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    Link, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, and Princess Rosalina invade a galaxy far, far away with this tribute to "Star Wars" by animator James Farr

    Bonnie Burton
    by Bonnie Burton

    (Credit: Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET)

    Luke Skywalker isn't the only one who knows how to wave around a lightsaber. Link, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Toad, Yoshi, and more beloved Nintendo video game characters are transformed as "Star Wars" characters in "Super Smash Wars 2: The Empire Smashes Back" Part 1 and Part 2 by Oklahoma-based animator and director James Farr.

    "'Star Wars' and Nintendo are both incredibly dear to my heart and have always had some interesting narrative overlap," Farr told Crave. "Eventually, I knew, somebody would think to do this. And I wanted to be the one to do it first -- and (do it) right."

    There's something rather charming in seeing AT-AT walkers driven by Super Stars. Plus, Donkey Kong plays Chewbacca; Yoshi is a tauntaun (that luckily does not die); Pikachu is the patient Yoda; and Sonic the Hedgehog is a suave Lando Calrissian.

    Of all the iconic scenes in the "Empire" mashup, Farr is partial to a particular setting. "As a massive Sonic and Mega Man fan -- some of my favorite comic book crossovers -- everything in Cloud City was especially fun," Farr told Crave. "Plus, I just like seeing Mario and Sonic share a screen."

    This isn't the first time Farr made an impressive tribute to both "Star Wars" and Nintendo characters. Last year, Farr created "Super Smash Wars: A Link to the Hope," featuring Phantom Lord Ganon-Darth who unveils his latest weapon. Link Skywalker must learn the ways of the Triforce to lead a rag-tag rebellion against the Empire.

    Farr has written and developed comics, television, and features for Hasbro, TokyoPop, Dreamworks, Studio B, and New Line Cinema. His other Web series "Xombie" and "Trains-formers" have 106 million views combined.

    Thanks to all the positive feedback Farr has gotten, fans can expect more "Star Wars" and Nintendo mashups. "'Return of the Jedi' is on the way soon," Farr said. "Though judging by the fan comments, I may just give up and call it 'Super Slave Peach.' As for the prequels, I may give it a shot. Though Jar Jar may have an unfortunate 'accident' in Act 1."

    "These are easily the most complicated and painstakingly planned of all the mashup animations I've done to date," Farr told Crave of "Super Smash Wars 2." "Then again, they are also the most satisfying. Not just to watch myself, but to see others react to. If I can make somebody feel 12 years old again, even if it's just for a second, that's about all the motivation I need."


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    Batman and Superman are often considered the World's Finest superheroes, but right now, they're also a little tardy. Late last week, Warner Bros. announced the surprising decision to move Zack Snyder's untitled "Man of Steel" sequel from its original July 2015 release date, to nine months later on May 6, 2016. It's a notable move for a few reasons, not the least of which being the complete absence of DC Entertainment movies on the calendar until at least 2016. The other big reason: DC is going directly against Marvel Studios, which also has an unannounced picture scheduled for May 6, 2016. With Warner Bros. positioning Batman and Superman as gladiators against Marvel Studios' second scheduled Phase Three film, it's worth asking the question: Which movie should Marvel slot for May 6, 2016? Does the house that Iron Man built have a trick up its sleeve powerful enough to topple the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader? We think it's certainly possible — and here are some of the films that could do the trick.

    "Iron Man 4"
    It's highly unlikely we'll see a standalone Shellhead movie before "The Avengers 3," since Robert Downey Jr. is currently only signed for the next two "Avengers" films and nothing more. But if Marvel wants to compete against Batman and Superman, there are few surer bets than the Armored Avenger.

    "Captain America" and "Thor" Sequels
    Two's a party, and three's an even bigger party, at least where movies are concerned. Trilogies are all the rage in Hollywood, and with just one more film to go in each series before hitting that magic number, you can bank on "Captain America" and "Thor" sequels hitting as part of Marvel's third phase of films. Putting either one of these movies against Batman/Superman could be the way to go.

    He was the breakout character in Joss Whedon's "The Avengers," but there are still no announced plans for another standalone "Hulk" movie. Mark Ruffalo is game, and audiences would likely flock to a two-hour engagement with his Jade Giant. (That sounds wrong for so many reasons.) Could Hulk smash Batman and Superman? It's a fight we'd love to see.

    "Captain Marvel"
    If Marvel doesn't announce "Captain Marvel" as part of their Phase Three plans at Comic-Con this summer, there is something wrong with the world. "Captain Marvel," if cast right, could blow audiences away, and give viewers the female superhero movie they've waited far too long for. "Captain Marvel" is a lesser-known quantity than Batman and Superman, sure, but it's got the brand right there in the title. Hard to go wrong.

    "Black Widow"
    If Marvel thinks "Captain Marvel" is a little too risky for a Batman/Superman battle, but still wants to release the first female-led superhero flick before Warner Bros. realizes what they should have done with "Wonder Woman" oh-so long ago, then "Black Widow" would be a great consolation. By that point, Scarlett Johansson will have held starring roles in four Marvel movies, but not one of her own. Change that with a "Black Widow/Winter Soldier" team-up, throw Hawkeye and the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. into the mix, and you have yet another mini "Avengers" movie in the vein of the coming "Captain America" sequel. Time to find out how all that red got in Natasha's ledger. 

    "Black Panther"
    The world is waiting for Wakanda, even if it doesn't know it yet. For years, T'Challa has been rumored as one of the next big-screen Marvel heroes, though there's been no official movement on that front. There's so much opportunity in "Black Panther," from a compelling lead character to the Vibranium-rich mythology of Wakanda. It needs to be on Marvel's radar for Phase Three, and pitting the film against the powerhouse of Batman/Superman would be a huge show of confidence.

    "Doctor Strange"
    He's an unknown character to the public at large, but there's at least one very easy way to fix that. Even if Johnny Depp doesn't step in as the Sorcerer Supreme, there are several other notable actors out there that could make the mystic arts a more compelling engagement than the "Man of Steel" sequel.

    "The Avengers"
    Again Marvel, please don't push "Age of Ultron" a full year in order to compete with Batman and Superman. That would be horrible for everybody. That being said, it would also be kind of hilarious — but there's a better way to do it: Come out the gate with a third "Avengers" movie, one year after "Age of Ultron." Back-to-back years filled with Earth's mightiest heroes? That prospect does not suck.


    120% here for a Black Widow/Winter Solider team-up. And most of these suggestions too, but especially that.

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    We are more accustomed to seeing her in baggy sweatpants and beanies but tomboy Cara Delevingne looked elegant and ethereal at the Chanel haute couture show in Paris this morning.

    The 21-year-old donned a sheer white bridal-style dress as she closed the hotly anticipated presentation alongside creative director and good friend Karl Lagerfeld.

    The gown was embellished with jewels and Cara completed the look with an extravagant feather headdress and lashings of silver eyeliner as she glided along the catwalk with a page boy in tow - none other than Karl's five-year-old godson.


    But in classic Cara style, the supermodel shunned stilettos for some comfy trainers.

    Cara is a favourite of the luxurious French brand and walked alongside Miranda Kerr in its SS14 show last season.

    It's been a busy few weeks for the queen of the catwalk. Not only is she the star of Mulberry's new campaign, she has also been a regular fixture on the sideline of numerous basketball games in recent weeks joining the likes of Rihanna, Michelle Rodriguez and most recently, Ellie Goulding and Jourdan Dunn courtside.

    Cara was also spotted with Michelle Rodriguez after the show


    She's only 21, but Cara Delevingne has already walked down the aisle in a wedding dress.

    Well, more runway as the star of Chanel's spring/summer 2014 couture show in Paris on Tuesday, where a young usher in a sparkling white suit carried her train as she descended the ivory stairs towards the catwalk.

    But as soon as the bridal gown was off, Cara was back to her mischievous ways, as she allowed fellow model Charlotte Free to grope her chest while in the back seat of a limo with Michelle Rodriguez.


    Cara looked like she was certainly enjoying the backseat fondle, as she stuck her tongue out in mirth while pulling her crop down to draw attention to the message.

    And the garment certainly would be right, 'twerking is not a crime', but maybe it should be for some people.

    Keeping more of a low-profile was Michelle, who wore head-to-toe black through her leather trousers, vest top and cropped jacket.

    It made a difference from the actress with Cara at a New York Knicks home game a few weeks ago, where they locked lips and hung off each other throughout the four quarters.

    Michelle's behavior was so bizarre that Cara allegedly had to step in to stop her from drinking.

    A source told Us Weekly: 'Cara had to take Michelle's drink away from her during the 2nd half of the game. Michelle was so sloppy, it was embarrassing to watch.'

    During her Lost heyday, Michelle was arrested twice for speeding and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, where she did 60 days in jail, and thirty of them spent in rehab.

    Clearly all was forgiven as Michelle, Cara and Charlotte left together after the Chanel Couture Paris Fashion Week show.

    SOURCE 1 + 2

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    Rihanna launches our new M·A·C VIVA GLAM with two strikingly bold shades of red frosted Lipstick and Lipglass, perfectly capturing her fearless, confident style. Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM Rihanna goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Limited-edition, soft-touch red packaging features RiRi’s signature.
    buy it here

    i still need to find that perfect red. looking @ riri/ruby woo atm.

    #VIVAGLAMrihanna is available NOW!!! Only at !!! The reason this particular lipstick collection is so special to me, is that @maccosmeticsmakes sure that EVERY PENNY you spend on a#VIVAGLAM lipstick goes directly to the#MACAIDSFUND which helps men, women, children and families affected by HIV/AIDS!! Thank you ladies for your support #macgirlzRule


    LIPSTICK(Left) ($15 USD / $18 CAD)

    • Viva Glam Rihanna: Frosty blue-red (Frost)

    LIPGLASS(Right) ($15 USD / $18 CAD)

    • Viva Glam Rihanna: Frosty blue-red

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    Instagram + fan pics






    this weeks mancrush is....


    After spending a week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, RiRi is now in Los Angeles. She posed for photos with fans inside the plane and in LA.
    src | 2

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    From the ill-fated Best Disco Recording category to the ill-fitting FooMau5 collaboration

    Everybody's Human After All
    This year, veteran androids Daft Punk may get more than lucky at the Grammys, as the first electronic group in history to get nominated for Album of the Year — we know it's for an album with live drums on it, but baby steps, people. In addition, the Grammys will honor their robot forefathers Kraftwerk with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Combining this with nominations for artists like Disclosure, Pretty Lights, Zedd and Calvin Harris, this is easily the ceremony's best year for electronic music. But it wasn't always this way. Here's the rough road that the Grammys danced along to get here.

    1980: First (and Only) Year of the Best Disco Recording Category — Too Little, Too Late
    Somehow, the Grammys didn't discover disco until it had been around for nearly a decade. That's eight years after "Love Train" became the first disco track to top Billboard. That's three years after a disco version of the Star Wars cantina song was made. That's months after a riot of rockers chanting "Disco sucks!" left a pile of 12-inches on fire on Chicago's Comiskey Park. Gloria Gaynor won with "I Will Survive" but the Grammys, kowtowing to the haters, chopped this category as quickly as they wedged it in, thus ignoring dance music for almost two more decades out of fear that — what? Some bearded Pink Floyd fans might show up at their houses with picket signs?

    1998: Best Dance Recording Category Finally Introduced, 18 Years Later:
    After disco died (and the Disco Recording category with it), the 1980s dance music underground surged forward, emerging with more innovations than any other decade in electronic music history. Italo disco, acid house, Detroit techno, hi-NRG, electrofunk, Miami bass and other regional scenes were changing the world, but none of this registered on the Grammy radar — though they always did seem to find five nominees for the Best Polka Album. In the 1990s, Rolling Stone was busy running cover lines — the Orb, Junior Vasquez, Moby — that foretold the coming electronica storm, and the Grams finally caught on with the inaugural Best Dance Recording Category in 1998. Not that it was smooth sailing: They hilariously overcompensated by giving the award to Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer, who should have won the hypothetical 1978 Dance Grammy for "I Feel Love." Meanwhile, the Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers, who had released two of the most successful dance albums in history, were locked out entirely.

    2001: Who. Let. The. Dogs. Out.
    Woof! Woof, woof, woof! As easy as it would be to make fun of Baha Men for snatching the award for Best Dance Recording, honestly the entire category was a mess. Should they have been beaten by Eiffel 65's insufferable "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" gimmick, a song so grating and off-key it made Aqua's "Barbie Girl" sound like prescient millennial innovation? Or would you have preferred "Let's Get Loud," a corny, watered-down Jennifer Lopez number that seemed like the Grammys' consolation for handing over the Latin Pop award to Shakira? It was the Baha Men's shining moment. We must let them live.

    2007: And the Award Goes to… Madonna?
    Look. We're not making any excuses for Madonna's competitors in the Best Electronic/Dance Album category in 2007. Paul Oakenfold is Paul Oakenfold is Paul Oakenfold, while Zero 7's best achievement remains bringing Sia to the world. But Confessions on a Dance Floor, Madge's disco-aspirational tenth album, deserved a pop award rather than the token big-ups in a category in which literally no one else could compete with the queen. It's Madonna, and "Get Together" was a jam. Pet Shop Boys' also-nominated album was blowing in the tumbleweeds.

    2011: "Best Dance Recording" Category Has Zero Non-Pop Nominees
    In 2010, dubstep was mainstreaming, R&B singers were making electronic records and the baby that would become known as EDM was beginning to emerge. Yet the Grammys' perception of dance music seemed to be fully planted in chart hits. In the year Crookers collaborated with Pitbull, Magnetic Man brought the world Katy B, and LCD Soundsystem dropped his final album, the members of the nomination committee couldn't seem to find a record that wasn't also pop. You could do way worse than Rihanna, Robyn, LaRoux, Goldfrapp and Gaga — but were the categories not so rigid or tied to popularity, it could been had a better representation of the movement set to devour the world.

    2013: The Saga of Al Walser
    And the nominees for Best Dance Recording are: Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, Avicii and. . .Al Walser? While his competitors were dominating festival stages, this "entertainment mogul" had fewer than 7,000 YouTube plays total for his nominated song, "I Can't Live Without You." How did this happen? One theory we alluded to last year: "Walser is well connected in Grammy circles: he's a voter, and he's active on Grammy365, a social networking site for the awards. He also solicits opinions from people he's networked with while working on songs, which means many Grammy voters know who he is." As Walser told MTV, "Thousands of people have been part of the process of my songs. So probably when it came to ballot time they were very familiar with my name. There's nothing wrong with [that]."

    2013: Skrillex Wins Everything (Yay!); Nothing is Televised (Sigh)
    The Grammys had had their dalliance with electronic music and appeared to be over it, despite the fact that EDM was still raking in buckets of money and attracting record festival attendees. (In 2012, Electric Daisy Carnival's main Vegas event alone attracted 300,000 people.) But astronomical DJ fees and touring proceeds does not the Grammys make, so after gesturing to the genre with a 2012 performance, the fickle board brushed its Dance Awards to the side. Skrillex swept both dance categories and Best Remixed Recording, but there was barely any visual evidence: The Grammys, weary of your blips and your bleeps, neglected to air any of it on the television.

    Source has the full article with more dates.

    Do you think the Grammys should rein in the Pop category's spread? (Rihanna is Pop, R&B, and Dance, Taylor Swift is Pop & Country, etc) Is the Dance/Electronica category the biggest joke of the Grammys?

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    ESPN allows the worlds of music and sports to collide for ESPN The Magazine's annual Music Issue. The issue, which releases later this week, features three covers, each pairing a star athlete with a star musician.

    Nicki shares her cover with Kobe Bryant, sitting on a speaker to get on the same level as the NBA superstar who sports his latest signature sneaker, the Nike KOBE 9 Elite.

    Eminem reps for Detroit, appearing alongside Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron. ESPN describes the pairing as "a match made in Motor City heaven."

    And finally, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar walks a hallway with L.A. Clippers star Chris Paul for the third cover.

    ESPN The Magazine's 2014 Music Issue hits newsstands Friday (Jan. 24).


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    Should Mary Jane accept married-man Andre's marriage proposal?

    10 P.M. (BET) BEING MARY JANE Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) gets a jolt of reality when her romantic liaison is exposed, leading her finally to respond to the proposal of Andre (Omari Hardwick).


    This show has an awesome soundtrack

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    Jesse L. Martin has signed on to bring law and order to The Flash.

    Martin will play Det. West in the Arrow spin-off’s pilot based on the DC Comics hero, our sister site Deadline reports. Grant Gustin (Glee) stars in the CW project as its titular crimefighter, aka Central City forensics investigator Barry Allen.

    West is described as a trustworthy father figure to Gustin’s Barry, who was introduced in Episode 8 of Arrow‘s current season.

    David Nutter (The X-Files) will direct the pilot, which was written by DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Arrow EPs Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti.

    Martin played L&O‘s Det. Ed Green for nine years and had a role in Smash‘s second season.


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    Performing Word Up in Liberia



    More here...

    Leigh's instagram

    SportRelief's Instagram

    Little Mix's Instagram

    Formed in 2011 on the 8th series of The X Factor, Little Mix went on to become the first band to win the competition.

    Signing first for Simon Cowell’s Syco Records, they released their first album ‘DNA’ in 2012. Since then, Little Mix have toured the world, winning praise for both their music and their relentless self-respect in a genre where fame is all too often dependent on a lack of clothing.

    New album ‘Salute’ was released last month to rave reviews, winning universal critical acclaim.

    Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy caught up with FAULT magazine to reflect on their success and reveal what made them turn to the dark side:

    How has the way your group was formed affected its dynamic?
    Perrie: I think we’re probably closer than most groups. When we went to boot camp on x-factor, we kinda gelled anyway before we were together. We wouldn’t be in this position if we didn’t have each other so we’re so close, aren’t we?
    Jesy: Yeah, we went through so much together when we were at boot camp and that’s the thing, none of that got shown on tele. We got knocked back and sent home, but none of that got shown. I think that’s what made us so close.
    Jade: When we were individual singers, we didn’t have a lot of confidence anyway, so this was the best thing that could have happened. Every day we get closer and we love touring together. You see bands splitting off and doing their own thing; we’re always together, like constantly.

    Your first album ‘DNA’ did extremely well; were you at all surprised by how it took off?
    Leigh-Anne: We didn’t have any expectations of how well we were going to do, how many fans we had around the world. It was crazy. I remember the first time we went to Australia, that was the first time we went out of the UK and we saw how many fans we had, all there to meet us at the airport. It was just mad. Then it took off in America, getting a No.4 album; in Japan, the single went to No.1 in the pop chart. It’s just crazy.

    You’ve won praise from fans, critics and fellow performers: which means the most to you?
    Perrie: The Spice Girls have been really supportive of us, which is amazing because they were the best girl band in the world and we always looked up to them when we were younger. So to have their backing and their support is one of the best feelings ever.
    Jade: The Backstreet Boys tweeted about how they loved our album.
    Jesy: They said they wanted to go on tour with us!

    Amidst all of your worldwide success, how do you keep yourself grounded?
    Perrie: I think our families keep us really grounded, like our mams and dads would give us a slap if we got out of line. We surround ourselves with positive people who don’t blow smoke up our bums.
    Jade: Yeah, they’re not constantly like “can I do anything for you? Do you need anything?” It’s much more casual than that. They tell us to carry our own bags.

    You’re spending more and more time abroad; do you find that difficult?
    Leigh-Anne: Yeah, me and Jess do.
    Jesy: I do get really, really homesick.
    Jade: We’re still young girls. Obviously, it’s amazing to go to all these places but it’s hard when you’re away for 3 weeks.
    Leigh-Anne: We don’t really see our friends and family that much anyway. So, to be away and to know that we aren’t going to see them for that long is even harder. But we know how hard we have to work to make this really happen for us.

    Do you have any favourite places that you always look forward to going back to?
    Jesy: Australia.
    Leigh-Anne: Yeah, we love Japan too. The fans out there are just crazy. They make us into cartoons, it’s amazing!

    You’ve described your new album as ‘make or break’: does that make you more nervous about it?
    Jesy: I’m excited more than nervous. This album is a step up from our first album and that was successful, so I’m not nervous. I don’t mean that in a big-headed way but I just feel so proud of it because we’ve worked so hard on it. It’s matured more, it’s more R ‘n’ B and we’ve put so much into it.
    Leigh-Anne: We’ve got our core fan base and we really want to get other people on board as well. There’s people who wouldn’t listen to Little Mix because they think we’re quite young, but this album proves that we cater for everyone. There’s no reason a 27 year old man can’t listen to Little Mix. We’re cool, OK! (Yess!)

    Have you always wanted to move towards that R ‘n’ B direction?
    Perrie: It comes with maturity. We are maturing and we want our fan base to mature with us; we want to widen our fan base. As an artist, you always want to take one step further, gain more and get bigger. You just want to update everything.
    Jade: Our first album was more like an experiment. There were so many different genres on there and every song was completely different from the rest. The second album still has that element but we’ve found our sound now. This album sounds more like a whole; there’s a theme running through it. But we quite like the versatility of having a song that really doesn’t sound like the next. That’s what makes us different: we cater for everyone, any age, both genders.
    Leigh-Anne: Our main thing is our vocal harmonies and as soon as people hear a song, no matter what genre it is, they know it’s Little Mix because of the way our voices come together and the little things we do. We love having brass in our songs and this album has quite a military theme going through it.

    How did you go about writing this album?
    Perrie: Well we write all our own music, it’s important to us that people know that. Every song writing session is different.
    Jesy: Yeah, one time we went into the studio knowing we want to write an uplifting, feel-good song. We started making sound effects and playing with them until we came across something we really liked. But if we’re in a sad mood, not as mental as we usually are, we’ll write a more serious, sad song. But ‘Mood’ came along when we were all really happy and hyper.
    Leigh-Anne: Everyone just keeps calling us a ‘manufactured girl band’ and that isn’t the case at all. We write our own music, we’re involved in absolutely everything. Everything comes from us, it’s as raw as it gets.

    How much freedom do you get from your record label?
    Perrie: People ask us “do you see Simon Cowell a lot?” and whether he has much of an input in everything. To be honest, he oversees everything and he really knows his craft, he’s done it for a long time. But he trusts us to do everything and our label trusts us in the studio. It’s quite nice to know that everyone in our team has trust in us to pull out something good, with our fashion, with our hair & makeup. They never tell us what we have to do or the songs we have to write. We control everything which is important to us.

    The new album’s artwork has a much darker theme: is that a conscious move?
    Perrie: I think we’re just maturing. Obviously, our style is evolving, our music is evolving and everything is moving slowly together. We’re not wearing hot pants, gyrating on the floor. We’re just becoming a bit more classy, a bit more grown up. We’re just doing our own thing.

    What is your FAULT?
    Jade: I’m a perfectionist.
    Perrie: I bite the inside of my mouth, all the time. I give myself ulcers!
    Jesy: When I’m in a bad mood, I find it really hard to get out of it.
    Leigh-Anne: I’m really sensitive. When people say stuff to me, I take it so seriously.


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    Justin Bieber is laughing at everyone who is worried about his drug abuse ... because he thinks what he's doing is simply the mark of a 19-year-old ... and besides, it's fun.

    People close to Justin tell us ... he's laughing at the stories TMZ has posted about his drug use ... in particular, what has become an out-of-control sizzurp problem.  Justin's feeling is that he's young with lots of time on his hands -- as he puts it, "I'm on break." There are no concerts or other obligations on his immediate schedule.

    As we reported ... Justin's people have been urging him to get help for what has become a bad drug problem, but he has shut them down.

    MIAMI — A Miami judge has delivered another blow to troubled pop star Justin Bieber in the lawsuit brought against the singer by a local photographer.
    Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel just denied Bieber’s request the seal the transcript of what’s expected to be an 8-hour grilling and that the video of the questioning never be made public, according to court records.
    Zabel agreed with paparazzo Jeffery Binion‘s argument that Bieber doesn’t have to right to keep his potentially embarrassing responses to a lawyer’s questions secret, even if it hurts his “brand.”
    “Bieber’s celebrity status gives him no greater legal right to seal his deposition than anyone else,” Binion’s objection to the attempt to seal reads.
    Whatever happens in Thursday’s deposition in Santa Monica, Calif., will be available for anyone to see, hear and read once it’s filed with the court hours later.
    Meanwhile, Bieber was spotted at the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami this morning with what was rumored to be $75,000 in singles for the strippers.
    If he’s going to get to his deposition on time, he’d better get on the road!
    Binion’s complaint was filed in June after Binion was allegedly roughed up by Bieber’s security team outside a recording studio in North Miami. Binion alleges that Bieber ordered the bodyguards to rough him up and seize the storage card out of his camera.

    sources: and

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    The days of Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady are coming to an end. The 37-year-old actress, who has starred on Days of Our Lives for the last 21 years, has decided this year will be her last. Sweeney announced the big news on Ellen.

    "I've been on Days of Our Lives for 21 years. I'm celebrating 21 years and decided that it's going to be my last year with the show," Sweeney said.

    "I've been on 'Days of Our Lives' since I was 16 years old, and I have never had more than a two-week vacation in that whole time. It's awesome. I love Sami, I love Salem, I love my job, I love daytime, I love the fans — I love everything about it."

    The blond beauty and mother-of-two has been juggling acting on Days while working as the host of The Biggest Loser for the last seven years and explains she now wants to spend more time with her family.

    "My daughter just turned 5 and my son is 9, and I just want to be with them and enjoy my last year. I'm going to be on 'Days' all this year," she said.

    "I'm really just excited to be with my kids and be with my husband and ... have fun. And I write, my second book’s coming out and I love directing. We don't have a specific time yet, but I'm going to be on ('Days') all this year and we'll see what happens."

    It is yet to be determined what ending is in store for Sweeney's popular character, but she's hoping for an exit to remember. "It would be awesome to have some kind of happy ending — but then, I also think Sami probably deserves some sort of twisted Breaking Bad ending," she said.

    "She's caused a lot of people a lot of problems," Sweeney continued. The writers "have amazing imaginations and Sami has certainly caused he fair share of drama over the last 21 years. It will be 22, and I don't even know what happens next. I'm so, like, flustered."


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    She's never been known to smoke or drink alcohol.

    But Jennifer Lopez was spotted puffing away on a cigarette Tuesday while playing a grieving mother on the Atlanta set of her film Lila & Eve.

    As Eve Rafael, the 44-year-old pop star appeared to enjoy miming a tobacco habit between takes on location at a church.

    In the drama - due out next year - the American Idol judge and Viola Davis play mothers whose sons have been gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

    The distraught matriarchs then team up for avenge their sons' deaths after local authorities fail to serve justice.

    Lila & Eve is directed by Charles Stone III, who helmed Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story, Mr 3000, and Drumline.

    Jennifer sucked on the cigarette - which might have been fake - even blowing rings while simultaneously flaunting her silver manicure.

    The Parker actress was bundled up in a fur-collared suede trench, grey sweatpants, bright blue fingerless gloves, and gold sneaker wedges.

    Lopez wore minimal make-up for the downcast scene, covering her long ombré tresses with a shorter bob wig.
    Not seen Tuesday with the Live It Up singer were her five-year-old twins Emme and Max as well as her toyboy Casper Smart.

    However, the thrice-divorced diva appears to be a bit hesitant to tie the knot with the 26-year-old dancer-choreographer.

    'I don't know, I don't know, we'll see,' Jennifer told reporters at an American Idol panel.

    'I always believed in that institution. My parents were married for a very long time, for 35 years. I believe in it. It's difficult. I've had my challenges but at the same time I believe in love. That's the main thing.'

    She added: 'I'm one of those people who does not like to be alone. I have no shame saying that at this point in my life. I think we have to own who we are.'

    While in Georgia, Jennifer spent Saturday in an Atlanta recording studio working on her 10th album Same Girl.

    Both singer Asia Bryant and Bad Boy rapper French Montana posted Instagrams from the studio with the I'm Real hit maker.

    The two-time Grammy nominee's new single - also called Same Girl - penned by Chris Brown is expected to drop any day now.

    JLo can currently be seen on the 13th season of American Idol, airing Wednesday and Thursday nights on Fox.


    whats ur fave jenny dramatic performance, ontd?

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    That is one steamy fitness plan.

    Recently engaged Gabrielle Union, 41, divulged her unorthodox approach to keeping her fabulous physique on Conan Monday night: an exercise and diet regimen she dubbed "The Porn Diet."

    Her gurus? Adult film stars, who happen to work out at her gym.

    When host Conan O'Brien asked whether she watches them exercise near her, like on the Stairmaster, Union amusingly replied, "Yep, and I'll be on the next one going, 'You're not getting off before me!'"

    But the Porn Diet doesn't end there. Union, who said yes after basketball star Dwyane Wade popped the question last month, also vicariously receives weight-loss tips from the adult performers, by spying on them at the gym's juice bar.

    "I'll watch and see what they're ordering," the Being Mary Jane star said, adding that they appear to adhere to a vegan diet based on what they choose.

    And how, exactly, does she know how her fellow gym-goers make their living? She told O'Brien she recognizes them, which made the host blush.

    Sounds like it's going to be one heck of a honeymoon.


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  • 01/21/14--15:25: Your Daily Serving of BCoops
  • Bradley Cooper Heading Back to Broadway

    If you’ve ever had the burning desire to see one of the hottest film stars of the moment bray, “I am not an animal!” you’re in luck. Bradley Cooper, who just received his second Oscar nomination in as many years for his fussy, conflicted G-man in David O. Russell’s American Hustle, will be returning to Broadway after an eight-year absence, the actor’s reps tell EW. (His last appearance was opposite Julia Roberts and Paul Rudd in 2006′s Three Days of Rain, for which he got very good notices.)

    The red-hot actor will headline a revival of Bernard Pomerance’s The Elephant Man, playing John Merrick, the severely deformed, soulful figure memorably embodied on film in David Lynch’s 1980 film version by John Hurt. The play, unlike the film, has the leading actor suggest deformity through physicality without the aid of makeup or prosthetics, so you’ll get to see Cooper in all his golden-boy glory, just like in the large pic right here, which highlights Mr. Cooper’s 2012 performance in the play at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. This marks the second Broadway revival of Pomerance’s Tony-winning play, after a 2002 production starring Billy Crudup and Kate Burton, who were both nominated for Tonys for their work.

    Bradley & Sookie Stackhouse @ Sundance

    Bradley & Sookie kiss @ J Timblerlake Concert

    They have been dating for a year and it seems Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse are closer than ever.

    After snuggling at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday and strolling hand-in-hand around Sundance on Sunday, the pair piled on the PDA once again on Monday.

    The couple were seen sharing a kiss after watching the Justin Timberlake concert in Inglewood, California.


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    Selena Gomez says working on her film "Rudderless" that's debuting at Sundance — and even dodging paparazzi at the indie film festival — has been an escape from "the everyday madness that I've got to go through."
    "I could just wear my own clothes and not have to worry about anything and just be with these cool people," Gomez said in an interview Monday alongside actor-turned-director William H. Macy and the film's star, Billy Crudup.
    Macy picked Gomez for a small part in his music-filled directorial debut after seeing her in "Spring Breakers" last year.
    "I was stoked," Gomez said. "I was about to go on tour and I knew it was going to be a year long. I kind of get this panic attack when I know I'm not going to be on a set for a year. Just because I do love both a lot."
    So the panic attacks subsided after stepping on set with the cast that includes Anton Yelchin, Felicity Huffman and Laurence Fishburne? "Yeah, what does that say about me actually?" Gomez said, laughing. "That's exactly what happened. It felt good. It felt like I got to be just in that world and kind of step out of it all."
    The film revolves around a father who discovers his son's musical talents — and then some of his own musicality — after his son's death.
    When asked when Gomez, who had her first #1 album last year, found her musical talent, she said, "I don't think I have yet.
    "No, I'm actually serious," she said, as Crudup laughed next to her. "''I started music when I was 14. And I had like four Number 1 club songs before I was even allowed in a club. So I think that journey still kind of is happening for me. . I've never really had the opportunity to share a lot of that side of myself through lyrical content. So that's stuff that I get to explore later."
    "Rudderless" is set to premiere Friday as the festival's closing night film.
    Sources: 01. 02. 03.

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    Katie Holmes stays warm with a cup a coffee at Starbucks on Saturday (January 18) in New York City, carrying a Valentino Camouflage Rockstud Tote.

    In case you didn’t know, three of Katie‘s films – Days and Nights, Miss Meadows, and Mania Days– are all in post production and scheduled to release sometime this year. Stay tuned for more details!


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    Carrie Underwood recently teamed up with Nicole By OPI to create her very own collection of nail polish. With 14 shades of colors with names like Lips are Dripping Honey, Southern Charm and Sweet Daisy the six-time GRAMMY winner is clearly infusing her Southern charm into every color.

    “As far as my nails, I like being dramatic onstage and having fun and doing something that I might not do in my everyday life. It’s all about playing a character. I would definitely throw on my shade, my signature shade, for something a little darker,” Underwood said.
    Underwood worked with OPI & Nicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, to develop the 14 new nail lacquers. The collection features a colorful mosaic of hues ranging from soft pastels to dark sultry shades to playful glitters as well as the country singer’s signature shade: a gold textured lacquer called Carrie’d Away.

    “This is the first time Nicole by OPI has ever designed a signature shade for one of our celebrity partners. We are excited to share this news with both music and nail fans,” Weiss-Fischmann said.

    The new shades are currently available at mass retailers.


    Beauty post to take our minds off this awful snow storm~

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    Jonna's back! New album this year, maybe?


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    Elle Fanning and Aaron Paul share a laugh while meeting up at the Variety Studio: Sundance Edition held during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on Monday (January 20) in Park City, Ut.

    The 15-year-old actress was in attendance with her Low Down co-stars Glenn Close, Tim Daly, and Flea to chat about their new film. The cast also stopped by the Getty Images Portrait Studio for a photo session that afternoon.

    Aaron, 34, was at the studio with his wife Lauren for an interview to promote his film Hellion.

    FYI: Elle is wearing an Isabel Marant outfit.



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