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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    In the comic, the character Moon Girl tries to stop the Terrigen Cloud from affecting her, but is too late and ends up being turned into an Inhuman.

    BleedingCool's Rich Johnston asked writer Brandon Montclare if that was in the pitch, and he responded "For the most part. Certainly before we started scripting #1. But the Inhuman angle came in the middle of early development. But that ending has a long story behind it. I don't want to say the Inhuman angle was 'forced' on us, but kinda sorta... in a lot of ways, Lunella's wanting to avoid becoming Inhuman reflected our personal feelings about that story aspect!"

    He later clarified, "that was just a small part. In truth, the Inhuman angle became very interesting, creatively... as I think the story proved (and what your review appreciated). It evolved nicely, where we'd now miss it if it were gone."

    Brevoort's denied it, but I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel did the same thing with Kamala.

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    Set in the 1930's in South Korea and Japan. Story revolves around 4 people: a noble lady (Kim Min-Hee) who has inherited a fortune, a swindler count (Ha Jung-Woo) who is after the noble lady’s fortune, a young female pickpocket (Kim Tae-Ri) hired by the swindler count and the noble lady’s uncle (Cho Jin-Woong) who is her guardian.


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    The trio of interplanetary bounty hunters hit the ground running to uncover Khlyen’s secret agenda. As shocking truths are revealed, they realize the galaxy’s notorious criminals are no match to the threat that comes from within the RAC. Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin’s loyalties are tested as they struggle to find the balance between politics, family, and doing what’s right for the good of The Quad. With so much on the line, the trio start to wonder if the warrant is still all.

    Also the first season is releasing on blu-ray / DVD on May 10th and you can order it now from Amazon. No news about if / when it's hitting Netflix yet though.

    Source 1 and 2
    I can't wait for this to come back. I love this show!

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    Netflix has ordered a full first season of “Marvel’s The Punisher,” continuing their unprecedented collaboration with Marvel Television.

    Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as Frank Castle, introduced to fans earlier this year in the second season of the Netflix original series “Marvel’s Daredevil,” with Steve Lightfoot (“Hannibal”) serving as Executive Producer and Showrunner in addition to writing the series’ first two episodes.

    source, source 2

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    Idk why I'm still watching this horrible show. That crucifixion scene was so fucking rough.

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    Challenge: print on print (using one custom print)
    Prize: design an iPhone case
    Guest judge: Nina Garcia
    Guest mentors: Mondo, Anthony Ryan, Dimitri, and Seth Aaron stopped by for 5 mins

    Top looks:

    Dom Streater:

    Kini Zamora:

    Bottom looks:

    Ken Laurence:

    Sam Donovan:

    Winner: Dom
    Bottom two: Sam and Ken
    Eliminated: SAM

    In a  s h o c k i n g  twist, Sam and Ken had to rework a pair of random old looks in an hour.

    Sam's 1 hour look:

    Ken's 1 hour look:

    The show has redeemed itself.


    Isaac's thirst was more subdued today, he clearly got laid before the runway.

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    Ingrid on the video: "Over the course of about one month, I shot this video myself on my phone using my favorite Snapchat lenses. In bed, a car, backstage, wherever. Such a funny silly video but I think it's my favorite one so far.

    Hope you like it!"

    Source 12

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    The Rockabye Baby! founder told [banned source]: "Every genre has its rock stars, and I think it’s fair to say that Adele is a rock star of the highest order. I dare say there are a bazillion fans who would agree. This was a particularly fun one to produce and we’re excited to share it."

    "Rumour has it you haven’t been sleeping, parents. If someone like you could use some shut-eye, turn the tables on a restless night and spin these lullaby versions of Adele’s chart-topping hits. Hello, it’s sleep."

    1. Hello
    2. Someone Like You
    3. Rolling in the Deep
    4. Set Fire to the Rain
    5. Rumour Has It
    6. Hometown Glory
    7. Skyfall
    8. Million Years Ago
    9. Turning Tables
    10. Chasing Pavements
    11. Make You Feel My Love
    12. When We Were Young

    Listen and fall asleep at Source 1 + 2 + 3

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    Bill Kaulitz first solo effort is coming. Today the video for Love Don't Break Me has been released and the EP is coming in May.

    Possible trigger warning, notthing graphic, but guns are in it/implied suicide? NSFW


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    John Wayne, a dead white actor who is mostly known for having a clown serial killer named after him, will not be getting an honorary day in California. Republicans in the State Assembly attempted to have Wayne's birthday declared "John Wayne Day" in the state, but luckily, enough Democratic lawmakers balked, pointing out some of the horribly racist things Wayne said and advocated for. Things like:

    "We can't all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks. I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people."

    "I think any black who can compete with a white today can get a better break than a white man. I wish they’d tell me where in the world they have it better than right here in America."

    "I don’t feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from [American Indians], if that’s what you’re asking. Our so-called stealing of this country from them was just a matter of survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves."

    On what kind of films he thinks are perverted: "Wouldn’t you say that the wonderful love of those two men in Midnight Cowboy, a story about two fags, qualifies?"

    This gif may be a cliché by now, but as always, it's so necessary:

    News source, source of racist quotes

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  • 04/29/16--09:06: ONTD Roundup
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    The adorable gap-toothed bae was busy on Kimmel last night!

    On a Fan Predicting His Casting

    On Creating His Accent

    On Prepping for James Brown (spoilerswarning: has Black Panther/Bucky fight scene at beginning)

    On His Parents and Huge Family

    He also took questions via Twitter and videotaped his answers:

    On His Reaction to Finding Out He Was Black Panther

    Was He Nervous the First Day on Set?

    On the New Black Panther Comic Series

    Can He See Out of the Mask?

    His smile is everything. I've seen the movie, and I hope ya'll bitches ready 'cause he came to Civil War to slay.

    EDIT: Okay, I changed the embed code on these videos, hopefully it's working now. No idea what happened...

    Jimmy Kimmel YT Channel
    Chadwick's Twitter

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    Uma Thurman and Gary Oldman
    George Clooney and Talia Balsam
    James Gunn and Jenna Fischer
    Christian Boyle and Sutton Foster
    Will Arnett and Penelope Ann Miller

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    A group of schoolkids were given the horror film 'The Human Centipede 2' to watch in class. The reason why for this incident has yet to be revealed but the superintendent wrote to parents the matter has been dealt with.

    The film is about deranged man who kidnaps a group of people and surgically combines them to create one giant 'human centipede' via a shared digestive tract and all that entails.

    The director Tom Six later posted this on his Twitter.


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    - Stars Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano
    - Also in the cast: Devon Bostick (The 100), Lily Collins (To The Bone), Byun Heebong (The Host), Shirley Henderson (Anna Karenina), Daniel Henshall (The Babadook), Yoon Je Moon (Mother) and Choi Wooshik (Set Me Free).
    - Swinton plays the head of the corporation (and her twin sister). Gyllenhaal is a zoologist. Dano is an animal activist looking to expose the corporation’s dastardly dealings.
    - "The story centers on a girl (Seohyun An) who befriends a genetically manufactured pig named Okja. When the pig grows up to gigantic proportions, the corporation that created him takes him, thrusting the girl, now a teen, into a mission to take it back."


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    -In candid pictures from behind the scenes at the Marlins Park Stadium on Wednesday night, Beyonce is conspicuously missing her wedding ring.

    -Jay-Z was seeing w/o his wedding ring too while talking to Another One.


    How long till divorce ONTD?

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    -When asked if she identifies as a feminist: 'I mean, of course I do, but I don't think I stand up in public that way a lot. Not that I don't feel things in my personal life, but yes: I do consider myself a feminist.'

    - 'I'm a young woman, for one thing, and I don't depend on Tuna or anybody else. I make my own money and start my own businesses, and I feel like I'm an inspiration for a lot of young girls who want to stand on their own and realize stuff.'

    -Also claims she hasn't used a dime of her mom's money in five years


    Are you a feminist ONTD?

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    Hey ! You rocked our world yesterday with some really excellent faves, but when you are bad, you are really, really bad! Let's take a look, shall we?

    Problematic Faves

    Cher, May 20
    Cher is a celebrated singer and actress, but sometimes she says some really stupid things on Twitter. Like how she agreed with US visa reform regarding visa waivers for 38 countries because, and I quote, “VISA WAIVER NOT SAFE 4us We r At War W/ppl Who Want 2 Come 2us& Kill us’ns, WHY MAKE IT EASY!? Also, If Ppl Go 2 ISIS 2 (knife emoji, bomb emoji, explosion emoji) LET THEM STAY W/ISIS”

    George Clooney, May 6
    Lots of people like him. How many times has he gotten People’s Sexiest Man Alive? And yet there’s a holier than thou aspect to him. He’s said some stupid as fuck things about diversity in Hollywood in 2012 and his penchant for dating women decades younger than him is nagl.

    Henry Cavill, May 5
    Remember when he was just this bland pretty face that sucked at the press junket? Remember that time he “dated” Kaley Cuoco? Simpler times. Now he’s dating a 19 year old and stupid shit falls out of his mouth all the time. At least he’s pretty?

    Megan Fox, May 16
    As per Megan’s #1 fan placentipede: “The whole Native Tiger, "Child of the Cherokee tribe" thing. She's said some very controversial stuff in the past, including a couple transphobic remarks (she made a joke saying "I'm a tr*nny. I'm a man" in i think 2010 or 2011). There was also the whole comparing Michael Bay to Hitler thing.”

    George Lucas, May 14
    He came up with Star Wars, but he’s also Star Wars’ biggest enemy. He has a lot of great ideas, he just can’t execute them well. Props to him for putting his money where his mouth is to create affordable housing in Marin County, CA; suck it you snobs!

    Queen Elizabeth II, April 21
    Considering how many times I’ve read about her and her family being literal welfare queens on this site, gonna put her solidly in problematic faves. She’s still a fairly well-liked monarch and tbh I’ll be sad when she goes.

    Lena Dunham, May 13
    So she’s not really popular here on ONTD, what with the weird confessions she’s made about her sister in her memoir (being glad that your sister is gay because you’ve always wanted some connection to the LGBT group is flat out fucked up), but she also doesn’t take shit about her appearances or her choices. So there’s that.

    Dishonorable Mentions: Tina Fey, Stephen Amell, Jessica Alba, Cate Blanchett, Jim Sturgess, David Boreanaz, Mark Zucerberg, Jay Leno

    Jack Nicholson, April 22
    He’s well known for his wandering eye and while he’s considered a great actor, he’s also considered to be a great asshole.

    Dennis Rodman, May 13
    Dennis is messy by nature. If his antics weren't enough, he’s friends with Kim Jong Un and thinks North Korea isn’t that bad.

    Chris Brown, May 5
    He’s an abusive, controlling, unapologetic asshole with hideous tattoos with the most ridiculous excuse for a “documentary” being released.

    Tony Blair, May 6
    Former Prime Minister of the UK, he was PM during Bush Jr.’s time in office. His ordering of troops into Iraq was controversial and there was widespread opposition. He resigned in favor of Gordon Brown as casualties rose.

    John Kasich, May 13
    This asshole is trying to pass himself off as the sane Republican candidate. He’s just as bad, he just hides it better. Governor of Ohio, he’s making it difficult for women to get access to abortions, signing 16 anti-abortion measures! He also recently said that women “left their kitchens” to support him. Burn him!

    Bernie Madoff, April 27
    (Here's a gif of Robert DeNiro as Bernie Madoff) Ran one of the biggest Ponzi schemes EVER. He got caught when the market crashed, but the money was all gone. The victims were mostly charities and the elderly. He’s serving time in a federal prison, but how do you even get to the point he did unless you don't have a soul?

    Adolf Hitler, April 20
    In the last Aries posts, our ONTD Arians were glad that Hitler is not an Aries, having just squeaked into the start of Taurus. There’s not really much I can say; if you don’t know why Hitler is on this list, I can’t help you.

    source: 1

    THANKS EVERYONE! See you next month for Gemini! Only three more signs left! omg

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    Drake's promoting his new album, and in an interview with Zane Lowe from Beats 1 he spoke about Nicki, saying that the two don't really talk.

    “I don’t really talk to Nicki. [She’s a] person I have a lot of love for. A lot of love and a lot of respect. Not only for our past, and how much work and time we put in, but even just the way she dealt with the situation. I understand what love is, and I understand a personal situation. She dealt with me how I would expect her to — which was with class. I could only ever do the same. There was points in time where I was sitting there waiting — is this gonna go — how deep is your love? You gotta ask yourself. I always have respect and love for Nicki. Unfortunately, we haven’t spoke. But it is what it is. Even if we don’t speak, she knows what it is. It’s always love.”


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