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    Don't miss Season 7 of Shameless, starting Sunday October 2nd at 9 PM ET/PT. Starring 2016 Emmy® Nominated actor William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum.


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    • Dever is best known for her roles in Short Term 12 and Laggies

    • She joins John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Hannah Murray and Jacob Latimore

    • Movie is already shooting in Boston for a planned 2017 release

    • Casting seems to confirm reports that this movie will based on the Algiers Motel Incident. Per wiki: three civilians, all of them black males, were killed, and nine others, two white females and seven black males, were brutally beaten by members of the Detroit Police Department, the Michigan State Police, and the Michigan Army National Guard, after a report was received that a gunman or group of gunmen had been seen at or near the motel.

    • You can read more details here (TW for extreme violence)


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    *she discovered that panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus
    *she decided to clear her calender for the year
    *thanks her fans for the support

    explains her online meltdowns lately :/
    source :

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    • Earlier today, TMZ published an article saying that Claire filled for divorce from Kazembe after 8 years of marriage.

    • Because of this, Zendaya tweeted that the news are really old and that her parents haven't been together for a long time, but that they hadn't said anything because they're private.

    • Her parents are still very good friends.

    • Apparently, they've worked out a settlement. Claire's not looking for spousal support, nor does she want the court to award him any.

    • Kazembe is Zendaya's manager.

    • Zendaya is their only child together, but she has 3 half-sisters and 2 half-brothers on her dad's side from his first marriage.


    ONTD, are your parents divorced? If so, do they hate each other or are they homies like Zendaya's parents?

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    Award season is once again upon us, kicking off tomorrow with the Venice Film Festival. Variety has released its Top 20 most anticipated new films that could make a big splash at the end of the year. Here's 5 for your viewing pleasure (Note: this does not include movies that already made their festival debut but have yet to reach theaters like Loving and Manchester by the Sea):

    18. Rules Don't Apply -- Warren Beatty
    Beatty's back in the directors chair for the first time in 18 years with this Howard Hughes film that's been in the works for over 40 years.

    14. American Pastoral -- Ewan McGregor
    McGregor makes his directorial debut adapting Philip Roth's 1998 Pulitzer-winning novel. Can 2016 go two-for-two with Roth adaptations? We'll see.

    10. The 13th -- Ava DuVernay
    DuVernay has been working in secret on this documentary about the racist prison system. The doc is set to open the NY Film Festival, the first time a documentary has opened the festival. Don't worry about not catching it in theaters, it makes its Netflix debut October 7th.

    6. Live by Night -- Ben Affleck
    Studios don't release movies 10 months ahead of schedule unless awards are in play. Or it's really terrible and they want it gone asap. Time will tell with Affleck's Argo follow-up.

    1. Silence -- Martin Scorsese
    Marty's been itching to make this since the early 90s, closing out his religious triology that includes Last Temptation of Christ and Kundun. Also rumored to be clocking over the 3-hour mark. This still doesn't have a release date, so op will lol if misses out on the season.


    which film are you most looking forward to this season, ontd? which one do you hope becomes the years big flop?

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    Nia Guzman requested:

    • full custody

    • Chris to have monitored visitation

    • Chris's mom to be denied visitation

    • Chris to take drug tests

    • 16k a month in child support (Chris is currently paying 2.5k a month)

    The judge refused all of her requests. Nia got 20k in legal fees to pay for a lawyer from Chris because she couldn't afford it. The judge thought she lost so badly that Nia wasn't entitled to money for a lawyer and said she had to pay Chris back for it.

    Source: YouTube

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    • Serena Joy is the wife of Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes (46)) and the head of the household staff. In her past life she was as a Gospel star and homemaking advocate.

    • The Handmaid’s Tale comes to Hulu from MGM Television. The series is created, executive produced and written by Bruce Miller, with Warren Littlefield, Daniel Wilson, Fran Sears, and Ilene Chaiken serving as executive producers. Atwood is a consulting producer for the series. Reed Morano is set to direct the first three episodes.

    • The 10-episode series is scheduled to go into production in Toronto this fall, with premiere slated for 2017.


    34 is the new middle age for women...
    Anyway, what are you reading, ONTD?

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    • Jeremy Renner is there to promote the upcoming "Arrival"

    • Emma Stone is there to promote another movie she did with an old beady-eyed creep

    • Gemma Arterton will serve on the jury of the festival

    ONTD, have you ever been to a film festival?


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    Last night, Kashley Kardashian finally broke down Caila, and now she's packing. Will the snaggle tooth convince her to stay?


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    For the ONTDers who will tune in for season 2 of Fuller House, here are some spoilers.

    - The characters will show up at DJ's high school reunion.
    - Jason Marsden hasn't given a clear reason as to why he's not returning, but you can check out his twitter for some insight.
    - Neither of the characters has changed much. Kathy's pregnant and Nelson is just as filthy rich as ever.

    - Stephanie and Kimmy throw DJ a birthday party that doesn't go well. NKOTB show up to save the day. Because, why not? Maybe they'll be the Beach Boys of the series.
    - They'll appear in episode 11, titled "New Kids In The House"

    More Spoilers/News
    - Jodie Sweetin's daughter Zoie, and Andrea's daughter Felicity, will have guest spots as Max's classmates.
    - The audience will be introduced to Joey's family. He's married with kids.
    - Steve is dating someone who looks a lot like DJ, you know, because he wasn't creepy enough in the first season. And of course her name is CJ.
    - Matt has moved on with a yoga instructor.
    - Rumour has it that Viper might make an appearance. No word yet if it's the same actor or not.
    - There will be a Christmas episode.
    - DJ thinks she's hitting it off with a new guy, but he's gay and she doesn't know.
    - Stephanie will have a new man in her life, a gifted singer-songwriter named Jimmy.
    - Steve, Matt, Lola, and Fernando have all been made series regulars.
    - The spot is always open for either Mary-Kate or Ashley to reprise the role of Michelle, but the main cast believes it'll never happen, so fans should let it go. Rumours state that executives contacted Elizabeth Olsen, but she also turned down the role.
    - There will be 13 episodes.
    - Despite awful reviews, and it being ranked as one of the worst shows on Netflix by many critics, Fuller House's first season apparently managed to gather an average of 14 million viewers.
    - No set date for the premiere, however it'll most likely be in early 2017.

    sources 1234

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    -Henry Cavill was spotted shirtless in Miami, Florida

    SOURCES: 12

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    Lin appears on the cover of Timeout Chicago to talk about the Chicago production of Hamilton, which opens next month.

    • discusses the impact Hamilton has had on this year's election

    • says he loves how social media has enhanced the album listening experience because people can creatively express their personal vision of the show

    • talks about the parallels of Hamilton's experience and what some immigrants experience today


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    Previous post here for those that missed what happened.


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    It looks like the team behind the new Blair Witch film is trying to recapture some of the viral marketing that made the original so successful. It seems like many people have recently stumbled upon a Kickstarter page that is directly tied to the film. The page, which on the surface appears to have launched and been funded back on 2014, claims to be for a documentary about the people left behind when a loved one disappears.

    "This trauma is known as ambiguous loss, in which grief is complicated by fear and hope. It takes a heavy psychological toll on survivors, often resulting in obsession and even delusion. It can destroy relationships and tear families apart."

    On the page the "filmmaker" Lisa Arlington has a teaser for the project as well as information on three subjects she planned to interview - A man whose wife vanished during a boating accident, a woman whose son went missing in action during the Vietnam war and a young man whose sister and two friends disappeared during a camping trip years ago.

    The page is filled with updates from them campaign as well as comments from backers who begin excited for the film, then frustrated that it doesn't seem to be happening and finally concerned with the filmmaker's apparent disappearance.

    Lisa, Ashley and James are all characters in the film.

    The Kickstarter page now also links to a FB dedicated to Lisa's disappearance.

    A trailer for the film had previously been released under the title The Woods before it was revealed at SDCC that the film is actually a sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Blair Witch is written and directed by the same team beyond the critically acclaimed 2011 horror film You're Next. It releases in theatres on September 16.

    Source 1 and 2
    I am so ready for this.

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    - after an hours-long standoff Chris Brown has been arrested
    - police came to his house around 3am after Baylee Curran called 911 asking for help saying Brown had pulled a gun on her during a party
    - Curran says that a man at the party was showing off jewelry. She stopped to admire a necklace when the man pulled a gun on her and told her to "Get out. I'm so sick of you girls. Get the fuck out." She then ran outside with her friend and this is when Brown pointed a gun at her face. She was forced to wait by the house's gate until one of Brown's associates retrieved her phone. They then told her she'd only get her phone back if she signed a non-disclosure agreement. Curran refused and snatched her phone and she and her friend ran away. The man got into a jeep to chase them but the women made it to a neighbours property where they hid under an SUV as the jeep drove by. The neighbour called the police.
    - Brown took to his Instagram account Tuesday morning, sharing videos in which he railed against the police and media and said he was being unfairly portrayed as a villain.
    - Officers entered the residence around 1pm after obtaining a warrant. Brown's lawyer was on the scene as was the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division detectives searched the property.
    - Brown denies any wrong doing.

    Source + Source

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    Listen here:

    Audio recording and upload >>

    giving me Rihanna - Rated R teas


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    PLL final episodes returns April 2017


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    -It's about 2 ex's who are competing to find love.....
    -She will both host and serve as a producer
    -No network has picked it up yet
    -Will be a hot mess

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Marvel and ABC Studios are developing a New Warriors comedy series that would put the spotlight on little-known comic book heroine Squirrel Girl.
    Described as the junior version of The Avengers, the New Warriors are a superhero squad made up of teenagers, one of whom would include Doreen Green (aka Squirrel Girl).

    Rumors of the line up include:
    Characters from the New Warriors
    Characters from the current New Avengers
    Characters from the Slingers
    Characters from the Great Lake Avengers
    Characters from Avengers Academy
    Basically the only known person is Squirrel Girl.


    Who is your dream New Warriors team for this project?

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    Taylor Kitsch has come onboard to play Branch Davidian leader, David Koresh. Michael Shannon has also signed on to play the FBI negotiator Gary Noesener.

    Ludacris is in talks to join as Branch Davidian member Wayne Martin.

    The tv series, which is currently in development, will focus on the 1993 FBI 51-day siege in Waco, Texas which ultimately resulted in the death of 76 people.


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