in 2004, winning several individual festival awards, along with a BAFTA award for a directorial debut. Belle, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last September, will be released by Fox Searchlight in theaters on May 2.

    LORRAINE CWELICH: How does Belle embody the goals of the Athena Film Festival?

    AMMA ASANTE: I think Belle fits so well with the themes of Athena because it's a strong female exploring identity, her place, finding her own value, not letting anybody define who she is. In many ways, what Athena inspires us to do as women is what Gugu expresses to us as Dido. Her role empowers women by saying, don't let a culture or society's rules define who you are; you define who you are. For Belle to be the opening film at the Athena Film Festival was a privilege and an honor for me. It was such a great partner because every one of its ideals fits in with who I am as a filmmaker and the kind of stories I want to tell and characters I want to build as a filmmaker.

    CWELICH: Was the film first picked up at Toronto?

    ASANTE: It was produced independently by Damian Jones. Then it was picked up before Toronto, in June. We finished the film in May and then did screenings in New York and L.A. for distributors and then Fox Searchlight picked it up.

    CWELICH: How was an independent filmmaker on a limited budget able to create such a sumptuous and historically authentic environment?

    ASANTE: Damian sent me the postcard of the [18th century] portrait [of Belle and her cousin]; that's how it first came to me. From the portrait, I started to do lots of digging and research. I took everything from the portrait—the relationship between Dido and Elizabeth, the colors, the world I wanted to set her in. I imagined and extended the world beyond the portrait. So I knew I wanted to make a movie that looked decadent and expensive. I knew we would have to make every penny stretch and put as much of the budget onscreen as possible. So it starts with your heads of departments—your production designer, costume, hair and makeup designers. Picking the right people who were as committed as I was to telling this story as I was.

    CWELICH: Tell us about the locations and production design.

    ASANTE: It was shot in London, the Isle of Man, and Oxford. We had to piece together their world. Kenwood House, Dido's original house, was made up of five houses, and the later house in London was actually comprised of three houses. I wanted Dido and Elizabeth to feel dwarfed at the beginning, to be living in the countryside like little girls in a giant dollhouse, to represent their innocence and the idea that they were protected from the harsh realities of the outside world. As the scales fall from their eyes, if you like, and they learn more about what it is to be a woman, and a woman of color, what it is to be second-class, in so many ways—where you have to be chosen and validated by the husband you have—I wanted their worlds to be more sophisticated, with less pastel colors, darker, richer colors, lower ceilings. I wanted their exterior world to reflect their interior journey. I wrote out a document for [department heads] and had a mood board.

    CWELICH: Tell us about your first film, A Way of Life.

    ASANTE: It was set in modern day and also had a female protagonist. It dealt with similar themes. It was about a teenage mother who becomes involved in the accidental murder of her neighbor. It was a tough, emotional film. Like Belle, it had a lot of pathos but was also funny. It too dealt with issues of race, gender, and class.

    CWELICH: In the intervening years, were you working on other projects or focused on developing Belle?

    ASANTE: Belle didn't come to me until 2009. Before that, I had three projects, one of which I will go into production with next year. I'm working on a Warner Brothers film next, Unforgettable, and then after that, I'll do my third indie. Before Belle, I'd been writing three films, all of which collapsed within three months in 2009, right at the beginning of the recession. One of them was a Jane Austen adaptation which had never been done before, Lady Susan. With my next indie, which is set in 1940s Berlin, it was announced in Cannes that it was about to go into production and then the financing collapsed, so it went into turnaround. So thankfully I now have the financing for that movie for 2015.

    CWELICH: What is Unforgettable about?

    ASANTE: I just signed on for it about a month ago. It's a double female lead, a story about a man who's divorced—on his second marriage—trying to negotiate the life of his first wife and his second wife. The first wife goes slightly crazy and tries to kill the second wife. There are huge A-list names possibly attached, which I can't announce yet, but am completely honored to work with.

    CWELICH: You mentioned Jane Austen, which is interesting because Gugu's performance reminded me of Keira Knightley's performance as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice—romantic, elegant, headstrong, and spirited.

    ASANTE: Absolutely, I was hugely inspired by Pride & Prejudice. Belle is actually my homage to Jane Austen, who I think is one of the most incredible female novelists we've ever had. For all the love she gets, I still don't think she's recognized enough for exploring the middle-and-upper class female experience in 18th-century England.

    CWELICH: What personally resonated with you about Dido's story and compelled you to make this film?

    ASANTE: The history, 100 percent. We had a painting and the history, and I spent three years in development to make sure that we could do justice to Dido's incredible story and weave all the issues seamlessly to reflect Dido's journey from girl to woman, to reflect her political awakening and her transformation from a girl who said, "as you wish, sir" to a woman who says, "as I wish." It was also about honoring the girl next to her [her cousin, Elizabeth], looking at her with such love, and also honoring Lord Mansfield, the man that was courageous enough to commission that painting at a time when it was completely unheard of.



    Why isn't it May 2nd NOW???

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