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    ALT stars Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones) as 24-year-old Danny, who finds himself transported to a parallel universe with his ex-best friend Milo, played by Craig Roberts (Submarine).

    The full synopsis for the new drama reads: "Imagine: that mate you dumped months ago because he's a tool, rings you out of the blue and asks for help. You go round and he's tripping. Banging on about parallel worlds and killers with swords and you're not really listening to be honest.

    "And the next thing you know the world's changed. Literally changed. Your girlfriend, who was kind of the love of your life, no longer even recognises you. Dead relatives are suddenly alive again. And someone who looks just like you is living your life. Badly."

    Craig is killing me in this pic

    Commissioner Beth Willis commented: "ALT is a mind-bendingly funny pilot for E4 from the pen of Jamie Mathieson and directed by the brilliant Ben Caron. Milo and Danny are wonderful and useless and loveable. Expect the unexpected - and lots of laughs."

    Damien Timmer, from ALT producers Mammoth Screen, added: "We're so pleased to bring Jamie's hugely inventive and hilarious world to life, and are lucky to have such an incredibly talented creative team and cast - all of whom have given us a bold new show full of fun, wit and adventure."

    ALT is expected to air on E4 in spring 2014.


    Sounds like it could be fun in a "first season of Misfits" kind of way w/e i'm excited to see more of him.

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    Tintypes, specifically, painstakingly shot by ace photographer Victoria Will at Sundance.

    Every year, some extraordinary photographs and moments happen at The Sundance Film Festival. Photographer Victoria Will is no stranger to them, having covered the Festival for the past four years.

    In the past, Will has created straightforward (and stunning) photographs of celebrities in attendance, but this year, she decided to try something new—and also incredibly challenging:
    "A year ago I had my tin type portrait made at the Photoville festival in Brooklyn by the Penumbra Foundation," says Will, "and since that moment I have been intrigued by wet plate work, you might even say obsessed. I am fascinated by the slow process, the finicky nature of the chemistry, and the beauty in each unpredictable result. There is something really special in each wet plate being one of a kind. It's incredibly honest." asked Victoria (with darkroom help from fellow photographer Josh Wool) to share her photographs from this year with us. Take a look at this exclusive, incredible (sometimes haunting!) collection of images of some of Hollywood's most recognizable faces.

    Diane Kruger


    Elle Fanning


    Mark Ruffalo


    Kristen Stewart


    Bill Hader


    Phillip Seymour-Hoffman


    Emmanuelle Chriqui


    Michael Pitt


    Maggie Gyllenhaal


    Jason Momoa


    Elijah Wood


    Michael Shannon


    rest at the source

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    Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson grabbed their skis and put on their warmest winter jackets as they were spotted hitting the slopes together in Park City, Utah. The long term couple were taking time out of her promotional work at the Sundance Film Festival for her new film The Better Angels.


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    Suits' Patrick J. Adams will star opposite Zoe Saldana in the network's four-hour miniseries, with Jason Isaacs also joining the reboot, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The four-hour miniseries is based on author Ira Levin's classic 1967 horror novel of the same name, with production set to begin this month in Paris.

    Rosemary’s Baby centers on a young married couple who move into a Paris apartment that has a haunted past. After getting pregnant, Rosemary Woodhouse (Saldana) becomes increasingly suspicious that both her husband Guy (Adams) and their neighbors will have ulterior motives when her child is born. The book was later adapted into the Roman Polanski-directed 1968 feature film. The movie earned supporting actress Ruth Gordon an Oscar and Polanski a writing nom.

    Isaacs will play warlock/coven leader Roman Castevet, the role portrayed by Sidney Blackmer in Polanski's feature in which John Cassavetes played Adams' role, Guy.


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    We're not sure if James Franco keeps a diary but if he does, 2013 likely takes up several volumes. Tackling everything from the major studio comedies to left field documentaries to hard scrabble indie flicks, working as a writer, director, actor, producer and more (sometimes all at once), James Franco is nothing if not prolific and creatively curious. One film he managed to get on the festival circuit last year was his Cormac McCarthy adaptation "Child Of God," and while it still needs distributor, a new trailer for the project has dropped.

    Scott Haze takes the lead role of Lester Ballard, a man living on the fringes of society who spirals into further debauchery, crime and murder, and some nasty, grimy business that might not even be fit for print. It certainly looks primal as all hell, which makes sense given the source material, but as our man in Venice attests, it's a pretty low rent production, noting: "Flaws with the filmmaking could perhaps have been forgiven for a tour-de-force central turn, but there's little to learn about the character once the first couple of reels are through. The whole thing feels sort of tossed off, like it was made by film students over a couple of weekends." Zing.

    Like we said, there's no U.S. home for this yet, so for the time being this trailer will be all you get. But take heart, James Franco's doc "Kink," which premiered at last year's Sundance, finally made a distribution deal over the weekend, with MPI Pictures snapping it up. It'll hit theaters this summer


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    She is known as one of pop's most statuesque figures.

    But Lady Gaga took that a step too far on Monday when she attended the Azzedine Alaia fashion show in Paris, France, as part of the Men's Collections.

    At 1.55 metres tall, the 27 year-old star dwarfed the acclaimed tastemaker by more than a foot as they posed together for photographs ahead of his collection preview.

    Wearing a black and white jumpsuit, the eccentric performer - real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - looked Harlequin-inspired for the city's annual showcase, which has seen the likes of Salma Hayek and Anna Wintour in attendance this year.

    She matched the look with epic heels and a grey wig made of plaited rope.

    Conservative in comparison, Azzedine opted for an all-black ensemble capped with basic trainers and a waterproof jacket.


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    If you’re looking for high drama, politically-motivated favoritism, and the most elegant kind of foul play, figure skating is the Olympic sport for you. And it’s not just a overabundance of flesh-panelling and egos that make for trouble — the sport seems to attract some of the most Machiavellian behind-the-scenes “fixers,” too.

    Here’s your guide to the five greatest figure-skating scandals to ever grace the ice…


    Despite the Cold War finishing up on the political stage in 1991, it extended its icy grip to the skating ring well into the 21st century.

    The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City was marred by yet another Soviet vs. the Rest skirmish: it turned out that Russia had manipulated the votes for its figure-skating couple, Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, over the better-performing Canadian duo Jamie Sale and David Pelletier.

    The truth emerged when French judge Marie-Reine La Gougne broke down and admitted that she’d been forced by the head of the French Skating Organization to vote for the Russian couple, irrespective of their performance. An inquiry was ordered, and the International Skating Union upgraded the Canadian couple’s medal to gold, while La Gougne was suspended for misconduct.

    The Russians, however, remained untouchable.

    Want to play judge yourself? Why not compare Jamie Sale and David Pelletier here…

    … with Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze here.


    The conventional wisdom in figure-skating goes like this: If you want to win the men’s competition, you need to include a quadruple jump in your performance. Only two medallists managed to make gold without it – at least, before 2010.

    At the Vancouver Games, when American skater Evan Lysachek took the gold without making the quadruple jump, Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko who had included the jump, was incensed. Ironically, just days before the Games, Plushenko had made curt comments at a news conference about what he thought were arbitrary decisions about what constituted better technical performance: “If the judges want someone to place high, they can arrange it.”

    His remarks were seized upon by U.S. judge Joe Inman, who sent an email to more than 60 other judges and officials suggesting that Plushenko was deluded about the quality of the rest of his skating, and that the other judges would do well to consider that.

    This was taken as evidence that Plushenko was onto something more than a conspiracy theory — and when he lost to Lysachek, the proof seemed to be, yet again, in the Cold War pudding.


    In 1994, American figure-skating darling Nancy Kerrigan was famously clubbed in the right knee, in an attack planned by skating rival Tonya Harding’s ex-husband and his co-conspirator. Gasp!

    Despite the attack causing her to miss the US championships, she got her game back in a record seven weeks to appear in the Lillehammer Winter Olympics. There, she took a silver medal for her performance, finishing just behind Ukranian skater Oksana Baiul. who took gold. Rumours flew that Baiul had won because of Russian favoritism, rather than skill, and Kerrigan was not happy.

    The medal presentation was delayed when Olympic officials were, um, tracking down the Ukranian national anthem. Kerrigan, meanwhile, was mistakenly told this was due to an over-emotional Baiul having her tear-smudged make-up retouched.

    Then, CBS News broadcast footage of an irritated Kerrigan complaining about it —”What’s the difference? She’s only going to get up there and cry again” — and the press seized upon her for being ungracious. Kerrigan even lost sponsor endorsements and TV deals following the debacle.

    Moral of the story? Play the martyr, even if you’re the victim of a physically violent conspiracy, and never bitch about another competitor’s make-up choices. At least, not until you’re back in your own dressing room.


    Ever wonder what Olympic gold medallists go on to do with their lives? Well, in this case, kidnapping and sex trafficking.

    Nearly 30 years after he took gold at the 1968 Olympics, figure skater Wolfgang Schwarz was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2006 after he was found guilty of plotting to kidnap the daughter of a Romanian businessman, and ransom her for $4 billion.

    And this was after being convicted in 2002 on trafficking charges for ferrying five women from Russia to Lithuania. Schwarz was sentenced to a year and a half in jail for that one, but it was postponed because he was suffering from side effects of skin cancer treatment.

    And Schwarz’s reasoning for swapping the podium for the prison cell?

    “I admit it was my idea to kidnap the woman. I cannot explain it.”

    Glad that’s sorted, then…


    It’s not just point-scoring that stirs controversy — it’s the clothing requirements, too. Men are only banned from wearing just tights, but it’s a different story for women.

    Until the 1988 Calgary Games, women could pretty much wear whatever they liked. But that year, the International Skating Union implemented a competition dress code — and why? Well, skater Katerina Witt supposedly wore such a high-cut unitard, it prompted the “Katerina Rule:” completely covered hips and buttocks, and no exposed midriffs from that point onwards.

    I don’t know, maybe I’ve been exposed to too much celebrity side-boob, but it looks a-OK to me. Still, don’t just take my word for it — you can check it for yourself here. FYI: keep an ear out for the commentator’s insight on Witt’s routine: “I think the Carmen we’re going to see is a flirtatious one”.


    what, no Michelle Kwan dumping Frank Carroll to go coachless at the Olympics?

    or in more recent memory...

    what scandals will Sochi bring us?

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    yassss i'm so ready I am glad she is actually coming to Pittsburgh

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     Lindsay Lohan is attending her first Sundance Film Festival.

    The 27-year-old came to the independent cinema showcase Monday to announce that she will produce and star in a film called "Inconceivable" that is set to start shooting in March.

    She was joined by producer and financier Randall Emmett. He called Lohan "one of the greatest young actresses of her generation."

    Lohan says she is grateful to be at Sundance and working on a movie.

    She described the film as a psychological thriller about a woman trying to reclaim something she lost. No director or co-stars have been announced, but Lohan says she "would die" if Jessica Lange would consider a part.


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    Whether you call them Cumberbitches, Cumberbabes or the Cumber Collective, the female fans of 'Sherlock' star Benedict Cumberbatch are legion

    His cheekbones are striking," says entertainment writer Meghan O'Keefe of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Maybe it’s his height — 6 feet. Or his gently tousled brown curls. An accent always helps — his is British.

    “Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch has a wildly passionate underground fan network — known in various circles of the Internet as Cumberbitches, Cumberbabes or, more recently, the Cumber Collective— that has grown from its faint beginnings in the U.K. to include rabid fans all across the globe.

    The Collective is buzzing as “Sherlock” begins its new season on Sunday on PBS.

    His cheekbones are striking,” says Park Slope entertainment writer Meghan O’Keefe, 28, who finds Cumberbatch’s unique looks to be part of his draw. “It’s like someone tried to draw a handsome face, but the eyes are a little too small, the cheekbones are too big, the mouth is too big.”

    O’Keefe first fell for the 37-year-old Englishman after catching a second season episode of “Sherlock” — then discovering to her delight that Cumberbatch had done other things.

    I went through a two-week span of watching everything he had done,” says O’Keefe. “I became obsessed. I’m like, ‘This is ridiculous. Why am I not leaving the house?’

    Cumberbatch doesn’t have typical movie star looks, but takes roles that make the geek girls melt: a villainous space general in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” the evil dragon in “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” and the idiot savant extraordinaire in “Sherlock.”

    Plus, Cumberbatch has earned a reputation for being sweet and silly off-camera, as in that YouTube video of him playfully dancing with partygoers.

    And fans love it when he gets saucy and self-mocking of his superstardom (in some circles).

    At a Golden Globes after-party last week, Benedict Cumberbatch, left, displays the silliness that endears him to fans as he and fellow actor Michael Fassbender dance the night away.

    In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, one fan asked Cumberbatch whether he and his friend Tom Hiddleston enjoy cheekbone-polishing sessions together.

    We like nothing better than buffing our zygoma,” Cumberbatch replied. “And imagining a horny time traveling long overcoat purple scarf wearing super sleuth nordic legend f--- fantasy. Get to work on that, internet.”

    Oh, it did — though not necessarily in the way Cumberbatch suggested.

    Whenever he shows his dirty, naughty side, he breaks the Internet,” says Netherlands-based fan Meike Zane, 23.

    But acting and personality can only get a star so far. Those cheekbones remain a key part of Cumberbatch’s appeal. Cheekbones and everything below them.

    A fan says, "The eyes are a little small, the cheekbones are too big, the mouth is too big" -- but that's all part of the atrraction of actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

    I love the elegance of his hands, his rich baritone voice, his humility, his politeness,” says fan Lea Marie, 38. “This man would cause me to go from cruising down the road at about 55 to slamming on the brakes, taking a right-hand turn and flying at 100 miles an hour directly into the fandom known as the Cumber Collective.”

    For all the libido the actor stirs, the Cumberbitches also offer plenty of genuine appreciation for the pseudo-hunk’s on-screen work — even when the projects are less than successful (we’re talking to you, “The Fifth Estate”).

    He brings an intensity and commitment to every role, whatever the role,” says social media expert Lara Schutz, 26, who lives upstate.

    Unlike fans of, say, Robert Redford, the Cumber Collective has a social media prowess that keeps their star in the public eye on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

    But like any large cult, there are cracks in what at first appears to be unity. Some fans who discovered Cumberbatch’s appeal prior to his breakout roles in “Sherlock” and “Star Trek” feel more entitled to their fandom than newer devotees.

    There is a small part of me that felt like we Cumberbabes were in on a special little secret, like we were in an exclusive little club,” says Akron, Ohio, attorney Kate Makra, 36.

    Ah, the price of quasi-fame.


    ONTD, let's decide it once and for all: the worst fandom on the internet? My vote goes to Supernatural.

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    Did Margaery Tyrell get a hair makeover?

    At Saturday night’s SAG Awards, Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer unveiled her head-turning new look — a half-shaved hairstyle.

    “It’s been hidden for 3 months. It happened back in October. I was, you know, waiting for the right moment,” Dormer told EW of her new ‘do, which she got in preparation to play Cressida in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. ”I’ve never shaved my head before. My man has his head shaved, so… I’d rub it and think, ‘This is gonna be me!’”

    In the book, Cressida is described as having “a shaved head tattooed with green vines.” Does that mean Dormer is going to go full cue ball?

    The actress says she was committed to doing “a full Anne Hathaway” to play Cressida.

    Francis Lawrence, the director of Mockingjay, and I discussed it and I took the job on the premise that I would possibly [have to] shave my whole head. I’m actually really pleased that we went halfway because I think it’s more the Capitol… and that’s where Cressida comes from,” Dormer said. “She comes from the Capitol, so she’s got a stylized thing going on and now she’s turned rebel. I think it’s right for the character.

    Dormer — who has said that the key to playing her Game of Thrones character is the wig – said adjusting to her new hairstyle was relatively easy.

    “It was a bit weird lying in bed for the first few nights. [One] side feels normal, [the other] side doesn’t feel so normal against the pillow,” she explained. ”[And] hats fit differently.”

    For all of those who didn't know

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    Esther Lee for Us Magazine writes:
    They speak! After last week's incredibly awkward and silent Today show appearance, Kate Gosselin's twin daughters Mady and Cara gave Barbara Walters and her View cohosts an actual sit-down interview on Monday, Jan. 20 -- except when their father Jon Gosselin was mentioned.

    Walters [asked], "To have six younger brothers and sisters, that's not easy. Tell us about that." The girls shrugged their shoulders and smiled while Kate turned to Mady and said, "You've waited your whole life for this question."

    Mady quipped, "You ruined my dramatic silence!" while the audience erupted in claps and cheers. "They're annoying," she admitted of her younger siblings -- sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, 9, while Cara chimed, "they are annoying" in agreement. Mady also revealed that the family still keeps in touch with TLC crew members from her family's hit show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, which ended in 2011, and they still want to remain on television.

    Although most of the discussion remained lively and animated, the two became tongue-tied once again when their father Jon, 36, was mentioned Monday. "Do you see your father, too?" asked Walters.

    "Um," responded Mady as she gave her mother an uncomfortable smile as she shrugged her shoulders.

    "Answer," prodded Kate. Both daughters gave their mother the same uncomfortable blank stares from the Today show last week during a sit-down with Savannah Guthrie. Kate just shrugged her shoulders and made a face in response.

    While their dad has yet to address their latest live TV interview, Kate happily tweeted after The View appearance: "Thx 2 all the awesome ladies of The View for your warm welcome! So much fun!"

    Other fun facts from the interview:
    - Mady doesn't like the Biebz, she likes One Direction (fav = Niall).
    - Cara likes Demi Lovato.
    - They both want to do another reality show.

    Source 1 | 2

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    We’ve heard of people losing their day jobs when it’s discovered they’ve done porn, but it looks like a high-school student has been suspended for filming with Sean Cody.

    Queerty is reporting on a Reddit poster claiming to be the cousin of  ”Noel,” who was allegedly “severely bullied” by classmates and suspended for 10 days when his extra-curricular activity became known. The suspension also means he will not be able to graduate in June. While some students are defending Noel and promising to protest his treatment, the principal is threatening “to automatically expel any student who joins in.”

    It’s not clear what the legal situation is: If Noel is 18 and attending public school, presumably whatever legal activities he gets up to on his own time is his business. If he’s at a private school, however, administrators have a lot more discretion to make his life hell.

    What we want to know is, who was the one who first recognized Noel and started spreading the word around school?

    Sourceif you wanna see noel in action

    ONTD, have you been suspended from school because you were sucking dick on camera for $$$?

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    It's sad how happy I am to have back this glorious mess of a show.

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    Beyoncé and Janet Jackson's creative paths might be more similar than you realize. In terms of a child star maturing and transforming from daddy's little pop princess to an iconic global superstar, there are parallels between 1993's Janet and 2013's Beyoncé albums.

    … long before her accidentally exposed nipple during a Super Bowl half-time show made her an Enemy of the State, Jackson was a chubby-faced girl in black, who smiled nice and spoke softly at the camera, who promised suitors she’d be “worth the wait.” The last of the Jackson Dynasty, her music was autobiographical ("Control"), sure, and socio-politically conscious (the critically-acclaimed "Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814"), but never sexy, and certainly never sexual. This video for "Love Will Never Do (Without You)," released in 1990, was Janet’s first official makeover that repositioned her public image. The ’93 record, released when Jackson was 27, drove the point home. Like Knowles, Jackson also broke managerial ties with her father, seeking more autonomy, a move that has proven to be instrumental in the successes of both artists.

    For Beyoncé, dropping her father Matthew Knowles allowed her to be free in a way she couldn't totally before. I guess Ms. Tina, Beyoncé's mom like Mrs. Jackson before her, is more forgiving, but according to Beyoncé, like Janet all those decades ago, mommy didn't get to hear those breathy sex-positive lyrics before the general public either. Some things aren't ever for mom's ears, no matter how old you are I guess.

    These days, Janet might not have the same star power she wielded during the 1990s and early aughts but Ms. Jackson's legacy of shutting down every stage, and movie screen— sans Damita Jo,Discipline, and The Nutty Professor II (sorry, stans) — created the space for black pop artist
    s like Beyoncé to smash their own "good little girl" images. And we're all the better for it.


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    Wendy Williams broke down in tears on her show on Monday, upset that her teenage son “doesn’t like me anymore.”

    The unexpected emotional outburst happened as Williams was discussing the Madonna “n**ga” controversy involving the pop star’s own 13-year-old child Rocco.

    After pointing out that Rocco is a “real fan of his mother,” the talk show host announced that her son Kevin Hunter, Jr. doesn’t feel the same way.

    Williams said that she’s known that her son doesn’t like her for some time, “but the ball just got smacked home this weekend.”

    “It is breaking my heart,” said Williams, as her audience gasped.

    She then talked about how Hunter’s father is his “buddy,” leaving her feeling isolated.


    Do you like your parents, ONTD?

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    The Academy Award nominations have been announced, and those up for an award are in for an old-fashioned slugfest. The nods are divided pretty event between frontrunners American Hustle, Gravity and 12 Years A Slave in the Best Picture category, fracturing the other awards into unpredictable clusters. Furthermore, there are a load of fresh faces in several of this year’s nomination brackets, ensuring a minimum of overly-political "he’s due" awards.

    Today we feature Best Supporting Actor. This is a thornier pack than last year, when all the nominees were previous winners, limiting the amount of actual competition between participants (Christoph Waltz ultimately won). This year there are no previous winners, three first-time nominees, and two second-time honorees. What’s more, it can be argued that each of the members of this particular nominated class are working in the shadow of a bigger standout leading man. Usually there’s a big supporting cut-up, or a scenery-chewing ham who upstages everyone. Here, at last, we have five legit Supporting Actor performances. The nominees…

    DARK HORSES: Barkhad Abdi and Bradley Cooper
    Every year, a little-known actor emerges from relative obscurity to join the other nominees, and everyone politely smiles and pats themselves on the back for not honoring some old warhorse giving the same acclaimed performance a billion times over. It’s rarely about how good he is, and in Barkhad Abdi’s case, it feels overly political: honoring his work has been one of the defensive strategies employed by fans of Captain Phillips who bat back accusations of the film’s simplistic racial dynamics.

    Abdi’s great, of course, a palpable menace who reveals himself as psychologically complex and principled in the film’s quieter moments. But, like everything in Paul Greengrass’ thriller, it’s about context. Greengrass’ docu-style shooting method reduces everything to "process," whether it’s a chase, a brawl, or a negotiation. It’s a credit to Greengrass’ intelligence (and/or commercial interests) that the not-nominated Tom Hanks is so good in the title role, but it’s a credit to the studios for getting Abdi out there, making his name known while promoting the film, because his character certainly feels less concrete and more elemental than his opposition.

    Bradley Cooper is a surprise honoree, given that he wasn’t receiving awards attention from other voting bodies. Generally, you’re not going to receive a lot of Oscar heat if you were better in another recent Oscar-nominated role, and yet here’s Cooper, a year after his Leading Actor nod in Silver Linings Playbook, offering some alpha male comic relief to David O. Russell’s manic crime caper. His attention in this category likely has to do with the Academy’s love of the film more than an appreciation of the work. Also, consider it a silent vote to bring back perms.

    CONTENDERS: Jonah Hill and Michael Fassbender
    Could anyone have expected that the hefty kid buying fishbowl shoes in The 40 Year Old Virgin would end up being a two-time Oscar nominee? Jonah Hill is a hot mess in Wolf of Wall Street, and his gonzo turn, equal parts Joe Pesci and sputtering early eighties Eric Roberts, powers some of the film’s manic set pieces. It’s a comedic performance, which may hurt him: Hill has very few moments to actually provide a conscience to his devil-may-care deal broker. As such, he probably suffers from not having that show-stopping moment where he realizes the error of his ways.

    Everyone seems ready to anoint Michael Fassbender as the next massive star, and an Oscar sure would speed up that coronation. It’s not unmerited: Fassbender is sulfurous in 12 Years A Slave, bristling with the frustrating rage of impotence. Steve McQueen’s direction makes Fassbender’s anger seem bigger, almost emblematic of the rage that voters would like to believe existed within the ignorance of those who willingly participated in the slave trade. It’s ugly, villainous work, and there’s the sense Fassbender is so good that he’ll be even better someday, in a more dynamic part. A win for him is possible, but he’s a Leading Man, and that’s something that will be in voter’s minds when they think about awarding him for a supporting ensemble part.

    FRONTRUNNER: Jared Leto
    There’s a truckload of problematic elements to both Leto’s performance and his character in Dallas Buyers Club. Clearly, that’s been lost on the voting bloc, who nominated both Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor and the film for Best Picture. It’s the year’s prominent "issue" film, and Leto’s presence in the narrative is meant to satisfy those troubled that a significant LGBT story is seen through the eyes of another straight man. Judging by Leto’s many award wins, the strategy worked.

    Leto’s actually pretty decent in the part as Ron Woodroof’s sassy sparring partner. Initially, it seems like something of a comic relief part, but Leto infuses the role with good humor and an indomitable spirit. Plus, the Academy loves their LGBT characters as long as they’re doomed, and Leto’s Rayon has her ticket stamped long before we’ve really gotten to know her. There’s a natural chemistry between Leto and McConaughey as well, ultimately the key to both receiving equal praise.

    It’s no secret that, among these actors, Leto has been the most forthcoming with others also in the voting body. Despite his youthful looks, he’s the veteran of the bunch, and he’s toiled away in enough forgettable roles that his recent semi-retirement comes off as something of a principled, silent stance against the lack of quality roles offered his way. Not to denigrate the other nominees, all who have come across graciously as nominees, but Leto has seemed the most upfront about his friendly desire to win, and his recent turn on the awards circuit, charming other stars and reporters, matters a whole bunch.


    ONTD, what is more deserving of an Oscar: Abdi's scary eyes, Bradley's dark perms, Fassbender's yelling voice, Jonah's fatty belly or Leto's Satan?

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    With great power comes a greater chance of spewing dirt.

    This is the lesson The Originals' Davina (Danielle Campbell) will learn in tonight's episode of the hit CW drama when her powers (via all her fellow coven members who were sacrificed in the botched Harvest festival) become too much for her to handle. While coughing up dirt probably won't have Davina updating her favorite hobbies on Facebook anytime soon, it was quite the fun day on set for Campbell.

    "OK, it was a big joke on set because the dirt was really cookies," she tells E! News. "So they were Oreo cookies, everyone was teasing me the whole day that I just got to sit in bed and eat cookies all day...It was a blast, I really enjoyed it."

    Ah, if only Davina were a typical teenager, right?

    In "Après Moi, Le Déluge," Davina will be going through a whole lot of emotions, thanks to her crush Tim's (Shane Coffey) tragic death at the hands of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in last week's episode.

    "You see her very devastated and heartbroken. Klaus has now killed the one person that made her feel normal and the one person that she really cared about, so you see her angry," Campbell previews. "She's really mad, but you also see a huge twist, a huge turn of events that happens between all the characters and it's something that no one's going to expect."

    That "huge turn of events" could possibly have a positive impact on Davina's relationship with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), the vamp who saved her from the Harvest, but also used her to cement his status as King of the French Quarter. "She's just furious with him. She's hurt, she's still mad, but with this huge turn of events that's going to happen, you see them start to mend that friendship and really start to see how much they both care about each other," Campbell teases.

    Prior to landing her witchy role on The Originals, Campbell, 18, was a major fan of The Vampire Diaries, making the transition from watching Morgan on-screen to going toe-to-toe with him in scenes (and beating him!) and surreal one.

    "It's really great because you can see how fantastic of an actor Joseph is when you watch the show, but it's amazing to work with him because he gives such takes," Campbell gushes of her costar. "He doesn't just do the same thing over and over, I mean he could act to a wall and still surprise everyone. He's so brilliant as an actor."

    And Campbell has managed to give the series one of its most iconic shots yet when Davina snapped a group of witches' necks at the same time in last week's episode, a moment that was instantly .giffed and gushed over on Tumblr. But Campbell is quick to credit The Originals' stunts team for the badass moment.

    "I was less aware of myself being the one doing it, because I was so focused on how cool it looked," she explains. "The lighting and the way everything was shot, seeing these women rise off the ground and then when I did the turning of my wrist and it snapped their necks, I mean just watching how these women did this was so fascinating."


    0 0

    It looks like Fox’s reboot of “The Fantastic Four” is getting closer to finalizing its cast.

    Sources tell Variety that Simon Kinberg has finished rewriting the script and that the studio plans to begin testing thesps for the roles of Reed Richards (aka Mister Fantastic) and Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman) by the end of the month.

    Rumors have circulated that Miles Teller is in talks to play Richards after he said in an interview that a decision would be made shortly. Other actors expected to test for the part include “Game of Thrones’” Kit Harington and Richard Madden. Kate Mara and Saoirse Ronan are expected to test for the role of Storm. Michael B. Jordan is attached to play Johnny Storm, but he is expected to test with the actors to see which group has the best chemistry. Josh Trank is on board to direct the pic with Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn and Gregory Goodman serving as producers.

    The pic is slated to bow June 19, 2015.


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