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  • 01/26/12--19:27: Royal Roundup

  • A new baby for Denmark's Royal Family!

    Princess Marie has given birth to a baby girl in Copenhagen.

    Princess Marie gave birth to a healthy baby girl on January 24th.

    Prince Joachim was present and spoke to the waiting press an hour after the birth. Here is some of what he had to say:

    That no one thought was possible, but it happened: It was a girl. She resembles her mother… she has dark hair. She is healthy and well shaped. When she was born it was a poignant moment. I shed a tear this time too.

    Keeping with Danish tradition, the baby's name will not be revealed until the day of her christening.

    Her Majesty Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik visit the princesses:

    Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, and little Prince Henrik visit their mum and baby sister.

    Prince Frederik and Princess Mary visit the princesses:

    Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Attend Jazz Concert in Brussels with Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde

    Prince Frederik and Princess Mary are in Belgium to attend the Danish takeover of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

    "Did you just try to make out with my wife?"

    "No, darling, I do that with everyone!"


    "Well then, let's join in, shall we?"

    The Princely Family of Monaco Attend the Celebration of the Festival of Sainte-Dévote

    On January 26, 2012, Their Serene Highnesses Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene along with Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover and her daughter, Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Hanover, attended the celebration of the Festival of Sainte-Dévote, the patron saint of the Princely Family of Monaco, the Monégasques, and the Diocese of Monaco. Sainte-Dévote is also the patron saint of the island of Corsica.

    You can read the story/legend of Sainte-Dévote here. It will explain why they are lighting things on fire.

    Prince Daniel and Princess Victoria out and about

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    Two new female leads have now been signed to join Tom Cruise in a new sci-fi movie formally called ‘Horizons’ (and before that it was called ‘Oblivion’). In an exclusive, Variety is reporting that Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko now have the roles of playing Cruise’s wife and the mysterious stranger that makes him question the life around him.

    The now untitled movie is set on an apocalyptic future where the population lives in the clouds as Earth has now become inhabitable. Cruise plays a soldier who repairs surface drones that go around and destroy remnants of alien life on the planet. When he finds a mysterious woman in a crash-landed space pod, it causes a chain of events that forces him to question his world view.

    There are conflicting reports as to which role each actress is playing. Variety has Kurylenko playing the mysterious woman while THR has her playing Cruise’s “lover and partner, who tethers him to the world above the clouds while he’s doing repairwork.” What is known is that Kurylenko will be taking the place of Jessica Chastain who had to bow out of the project after signing on to act in Kathryn Bigelow’s (‘Hurt Locker’, ‘Point Break’) Osama bin Laden feature and finding out that she would be unable to arrange her schedule to accommodate both films. Original reports had Chastain in the lead female role but it was not specified which role that was (my money is on mysterious stranger role). Kurylenko is best known as the Bond girl in ‘Quantum of Solace’ and will soon be seen on Starz’s upcoming series ‘Magic City.’

    Riseborough is signed on for the other female lead although it has been reported that she didn’t initially test for either part last year. This project will be her American debut and if it does well, will launch her career into Hollywood films. Up until now, Riseborough has only been featured in British films, most recently as Wallis Simpson in Madonna’s film ‘W.E.’

    Almost every high profile young actress auditioned for the two female lead roles in the movie. Kurylenko had auditioned for the same part as Chastain along with Olivia Wilde (‘Tron: Legacy’), Brit Marling and Noomi Rapace (‘Prometheus’). Although initially Kurylenko lost to Chastain, Cruise apparently liked her from the start. The other lead role (the part of Cruise’s wife) reportedly had Hayley Atwell (‘Captain America: The First Avenger’), Diane Kruger (‘Inglorious Bastards’) and Kate Beckinsale (‘Underworld: Awakening’) auditioning for the part.

    The film is currently undergoing a rewrite by Michael Arndt and production is hoped to start in March in order to allow it to be the next film Cruise will work on after his current filming on ‘One Shot.’ Production is listed to last 6 months after which Cruise will be working on his next sci-fi film ‘We Are Mortals.’

    This now untitled sci-fi film will be directed by Joseph Kosinski and is based on his illustrated novel ‘Oblivion.’ It is set to be released in the summer of 2013. I’m sure that when production starts, we’ll finally get to know which actress will play which role.


    with boyfriend Danny Huston

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    Justin Bieber attends the immortalization of Michael Jackson at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Hand & Footprint ceremony held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on January 26, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.


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    New movie 'Bachelorette,' Miley Cyrus' behavior exemplifies sleaze in film, TV industries.
    By Paul Wilson Thursday, January 26, 2012 2:43 PM EST

    Hollywood seems to delight in depicting women as sex-starved creatures in its movies - and another new movie reflects that trend. Meanwhile, one young starlet is embracing the raunch off-screen.

    Actress and singer Miley Cyrus, who famously played the wholesome Hannah Montana, has become the epitome of the anti-role model for young girls. As reported by TMZ, Miley Cyrus gave her boyfriend a penis-shaped cake for his birthday, then posed for beyond-suggestive pictures with it.

    As CMI has previously detailed, crude behavior is routine for young teen stars such as Lindsey Lohan and others, Cyrus herself has alluded to smoking marijuana and being a "stoner."

    But, given the sleaze of so much of what Hollywood produces, such behavior is unsurprising.

    "Bachelorette" is the latest movie to push the envelope in sexual themes. The Huffington Post reported that the comedy, which stars Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, and Ilsa Fisher, is "an unapologetic look at look at a sex-filled pre-wedding weekend." The same article also declared of the film: "It's also one of a number of new films in a growing wave of flicks that feature women catching up to men in the raunch and realism departments."

    The piece also quoted actress Lizzy Caplan actually celebrating this trend: "People are just waking up to stuff that I think we knew all along, so thank god for that," Caplan said, referring to the ability to produce - and market - quality female comedies that feature more debauchery than romance."

    In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Caplan continued to gush about her raunch-filled role: "I was so pleased to read a script with multiple parts that I would want to play, as opposed to a script that almost goes as far as this one does. You just don't ever read stuff like this for girls, it's always boys that get to be these characters.

    Why actresses such as Caplan would want to take on roles making women look like bimbos is a mystery. But rampant sexual behavior in Hollywood films is increasing. The Culture and Media Institute has documented how Hollywood films such as "No Strings Attached" and "Hall Pass" have dialed up the sex factor in recent years.

    But the consequences of the carefree attitude displayed by Hollywood concerning sex can be seen within their own ranks. Divorce and remarriage are rampant within Hollywood. Actor Corey Feldman alleged that he was sexually abused as a child actor, and that sexual abuse of minors is common in Hollywood. And prominent actresses like Megan Fox have warned that "casting couch" behavior - trading sex for the opportunity to take on acting gigs - is a common occurrence in Hollywood.

    Movies like "Bachelorette" and disgusting behavior like Cyrus' may be part of the "real world" of Hollywood, where casual sex is celebrated and frequent divorce is almost a rite of passage. But it is not the real world, because in the real world, sleazy behavior has consequences.


    omg third time's the charm? ty for being so patient

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    Sorry about that mods, didn't realize how big the photos were (& another confusions).These weren't posted btw.

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    Monty Python's surviving members are set to reform for a new film, Terry Jones has announced.

    Jones told Variety that he will direct the sci-fi movie, which is called Absolutely Anything.

    The 69-year-old confirmed that John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin have joined the project, while he is still hopeful to sign Eric Idle.

    Hollywood actor Robin Williams has also been cast as an intelligent talking dog called Dennis.

    "It's not a Monty Python picture, but it certainly has that sensibility," he said.

    Absolutely Anything will be made in CGI, with the Monty Python crew voicing a group of aliens who grant a human being immense power, leading to chaos.

    Life of Brian's Mike Medavoy will produce the piece, based on a 20-year-old script developed by Jones and Gavin Scott.

    "Terry and Gavin have crafted a classic farce - something I feel I know a little bit about after all the Pink Panther pictures we did with Blake Edwards at United Artists," Medavoy said.

    "In fact, the movie even has a pompous Frenchman reminiscent of Inspector Clouseau - but there the similarity ends. Like all projects originated by any of the Monty Python guys, Absolutely Anything delightfully defies a logline."

    1998 was the last time the surviving troupe members appeared together, at the Aspen Comedy Festival.

    Last year, Cleese joined up with Palin, Jones and Gilliam to record dialogue for the late Graham Chapman biopic A Liar's Autobiography, but Idle did not take part.

    Source Millar, Paul. "Monty Python members to reunite for film, confirms Terry Jones." Digital Spy. 26 January 2012. <>.

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    Kelly Clarkson debuted a cover of Heart's "What About Love" in Boston last night!

    via her blog:
    "BOSTON!!!!! That was so much fun!!!! You just won for best crowd so far on this tour!! On your feet all night and singing every word ....I LOVED IT!!!!"


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    Manila Luzon, runner-up on the third season of RuPaul's Drag Race, has released the video for her single 'Hot Couture'.

    "True to the song's title, the video showcases a myriad of over the top costumes created by a half a dozen fashion and costume designers including Viktor Luna (Project Runway season 9 finalist), Garo Sparo (Garo, Sundance Channel) and Marco Marco (Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Britney Spears). Even through all the fun, radiance and glamour, the "Hot Couture" music video also delivers a powerful and personal message."

    Fierce. How adorable is bb Manila?
    Also, only 3 days until season 4!

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  • 01/26/12--22:12: Totally Amp'd

  • Calling it the first of its kind, a pair of Toronto companies have joined forces to launch a completely app-based video series called Totally Amp’d.

    Watching TV or web shows on your mobile device is nothing new, but Totally Amp’d is designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch.

    TV production company Shaftesbury and its digital media arm, Smokebomb Entertainment, are pairing with XMG Studio, a well known game app developer to bring the best of both worlds together: television and apps.

    Totally Amp’d builds off two of the biggest trends in interactive entertainment: “transmedia storytelling,” which is about telling stories across platforms and formats using new technology; and “gamification,” using aspects of game design and mechanics in non-gaming areas.

    “We just love the idea that it’s all in there — the series and the app games — together and seeing where we can go with that,” says Daniel Dales, CEO and executive producer of Smokebomb.

    The 10-episode series, available in Apple’s app store Thursday, tells the story of five teenagers hoping to become the next big pop group.

    Clearly aimed at tweens, Totally Amp’d takes some inspiration from Glee and features actors from Life With Derek (Ashley Leggat) and Degrassi: The Next Generation (Cristine Prosperi).

    The series is already garnering some buzz in the TV and app industries as people look for ways to marry video content like TV shows with the exploding app world. Up until now, most TV or video apps have operating as so-called “second screen experiences,” like watching DVD extras on iPad while watching the film, an approach Disney used for its recent Bambi Blu-ray release.

    Each five to 10-minute episode or “appisode” of Totally Amp’d has built-in activities with content that can be unlocked and manipulated.

    For example, after the first episode is viewed, two songs are unlocked in the “music studio,” which is a rudimentary mixer. Viewers can add their vocals to the song or play with the levels or aspects of the instruments.

    “You can change it to an acoustic version (of the song) with just guitar and drums,” explains Dales. “Or you can just have the vocal-only version, backed by the actors’ voices, which is pretty cool for kids. You can even direct the group’s music video.”

    Still, there are challenges inherent in the approach.

    For instance, Björk’s most recent album, Biophilia, had apps for each song, or games and visuals consumers could play along with the music. It got a rave review from The New York Times but didn’t seem to hit with consumers.

    Totally Amp’d is nowhere near as esoteric. One of its draws is its younger target market, plus it’s been built from the ground up with the mobile experience in mind.

    “Having the hybrid model has the challenges of both models, of TV and the web,” says Adam Telfer, vice-president of game development at XMG. “But the show also has to be on par with other series, as it’s competing with them.

    “But what makes it different is that it is the marriage of the two. It’s having a TV episode in your pocket that you’re able to pull out and watch. You don’t have to worry about an Internet connection, everything is in the app. Our angle is that this is the TV and gaming experience together. Every other show can say they have an interactive element to it, not quite the way that we can with Totally Amp’d.”

    Totally Amp’d will till need to reach its target audience from the morass of a very crowded iTunes Store. The first episode is available on YouTube and can also be seen free once you download the app. To unlock the following nine episodes costs $4.99.

    Dales says this is just the beginning of the possibilities.

    “Totally Amp’d is the first out of the gate, but where we see this going is also really exciting,” he says.

    “One of things we’ve talked about is playing with things to affect the stories, like potentially choose your own adventure type stuff, with viewers participating in the story, perhaps going down different paths, really pushing the boundaries of all these things.”


    Sure this is aimed for kids, but maybe this means we'll be getting more shows specifically through ipads and iphones?

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    4:52 p.m. | Updated 
    Within hours of the announcement, people had figured out ways to subvert Twitter’s blocking.

    So much for the free-wheeling, libertarian reputation of Twitter. The company announced Thursday that it could start censoring certain content in certain countries, a sort of micro-censorship widget that would pop up up in a grey box on the Twitter feed.

    “Tweet withheld,” it would read “This tweet from @username has been withheld in: Country.”

    Twitter explained the change in a blog post on Thursday: “We haven’t yet used this ability, but if and when we are required to withhold a Tweet in a specific country, we will attempt to let the user know, and we will clearly mark when the content has been withheld.”

    In principle, that could apply to a message promoting Nazi ideology in Germany, a critical remark about the monarchy in Thailand, or perhaps even lines from “The Satanic Verses” in India, where the 1988 book remains banned.

    Until now, the company explained, if a tweet had to be removed, it would vanish from Twitter pages worldwide. The company did not have the ability to selectively remove it country by country. Twitter declined to say how many posts it had removed in the past because it was asked to by a government authority. Twitter said it withheld content only in response to request from United States law enforcement officials.

    Exactly why the company chose to make the change now remains unclear, except for its global ambitions. “As we continue to grow internationally, we will enter countries that have different ideas about the contours of freedom of expression,” the blog post said. That could be a reference to China, where an official firewall screens content and where neither Twitter nor Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, operates. China has a hugely popular Twitter-like platform called Sina Weibo.

    “One of our core values as a company is to defend and respect each user’s voice,” the blog post continued. “We try to keep content up wherever and whenever we can, and we will be transparent with users when we can’t. The Tweets must continue to flow.”

    The change could have wide implications, since the majority of Twitter users are outside the United States.

    Facebook and Google can also take down content that is illegal in a particular country or violates the companies’ terms of services.

    source  Open Letter To Twitter: Stand Against Censorship

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    The grieving father of Amy Winehouse has accused a top fashion designer of cashing in on the late singer's death by using her as the inspiration for his latest catwalk show.

    Mitch Winehouse said the collection unveiled by Jean Paul Gaultier at the Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday was "in bad taste" after models were dressed in the star's trademark style.

    The former taxi driver, 60, told the Sun: "The family were upset to see those pictures, they were a total shock.

    "We're still grieving for her loss, and we've had a difficult week with the six month anniversary of Amy's death. To see her image lifted wholesale to sell clothes was a wrench we were not expecting or consulted on."

    During the showcase of Gaultier's spring-summer collection models were given the Back to Black singer's trademark beehive hairstyle, daubed in heavy eyeliner and smoked cigarettes. They also took to the runway to a barbershop rendition of Winehouse's songs, with all models wearing black veils during the show's finale.

    Gaultier confessed although he had never met the star - who died at the age of 27 in her north London home last year - their "styles had always been similar".

    Mr Winehouse said he was proud of his daughter's influence on fashion, but accused Gaultier of portraying a view of the singer when she was "not at her best".

    "We're proud of her influence on fashion but find black veils on models, smoking cigarettes with a barbershop quartet singing her music in bad taste," he added.

    "It portrays a view of Amy when she was not at her best and glamorises some of the more upsetting times in her life. That's upsetting for her family."

    The British singer battled with a drink and drugs problem during her life prompting Mr Winehouse to set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation to help vulnerable youngsters in her memory. He added: "No one asked us for permission or offered to make a donation to the foundation."


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    Keira Knightley turns in a great performance as Anna Karenina

    Keira Knightley, as Anna Karenina, emerges from the mist, her gaze focused on her husband — and her lover — played by Jude Law and Aaron Johnson, respectively.

    The actress is wearing an embroidered coat that sweeps the floor, a hat trimmed in fox fur — and £1 million worth of Chanel gems, dangling from her ears.

    The costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, has at the request of director Joe Wright, created a hybrid look for Keira, in which 1870s style meets fitted Fifties couture, and the result is stunning.

    Anna Karenina is Tolstoy’s giant meditation on the aspects of love, and Keira, now 26, is clearly up to the task of playing one of the greatest heroines in literature.

    I’ve been following Keira’s career for years, but as I stood looking at her on the set of Anna Karenina, something had changed. The film’s hair and make-up designer Ivana Primorac articulated my thoughts. "Keira looks like a proper woman," she says.

    Director Joe Wright, who is filming the train station scene at Shepperton studios, tells me: "There’s fire in Keira’s belly."

    He’s directing her for the third time, having worked with her on Pride and Prejudice and Atonement.

    And he agrees that Keira has grown up. "She’s her own woman — she’s got so much fight in her at the moment," he says, as he watches her being framed by Seamus McGarvey, the director of photography, and camera operator Peter Robertson.

    He tells me that Keira’s taken a lot of stick in England, in the years since they last worked together.

    "A lot of young actors would have gone "Up yours!" and gone off to Hollywood. But she braved it out, and it has made her stronger — and fiercer," Wright adds, with a slightly nervous laugh.

    The director believes Keira is more than ready to play Anna — but not a 20th-century feminist version of Anna, "following her heart."

    "As far as Tolstoy was concerned, he was writing a book about a woman who was a sinner — a fallen woman," Wright says. "He wasn’t writing about her as a heroine. He started off writing this book about a good husband and a bad wife. But then, as he wrote, he fell in love with Anna."

    Wright’s basing his version of Tolstoy’s great novel on a powerful screenplay by Tom Stoppard, in which the playwright gives equal weight to the parallel stories of Anna’s cuckolding of her husband Karenin (Law), and her passionate affair with Count Vronsky (Johnson), and also the romance between Levin (Domhnall Gleeson) and Kitty (Alicia Vikander).

    Stoppard’s view is that most previous versions made the mistake of favouring Anna’s story over Levin’s. "Tom turned in one draft and it was all there," marvels producer Paul Webster.

    Tim Bevan of Working Title, who is making the film for Focus Films and Universal, told me it’s the first time Wright has worked with a great screenplay. "Joe’s had good scripts, but this is a great one," says Bevan, a man not known for idle overstatement.

    Wright and his long-time design collaborator Sarah Greenwood checked out locations in St Petersburg, and stately homes in the UK (particularly in Yorkshire) which could double as Russian homes.

    But the more Wright studied Russian cultural history, the more he realised he didn’t want to shoot a conventional costume drama.

    The eureka moment came as he pored over Orlando Figes’s study of Russian cultural history, Natasha’s Dance, which suggested the aristocrats of St Petersburg in the 1870s were more western European in their behaviour than Russian.

    "The aristocrats spoke Italian, English and French — and Russian only to the serfs. There was a sense that they were always playing parts," producer Webster explained.

    So Wright hit on the idea of doing an expressionistic version of Anna Karenina, emphasising that theatricality. Greenwood designed a theatre on a soundstage at Shepperton, from which the action would flow. You go through a door and there’s a train station; go through another and there’s a snowy street, or a forest of silver birch.

    While most of the filming was done on lavish sets, there were real life locations, too; and some shooting is being done in Russia, for the more naturalistic scenes involving Levin and Kitty.

    The scenes I watched looked amazing. Ornate tableaux peopled with extras of Russian heritage, all choreographed to move in a certain way.

    And the cast is as rich as Greenwood’s sets. Ruth Wilson plays Princess Betsy; Olivia Williams is Countess Vronsky; Emily Watson plays Countess Lydia; Kelly Macdonald is Dolly; and Matthew Macfadyen, Oblonsky. (still drooling over this cast omg)

    Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery has been cast as Princess Myagkaya, while her former co-star Thomas Howes (William, the ill-fated footman) plays Yashvin.


    dedicated to my lover [info]rouge_night
    also, I really want to get my hands on Stoppard's script.

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    'Welcome to my Borough' Awards

    Peter Andre hands out story writing awards to London school children from 18 primary schools for the 'Welcome To My Borough' writing competition. at City Hall on January 26, 2012 in London, England.

    15th Annual Rising Star Awards

    Celebrities attend the 15th Annual Rising Star awards at Cipriani 42nd Street on January 26, 2012 in New York City.

    A pregnant Molly Sims is spotted shopping in Los Angeles

    A pregnant Peaches Geldof

    Uma Thurman is spotted on the set of "Smash

    Adam Sandler Grabs Coffee

    Amanda Seyfried Films Lovelace

    Anthony Kiedis Can't Miss A Lakers Game

    Ashley Tisdale Leaves Byron And Tracy Salon

    Carey Hart Trying To Pick A Fight With The Paparazzi

    Cat Deeley Out In New York

    Catherine Zeta-Jones On The Set Of "Rock Of Ages"

    Celebs At The Valentino Fashion Show

    Claire Danes Honored in Harvard Square

    Courtney Love Arrives in Sydney

    Daveigh Chase Enjoys A Cigarette

    Dominic Purcell Getting Starbucks In Venice

    Evan Rachel Wood Returning Home From The Grocery Store

    Gerard peaces out

    Hilary Duff looks ready to pop as she leaves a nail salon in Los Angeles

    Housewives Keep It Real In New York

    Hugh Jackman and Family Out for a Stroll

    Jon Heder on Extra

    Kate Beckinsale Attends 'Underworld Awakening' Photocall

    Katherine Heigl And Family Out For Lunch In New York

    Katrina Bowden Signs Her Maxim Cover

    Madame Tussauds Unveils Its Latest Figure - Taylor Lautner

    Mel B Out Shopping At Chanel

    Miss Piggy Photo Call

    Nick Jonas Leaves Live With Kelly

    Nicolas Cage Leaves The BBC Radio Studios

    Nicole Kidman Leaving Joan's On Third

    Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Out For Lunch At The Alcove Restaurant

    Pitbull Performs in Concert in Barcelona

    Posey's animated walk

    Reese Witherspoon Arrives In Paris

    Sandra Bullock Drops Louis Off At School

    Sean Paul Promotes Puls 4 HD

    Selma's post-baby body

    Stars Braving The Snow At The Sundance Film Festival In Park City

    Tilda Swinton at The Daily Show

    Tina Fey and James Marsden on Set

    Tori Spelling And Family Interviewed On Extra

    Katie Price leaving Gaucho Restaurant

    Celebrities Visit SiriusXM

    Emma Stone Loves Her Teddy Bear

    Premiere Of HBO's "Luck"

    Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15

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    New Fiona Apple Album "Absolutely" Coming in 2012... But Not in the Next Few Weeks

    Given Fiona Apple's history of album delays, it seemed a little fishy when Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid Tweeted that we'd be hearing her new music within the next few weeks. TIME got in touch with Epic to reach the bottom of it and found that Fiona Apple's new record is not, in fact, coming in a few weeks-- but will arrive "absolutely" during 2012.

    Reid's Tweets were, "taken a little bit out of context," the Epic spokeswoman said. "It'll absolutely be this year... but timing wise, I don't know exactly when." But what's a few more months after six years?

    Tide yourself over with the Zach Galifianakis-starring video for Apple's "Not About Love":


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    Have a look at the official teaser for Madonna’s upcoming album M.D.N.A. featuring Madonna, Martin Solveig and M.I.A… A short but sweet clip of Madonna fooling around with the two while recording her new album.

    Madonna: Daytime Exclusive (preview)

    Reacting to her Golden Globe nominations.


    It all starts next week!

    l . u . v

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    Kelly Clarkson releases country version of her hit song "Mr Know It All"

    Train comes snatching wigs, releases Hey Soul Sister 2.0 aka "Drive By" off upcoming album

    1, 2

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Another day, another journalist puts their foot in their mouth.

    The dust has hardly settled from the melee surrounding the Dutch magazine Jackie, after it referred to Rihanna as a "N-word Bitch." One would think that racial slurs and stereotypes would quickly be stricken from our vernacular (at least for a while) following that fiasco.

    However, the French version of Elle magazine has found itself right smack in the middle of their own racially charged incident.

    Just last week on the publication's website, writer Nathalie Dolivo penned a blog posted entitled "Black Fashion Power." And what initially seemed like Dolivo's attempt to praise the black community for their style prowess, unraveled into a string of controversial, stereotypical and insulting statements.

    Dolivo points out Solonge Knowles, Janelle Monae and Nicki Minaj as sartorial stars and suggests that their style along with the rest of the black community have been significantly heightened thanks to Michelle Obama. She writes:

    “For the first time, the chic has become a plausible option for a community so far pegged [only] to its streetwear codes.”

    So, being chic and sophisticated beyond jeans and a t-shirt has only been an option for black people since 2008 when Michelle Obama became First Lady?

    Such sweeping generalizations and misguided comments are what perpetuate the stereotypes we constantly fight to keep at bay.

    Dolivo continues to dig herself into a deeper hole when she refers to blacks with style (and presumably money) as the "black-geosie." Oy!

    "But if in 2012 the "black-geoisie" has integrated all the white codes [of fashion], they [do so not] literally. [There] is always a classic twist, with a bourgeois ethnic reference (a batik-printed turban/robe, a shell necklace, a 'creole de rappeur') reminiscent [of] the roots. It [has] shifted, [it is] new, desirable, powerful."

    Did we read that correctly, "white codes of fashion?" Whether we accessorize with ethnic items or not, it is by no means a deviation from guidelines set by the white community--rather it's simply an interpretation of personal style.

    Although the post was written in French and has since been translated to English, hundreds of comments from French readers on the blog's website suggest that nothing has been lost in translation--they are just as shocked by the rhetoric as we are.

    It's hard to believe that there aren't any black journalists that could have written on this subject with intelligence, dignity and finesse. The lack of diversity on magazine staffs and in newsrooms has been an ongoing issue. Varying and appropriate perspectives are needed in order to avoid misguided articles such as these.

    As of Wednesday January 24, Elle France has removed the blog post--but has not issued a statement.

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    Queen Cate

    Maison Louis Vuitton Roma Etoile Opening Party in Rome (Jan. 27)

    Some jewellery event in Switzerland (Jan. 17)


    Queen Nicole

    Australian Academy Of Cinema And Television Arts Awards (Jan. 27)


    Darling Mia

    Mia Wasikowska for Miu Miu S/S '12 by David Sims

    via tfs

    tyfyt happy belated australia day idk

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    Loveless, jobless and possibly terminally ill, Frank has had enough of the downward spiral of America. With nothing left to lose, Frank takes his gun and decides to off the stupidest, cruelest and most repellent members of society with an unusual accomplice: 16-year-old Roxy, who shares his sense of rage and disenfranchisement. From stand-up comedian and director Bobcat Goldthwait comes a scathing and hilarious attack on all that is sacred in the United States of America.


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    "Vampires are sexy and werewolves are savages. And that contrast often makes for something every complex and fascinating to watch."

    (not in this movie, lbr, but bless him for trying.)

    Plus new photos from the world premiere last week in L.A.

    Source 1, 2, 3

    I finally made a post because he's too fucking hot to not have one. Ugh his stupid sexy face.

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