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    Bradley Cooper Says 'Paradise Lost' Is On Track To Start Shooting In June

    Bradley Cooper seems to making all the right moves of late. He wasn't an instant A-lister; his career saw him working away on TV shows like "Alias" and "Kitchen Confidential" before a supporting performance in "Wedding Crashers" put him on track to bigger things, with the smash comedy hit "The Hangover" finally providing him with the right stuff. Since that film, other than a blip with "The A-Team" (which can't really be blamed on him), he's been making sound choices; a giant sequel to "The Hangover," and a surprise hit, "Limitless," sold entirely on his name. 

    2012 sees him moving into more dramatic territory: later on, he'll crop up opposite Ryan Gosling in Derek Cianfrance's "A Place Beyond The Pines," and star in David O Russell's "The Silver Linings Playbook," but any potential tentpoles have proven trickier. The actor dropped out of the lead in "The Crow," while he was meant to play Lucifer in "Paradise Lost," an adaptation of John Milton's epic poem about war in heaven, from "I Robot" director Alex Proyas. But as part of a general belt-tightening process that also saw the scrapping of "Akira" and "Arthur & Lancelot," Warner Bros slammed the brakes on the megabudgeted, 3D, performance-capture heavy project, putting it on hold only weeks before the film was meant to shoot in Australia.

    The good news is, according to Cooper, that it was only a delay, rather than the axe -- we spoke to the star yesterday at Sundance, where he's doing press for his well-received drama "The Words" (full interview coming soon), and the actor told us of the project "We're going to hopefully start in June. Everything's going great. I mean, nothing's done until we're up and shooting."

    We'd wondered if "The Hangover Part III" could get in the way. Reports this week suggested that the film was looking to start in the summer for a Memorial Day 2013 release, and we're sure Warners would rather have Cooper for that surefire hit than for a risky, expensive project like "Paradise Lost." But given that "Paradise Lost" was originally scheduled for only an eight-week shoot (performance capture is faster to shoot, although much longer in post, obviously), and given that Todd Phillips turned around "The Hangover Part II" in only eight months from start of photography to release, we can't see any reason that Cooper wouldn't be able to fit in both.

    So long as the original cast are all back, "Paradise Lost" will star Cooper atop Benjamin Walker, Casey Affleck, Djimon Housou, Diego Boneta, Camilla Belle, Sam Reid, Rufus Sewell and Callan McAuliffe, and should hit theaters in 2014. Meanwhile, "The Words" will hit theaters later in 2012 thanks to CBS Films -- look for the rest of our interview with Cooper and writer/directors Brian Klugman and Lee Strernhal very soon. --Interview by John Lichman

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    Sir Patrick Stewart - The Bald Poster Boy
    Sir Patrick talks about losing all his hair at a very young age.

    Liam's Personal Greeting
    Liam Neeson records a quote from the film Taken for a fan's voicemail.


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  • 01/28/12--07:54: This is a Hunger Games Post.
  • New stills & character profiles from the upcoming issue of Empire magazine.

    Tribute Profiles:



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    She's seen her career make giant strides over the past twelve months, and Elizabeth Olsen was chosen to cover the March 2012 issue of ASOS magazine.

    The 22-year-old actress posed for a delightfully artsy Todd Cole shot spread located in Brooklyn Botanic Garden while speaking with the publication about misconceived thoughts about her upbringing, openness to mainstream movies, and famous siblings, Mary-Kate and Ashley.

    On the special year she's experienced:
    "It's been a whole year of firsts for everything. It's weird to look back on, but as it was all happening, it didn't feel like I was being put under the microscope. But it's so cool, [Sundance] suddenly puts you in a certain category with other actors, who you have always thought, 'Oh, I wish I could have done that part.' That's a whole new thing. I loved 'An Education,' or even Maggie Gyllenhaal in 'Secretary'. Those were movies that helped give an actor leeway into the world."

    On people's misconstrued ideas about her childhood:
    "People have a weird idea of my upbringing... I did lead a very charmed life growing up, but I was aware of the things that were abnormal. The only time I flew first-class as a kid was when my sisters did these cruises called 'Sail With The Stars'. They were the main event, so the company would fly us first-class. Other than that, never."

    On if she can see herself doing something more mainstream:
    "I would love to. I'm not trying to be different! I'd just rather do roles that are interesting to me. That will probably change when I have kids and a mortgage. But I had a teacher once, who is an actress, and she said, 'You can hate me or love me, as long as you have an opinion' and I think that's great / Who wants to have their work just be passive or safe?"

    On if she spends a lot of time with her sisters:
    "Between their schedules and mine, it's not like we have tons of time to hang out. But when we do, it's so much fun. Mary-Kate and Ashley have celebrated my birthday with me every year since I've been in New York, my last four birthdays, and it's been so special."

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    tyfyt bisous etc

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    If you don't know what TW and SJA mean, then please stop reading. Now. Thanks. Anyway, yup! It's yet another list! This time, Blogtor has been looking at the Whoniverse and included below are ten characters (well there's actually more, I cheated with some) from The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood who would should make appearance in Doctor Who. Let the insanity begin...

    10. LOIS HABIBA (Torchwood Children of Earth)

    The late re~write for Martha Jones (yeah, thanks Law & Order - you thieving bastards!), the secretary turned world~saver proved to be quite the hit for the third series of Torchwood. Actress Cush Jumbo pushed aside any Freema comparisons with wads of personality and a soupçon of assured sexiness. She was last seen banged up in a cell, at the end of Children Of Earth; maybe it's time Doctor Who sprung her out...?

    9. GITA & HARESH CHANDRA (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

    Facing the difficult task or "replacing" Chrissie and Alan Jackson (who both very nearly made the Top 10), Rani's parents fitted in perfectly into Bannerman Road. Ace Bhatti, who recently ripped it up bad~style on Eastenders, played the straight head~teacher down a tea whilst his missus, played by Mina Anwar, provided constant comic entertainment (that she previously demonstrated on The Thin Blue Line) with her continual, though unintentional, needling of Sarah Jane.

    8. SERGEANT ANDY DAVIDSON (Torchwood Miracle Day)

    One of the features of the most recent Torchwood series, Miracle Day, that warmed my heart greatly was the appearance of this guy, played with affable charm by the lurvely Tom Price. I was so pleased that, even though it was a "big" US production, the "little" guy was still remembered. And what a journey for "PC" Andy Davidson. From a loyal, though lowly copper, popping up every now and again during the first two series to helping save the world on more than one occasion. If anything, out of persistence, Andy deserves a shot at Who.

    7. DIANE (Torchwood)

    One of Torchwood's shining moments was the time~traveling tale from Series One, Out of Time, where three people from the 1950s ended up in modern day Cardiff. One of these unfortunate human beings was Diane, a spunky pilot with a fine line in make~up and a rather trouser~tightening approach to sex (nice one Torchers!). Diane got chummy with Owen and would later turn up to haunt him, thus helping cause the apocalypse (nearly), in the finale End of Days. Louise Delamere's fine performance as a woman out of time wherever she lay (a bit like my first wife) was genuinely touching and is still one of the show's highlights. Would make for an excellent companion to the Time Lord.

    6. RANI & CLYDE (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

    Like her parents, Rani had the unenviable task of replacing a Bannerman Road fave. And, for her, it was an even more Herculean task as she was taking over from, what ostensibly was, a "companion". But such a hit was she that the words Maria Jackson were but a faint whisper by the time she's finished her first year with Sarah Jane & Co. Similarly, Clyde became the star of the show towards the end, nabbing all the best lines and receiving some tremendous stories (The Curse of Clyde Langer, for example). The couple made for an electric watch (Series 4's The Empty Planet demonstrated this neatly) and I can't recall such a likable and fun duo on television. I doff my cap to both Anjli Mohindra and Daniel Anthony and sincerely hope they get some more TARDIS action in the future.

    5. BILIS 'SEXY BITCH' MANGER (Torchwood)

    Man, this guy fah~reaked me out. With no offense intended towards actor Murray Melvin, he has the look of an utter demon. Sure, he may have a tasty suit and nifty cravat but his crafted skull and piercing eyes made for one of the most delicious villains in the entirety of the Whoeuvre. Bilis was all smiles and pictures when he met some of the Torchwood gang in Captain Jack Harkness but by the time the next episode came long, End of Days, his role as "bad guy" was confirmed. Thankfully, the makers of the show decided to retain total mystery to who he was. We know nothing about him and he flopped off before he could explain his "evil" time~jumping deeds. His appearance was so perfect that I did wonder, whilst surrounded by clocks in his shop, if Bilis would be revealed to be The Master (which I'm glad they didn't, by the way). Having said that, maybe he did just hop into one of the grandfather clocks and Vworp away...

    (Uhm... excuse u! Bilis turned out to be a good guy in the Torchwood books!)

    4. ALICE GUPPY & EMILY HOLROYD (Torchwood)

    Did someone say Torchwood 1899: The Series? if not, they blummin' should! Making a splash in the Series 2 finale (Fragments and Exit Wounds), these two ladies have a certain Vastra and Jenny feisty quality about them too. Their introduction to the Whoniverse saw them killing Captain Jack, savagely torturing him and then making him work for Torchwood - not bad ladies. Not bad at all! Despite starring in Outcasts (a BBC sci~fi misfire, to put it politely), Amy Manson would make a terrific ally/enemy for The Doctor as Guppy whilst BFF Holroyd, played by Heather Craney (a Holby City and Eastenders stalwart) is on hand to straddle any passers~by. And aren't their outfits purty?

    3. THE SHOPKEEPER (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

    Talk about text~book enigmatic, this guy is The Enigma~tron! He is positively rolling in riddle~ocious~ness (it's a word!). This chap first popped up in The Sarah Jane Adventures, trapping our heroes and then subsequently splitting them up and sending them back in time - the nerve! But he wasn't a bad guy (oh no!), The Shopkeeper was just keeping the universe in balance - not unlike a certain other friend of Sarah Jane's... Played with wonderful suavetry (it's a word!) by Cyril Nri, even got a brief return in the final series (Sky). One certainly hopes that he is indeed another Time Lord, awaiting to be found...

    2. JILLY KITZINGER (Torchwood Miracle Day)

    Ehm... Lauren Fucking Ambrose!

    1. THE TRICKSTER (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

    This guy. *Does Goodfellas style hang gesture* This guy! So immense was his appeal, so awesome and mighty was his darkness that not only did he get a mention in both Doctor Who and Torchwood (well, The Trickster's Brigade did in Turn Left and Immortal Sins), but The Doctor himself had to crossover to The Sarah Jane Adventures in order to defeat him! The stand~off between them during The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith was quite something with a fangasm~inducing mention of The flippin' Key To Time.

    The Trickster's original appearance, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, remains my favourite of his trilogy; where the lurvely Elisabeth Sladen was replaced by the equally lurvely Jane Asher. Writer Gareth Roberts created one of the great Whoniverse villains; meddling with time and people with horrific consequences, just for fun. The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith displayed a memorable, and deeply unsettling, view of the future juxtaposed with some heart~breaking moments for Sarah Jane.

    Special mention must also go to the man behind the cloak, Paul Marc Davies who also manged the feat of appearing in the Doctor Who story Utopia and the Torchwood tale, Exit Wounds. The Trickster, without a doubt, is the one character from the spin~offs that deserves to face~off against The Doctor on a Saturday night around 7pm.


    Barrowman tyfyt

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    "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographer Alex Da Silva has just been sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping a former dance student ... and assaulting another.

    43-year-old Da Silva was arrested back in 2009 and charged with multiple felonies stemming from allegations he raped and sexually assaulted four women ... all former dance students between the ages of 20 and 26.

    Da Silva was only convicted of one count of rape and one count of assault with intent to commit rape.

    The jury deadlocked on the remaining charges, which were subsequently dismissed.

    Da Silva -- who appeared on Seasons 1-4 of SYTYCD -- was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life.


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    Anna Paquin is careful of the "outlandish" things she says around the True Blood writers as they sometimes end up in the show.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The actress is famed for her role as Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series. True Blood follows the co-existence of vampires and humans in a fictional town in Louisiana.

    Because of the fantasy content, Anna has to bite her tongue with discussing far-fetched ideas around the production team, as they sometimes end up working them into the script.

    "Sometimes I pitch things that are a joke. There was a scene in episode nine [of season four] with me Steve [Moyer] and Alex [Skarsgård] that I pitched, which I can't you about, but was sort of a joke, but not really," she explained in an interview with SciFi Now.

    "Sometimes I wonder if I say things that are really outlandish and because of the nature of our show, they actually end up in the show."
          Anna's character Sookie has a complicated relationship with vampire Bill. The star likes to get her teeth stuck into the intricate romantic storylines.

    "I'm totally happy for our characters to be as sad, distraught, messed up and hating each other as they like," she said.

    "We don't really have everything be perfect or happy for too long. It's not interesting television if everything works out for Bill and Sookie, and then they adopt five babies and live happily ever after."

    From TV Guide: True Blood Recasts Cousin Claude 
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

     True Blood's Sookie is getting a new fairy cousin in Season 5. Actor Giles Matthey, whose only credit is an appearance on The Good Wife last October, will assume the fairy wings previously worn by Neil Hopkins, who played the role in an episode last season.

    Claude, in case you forget, is the twin brother of Sookie's elegant fairy cousin, Claudine, who we met toward the end of True Blood's third season. In the book series, Claude is an arrogant little queen whose only redeeming quality is his protective nature toward Claudine. Some fans criticized the choice of Neil for the role, considering him too old for the part.

    While Claude will not be a series regular, I'm told the part will be considerably expanded into a multi-episode arc and could develop into something even larger. In the books, Claude and Sookie eventually grow to be close friends.

    Two unexciting pictures from the Inside True Blood blog:
    It's that time of year again! Mike Wells, our trusty Construction Coordinator, is helping unpack everything that was put into storage for the hiatus. This was a nice surprise on my walk across the lot this morning
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The roles we're casting this week? The WOLVES of Season 5! This photo was taken by Alan Ball himself at the first official wolf meeting of the season. The trainers distracted the wolves with chicken treats while Alan and several others -- producers, directors, ADs, cinematographers -- looked on and discussed which wolves to cast as which characters.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    PLUS: HBO True Blood's Twitter account promises a...GRAPHIC TEASER
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    (WTF! I hope 'graphic tease' is Home Box Office-slang for JMan-ASkars-RKwant-CMeloni peen)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Method motivates Liam Neeson, 'The Grey' cast to dine on wolf meat
    Production of the Hollywood action flick The Grey was a shot in the arm for the northern B.C. town of Smithers this time last year, as star Liam Neeson, director Joe Carnahan and company filmed in the mountains above and around a local ski resort.

    The trapper Dick McDiarrmid.

    The movie, which opens next Friday, kept the town buzzing with its needs for gear, transportation, hotels, food and supplies. But the most oddball request was to longtime local trapper Dick McDiarmid for four wolf carcasses. Two were for use as props in the movie and the other two — well, let McDiarmid tell it.

    “They wanted a couple more that they were going to try and eat them,” says McDiarmid over the phone from his home in rural Quick, about 40 kilometres from Smithers. “I guess they got to talking; I wonder what it tastes like?”

    The movie’s story follows a group of Alaska oil workers who survive a plane crash, only to be set upon by a pack of wolves that hunts them as they flee the crash site. Just before filming started, director Carnahan wanted Neeson and the rest of the cast to sample wolf meat as a way of getting closer to the movie’s story of wilderness survival.

    “I do a bit of trapping, so they came off my trap line,” says the 67-year-old McDiarmid, adding wolf skins fetch upwards of $100 each in the fur trade. He adds he’s never tried wolf meat himself.

    “Well I guess if I was like in the movie, in the bush and starving. Otherwise I don’t think it would be high on my list.”

    McDiarmid’s movie experience didn’t end after he pulled the wolf carcasses out of his freezers. The casting people liked the look of him, and put him in a pre-crash bar scene where he was seated next to British actor Nonso Anozie, who played one of the crash survivors.

    “He’s huge,” says McDiarmid. “I asked him if he had tried the wolf. He said ‘I’m a pretty big man but it didn’t take much to fill me up.’”

    The movie includes a wilderness scene where the survivors kill and eat one of the wolves. McDiarmid says they used lamb meat for the on-camera munching.

    As to the fictional story of a wolf pack relentlessly hunting a group of humans, McDiarmid says it’s fiction. He’s read of isolated attack by wolves on humans but has seen nothing like that first-hand.

    “Wolves have territories, which they do defend, but not generally against people,” he says. “If other wolves try to move in, then they’ll fight.”

    As to his own meetings with wolves, “I think they’ve always been curious, you know: What am I doing? I never really felt threatened by them. I’ve seen them watching me from, I don’t know, 75 feet away and then as soon as you look at them they take off.”

    The Grey used a mix of computer-generated imagery and elaborate puppetry for its wolf scenes.

    McDiarmid will be at a special screening next Wednesday in Smithers for locals who worked on the film.

    “Who doesn’t love a little bit of Hollywood coming to town,” says Gladys Atrill, who was the town’s main point person as marketing director of Tourism Smithers. The filmmakers stayed for three weeks of preparations and two weeks of filming.

    The town earlier played Antarctica for scenes in the 2006 adventure flick Eight Below. “It delivers a little excitement, and it leaves some money behind when they go, so it’s welcome.”

    Atrill visited The Grey’s plane crash site above the tree line near Hudson Bay Mountain Resort, where props people had to dig the strewn wreckage out from under fresh snow each morning.

    “I have sympathy for the actors when they’re talking about how cold it was, but those were the conditions the director was looking for, so it worked out.”

    The production also filmed at the Smithers Airport, where a hangar was set up for that northern bar scene.

    “The winter time is a slower time for us, so (the films) came at a good time. Suppliers might be more active in the resource sector during the summer.”

    Atrill says the town has got used to the pace of filmmaking. “A film is in for a short time, and what it needs, it needs now.”

    Even if that means a couple of wolf carcasses.


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    So cannot wait for Thursday! This looks awesome.

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    Beth Ditto is ready to make her mark.

    The Gossip singer, who has been happily embraced by the fashion industry despite her decidedly non-fashion size, is signing on with MAC Cosmetics for a limited edition collaboration. Women's Wear Daily reports that Ditto, who often boasts her own bold eye makeup, will create signature products to hit MAC stores and counters in June.

    The news comes a day after Ditto sat front row at Jean Paul Gaultier's couture show in Paris (you know, the Amy Winehouse-themed one?). Gaultier has been a longtime Ditto fan, putting the plus-size performer on his runway in 2010.

    Ditto has also formed a positive connection with MAC, even performing at the brand's New York store on Fashion's Night Out in 2011. Now, like Daphne Guinness and Iris Apfel before her, Ditto will lend her name and distinctive style to MAC.

    No word yet on specific products, but we're guessing there will be some dark eyeliner and awesome colored eyeshadow involved.


    She needs to release an album in the style of her EP imo.

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  • 01/28/12--10:43: Independent Film Post!
  • check it out y'all a mike shannon post cunningly embedded within this movie post!

    Penelope Ann Miller, Michael Shannon and Zoe Saldana are the first confirmed presenters for this year's Film Independent Spirit Awards, Film Independent announced exclusively to TheWrap on Friday.

    In addition, comedian/actor/singer Kate Micucci will perform on the show, which will take place on February 25 on the beach in Santa Monica.

    Miller and Shannon appear in the two films that led all Spirit Awards nominees with five nominations each. Miller plays the wife of silent film star George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) in "The Artist," while Shannon is nominated for Best Male Lead for his role as a father with disturbing, apocalyptic visions in "Take Shelter." (work)

    Saldana's film include the non-indie "Avatar," and she most recently appeared in the action film "Colombiana."

    Micucci has appeared on "Scrubs" and "Raising Hope," and is part of the musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates. She frequently performs music and comedy onstage in Los Angeles, including regular appearances with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

    The Film Independent Spirit Awards will be hosted by Seth Rogen and broadcast on February 25 by IFC.

    ONTD: please share your favorite independent movies from 2011, which was actually a GREAT YEAR for movies that weren't Oscarbait! What independent/non-blockbuster films are you looking forward to in 2012, I already know you want to see The Dark Knight Rises / the Avengers?

    Also it's a shame there weren't more Sundance posts going so here's a Sundance article starring Zoe and BCoop.

    Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana came to the Sundance Film Festival to promote their closing-night film, "The Words."

    The two actors play a married couple in the movie, which follows an aspiring writer who gains fame when he finds an old manuscript and passes it off as his own.

    The pair avoided any appearance of their reported off-screen romance by staying apart from one another while posing for photos and giving interviews to support the film. Saldana did affectionately touch Cooper as they passed in a hallway, though. tg for this incisive reporting!)

    Both had been to Sundance before, where snow fell throughout the festival and the weather dipped into the teens. Still, Saldana maintained her fashionista edge.

    "I did bring warm stuff but I also brought fashion-y stuff. Come on. You've got to pay the price, even if it's too cold," she said.

    The 33-year-old actress wore green suede shoes with spiked stiletto heels despite the slushy conditions.

    "They're kind of fabulous. They're also lethal. So I have to be really careful, and somebody has to be careful not to piss me off," she said with a smile. "Yeah right. I'm just trying not to fall. It's like `Please don't fall. Please don't fall,' if I'm walking."

    Cooper's first time at the festival was 12 years earlier with the eventual cult comedy hit "Wet Hot American Summer."

    "I wasn't even able to get into the screening," he recalled.

    Saldana said playing Cooper's wife in "The Words" made her think about how she approaches relationships and the concept of unconditional love.

    "Like how unconditional am I when I'm in love. Do you bypass certain things? Would I be able to be with a man — or with someone — that feels incomplete, doesn't matter what we do?" she said. "If we change this, if we get married, if we have a baby — just someone that feels incomplete. Would I be able to deal with that for so many years and accept them as who they are and go, `Come as you are. This is who I fell in love with and I don't want to change you?'

    "I'm not like that, which is why I wanted to play her, because it was a challenge, you know. Look at me, I totally said I'm not unconditional at all. So awful."

    Cooper's part as author-plagiarist Rory Jansen is his second writerly role after playing a novelist in last year's "Limitless." But that's just coincidence, he said. Despite having a degree in English, the 37-year-old actor says he typically only writes in his "girlnal."

    "Journal, sorry," he said. "That's a `Wet Hot' reference. Paul Rudd says that."

    Saldana, meanwhile, is in the midst of shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles with director J.J. Abrams and much of the original's cast.

    "It's wonderful because I've been dying to work with the cast again, to work with JJ," she said. "I love him so much. He's such an amazing human being and such an amazing storyteller and a great director, so what more can I ask for? I start the year and I'm literally going back to a very familiar environment and being a part of a great story."

    "The Words," which also stars Dennis Quaid, Jeremy Irons, Ben Barnes and Olivia Wilde, premiered Friday. It was acquired early in the festival by CBS Films, which plans to release it theatrically in the fall. Sundance continues through Sunday.

    -Sandy Cohen

    Sources: TheWrap

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    It’s good to be Tim Tebow right now. Even though his Denver Broncos got knocked out of the NFL Playoffs a couple weeks ago, Tebow played well enough this season to earn the starting QB job whenNFL training camp opens up next July. He’s highly sought-after right now, with everyone from ESPN to major American corporations looking to cash in on Tebowmania. And, maybe most importantly, his “rookie” season is over (yeah, yeah, we know that last year was technically his rookie campaign, but this was the first one he really played in) so he gets to kick back for a few weeks and heal his broken body. Oh, and did we mention that Kim Kardashian reportedly has a major crush on him? Okay, so maybeeverything isn’t going good for Tim Tebow.

    “Kim has a big crush on Tim,” a friend told the tabloids recently. “She says he’s not only very handsome but seems like a guy with really strong values.”

    Uh-oh! We all know what happened the last time Kim got in bed—literally—with an athlete (we see you,Kris Humphries!). So, why exactly does she want to go back down that road? Well, the answer is simple.

    “Kim needs to rehab her image to get her career revved up again,” another friend said. “Dating someone like Tim Tebow would certainly do the trick.”

    Sooo…This was only a matter of time, right? Now, Tebow—the self-proclaimed virgin, the all-American athlete, and the guy who everyone loved all season long—is going to turn his back on us and go the Kardashian route, isn’t he? Tebowmania is going to get even BIGGER and the Internet is going to explode as a result of the Kardashian/Tebow union! What in the world are we going to do?! Relax. According to sources, Tebow isn’t interested.

    “Tim’s been made aware of Kim’s crush,” another source revealed, “and although flattered, he’s not interested. He’s an avowed virgin who’s saving himself for marriage and is looking for a woman with similar values, not someone with two failed marriages and a sex tape in her past!”

    Ouch. That’s gotta hurt, Kim. And yet, oddly enough, it feels really, really good to hear that Tebow allegedly said those words. Hmmm…Turning down Kardashians? It really is good to be Tim Tebow right now. Too bad we can’t say the same for Kim.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Well, everything up until the runway and elimination anyway.

    Logo FB

    And see who BuddyTV predicted will win under the cut.

    #1 Willam
    Bio: Let’s make one thing clear, Willam’s worked with Oscar winners. She’s not “some bitch who has to show for a dollar in a club." Yeah, Willam’s cocky swag doesn’t always earn her friends but a successful acting career and killer bod gets her plenty of acclaim. This rule breaker wants to follow in RuPaul’s pumps and she’ll do anything to make it happen. Beware, kittens.
    On her job as a professional crossdresser: "I've done just about every cop show, usually as a hooker or ... a hooker."

    Our impressions: Funny, pretty, put-together and professional, Willam is our early pick to take the prize. Or, given her "cocky swag," to go out in a blaze of glory. Either way, Willam's one to watch!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The rest of the rankings.

    Who do you think will win ONTD?

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    The Mun2 Network has produced an interesting original documentary exploring what it means to be "Black And Latino" in America. On a new original web documentary called "Black and Latino," celebs like Laz Alonso (Jumping the Broom), Tatyana Ali ("Fresh Prince of Bel Air"), Christina Milian ("Dip it Low") and journalist Soledad O'Brien discussed their experiences and the complexities of race in the Latino community.  They speak on everything from defining themselves to hair to learning to please everyone.

    Source I think this is really interesting. 

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    Jermaine Dupri tweeted pics from his session with pop diva Mariah Carey last night at Southside Studios in Atlanta.

    He tweeted,

    “I said MC they don’t expect you to be camera ready, she said Yes they do LOL!!”


    She's looking fly as per usual. I wonder if the X Factor rumors are true. Hmmmm....

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    Christina Aguilera performing at her all time favorite singer, Etta James, funeral



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    And a special thanks to [info]ehs_wildcats.

    Them thighs.

    Y'all are welcome.

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    A clueless televangelist named James Robison is convinced that Glee is the work of the devil. It is glamorizing homosexual themes! He’s right: doesn’t it look awesome to get picked on constantly as a gay high-school student living in the middle of Ohio?

    Glenn Beck sanctioned Robison’s crazy-talk for a segment on his TV program. Beck and Robison wish we could use the powers of Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy for good, not for evil.

    “You made a tremendous comment earlier in the week, you talked about Glee,” said Robison. “You talked about the incredible talent; the talent is so staggeringly great and you said, ‘Why can’t we take great talent and have a great message?’ ”

    The story of uncool theater-and-dance kids who band together against bullying is a terrible message, indeed.

    Robinson continued:

    You see, the enemy—and you talked about it in “The Overton Window”- the principalities and powers in the realm of darkness and deception know how to take that which is highly effective and use it to their ends to deceive and really to bring us down, away from God, away from truth. They do it highly effectively, they’re committed to it.

    If you can take some of this talent, just like you alluded to—and that needs to happen, you need to be able to do it and people who the ability and have the resources need to help to exactly what Hollywood has refused to learn: the greatest gross-producing movies are family-friendly. And yet they keep putting out this junk because there is a power-force that says “you’ve got to get this message out.” And we can stop it by bringing forth truth.

    Ah yes, the good old gay power-force. Evil homosexual sorceress Ryan Murphy conjured it from a mixture of rainbows, unicorn tears and frothy mix, and it compels us.


    Wow, I despise Glee with every fiber of my being say it came from the devil? Bit too much, no? I wonder what he would say about Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story, etc.

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