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    With son Samuel only five months old, his dad Ben Affleck is already hoping for an even newer addition to their brood.

    “The fact that Ben wants another [baby] is true,” the actor’s wife Jennifer Garner told EXTRA Monday, adding that since giving birth to their third child earlier this year — they’re already parents to daughters Violet, 6½, and Seraphina, 3½ — it’s “been absolute chaos” in their home.

    Given the apparent madness, it only makes sense that Garner, 40, is in disagreement with her hubby’s hopes.

    “I can tell you that would be a pretty uphill battle with me,” she says. “I am not anticipating having any more kids!”

    But she does appreciate how Affleck, 39, is there to help out when she’s busy with a movie role, including her most recent one, The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

    “Ben took a break,” she says. “He came, he did the school drop-offs and pick-ups and bedtimes.”


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    When DAYS OF OUR LIVES returns on August 13 after the Olympics wraps up on NBC, the aftermath of the "DAYSaster" will find the residents of Salem in precarious positions.

    Some are "trapped in collapsed buildings, some have to climb their way out of sunken holes, while others learn to make due by canoodling with unlikely paramours."

    Lisa Rinna "Billie Reed" takes viewers behind the scenes of the making of DAYSaster. Interviews with the cast & crew.


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    Dave and Alex’s relationship on Happy Endings is taking a big leap forward, and Rachael Harris will be there to help them out.
    The Hangover actress — who recurs as Jess’ boss on New Girl — will guest star in Episode 2 of the ABC comedy’s upcoming third season as a realtor, TVLine has learned exclusively.
    Yes, the former couple is back together, and they’ll decide to cohabitate with some help from Harris’ Suzanne, who prides herself on finding every client a place to live. But she may have met her match in Dave and Alex.

    This isn’t Harris’ first stint on the Alphabet network. She starred on the sitcom Notes from the Underbelly and has appeared on Modern Family, in addition to Suits, My Boys and Party Down.

    Happy Endings returns Tuesday, Oct.23 at 9/8c.


    DNW Dave/Alex back together

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    The star has been spending some intimate time with rapper boyfriend Kanye West and has been shedding the pounds through it.

    Reality star Kim Kardashian has apparently lost 7lb on a “sex diet” with rapper boyfriend Kanye West.

    According to sources the star has been spending a lot of “intimate” time with the rapper, which has helped her shed the pounds from her curvy figure.

    Talking to the National Enquirer, they said, “We jokingly refer to it as the sex diet. When one of us is having regular sex, that tends to burn calories and kill the appetite. Losing seven pounds in seven days means being a very naughty girl."

    It seems though that Kanye isn’t digging his girl’s new figure and much prefers the curvier version.

    The insider went on to say, “Kanye loves her curves and has told her repeatedly that she shouldn't get too skinny.

    "He's always encouraging her just to be happy and healthy and do things for herself and not give in to peer pressure, which is why he doesn't think she should lose weight.

    "Kim was speechless, especially when he told her he missed her love handles.

    "Kanye can't understand why she has lost weight when she knows it's not the look he likes. He thinks Kim should be doing everything to please him - not herself." this is an excuse for a sex post obviously.


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    I like it, even though it's just a snippet. It sounds like an old vinyl record but then you get the main melody.

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    It's been a tough time for the Jackson clan lately, what with numerous inter-family feuds and debate over the validity of Michael Jackson's will. However, Michael Jackson's daughter Paris seems to have anchored herself with a positive focus. The 14-year-old recently created a enormous shrine of images of her late father, which she posted up on her bedroom wall.

    Paris displayed her extensive collage on Twitter--containing dozens of photos from all stages of the King of Pop's life, and centered by a dramatic black-and-white portrait directly over her bed's headboard. She noted that it took her three hours to complete.

    Apparently, some fans considered Paris's work to be a bit over-the-top, but Michael's adoring only daughter doesn't care what anyone thinks of her work."Someone commented on my pic saying "obsessed much?'" she noted on Twitter. "Yeaa u better believe it...a whole wall of his pics is the LEAST i could do."

    Paris drew headlines last month when she angrily confronted her extended clan over the whereabouts of her grandmother and guardian, Katherine Jackson. The Jackson matriarch--who along with Paris and her siblings is the named beneficiary of Michael Jackson's estate--temporarily lost custody of Paris and her brothers when she was reported missing last month, only to be discovered that she was actually vacationing at an Arizona spa.

    With her grandmother's wellbeing assured and custody restored, Paris seemed to return to a more peaceful state of mind, tweeting cute photos of herself in rock T-shirts, as well as another creative project--homemade American flag-decorated cupcakes, just in time for the Olympics.


    I think the pic wall is fine but hope she doesn't get in over her head with the media/public.  She's only like 14 and internet fame can be a monster. [Gaga pun unintended]

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    Ryan Lochte: I Didn't Bang Around At the Olympics

    Ryan Lochte insists ... he did NOT go on a lady-banging bender inside the athletes' village in London last week -- telling TMZ Live, he barely had enough time to sleep ... let alone sample the local fare (sexually).

    FYI -- the athletes' village at the Olympics has famously become a hot bed for late night liaisons among medal contenders -- i.e. the athletes are going at it like rabbits when they're not competing.

    But Lochte tells us, he kept his snake in the cage -- claiming, "All I really saw was the dining hall, the swimming pool, and basically my bed. So I wasn’t able to get around the village."

    What a waste.
    1. Well done Nathan, Matt, and Cullen for taking the time to tutor Reezy in how to speak properly to the public.
    2. Reezy clearly only had time for his roomates Matt, Cullen, Conor, Nathan and obv. his bf Michael. I wonder if Mama Phelps approves.

    forreal tho i think he took a crash course in media training cuz he's been doing well in interviews this week.

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    Between caring for her new baby Luca, cooking for hubby Mike Comrie, and maintaining a vigorous exercise program, actress Hilary Duff still makes time to help charities like Johnson’s Baby CARES.

    Find out what the new mom told us about this wonderful program and her new role as a parent, in SheKnows Girl Crush of the Month.

    Former teen queen Hilary Duff is all grown up.

    After years of charming audiences as Lizzy McGuire on the Disney Channel and starring in youthful films like A Cinderella Story, the 24-year-old Duff has officially shed her teenybopper persona and entered womanhood.

    Duff and hockey player Mike Comrie tied the knot in 2010 and welcomed their first child together in March, son Luca Cruz.

    Family life
    On the day we caught up with Duff, she was just getting used to being away from her little one and trying to adjust to missing her new baby.

    "This is my first day out away from Luca for this amount of time," Duff laments.

    She told us that it’s been a nice break being out of the spotlight, and she has really gotten used to being a homebody.

    "I’ve been going, going, going since I was 10 years old. So it’s a little bit of a change. But I got used to being at home, and I’m just enjoying it. "
    "I’ve been going, going, going since I was 10 years old," says Duff. "So it’s a little bit of a change. But I got used to being at home and I’m just enjoying it. I’m doing more domestic things around the house since I’m not throwing myself back into work."

    One of her new housewife duties include serving as the family chef.

    "I am the main cook," Duff tells us. "Mike is not that great in the kitchen and I think he established that when he messed up a box of macaroni and cheese once. I’m still convinced he did that on purpose so I don’t ask him any more."

    Post-baby body
    When she’s not taking care of her two main men, Hilary likes to work out.

    "I try to get an hour at the gym or I’ll go on walks and take Luca for walks," she told us. "I do a bit of spinning or Pilates."

    Despite her rigorous exercise schedule (she also trains with celebrity fitness guru Harley Pasternak), Duff has still caught flack from critics for not losing the baby weight fast enough.

    "People think you should look the same as before you had the baby instantly," says Duff. "It is a bit of a challenge."

    Date night
    Well, we think she looks fabulous! And luckily, she brushes off the criticism, focusing on the important things in life.

    "We’re taking care of this baby, and he’s thriving and we’re figuring this out," Duff tells us. "[I] feel strong and feel so much love. It’s really special."

    Duff says she and Comrie aren’t falling into the classic trap that many couples struggle with after a baby: forgetting to make romance a priority.

    "We make an effort to have a date night once a week," says Duff. "I think it makes you a better mom to leave for an hour a day to have that with your husband and go out and have a glass of wine."

    "We make an effort to have a date night once a week. I think it makes you a better mom to leave for an hour a day to have that with your husband ..."
    Comrie makes an effort to keep things fresh as well, Hilary says.

    "Mike is really good at surprising me with vacations, so I’m a very lucky girl," she says. "We just went to a Coldplay concert, which was a lot of fun. We try to do fun things and not just go out to dinner every night."

    Future projects
    Though she doesn’t have a timetable for her next project, Duff says she's getting back into music and will eventually release a new album.

    "Toward the end of my pregnancy, I started working on a record and getting back into the studio. There is no pressure with when I will release an album, but I’m excited about that. I want to work again. I think I need that balance in my life."

    Giving back
    And even with all this, Duff is still dedicated to helping other moms. As an ambassador for Johnson’s Baby CARES, she helped package hundreds of care kits to send to families during times of need.

    "It helps so many moms," says Duff. "I’m a new mom and I’m putting myself in their situation in a time of need or disaster, and I would want this help. I’m happy to be a part of this."

    Just another reason to crush on this inspirational woman!


    Keep in mind this interview was taken place in May.

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    High School Moms will explore life at Denver's Florence Crittenton High School, following teenagers as they balance homework and pregnancy. The series will launch Aug. 12 at 8 p.m. on TLC.

    The Denver high school features nursing facilities and an on-site day care center in a bid to boost the national teen mom graduation rate from 40 percent.

    From struggling with the decision to drop out because the daycare bills are past due to getting ready for the school’s first prom, HIGH SCHOOL MOMS gives an unfiltered look at what it’s like to be a teen mother in high school.


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    Criminal Minds executive producer Erica Messer wants to assure you that Jeanne Tripplehorn's Alex Blake will not stir up trouble in the BAU.

    Tripplehorn will make her debut on the Season 8 premiere, filling the void left by Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss, who exited in the season finale. And though Messer previously described Alex as a "threat" to the team, she clarifies that it's merely a case of a newbie joining a tightknit group.

    "Anytime there's a very close coworker environment, as we have here, it's hard," Messer tells "There's just a natural hesitation to accept, but in that friendly way. She certainly doesn't have an ulterior motive or anything."

    1. Double duty: Alex is also a linguistics professor at Georgetown, where Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has guest-lectured, but don't think she's an FBI noob. "She's been in the Bureau since she was 24, so it's all she's ever known," Messer says. "She's never left; she does both. She's like agent by day, professor whenever she can. Hotch [Thomas Gibson] and Rossi [Joe Mantegna] have known her from her career in the Bureau." Also look for a few scenes of Alex teaching in future episodes.

    2. A history of backstabbing: Reid isn't the only one with whom Alex has a past. She also goes way back with Strauss (Jayne Atkinson), who let Alex take the fall in a case once - and she hasn't gotten over it yet. "There are some professional backstabbing issues with Strauss," Messer says. "Blake talks to Strauss in a way no one else does. She's a woman, they've got a history clearly, and there's no patience for it. It's like, 'I've got a plane to catch, so are we done?' Someone's gonna put Strauss in her place and it's gonna be Alex. She's got a different voice and I think you guys will see it right away. She's very grounded and she's no bullsh--."

    3. One big happy family? The season will open with Alex already on the team, and with Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) meeting her for the first time when they return from a temporary assignment in London. And they don't exactly get off on the best foot. "[Alex] and Morgan, clearly do things differently, and they discuss it that episode," Messer says. "Garcia is just like, 'Who is this new person?'" But there won't be any drawn-out intra-team drama. "They work through everything. By the end of that episode, they have mended any fences. Garcia says, 'Can we start over?' We just wanna tell our story with the heroes that we know and trust. They welcome somebody new into their team, and we hope the audience will too."

    4. Long-distance love, Part 1: Alex has been in a long-distance relationship for a while, and her significant other may eventually pop up. "They have a Skype relationship right now," Messer says. "He's with Doctors Without Borders, so this has always been their life."

    5. Long-distance love, Part 2: Speaking of long-distance relationships, Hotch will embark on one when Beth (Bellamy Young), who is now a regular on Scandal, returns to explain her future absence. "They're not breaking up," Messer says. "He's not a serial dater, so we didn't want to introduce some new love and have them break up so soon. ... It's gonna be long-distance, so he and Alex have something in common."

    6. Other matters of the heart: As previously reported, Reid will at long last get a girlfriend, whom he meets over their mutual love of an author. Gubler is "dubious" about Reid dating, but Messer thinks the awkward genius will learn to navigate the troublesome waters. "It's gonna be a very interesting relationship," she says. "It'll be very dramatic and I think fans will be caught off-guard with what we do." Garcia and Kevin (Nicholas Brendon) will also have some ups and downs, but Messer says they'll probably reunite by the end of the season. As for newlyweds JJ (A.J. Cook) and Will (Josh Stewart), home life is going to be kosher after Season 7's life-threatening finale.

    7. Season-long unsub: For the first time, the drama will feature a season-long unsub, something producers have wanted to do for a while but had never gotten approval on until now. "The unsub in the premiere sews mouths shut, but by the end of the premiere, he's no more. And a couple of episodes later, the team finds out that back in Texas, where we solved that other case, a victim just showed up with her mouth sewn shut," Messer explains. "So then you find out that this guy is replicating crimes we've solved. We're calling him The Replicator, unofficially. We'll probably see him five or six times [throughout the season]."

    8. A Prentiss return? Though the show would love to welcome back Brewster any time, Messer doesn't foresee it happening soon. "It would be fantastic, but it's too early to make those decisions. It takes a lot of people to sign off on things like that," she says. But Prentiss is definitely not forgotten in the BAU, as the show will name-drop her whenever it can. "In the premiere, we learn that Morgan and Garcia visited with Prentiss while they were in London," Messer says. "We say, 'Emily sends her love and tea of the month.' Every once in a while, we wanna be like, 'Did you try this one yet?' We'll mention her as often as possible. She's gonna be loved."

    Season 8 of Criminal Minds premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on CBS.


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    ..NOT named Kardashian.

    Lauren Conrad’s March 2012 Cover has been Glamour's best-selling cover so far this year while the Kardashians January 2012 was Glamour's worst-seller so far. It’s not a fluke either. Back in 2010 Lauren’s May cover was Glamour’s best-seller for the entire year.

    Movie stars and magazine covers go hand in hand, but some of the best newsstand sale numbers for the first six months of the year belong to musicians, TV actors — and yes, even models.

    According to new numbers from the Audit Bureau of Circulation, which monitors magazine sales, Adele's March cover of Vogue has been the title's best-selling issue of the year so far. The same can be said for Kate Moss's covers of both W (in March) and Harper's Bazaar (in June). Zooey Deschanel's cover of Marie Claire in May had blockbuster newsstand sales.

    By contrast, Olivia Wilde's cover of Town & Country in March was that magazine's worst-selling issue of the year. Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe failed to deliver high sales for issues of Allure and Glamour, and Katy Perry's cover of Teen Vogue marked a low point.

    Best: Adele March 2012 _____ Worst: Nope Solo, Dumbo, Crip-Walker Vogue June 2012

    Marie Claire
    Best: Zooey Deschanel May 2012_____ Worst: Christina February 2012

    Allure’s Best : ? _____ Worst Kim K March 2012

    Teen Vogue
    Best: Chloe Moretz January 2012_____ Worst: Katy Perry

    Best : Nikki Reed Dec 2011/January 2012_____ Worst: Demi Lovato February 2012

    Are people finally getting sick of the Kardashians?

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    Current Medal Standings: (Overall and current as of 7:30 ct)

    Ranking by Gold = (1) China (2) USA (3) Great Britain 



    More Nathan? Ok! 

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    A few months ago, Disney Parks launched anifty new feature as part of "Star Wars Weekends" that allowed guests to have their faces digitally captured and then transformed onto real life, three-dimensional Han Solo action figures "frozen" in carbonite and ready for purchase. Now, Disneyland is using the same technology to let girls "live out their princess dreams" by placing their adorable little faces on 7-inch Disney Princess figurines! So they'll never forget what they're supposed to turn into when they grow up: a pretty pretty princess in a pretty pretty ballgown, ready for a Happily Ever After that begins and ends with marriage, male approval, and a disconcertingly tiny waist.

    "Carbon Freeze Me" was targeted towards adult Star Wars fans, but this endeavor is a little different. Only "princesses in waiting" ages 3-12 are allowed to choose between Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana. Hair, skin and eye color are customized, and a princess silver link necklace with colored gem charm is also included. That's big of them, considering that each seven-inch Princess figurine is $99.95 plus $15.95 shipping. Hey, no one said being a princess was cheap!

    Maybe I'm overreacting to this "exciting interactive experience" because I was never a big Disney princess fan. I always preferred the villains, who had a whole lot more going on in terms of ambition and intellect. I was so obsessed with Maleficent as a four-year-old that I refused to answer to "Katie" for months, preferring to go by the name of the Sleeping Beauty antagonist instead. My preschool teachers told my parents that I was "experimenting with my bad side" in a safe way, but I think I was just more interested in her motivations than sleeping forever and marrying a boring dude. Why push girls into emulating princesses by literally putting their faces onto theirs? Buy your daughter/niece/cousin a Maleficent mask instead (I still have mine at home somewhere) or, you know, buy her a book.



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    She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) featuring Sia from the upcoming re-release of 'Nothing But The Beat', Which will include new tracks and remixes.


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    We’ve got some interesting details regarding Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross. Apparently, things won’t be good after he cheated with Kristen Stewart last month.

    A friend close to Ross exclusively tells Celeb Daily News:

    “She insisted that the best thing for the both of them was splitting. She doesn’t think she can live with someone she can’ trust, but she still loves him.”

    It’s very heartbreaking to know that she still loves him, but she won’t be able to live with him anymore. We guess, in her position, we would have done the same thing.


    Praying all the Gods this is true

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    Why are people so mean to Ryan Lochte? He's so cute and fun!

    Sure, he's cute. And tooth grills designed by Paul Wall are always superfun, you guys! But in the world of sports media and marketing, Lochte's swagga is not going over well. And that's despite a face that could, potentially, sell a million boxes of Wheaties.

    So what is the world's problem with the guy? I drilled down for ya.

    Let's start with how Lochte presents himself. We're talking about a man who is 28, drives his Range Rover with one knee, owns a grill designed by Paul Wall, confirms that he pees in pools, claims "Jeah!" as his signature expression, owns 130 pairs of shoes, and wears shirts that say stuff like, "I Heart Breast...Stroke."

    He's also publicly stated his regret at having a girlfriend during the last Olympic games ("big mistake") and compared his style to that of rock stars.

    Oh: And his mom once said that her son "only goes out on one-night stands." The family has been backpedaling ever since; Lochte now says he wants a girlfriend (#jeah!), but come on. He totally only goes out on one-night stands.

    "So sexy," Salon recently said of Lochte. "So dumb." And Jezebel has pretty much summed up Lochte with a single word: douche.

    Oh, come on, really, people, what's not to like about the guy?

    "I think the media is just calling out what they see," sports publicist Gail Sideman tells me. "He's been flashy and braggadocious."

    Lochte has also committed another major sin, at least, in the relatively humble world of swimming: He has, Sideman tells me, stepped to Michael Phelps in interviews, or at least, given that impression once or twice. And that's a no-no in a sport where, she says, performance is more important than flash.

    "And then I just saw Phelps being interviewed by Matt Lauer," she observes. "And he said he would rather let his swimming do the talking. And that's the most acceptable way one can answer such a question and not be criticized."

    Lochte's face is already making the rounds on magazines, but don't be shocked if he has trouble landing Phelps-level endorsement deals.

    "Parents are not going to encourage kids to be fans of Lochte if he's sleeping around," Sideman points out. "And companies won't want to hire him if he's always going to be in the tabloids."

    Unless Lochte wants to start his own line of grills?


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    It already had been announced that the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, is filming in Atlanta this fall. In fact, filming begins in the south next month. Woody Harrelson confirmed the news on CBS This Morning.

    "The part I'm not in is going to be shot in Hawaii, which happens to be where I live. It's one of life's ironies." Harrelson noted.

    Catching Fire filming will move from Atlanta to Hawaii in early November. Oahu will be the location for four to five weeks of filming at that time.

    In the meantime though, those fans looking to be apart of The Hunger Games series are in luck. A local Atlanta casting agency has begun the search for extras. Below we have a list of what they are currently looking for.

    Currently Seeking

    African American Children 12 and younger Light-medium skin tone very thin. Need to have the ability to cry. Want to see distress in their eyes. Would love to see their crying ability on tape.

    African American female darker skinned very thin age 60-80. Needs to have a hunched back or the ability to lose like that for an extended amount of time. Also need to have the ability to cry. See the pain in their eyes. Would love to see a video of them crying.

    African American female darker skinned tall and muscular age 16-15. Again the ability to cry. Would love to see them cry on video.
    Subject “CRYING MUSCLE”

    The extremely skinny any ethnicity and gender. Please submit 3 pics that shows your thin body frame and women no make-up please. We need to sell starvation and poverty.
    Subject “THE SKINNY”

    Caucasian women with weathered faces. These are hard-working women that have been through alot. This is where your no make-up is going to sell it. No photo shop show us the real you. We need the character faces to bring the scene to life.
    Subject “WEATHERED”

    Caucasian men and women that are skinny that have irregular teeth. You need to a a thin stature as well. Please send a picture of your smile for us. No make-up. This goes with the starvation and poverty.
    Subject “TEETH”

    Seeking Caucasian men and women that have some grip/lighting/rigging experience
    Subject “TECH”

    Seeking those with some Hair and Make-up experience.
    Subject “PREP”

    Caucasian Men and women with very thin frames with acting experience/ Please attach pics that show your thin frame as well as your acting resume.
    Subject “YELL”

    Seeking Children 1-17 very thin frames for the older ones more so. This goes hand and hand with starvation and poverty.
    Subject “Children”

    If you fit the descriptions listed above then please e-mail please include 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please list any additional info that was listed with the role you are submitting for. Please put appropriate listing in the subject box. Attach Videos and resumes as well.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The news that Girls Aloud, the most successful girl band of the modern era have decided to reform has been met with delirium by aficionados of Nicola, Cheryl, Sarah, Kimberley and Nadine's work. Hits like 'Sound of the Underground', 'Love Machine' and 'The Promise' have crossed across several genres to become huge successes for mainstream and indie audiences.

    But over the years there have been a whole host of girl bands that have taken over the world and sold millions of record to adoring fans. Which of these girl groups are the best though?

    Girls Aloud

    Despite being created on Simon Cowell's Pop Idol, Girls Aloud have been able to transcend their manufactured beginnings to become one of the most recognised bands of the noughties. It helps when they look so god damn beautiful too.

    Destiny's Child

    Before Beyonce married Jay Z and became a worldwide global superstar, she promoted 'Independent Wome'n and 'Jumpin' alongside Kelly Rowlands and Michelle Williams. Despite being around for only a short space of time their effect on mainstream music is still being felt today as they introduced popular RnB to a worldwide audience.


    Playful, fun, smart and sexy, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, were a breathe of fresh air when they arrived on the scene in 1990 and were able to maintain their popularity throughout the subsequent decade.

    The Ronettes

    This 1960s New York City based girl group benefited from the genius of Phil Spector, whose pioneering wall of sound creation changed the landscape of music forever. Nedra Talley was joined by Veronica and Estelle Bennett on vocals to create 'Be My Baby' and 'Walking in the Rain' and change music forever.

    The Spice Girls

    By inventing girl power, The Spice Girls had the perfect gimmick to entice a whole generation of disenfranchised females. When actually it meant very little indeed but songs like 'Viva Forever', 'Wannabe' and 'Mama' were just catchy enough to make women forget about their problems.

    The Supremes

    Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard became one of the biggest groups of the '60s with their motown numbers providing a catchy beat to the swinging '60s. In their pomp they even rivalled The Beatles in popularity.

    All Saints

    Regarded as The Spice Girls main competition, the Appleton sisters, Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis were a grittier and more down to earth girl group. With their songs 'Never Ever' and 'Under the Bridge' becoming global behemoths.


    Which girl group is your favorite ONTD?

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    Kristen Stewart has pulled out of the London premiere of her new movie On The Road because she is too embarrassed to appear in public in the wake of her cheating scandal, is exclusively reporting.

    The 22-year-old actress was originally planning to walk the red carpet for the film version of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel on August 16 – but with her Brit co-star Tom Sturridge, a close pal of Robert Pattinson, already scheduled to appear she wanted to avoid the awkwardness her appearance would bring.

    Kristen, an avid Kerouac fan, also doesn’t want her attendance distracting from the film itself, which she is very proud of working on.

    “Kristen won’t be doing the red carpet for On The Road – she’s too ashamed to show her face in public right now,” a source revealed.

    “After everything that has been said, and in light of the revelations that she cheated on Robert with director Rupert Sanders, she’s running scared at the moment.

    “There’s also the dilemma of standing next to her co-star in the movie, Tom Sturridge. He’s very close to Rob and Kristen thinks it would be awkward for her to promote the movie on the red carpet alongside him.

    “Kristen is very proud of her work for On The Road, she grew up reading Kerouac novels and this is a production she always wanted to star in.

    “If she appears at the London premiere, it will detract people from the movie itself and Kristen doesn’t want that at all.

    “She wants her performance and this film to be recognized for what it is – a great adaptation of a classic book,” the source said.

    Despite Kristen shying away from the media spotlight, Robert, 26, is going to bravely face the cameras to promote his new movie Cosmopolis.

    As RadarOnline previously reported, Rob will make his first post-scandal appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Monday, August 13. He will follow that with a scheduled interview on ABC’s Good Morning America next Wednesday, August 15, before attending the film’s New York City screening on August 16 with director David Cronenberg.


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    Jennifer Lopez is suing her former driver for extortion.

    The former ‘American Idol’ panelist is claiming he demanded $2.8 million or else he would tell the media and authorities about secrets he overheard while driving her around for jobs.

    Lopez’s case is a countersuit to a claim filed by Hakob Manoukian, who claimed he was forced to resign after being publicly berated by her manager, Benny Medina.

    In her countersuit, obtained by website, Lopez alleges Manoukian became drunk with power and wanted to control her entire security team and get more money for doing it. When he was turned down, Lopez claimed he retaliated by threatening to spill confidential information that would be highly embarrassing.

    Lopez said the driver threatened that if he wasn't paid $2.8 million he would take his information to authorities and have her criminally prosecuted.

    She is suing for damages in excess of $20 million.

    Meanwhile, Lopez is reportedly on the verge of breaking up with Casper Smart.

    The 43-year-old performer has apparently come to the realization that she really doesn't have a lot in common with her 24-year-old backing dancer, and is beginning to feel like his babysitter.

    A source said: "Jen is currently on tour with Enrique Iglesias, and Casper is the head choreographer of her show in which he also dances. It's tough being on the road - this isn't Jen's first tour and she has been feeling more like Casper's babysitter than girlfriend.”


    i wanna know how celebrities deal with this sort of bullshit constantly. so many selfish and disgusting people in the world.

    edit: ass appreciation post

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