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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    And with that Steven's Summer Adventure has come to an end! Any favorite episodes?

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    Inside the magazine, Joe talks about his life outside of The Jonas Brothers, some personal tracks he's written, and growing up in the public eye & dealing with the scrutiny. Joe was also asked to name one of his faults. His answer? "I can be very clumsy on stage"



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    Follow up to this post.

    Don't believe anyone from WB!

    Well it's not like WB knows how to make a good movie anyway!

    We'll hold you to that, Patty!

    source 12345

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    - natalie maines called out country music radio stations for supporting donald trump
    - not the first time the band/natalie got political, drawing criticism for proclaiming she was ashamed that george bush was from texas
    - the statement received a ton of backlash from the country music comminuty and, in turn, the dixie chicks were banned on country radio stations
    - the group, on tour for the first time in ten years, have taken to performing their song goodbye earl in front of a defaced photo of trump


    not ready to make nice is still a jam.

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    On the latest episode of Nick Jonas'Last Year Was Complicated documentary, a clip was shown of Demi Lovato recording some music with Nick apparently producing!

    Demi and Nick have been recording new music on their Future Now tour bus for months. Demi has tweeted a few times about it, excited for fans to hear her new music, but has yet to confirm what the overall style or sound will be.


    Yay or nay, ONTD?

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    Two estranged cousins (Donald Glover and Brian Henry), with different views on art versus commerce, try to navigate their way up through the Atlanta rap scene when one of them suddenly becomes a star.

    Donald Glover serves as Executive Producer, along with Paul Simms and Dianne McGunigle.

    Atlanta premieres Tuesday September 6th and is produced by FX Productions.


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    Medals Source

    BBC | NBC | Google


    I probably won't be able to do a primetime post, so use this post for all events today!

    Brought to you by this perfect angels smiling face :')

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    These two are so cute and were really good in their respective roles. I just wish the movie had been better.

    Favorite playground insult?

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    - January 2013: DUI (he temporarily lost his driver’s license over this and a staffer had to drive him to/from work every day)

    - December 2010: shoved a assistant director (the studio forced him to attend anger management classes after that incident)

    - July 2016: kicked a writer

    - had "an extremely tense relationship" with former co-star Shemar Moore

    - quote from a longtime staffer: “It’s like a dark cloud has been lifted off that show. You never knew which Thomas Gibson was going to show up.”

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    I know nobody but me cares about this but I'm pleasantly surprised since I wasn't sure how this song would work as a duet.

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    Just casually sitting on the beach, I'm not a model.

    Source 1 and 2
    His body language in some of these though

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    His niece, Abigail Shield, said Baker was luckily able to see George Lucas when he visited Manchester: “It was expected, but it’s sad nonetheless. He had a very long and fulfilled life. He brought lots of happiness to people and we’ll be celebrating the fact that he was well loved throughout the world. We’re all very proud of what he achieved in his lifetime.”

    Baker is also known for appearances in beloved 80s films like The Goonies, Time Bandits, and Flash Gordon.


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    wedding post? share your dresses, rings, etc.

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    The Get Down, Baz Luhrmann's lavish recount of the birth of hip hop in the Bronx, dropped its first 6 episodes on Netflix yesterday. As with (literally) any of his works, reviews are very, very mixed. Some people call it brilliant and others think it's a mess, no in between.

    I sampled some reviews for y'all to appreciate the contradictions.

    Hollywood Reporter

    The saving grace for The Get Down seems to be getting rid of the driving force that helped get it made in the first place — Luhrmann. It would be easy to say that liking or hating The Get Down comes down to liking or hating Lurhmann, whose excesses work best in specific environments (Moulin Rouge) and less effectively in others (Australia, The Great Gatsby).

    Business Insider
    The series never gets better than this first extended episode by Luhrmann. After that, other directors helm the show and it loses a bit of the premiere's smooth touch. But the story does begin to feel more grounded.
    In the end, "The Get Down" is probably not gritty enough for actual rap fans or those who lived to see the music come up. But for those of us with only a cursory knowledge of hip-hop history (especially in post-"Hamilton" times), it's a fun, novel way to experience that world.

    Reviews aside, The Atlantic has a great piece discussing why it's so important to validate rap and hip hop through storytelling.

    An undertaking like this, with the white Aussie Hollywood power player Luhrmann stylizing a history and culture far from his own, is an obvious minefield, and no doubt there are ways in which he has not navigated it fully. But the contributions of the journalist Nelson George in the writer’s room and Grandmaster Flash and Nas as producers may have helped prevent there from being too many cringeworthy moments of insensitivity (though viewers may cringe for other reasons during Luhrmann’s hammier scenes).

    On the press tour before the show’s premiere, Grandmaster Flash has helped give insight into the reality that The Get Down so eagerly bedazzles. Talking to The Guardian about one of his Bronx block parties, the kind of Zeke and friends attend, he recalled, “The police officers loved us. You could see them parked across the street. They don’t have to chase no thugs because the thugs are in the park with us jamming. So we made their job easy.” And when walking in hostile gang territory back then, “It was like, ‘Oh that’s Grandmaster Flash, let him go. … They respected what I did.” So it’s really not just TV-show mythologizing when The Get Down presents music as a way to try and survive danger—exactly the opposite of how some people, even today, think of one of our era’s most vibrant art forms.

    The Atlantic: The Get Down and the Sanctuary of Hip-Hop

    ONTD, pls discuss. Have you seen the first episode? The cast is AMAZING and very moving.

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    Wayne Goss, a makeup artist with over two million subscribers on his main Youtube channel, made a post on Facebook about how beauty schools are becoming irrelevant and that anyone can learn to be a professional makeup artist by watching videos on Youtube.

    Kevin James Bennett, a renowned MUA who's won an Emmy for his work, took to Instagram and dragged Goss.

    Caption: I feel we need to clarify the definition of a certain term - "self-taught". It is being used incorrectly, as a way to marginalize proper beauty education. Labeling well-known professional makeup artists as "self-taught" does not mean they have achieved their success without training and experience.

    YT Influencers and Gurus are making outrageous claims that all you need to do is watch their videos, and practice on yourself, and you can become a professional makeup artist.

    In plain English - BULLSHIT.

    Marginalizing and misrepresenting the amount of training, practice, and experience necessary to build a successful career is irresponsible.

    A person who is self-taught acquires knowledge or skill through self-motivation, outside of a structured curriculum. 30 years ago, we had no formal makeup schools in the north-east, so I am "self-taught' and will use myself as an example.

    1) I was "self-taught" by working as a retail makeup artist and was fortunate to receive free makeup education and LOTS of hands-on experience.

    2) I was "self-taught" by paying for short-term makeup and SFX education taught by working artists with proper credentials.

    3) I was "self-taught" by assisting established working professional artists whose careers I hoped to emulate.

    4) I was "self-taught" by doing TFP (trade for pictures) to build a portfolio of varied models and makeup styles (not selfies). 5) I was "self-taught" by endlessly practicing on anyone (friends, family, etc.) who would sit in my chair...not on myself.

    Yes, I was "self-taught" because I never went to a makeup school or followed an established curriculum. But, even though I was self-EDUCATED and self-MOTIVATED to pursue makeup artistry as my PROFESSION, I did not consider myself a PROFESSIONAL makeup artist until I had years of proper training and experience that qualified me to be PAID TO APPLY MAKEUP TO OTHER PEOPLE as a primary source of income.

    FACT: You will not become a PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST by watching free videos created by people lacking the proper training, experience, and credentials to teach you a PROFESSION.

    #Makeup #MakeupArtist #MakeupEducation #NoShortcuts #TheMoreYourKnow

    The original Facebook post:

    sources: 123

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    ICYMI part 1: Popular J-Pop Group SMAP Breaks Up After 28 Years
    ICYMI part 2: J-Pop Boyband SMAP Decides To Not Break Up After All
    * Japanese boy band SMAP has decided to disband.
    * Earlier this year, there were rumors that the group would disband only for them to deny these rumors and give an official apology over it.
    * SMAP has been together for 28 years.
    * They finished 12/31/16; some dudes wanna live their lives free of Johnny.
    * The group put out this statement earlier about their disbandment:
    Thank you for always supporting SMAP. We have put everyone into worry regarding the deliberation among the members about their future. With this decision made by the members, and on behalf of everyone who has been involved, we would like to apologize that we have made this announcement through a faxed letter.

    SMAP, which has been in the industry for 25 years, will be disbanding on December 31, 2016. In January of this year, there were deliberations regarding SMAP’s future. Over a period of 6 months from February to August 10, we have still continued their activities by appearing on music shows and other various activities as usual. We have also planned to commemorate their 25th anniversary of their debut as well as the 20th anniversary of their show by doing promotional events and even concerts. In spite of these efforts, there were still several people who have doubted saying that continuing their activities is very difficult to do with the current situation of the five members. The debate continued among the officials. In July, we have declined a music program guesting. The month after that, for the sake of the people who cannot wait, we had to take our time to think calmly. There were suggestions that the group should take a short break until these circumstances have been resolved. From the members themselves, however, they said that “We’ll rather disband than take a break”. It’s very difficult for the members to come to this resolve after all the achievements they have had for the past few years. Although it is very difficult, we are now reporting it officially.

    It wasn’t possible to meet the expectations of the company stakeholders without the fans’ support which were shown in this year’s commemorative events. We would like to thank you and at the same time, apologize. We are sorry.

    With that being said, SMAP will disband, but the affiliation of the members remain in the company. We will focus on their individual activities. We are hoping for you to support them as warmly as before and we are looking forward to your encouragement in the future. We humbly express our gratitude to everyone.

    Johnny’s & Associates Inc.

    RIP to the GOAT boyband.

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    Last August 2, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were invited to the White House State Dinner for Singapore's Prime Minister. The couple were seated at the President's table and Matthew sat beside the FLOTUS.

    From The Hollywood Reporter Joint Interview:

    - Keri Russell was personally asked by FX CEO John Landgraf to play Elizabeth Jennings
    - The thing that drew her to the role was the marriage since Elizabeth wasn't invested at first
    - Matthew admits getting a little bit protective of Keri during the filming of graphic sex scenes
    - Both of them were told by the showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields that there is no chance the Jennings would become double agents
    - Matthew Rhys is going to appear on the final season of Girls (HBO)
    - Both of them haven't seen each other's previous work (Felicity and Brothers & Sisters)

    From the Deadline Joint Interview:

    - The highlight of Season 4 for them was the fight between Philip and Elizabeth in Episode 8
    - Both Matthew and Keri see THE AMERICANS as a show about relationship and marriage
    - Keri finds it heartbreaking that Henry is being alienated and having to find a father figure in Stan Beeman
    - They were terrified when they approached the showrunners to tell that Keri's pregnant
    - The pregnancy wasn't written into the storyline as the writers are already done with Season 4's story arc
    - Keri had to wear those big coats in order to hide the baby bump
    - FX Network believes in the series and they weren't pressured to make the show more palatable to other people i.e. more sex scenes or gunfights
    - Due to Keri's pregnancy, the production schedule got shifted and Matthew had to direct Episode 8, which he wasn't originally set to direct, since the other directors weren't available due to other commitments.
    - Matthew struggled with the Kimmy storyline but believes it's a great drama because of Philip's internal conflict

    Keri Russell on Fallon Tonight

    Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields at the TCA Summer Press Tour

    The Americans was named by the Television Critics Association as the Outstanding Drama for the second time.

    - Martha (Alison Wright) is alive! She made it to the Soviet Union.
    - Claudia (Margo Martindale) is going to have a bigger story next season
    - It's unlikely that the show will replace the characters that we lost last season
    - Stan Beeman will get more suspicious of the Jennings

    Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 910

    Fourth time's the charm?

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