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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    -He and his family were in those camps.
    -Wants to prevent it from happening again.
    -Wrote a great essay for the Washington Post below.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3

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    Early reviews are saying:

    "DNCE didn’t pretend to be out for anything more than a good time, and that lack of self-seriousness made “Cake” a Top 10 hit—and also suggested that of all the Jonas Brothers, it was perhaps Joe, not Nick, who was most likely destined for Timberlakian success." (EW)

    "What differentiates DNCE from a highly-advanced marketing gimmick is the strength of the music. There's no better classic-rock curriculum than performing in a boy band, which often piece together sounds from various eras of rock 'n' roll past, and Jonas betrays his passion for the '80s on the band's vibrant self-titled debut." (USA TODAY)

    IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


    SOURCES: 12345

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    -Allegedly the game is well into develpment.

    -If true, Switch would be the first home console to get a mainline Pokemon game.

    -Pokémon will be tradable between Sun/Moon and Stars via the Pokémon Bank app.

    -It would be the same game but with higher resolution.

    -The game was initially a summer 2017 launch for Nintendo Switch, but has since been pushed back to later in the year.

    -In fact, we may have already got a peak of the game from Sun and Moon's first teaser (A work-in-progress model for Pikipek)


    SUN AND MOON POST!!! Can it be Nov. 23 already?? :(

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    The Queen of Christmas gave us another sneak peak into her world, with a brand new festive trailer. Are you ready for all the iconic moments to come dahlings?


    Fave MC moments?

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    -Lena Headey recently lost a custody battle against her ex-husband Peter Loughran. Lena has been begging  the court to let her keep her in son in the UK. And she wanted her ex to move to the UK too which he agreed to, but then changed his mind. The court ordered Lena to move back to LA recently and now Lena is fighting back, as the current mandate says she can keep her son in the UK when she's filming and the letter proves that she's nowhere finished with GOT season 7 filming.

    -The letter mandates that Lena be in close reach in both November and December for Game of Thrones. And maybe also in January and February for possible additional scenes and reshoots. Lena is finished filming in Spain, so now her remaining filming will all be in Belfast, Ireland. Obviously getting from London to Belfast is much easier than getting from Los Angeles to Belfast

    - Lena has been paying her ex $10,000 per month for child support and he hasn't even seen the kid in 3 months.



    hope this is ok mods

    this entire situation is messy as fuck but her ex seems like a douche tbh. She's been paying him $10K every month and he couldn't even fly to London in the past 3 months to see his son even ONCE??

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    • Theallet is a French immigrant who launched her own label in 2007.

    • First ladies are typically considered ambassadors for their countries fashion designers and will typically only wear labels from their country.

    • Theallet urges other designers to support the boycott.

    source 12

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    The Bollywood inspired song was written with long-time producing partner Greg Kurstin.


    I saw Lion last night, Sunny Pawar is adorable and steals the film.

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  • 11/18/16--09:23: ONTD Roundup
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    * Details the decision to kill off [spoiler]
    * Discusses Laurel's pregnancy
    * Would only make 5 episodes a season if he could.

    * Has no hard feelings about the decision, stressing it was creativity based
    * Mentions how Aja was certain beforehand it wasn't him
    * Questions whether or not he would even be the moral compass as people claim

    source , source

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    A close family member of one of the remaining Walking Dead cast members posted a potential spoiler about the cast member's show contract on Facebook Thursday. The post has since been deleted, but not before it was picked up by a number of media sites who took to wondering if this means yet another character is about to be killed off on the show. ETA: It's now been re-posted to the account


    The father of 17-year-old Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on the show, posted this on his Facebook account:

    Coupled with Chandler's recent announcement on Twitter that he has been accepted to Auburn University for next year, the comments have some fans thinking Riggs is leaving the show behind to attend college full-time. Neither Chandler nor his parents have responded to the many fan inquiries they have received on social media about William Riggs' post.

    Metro (UK) stated on their site that they have contacted Riggs' spokesperson for comment, but apparently haven't heard back. As of midday Friday, a poll on their website had fans voting at 70% that they would not be upset if Carl is killed off the show. pointed out that Riggs' original contract with the show may have expired, but that doesn't necessarily mean he won't sign a new one and return next season.

    UPDATE: Chandler's mother replied to a concerned fan on her Instagram account on Friday afternoon:


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    Buy/Stream Bridgit's EP Nemesis right now!!!!!!

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    From the Hollywood Reporter:

    "The five "A-tier" stars of HBO's Game of Thrones — Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau — banded together and recently concluded a renegotiation that will pay them each $1.1 million per episode for seven episodes of season seven and six episodes of season eight".


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    New blind from Lainey:

    "He’s single now so he’s free for single nights. And it seems he has a signature one night special, something he sends afterwards so that he can be remembered. But before we get to that, let’s get into the action first. The action he often enjoys on these nights is to do it his way all over the breasts. I quite like this move myself, with the right person. Now that you know this about him though? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? And picturing his kink and his past? Who he was with in the past?

    As for that memento, the something to remember, even though he’s famous he has no worries Snapping to his one nights a picture of his dick. One of the reasons he’s probably not that concerned about his dick getting out, though I don’t think it has (yet), is because of how it’s been described by those who’ve seen it (and there are multiples). Here are some of the adjectives: “big”, “veiny”, “massive”. It’s almost as though he wants us to see, wants his dick pics to be shared. He does it with such frequency, it’s almost as though he’s daring it to happen. Sure, if that happens, he’ll front outrage, but it’s not like he’s particularly discerning about the recipients. It’s just that, so far, the recipients haven’t bothered. Which makes it even better, or maybe worse. That, perhaps, even though it’s “big, veiny, massive”, the recipients – so far, at least – haven’t felt the need to boast about it, about him, in particular."

    Let me rewrite it more clearly: Which celebrity loves to jizz on the chests of his one-night stands and then send them pics of his huge dick? So far no one has leaked his pics because apparently he's not that great in bed."


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    source / source / source

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    -Amelia leaves Owen with a dear John letter.

    -Riggs and Owen start to patch things up and Owen tells him that he too cheated on his wife and that he and Amelia are having problems.
    -The new doctor Aliza asks Arizona out but Arizona rebuffs her saying that she doesn't like how she acts that she owns the place. But after Aliza insists, Arizona agrees to get a drink with her.
    -Maggie gets the doctor to rally for Webber to keep his job as director of the residency program.
    -Jo is subpoenaed to testify in Alex's hearing. She fears that they found out she is married and not wanting Alex to find out about it in court, she tells Alex the day before his hearing. She tells him she is worried her abusive husband will find her if she testifies. Not wanting that to happen Alex decides to take a plea deal for 2 years in jail. Mer tries to talk him out of it and take his chance in court. Alex goes to the DA's office, but before he is called in, he hears a voicemail from Mer who want her not to give up. The DA calls him in to the office. End episode. (will he take the deal or not, is the cliffhanger).

    Grey's Anatomy (along with Scandal and HTGAWM) returns on January 19th.
    source 1, 2

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    What's your fave perfume rn, ONTD?

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    #RHOA cast member pleads no contest for not having certificate of occ. for her home, throwing party without permit.

    — Mike Petchenik (@MPetchenikWSB) November 18, 2016

    • Resident stunt queen, booster princess and Real Housewife of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield was back in court today over her continued antics with Chateau Sheree Thelma.

    • On November 2nd, Sheree hosted a Housewarming party that was filmed for the show and will serve as the finale.

    • Rumors began swirling the night of the event that Sheree never actually moved into the home and that Bravo actually paid to furnish the home for the party.

    • These rumors are true because this morning Sheree was back in Atlanta court for throwing said party when the home is still considered uninhabitable and has no certificate of occupancy.

    • Sheree plead no contest and was fined $1000.

    • A producer of the show was also fined $1000 and put on probation for not getting proper documentation before filming.

    • This is just adding to the laundry list of L's Sheree has taken over this home. She owes over $900,000 in back taxes, is currently being sued by a contractor for over $350,000 for unpaid completed work on the home, battling with her home insurance company because the unfinished home's basement is riddled with mold and burst pipes due to shoddy work done, oh, and the home is not even in Sheree's name but is in her mother Thelma's name so the bank cannot foreclose on the home due to Sheree defaulting on the bank loan.


    I seriously can't wait until we get to the reunion and Kenya, who has been living in her fully finished home for 5 MONTHS, drags Sheree's ass

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    -Says he loves kanye and would never say anything bad about him because "he loves Trump".
    -He is a "counter-puncher" and only goes after celebs that attack him.
    -Maybe in 2020 he'll take it back when he has to run against Kanye.


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    - Didn't know she would last the whole season at first

    - Had no idea how Lee was perceived in the universe of the show because she was just doing the talking head segments alone with the crew for the first 5 episodes

    - Thinks that Lee's turning point in the forest was partially due to her past as an addict: "It has to be better than the best coke. It has to be better than the best prescription drugs. It has to be better than the best drink. Take me to this better place."

    - Would love to return to the eventual Murder House/Coven crossover season

    Source: TV Guide, Twitter

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