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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    About 50 people, including activist organization Fvck Rape Culture and artists, filmmakers and women (and a few men) sat in silence Thursday night outside the Arclight Hollywood Cinemas to bring awareness to the millions of unnamed victims of rape and sexual assault.

    tiniv11 Silent sit-in for victims of rape and sexual assault. #togetherwecan

    #work #press #amwriting #movies #travelphotography #travelgram #traveljournalist #wanderlust #digitalnomad #ontheroad #solotraveler #locationindependent #travelpreneur #travelbug #journalism #writing #freelancer #freelancelife #losangeles #hollywood #birthofanation #protest #vigil

    Variety was able to talk to FRC (which was founded to respond to the Brock Turner) founder Remy Holwick who said the goal was to show that there's space to celebrate the advancement of people of color in Hollywood and simultaneously create space for those that wish to honor victims of rape and sexual assault

    Model/writer Elyse Cizek also added that there's a big problem with the way rape is portrayed in film.


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    • She's upset with herself for Snapchatting the ring Kanye bought her so much as well as wearing it all the time.

    • She is now questioning how she dresses and what she does.

    • Kanye allegedly offered to buy her a replacement ring but she declined.


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    Becky G has been a busy bee this October... The latina princessa dropped two new music videos this week!

    Mangú - Becky G

    This is a follow-up to the "Sola" music video

    Take It Off (ft. Yandel & Becky G) - Lil Jon

    Lil Jon teams up with Yandel and Becky G for his new single "Take It Off"

    Source: Youtube | Youtube

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    Reposting story details for this season :

    Episode 1 - San Junipero
    Starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis
    Directed by Owen Harris
    Written by Charlie Brooker

    - Set in the '80s, two women visit a beach town known for "sun, surf, and sex"
    - Charlie Brooker describes it as "an ‘80s coming-of-age drama with a Black Mirror undertow"
    - This episode is also Brooker's cheeky response to fans of the series that were afraid it'd become "Americanized", so he specifically set this episode in California

    (It was confirmed the love story *IS* between Gugu and Mackenzie's characters, rejoice!)

    Episode 2 - Shut Up and Dance
    Starring Jerome Flynn and Alex Lawther
    Directed by James Watkins
    Written by William Bridges

    - Set in present day much like "The National Anthem" w/o overly scifi-elements, but described as "the most grounded" of these stories
    - A withdrawn 19 year old (Alex Lawther) finds himself caught in an online trap and is forced into an uneasy alliance with a man (Jerome Flynn) who both find themselves at the mercy of persons unknown
    - Brooker describes it as "a kitchen sink nightmarish thriller"

    Episode 3 - Nosedive
    Starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve and James Norton
    Directed by Joe Wright
    Written by Rashida Jones and Michael Schur

    - An insecure office worker (Bryce Dallas Howard) lives in a world in which everyone obsessively ranks and rates every tiny social interaction. She thinks she finally may have found a way to rank alongside her friend (Alice Eve), who’s one of society’s elites.
    - Brooker describes it as one of the most unusual episode he's done "Each episode this season is a different genre; this one is a social satire," Brooker says. "It’s got a creepy serenity to it and won’t be what people expect."

    Episode 4 - Men Against Fire
    Starring Michael Kelly, Malachi Kirby and Madeline Brewer
    Directed by Jakob Verbruggen
    Written by Charlie Brooker

    - Set in a post-war future
    - Two soldiers (Malachi Kirby and Madeline Brewer) are posted overseas, tasked with protecting a frightened village against horrific mutant creatures. They hope the new military technology given to them can help turn the tide
    - Brooker says "It stemmed slightly from thinking about drone attacks and how technology is alternating the face of warfare, but it’s not about drones,"
    - "It’s a horror thriller, almost like The Walking Dead."

    Episode 5 - Hated in the Nation
    Starring Kelly MacDonald
    Directed by James Hawes
    Written by Charlie Brooker

    - Show's first ever 90-min episode
    - Inspired by Scandi-Noir thrillers like The Killing and Borgen
    - A police detective (Kelly MacDonald) and her geeky young sidekick investigate grisly murders that have sinister ties with social media
    - Brooker teases, "It deals with online rage. It starts out like a stylish standard police procedural, then takes a bizarre turn."

    Episode 6 - Playtest
    Starring Wyatt Russel and Hannah John-Kamen
    Directed and written by Dan Trachtenberg

    - A thrill-seeking globetrotter (Wyatt Russell) visits Britain, hooks up with a woman (Hannah John-Kamen) and tests the latest in video game technology "a device as mind-bendingly sophisticated as it is terrifying."
    - Brooker previously worked as a gaming journalist and this is him revisiting that world
    - Brooker praises Trachtenberg saying, "Dan is fantastic at creating suspenseful and tense mood; this is our Evil Dead 2."
    The Future is bright. Season 3 of BLACK MIRROR will premiere on Netflix on Oct 21, 2016


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    + There've been talks of turning the Broadway version of American Idiot into a movie since 2011.

    + Billie Joe will be reprising his role of St. Jimmy

    + For a preview of Billie Joe's acting chops, seek out Ordinary World, which comes out October 14 on limited release (as OP cries because it's not being released anywhere near her)

    Source 1
    Source 2

    Have you picked up/listened to Revolution Radio which dropped today? Album discussion post!

    Stream on Spotify or Stream or buy on Apple Music

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    BTS is serving editorial looks for the MV teaser for "Blood Sweat and Tears" for their upcoming album WINGS (Out October 10th)


    This looks amazing!

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    8 million to one
    October 6, 2016

    i saw 4 cops – security i thought
    well dressed
    jovial – handsome – “yo rosie”
    “wasssup men” my common reply

    we walk toward one of the quiet booths
    behind the stairway
    i am tired
    this is the first time i have been out

    out of bed really – to be honest
    since the debate
    i have been sleeping a lot
    depression clings to me

    it’s hard to walk
    to shower
    to try
    to care

    i see a couple
    sitting close together
    in a small corner booth
    directly across from me

    i watch them
    stunned by her face
    and his calming charm
    they were definitely a THEY

    obvious for all to see
    oblivious to all seeing them
    love works like this
    i thought

    so connected
    alone together
    in a crowded corner

    “that is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen”
    i say aloud to dana
    she turns to look – turns back at me
    “that’s ivanka”

    can’t be i said
    no it can’t be
    it is –
    she reassures me

    what r the chances i say to myself
    as dana walked to the hostess station to ask
    i stared at the young couple
    as they ate – unaware

    i was captivated by her beauty
    it blinded me so
    i didn’t realize it was even her
    til dana walked back to the table –

    nodding slowly
    she said
    it was

    dear god
    i prayed
    guide me
    out of here

    we stood to move to another table
    but i knew i could not stay
    my heart i worried
    would break again

    it did 4 years ago
    i won’t survive another one
    change ur life
    is the prescription

    i walked the 5 steps toward her table
    introduced myself
    she smiled genuinely
    her husband was warm and gracious

    i told her of my children
    some truths about myself
    my pain and shame
    she was absurdly kind

    “i just wanted u to know”
    i said in a shaky quiet voice
    i then made my way down the large wooden stairway
    into my waiting car

    the entire encounter
    start to finish
    was 4 minutes

    i wrote a book once
    about bashert
    the concept of
    meant to be

    it has comforted me
    on my darkest days
    when my inner voices scream
    u deserved it

    as her father has
    same as my own

    source 1/2/3

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    bruce-lee -1960

    • Read about the controversy here

    • It received bad reviews

    • Reviews state that Bruce is dumbed down, cocky and one-dimensional. His role in the movie is muted compared to his white co-star

    • Lead actor, Patrick Ng responded to criticism of the movie by stating that some of the reviewers have not have seen the movie and have based their review on the trailer (The movie has only been shown at the Toronto Film Festival)

    • Patrick Lee, founder of Rotten Tomatoes came out and said pretty much the same thing. He also went on and said that Asian-americans should be supporting movies with a mostly asian cast and that if movies such as these bomb, Hollywood would say that Asians aren't bankable

    • Shannon Lee, Bruce's daughter came out against the movie.

    • She stated that it was made without her family's consent and involvement

    • She also believes this film is a move backwards for Asians on screen

    Source 123

    I want to know what the white dude's opinion on this is

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    The November cover star talks about her struggles with anxiety, the story behind the ghostwriter saga, money and her boyfriend.

    On her anxiety: "I have had anxiety since before I started doing this," she explains. "I think it changes and adapts with your life. I have a therapist who I speak to every week without fail and that's been the biggest help because I'm now doing things that I never thought I'd be able to do." "I'm one of those people who thinks everyone should have a therapist. People go to the gym, they eat healthily and visit the hairdressers but no one really looks after their mind."

    On money: Zoella, whose net worth is reported to be around £3 million, also reveals in the November issue that she is strict about who she collaborates with. "There's not really any amount you can put on something, because if I didn't agree with it, I just wouldn't do it. 95% of stuff is turned down." Are we talking six-figure sums? "Some figures!" Ok, but is she rich? "Erm, in happiness!" she says. We'll take that as a yes...

    On her boyfriend, youtuber Alfie Deyes: “He’s the first person to say, ‘I’m so proud of you’. If I’m ever like, ‘I can’t do this’, he’s like, ‘I can help you.’”

    On the ghostwriting issue: "It was horrible. I worked really hard on the book and it was all me – the characters, the story. I felt like I was being attacked and I was like, 'I'm going to shut my laptop, and I can't be bothered with this.' It knocked my confidence massively. When it came round to the second book, I felt I couldn't and that it had all been ruined. It took a lot for me to put that behind me and move forward."

    source 1, 2, 3.

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    Ben's a little hyper


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    Former "Nashville" co-executive producer Monica Macer has joined breakout new OWN drama series Queen Sugar as executive producer and showrunner for Season 2.


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    Emily Blunt and musical guest Bruno Mars on Oct. 15th
    Tom Hanx and musical guest Lady Gaga on Oct. 22nd


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    01. Rick biting into Joe's jugular (A)
    05. Lori's death (Killer Within)
    06. Carol having to kill Lizzie (The Grove)
    07. Sophia coming out of the barn (Pretty Much Dead Already)
    08. Richonne (The Next World)
    the rest at the souce


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  • 10/07/16--09:35: ONTD Roundup
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    justice society of america, dinosaurs, zombie confederates, samurai, jonah hex, eobard thawne meeting damien darhk, a message from 2056 barry allen & FIRST PEEK AT THE CROSSOVER

    source / source

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  • 10/07/16--10:51: John Legend - Love Me Now
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    Previously titled"Tangled: Before Ever After", Disney has now simply titled it "Tangled: The Series".


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    Jimmy dug up a clip of Ben at 12 when he did a stint back in 1984 on a PBS show called Voyage Of The Mimi, an educational show for kids

    Source 1&2

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