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    The Billboard Music Awards had a viewing audience of 9.47 million, a 28 percent spike over 2012's audience of 7.4 million viewers, Nielsen reported. The show was No. 1 Sunday night in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic, pulling in 4.6 million viewers in the age group.

    It's the highest ratings for the BBMAs in 12 years. Combined with the season finale of "America's Funniest Home Videos," ABC won the night with an overall rating of 3.1 in the 18-49 demo. All other networks were below 1.8. All numbers are part of Nielsen's "fast national ratings"; final numbers will be released later today.

    In terms of the demo, the same number of people between the ages of 18 and 49 watched the Billboard Music Awards as last week's finale of "American Idol."

    The night's other music program, "ACM Presents: Tim McGraw’ Superstar Summer Night" on CBS, was watched by 6.2 million viewers, with an audience of 1.53 million in the 18-49 group.

    The demographic numbers for programs in May are important as they are used to establish advertising rates in the coming season.


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    "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" ended 10 years ago on May 20, 2003. Yes, it's been a decade since the Slayer and the Scoobies closed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale, California.

    Series star Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to TV opposite Robin Williams with "The Crazy Ones," a new comedy on CBS this fall.  At the CBS 2013 upfront red carpet last week, Gellar was surprised by how much time has passed since she last wielded a wooden stake on TV.

    "Wait, wait. Hold on. Really?" she replied when The Huffington Post told her the 10th anniversary of the "Buffy" finale was upon us. "Wow. God, you just blew my mind." Williams, who accompanied Gellar on the red carpet said, "It's kind of wonderful."

    "It is," Gellar said. "I'm incredibly proud of that show -- proud of everybody on it, of what we did ... You can't be prouder of that show. It still holds up in reruns and I'm blessed every day ... I've been pretty lucky."

    Danny Strong, the writer of "Recount" and "Game Change," appeared as Jonathan, a former high-school geek who became one of the villains in Season 6 of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and said the show is bigger now than when it was originally on.

    "It just gets bigger each year. It's really exciting how much it penetrated this public consciousness in a way. People teach courses about it and there are Joss Whedon courses in universities. People write their dissertations on it," he told The Huffington Post. "It's incredibly flattering and I'm really honored just to have been a part of it. It's very exciting."


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    Last week only People magazine got the Angelina Jolie’s bombshell news on its cover before they went to print. All the other celebrity weekly magazine’s closed on Monday night (except OK! that goes to print the Thursday before)

    Only People, with its later printing deadline, got in the Angelina news that she broke with the New York Times on Tuesday. So how did she sell?

    “Early numbers show the Angie cover of ‘People’ sold 925,000 newsstands, which is great for them as they average 850,000 copies a week,” one weekly editor tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “It was nothing to get excited about. Considering they were the only entertainment weekly to have her we all thought they would sell more than 1,000,000 issues,” adds another.


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  • 05/20/13--12:31: On The Spot: Iggy Azalea

  • We pin down Australian beauty Iggy Azalea for an On The Spot feature to discover a bit more about the rap star!


    love her.

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    Jeremy Renner is on daddy duty! The 42-year-old actor stepped out with girlfriend Sonni Pacheco and debuted their nearly 2-month-old baby girl, Ava, in L.A. on Sunday, May 19.

    During the family outing, The Avengers star appeared to be very hands-on, carrying his daughter's stroller down a flight of stairs and getting her car seat in and out of the car. Pacheco pushed the stroller, where baby Ava was resting comfortably under a pink blanket, and showed off her slim post-baby body in dark skinny jeans and a gray tank top.

    Us Weekly exclusively broke the news that Renner was expecting with Pacheco, and welcomed his baby girl on March 28.

    "Jeremy Renner and girlfriend Sonni Pacheco have confirmed that they are the parents of a 7 lb. daughter Ava Berlin Renner," his rep later confirmed in a statement. "They are beyond thrilled. Mother and daughter are doing great."

    The two-time Academy Award nominee has been busy filming American Hustle with costars Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale and Robert De Niro, but he seems to be finding time to spend with his baby girl. A friend of the actor previously told Us Weekly that "Jeremy will make a great dad!"


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    While you guys are mulling over who had the best hair and makeup look last night at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, how about taking some time to gawk at some pretty nail ideas spotted on Miley Cyrus, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Carly Rae Jepsen on the red carpet.

    First up, we have Miley's gold sequined manicure:

    Sparkly and fun for an awards show—though probably not practical for real life, since it would snag on your clothes.

    Second is Chloe's cool metallic green manicure:

    Love this kind of polish—it has a holographic element that changes and it catches the light.

    And third is Carly Rae Jepsen:

    Who went for a straightforward polish look but shook things up by choosing a lovely and unusual grape shade. Pretty but not too flashy.

    Which one of these nail looks are you most in love with?


    This has to be the most boring and basic list ever...

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    Source 1, 2

    OK so really, nothing all that exciting. Video games post?

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    After conquering "The Hunger Games," Josh Hutcherson is set to star in the dark psychological thriller "Ape" for Atomic Owl Pictures and JetLag Productions.

    Miguel Sapochnik ("Repo Men") will direct the film from a script by newcomer Jon Johnston. 

Bree Herzog is producing for Atomic Owl along with JetLag's Hutcherson, Michelle Fightmaster and Ric Beddingfield. ICM Partners will handle worldwide rights.

    "Ape" is a dramatic tale of a young man’s struggle with mental illness, love and a deep-rooted family secret.

    “We strongly believe in the global appeal of this project and we’re excited to work with Bree Herzog and team” said Hutcherson. “‘Ape’ is a passion project for us and to see it get made would truly be a dream come true.”

    "Josh is a tremendously talented and versatile actor who has already had an exciting career with roles spanning from blockbuster franchises such as ‘The Hunger Games’ to award-winning independent films like ‘The Kids Are All Right.' We couldn't be happier to be collaborating with Josh and JetLag Productions on ‘Ape,’" said Herzog, whose Atomic Owl banner is also developing Pamela Ribon's script "Thank You For Being a Friend."

    Hutcherson is currently in Panama filming the Pablo Escobar drug drama "Paradise Lost" with Benicio Del Toro. He'll soon be seen reprising his role as Peeta Mellark in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," which is screening footage at Cannes.


    2 news articles about the bread prince in one day? i'm exciteeeee

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    It’s no secret that science fiction fans can get a little overexcited about their franchise of choice, but things got heated last Thursday when the local Star Wars club of Norwich, England and a delegation from the Norwich Sci Fi Club, a group of Doctor Who devotees, got into a physical altercation at the Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention, hosted by the Star Wars club at the University of East Anglia. Apparently, the two groups had a longstanding feud that came to blows when the Sci Fi Club decided to show up on the Star Wars group’s turf to get a signature from Gram Cole, an actor from the time-travel series that currently stars Matt Smith. Though fandom disputes don’t usually escalate to blows, this is hardly the first time otherwise peacefully geeky communities have run afoul of each other. Here are some of the most prominent fandom rivalries throughout history, from superheroes to science fiction.

    DC vs. Marvel

    The Yankees and Red Sox of the comics world, whether you prefer one or the other is largely a matter of what kind of family you grew up in. In my case, my dad let me know from day one that I would be a Marvel kid: Batman and Superman were great, sure, but Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four were our heroes of choice. Generally, DC has the oldest, most well-established, and standalone icons (they practically invented the archetypal superhero with Superman and followed him up with figures like Wonder Woman), with few team efforts besides the Justice League and Teen Titans. Marvel, meanwhile, is newer and chock-full of crossovers and groups of its central characters, from the Avengers to the X-Men to the Fantastic Four themselves. The rivalry isn’t exactly hostile, with regular crossovers yielding ample profits for both companies, but the divide is there, and every comics geek knows where he or she stands.

    Star Wars vs. Star Trek

    It’s a debate intense enough to make up a 50-minute documentary (available in full on YouTube!) with input from both franchises’ creators and stars, not to mention countless comparisons of influences, legacies, and weaknesses. Now that the same director is helming both reboots, the two camps might reconcile on the strength of mutual frustration with J.J. Abrams alone, but Star Wars and Star Trek remain virtually mutually exclusive fandoms, if only because the sheer amount of material from both franchises makes following both of them difficult. According to sci-fi novelist David Brin, Star Wars exemplifies “the mythology of conformity and demigod-worship” while Star Trek “is a prototypically American dream, entranced by notions of human achievement and a progress that lifts all,” but generations of lightsaber-wielding, Darth Vader mask-wearing children would happily go to bat for Team Lucasfilm.

    Doctor Who vs. Doctor Who

    When a beloved series spans 26 seasons, five decades, and a whopping 11 lead actors, internal disputes are bound to happen sooner rather than later. With the addition of rabidly loved/even more rabidly hated writer and showrunner Steven Moffat, the intra-fandom arguments have only gotten more intense. A cursory Internet search reveals posts from “Are fans of the modern Doctor Who just outright dumb or is it just a very naive, teenage audience?” (author’s apparent opinion: probably both) to an entire anti-Steven Moffat blog (complete with a post called “How Moffat Ruined Doctor Who for My Little Sister”) to countless “Ranking the Doctors” posts that put the current star, Matt Smith, somewhere between dead last and the cream of the crop. Turns out this fandom isn’t as warm and fuzzy as all the tweed-and-bow-tie-clad cosplayers would suggest.

    Battle Royale vs The Hunger Games

    This is less of a rivalry and more of a one-sided resentment among fans of the cult-hit Japanese thriller of the runaway success of Suzanne Collins’ book trilogy and ensuing blockbuster franchise starring perennial Tumblr favorite Jennifer Lawrence. Not only does Battle Royale have a strikingly similar plot to The Hunger Games, it’s also much less afraid of taking a dark concept to equally dark places: there’s a lot more blood and a lot more wrenching interpersonal drama than just Katniss vaguely pondering the hypothetical possibility of having to kill Rue before someone else conveniently does it for her. Though io9 points out that both films owe a mutual debt to classics like Lord of the Flies, it hasn’t stopped comment wars from erupting with each new Hunger Games trailer, including the particularly nasty labeling of Collins’s books as “Battle Royale for dumb teenagers.”

    Twilight vs. Harry Potter

    We’ll abandon all semblance of partiality here and declare our allegiance to the latter, but first, a rundown of the factors contributing to what Cracked once called “The Battle of the Century.” Twilight essentially caught the Harry Potter demographic, particularly its female half, just as the other series wrapped up and its fans aged out of fantasy-adventure and into fantasy-softcore romance. Plenty of Hermione Granger fans were horrified by the idea of passive, bland Bella Swan, the textbook definition of a Mary Sue character, designed as a blank slate for reader’s projections of themselves. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, meanwhile, boldly declared that Edward would kill Harry Potter in a fight, provoking the ire of a good chunk of the Internet. Still, as of today J.K. Rowling has Meyer beat in terms of book sales by a factor of almost four to one, leaving this feud pretty much settled.


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    Looking good is just part of the job when you're a celebrity, but it doesn't stop us from wondering how they do it. See the extreme diets some celebs try in the name of a bikini body.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Megan Fox

    One of the most recent diets to get attention is The Paleo Diet, which consists of foods our caveman ancestors would have survived on during the Paleolithic era, like grass-produced meats, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. Megan Fox is said to be a fan of the diet.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Halle Berry

    If you've ever wondered what it means to "eat clean" as many nutritionists suggest, it means eating a diet of lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats, like avocados. And if you've ever wondered if it works, just look at celebrity fan Halle Berry's body.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus has recently lost her baby fat - and then some. The star has been showing off her toned body in a number of magazine spreads and credits going gluten free for her killer physique. She wrote on Twitter "Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing! You won't go back!"

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Penelope Cruz

    The Mediterranean diet combines Mediterranean-style cooking with heart-healthy foods, like fruits, vegetable, legumes and nuts. Penelope Cruz has been able to keep a svelte figure by following the diet's restrictions, like limiting red meat to no more than a few times a month and replacing butter with olive oil.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Miranda Kerr

    We always knew there had to be some special secret to looking like a Victoria's Secret model, and we've uncovered it at last! The Aussie model looks toned and healthy due to the Blood Type diet. While it may sound scary, the basic idea is to eat particular foods based on your blood type.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jennifer Aniston

    There's no denying that Jennifer Aniston's body continues getting better and better, and a big part of that success is owed to The Zone Diet. Comprised of 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates, The Zone attempts to retool the metabolism so your body works at peak efficiency.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Anne Hathaway

    According to an interview with Shape and Anne's personal nutrition coach Jackie Keller, the actress is "almost-vegan." While she stays away from meat and animal byproducts, she does tend to make exceptions when it comes to dessert.


    What did you eat today, ontd?
    food post!!!

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  • 05/21/13--19:24: Beckhams welcome new puppy

  • Victoria Beckham has welcomed a wrinkly new addition to her family.

    The 39-year-old fashion designer - who has sons, Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10 and Cruz, eight, as well as 21-month-old daughter Harper with her husband David Beckham - introduced their new Shar-Pei puppy, Barnaby, to the world on Tuesday night (21.05.13).

    The former Spice Girl star wrote on Twitter: ''My name is Barnaby and I'm a new member of the Victoria Beckham e-commerce team! X vb,'' along with a picture of the adorable charcoal coloured puppy sitting in a gift box.

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    Aaron Tveit Charts His Musical Path To Stardom

    On May 10, I had the unique pleasure of attending Aaron Tveit's first-ever cabaret show at 54 Below in New York City. Tveit, best known for his stage (Next To Normal, Catch Me If You Can) and big screen (Les Miserables) work is set to take over television this summer with Graceland, USA's gritty and gripping new series about federal agents.
    It's been a long road to his first lead TV role and that's exactly what Tveit's carefully cultivated cabaret show highlighted as song selection transported audiences back in time; from his first audition to his last, while also highlighting tunes that have altered his personal and professional destiny.
    ETonline recently caught up with Tveit to find out how he approached crafting this 54 Below show, why Taylor Swift was a major factor, what excites him about audiences finally moving into Graceland and if he's ready for the fame that comes with being TV's hottest new star.

    ETonline: How did the 54 Below show come together?
    Aaron Tveit: They actually asked me last year if I was interested, but I had just finished Les Mis and shooting the Graceland pilot and I didn't want to throw anything together, I wanted to take my time. The timing wasn't right last year, but they came around again this season as I finished up Graceland. It was fantastic because I got back from Florida in early March and had two months to really devote to putting this show together.

    ETonline: At its most inclusive point, how many songs were in consideration for the show?
    Tveit: It's actually been a joke between me and my manager, but I've had a running list for years of songs I've wanted to sing. When this came up the first time, I really started honing in, but I probably had, at different times, 30 to 40 songs [laughs]. Basically, I didn't want to sing anything for the sake of singing it. There were some songs where I really wailed, but because it's such an intimate space anything I chose to sing simply to make sound was going to come off an inauthentic. So I was really happy with where it landed -- every song I sang, I loved for one reason or another. I didn't have to worry about selling a song.

    ETonline: And I love how you framed the show like it was a musical journey through your life.
    Tveit: Yeah, the idea of the show was to sing songs that have meant something to me over the course of my life. I feel like, through that, I got to share a lot more of myself than I usually do.

    ETonline: Like your love of Taylor Swift by singing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?
    Tveit: Exactly [laughs]. I said this every night after I sang the song, but that was a late addition. Because everything else I was singing had so much emotion, I needed something a little lighter -- but when I came up with that idea, I knew there was a week between the first show on May 3 and the second show on May 10, so I figured if it bombed, I could take it out. But it went over well. It's interesting, a lot of my friends and family thought that was the moment I kind of showed everyone my humor; the silly side of me that friends and family know, so that could be what people were responding to. I have a big sense of humor, and people who know me know that silly side of me, so moving forward, I think it gives me the freedom and confidence to do more of that.

    ETonline: Graceland is arguably your most high profile gig to date. How conscious are you of the fact that fans are going to want to start seeing those heretofore unseen sides of you?
    Tveit: I am aware, but it's really no different from my standpoint. I've been a little more self-protective in public over the last few months because, on the heels of Les Mis, I've been getting recognized more in public. But New York City is still a very anonymous city. People just go about their business. I feel like I've been dealing with that building over the years because of the Broadway community, so I'm treating it in the same way -- I've always tried to keep my personal life private. I didn't get into this business for notoriety or fame. I don't go to places to be seen and that's not going to change. Yes, this show will have a broader scope, but I don't think it’s going to change that much. You just have to be aware of it, and if you want to keep certain things private, there are choices you can make to do that.

    ETonline: Is that why you're not on Twitter?
    Tveit: That's not why I'm not on social media, but it is a nice benefit now [laughs]. It's a double-edged sword though because if anyone in my position told you that's not a positive thing, they'd be mistaken. I really experienced the power of social media with the 54 Below show. It was more successful than my wildest dreams. I hoped it would do and sell well, but I had no idea the response would be so overwhelming. But, I'm also happy that I don't see it all the time because I think you could get caught up in it.

    ETonline: Do you plan to do another 54 Below run?
    Tveit: I hope so. I love working in film and television, but I do miss singing on stage. You can't find that anywhere else, so I hope this opens up a whole new concert world for me. I had so much fun and it went so well, I hope it leads to more.

    ETonline: There's a consistency required for a Broadway show (the Wednesday audience needs to see the exact same show as the Friday audience) that you don't need for a cabaret show. Was it fun to loosen that up a bit?
    Tveit: It was. The song order ended up staying the same but on a night-to-night basis, the reactions from the audience were different at different times. It was kind of like being at an improv class, so I just tried, in my banter, to stay open to whatever I was receiving from the audience. It really was a very different and very fun experience for me to feel that interaction with the audience.

    ETonline: A lot of other Broadway artists have released solo albums -- is that part of your plan?
    Tveit: I don't know. This could ultimately lead to that, which has been in the back of my mind as a possibility but it's nothing I've actively thought about doing because, in a wonderful way, I've been too busy. To really delve into that, with original music, takes as much energy as I've been putting into other things because it would have to be great. I'm open to it, the timing just hasn't been right yet. That's why I'm ultimately glad they're making a live album out of the 54 Below show because it kills one bird with two stones.

    ETonline: They are?
    Tveit: Yes, they're making a live album! It's funny because the CD was available for pre-order on Amazon at the end of April, before I'd done any shows yet. It was so cool that people wanted it without even knowing what would be on it. That will be out in early September, so we recorded every night, I'll listen to all the songs and create one album of the best moments.

    ETonline: We're a few weeks away from the premiere of Graceland. What are you excited for people to experience with the show?
    Tveit: I'm really interested to see the reaction -- the last few weeks, especially living in New York, I've seen the entire [promotional campaign] roll out, which was weird because it hadn't really connected in my head that anyone was going to see this show because we had the whole thing in the can for almost two months [laughs]. It's really awesome and we're all so proud of the show, plus the response from the people who saw the pilot has been tremendous. I'm a huge television viewer myself and because I watch a lot of TV, I know what's expected from a story and even I was continually surprised by every script. For some reason, I expected [the producers] to say the show would be one thing but then decide they suddenly didn't want to go that dark, or have me be that tough -- but they really went for it with the season. USA has a typical kind of show, and the viewers are used to that, but I hope they can adapt to a slightly different show. This is the kind of show that people who watch HBO or AMC are used to seeing -- especially as we get into the second half of the season.

    ETonline: That's interesting -- I feel like actors almost always say they're too busy to watch TV.
    Tveit: Oh, I watch a lot of television. I always have. Especially in the last five or six years, I think you're seeing the best writing on TV. And I think some of that has to do with the fact that, unlike a movie or a play where you work off one script, you really get to take these characters on a journey. I recently re-watched the [Graceland] pilot, which I hadn't seen since we went back to start filming, and to see where Mike [Tveit's character] starts in episode one compared to where he goes by the finale, it's a pretty epic transformation.

    ETonline: What shows are on your summer to-do list?
    Tveit: I watched the first few episodes of The Americans, but then my schedule got crazy with Graceland and the Oscars, so I'm catching up on that. Game of Thrones and Mad Men are on now, then I'm catching up on this show called Rectify. Breaking Bad and The Killing start soon and Graceland is starting -- it's a pretty busy summer, but I always love summer TV. That's another reason why I'm so thrilled Graceland premieres when it does because, in my mind, I always watch TV in the summer and I hope this kind of adds to that equation.

    Tveitland Graceland premieres June 6 on USA, while Aaron's 54 Below album is available for pre-order here!

    SOURCE 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

    As much as I want him to succeed, I hope Graceland gets cancelled, because BROADWAY, AARON...BROADWAY! And not having to film season two frees him up to play Cinderella's Prince in Into The Woods, and shouldn't we all be focusing our energy into him doing THAT instead? Also, if you disagree with me on this, I will reach through the internet and cut you. No one is more right for Cindy's Prince than Aaron (except for maybe a real, actual baritone, but Broadway doesn't even make those anymore, so I doubt Hollywood would fare any better).

    PS watching Aaron's Tumblr fandom have an all-out meltdown over the girlfriend rumor has been AMAZING. /evil

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    Video won't embed go here to watch it.

    As I noted last week, the fate of "Hannibal" remains very much up in the air at NBC, which has to factor in 1)The strong quality of the show and the stellar reviews, 2)The very modest (if that) ratings, 3)The reduced cost, since the show is an international co-production, and 4)Where they might put it next season, given that they've already ordered several mid-season shows that don't yet have timeslots.

    But the show continues to be great, and this week's episode (airing, as usual, Thursday at 10 Eastern) puts the focus back onto Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, whose gift for thinking like a serial killer (or, rather, like all serial killers) is taking a greater emotional cost with each new case. In this exclusive clip, Will goes to Mads Mikkelsen's Dr. Lecter for guidance after he loses time while visiting another grisly crime scene. Enjoy, and we'll have more to talk about after "Trou Normand" airs on Thursday night.


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    Canadian music legend Céline Dion stopped by the Queen of Pop's dressing room at the Billboard awards to say hello and then talked to Access Hollywood about how the meeting between the 2 divas went down.

    ❤ 2 gay icons that like each other? Yas ❤


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    Hot Chip's Joe Goddard tends to put out some ace solo music when his main band's not busy putting out albums. Back in 2011, he released the Gabriel EP on DFA and Greco-Roman; later this year, he's putting out a new EP on G-R and DFA, Taking Over, and this eight-minute cut is going to appear on that release. "She Burns" features vocals from British singer/songwriter Mara Carlyle, and it's a bit more low-key than the ebuillent "Gabriel".

    Music reminds me of a NIN song mixed with 'Goods' by iamamiwhoami. I like it, but I have to give a big thumbs down to this singer tbh. What music are you listening to these days? I need some recs

    source | 1& 2

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    There’s something very familiar about David Lowery’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. The writer-director himself might twitch few ears in recognition, after his most recent work, the largely unheralded duo of Lullaby and St. Nick, but in the bones of his latest, which played as part of Critic’s Week here, is the genetics of familiar art. There is almost certainly a major nod here to Badlands, as well as Thieves Like Us(one of my fav bands btw), and more generally speaking, Lowery seems intent on re-exploring the essence of that particular period of outlaw movies.

    Saints begins with a shoot-out, involving Bob Muldoon (Casey Affleck) and Ruth Guthrie (Rooney Mara,) who are subsequently hauled away. Muldoon is arrested, but the pregnant Guthrie is let go, to live in a comfortable house in a small Texan town called Meridian looked after by the excellent Keith Carradine. We’re not furnished with details of the trigger event, until the narrative progresses significantly, being drip-fed tiny morsels that piece together bit by bit, with the script offering far more focus to the central relationship.

    There’s certainly something of Malick in the way Lowery frames his story, which isn’t at all a bad thing, given how well the drenched visuals fit the emotional undercurrent of the film. It’s just a shame that Lowery couldn’t match his aesthetic convictions and maturity with a story-telling maturity, as his story is a little twee and there’s a jarring clash between an obviously serious agenda and sentimentality. As an art film, it still works very well, and both Mara and Affleck have enough to work with to offer strong performances, it’s just that the substance doesn’t quite marry up with the style in places.

    The joy of the film is in the interplay between characters – the plot is rounded out by Ben Foster’s local cop – and the ambiguity that masks the nature of some of the key relationships, including a trio of bad guys who appear after a time as things roll inevitably towards another flashpoint, bringing just as inevitable action and tragedy. Lowery has made a Western of sorts, with lots of traditional flags, not all of which are dealt with completely successfully, I might add, but there is certainly pleasure in his poetic convictions.

    It’s a shame the film wasn’t grittier – not for the want of obligatory violence, but because films like this haven’t been made since Badlands for a reason, and even the most traditional of genres evolve. But for its substance problems, the style is really a beautiful thing – Lowery is clearly enamoured with the Malick method, and his cinematographer – Bradford Young – offers a delirious and beautiful portrait of his vision.

    This is certainly another of those gems hidden away in the sidebars of Cannes that deserves to be cherished by a wider audience – and thanks to the talent associated with the project, and the inevitable high profile, that will be the case.


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  • 05/21/13--19:53: Kneel Before Zod
  • Man of Steel - "Fate of Your Planet" Official Trailer


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    Extended version

    Spice up your life, bitches
    Another version?? this is Too much

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  • 05/21/13--20:21: Kanye will NOT be happy!

  • Kim Kardashian congratulated her ex-boyfriend on the birth of his first daughter.

    The 32-year-old reality TV star - who is almost eight months pregnant with her own first child with rapper Kanye West - reached out to her former love interest REGGIE BUSH after he and his fiancée Lilit Avagyan welcomed their baby girl, Briseis, into the world earlier this month.

    According to gossip website ''Kim sent Reggie a congratulatory message and while Reggie wasn't expecting it, he was very happy that she sent out her well wishes.


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    Nikki took another shot at Kim's oblivious product plug as the Oklahoma tornado tragedy unfolded Monday night and has his exclusive dig at the reality star. After Nikki posted an ad for Red Cross relief on his Instagram and Kim wrote about her tanning products he slammed her shortly thereafter, calling her out for not respecting the dire situation.

    “Pick your priority or pick your poison. Pretty embarrassing screenshot Kim. Aren’t your 15 minutes up?” the Motley Crue wildman wrote

    On Tuesday he told exclusively why he called out Kim for her insensitively timed note, which read: “Love that I can gradually build the perfect bronzed glow I want with #Kardashian Sun Kissed Tan Extenders.”

    Seven hours after Kim posted the bronzer plug she posted a picture to her Instagram account that read: “Praying for Oklahoma” with a heart drawn over the state flag.

    Nikki explained why he was so irate with Kim, telling “My heart goes out to everybody in Oklahoma. We all have to stand united INCLUDING MOST IMPORTANTLY “CELEBRITIES” WHO HAVE THE POWER TO REACH A LOT OF PEOPLE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA & do what we can to RAISE AWARENESS AND help those affected by the tornado & their families.”

    Referencing Kim’s power “to reach a lot of people via social media,” she has a whopping 17.8 million followers on Twitter and 8.4 million followers on Instagram.


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