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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    - Amy's dad reveals: "We've got this new YouTube channel where stars all over the world are going to do an Amy track and however many hits we get after the first 2million, we start making money for the Foundation."

    - Leona Lewis & Gaga are the first two stars confirmed
    - Mitch adds: "I love Lady Gaga. I know she’s bit kooky but I’ve met her mum and dad, they’re a lovely hard working family, from New York. She’s like Amy, when she comes home from work she puts the tracksuit on, watches TV and kisses and cuddles her grand- parents. Lovely kid."

    Who else would you like to see take part in this, ONTD?
    Source + 1

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    ngl, this encompasses everything that's awkward about musical theatre, but my queen jas looks hot af and YAS at renée still killing this look at 45! melanin goals 🙌🏾

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    Model Karlie Kloss walks the runway at the Marc Jacobs fashion show durin New York Fashion Week at Hammerstein Ballroom on September 15, 2016 in New York City.

    Taylor Hill

    Gigi Hadid

    Kendall Jenner

    Jourdan Dunn

    the other Hadid

    Irina Shayk

    Adriana Lima



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    Colton Haynes deleted a tweet he made in which he complained about the difficulties of dating today. In his now-deleted tweet, Colton wrote "It's so hard to date nowadays. We're living in a world where Instagram sluts r followed by anyone you'd possibly consider dating. #Truth"

    Colton's tweet comes just days after her he tweeted about sending his friends "hilarious naked pictures" of himself.

    Sources: 12

    Are "Instagram sluts" making dating difficult for you?

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    On his rags: “Hoax! Hoax!”
    On his fans: "The only thing dumber than these clothes would be the people that buy these clothes"

    Source 1

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    I just marathoned the 22 episodes and it was an OK season all-in-all. The performances of the 10 finalists, ranked lowest to winner, are under the cuts.

    #6-10: Laura Bretan, opera singer lite

    #6-10: Linkin' Bridge, Boyz II Men lite

    #6-10: Tape Face, Mr. Bean lite

    #6-10: Sofie Dossi, aerialist/contortionist

    #6-10: Viktor Kee, juggler

    #5: Sal Valentinetti, Frank Sinatra lite

    #4: Brian Justin Crum, Adam Lambert lite

    #3: Jon Dorenbos, brogician

    #2: The Clairvoyants, morse/verbal code mentalist duo

    Winner: Grace VanderWaal, Taylor Swift 2

    Sources: Story, Youtube (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    Reddit seems to have guessed the Clairvoyants' trick, which kinda killed their appeal imo.

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    Miss Taytay was spotted walking the streets of NYC in a fairly cute striped dress paired with her signature awful shoes and handbag combo!

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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     photo tumblr_ob236xT5EX1vq28d1o10_400_zpsuu6tzmhy.gif

    For me in a Disney film there is nothing better than a good villain song. They are usually larger than life, have dark imagery, and when their villain shines the most. For me,I prefer villain songs dark and menancing over quirky and funny but that is just what I prefer.

    10. "Mother Knows Best [Reprise] (Tangled.)

    Yeah, I know, I have the reprise and not the full song here but here me out:I just find it better. I find the original version light and trying to be funny and it just does not really work for me as a villain song.I understand they were still trying to balance her menancing side in front of Repunzel at this point but it was just not my favorite.

    The Reprise, however, is an improvement. The music takes a darker turn and Donna Murphy kills it. Alas, it is very short so it still is on the bottom of the list.

    9. "Mine" (Pocahantas)

    Not my favorite(why is bland boy barging his way into a villain song), but I enjoy it more as it goes on (DIG, DIG DIGGITY DIG!) and it is overal solid.

    8."Cruella De Vil" (101 Dalmatians)

    I am not sure how much this counts because the villain is not singing the song, but I don't care because I love it. Can we also talk how good this whole movie is? it's so great and Rodger being a little shit throughout this clip gives me life.

    7. "Gaston" (Beauty and the Beast)

    Maybe some will argue this is too low, and I really do love it, but for me this is less of a dark villain number but a funny, catchy one that helps introduce them. Still love it, just not the highest on this particular list.

    6. "Savages" (Pocahantas)

    Now here we go! Honestly, all the rest of this list was super hard and I love them all. Only reason this one is slightly lower is because it has half villain and half not, but it's so good and maybe arguably Pocahantas' best song.

    5. "Friends on the Other Side" (Princess and the Frog)

    What is there to say? so freaking good, creepy, and definitely my favorite song from the film.

    4. "The Mob Song" (Beauty and the Beast)

    This is where Gaston transforms from the spoiled, entitled, white dude we all know to real villain. I love the dark vibe to the song and how the town is really just as bad as Gaston is.

    3. "Be Prepared" (The Lion King)

    I REALLY struggled with the placement of the next two because I adore them both. Honestly ask me tomorrow and I may switch them.

    2. "Poor Unfortunate Souls" (The Little Mermaid)

    1. "Hellfire" (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

    Yeah, probably the most predictable choice, but is it not deserved? It is so dark, it is so layered with meaningful themes and overall very powerful. I am still surprised that Disney went there.

    Other Disney lists: Ballads, Bops, Love Songs

    Source 12,,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10

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    Danish-Polynesian Dinah Jane Hansen, one fifth of Fifth Harmony, is at it again! After initially getting dragged for using the n-word and tricking people into thinking she's black, Dinah has now decided that due to her place of birth, she is truly a Mexican at heart! The laguna kween taught ha!

    from the transracial source haself!

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    • There will be no flashbacks to what happened in the years when Ragnar Lothbrok was away.

    • No one tried to claim Ragnar's throne while he was gone and Aslaug left the throne empty, because there was an expectation that Ragnar would come back.

    • Hirst says that if he were fan of the show, what he'd want to see is another meeting between Ecbert and Ragnar.

    • There's gonna be an epic scene with Lagertha and Aslaug, and Lagertha considers Kattegat her home and wants to see that it is ruled with care.

    • When the interviewer asked if it was going to be a love scene with Lagertha and Aslaug, Katheryn answered that "there is definitely some contact".


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    HAO has played on the USWNT since she was 17 and with the team has won 3 gold medals and a world cup.

    OP's heart is broken.


    USWNT leads 3-0 as Jill Ellis wonders why we couldn't just play Thailand at the Olympics instead...

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    Why are white men poised to get rich doing the same thing African-Americans have been going to prison for?

    from the drug policy alliance/revolve impact/the new york times. narrated by jay-z, art by molly crabapple. you can also watch the video at the source.

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    * In 1988, Mark Wahlberg was arrested and convicted of several assaults after being charged with attempted murder for the racist assaults against Vietnamese men, during which he blinded one in one eye.
    * Wahlberg wanted the conviction scrubbed because he turned his life around and is a famous actor and donates money or something.
    * Wahlberg never responded to a letter asking if he wanted to keep his petition open, so the request has been dropped.
    * At TIFF, Wahlberg said he regrets asking for the pardon, but it allowed him to meet up with one of his victims and apologize so "some good did come out of it."


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    All Stars Season 2 - Episode 4

    Lip Sync For Your Legacy

    Lip Sync Winner


    Source: My TV
    Is anyone else getting tired of people changing into a different outfit for the lip sync?

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    So the oldschool J-Pop female soloists decided to bombard us all at once within the past 48 hours, so I'll be putting it into a single post rather than three separate posts. Ayu's new song has never been more fitting (You'll see what I mean when you get to her part).

    Utada Hikaru Teases "Nijikan Dake no Bakansu" ft. Shiina Ringo, Reveals more Collaborations in Fantôme
    As Hikki continues to promote her upcoming comeback album, we are given yet another treat for the highly anticipated album. This time, she posted a teaser of "Nijikan Dake no Bakansu" from her upcoming album. However, it turns out that this song is actually a collaboration between Utada Hikaru and Shiina Ringo. The song will also be released for radio play to coincide with the release of her next single "Michi". You can check out the teaser below.

    And just when you think Hikki surprised us enough, it turns out that Shiina Ringo will not be the only artist she'll be collaborating with in her upcoming album. At the end of the teaser, a tracklist of Fantôme was shown. Although the tracklist was already released for several weeks now, said previous tracklist did not contain details about featured artists. Nariaki Obukuro from electronic duo N.O.R.K will appear on "Tomodachi" while rising rapper KOHH will feature on "Boukyaku". The last time a featured artist appeared on Utada Hikaru's album was 2006 with her release of "Ultra Blue".

    Mika Nakashima to Release New "Single Forget Me Not" and Autobiography
    Mika Nakashima will be releasing a new single on November 2nd. The single – "Forget Me Not" – will be used as the theme song for upcoming movie "Boku no Tsuma to Kekkon Shite Kudasai". The single also contains a new version of her SALU collab "Birukaze Swimming School" as a B-side. This new version will be used as the image song for mobile game "Tsuioku no Ao" as well as the new CM song for LINE MUSIC. The mobile game will also feature two characters based off of Mika Nakashima: Gigant Mika Zombie and Kiseki no Utahime Mika Nakashima. Teaser (For the movie, but also contains a preview of the new single), tracklist, and character images below.


    CD Only

    1. Forget Me Not
    2. ビルカゼスイミングスクール feat. SALU (Birukaze Swimming School feat. SALU)
    3. 花束<Live at NHK Hall 2016.07.22> (Hanataba<Live at NHK Hall 2016.07.22>)
    4. Forget Me Not<instrumental>
    Limited Edition CD + DVD

    1. Forget Me Not
    2. ビルカゼスイミングスクール feat. SALU (Birukaze Swimming School feat. SALU)
    3. 僕が死のうと思ったのは<Live at NHK Hall 2016.07.22> (Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa<Live at NHK Hall 2016.07.22>)
    4. Forget Me Not<instrumental>

    Gigant Mika Zombie

    Kiseki no Utahime Mika Nakashima

    In addition to a new single, Mika Nakashima is also writing an autobiography "Amanojaku". The autobiography covers various moments in her life including her childhood as well as her ongoing struggle with patulous Eustachian tubes and how it affected her music career. "Amanojaku" not only contains pictures and illustrations, but also comes with a CD of Mika Nakashima's signature songs as well as a new song "Alone". Tracklist and promo image below.

    Amanojaku CD
    1. Alone
    2. 16
    3. STARS
    4. WILL
    5. 蜘蛛の糸 (Kumo no Ito)
    6. LOVE NO CRY
    7. 雪の華 (Yuki no Hana)
    9. 僕が死のうと思ったのは (Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa)
    10. 声 (Koe)
    12. Over Load
    13. I DON’T KNOW
    14. MY SUGAR CAT

    Promo Image

    Ayumi Hamasaki featured in CMs for Mobile Game "Clash of Queens", New song/digital single "We are the QUEENS", Posts Cryptic Facebook Post about her Divorce
    Japanese but not elusive chanteuse Ayumi Hamasaki will be appearing in two commercials to promote Clash of Queens. The first commercial plays with the concept of "queen" and juxtaposes two different types of queens until Ayu combines the "clashing" both queens together as "Clash of Race Queen.

    In a second commercial, Ayu promotes Clash of Queens as she sings a new song that has yet to be released: We are the QUEENS. The song will be released as a digital single on September 30th. Fortunately (Or unfortunately), we are not treated to awkward running in the commercial.

    Bonus: Making of the commercials

    In addition to appearing on the mobile game's commercials, Ayu will be collaborating with Clash of Queens in the game itself. An "Ayu castle" will be available until September 30th in the game. Ayu will also be appearing as a character in the game.

    In other Ayu news, Ayu posted two new pictures on Facebook. The pictures feature her covered in dirt wearing lingere.

    However, the second picture in particular contained an interesting post: 私達が見て感じて誓ったあの形なきもの。今もどこかで微笑んでくれていますか? (T/N from source: “We saw, we felt, we promised about / Is it still out there somewhere, smiling gently at us?“)
    These are actually lyrics from "Return Road", a song based on her first divorce. In light of her recent divorce with
    Tyson Bodkin, many are left speculating that these posts are meant to send a message regarding said divorce.

    Utada Hikaru 1 / 2
    Mika Nakashima 1 / 2
    Ayumi Hamasaki 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    this clash of queens has been brought to you by clash of queens
    should be regular cuts instead of spoiler cuts now

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  • 09/15/16--19:01: Rami Malek for W Magazine

  • The interview, titled "Rami Malek is Still Not Sure About This Acting thing", is fairly short but here are some excerpts:

    On how he got started in acting:
    My folks were the types who wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor. But I’ll tell you this: I went into debate in high school to do when I thought I might be a politician or a lawyer. And I was no good at debating, but they had this dramatic interpretation, and I could do that. I had a teacher who saw that in me, and he said do this play.

    On his favorite audition:
    I really liked my audition for Jimmy Darmody, in "Boardwalk Empire." That ended going to Michael Pitt, but it’s Michael Pitt. I can’t be too upset about that.

    On the success of the show:
    Some lady stopped me the other day and said, "Oh, I love your show, and I’m showing it to all of my students. And I go, "Great!" I love teachers. And she goes, "I love robots."

    There's also a 3-ish minute video at the source (from the same time of the Prince phone sex video) that I COULD NOT get to embed where he talks about:
    -being Prince for Halloween
    -getting to hang out with Phillip Seymour Hoffman
    -the first time his dad showed him The Shining
    -making out with his brother's crush (as his brother) when he was 10.


    mods- the cover was posted earlier in the week as a larger post, but not the actual interview

    edit: i fixed the picture size! sorry about that...

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    That train is never late! I hope Solange drags him.

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    Your residential Calvin Harris stan approves of this tune! Also did you guess who was on the vocals before hitting play?

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    They aired a new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon right after the latest episode of Pokemon XYZ.


    What is this??! nhf for this Medabots/Digimon tri shitty animation.

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